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theApproach Standard™ Workshop Notes

San Francisco, 2006

All information in this document are my interpretations and notes on the content provided by theApproach
Standard™ Workshop. All concepts described are copyrighted 2006 theApproach. This document is
intended for personal use only and should not be distributed without consent from its author(s). The
notes presented below are only a reinforcement of what theApproach Standard workshop teaches and
should not be viewed as a replacement to attending the workshop. Original theApproach content can be
found on:
Day 1: Structured Natural Game and Initiating of Conversations

• VAC Calibration System

VAC is basically a troubleshooting system to analyze your pickup. It helps you figure out where you
went wrong during your pickup. In Italy, the pasta is not the key ingredient for Spaghetti. It’s the
sauce. If pasta is the vehicle to get people to eat the sauce, then VAC is the “vehicle to get your
sauce into her mouth.”

VAC stands for:

V – Value
A – Attainability
C – Compliance

VAC work best once you have mastered your inner game (aka your internal beliefs about yourself
and the world around you). Any pickup method you successfully learn will come down to your:
1. strong internal core belief that you are attractive
2. ability to isolate

The goal of the workshop will be to provide:

- a template for proper pickup execution (the Action side of the triangle)
- enough tools to analyze what went wrong during the pickup (the Self Talk side of the triangle).
Hopefully, by improving your Execution / Action and Self Talk, your internal beliefs will also become
stronger. The sides of the triangle are all co-dependent. After the workshop, you may choose to
focus first on your core beliefs (inner game), which in turn will allow you to execute techniques a lot
faster, and with greater ease.

Action Self Talk


The entire VAC system is ruled by Situation Relevance (SitRel). More on it later on.

If you’ve read “The Game” by Neil Strauss, Sebastian provides a good analysis of how VAC can be
used to troubleshoot Neil and Lisa’s relationship:

• It all starts at Value

Value is all about perception and determines the impression you leave on people (it doesn’t have to
be REAL value. See for full details).

Value is perceived through:

1. Presence
2. Appearance
3. Active demonstration
Basically, value is perceived by the vibe you give out.

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Your ability to attract women depends on your competence in displaying 4 types of value:
- Self Determinism: your ability to get things for yourself in life. This includes all society values of
what a men should have to get a woman (job, house, money… etc)
- Sexual Presence: your ability to be comfortable around women and get sex. This can best be
improved by modeling yourself after someone.
- Leadership: your ability to lead a group. If your leadership skills are a lot stronger than your
sexual presence, you will get a lot of phone numbers but will have difficulty getting the girls to
meet you again for Day 2.
- Specific Value: the qualities that makes you unique/different. This includes your hobbies and
passions in life.

Self Determinism Sexual Presence Leadership Specific Value

5 Has extreme means of Complete Sexual Power A natural leader. Can Famous for something
meeting women. Most likely Reversal. Women intuitively influence groups of people archetypal for getting women:
well known and has access to sense that sex is their reward very easily. Understands musician, artist, model, actor.
private parties hosting the for building his lifestyle humor, wit, timing and Worldwide reach and
women of utmost beauty. however they can. Women fill subtlety to a very high degree. popularity. He has
Can get sexual levels of in possible deficiencies in self- Can enter groups of people transcended being a man and
compliances based on self- determinism willingly, and cold, from scratch and gain has become an ideal example
determinism alone work too hard to please him. social control within a very of his chosen archetype.
Women initiate escalation and short time.
4 Has good logistics, a short- Can escalate smoothly with Relaxed and natural Functional specific value.
distance away from a high- new girls. Relaxed and leadership. It is in the best Actively using specific value
traffic area such as a city or comfortable with attractive interest of his group to allow to gain access to women who
other metropolitan area. women. Capable of a his leadership and he are attracted to that specific
Good access to attractive controlled arousal state, expresses this very naturally. value. Could be a musician,
women, and the means for builds sexual tension through Good sense of humor, good artist, bodybuilder, bouncer,
easy transportation from allusions and metaphors, and ethics and very popular with bartender, D.J. etc… Specific
meeting to isolation. Many has great body language and men and women as friends. value is apparent in his
opportunities to meet women. eye contact. Shows early Usually the leader of his personality.
stages of Sexual Power social circle.
3 Has acceptable logistics for Great sex occasionally Has a good number of both Developed specific value to
sex. Maybe lives alone or because of sheer persistence. male and female friends. the point of having credible
with some friends, but not Makes moves usually in a Leads weaker or less proof of its existence. Strong
living in a suitable city for clumsy manner. Arousal state experienced males. understanding of emotionally
meeting a lot of women, present, but still uncontrolled. Leadership sometimes comes or aesthetically interesting
therefore opportunities are Talks explicitly about sex or off forced or overly dominant specific value. Specific value
few and far between. makes too many overt moves because of outcome can be seen in different parts
to maintain good sexual dependence. Still believes of his life.
tension. that leadership is meant to
primarily benefit the leader.
2 Presentable, but has limited Has had fleeting relationships Has friends, but is kept Fleeting interest in hobbies,
ability to manufacture good with women, primarily around because he is the little energy put into those, or
logistics. Maybe he lives with because of higher levels of jester of the group, the fall a lot of energy put into
his parents and has no place self-determinism or guy. Has a group of guys to developing an archetype that
to take a woman. leadership. Unable to hang out with, but is is not conducive to attracting
Experiences difficulty in escalate properly with new subservient to all of them to women. (i.e. emotionally or
getting to and from meeting women, fear of escalating, guys. Very little influence due aesthetically uninteresting) No
locations to seduction and still has discomfort in the to limited humor, emotional credible evidence of specific
locations. presence of women. Fear still calibration and wit. value.
overpowers the controlled
arousal necessary for
1 A bum or homeless person. Never had a girlfriend, most Unable to make friends. Lacks energy to put into any
Gets a reaction of disgust likely a virgin. Very nervous People consciously and activity not directly related to
upon the opener. Has very and uncomfortable around subconsciously avoid him b/c immediate survival. No
little ability to get things for women he is attracted to. of his negative energy and unique identity or
himself, and this severely Fear of women. Cannot lack of personality. Has distinguishing characteristics.
limits his ability to interact with interact with woman unless it absolutely no influence over No concept of sexual
women. Does not have is under a pretense of work or others because he emanates archetypes, or what types of
proper attire required to fit in some other social construct. weakness and insecurity. Will personalities are attractive to
at public places have trouble getting jobs women.
unless he has a very
specialized skill.
The Four Types of Value © 2006 theApproach

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to maximize meet-up potential

0% 100%
He’s gay, indifferent or harmless He’s horny, aggressive and persistent

During an interaction with a woman, it is best to maintain a balance in your level of sexual tension to
maximize your potential for meeting up again. Going one extreme will jeopardize the way she
perceives you and will affect negatively her decision to meet up with you again.

