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. your primary competitors. key target customer or member segments.Do you have a Strategic Plan? Is it focused on your unique market position (or unique selling proposition)? Or is it primarily focused on financials and operations issues? Strategic Marketing Plans identify your unique position through the discovery and analysis of your geographic market areas. and your own strengths and weaknesses.

Review Goals and Plans Conduct External Analysis Conduct Internal Analysis Complete SWOT Assessment Develop Strategies and Objectives Develop and Implement Action Plan .

thorough marketing strategies. and web sites. So. and to stay honed in on what matters most – those things that make a difference to your business. we developed Fuchsia Shortcuts. and insightful. While all useful. . systems. from the inside or out. or affordable. in order to fulfill our mission of bringing our clients creative. educational. easy to use. keeping you from becoming overwhelmed by research and data. some were not practical. These interactive worksheets are part of our Strategic Planning Series and are designed to help you focus on one quick element at a time.We’ve reviewed dozens of strategic planning books.

then selecting the most important. and Cultural. Economic. Fuchsia Shortcuts’ Environmental Scan is a four-page worksheet designed to facilitate listing potential issues and trends by categories such as Legal. .The E-Scan is part of the External Analysis and identifies key areas outside of organizational control but which can impact goal-attainment and the effectiveness of operational and marketing strategies. Demographic.

Social. .The Market Analysis. The worksheet aids in identifying and prioritizing potential target customer segments for each market and profiling each high-priority segment. identifies your geographic market boundaries and key target segments within them through a review of defining data points. the second phase of the External Analysis. The Fuchsia Shortcuts Market Analysis Worksheet includes a template to work through each of your market’s identifying characteristics such as Demographic. and Economic.

and product. including traditional competitors. The Fuchsia Shortcuts Competitive Analysis Worksheet facilitates brainstorming a list of all possible competitors by market. niche players. segment. identifies and profiles your primary competitors in order to position effectively against them. including Markets. the Competitive Analysis. Products. . and Strategies. The template provides for profiling each high-priority competitor by topic.The final phase of the External Analysis. and new entrants.

and Human Resources. . including Offerings. The Fuchsia Shortcuts Internal Analysis Worksheet facilitates a three-page inventory of key internal resources and capabilities by category. Marketing.The Internal Analysis identifies key areas within organizational control that can impact goal-attainment and the effectiveness of operational and marketing strategies.

weaknesses.The SWOT Assessment reviews all of the internal and external analyses to discover strengths. opportunities. OPPORTUNITIES are external factors to be exploited. THREATS are external factors to be avoided or mitigated. . STRENGTHS are internal factors to be capitalized upon. WEAKNESSES are internal factors that need to be resolved. and threats.

The Strategies & Objectives are where the rubber meets the road. they take advantage of your strengths and opportunities and mitigate weaknesses and threats. Strategies and objectives provide a unified platform from which to build action plans that work towards a common goal. All of the research and analysis has led up to this. strategies and objectives formulate your unique position in the market place. Ideally. . Based on the SWOT assessment.

. contact us for information.We offer several Strategic Marketing Planning programs designed to meet your planning needs and fit your culture. All are expedited so that you can get started on implementation quickly. FOR YOU program WITH YOU program INTEGRATED program do-it-yourself REVIEW Action Planning is a separate but critical program.

assessment. and implementation. STEP 1 • The process begins with a one-hour interview to formulate the basis of the research. STEP 3 • The SMP is provided to you for review. . distribution. STEP 2 • Fuchsia conducts the research and completes the analyses.© program Fuchsia completes the strategic marketing planning process on your behalf. and strategies. action planning.

Strategies and objectives based on the research and analyses. A three-page inventory of key resources and capabilities and their potential impact on goal attainment. Discovery and itemization of strengths. and profiles of up to five key overall target segments. Profiles for up to three geographic areas and the identification of three target segments each.Fuchsia’s research and analyses includes: Completion of the four-page Environmental Scan Worksheet including the possible impact of up to five critical issues to be addressed. . Identification of all primary competitors plus profiles and analysis of up to five of the most important. opportunities. weaknesses. and threats.

30 min.© program Fuchsia facilitates a session with your team in order to complete the strategic planning process. 15 min. 40 min.5 hours Half-Day Sessions are ideal for small organizations with a single location.5 hrs. 90 min. . Full-Day Session 7 hours Full-Day is recommended for organizations with more than one location or market. 20 min. 20 min. 60 min. Half-Day Session 3. • Overview/Goals/Plans • Environmental Scan • Market Analysis • Competitive Analysis • Internal Analysis • SWOT Assessment • Strategies & Objectives 15 min. 40 min. • Overview/Goals/Plans • Environmental Scan • Market Analysis • Competitive Analysis • Internal Analysis • SWOT Assessment • Strategies & Objectives 30 min. 60 min. 2. 40 min. 20 min.

and critical issues. . and Internal Analyses. • Fuchsia facilitates a half-day planning session with your team to review the analyses and complete the SWOT assessment and strategy development. • Fuchsia independently completes the Environmental Scan and Market. • Fuchsia conducts brief interviews with your key stakeholders about goals. plans.© program This program is a combination of FOR YOU and WITH YOU. Competitive.

Fuchsia provides an independent review and written assessment of your results. . Download all of the interactive Fuchsia Shortcuts worksheets from our web site (they’re free) and complete them Complete the Strategic Marketing Planning Worksheets yourself and Fuchsia reviews them. Develop your strategies and objectives based on the analyses.

$2100 $900 plus travel expenses $1575 plus travel expenses $2250 plus travel expenses $450 Contact us for a custom quote. .

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