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795 Ridgemont Circle, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126

Domestic / International
Bilingual: English / Portuguese
Security Clearance for Public Trust Positions / Federal Protective Service
Leadership ~ Process Development ~ Software Development/Implementation ~ Project
Strategic / Tactical Planning ~ Communication ~ Budgets ~ Resource Management ~
Problem Resolution Negotiations ~ Client / Vendor Relationship Management ~ Data
Requirements ~ Technical Documentation
Process Improvement ~ Technology Evaluation ~ Team Building ~ Product Developmen
Data Research & Analysis ~ Training ~ Cost Benefit Analysis ~ Best Practices ~ S
olutions Management

A highly accomplished, results-driven management professional with extensive exp

erience leading enterprise wide information technology implementations and initi
atives. Knowledgeable in enterprise architecture, applications development, lar
ge-scale systems implementations and data integration projects. Recognized for
providing innovative solutions to complex projects. Demonstrated success in int
erfacing and reporting to all levels of management. In-depth expertise in resolv
ing complex and time-critical issues. Analytical with skills in reading into pr
oblems and getting to the root cause of the issue. Ability to lead projects fro
m inception to implementation. Known as an excellent team leader with the abili
ty to build highly effective teams that are driven towards success and maintain
motivation throughout the project. Solid background in strategic / tactical pla
nning for the design and maintenance of technology to achieve long-range corpora
te objectives. In-depth experience in data warehousing and software application
s, from requirements gathering through deployment. Understands new technologies
and adapts business practices to maximize results. Savvy, resourceful leader de
manding and delivering excellence in enterprise management systems and IT implem
entations. Self-starter, innovative, and goal oriented with excellent communica
tion, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIA (Valdez International Corporation) Denver, Colorado 2010 to Present
IT Consultant - Senior Business Analyst
* Responsible for NIIMS enhancement, which bills more than $25M annually for 16
BIA irrigation projects.
* Established clear objectives and balanced quality, scope, time, and cost.
* Developed corrective actions to meet project objectives and produce quality pr
oducts and services.
* Developed procedures to administer technology.
National Business Center
NBC (Valdez International Corporation) Denver, Colorado 2001 to 2010
IT Consultant - IT Lead Project Manager / Senior Systems Analyst
1996 to 2000
Service provider that offered a diverse and integrated set of BPO solutions. NBC
's private CLOUD enabled users to benefit from Platform as a Service (PaaS) for
software and middleware capabilities. The newest release of NBC-APPS (Software a
s a Service) included collaboration, issue and bug tracking, and blogging applic
ations. Services included Acquisition, Consulting and Performance Management, F
inancial and Business Management, Human Resource, Information Technology and oth
ers, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of clients by allowing them to f
ocus on their core mission.
* Managed all phases of the projects, following the PMP guidelines.
* Responsible for software implementation, data integrity, benchmarking, client
relationship management, proposal development, technology improvements, process
re-engineering, resource allocation and disaster recovery.
* Provided System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including data requirements gat
hering, prototyping, systems analysis, systems design, testing, quality assuranc
e, configuration, installation of software and hardware, documentation, training
, auditing, implementation and follow-up.
* Provided data management, technical direction, performed business analysis, pr
oblem solving and created solutions to implement secured HR solutions.
* Managed and prioritized tasks and work assignments to meet service level agree
ment (SLA) and requirements, delivering projects on-schedule and within budget.
* Conducted risk assessments, developed mitigation strategies and managed worklo
* Responsible for monitoring project budgets and produced monthly Cost Reports t
o OPM using an Earned Value Technique.
* Provided support and direction to a multi-disciplined team, working on multipl
e projects on-site and remotely.
* Communicated and negotiated with functional, technical, contractors, business
partners, auditors, accountants and other staff, via conference calls, meetings,
briefings and emails.
* Authored a Modernization Proposal to provide users with current and historical
data in a highly graphical intuitive format.
* Presented a comprehensive formal proposal to management containing the busines
s assessment and cost benefit analysis to utilize a web-based technology and a C
OTS product to provide a single log-on mechanism to access multiple data sources
* Recommended the use of Hyperion, delivering the best-in-class performance dash
boards that leverages analysis and reporting in an interactive format to make fa
st decisions while sifting through massive volumes of data.
* Implemented a web-based application solution to support multiple data source f
ormats and languages.
* Connected the web-based resources, interfacing with databases to manipulate la
rge chunks of data.
* Introduced BI technology, which offered dramatic gains in productivity.
* Used BI technologies with dashboard and a robust OLAP tool, giving users what
they needed in a highly graphical format.
* Implemented the first automated historical conversion for data warehousing, wh
ich opened new business opportunities for NBC.
* Authored innovation, successful and cost-effective solutions to convert govern
mental client data into FPPS.
* Managed the migration software, implementing clients from legacy systems by ut
ilizing the best approach, practices and solutions.
* Performed data analysis, validation and quality assurance of conversion specif
ications based on the system and data mart business processes, which required su
bstantive knowledge of federal standards and guidelines.
* Directed and led technical groups. Known for having good people skills and ca
n handle any situation in a professional manner.
* Responsible for the management and administration of the e-Payroll project. U
sed MS Project to track tasks, schedules and resources developing a work breakdo
wn structure (WBS) for time-critical and complex projects.
* Identified IT issues and problems, evaluated alternatives and made recommendat
ions that were critical to the success of the e-Payroll conversion.
* Provided secured technical solution, functional analysis and problem solving t
o convert multiple and simultaneous clients during OPM e-Payroll Initiative.
* Wrote documentation and performed training for the e-Payroll Conversion.
* Automated a manual specification application and introduced a new procedure an
d methodology.
* Developed and led a VBA / SQL Server application to administer and control con
version specifications for multi-agency use.
* Responsible for data security by requiring user-id and password and created li
mited access by type of user.
* Made proposal recommendations to senior managers based on my knowledge and exp
ertise of IT trends, best practices, solutions management and set high standards
for services and products.
* Developed work flow to deliver complex processes and procedures and to report
regulatory requirements in a timely and accurate manner.
* Presented feasibility studies and conducted data walkthroughs to stakeholders.
* Presented highly complex information at briefings and wrote documentation expl
aining system defects to managers, clients and vendors.
* Assured that all project objectives, issues and concerns were addressed and re
solved to the customer's satisfaction.
* Led all phases of projects covering initiating, planning, execution, monitorin
g, testing and implementation.
* Prepared RFPs.