• High Value Attainability

Attainability is the window that allows the woman to see your value. If you kill your attainability, that
window will close and the woman will no longer see your value.

Being high value usually will create strong attraction in the woman towards you. However, being over
the top can hinder your sense of attainability. For example, most people have an auto-rejection
mechanism that will stop them from trying to get with someone if they think that person is not within
reach (ex: celebrities). It prevents them from spending too much energy on an unattainable cause.
This effect can also be seen when the man goes overboard with what the “Community” calls as
“actively demonstrating disinterest” through negging (aka a backhanded compliment) or C&F (aka
Cocky & Funny comments).

Too low

worth Auto-Rejection
her time


Your goal is to always make the woman feel that you are within reach but not always available for
her. Attainability is different from availability. Being attainable presuppose that the woman doesn’t
already have you, but she COULD get you.

Attainability can be killed during:

- relationships (you did something wrong) , or
- opening (you went over the top, you did too much negging or C&F).

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The most common error men do is subconsciously digging the whole deeper by trying everything in
their pickup artist’s arsenal in hope of saving themselves, but in vain (ex: you neg or C&F more to
rebuild attraction). This is called the Wile E. Coyote Effect.

To correct a loss in attainability, use this 3-part sentence:

“I didn’t mean to <insert a presupposed emotional reaction 1>.
It’s just that I <insert a verbalization of lower value (aka VLV) 2>
But you seemed <insert cold read 3>”

The HVA statement is meant to correct the emotional distress by acknowledging it. From a
psychological perspective, you are not apologizing for your actions but you are apologizing for the
emotional effect on her.
Make sure you use an emotional reaction that does not assume guilt. This is why you are not using
“I’m sorry.” Using “I’m sorry” will make some girls feel that they are entitled to be upset at you. As
such, use words such as:
- upset
- keep you guessing
- overwhelm
- confuse
- keep you waiting
- embarrass
- make you jealous

Do not use words like:

- offend
- annoy
- bother
- anger
Use words that do not assume you failed to calibrate properly:
- am too playful
- get immersed with other things
- get too excited with my friends
Use something like:
- sociable
- fun
- outgoing
- very friendly
- cool

• Compliance

Compliance refers to the amount of effort a woman puts in, to be around you. This is based on the
Cost/Worth conception that if it costs more, it must be worth more.

In the realm of pickup, the amount of compliance is the only difference between a platonic versus a
sexual relationship. In a platonic relationship, there is no compliance. The man is available “free of
charge” for the woman to use.

As such, compliance also determines how credible your value is. For example, when a girl likes you
too much for no apparent reason (you didn’t put in any effort to deserve her affection), you feel
awkward. You doubt the genuineness of her interest in you. It’s fishy.

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There are 5 levels of base compliance. It is usually fairly easy to get to base level 5 but knowing
them will help you troubleshoot your interactions. If you can’t go higher, that means you didn’t pass
the previous level.
1. Acknowledgement
2. Stands there while you talk
3. She answers questions
4. She responds to statements
5. Active contributions (to the interaction, conversation or your lifestyle)

Examples of compliance include:

- She agrees to “You got to meet my friends. My friends are going to LOVE you.”
o The reason you say “My friends are going to LOVE you” instead of “You are going to
LOVE my friends” is because you want to reassure her that it is cool to meet your friends.
You are not convincing her to meet your friends.
- She complies when:
o You tell her how to walk with you. i.e.: “You can’t walk behind me like that, come here…
walk next to me.”
o You tell her how to shake hands
o You tell her to introduce you to her friends
o You tell her to make you something that she likes. i.e.: “Oh, you like that kind of music?
Why don’t you make me a mixed CD?”
- Etc…

• Body Language

Body language is very important because it gives the woman a quick glimpse of your attitude based
on your positioning in relation to your environment.

The essence of body language lies in posture, which is based on your:

- skeletal system: it supports your weight
- muscular system: It allows you to move.

Generally speaking, the man should try to be at least as comfortable as or MORE comfortable than
the girl during any interaction. For example, if interacting near a wall, slowly shift to be in a position to
potentially lean against the wall (assuming it is Situational Relevant). When entering a sited set, you
can either:
- put a knee down (aka kneel down) to be comfortable and speak to them at the same level,
- shift the set so that you are sitting and they are standing
- put both hands on the table as if you are leaning on it.
The idea behind this is that you want to always put yourself in a position where you subconsciously
communicate that you are qualifying them, that they have to meet your standards. Once again,
always make sure that it is situational relevant.

When standing, your front side should encompass more space than your back (larger front, smaller
back). Shoulders (upper body) should be open while lower body (hips… etc) should be relaxed. In
ballroom dancing, the concept remains similar. The shoulders and arms are open and do not move
because they create a frame for the woman to work within while the hips move in a relaxed fashion to
the music.

When sitting, you should:

- sit comfortably
- take space (but not sprawl out)
- have the “crotch display” (it’s a subconscious display of your manliness)

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Eye contact should be constant but not intimidating. Note that when talking, you can have your eyes
wander. It is natural and almost expected to do so. It is very unnatural to have the speaker stare at
the person he’s talking to. On the other hand, the person listening should always look at the speaker.

Men typically need to have more facial expression. Having a poker face is bad for pickup. Please be
aware that when aroused:
- women naturally get more animated
- men typically get more stoic so please remove the mask!

The Retarded Look stems from the idea that the person who spends the least amount of energy is
usually the one with higher value/higher status. It can be used against many objections a woman
may throw at you such as:
- I don’t date xxx (short/asian/black/fat/etc…) guys
- Why are you talking to me?
- I don’t talk to guys who don’t buy me a drink.
Against those types of objections, it is more effective to give the Retarded Look (aka “I can’t believe
that!”) look than actually go in details and voicing how disappointed, or how stupid something was.
Good examples of retarded looks can be seen on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or Robert De Niro
in Meet the Parents, or Jay Leno when he talks about idiotic press articles.

