Early Pentecostali sm and casting out demons

went wrong in Pentecostal circles? Shocking material. Let the facts and history speaks!!!

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


In Pentecostal and Charismatic circles there is a wrong tendency to assume that no Christian can have a demon. Another one is that, most people ignored the ministry Jesus gave to the Church and spent 30% on it.I’m talking about casting out demons and spiritual warfare. Other words- you can’t have full Gospel and at the same time refuse to do what Jesus said! Is not this a reason why people turn to human plans and knowledge? You may argue with me, trying to reason it out, but surely it is hard to argue with historical proofs. Unless we are hypocrites. No Pentecostal or Charismatic in his proper mind will ignore and poke fun at such revivals like Azusa Street Revival, or revivalists like Smith Wigglesworth. Revival in Azusa gave birth to Pentecostalism. Smith Wigglesworth was the person God mightily used in deliverance and healing all around the world. The quotes come from original sources. What I have done is to present them and provide comments and ask questions. What direction was taken by Pentecostals today? Why valid, Biblical ministry was put aside, and today many people fight those who are engaged in things Jesus told to do in the Bible? This very Biblical ministry, along with spiritual warfare brought great division. However there is no reason for it. At least not a Biblical one. Please have a read this material carefully and come up with proper conclusions. Who is right? The Bible? Pentecostal Pioneers? Or maybe nowadays crowd? It is never too late to repent and start walking as Jesus did! In times of Ecumenical apostasy, we need to cling firmly to the Scriptures. God has already given us a plan! Blessings, Lukasz.

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


Azusa Street Revival

Azusa Street Revival (1906-1915) was one of the most powerful revival that happened from the time of Pentecost, as noted in the Book of Acts. This was the birth of Pentecostalism, so no Pentecostal can dismiss this account with the wave of his hand. Some of the people who took part in this revival were- W Seymour, Florence Crawford, Hiram Smith. The fires of this revival were spread all over the world! People from Azusa Street Mission issued a newspaper called Apostolic Faith and below are direct quotes from this paper. Please read it very careful, as this is what happened in the history. You may dispute with me, but can’t say anything against historical records!
*** “Minneapolis and St.Paul…At one time, twenty eight were baptized in water. God has healed the sick and cast out demons and saved and sanctified souls who are rejoicing today” Apostolic Faith, Vol 2, No 14, June 1908 *** “Ardmore, Oklahoma…One man came from Texas, an infidel, had read all the infidel books he could find; and when he heard the speaking of tongues, he said: “This is God “and broke down. He now has the baptism. His son came to the altar and soon began to cry out for deliverance and several demons came out of him” Apostolic Faith, Vol 2, No 14, June 1908 ***

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


“Tongues are for sign, for Jesus said: These signs shall follow them that believe, in My name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 12, June 1908 *** “All prayer should be directed to the father through Jesus. In casting out devils, it is through the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In laying hands on the sick, it is His name.All prayer must ve in the name of Jesus” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 12, June 1908 *** “Many have received their personal Pentecost and speak and sing in new tongues, and have power over demons to cast them out and to pray the prayer of faith for the healing of the sick” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 7, June 1907 *** “The Lord is casting out devils, healing the sick and singing the sweetest songs.” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 12, June 1908 *** “Then after you get sanctified, you can get the baptism with the holy Ghost, and God will grant the signs to follow in speaking in tongues, casting out devils, laying hands on the sick and they will recover”Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 12, June 1908 *** “The Lord healed one young man of tobacco habit, taking all the desire for the stuff away from him, through an anointed handkerchief, and he was saved in his own room. Demons were cast out of those bound by them” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 12, June 1908 *** “It is so sweet to be lost in Jesus, to have Him a living monument in your life. O how He will give you power over all demons and devils in hell and in man. Oh, it means something to have power with God, not only to tread on serpents and scorpions, to drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt you, but to cast out demons and lay hands on the sick and they shall recover” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 10, Sep. 1907 *** “He was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. Every sickness is of the devil” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 1, Sep 1906 *** “A girl name _ had awful conflicts with the devil. A few friends, believing _ to be in some degree under satan’s power, prayed earnestly for her deliverance. Later that night there was a meeting in the Church, and after the meeting to the glad surprise of those present, ¬ _ began to pray intelligently in English. One of the sentences

