SAS Exercises Day 2 & 3

Refer to datasets located at: \\dell\kr\Training June-July 2010\SAS\Exercises\ING Data
Import all lookup tables. Find the unique identifier in each lookup table *Create new table where BILLING FREQUNCEY is Annual and CONTRACT_TYPE is not IPP ; From the Question C and branch channel lookup table i) Find number of records for each CHANNEL_NAME ii) If there is more than one record for a CHANNEL_NAME create an indicator variable 1 else 0 iii) Is there any duplicate records, create indicator for duplicate records iv) Create a new dataset, where duplicate records are deleted v) How many missing records are there in the field CHANNEL_NAME E) Use Question D, IV) i) Group premium in multiples of 5000 (value starting from 0 to 40000) ii) Find the mean, median and group 0-25p, 25-50p, 50-90p, >90p; F) Use Question D, IV) i) Find agent tenure at the time of issuance of the policy from the source table ii) Age of the policy as on date iii) Average age of policy at lapsation G) From the source table ing_data, create the table T_final ds. Refer Data dictionary.xls A) B) C) D)