An effective Retarded Look combines:

- holding still (only the face changes)
- duration (it’s a form of social pressure)
- effect (getting the expression right – emotion has to be conveyed)

Generally speaking, you only want to punish bad behavior (which is where the Retarded Look comes
in). Good behavior should never be punished, except in small amounts. In the “Community,” many
guys will make the mistake of using negs or C&F to inadvertently punish good behavior. If she
responds to your questions or statements, it is a form of compliance. It is typically wrong to respond
by making fun of her replies. Doing so can destroy your attainability.

Tonality should be legato (aka smooth) instead of staccato.

Music is the space between the notes. Learn to use pauses effectively in your daily speech while
keeping your voice smooth. This will also help you slow down your speech for clearer

Typically, men want to use a lower, deeper tonality when speaking with a woman. Woman usually
will respond better to the resonance of a deeper voice because it is more sensual. To find the proper
tone of voice, you may use 2 different techniques:

Mental Physical
BJ technique Vocal Mask (Opera Singer technique)

Imagine you are receiving a blowjob. Think of This technique consists of speaking through the
the voice you use when giving her instructions diaphragm. Say “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” out
(Ahhh, yes baby, right there… a little here) loud while hitting your chest with your fingers.
Slowly lower your voice until you can hear it
resonate after you hit your chest.

Please remember that you may have to adjust your tone half an octave up if you are in a loud
environment such as clubs or bars where the bass is turned up. If you do not adjust your tone up,
your voice will be washed out by the noise level.

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• Situational Relevance – The Basis of Conversation

Situational Relevance (or SitRel) is the idea that environment dictates action. Basically, what you do
or say needs to makes sense/be within norms considering the given situation you are in. If you are
not SitRel, people will typically find you socially awkward. See:

In the “Community,” opinion openers are widely advocated as a good excuse for newbies to go up
and talk to a woman. However, using an opinion opener would not be SitRel if you saw a woman
walking on the other side of the street.

Take a moment to imagine it for a bit: the woman sees you crossing the street. You run after her,
just to talk to her… and the first thing you say is: “Hi, I need a female opinion on something.” That
would feel very uncalibrated for the woman. It would have been better for you to use a direct opener
such as: “Hi, I saw you walking there, and I just HAD to come tell you… you look GORGEOUS.”

SitRel is based on 3 things:

- Energy level
o Energy level should be similar or slightly lower than the set you are entering
- Comprehension level
o Comprehension level is defined as the person’s ability to understand what you are saying
o Comprehension level (low comprehension vs high comprehension) should be matched
because the comp. level is usually affected by:
Substance (aka being drunk)
Fatigue level (aka being tired)
- Context
o Topics, conversational techniques, games, etc…

• Five Highly Effective Types of Openers

Openers are not meant to be complicated. They are at best a simple mean for you to socialize.
There are 5 types of openers:

Body Verbal
Language Interest
Hi, I saw you <insert what she’s doing>, and I HAD to
Genuine Interest Direct Direct come and tell you: you look <insert quality>! (this is
best used during day game on a lone wolf)

(While facing the girl) Hey, did you see <insert

Implicit Direct Direct Indirect
environmental stimulus (the car crash outside)>?

(While next to her but both facing out) Hey, did you
Situational Indirect Indirect Indirect see <insert environmental stimulus (the car crash
Hey, can I get your opinion on something? (this is
True Indirect “Community” routines basically using any form of story as an excuse to talk
to the girl)
Any form of kino games to open such as tapping on
Nonverbal / Playful N/A the shoulders to get someone’s attention, hip-to-hip
hitting at the club… etc.

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• Focus

Remember to NOT get locked in your head when you go out. The purpose of going out is to
proactively socialize. If you try to think ahead of what you are going to say all the time, you will get
vertigo (aka mental freezing). So instead, please focus on the moment on what is being said during
the conversation.

Proactively socializing includes:

- charging the venue: you can use any group dynamics techniques such as:
o Manager’s game (aka fractionation): go around and ask if everyone is having fun, or if
everything is good. Chit chat for a couple minutes max. Next time you come around,
they will feel that they know you, so it’s easier to stay in for conversations.
o Backward merge: Bring a group of people to meet the previous group you met.
o Forward merge: Bring your current group of people to meet new people you have never
- making connections
- seeing if people meet your standards (as in: are they cool to hang out with? Are they interesting?
This is not referring to the qualification process of a girl during pickup)
- using VAC to calibrate.

The relationship between Value, Attainability and

Compliance for different types of people

“LJBF” (Let’s Just Be Friends)




“AFC” (Average Frustrated Chump)


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Day 2: Kinesthetic and Conversational Techniques

• Wingman Rules

Most of the wingman rules can be found online. A set should be opened by one person at a time.
The wingman should come in afterwards so that it looks more natural and less threatening when you
come in. A 2-set is the most difficult to pull. Generally speaking, you can not pull a same night lay
from a 2-set if you do not have a wingman.

Women are emotional creatures by nature and they know it. As such, there’s an unspoken rule
between them to protect each other and prevent each other from going home with a stranger when
their judgment is being affected by the high from the music or the alcohol.




The key to a good “wingmanship” is:

- good communications
o agree beforehand on how the wingman will know who is your target
o agree beforehand on how to signal to close or venue change
o agree beforehand on how to telegraph that you need the wingman to come in
If unsure, the wingman can come in and ask something like: hey, have you seen
Michelle? Then you can respond with either:
• I think she’s over there (to tell him to go away)
• No I haven’t seen her but let me introduce you to my new friends (to tell
him to stay)
- quality of the wingman
o the wingman should be on the same level as you or better than you to occupy the other
people in the set

If the set includes lots of people, the wingman should position himself to occupy the most amount of


Wingman You

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• Kinesthetic Technique
There are 4 types of kino:
- Playful
o Initiators (tap, behind knee push when she’s standing up)
o Handshakes
o Dancing, moving her
o Thumb wars and other games
o Spanking
- Protective
o Holding hands
o Escorting
o Arm around shoulder
o Protecting from traffic
- Incidental (is used to maximize sexual tension. It is the only type of kino you need to escalate to
sexual kino)
o Cheek to cheek
o Arm to arm
o Leg to leg
o Resting her head
- Sexual
o Rubbing
o Stroking
o Sexual zones
o Escalation







The Morris Escalation Ladder describes the general kino order to use so that a person does not feel
weirded out by your touching. The order does not have to be followed to the letter, but doing the 1 or
2 steps before the one you want to do will prevent the woman’s red flags to pop up.