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


uttered was, ‘Jesus’ Blood make clean’. Prayer had been answered and the devil’s power broken, and clear witness to the Pentecostal baptism” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 10, Sep 1907 *** “Sickness is all the works of satan” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 5, 1907 *** “Devils are cast out” Apostolic Faith, Vol 2, No 14, June 1908 *** “Since Pentecost fell there has been such power to heal the sick, to cast out devils…” Apostolic Faith, Vol 2, No 15, Jul-Aug 1908 *** “On Tue, every April 30, a drunkard man was brought into hall and before the meeting started, the power of God has sobered him in readiness for the Gospel…More workers went out and each brought in another poor victim of intoxication, one brother capturing three, two of them tried to restrain their mate, but followed in… Before they received deliverance in some cases the demon of drink had to be cast out” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 7, Apr 1907 *** “Do you teach that it is wrong to take medicine? Yes, for saints to take medicine. Medicine is for unbelievers.” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 11, Oct 1907-Jan 1908 *** “In Assam and India…sudden falling on the ground, writhing, being twisted and violently thrown down when an unclean spirit has been cast out as the person has cried for the deliverance, have been frequent scenes” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 9, June-Sep 1907 *** “At Durant, Fla…unclean spirits crying with loud voices have come out [of them] that were possessed with them”Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 10, Sep 1907 *** “Sickness and disease are destroyed through the precious atonement of Jesus” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 10, Sep 1907 *** “The one that is baptised with the Holy Ghost has the power of God on his soul and has power with God and man, power over all the kingdoms of satan, and over all his emissaries. God can take a worm and thresh the mountain” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 13, May 1908

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


*** “One lady had a legion of demons cast out of her, was saved, sanctified and baptised with the Holy Ghost inside an hour, and spoke with tongues at the night meeting. One Swedish young man here had a demon cast out and received the baptism with the Holy Ghost.” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 8, May 1907 *** “On got baptism last night and talked in tongues. One was sanctified and anointed, and we cast out demons from two. Praise God” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 8, May 1907 *** “The Lord has taken Spiritualism and Christian Science out of people in this mission, and filled them with the Spirit and they are sitting at the feet of Jesus. We teach against Theosophy, Christian Science, Magnetic Healing, Spiritualism, Hypnotism and all works of the devil” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 6, March 1907 *** “God has blest me in casting out devils, healing the sick and in discerning of spirits” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 6, March 1907 *** “Other manifestations of the power of God were the healing of many sick people of diseases that doctors could not cure. Demons were cast out of many that were oppressed by the devil” Apostolic Faith, Vol 2, No 15, JulAug 1908 *** “We had some of the most wonderful experiences with demons that I have ever seen in my life. One woman, a Spiritualist, from the age of sixteen, was possessed with a legion of demons. The devil threw her on the floor where she fought and foamed froth out of her mouth…, many times, and blasphemed God in the most diabolic manner possible to imagine. She pointed right up in the faces of those praying for her, with all the hellish laugh, challenging and defying God Almighty, saying:’Ha,ha! She is mine, ha! Ha! She belongs to me , etc’. Well, we prayed in Jesus name till she was gloriously delivered, and settle down like a lamb at the feet of Jesus, and praised Him, until he forgave her… She is very intelligent and now she feels that God is going to use her for revenge upon the devil and his hellish work in Spiritualism.” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 6, Feb- Mar 1907 *** “I want all of you to know how the Lord has cured me of incurable disease of about eight years’ standing, and made me completely whole. Glory to God! He also gave me a discernment of spirits, till I could see the epileptic demons, demons that had been tormenting me so long. The Lord sent Sister Kennison from Redlands over to pray for me, and she came and we fasted for about four days. We had a hard fight with the devil, but thank the Lord, we at last got victory.” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 6, March 1907 ***

