SAS Exercises Day 1

Refer to datasets located at: \\dell\kr\Training June-July 2010\SAS\Exercises\ING Data
A) Create SAS dataset to import source file ing_data i) Import using infile statement ii) Import using proc import iii) Import using import wizard Compare all the columns between each of the SAS datasets to see if they have the same length and type (Character /Numeric /Date) B) Create an indicator variable where the value is 1, when LAPSED_DATE is not null, otherwise 0 C) Create sequence number based on the CONTRACT_NO I) Delete duplicate records II) Output different METHOD OF PAYMENT to a new table III) Filter only the even records D) What is the total PREMIUM for every CONTRACT_STATUS i) Order by descending of TOTAL PREMIUM ii) Order by contract status E) Create two dataset I) Keep variables CONTRACT_NO, CONTRACT_STATUS, and variables starting with Client II) Drop records that have missing values III) Recode all missing CONTRACT_STATUS as Missing F) Rename the variable CHANNEL as Agent Channel i) Output dataset for each CHANNEL ii) Output dataset containing CONTRACT_NO, CONTRACT_TYPE and CHANNEL G) Create table that have CONTRACT_NO, CONTRACT_TYPE from Src_Data and CONTRACT_DESCRIPTION from src_lookup, where CONTRACT_DESCRIPTION is not null

H) From the above dataset append the variable PREMIUM i) Recode all missing PREMIUM as 0 ii) What is maximum and minimum PREMIUM for every CONTRACT_STATUS iii) What is the average PREMIUM for every CONTRACT_STATUS

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