1. Eye to body
2. Eye to eye Most guys are too slow, or are afraid of initiating kino from
3. Voice to voice step 1-6 out of respect for a woman’s personal space.
4. Hand to hand However you want to consistently start kino-ing when you
5. Hand to arm meet a woman so that she gets used to your touch.
6. Hand to shoulder
7. Hand to back
8. Mouth to mouth
9. Hand to body (groping, rubbing… etc) Most men rush or go too fast in this area. Learn to slow
10. Mouth to breast / body down and show your comfort with sexual kino.
11. Mouth to genitals / genital to genital

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If people are not receptive to you, putting them physically out of balance can help you insert a new
Example: Making her fall a little bit, making her spin… etc will blank her mind enough for you to
create a new state with whatever you say afterwards.

The “Gunslinger Walk” describes a type of walk that conveys sexual dominance. It allows you to walk
on the street in a straight line while having other people move out of your way. You want to stand tall
and have your arms not swing out too far when walking. Your arms will stand relaxed by your side
like a cowboy who’s ready to draw out his pistols. To compensate for the lack of balance, your torso
will start to slightly sway right and left.

The “Gunslinger Walk” uses body angling that is based on:

- cross-body gestures
o at a closer range: raise your hand as to move them out of your way
- lateral gestures
o at a distance: open your hand in the direction you want them to move.

• Conversational Management

Even during conversations, your body language can be more important that what you say.

Verbalization vs. Demonstration

DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value) Using DHV with VLV can be very
VHV (Verbalization of Higher Value = bragging): this will hurt your game powerful and may greatly boost
your value. Ex: “Hi, I’m kind of
DLV (Demonstration of Lower Value) shy but decided to come talk to
VLV (Verbalization of Lower Value = speaks of your vulnerabilities) you” (deliver with a very confident
body language)

The most common form of combining a DHV with a VLV is when you disqualify yourself. When
talking about something you are really passionate/good about, it’s a good idea to insert a disqualifier
to make yourself humble. This in turn will greatly boost your attractiveness to the woman.
Example: “After I took this cooking class, I decided to play with all these ingredients to make <xxx>...
and well I’m not really good at it, but it turned out really well!” (She will know that you actually know
what you are talking about by the way you describe things)

Introducing new threads of conversation in a Situationally Relevant way comes from identifying all the
topics a woman my throw at you when she speaks. Once identified, you want to relate/acknowledge
what she just said then move the conversation to wherever you want. In layman’s term, the formula
to introduce a new thread and/or keep the conversation going is: “Yes, and… “ (acknowledge or
relate, then move on).

“I went dancing last night at a club, got really drunk, met Lorenzo Lamas but got sick and threw up.”

All the boxed words can be used to relate and introduce a new topic. Example:
“I remember the last time I went dancing…”
“While we are on the topic of dancing, I actually want to take ballroom dancing classes.”
“Every time I go to a club… “

Because you can identify topics does not mean you need to always change topic. To keep the
conversation flowing, you may choose to go deeper/wider on the subject at hand. Example:
“What kind of club did you go to?”
“Oh no, how drunk were you?”

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Topics are not the only way you can relate to a woman. You can also relate to her emotions (which is
what Juggler’s Method advocates). Juggler’s Method can be summarized with: open, relate, reward,
and repeat. Refer to:

Once you get good at introducing new topics, you want to start learning adding value, attainability or
compliance statements in your stories.
+v: refer to the value chart on page 3.
Ex: “I actually threw a party last time at my house. We had xxx guests” (this shows self-
determinism and leadership)
+a: Make your stories show that you are within reach. Refer to attainability techniques in the later
+c: Adding compliance statements and questions mean you add screening / qualification, interaction
and audience participation within your stories
Ex: “So I was traveling to New York and… wait… you’ve been to New York, right?” <let her
answer> “Ok… so as I was saying, I met up my friend at…”

Screening / Qualification questions:

- I like <x>, are you <x>?
- I like <x>, what’s the most <x> thing you have done?
- I like <x>, but are you <y>?
- You seem <x>, is that true?
- Are you more of an <x> person or <y> person? (This last example can be used to apply the
“Magician’s Choice” technique… when no matter what she answers, she answers right into what
you want/prefer)

Adding levels of Compliance to Conversations

Compliance through pre-

assumptions and screening


Open: blah blah blah

Cutting/eliminating a bad thread involves the same process as introducing a new one. You want to
acknowledge the emotion behind the bad thread and introduce a new one.

To get a person to commit to the conversation, you may also use the 10 sec pause (aka Juggler’s
Vaccum). This is a form of social pressure. People of high status always wait for an answer when
they are really interested in the question at hand.

A quick note on using compliments as rewards: Disqualify the general, qualify the specific. You want
to make it genuine, and also want to qualify/reward her for a real effort to open up (compliance).
Example: “Usually I’m not attracted to girls who are blonde/short/tall/older/younger/whatever general
trait, but I like you because you’re (specific trait).” Refer to:

• Comprehension Levels

High Comp. includes ideas, realizations, stories that involve lots of emotions and logic… etc.
Low Comp. includes shorter threads, games, and playful kino types of interactions… etc.

Depending on your environment, you need to adjust your game to the proper comprehension level:
- Low Comp is more adequate for loud environment such as clubs and bars.
- High Comp is more adequate for quiet, calm environment as found during day game.

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• Frontloading Emotion

Frontloading emotion refers to a conversational technique where you tell the story by conveying all
the emotions upfront, and then you follow with the details or facts. Typically, the woman will get
captivated by the emotions you are describing. Her curiosity is spiked as she’s not sure what you are
talking about until you start telling the facts. This buildup of emotions will generally make her laugh at
the end.

• Interactivity

Interactivity increases compliance. Interactivity also allows you to get your audience get engaged in
your story. Refer to the example given in the “Conversational Management” techniques when you
add +c to your stories.

