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Marketing Principles


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Learning Outcomes LO3: Understand the individual elements of the extended marketing mix LO4: Be able to use the marketing mix in different contexts

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M3 Use a variety of sources (to include the internet and textbooks) for your research M4 Demonstrate that you have linked marketing theory to marketing practice. M3 Ensure your presentation follows a logical structure and coherent arguments are presented in a persuasive and business like way. Not Met Not Met Higher National Diploma in Business . Grade Criteria at a Merit Met In addition to the above Pass criteria: M1 An effective approach to study and research has been applied M2 Deliver a timely and professional presentation that is appropriate for the audience (target market).Higher National Diploma in Business GRADING CRITERIA THIS ASSESSMENT TASK GIVES YOU THE FOLLOWING GRADING OPPORTUNITIES: Grade Criteria at a Pass Met Not Met P1 Explain how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage P2 Explain how distribution is arranged to provide customer convenience P3 Explain how prices are set to reflect an organisation’s objectives and market conditions P4 Illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to achieve marketing objectives P5 Analyse the additional elements of the extended marketing mix P6 Plan marketing mixes for two different segments in consumer markets P7 Illustrate differences in marketing products and services to businesses rather than consumers P8 Show how and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing. Grade Criteria at a Distinction Met In addition to the above Merit criteria: D1 Produce a highly professional presentation with supporting speaker notes that evidences high level critical reflection and creative thinking D2 Use an extensive range of resources for your research D3 Demonstrate a high level appreciation oft he link between marketing theory and marketing practice.

You have been asked by your Marketing Manager to deliver a presentation to a visiting group of international Business students who are in the country on a cultural visit organised and funded by the British Council. Here is what you need to do: Task 1: Select a Unilever brand (product or service or mixture of both that you are familiar with). c) Your recommendations for how the marketing mix could be developed/changed to secure future competitive advantage. You can continue using the brand you have chosen for tasks 1 and 2 providing that it is sold both Higher National Diploma in Business .co. (Suggestion: 3 PowerPoint slides) Task 2: Using the same brand present and analyse its marketing activities using the marketing mix framework discussed in class.a truly local and global organisation”. Your slides should include: a) Contextual overview: Is it an established or new brand? Is it a one . the presentation brief you have been given requires that you address the following areas – with the overall theme of “Unilever .uk/ You work for Unilever as part of a Brand Management team within their Marketing Department based in London.product offer? How successful has it been? b) Detailed description of its marketing mix elements.Higher National Diploma in Business Marketing Principles Assignment 2 Scenario http://www. Use chats or diagrams where appropriate. Describe your chosen brand using one of the following marketing theories: a) product life cycle b) the Boston Matrix. (Suggestion: 4 PowerPoint slides) Task 3: Select two Unilever brands which are sold in the UK and abroad. Make sure that you clearly explain the theory involved and relate to your chosen brand.unilever. Working as part of a group.

Explain how Unilever’s approach would differ marketing products and services to organisations (B2B) rather than consumers (B2C).Higher National Diploma in Business in the UK and abroad. A group agreement sheet which will also evidence how you have worked as a team 2. service element is wrapped up as part of the total brand offer/experience and how this is being used to improve/develop relationships with customers. • You should reference your work. Copies of your PowerPoint slides with speaker notes 3. As part of your own continuing professional development the Marketing Manager has asked you for a short (1/2 page) self reflective statement on what you have learnt from carrying out this team task. Task 5: Identify what. You must use PowerPoint/Visual Aids and at the end of your presentation you must To pass this assignment you are required to take part in the group presentation and submit individually a folder that contains: 1. (Suggestion: 4 PowerPoint slides) Important notes • • • • • • This assignment is in the form of a group presentation. Refer to the attached sheet detailing how your presentation will be assessed. where appropriate. (Suggestion: 1 PowerPoint slide) Task 6: Explain how and why Unilever adapts its marketing activities when dealing with international markets. (Suggestion: 2 PowerPoint slides). Each group would be asked to present their work during a class presentation. This needs to be handed-in as part of your submission. • I reserve the right to award individual grades if appropriate. Higher National Diploma in Business . (Suggestion: 6 PowerPoint slides) Task 4: As part of its marketing activities Unilever also sells a range of products and services to organisations that are: • consuming the brands in their workplace in areas such as staff canteens/cafes or • buying the products from Unilever for resale in their shops and distribution outlets. using the Harvard referencing system and include a bibliography. Names for each group would be drawn out of a hat. Describe and compare their target markets (segments) and marketing activities referring to marketing mix ingredients (including the 4Ps and the extended marketing mix). Outline the different options available to Unilever for entering an overseas market and the associated business risks involved. if any. Your group presentation should be no more than 20-25 minutes.

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