State of Colorado (Ajilon), Denver, Colorado 2000 to 2001

IT Consultant - Sr. Systems Analyst
* Utilized ENTIREX Broker to interface with the legacy systems, as well as enhan
ced the finance system.
* Devised and implemented statistical methods and mathematical models for evalua
tion and improving efficiency.
* Performed software life cycle management, change control processes, database a
dministration, and resource management.
* Applied various technology strategies to implement complex systems to handle d
ata, platform and environment.
* Developed procedures to administer the technology.
* Led project planning, scheduling and monitored tasks.
* Delivered projects on-time and in accordance with the business requirements.
Banorte Bank, Brazil 1989 to 1996
Systems Analyst
* Responsible for managing servers at a bank, which included security, audits an
d scheduled maintenance.
* Managed a voice-data integrated software application.
* Responsible for security plans, configuration management, action plans and mil
* Managed production control processes and procedures.
ITECI, Brazil 1988 to 1989
* Tailored communications to produce documents and training at all levels of und
* Promoted cooperative and courteous working relationship, delivering quality wo
rk and reducing escalation of issues.

UNIX, SDLC, CASE Tools, VBA / SQL Server, C, C++, COBOL, PASCAL, MS Suite, MS Pr
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Federal University, Pernambuco, Brazil
PMP Certification, PMI Institute, Denver, Colorado 2008
Business Processes and Structured Analysis Certification, ITECI, Denver, Colorad
o 1992