• Attainability Techniques

Using attainability techniques help you show that you are within reach
- Respect as a friend:
o Talk about things you could do as friends
o Talk about other girls
o “My friends would LOVE you”
o Talking about the prospect of her being part of your group of friends and vice versa
- A girl like me can get a guy like him
- Punishment for breaking social rules
- Provide evidence
o Instead of SOI (Statement of Intent), you tell her why you like her.
Ex: I like the passion you display when…
- Future Pacing / Future Plans
o Making future plans with a woman will improve your attainability in a relationship
o This should be done only after sexual relationship has been established. This technique
is not as effective if done prior to intimacy.
- Interacting without an Agenda
- Let her talk without reacting
o You listen to the woman’s conversations and only interrupt her with few “uh uh.” You are
trying to make her feel that she can confide in you.
- The #1 killer of attainability is her seeing that she’s not special/unique to you
o For example: she’s seeing you take another girl’s number.
o Note that jealousy plotlines (aka you are flirting with other girls to show her that you are in
demand) sacrifice some attainability to boost your value. Please calibrate properly. Read

• Role Playing

Role playing has the ability to make a woman go into the imaginary to let go of any societal
programming she might have.

Some forms of role playing include:

- Vacation Role
- Teacher / Student
- Old Lovers Reunited or Husband / Wife
- Dad / Daughter

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Day 3: Image/Fashion/Style, Sexual Power Reversal and Dating/Relationships

• Basics of Fashion

Women will typically cue in very quickly on how well you present yourself. They will look for how “well
put-together” you are.

Men focus on function & comfort and like to flaunt one expensive item in their wardrobe.
Women look for what is missing in the whole ensemble. This is called the Handicap principle.

The differences on how men and women look at fashion

(Each arrow represents an item of clothing)

Men will notice the one expensive item of

clothing that is being displayed

Women notices the pink area… which

Women shows what is missing in the person’s

Brand suggestions:

- Shoes: Adidas, Puma, Aldo… etc.

- Jeans: True Religion, Rok’n Republic, Paper Denim & Cloth, Seven for All Mankind, Diesel, 575,
Lucky, Chip & Pepper, Michiko Koshino, DKNY… etc.
- Jewelry: SoGood rings
- Hair Product: Ice Spiker or Got 2B Glued

Manicures are strongly suggested if you plan on using fingers to pleasure women. Eyebrow shaping /
waxing can also enhance facial attractiveness.

• Testosterone – That Really Manly Thing

From a biological standpoint, a higher level of testosterone will make you more attractive to a woman
during mating period. To enhance your level of testosterone, follow some of the suggestions below:
- Diet with lots of protein / L-Glutamine
- Gym / Workout (This will also improve your muscle development and posture)
- Competitive / Combat / Contact Sports
- Oils (Omega Fatty Acids…)
- Focus on whatever activities you are doing
- Supplements (Tribulus Terrestrius)
- Catabolic / Anabolic State (you want to stay in anabolic state where you have more
food/resources in your body than necessary)
- No soy (this increase your level of estrogen)

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• Sexual Power Reversal

Sexual Power Reversal is a representation of the highest level of game in a pickup artist’s career.
Sexual Power Reversal can only be achieved from a mindset of abundance (when women and sex
come easily) and from a very high value standpoint. I recommend reading http://www.the- for a comprehensive explanation of this concept.

From a traditional societal standpoint, the courtship between men and women can be described as:
- Man provides survival capacity to the woman (money or materialistic rewards such as dinner,
gifts, jewelry, house, car…)
- Woman provides replication capabilities to the man (sex-related rewards such as kiss, hold
hands, make-out and ultimately sex)

The following illustrations describe how value relates to compliance in the traditional view of courtship
(source: )

Once men get better with women, they soon realize that sex is not always at the very top of a
woman’s compliance scale. Therefore, the idea behind Sexual Power Reversal is attributing a proper
cost for the woman’s compliance and rewarding her with that. In exchange of the woman’s
contributions to the man’s lifestyle, the man rewards her with sex. This only works when the woman
perceives that the man brings so much value to her life.

At the highest level of Sexual Power Reversal, the woman is willing to give her energy and resources
for the man’s cause.

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Sexual Power Reversal (SPR) is achieved by mastering 4 things:
- Vision
o What is your vision? Talk and describe it
o Evidence of vision: you can include the girl by making her participate into an activity that
helps your vision when on Day 2
Example: You want to become a chef. You make her go buy groceries with you… or pick it
up for you when she’s on her way to your place.
o Take her along the ride: Use role playing or future pacing techniques to make her see herself
get there with you

- Sexual Tension
o Is defined as: the presence of controlled arousal state in the absence of overt verbal or
physical advances
o Talking about sex kills sexual tension… so that would not be considered a “controlled
o Use metaphors and sensual language by incorporating words like: urgent, ride, engage,
whisper, breeze, swollen, finger, stroke, wet, brushing, easing into, thrust, pleasure, desire,
velvety, plunge, inside, tight, hard, satisfaction, buried inside, rub, tense, wrap around, excite,
arouse, thick, anticipation, slipping in(to)… etc
o Use SPR Kino to condition her to respond to your kino escalation.
You basically kino while not caring how she reacts. It creates a subconscious
conditioning that “you take it when you want it”
Ex: You kiss her passionately, she gets aroused, and you stop to do something else.
You later make out with her, she gets aroused, you stop. You make out again, some
clothes fall off, and you stop one last time. After a while, she will be conditioned by
you taking charge. When you decide you want it, she will accept it. “So I guess we
are having sex now, right?”

- Advanced Compliance
o Compliance is primordial in achieving SPR.
o Use these 2 advanced techniques:
Dirty Compliance: take something she would have done anyway to imply she did it for
you. On the subconscious level, the fact that she didn’t reject the assumption that
she did something for you implies that she did it for you anyway.
Example: You come in and see her house is clean
- “You didn’t have to <x> (clean the house) just for me!”
- <She answers> (No, no, no, it was already clean!)
- “I believe you, sweetie” <grin>
Virtual Compliance: means that you incorporate levels of compliance in your role
play. Most women will not reject the idea that they did something for you when you
take it into the imaginary.
Example: Vacation role
- “So yeah, we’d get all excited just to get on our trip. I would remember how
nice it was that you packed my suitcase for me.” Blah blah blah

- Reward Calibration
o As described in the previous page, you want to reverse the traditional view that a man would
reward a woman’s compliance with monetary / materialistic means. You want to reward her
instead with sexual means.
o Value Flux: happens when the woman rejects your compliance request or when your value
has no clear definition. This is an opportunity for you to define what that value is. You
determine or attribute the proper value / cost for her reward. Refer to the article mentioned
above for complete details.

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You always want to phrase the reward as being in her interest… or being for mutual
Example 1: “Would you please pick that magazine I really like on your way here so
that we can spend more time together?”