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


“Portland, Ore…It would not be more than 15 minutes after call was made till someone begun to speak with tongues. People got wonderfully healed, devils were cast out” Apostolic Faith, Vol 2, No 15, Jul-Aug 1908 *** “Christians are shouting, devils howling, and hypocrites growling, so let the papers come” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 6, March 1907 *** “Thank God , the Comforter has come at last. Glory! Glory! Glory! We had several short meeting since we received the Holy Ghost in which several were saved, sanctified, and eight or ten others have received the baptism with the Holy Ghost and all speak with other tongues. Demons have been cast out in the name of Jesus” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 6, Feb-Mar 1907 *** “In spite of the great opposition from the church people and holiness professors, many dear hungry souls are launching out into the ocean of God’s love, and finding a satisfying portion. A great many were healed. Rheumatic demons and all manner of aches and pains were compelled to fly, at the name of Jesus” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 6, March 1907 *** “Praise God, the Holy Ghost came today. A minister slain under the power. Demons cast out of many” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 6, March 1907 *** “A brother who had been a spiritualist medium, and who was possessed with demons that he had no rest, and was on the point of committing suicide, was instantly delivered of demon powers. He then sought God for pardon of his sins…and is now filled with different Spirit” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 1, Sep 1906 *** “The altar is more than filled nearly every service. In fact, there is hardly a break in the meeting. Some people bring lunches and don’t stop to eat them. Some sisters sing in tongues like the voices from heaven and also interpret some. O, it is wonderful! Many demons have been cast out and sick are being healed. Glory to Jesus!” *** “ We had some marvellous cases where those possessed by the devil have been wonderfully and completely delivered and clothed in their right mind… A man of German birth came in the meetings, a master of Theology and Spiritualism, who claimed he was Christ incarnate- that he was immoral, and had all wisdom and knowledge. The blessed Holy Spirit gave the saint discernment of spirits, and they rebuked devils in him. And the man fell to the floor, trembling from head to foot. The devils were commanded to come out of him in Jesus name! And immediately he began to confess his sins and crimes, to awful to mention.” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 5, 1907 ***

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


“Also many demon possessed persons are being delivered in Jesus name from the power of satan” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 7, Apr 1907 *** “Oh, I am so glad he has chosen me. The Lord has healed some bad cases. One woman had epileptic fits. When the devil went out of her, she was so weak she could not stand” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 5, 1907 *** “Devils are being cast out and the sick healed” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 4, Dec 1906 *** “Through Jesus, we are entitled to health sanctification of soul and body. Bro Paul said to the church, Thess 5:23.’ And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly, and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of the Lord’. That prayer is being prayed by the Holy Ghost for us today. Jesus prayed that the Father would keep us from evil, which means sickness and all the works of the devil. All sickness is the works of Satan, and we have just as much right to look to Jesus for the health of these bodies as for saving and sanctifying of our souls” *** “Jesus said in Mark 16:17, 18,’These signs shall follow them that believe. In my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover’. He told them to, ‘Go ye therefore and teach all nations, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you’. What did this mean? It meant to preach healing, preach casting out devils, preach that these signs shall follow them that believe, preach all the doctrine of Jesus. If they had preached only a part of the Gospel, would the signs have followed? These signs shall followed them that believe- not them that doubt or believe a part but those that are simple enough and honest enough to believe every word of Jesus. We must believe it all, for if only a part is true, or if anything is changed in His commission of the Gospel to the world, it would not be a perfect Gospel. So a return to the full Gospel brings a return of the signs following them that believe” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 4, Dec 1906 *** “I came from Frisco to Los Angeles five days after the earthquake and heard about this Pentecostal people. I criticized their meetings and looked on rather critically…The result was I backslid altogether and had to go back and ask forgiveness and do my first works Over again, even down to having the devils cast out of me.” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 4, Dec 1906 *** “Jesus prayed that Father would keep us from the devil. Which means sickness and all the works of the devil. All sickness is of satan” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 4, Dec 1906 *** “A man that had been possessed with a mad demon and had been in the asylum was delivered. The Lord cast out this demon, clothed him in his right mind and completed the work, baptising him with the Holy Ghost.”

