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RECORD OF NONJUDICIAL PUNISHME GS (TSgt thru CMSgt) FTO ae, Gra Orson, SON. ond Manor Command of Sanice Member Rows WHITEVINCENT . Sgr SOFSS [514091] 500 Fier of Nonjudical Penishment a. (Conmander yt ome blo e fr condi whether hold pois you unde Anis 18, Uniform Code of Miliary astice (UCM Tam comeing whether! shuld reommncod hat punish you under Artie 15, UCM. See oe #) 16 Yours missonde s in ilaton ofthe punitive aries of te UCM as ised in item 16. {© You ave he ih sted on Poge 3 unde Rights of Meni.” inlding the right consul slayer Before making my decision and wo have awyegass you tynuchou he procesdnes. You bivean appnnment schedule wit the Ares Defense Counsel {ADC}, Buling SHOR, (850) 3842216. ZOO) tine! fete! ADC consliton not mandatory andi yo chooks nt consul the ADC. you sould cancel the scheduled apiomment yo accep neji punishment proceedings and ars Fondo have commited one or mot ofthe offenses the maxima punishment he commander aking ‘con ray inp yous sed on Page «Youll ofyurdesivion by LBOS —_vinen Lf pee LQ) nes | grant you an extension oft, 1S Nite 2 INANEIGRADE ORGANIZATION OF COMMANDER SIGNATURE DATE eet) CMA f= 6 bye 22. bsentee I NAMEGRADEIORGANIZATION PERSON SERVING MEMBER SIGNATURE friviestRVED [DATE SERVED So Nore é Apr 22| ‘ember ils WYGANT. JACOB D. L1Col. | SOFSS. 3. Members Acknonisdgement and Elseions! undartand thighs Hac o | ave ack on ech tine 2 the comatodaanyer 1» JL orive my ight courant and asco nonjdiial punishment proceedings Ftseve attached a writen prosntaios U onal appears to C] 1 oon egssta poral 4” ED" tesa pesca! appenance beter pov and ht it no be publi oan ht it be mb appeatanes befor you INAMFIGRADE OF SERVICE MEMBER SIGNATURE [re [pate wire, VINCENT B. Msg Commander's Decision. | Thave sors the eve inlaing any mars you have rena and that: Commu (1) [J Noaiecipnishnent sno spproprit or you didnt conuit te ofesets alleged, {hes terminate thes rossing. sl cporoprite Hack) ° ‘You commited one ar more ofthe fess aed ins ut aa nih the offers). any, fr wei determined noni] puishment is rot {propriate or which you dd 8 comm. They pose punishment assed item 18, wll consider pacing this econo oad punishment in yout Senor Nenconisioned Ofer Sletion Recoed (SNCOSR, oe forwarding it 2 senior “view autor nh wil ke the final decision. You nay submit stereo ebutal, igaion. or eveumsances © be consid, You hase ut [S calendar days front cig] to nbn mater feemy eonsieation, (Se Nove 42 Reduetons in grade frites of pay and sspeasions of ny pnishet are effetive immediatly. Allo punishoents ake ‘fiesta youre ned the pnisnant anes tbs Sao. 4. You mast tify me by ‘time. fds) water you spel, wes gant youanexteasonoftie ‘You ar enti toads af ums i making Ta deeivon You nus notify me of Your appeal cision and sabi ny mars you wish consider within he we rouded or your ight to appeal waived Any samen capperting your appal mat be subited at Ue sane tine you make your appeal deckion Passion ato appeal smal. (See Note 3), NAME GRADE ORGANIZATION OF COMMANDER SONATORE one WWYGANT.JACOB DL: Col, | SOFSS 5 Member's Arknowledgement | chaaw ie rasp of he pnishons my nigh Wo appeal and he SNCO Selection Revrd roicaon NAME OF SERVICE MEMBER SIGNATURE rime. pare vite, VINCENT 8. ‘AF30TO0B, 20190319 (EFT) "PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE PAGEL Presenting Directive AFT 1-202 [Members Elections on Appeal and Sener Nowsommifoned Offer Succion Record Noiicatin. eh int rhes hit ape an to sub mater ot SNCO Selection Revord(SNCOSR), Tralee Noch each oem) Monibe7sdscion 6 J te 00 ope 4 ave subminod nites on SNCOSF >) Coppola sub mater io rg. EE} have at subnizad mares on SNCOSF. FE) appl and do ot sit nates wen NAME OF SERVICE MEMBER SIGNATURE fine Date WHITE, VINCENT 8. 7. Commander Aston on Appeal (Conti ital ave Mosk Afr considering al males Prsenicd Vou shersty [=] any youraprest, — CT] grastyoursppsat, [I] ea your appeal in pa. as sown nit 16. (Se te 6 INAMEGRADE ORGANIZATION OF COMMANDER: [SIGNATURE pare 5. Appetiate Author icrby — ] dinypourappest; =] ga yourapesok 7] art yourapsal npr shown init 6 INAMEGRADE ORGANIZATION OF APPELLATE AUTHORITY SIGNATURE Date i Action om Appeal: pple this ile one Hacky Afr consdaring alt was pressed in yOu ape toa Afr soning al mates youbne pete, ave asd isan (2) wise to inyour NCO Sesion Reson: 7 wilt be tied in your SNCO Selection Record: and will be forwarded 10 _ for review. 