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Victor M.

1214 Strausberg Street
Accokeek, Maryland 20607
To be considered for a position associated with my experience in rail
maintenance, rail inspection, rail safety and railroad construction.
Summary of Qualifications
0M Over 30 years of experience in the railway maintenance and transit
0M Unique combination of expertise in transit, (subway, heavy rail)
freight line and streetcar line construction.
Employment and Relevant Accomplishments

HNTB Corporation, March 2009 to present date, Arlington, Va.

Senior Construction Inspector for the DDOT Streetcar Project
Responsibilities: Perform field inspections of contractor operations
to see that they comply with all contract documents related to the
Anacostia Streetcar Project. Prepare daily reports on work
accomplished by contractor and review periodical pay estimates for
accuracy with contractor. As the senior inspector, I provided
leadership for a team of construction inspectors. I shared my
expertise in track construction activities and railway safety
procedures. The project consists of building a rail transit system
that is embedded in concrete. I52 / I59 girder rail is being used
along with 25m turnouts with straight and curved frogs. All turnouts
are inside an isolated concrete track tub.
November 10, 2008-March 2009- Ensco, Inc.
Senior Survey Technician
Responsibilities: I worked with a team of technicians that are
responsible for providing the Federal Railroad Administration with
track geometry data taken by DOTX #218. This vehicle is equipped with
GRMS (gage restraint measurement system) (100% travel)
July 2006 - November 1, 2008 (Retirement)
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Washington, D.C.
Assistant Superintendent, Maintenance Operations Center
Responsibilities: The Assistant Superintendent is responsible for
coordinating and monitoring all personnel and equipment responding to
emergencies, revenue train delays, unusual occurrences, safety of
responders, equipment and facility malfunctions, and any situation
having the potential to disrupt or impact revenue service on the rail
and bus systems. The Assistant Superintendent is also responsible for
all maintenance and equipment recovery efforts involving the various
systems within communications, power, and automatic train control and
computer facilities. The Assistant Superintendent directs all system
maintenance activities related to maintaining or reestablishing
revenue service.
March 1993 to July 2006
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Washington, D.C.
Assistant Superintendent, Track Maintenance
Responsibilities: The assistant superintendent managed the track
maintenance activities of a specific line. ( Roadmaster
0M I scheduled and managed all of the track maintenance and contract
personnel involved in track inspection and maintenance for a specific
rail line.
0M I had no major track maintenance problems during my 13 year watch.
Under my watch, there were no track caused derailments.

0M I managed two track maintenance regions simultaneously (6months)

0M Chosen to be the first TRST manager to work in the Maintenance
Operations Center.
0M Implemented the initial ground work for the department's production
tie renewal process.
0M Directly responsible for the building of the company's one of a
kind' fire and rescue training facilities. This facility is now used
to train emergency personnel that respond to the rail transit
0M I prepared responses to employee grievances, disciplined employees
and made recommendations for promotions, transfers and discharges.
October 1987 to February 1993
Moss Cleaning and Restoration Service
Owner / Manager

0M Formed a company that provided contract services to the United

States Army and the
community. Services were restaurant fire protection, fire and water
restoration and carpet
cleaning. Seventy five per cent of services were under contract to the
federal government.
0M Recruited, hired, trained and supervised a multi-ethnic and gender
work force.
January 1975 - October 1987
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Track Supervisor
Responsibilities: The track supervisor was responsible for inspection
and maintenance of a specific line.
0M Directed and managed line employees and contractors in track
maintenance of 131 miles
of main line track, sidings, industrial leads and yards.
0M Audited FRA rule compliances, work practices and industry safety
0M Applied engineering technology and applicable methods and laws of
science to the
investigations of railroad derailments and accidents.
0M Managed the following track maintenance activities: Grade and
switch tie installation,

grade crossing repairs, rail stringer installation (1440 LF), switch

under cutting, track
lubrication, surfacing and alignment, lime and cement grouting, pile
driving, distressing of
rail stringers, installing turnouts that range from #8 to #20, ballast
cleaning, thermit
welding, brush cutting, track drainage operations and the ordering of
track material
and supplies.
0M Evaluated the effectiveness of contract rail inspection services
for geometry, rail testing
and rail grinding.
0M Outstanding record of personal safety for line maintenance workers.
No lost time injuries for a 10 year period.

Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
December 1974
Gadsden State Community College, Gadsden, Alabama
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Statistical Process Control
Clemson University
Maintenance Institute
March 2002
University of Maryland University College
Leadership Development Program
January 2003
Training and Courses Taken at WMATA
Course Completion Course Completion
Maximo Manager and
Supervisor Training
January 2006
Unknown Substance Response Procedures

November 2001
Building an Effective Leadership Environment
May 2006
Market Based Compensation Training
January 2001
Contract Officer Training Requirements (COTR)
August 2005
Voice Leadership for Managers
May 2000
Internal Control
April 2005

Challenge of Leadership for Managers

May 2000
Computer Basic Skills
April 2005
Stellar Customer Service
November 1999
Maintenance Planner
April 2005
Inventory Management
November 1999
Track and Structure MSRPH
February 2005
FTA Drug and Alcohol Training
April 1999
Essentials in Basic Emergency Care
August 2004
Hazard 2-Recongition of Chemical Hazards
November 1998
Critical Thinking

June 2004
Foundations for Supervisors-Experienced
October 1998
Challenge of Leadership for Managers
May 2004
ADA: Employment Issues
October 1998
Interpersonal Skills for Mangers
April 2004
Hazard 4 Overview of Chemical Hazards
October 1998

The Cheese Experience

February 2004
EEO for Supervisors
August 1998
Innovation Management
June 2003
Pay for Performance for Managers / Supervisors
May 1998
Data Gathering for Better Problem Solving
June 2003
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
April 1998
Building Integrity and Trust
June 2003
Sensitivity Training
April 1998
TapRoot Training Course ***
May 2003
Bloodborne Pathogens-Safety

March 1998
Effective Mentoring and Coaching
May 2003
Effective Employee Management
February 1998
Presentation Skills
May 2003
WMATA Drug and Alcohol Training
November 1997
Attitudes for Success / Creating a Positive Environment

April 2003
Employee Assistance Program
September 1997
Drug and Alcohol-Reasonable Suspicion
February 2003
Performance Appraisal, Introduction
March 1997
Safety Certified Environmental Compliance Officer
June 2002
First Responder Operations, Refresher
December 1996
Safety Certified Hazardous Waste Responder Operations
June 2002
Supervisor Training Program
October 1996
First Responder Operations
June 2002
Groupwise 4.1
September 1995

Diversity Awareness Workshop

November 2001
Paradox 4.5-Windows
May 1995
Safety Certified Hazard Communications
November 2001
WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows
March 1995
Safety Certified Personal Protection Equipment
November 2001
QuattroPro 5.0 for Windows

March 1995
Safety Certified System Safety Program Plan
November 2001
WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows
February 1994
Safety Management Course
November 2001
First Responder
October 1993
Safety Certified Lock Out-Tag Out
November 2001
Safety Certified Hazardous Waste Responder
October 1993