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


*** “Spiritualists have come to our meeting and had the demons cast out of them and had been saved and sanctified. Christian Scientists have come to the meetings and had the Christian Science demons cast out of them and have accepted the blood. Every plant that my heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up.People have come to this place full of demons and God cast them out, and they have gone out crying with loud voices. Then when all the demons were cast out, they got saved , sanctified, and baptised with the Holy Ghost, clothed in right minds and filled with the glory and power” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 4, Dec 1906 *** “Can a man have salvation and yet his body be afflicted, which is the work of demons? Yes, we may have salvation and yet disease of the body Job said when satan had afflicted his body ’I knoweth that my Redeemer liveth.*** And though after my skin worm shall destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God’ Job 19:26,27. So though demons were in his flesh, he had Christ within his soul. The demons had afflicted his body with sickness, but yet his sould was free from sin. Ut did he send for a doctor? No, his trust was in his God, and God delivered him and gave him twice as much as he had before. God has always been the healer of His people, for He says:# I am the Lord that healeth thee’” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 4, Dec 1906 *** “We cannot be His witnesses to the uttermost parts of the earth till we speak in new tongues. He gives us power to lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover, and to speak with new tongues and cast out devils. Dear ones, we need the baptism with the Holy Ghost” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 3, Nov 1906 *** “The signs are following in Los Angeles. The eyes of the blind have been opened, the lame have been made to walk, and those who have accidentally drunk the poison have been healed. One came suffering from poison and have been healed instantly. Devils are cast out, and many speak with new tongues” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 3, Nov 1906 *** “A mother brought her son to the Mission to be healed of epileptic fits. He is about 21 years old and has been suffering for years, like the boy that was brought to Jesus whom the devil had often caused to fall into the fire and into the water. The boy was so wrecked in mind and body that he was in a semi-conscious condition. Brother Batman, who is called to Africa, prayed for Him, asking the Lord to cast the demon power out of him and give complete healing. The boy rose up from the floor and witnessed that the work was done and went home rejoicing” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 2, Oct 1906 *** “Apostolic power will mean apostolic persecution. Hell with its power will be turned loose. I behoves us get a spiritual backbone, spiritual stamina and stick-to-it-iveness that will enable us to stand in these last days against all the forces of the enemy. Jesus came to destroy all the works of the devil, and He said He would give us power, the Holy Ghost coming upon us, the same power that He had” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 2, Oct 1906 ***

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


A drunkard got under conviction in a street meeting, and raised his hand to be prayed for. They prayed for the devil of drink to be cast out, and the appetite [for drinking] was gone” Apostolic Faith, Vol 1, No 1, Oct 1906

NOTE:The above quotations come from the paper entitled "Apostolic Faith" and may be accessed in whole on their web site.(Please go to HERE). The "Apostolic Faith" paper is not copyrighted.

What has happened to Pentecostalism today? Where did they go? Who made them to leave the important teaching on spiritual warfare and deliverance form demons? How many demons you could spot, manifesting on the meetings? How many demons have you seen being cast out? Do you come from occult background and have you had deliverance? How many demons have your pastor cast out? Please, bear in mind that Azusa Street Revival started in 1906. That over 100 years ago! Let’s have a look at the summary of what they preached, experienced and believed: 1. Sickness is of the devil 2. Demons were cast out on meetings, even on the streets 3. Doctrine and teaching on deliverance was being preached as part of the Great Commission! All who believed and are baptised should cast out devils! 4. There were multitudes of demons cast out on meetings, all around the world- United States, India, Africa, Sweden etc! And sometimes it took them quite a while to accomplish the deliverance! 5. 5. Christians can, through the gift of discernment of the spirits, recognize by the Holy Spirit that their problems are demonic. They fasted and prayed and the Lord Jesus delivered them from demons in them! 6. They preached Biblical demonology, confronting cults and those who came out of cults, and occultism were delivered of demons. They needed to have deliverance first before got saved! 7. Demons were screaming on meetings 8. Demons of blasphemy and heresy were cast out, and it resulted in people’s salvation 9. Saints were actively engaged in spiritual warfare and deliverance. They were not told to be afraid of the devil, they were not told that only pastors can do it! They confronted devils head-on with the power of Jesus Christ! 10. Demons were recognized by discernment of the spirits behind such things as: o mental illness o epilepsy o alcoholism o depression o deception o occultism and cults( Catholicism is a cult) o etc.

