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Charles R.

5497 W. Panther Butte St.
Marana, AZ, 85658
(520)579-9284 Home
(520)490-5153 Cell
Senior engineering analyst with an extensive cross-disciplinary skill set, leadi
ng focused teams in end-to-end software development, algorithm concepts, and sub
system design and test for missile guidance and sensor technology.
Major strengths include effective leadership and budget management, proven commu
nication skills to the government customer, and a technical expertise covering a
broad range of missile technology, from aerodynamic simulation and structural m
echanics to radio-frequency physics and modeling.

Security Clearance - US-born citizen with current SSBI / DOD TS

Experience, Raytheon Missile Systems, RF Signal Processing, July 1999 a" May 201

Algorithm Development Team Lead, 7/2009 a" 5/2010

Invented a novel signal identification procedure to address a long-standing perf
ormance gap for a major missile program. Briefed the two senior customer engine
ers and sold the concept. Authored the prototype software, working with softwar
e engineers to set design requirements. Verified performance against test data.
Defined test requirements for further verification. Led two junior engineers
in the initial performance evaluation.

Analyst / Budget Manager / Test Engineer, 7/2006 a" 7/2009

Solo analyst on a multi-year design-build-test internal R&D project for a propri
etary antenna system. Set requirements for one design iteration, responsible fo
r tracking its $300K budget through EVMS. Set test requirements and executed fi
eld tests, individually and as a team member.
Simulation Architect Team Member, 2008
Participated in three member team to design, implement and test a modular time-d
omain simulation for polarized radio frequency scattering, which was used both i
n standalone mode and as a module for existing 6DOF simulations. The code was u
sed to predict target return for guidance-integrated fuzing algorithms and was a
lso used in several proprietary efforts.

Experience (cont.)

Algorithm Development Engineer, 2002-2006 Developed a new bearing estimation tec

hnique to address a performance gap for a major missile program. Briefed progra
m management on the technique's merits and sold the concept. Co-developed the i
nitial demonstration Matlab code into prototype C++ tactical code and ported it
to tactical hardware to verify timing estimates.
Algorithm Development Engineer, 2000-2002 Developed a new terrain-scattering mod
el for a target detecting device simulation in C++. Analyzed flight test data a
nd demonstrated good model accuracy. Invented signal processing concepts relate
d to terrain scattering, which were recommended for patent consideration.
Algorithm Development Engineer, 1999-2000 Co-developed a functional digital mod
el for an AMRAAM signal processor to support and verify ASIC VHDL code.

Research Assistant a" University of Arizona, 1994-1999

Research in hydrodynamic stability and turbulence modeling.
Concept design and development of algorithms for unsteady, high-resolution compr
essible fluid flow simulations.
Teaching Assistant a" Stanford University, 1992-1993
Graduate-level classes in both fluid and solid mechanics

Masters Degree, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University, 1992
Focus on Computational Mechanics and Numerical Analysis
Bachelors Degree, Aerospace Engineering, University of Arizona, 1990

Productivity And Software Tools

17 years experience a" UNIX-hosted software development with C / C++ / FORTRAN
Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
Software Management (CVS, Synergy)

H. Brown Cribbs, Ph.D., Special Systems, Raytheon Missile Systems, (520)665-7548
Dennis W. Rebertus, Ph.D., Raytheon Missile Systems, (520)794-8533