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Amy Jo Peterson apd6e108@westpost.

1431 Dalewood Drive Home: 410.692.0891
Jarrettsville, MD 21084 Cell: 410.652.4384

Results-driven Human Resources professional with extensive retail knowledge at b
oth the managerial and directorial levels. Experience in logistics and various
levels of store management and involvement with central headquarters. Career di
versity with recognized strengths in production, reverse logistics, training and
development, sales and direct-to-consumer orders. Hands-on with solid reputati
on as energetic, caring, creative leader and team member.
Expertise includes
* Hourly and Executive Recruiting and Training * Workforce Planning
* Planning and Expense Management * Team Building
* Leadership Development * Labor and Employee Relations

Regional Employment Manager 2009 - 2010
* Managed hiring for 4 distribution centers in MD, NJ, and CT supporting up to 5
00 hourly associates and members of management. As part of 4 person regional te
am, visited each location monthly providing all facets of Human Resource support
* Collaborated with each location's senior management team to develop seasonal a
nd specific workforce hiring plans for hourly associates to achieve maximum effi
* Proactively identified through sourcing of internal and 3rd party job boards,
talent for current and future openings and hard to fill positions while ensuring
diverse representation of talent on all executive openings.
* Trained Hiring Managers on interviewing techniques including behavioral-based
and experience / accomplishments assessments, enabling them to participate fully
in interviewing process.
* Participated in creating and developing best practices with members of managem
ent to achieve facility cost per carton goal.
Director, Human Resources 2007 - 2009
* Accomplished successful transitioning and hiring of 250 associates for opening
of Macy's small ticket and furniture hub in Joppa, Maryland. Embraced and exec
uted company programs and core values to accomplish team goals.
* Initiated networking opportunities with 7 local agencies and colleges to intro
duce facility as a new employer in market.
* Drove the new flex staffing program and set disciplines for team on managing s
chedules to achieve carton per cost plan.
* Ensured the timely execution of associate recognition, performance reviews, an
d disciplinary actions as required.
* Provided leadership implementing and communicating need for a safe and healthf
ul work environment as an active Safety committee member to achieve zero time lo
st goal.
Human Resource Recruiting Manager 2006 - 2007
* Recruited and hired qualified diverse hourly and executive associates for Miam
i, Florida furniture and new Portland, Tennessee direct to consumer distribution
centers to meet planned production.
* Recruited and hired 3 managers and 2 directors in 6 months in Miami to rebuild
the team to achieve operational plans.
* Reviewed over 2000 on-line applications and phone screened 500 potential candi
dates inviting 80 to interview in Portland career center hiring 25 top candidate
s ensuring successful opening of new facility.
HECHT'S 1987 - 2006
Production / Customer Service / Human Resource Management 1987 - 2006
* Accelerated my career consistently meeting or exceeding very demanding perform
ance expectations accepting promotions in stores, central headquarters and distr
ibution center sectors increasing value in my abilities to understand, influence
and improve processes as May company bought other retailers.
* Aggressively pursued the buying organization to increase merchandise selection
to grow Bridal / China / Home business for stores and Internet orders to increa
se business from distribution center.
* Directed manager to ensure timely return of monthly store merchandise consolid
ations to vendor providing merchants the open to buy to replenish new store stoc
k to increase company sales.
* Provided leadership support during the acquisitions of Woodward & Lothrop, Str
awbridge & Clothier and Marshall Fields in the physical movement of inventory an
d training of 500 transitioning and new associates.
* Managed the customer service call center for furniture and carpet delivery and
installation. Provided training to hundreds of associates on proper handling o
f customer complaints.
* Hired qualified selling associates for large volume stores in Washington, DC,
Annapolis and Montgomery Mall, Maryland ensuring customer service levels could b
e achieved at each location.

* BS, Communications, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD

* Kronos * Peoplesoft * Taleo * Lotus Notes * Word and PowerPoint

* Lew Workshops * Six Sigma Greenbelt
* DiSC * Love'm or Lose'm
* Selecting the Best Candidate * Diversity in the Workplace
* Responsibility Based Performance * Investigation to Decision