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1947) was one of the Christians, who God mightily used all around the world. When he prayed God provided great healings of incurable diseases, deformations of the body, demon possessions, and many people were raised from the death! He was baptised in the Holy Spirit in 1907, as he participated in Pentecostal Revival. Below there are some instances of deliverance from demonic power:
“ In one of these meetings, while all those who wanted healing were standing, he addressed one brother- a highly respected businessman-in the following terms: -Now brother, what’s the matter with you? -I have lumbago -All right-cried brother Wigglesworth-You can deliver yourself. Put your hands on your back where the pain is and. Now command the devil to come out. Say it aloud-Come out, you devil, in the name of Jesus It is no hard to understand how an influential businessman and Methodist preacher, only recently initiated into the Pentecostal experience, would feel quite embarrassed, One can imagine even now the embarrassment that was experienced. But to his credit, he ventured (though timidly as the crowd was looking on) and said in a whispered tone:’ Come out, you devil, in the name of Jesus’ This kind of approach did not satisfy Smith Wigglesworth. He called out from the platform:’ Louder, brother! You can’t deal with the devil gently. Now say it aloud: Come out, you devil in the name of Jesus!’ “Smith Wigglesworth- A life ablaze with the power of God” W.Hacking, page 17-18, Harrison House. Copyrighted material. ©

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


*** “Wigglesworth claimed that it was possible[for a person who has been baptised with the Holy Spirt to be demonized]. He had dealt with such cases and had seen them delivered” “Smith Wigglesworth-The secret of his power” Albert Hibbert, page 83, Harrison House, Copyrighted material. © *** “During a meeting, Wigglesworth was approaching the pulpit, suddenly, a man in the congregation started creaming out hideously. Wigglesworth ran up the aisle toward the man, who got up and ran in the opposite direction. As Wigglesworth tried to get to him, people were knocked off the chairs. When the man reached the end of the row of seats and turned the head for the door, Wigglesworth caught up with him and tackled him. As they fell to the floor, Wigglesworth was shouting: ‘Come out, you devil, in the name of Jesus!’ Instantly, the man was delivered and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.”“Smith Wigglesworth-The secret of his power” Albert Hibbert, page 83-84,Harrison House, Copyrighted material. © *** “Once I asked him what he did for relaxation. He said: ‘I find my relaxation in the presence of the Lord. That is all I need. Any other form of relaxation is not for me, because I am continually doing battle with the devil.” “Smith Wigglesworth- The secret of his power” Albert Hibbert, page 86,Harrison House, Copyrighted material. © *** “Wigglesworth said that, as far as God is concerned, there is no difference between healing a tootache and raising the dead” “Smith Wigglesworth-The secret of his power” Albert Hibbert, page 77,Harrison House, Copyrighted material. © *** “Wigglesworth saw something he would never forget: three strong men trying to hold down a lovely girl about seventeen years of age… The men could not hold her; she was a raging demoniac. The girl’s father, being a wealthy man, did not want his daughter locked away in a padded cell. Rather than institutionalize her, he kept her at home and employed these men to see that she did not destroyed herself. Suddenly the girl became aware of Wigglesworth’s presence and ceased her raging. Glaring at him, she said:’ I know who you are. You are Wigglesworth, the servant of the Most High God”. What a commendation for devils to acknowledge a man of God. Wigglesworth said: ‘Shut up, in the name of Lord Jesus Christ’. The girl backed away into far corner of the room, and Wigglesworth followed her. The girl, looking at Wigglesworth with an awful stare, snarled: She is ours! Wigglesworth said: ‘I’m not here to argue with you, you foul spirits. Come out of her and trouble her no more’. With a hideous scream, twelve devils came out of the girl. … Wigglesworth then went downstairs and joined for tea a father, a mother and one of the sweetest girls one could imagine- a girl who fifteen minutes before had

