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A-6, Honey Court
Riverside Drive
Nairobi (Kenya)
Chief Executive Officer
Nearly 34 years' experience in Profit Centre Management, Sales & Marketing, Busi
ness Development, Relationship Management and Team Management.
Adept in managing business operations with focus on top-line & bottom-line perfo
rmance and expertise in determining company's mission & strategic direction as c
onveyed through policies & corporate objectives.
Strong organizer, motivator, team player and a decisive leader with successful t
rack record in directing from original concept through implementation to handle
diverse market dynamics.
Expertise in successfully ramping business assignments; while working in close c
oordination with clients and ensuring effective service deliverables.
An enterprising leader with proven abilities in leading teams towards the achiev
ement of organisational goals and industry best practices.
An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal s
kills. Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities.
Areas of Excellence include:
Strategic & Tactical Planning, Profit Centre Operations, Business Development
Marketing & Sales, Relationship Management, Key Account Management
Project Management, Commercial Operations, Personnel Management
Areas Of Expertise:
Profit Centre Operations
Formulating long term/short term strategic plans, budgets to enhance business op
erations thereby achieving revenue growth.
Establishing corporate strategies and budgets for achievement of top & bottom li
ne targets.
Streamlining existing processes to enhance the efficiencies while minimizing ope
rational time/costs.
Relationship Management
Building and strengthening relationships with key accounts; thereby ensuring hig
h customer satisfaction by providing them with complete product support.
Leading, training & monitoring the team to ensure efficiency in business operati
ons and meeting of the individual & group targets.
People Management
Forecasting workload and scheduling staff and resources to meet anticipated work
load within scheduled turnaround time thereby enhancing efficiency and meeting d
Leading, training & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficie
ncy in process operations & meeting individual & group targets.
Managing the recruitment life-cycle for sourcing the best talent from diverse so
urces after identification of manpower requirements
Creating and sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportuni
ties & motivates high performance amongst Team members.
Organisational Exposure:
Since Oct'09, Sumaria Industries Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya - Profit Centre Head.
Key Deliverables:
Improved OEE from 74% to 85%
Improved process efficiencies and reduced labour by 10%
Got Coke Audit Green Certification within 3 months and become approved supplier
Overall cost saving of USD 85,000/- achieved by motivating the HODs
Developed cordial relations with Union and improved relationship between Union a
nd the Sumaria.
Achieved a growth of 25% in overall business and improved bottom line.
Apr'04-Sept'09, Trident Tools Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Chief Executive Officer
Key Deliverables:
Imparted training to the Production Staff for planning & controlling techniques.
Skilfully implemented ISO 9001 and strict quality control norms thereby bagged b
ulk export orders from South East Asia, Far East, Middle East, and USA
Hold distinction of establishing The Brand in cutting tool industry.
Jan'03-Apr'04, LMP Precision Engg. Co. Pvt. Ltd, Consultant (Director - Operatio
Key Deliverables:
Discreetly implemented effective systems in the organisation to further strength
en the strengths and reduce weaknesses
Pivotally re-established the brand 'LMP' in all coal mines throughout India and
bagged orders for new machines and spares orders for old machines.
Identified the export potential and started exporting the drilling rigs to Afric
an countries
Resourcefully reduced the time between receiving enquiry and sending quotation b
y standardised the costing methods.
Successfully devised new sources for procurement of compressors, hydraulic cylin
ders, etc. at much economical prices.
Apr'01-Jan'03, Camoflex Industries Limited, Mumbai, Executive Director
(It deals in manufacturing of cold forged components for automobile sector. they
have technical collaboration with Taiwanese Company.)
Key Deliverables:
Played a vital role in identifying the plant & machinery for execution of the pr
Hold distinction of introducing the components to automobile sector.
Nov'96-Mar'01, Bipico Industries (Tools) Pvt. Ltd., Bilimora, Sr. Vice President
(A British Collaboration company with Neill Tools Ltd, Sheffield, UK - famous br
and of ECLIPSE, manufactures and exports cutting tools world wide.)
Key Deliverables:
Deft at handling various functions pertaining to Export & Import as well as docu
Instrumental in introducing the Bimetal Bandsaw Blades (sourcing Europe product
with Indian brand) for the first time in India
Received training in welding in Germany and then imported welding machines from
Germany and started welded loops in India (first time in India)
Identified the required plant & machinery for producing Bimetal Bandsaw Blades i
n India (first time in India), procured and installed the machinery and took tri
al production.
Previous Assignments:
May'96-Nov'96, Core Healthcare, Ahmedabad, Vice President
Entrusted with the responsibility of handling the Greenfield Project of Glass Vi
als and Plastic Reprocessing Plant.
Instrumental in improving the net realisation of Plastic Granules by 10%.
Efficiently supervised the 'Syringe Division' to add value in the overall functi
oning of the unit.
Nov'80-May'96, Bipico Industries (Tools) Pvt. Ltd., Bilimora, General Manager
(A British Collaboration company with Neill Tools Ltd, Sheffield, UK - famous br
and of ECLIPSE, manufactures and exports cutting tools world wide.)
Growth Path:
Nov'80-Dec'84, Sales Executive
Jan'85-May'96, General Manager
Hold distinction of implementing the following new projects:
Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades with British Collaboration (Neill Tools Ltd., Sheff
ield, UK - world famous ECLIPSE brand)
A 100% Export Oriented Unit of Copper Tinsel Products and export to UK.
Got the opportunity of travelling to Europe to understand overall world market o
f tools, identify new technology as well as to meet the foreign suppliers and fo
reign buyers.
Resourceful in instigating and implementing ISO 9000 certified by SGS Yarsley In
ternational Certification Ltd., UK, within 8 months.
Successfully implemented ERP
Nov'79-Nov'80, Jyothi Limited, Vadodara, Assistant -Corporate Planning
Jun'79-Nov'79, Neomer Limited, Vadodara, Marketing Assistant
Jun'76-Jun'79, Orissa Textile Mills, Choudwar, Orissa, Production, Planning & Co
ntrolling Supervisor in MIS (Management Information Systems) department.
Seminars Attended
Attended seminars on the following to enrich the knowledge base on Exports & Qua
lity Systems conducted by Indo German Chamber of Commerce, FIEO and FICCI.
Balance Score Card
Lean Management
20 keys to Workplace Improvement
Management Skills.
Academic Credentials / Certifications
1999: Qualified Lead Auditor of ISO 9000 from SGS
2000: First Year Course Completed In Masters in Business Administration from ICF
AI, Hyderabad.
1980: ICWAI First Year Course from ICWAI Institute, Baroda.
1975: Bachelors in Science from Andhra University.
IT Skills
Well versed with Windows 9X / XP, MS Office & Internet Applications.
Personal Dossier
Date of Birth: 5th August, 1956
Extracurricular activities
State Player of Basketball, Badminton (Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh)
University Player Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton
Intercollegiate Player Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cricket
Captain of Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton at University level