Example 2: She kissed you and is waiting to see how you respond (aka how you
reward) The following diagram shows what is going on in her mind.

If you miscalibrate and give her exclusivity, you get low perceived value.

If you calibrate it right and give her a simple compliment, you have more leeway to
play with.

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• Dating Smart

Vin’s 3 rules of dating:

- Convenient
- Cost (cheap)
- Conversation (because game is best conveyed through conversation)

• The All-Important Logistics

Continuous Flow of Action describes that there should be no hesitation in leading the woman to
isolation. It should feel natural for the woman to go from point A to point B with you. As such, it is
important that you set up dates with the distance and time to get to the isolation location in mind.

To isolate, it is best to have an excuse for the woman to follow you:

- “Have you ever had ice wine? No? You have to try some” (take her to an intermediary place if
you are far from home. Maybe dinner?)
- “Let’s get back to my place to watch xxx.” (You do not have to have xxx at home)

Example of good logistics

“You should check out

this comic stand-up
video I have”

Dinner or

“Hey, are you

Cheap Date
location / coffee

Room logistics: It is best to have something interesting in your room to display or to show. This can
be an excuse for the woman to go to your room.

Once in the room, you should have organized mess that occupies any location that she could sit on
(desk chair… etc), which will allow her to naturally sit on your bed.

Escalate from there. Have fun!

If logistics prohibit from going further, get her contact information and follow-up on it.

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• A Few Simple Tips for Good Sex

Last Minute Reservations (LMR) should not occur if you did good Continuous Flow of Action or if you
managed to instill SPR.

Here are 2 simple LMR techniques:

- Prevent her objections by verbalizing them ahead of her
o “This is too soon. We shouldn’t do this” (yet you keep on continuing)
- Agree to her objections and keep going
o “You are right, this is wrong. But this feels sooooo good!” (this is similar to cutting bad
conversational threads)
The goal if you encounter LMR is to get to her pussy. You may skip kissing, or breast fondling to
get there. Most women will lose their inhibitions if you get down there (some women will have
sex without having you ever kiss them or touch their breasts):
o Finger in pussy
o Incidental pussy rubbing (Elbow rubbing pussy while hands are rubbing breasts)

DEVI model of sex is described in the Sex Revolution Handbook if you buy it from

No matter what techniques you use during sex, you should display:
- Dominance
o This relates to taking leadership when it comes to sex (ex: you put her hand on your cock
when she shows some hesitations, or you verbalize: “you are so wet, you must have been
thinking about getting fucked all night”)
- Emotions
o Speak about your passions, and what turns you on.
- Variety
o This includes variety in sex but also in conversational topics when you were on the date
- Immersion
o The man needs to be focused on the woman both during conversation (refer back to the
Focus section on Day 1) and sex. Most men during sex have the bad habit of imagining
having sex with someone else.

The DEVI model is well demonstrated in the Lay Report found here: This concept is based on the VAC model and can be applied
during your conversational interactions with the woman to subconsciously convey that you are a good

Supposedly, eating celery 1-2 hours before your sexual performance can increase how much ammo
you can shoot. One of the VAC guys who tried it said he went from 3 pumps to 5.


One technique described during the workshop involves the woman lying on her back with her knees
up against your chest, after you have relaxed her with whatever sexual techniques you use. Insert
your 3rd and 4th finger into her pussy; push in and up against her lower abdomen. Rub in a “come
hither” motion like a lawn mower. Do so for 15 seconds periods at a time. Let her rest (and do other
things), do it again. Let her rest, and repeat until you hear a suction sound. Let her rest and repeat
until you find yourself in a big puddle. Please remind her to relax and breathe.

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• Intention Maps

Intention maps helps you define what you look for in a woman and set expectations for her to meet.
This is an advanced form of qualifying the woman to your standards depending on what kind of
relationship you are aiming for. You should find adjectives that are exclusive from each type of
relationships and use them in your screening process.

For example:
- Long Term Relationships (LTR): supportive, intelligent, and loyal
- Open Relationship: open, adventurous, accepting of debauchery, free spirited
- One Night Stand: spontaneous, risk taker, independent
- Custom (like Reverse Supplication): supportive, nurturing, independent, ambitious, thoughtful

2 other techniques can be used in addition to your qualification questions:

- Pacing and leading: This involves verbalizing 2 true things about her and adding 1 thing you
would like her to be.
Example: “I can see you are <x> and <y>, which I’m sure you are also <z>”

- Cold Reading: This just presumes that you make an assumption on her
Example: “You seem like an adventurous girl”

Here’s an email Sebastian wrote to describe how Intention Maps are used:

How come some men never stay single for more than three weeks? How come some men
can't get anything more than a one night stand to save their life? And how come some men,
who really aren't all that great looking, get multiple girlfriends in open relationships. Girls
are beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, with high self-esteem, accepting an arrangement that
most people would think impossible.

Is it luck? Is it fate?

I present to you one word: Intention.

Everyone behaves differently around different people. You will be a different person around
your grandmother than you are around your boss than you are around your accountant
than you are around your father.

You'll act differently. Your grandmother, most likely, thinks you don't use vulgarities ever.
Your best friend might have a little different perception of you.

People are malleable - women especially. We behave differently in different situations.

Now, to answer the question of why some men get exactly what they want, and why others
get the same exact thing that they absolutely don't want, I present to you the Intention Map:

An Intention Map is a tool to modify behavior. The short version is: you will get the other
person feeling and acting around you the way you want them to. There are three primary
phases of an Intention Map:

1. Screening
2. Qualifying
3. Sex/Afterglow

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let us start at the beginning.


To get what you want, you must have a clear, defined idea of what you want. The first thing
to do, before you begin intention mapping, is to make a list of traits you want in all women.
Traits might include ambitious, creative, hard-working, caring, and affectionate.

Next, figure out what specific roles you want in your life. Do you want an open relationship?
A really casual "friends with benefits" situation? Exclusivity? Whatever you want, that is

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good - just know what you want.

Then make a list of traits that you'd want for that specific
relationship. Some traits I find are good in certain relationships:







Note that this isn't your list necessarily. What you want from an exclusive relationship may
vary. Many men don't want a highly independent woman in an exclusive relationship - if
you're going to only be with one person, you want them available on your schedule. Some
men might like an exclusive relationship with an independent woman though, so you fill in
your own list.

Now, the behavior modification:

Take the list of qualities that you want in all women:


Add in the list of qualities that you want in the specific relationship you want:


Now, it's time to get to the three phases of an intention map.