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


been a raving maniac.” “Smith Wigglesworth-The secret of his power” Albert Hibbert, page 29-30,Harrison House, Copyrighted material. © *** “Not a sick person here could be said to be reigning in life. Satanic power reigns there, and God wants you to know that you have to reign. God made you like Himself, and in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus restored to you everything that was lost in the Garden of Eden. Through the agony He suffered, he purchased our blessed redemption” “Smith Wigglesworth on Spirit-filled living, page 112, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “As you go on in this life in the Spirit, you will find out that the devil will begin to get restless and will cause a dispute in the church; …Any number of people may be found in the church who are very proper in a worldly sense, always correctly dressed, the elite of the city, welcoming everything to the church but power of God.” “Smith Wigglesworth on Spirit-filled living, page 17-18, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “As a person, he was reportedly courteous, kind and gentle. However, he became forceful when dealing with the devil, whom he believed caused all sickness” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 9, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “I received a telegram once urging me to visit a case about two hundred miles from my home. As I went to this place, I met the father and mother and found them broken-hearted. They led me up a staircase to the room, and I saw a young woman on the floor. Five men were holding her down. She was a frail woman, but the power in her was greater than strength of all those young men. As I went into the room, the evil powers looked out of her eyes, and they used her lips, saying:’ We are many; you can’t cast us out’. I said,’ Jesus can’….Through faith in His name, deliverance was brought to this bound soul, and thirty seven demons came out, giving their names as they came forth.” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 29-30, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “[Smith Wigglesworth speaking of himself]At one time I was so bound that no human power could help me. My wife thought that I would pass away. There was no help. At that time I had just a faint glimpse of Jesus as the Healer. For six months I had been suffering from appendicitis, occasionally getting temporary relief. I went to the mission of which I was the pastor, but I was brought to the floor with awful agony, and I was brought home to my bed. All night I was praying, pleading for deliverance, but none come. My wife was sure it was my home call to heaven and sent for physician. He said that there was not possible chance for me- my body was too weak. Having had the appendicitis for six months, my whole system was drained, and, because of that, he thought it was too late for an operation. He left my wife in a state of broken heartedness.After he left, a young man and an old lady came to our door. I knew that the old lady was a woman of real prayer. They came upstairs to my room. This young man jumped on the bed and commanded the evil spirit out of me. He shouted:’ Come out, you devil! I command you to come out in the name of Jesus!”. There was no chance for an argument or for me to tell him that I would never believe that there was a devil inside of me. The thing had to go in the name of Jesus, and it went. I was instantly healed” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 29-30, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©”[My comment: If Wigglesworth could have a demon in him, who do you think you are you can’t have it?]

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


*** “A man came to me, brought by a little woman. I said’ What seems to be a problem?’. She said:” he gets employment, but he fails every time. He is a slave to alcohol and nicotine poison. He is a bright, intelligent man in most areas, but he is in bondage to these two things’. I was reminded of the words of the Master, giving us power to bind and to loose, and I told him to stick out his tongue. In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, I cast out the evil powers that gave him the taste for these things. I said to him:’ Man you are free today’. He was unsaved, but when he realized the power of the Lord in delivering him, he came to the services, publicly acknowledged that he is a sinner, and was saved and baptised. A few days later I asked:’ How are things with you?’. He said:’ I’m delivered’.” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 58-59, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “If you say with authority:’ Come out, you demons, in the name of the lord!’ they must come out. You will always be right when you dare to treat sickness as the devil’s work” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 143, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “You must never treat a cancer case as anything else but a living spirit that is destroying the body. It is one of the worst kind of evil spirits I know. Not that the devil has anything good- every disease of the devil is bad, either to a greater or lesser degree- but this form of disease is one that you must cast out” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 143, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “Among the first people I met in Victoria Hall was a woman who had breast cancer. As soon as the cancer was cursed, it died and stopped bleeding. The next thing that happened was that her body cast it out, because the natural body has no room for dead matter. When it came out, it was like a big ball with thousands of fibers. All these fibers had spread out into the flesh, but the moment the evil power was destroyed, they had no power” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 143, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” “In the past, during the middle of the night, the devil would have a good time with me and would try to give me a bad time. I had a real conflict with evil powers and the only deliverance I got was when I bound them in the name of Jesus” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 145, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “Sometimes when I am ministering on the platform and the power of the devil attack me, the people think I am casting demons out of them, but I am casting them out of myself” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 145, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “Then there was a young woman who came with a stiff hand. When I cursed the spirit of infirmity, it was instantly cast out, and the arm was free. She waved it over her head and said:’ My father is the chief of police’. She also said:’ I have been bound since I was a girl’.At the close of the meeting, satan afflicted two people with fits. That was my day! I jumped down to where they were and in the name of Jesus delivered them. People said:

