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Prasetyo, Tedy. Teaching Recount Writing by Using Stick Figure at the seventh year class
of MTs Negeri Pulosari Ponorogo In the 2008 / 2009 Lesson Year. Thesis. English
Department. The Faculty of Teacher Training And Education. Muhammadiyah
University of Ponorogo. Advisors: (1) Niken Reti Indiastuti, S.S (2) Mulyani, S.Pd.,

Key word : Recount Text, Stick Figure Technique

There are four skills in learning English that are listening, speaking, reading and
writing. In this research the writer focuses on writing skill. The reason is that writing
considered as a productive skill since it involves language production to master the English
as a foreign language. In writing skill, the students will be active to produce many works.
Teaching recount writing in MTs Negeri Pulosari Ponorogo is more difficult for students.
It can be seen in which they like to play and are not accustomed to think seriously. If they
get the assignment to write a sentence in English, they will get some difficult problems.
English is one of difficult lessons because the lesson book and media are very limited. It
makes students bored in English learning especially in writing class. In examination, the
student always find difficulty when they must find and write the relevant keys words. So
the writing ability of the students in MTs Negeri Pulosari Ponorogo is low.
Based on the fact, the writer formulates the statement of the problem about how is
teaching recount writing by using stick figure technique implemented in the classroom and
the result of it for the students. The purpose of study is to find the answers about the
implementation of teaching recount writing by using stick figure technique to improve the
ability of writing and the result of teaching for the students. In response to the problems,
the researcher tries to implement a new technique in teaching writing, namely teaching
recount writing by using stick figure technique. This technique includes the use of media to
initially help students to write sentences.
The research was done in MTs Negeri Pulosari Ponorogo in one month. The subject
of this research is the seventh year class that consists of thirty nine students. The researcher
used classroom action research as the research design and the design applied is proposed
by Kemmis and Mc Taggart. One cycle consists of four components; they are planning,
acting, observing and reflecting. The instruments used are observation, test and
Based on the result of the research, the implementation of this technique is
beneficial to improve students’ ability in writing. The students score based on percentage
are 86-100 is 0 %, 76-85 is 15,40%, 61-75 is 84,60 %, 60-50 is 0%, 49-26 is 0 % and the
score 25 until 0 is 0%. Based on the observation, students’ attention and response were
increase during teaching process. Students’ skill also increases during the implementation
of this technique. The results of test are satisfying. All of students got score above 65.
From the questionnaire, most of students state that they enjoy the teaching process by
using stick figure and picture as media. They hope this teaching will be continued in the
next meeting.
Ultimately, the researcher gives suggestion that English teacher can continue this
technique in the next meeting and apply various kinds of teaching techniques. For students
is should often practice their ability in daily activities. For next researcher is developing
this technique by using various kinds of media to get a best result in teaching process.