What you are going to do is you are going to get the girl saying she is this quality, you are
going to reinforce to her that you like because she is this quality, and you are going to
reinforce it again during and immediately after sex.


Screening is a technique that increases compliance, and shows that you have standards.
Examples of screening questions include:

"I like ambitious people. Do you consider yourself to be ambitious?"

"All my friends are really into a lot of creative things. What creative things do you do?"
"Do you work hard for things you believe in?"
"You strike me as a really caring person. Am I right?"
"I can tell you're very loyal, but are you also affectionate?"

"Ugh, you see all these girls around who can't get anything done without a man helping
them. Tell me, are you independent?"
"A lot of my friends don't have traditional values. Do you consider yourself to be an
understanding person?"

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"Are you open-minded to seeing and trying new things?"
"You don't get jealous easily, do you?"

Those questions are all weighted towards getting what you want. A select few women will
be unable to meet your criteria. For instance, not all women are creative. It's up to you what
you're willing to compromise on in your list - I'm absolutely unwilling to compromise on a
woman having high self-esteem, so I'll dismiss girls who have low self-esteem. I also like
girls who love art, music, and theatre - but I'm willing to compromise on that if she
has other interests I enjoy, like nature or sports.

It's up to you what you're willing to compromise on. The fact is, if she likes you, she'll try to
give you the right answers to your screening questions. Most people consider themselves
to be ambitious, caring, open-minded, etc. She's going to say she is either way - the key is,
by saying it, she'll precedence herself to it, and want to act that way around you especially.
So though she might not be a very open-minded person around her friends from
church, she will be around you ;)


Now, you will simply tell her that she meets your standards, and that she has the specific
type of trait you're looking for. This needs to be Situationally Relevant as we say - so do it
after she does something to display that trait, or immediately after a screening question
saying she is.

"You're so ambitious. I like that."

"I like that you're so creative."
"Thank you for being so caring. It makes me feel really good."
"Mmmm, you're so affectionate."
"I like that you're so independant."
"Wow, you're so understanding of things outside of what you were
raised with. That's amazing."
"It's really cool to hang out with such an open-minded girl."
"It's nice to spend time with you - you're so secure in yourself
and never get jealous. I love it."

Ever hear the expression, "Treat a man as you would have him become." There was a typo
in it. It should have read, "Treat a woman as you would have her become." Tell her she's
exactly what you want - and she'll want to live up to that. True story:

I was driving with my girlfriend at the time to spend the Fourth of

July at a beach house. Even after a year and a half together, just
coincidentally, I'd never driven a car with her in the passenger
seat. We'd been in other cars together, and lots of taxis, but
living near each other in a city with good public transportation,
I'd never driven her.

Well, I just coincidentally happened to be going the speed limit. Really, a coincidence to the
extreme. And yet she said to me, "Sebastian... you can tell so much about a person by the
way they drive. My sister's boyfriend swerves all over the road, honks, gets angry, cuts
people off. Goes too fast, too slow - and you can tell he doesn't have his life together.
You're going just the speed limit, nothing's bothering you... it says a lot about who you are."

Here's the thing - I *knew* what she was doing, and I *still* drove perfectly for the rest of
the weekend. People don't want to go against praise that they get. So tell people that they
are exactly what you want them to be.

(Note: this also works great when you're getting service from a company. Whenever
something's going wrong at an airport, I always say, "Thank you so much. Your airline is
always really really good to me, so I feel so comfortable when I'm flying with you folks." It
results in a higher quality of service as they try to live up to that)


During sex is a special time. We get into a state of raw emotion, and let loose our logical
constraints. During sex, qualification goes into the subconscious to the extreme. So you
can say things like:

"I love making love to such an ambitious girl baby."

"Mmmm, baby, how creative you are turns me on so much."
"Oh yeah, I love being with you here - you're so caring, take care

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of me, make me feel so good."
"You're so affectionate."

There is also the afterglow, immediately after sex.

"Wow, it's great being with such an independent girl."

"It feels good lying next to a girl so open-minded."
"Damn baby, you're so open-minded. It shows when we're in bed too."
"I love that you're so secure in yourself. We're here together and
you're not worrying, you're calm and in the moment."

The other thing you do during the Afterglow stage is you set up the TIMEFRAME of the
relationship. You do this after you've been having sex for a little while, perhaps three
weeks. So, for an open-relationship where you're seeing each other once a week or so,
you'll say.

"You're so great, baby. We spend amazing time together, and then you're independent and
have a really great life besides just me. The time we spend together is amazing, and yet
you understand that I've got a really busy life. It feels great to be with you."

With this system, you can develop your intention throughout the interaction: Before you
ever have sex, she'll be saying she's what you want, and you'll be telling her she's what you
want and that's why you like that. During sex, you say that you feel good making love to her
because she's want you want, and after sex you'll say it feels good lying next to her
because she's what you want.

Enforced and reinforced so many times, this shapes and modifies her behavior. She might
still be close-minded around her friends, but she'll be open-minded around you and yours -
and that's what counts.

Figure out what you want, and go get it playboy! God bless,


I would like to mention that Intention Maps are best used to bring out more of the girl’s uniqueness to
her attention and expand on her own adjacent qualities. It’s a good way to reinforce and reward what
you like about her, and tell her how she fits in your life. Good parents and good teachers do that.
They find what you are good at and set attainable expectations for you to excel at those very same

Personally, using Intention Maps to change the woman into the “perfect” girl you imagine for yourself
may be a bad idea. You may lose the unique qualities that initially attracted you to her in the first
place. Besides, who wants to stay with someone who does not appreciate who you are for who you
are? If you are always trying to change her, she will resent you for it. However, if you are expanding
her qualities to become a better person, she will love you even more.

Intention Maps are a blue print for you to remember what you are looking for in a woman. They also
only work if you maintain a high level of value to her life. Intention Maps will backfire on you if her
attraction to you dwindles down.

• Eternal Casual Relationships

The concept of Eternal Casual Relationships is based on the idea that a relationship never begins,
nor does it end. This concept works well with married women. In a way, it is about combining the
open relationship intention map with SPR. If you successfully establish this concept with a woman,
you may enter a no-pressure relationship with her that last for years. She will continually see you on
the side whether she has a boyfriend or husband.