0 Reviewing Authors Acton ou SNCO Sletion Recor REIT UO a oe POD vedere tisacion[—] willbe Med in sour SNCO Soerion Recon: 5 witcte sin your SCO Selon Read NaN GRADE ORGANIZATION OF REVIEWING AUTHORITY SGNATORE pate [T- Untevorable Teformation File (CIF) Action iConanler hah one Fck7 is astion (il oiled in your UF: J with oebe sin your UIF (Se Note eee TE, Members Acknowledgement, fave been infored ofthe UIF and SNCOSF dscisons, 1 have sen the action wen on ay apes NAME OF SFRVICE MEMBER SIGNATURE DATE WHITE, VINCENT B. 13. Servicing SUA Legal Revlon, Record elegy seen and the soon Tal NAME GRADU ORGANIZATION OF REVIEWING ATTORNEY SIGNATURE PATE [FALCOTT. MATTHEW D. Col. SOWA Th MPF and AFO Disibation. Copy asp MPF on waATOoe titi (dati TS GCMCA SIA Administrative Sperry Revlon. Records compliance wih APT 91202 and Part V. MCM, [NAME GRADE ORGANIZATION OF REVIEWING ATTORNEY SIGNATURE DATE Te. See oem iin th (continued Vlaton oft UCM Aric 0 you faving ected a nfl comms rm Leura Cone aca Ws gba 9ue superar cmmisionad oie. en known by os ta be Your superior commassonsd cer torecene anal dose ofa COVIO-19vaccne wh fl censreappova rr the FDA and provide 200" Dy 28 Maren 2032, oc words otha eet. di at 0 rear rtbuct el, Flv da om or abou 24 March 2032, sil ise the same [SERVICE MEMBERS LAST NAME & SSN [DATE OF CONMANDERS OFFER WHITE, 2513-6717 ‘AF Form 30708, 20190519 EPP) PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE PAGED RIGHTS OF MEMBER |. You have all the rights specitied in Acie 15 ofthe Unitorm Code of Military Justice (UCM). in part V ofthe Manual for Court-Martial (MEM) an in Ai Fore instruction (AFI) 51-202, Nonicice Penshment. These eights are summarized below 2 Youhave the right to consult a lawyer before making any decisions, and a lawyer may assist you throughout the proceedings. military defense counsel s available to advise you, free of charge or you may retain civilian counsel at your own expense. b, Youhave the right (1) to accept noajudical proceodings under Article 15, UCMJ, in which case your commander (oF the commander to whom this action is sent will decide whether you commited the alleged offense. or (2) to demand trial by court-martial which reqites proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Vou have 3 duty days to make this decision, unless you request an extension of time and the commander grants the extension, Your acceptance of nonjicial punishment proceedings 8 nt an admission that you commited the alleged misconduct. The ‘commander will make tht decision only after you present your evidence or staement in defense if you choose todo so. Ifyou demand tral by court-martial, charges could be refered for trial by a special or general court-martial. You have a right to be represent by counsel a a court-martial. You have aditiontl rights ata tial by court-martial which you shoul ask your layer to explain 4 Youhave the right to examine the evidence against you before you make ary decisions. Your lawyer may assist you in making a statement andor ‘obiaining evidence in your defense, and for use in extention ané mitigation Ifyou accept nonjudical punishment proceedings, you have the right (1) to make a full ral andor written presentation to the commander (or @ ‘designee, in some eases) who wil decide your punishment, (2) Wo present witnesses who are reatcnably avilable, and (3) tobe aecempanied by Someone 1 speak on your behalf. You may requst the proceeding be open o closed to the public, bu the commander snakes the decision, f.You donot have to make any oral or writen statement regarding the offenses) of which you are accused and any statement macle may be uses evidence against you ina Iner proceeding Sce Amicle 3b, UCM 2. Ifthe commander imposes punishment, you have 5 calendar éays to appeal tothe next superior commander. Vou have the right fo consult with a lawyer before deciding whether io appeal and fo assist you in your appeal. In your appeal, you may present eaitonal writen matte. Note fy a personal appearance i made to someone other fan Te commander who will impose punskinent, dat parson sends By Separate FRIOWEMenE, ‘a summary ofthe appearance and copies of ail documents presented, tothe imposing commander, Note 2: The date and time in item le must be a minimum of 3 duty days (including weekends and holidays if normally scheduled duty days forthe member) from the date and time the member i tified in tem 2 Note 3: ‘The initiating commander may diteet «subordinate, senior tothe member, when practicable, to notify and serve the member. The person serving the member, whether the commander or subordinate, signs ad annocates the date and ime Of service Note 4: See AFI36-2608, Miitary Personnel Records Sistem, for funber guidance concerning filing the Record of Nonjusisial Punishment in the appropriate selection record. Note S: The date and time in terme must be «minimum ofS calendar days feom the date and time the member is notified in item 5 Note 6: Ifthe imposing commander grant les than the fl elie requested, the commande must forward the appeal to th appellate authority through the servicing Staff Judge Advocate. See AFI 1-202, paragraph 46, fr further guidance, Note 7: See AFL36-2907, UnfinovableIaformarion File (UIE) Program. fo futhsr guidance. Note #: A continuation page may be used if necessary. Identify the information by the tem