STEPHANIE TURANO _2 Furwood Drive __*__ East Northport __*__ New York 11731_ _Home: (631) 368.

1276 __*__ __Cell: (631) 609.7019 __*__ __Email: __stdd2374@westpost.net_ OBJECTIVE: _Seeking to find an entry level position as an Ultrasound Technician within a facility that will utilize my skills and provide opportunities for further development._

EDUCATION: SANFORD BROWN INSTITUTE, Garden City, New York _Accredited Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program_ _Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound__ Certificate __2011 Graduation_ _Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification (Adult, Infant, and Child) 2009_ SUFFOLK COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Brentwood, New York _Associate of Arts and Sciences __1999_ WILSON TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER, Dix Hills, New York _Veterinary Assistant Certificate 1998_ WILSON TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER, Northport, New York _Cosmetology License 1996_

ULTRASOUD EQUIPMENT: _Hewlett Packer, ATL/HDI 3000, Siemens, Panasonic, Sequoia 512, GE Logic 9, Voluson 730, and Axiplorer Super Sonic._

ULTRASOUND INTERNSHIPS: WINTHROP-UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL - WINTHROP PERINATAL ASSOCIATES, Mineola, New York _Ultrasound Technician Intern Aug. 2010-Oct. 2010_ * _Perform ultrasound analysis of fetus/pregnancy phases using state

of the art equipment._ * _Assist radiologist with gynecological ultrasound analysis._ HUNTINGTON HOSPITAL - THE WOMEN\'S HEALTH CENTER, Huntington, New York _Ultrasound Technician Intern Aug. 2010-Sept 2010_ * _Perform ultrasound analysis of breast tissue using state of the art equipment._ * _Assist radiologist in ultrasound guided needle biopsies._ ST. JOSEPH HOSPITAL, Bethpage, New York _Ultrasound Technician Intern Jan. 2010__-__July 2010_ * _Performed general ultrasounds centering on abdominal, small parts, pelvic female and male, vascular and echocardiograms._ * _Utilized sonographic skills to identify, and record anatomical, pathological, and diagnostic information and image findings to the lead technologist._ * _Assisted radiologist in performing special procedures such as breast biopsy, paracentesis and thoracentesis procedures._

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: ANSCOT PHARMACY, North Babylon, New York _Pharmacy Technician 2009-Present_ VALENTINA'S, East Northport, New York _Cosmetologist, Salon Manager, Assistant stylist 2001-Present_ SALON EUPHORIA, Northport, New York _Cosmetologist, Head assistant 1999-2004_ FORT HILL, Huntington, New York _Veterinary Assistant, Hospital and Office Management 1998-2000_ TECHNIQUES FOR HAIR AND BODY, Northport, New York _Hair Assistant, Shampooer 1996-1999_

_References Available Upon Request_

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