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To achieve Eternal Casual Relationships, you should:
- Bed the woman very quickly
- Be 100% supportive of her lifestyle by never showing jealousy or other forms of emotional
weaknesses and encouraging her to meet other men
- Always add value to her life
- Always remind her that you are seeing other women during conversations
- Never take on any of the conventional roles of boyfriend, husband, provider… etc.

If the woman starts to question the status of the relationship with: “Where is this going?”
You should respond with something vague and not commit to making any promises: “Let’s see where
this unfolds”

Sperm Wars by Robin Baker: This book was mentioned but I don’t remember why.

• Workshop Review

After reflecting on what I have learned throughout the weekend, I will say that the workshop
presented information that is invaluable to most men. However, depending on your level of familiarity
with the “Community,” you will find the transformation and/or realizations more or less powerful.

The workshop felt more like a seminar than a true workshop. Maybe it is because the content relates
to natural game, and not canned material… but I didn’t feel like I mastered, or at least absorbed the
conversational techniques well into my current game. It will definitely take some time for me to fully
integrate that into my game. I feel the workshop should improve on its delivery method to ensure that
the students actually learn and integrate all the principles taught. Since I am a professional
presenter/trainer, I appreciate it when the information is tailored to the individuals to explain: why is
this important to me? Not just: why is this important to the pickup process?

For example, individual conversational drills were helpful, but one drill should focus on having the
students integrate ALL the techniques at once.

Body language, tonality and positioning had the most application. I enjoyed seeing the instructors
critique each person’s posture and fashion style. I particularly was impressed with Arnold’s use of
sensual voice and proper posture both during classroom and night game settings.

The advanced philosophies on Day 3 were the best part of the workshop. I now truly understand the
power and relevance of the VAC model. It would have been nice for the instructors to give the
students some time to create their own intention maps.

For anyone who has approach anxiety, taking the workshop should get you over that bump. The
instructors will definitely push you to open many sets, and will help you ease into them if needed.
However, since the more interesting screening techniques weren’t taught until Day 3. I don’t think
you will get to practice too many “attraction” methods during the workshop. Our Day 2 night game
was more about holding and keeping conversations flowing.

As a last suggestion, I would appreciate more individual attention from the instructors when going out.
I am thankful for Arnold who explained a lot of the concepts and demonstrated them in field, but I
haven’t seen Vin interact much with the students. Considering we were a class of 8 students, having
Arnold do most of the work really stretched his ability to give each student instant feedback.

Overall, I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to be enlightened with the “bigger
picture” of pickup. Your transformation into a truly successful pickup artist will depend mostly on how
much effort you put into it, and how much individual attention you get from your instructors.

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• Juggler Method vs. VAC

I have never taken a Juggler Method workshop, but after this weekend, I realized that a lot of the
techniques overlap but are described differently. The biggest differences come in the nuances of how
conversation is being managed and how sexual tension is built. By the way, a lot of Juggler’s
philosophies are described on:

Juggler Method advocates relating to a person through emotions. He encourages students to get the
woman to commit to the conversation by using open-ended questions and using the vacuum (The
Approach’s 10 sec pauses). As you relate to her emotions, you will typically convey your own
uniqueness (aka value) to the woman and it slowly becomes natural to have her participate in the
interaction (compliance) as she gets more committed in the conversation.

The Approach seems to take a more structured system to conversation management and teaches
you how to relate to people both through emotions and topics by being aware of all the different topics
that are being thrown during the interaction. However, relating to emotions is not emphasized. The
“Focus” concept is the same as Juggler’s “be in the moment to find the woman’s uniqueness.” The
Approach takes conversations one step further by intentionally adding +v, +a, +c statements in your
stories to increase your perceived value/attractiveness (Juggler Method takes care of those +v, +a, +c
statements unintentionally during the “relating to the woman” part of the conversation)

When it comes to sexual tension, Juggler Method is simple and clear because it uses the SOI
(Statement of Intent) in conjunction with the reward (aka “I like that you are so passionate about…”).
It also uses push/pull concept of creating verbal sexual barriers to increase that sexual tension (“I
would kiss you right now if your friends were not with us”).

The Approach does use the reward method in conversations to reward the woman on her
compliance. However, sexual tension is built at higher levels of game by using an NLP (Neuro-
Linguistic Pattern) method where you use sensual language to create sexual tension. To a certain
extent, Juggler Method does the same thing since they use emotions, but they have not formalized
that concept in their teachings like the Approach has.

Overall, both methods have similar conversational management techniques. The main difference is
Juggler’s students have a stronger emphasis on maintaining the “let’s find what’s unique about this
person” mindset, whereas the Approach’s students would probably start off with: “how do I convey
that I’m interesting or unique (increase the perceived value)” before screening for the woman’s unique

Regarding Intention Maps, conflicts may arise in between both schools of thoughts if they are used to
the extreme to change a person by manipulating their emotions. Once again, Juggler Method
advocates not trying to change a person. Instead, find out the compelling reasons to like this person
based on who they are. However, Juggler does use qualifications to create the “I give approval out”
vibe (

The Approach has the right concept if Intention Maps are used to reinforce your notion of what is
attractive in a woman and letting her understand that. However, the downfall of using Intention Maps
comes in if you are always attempting to change the person into something they are not.

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• What I learned

1. Fix my presenter / trainer habit of coming into a set with slightly higher energy. In a presentation,
your audience will feed off of that energy to get pumped up. In pickup, it’s more effective to come
in at the same or slightly lower level of energy. You will pump them up by increasing your
attractiveness / value during conversation.
2. Practice speaking slower and with deeper voice (yeah, baby… right there, uh huh!) ☺
3. I need to remember to open my shoulders more to have that complete alpha vibe (my posture is
pretty straight already)
4. I can always improve on how I convey value during conversations
5. I don’t really need to learn any more techniques. What I do naturally is already good. I just need
to polish the execution.
6. Approach anxiety, be gone! I don’t have any… hesitation is the only thing holding me back. I do
need to open AND close more though.
7. Dressing slightly more mature than your age is better if you are trying to attract women in your
age group.
8. Don’t laugh harder than your set.
9. Damn I’m handsome… hahaha j/k :D but eye brow shaping? Hmmm I’ll think about it.
10. I love the Gunslinger Walk… I used to do it without being aware of it before!
11. SPR is the shit! I can’t believe I almost had it (after looking back at some of my interactions this
12. Logistics are crucial if you plan on sleeping with a woman at a very early stage of the relationship.
More sex, less talk!

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