nurnber. MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE PUNISHMENTS, |. Ifthe commander imposing punishments [Lieutenant Colonel or above and you as enlisted: Forfeiture of one-half month's pay per month for two months, 60 days restriction, 45 days, extra duty, 30 days correctional custody, a teprimand, and reduction of one grade: E-8 and E-9 may be reduced one grade only by a commander ‘rho has promotion authority to those grades ‘Majorand you are in he pace E-0: Forsiure of one-half mont’s pay per month for (0 months, 60 days restiction, 45 days ext duty. 30 days comectional custody reprimand, and reduction of one grade for E, A Major may nat impose NIP on an E-8 or E.9 © Lisutenant or Captain and you a inthe grade £6 or 7° Forfeiture of 7 days pay. 14 days restriction, 14 days extn duty, 7 days correctional ‘custody, and areprimand, A Liguivaaor Capsin may not impose NIP on an E-8 or £9. Restriction and extra duties may be combined to run concurrently, bu the combination mey not exceed the maximum inposable for extra duties CCoreetional custody may not be imposed i combination with esriction or exta duties. If eduction is imposed, forfeiture of pay is based on the stade to which the member was reduced, even if he reduction was suspended. See Part V, MCM, for additional guidance ‘STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING REGARDING RECOUPMENT OF EDUCATION ASSISTANCE, SPECIAL PAY, OR BONUSES understand thatthe Air Force may be entitled to recoup a portion of education assistance, special pay. or borus money which | received. ifany. if separate before completing the period of active duty 1 agreed ro serve, T understand chs recoupment applies regardless whether | voluntarily separate oF | am involuntarily discharged. T further understand. (1) the recoupment in all cases is an amount that bears the same ratio fo the total amount or cost provided to mi, asthe unserved portion of active duty beats to the total period of active duty L agreed to serve; and (2) that if dispute that Iam indebted for educational sssistance, a board or other authority will make Findings and recommendations concerning the validity ofthe indebtedness ‘AF Fos 30708, 20100319 E77) PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARF ORSOLETE PAGES cul DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE 187 SPECIAL OPERATIONS WING (AFSOC) HURLBURT FIELD FLORIDA 22 March 2022 MEMORANDUM FOR MSGT VINCENT B. WHITE FROM: | SOFSS/CC SUBJECT: Order to Receive Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine - MSgt Vincent B. White REFERENCES: (a) DAFI 52-201, Religious Freedom in the Department af the Air Force (b) Secretary of Defense, Mandatory Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination of Department of Defense Service Members (24 August 2021) (©) Secretary of the Air Force, Mandatory Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination of Department of the Air Force Military Members (3 Septembet 2021) (d) Secretary of the Air Force, Supplemental Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination Policy (7 December 2021) 1. On 31 January 2022, | ordered you to receive an initial dose of a COVID-19 vaceine with full licensure approval from the FDA and provide proof of said vaccination. On 14 Februray 2022 you were issued a Letter of Reprimand (LOR) for non-compliance with that order. Additionally, on 23 Februray 2022, 1 ordered you a second time to receive an initial dose of a COVID-19 vaccine with full icensure ‘approval from the FDA and provide proof of said vaccination. On 08 March 2022, you were issued ‘second LOR for non-compliance with that order. This will be my third order to you to receive a COVID- 19 vaccine with full licensure approval from the FDA and provide proof. 2. In accordance with References (b), (c) and (4), Lam ordering you (o receive an initial dose of a VID-19 vaccine with fall licensure approval from the FDA AND provide proof by #8 Mar 22 (DATE). Ade / you are ordered (o receive the second dose of the same vaccine AND provide proof by /Y, Ap lt (DATE). 3. Failure to comply with this lawful order may result in administrative and/or punitive action for a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. 4, Please contact me at: 884-7124 or email: with any questions or concems. Coffmander, 1 SOFSS Any Time..Any Place cur Ist Ind, 1 SOFSS/CC, 22 March 2022, Order to Receive Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine ~ MSgt Vincent B. White MSGT VINCENT B. WHITE MEMORANDUM FOR 1 SOFSS/CC 1, Lunderstand that | have to receive my initial dose of a COVID-19 vaccine with full licensure approval from the FDA AND provide proof by (DATE). Additionally, | am ordered to receive the second dose of the same vaccine AND provide proof by (DATE). Menber Robe! b sgn 22M 22/ DB VINCENT B, WHITE, MSgt, USAF Section Chief, Customer Support

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