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


’Oh, isn’t he rough!’ but when they saw afflicted stand up and praise god, that was a time of rejoicing” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 147, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “Then they brought the boy with the fits, and I commanded the evil spirits to leave in the name of Jesus” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 182, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “There is healing through the blood of Christ and deliverance for every captive. God never intended His children to live in misery because of some affliction that comes directly from the devil” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 179, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “We had a missionary from China who by some means or other got rheumatism. I have no word for rheumatism, only ‘devil-possessed’. Rheumatism, cancer, tumour, lumbago, neuralgia- all these things I gave only one name: the power of the devil, working in humanity.When Jesus went into Peter’s house, where his wife’s mother lay sick, what did he do? Did he cover her up with a blanket and put a hot water bottle on her feet? If He did not do that, why did not He? Because he knew that the demons had all the heat of hell in them. He did the right thing: He rebuked the fever, and it left( See Luke 4:38-39). We, too, ought to do the right thing with these diseases” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 170, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©”[Note: And on another page, Wigglesworth cast out demons of a missionary!] *** “The devil and the priests of religion will always get stirred when a man is filled with Spirit and des things in the power of the Spirit” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 165, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©” *** “One time I was asked to go to Weston-super-mare, a seaside resort in the western part of England. I learned from the telegram that a man had lost his reason and had become a raving maniac, and some people there wanted me to come and pray for him. I arrived at the place and the wife said to me:’ Will you stay my husband?’. I agreed and in the middle of the night, an evil spirit laid hold of him. It was awful. I put my hand of his head and his hair was like toothpicks standing on end. God gave deliverance- a temporary deliverance. At six o’clock the next morning, I felt that it was necessary that I get out of that house for a short time…I went down the road, and there was the man I spent the night with, rushing down toward the sea… about to drove himself. I cried:’ In the name of Jesus, come out of him’. The man fell full length on the ground, and that evil power went out of him never to return. His wife came rushing after him, and the husband was restored to her in a perfect mental condition” “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing, page 156-157, Whitaker House, Copyrighted material. ©”

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


Fullness of the Gospel

How full is the Gospel being preached today?
John 14:12-14 (King James Version): "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it." Matthew 10:8 (King James Version): "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give." Mark 16:17-18 “In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. “ Jesus told all His disciples to follow the Great Commission:
• • • • • • • •

Preaching the Gospel Healing the sick- diseases, sicknesses, palsy, issue of blood, maimed, blindness, impediment of speech, fever, plagues, infirmities, restoration of missing limbs etc. Raising the dead Cleansing the lepers Casting demons out- lunatic, dumb spirits, unclean devils, spirits of infirmity, legions etc Confronting devils- children of the devil and their demons (magus, clairvoyant, etc). New Tongues (baptism in the Spirit (New Birth)) Greater miracles, special miracles- handkerchiefs, shadow, etc

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


In order to have full Gospel there must be all these ingredients! Every denomination claim to preach full Gospel! But in real they are preaching only small part of it! Please ask yourself some questions, and you will know where you are and what to pray for:
• • • • • • • • • •

How many healings you see on services, in your life, in the lives of your friends? How many people get saved? How many times you saw demons manifested in the service or in the streets? How many people you saw risen from the dead? How many people speak in tongues (new birth)? How many occultists have you seen confronted? Any special miracles? Shadow, handkerchief etc? How many people were raised from wheelchair? How many limbs were grown? How many Christians were freed from evil forces?

There is still more, that God wants to do!

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons



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Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


Material used for this page can be found on: Harrison House Whitaker House Azusa Books

Early Pentecostalism and casting out demons


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