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 States  Conference  of  Catholic  Bishops  

Social  Media  Response  Chart  

Content  Posting  
  Has  someone  posted  content  on  
one  of  o ur  social  m edia  platforms?    
  Is  it  a  positive  posting?  

 Y   ES  

  Concurrence     “Troll”  
A  factual  and  well  cited  response,  which  may   Is  this  a  person  dedicated  to  
  or  disagree  with  the  post,  yet  is  not  
agree   bashing  a nd  degrading  o thers?  
negative.   Monitor  Only    
 NO   Avoid  responding  to  specific  
You  can  concur  with  the  post,  let  it  stand  or   posts,  report  them  to  the  
  provide  a  positive  review.  
social  m edia  specialist,  
“Rager”     delete  if  necessary.  
  Do  you  want  to  respond?   Is  the  posting  a  rant,  rage,  joke,  
ridicule  or  satirical  in  nature?  
   NO    YES    
   Fix  the  Facts  
  “Misguided”   Respond  to  the  post  with  factual  
Let  Post  Stand     Are  there  erroneous  facts  in    YES   information  
Let  the    post  stand  –  no   the  posting?  

“Unhappy  Individual”  
  Is  the  posting  a  result  of  a  bad  experience   Restoration  
someone  has  had  with  U SCCB/Church?  
Rectify  the  situation,  if  possible.  
  Respond  a nd  act  upon  a  
 NO   reasonable  solution.  
Final  Evaluation  
  None  of  the  a bove?  Will  you    
respond?  If  y es,  base  response  o n  
present  c ircumstances.    YES  


Social  Media  Response  Considerations  

Transparency   Sourcing   Timeliness     Tone   Influence  

Disclose  U SCCB   Cite  sources   Don’t  rush   Respond  in  a  tone   Focus  on  using  
connection  (if  not   when  necessary.     responses,  but   that  reflects   the  most  
evident).   respond  within  a   USCCB’s   influential  sites  
reasonable   values/message.   related  to  U SCCB.  
amount  of  time.    

Adapted  from  Ohio  State  University  Medical  C enter  a nd  United  States  Air  Force  Social  Media  R esponse  C harts    

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