Picture quality

Tilllate photo reports have a reputation for being the best quality. When the photos are taken they should be of a very high quality, pictures should be bright, clear and well framed from the start. The photos need to be presented well. While editing can enhance the quality of the report its actually taking the best photos that is just as important. Regular reviews are part of tilllate’s commitment to you as a photographer to help you develop skills in event photography so you can improve and move along the path to photographer, senior photographer and then… who knows what the future holds! This guide will examine some different aspects of a photo report from taking the picture to basic quality aspects; and from editing well to presenting the report – each stage is vital to being a great tilllate photographer.

Bright Lights - set your scene



Same settings (shutter speed) – just re position the people! Don’t hesitate to put them in a position you have the lights in the back !

tilllate Photography ... O.F.F = Obstacles, Focus & Framing



* Physical Obstacles – you will have to take these again * Smoke – generally avoid the area, or even ask them to switch off the smoke * Lighting (its all about timing).

Avoid pictures like these ! Don’t be an amateur !
physical light


Focus and blurriness
Do not post blurry photos! If there is no way you can repair them by applying sharpen, do not post them!

Framing – this IS the tilllate style and it is framing that sets the tilllate style out from the rest and what you will need to learn to take quality pictures. Framing is about minimizing dead-space and capturing everything you need to create a photo. Selecting what you want to see from that shot. Rotate the camera so that you create straight angles and a full frame.


Just Right



Bad Examples

Framing - the Grid
The Thirds Rule • Check that the frame is full. Do this by ensuring that all the boxes are full. • Use this ALL the time, for every photo you take. • Each box has something to look at, otherwise crop them out.

Fill the frame !

Photograph Variety
VARIETY TRAINING – Technical aspects of tilllate quality style and variety, this section shows how varying the pictures makes a high quality photo report. You can affect how pictures are viewed simply by how they are seen – YOU choose what people see. You are a photo-journalist and can choose the perspective by which people view an event – use this power wisely. An interesting photoreport is one with everything – something different on every page VARIETY OF PHOTOS It’s vitally important to remember when taking pictures that we want a VARIETY of everything: a variety of the types of pictures, a variety of angles, a variety of subject matter, a variety of colours and a variety of framing.

Photograph Variety - people
What makes an interesting picture on tilllate? What is popular? What do we like? What do people want to see? We can break this into a few categories. The first is obvious : 1. PEOPLE – What do they want to see of themselves? • Good-looking people – obviously people like to see the best looking people • People who do crazy things – handstands, funny poses, etc • People who enjoy being in pictures – big smiles and encourages their friends • Sexiness – Sex sells! But not literally!! – NO LEWD PICTURES – NO OFFENSIVE PICTURES – NO CRUDE PIX OR NAKED BODYPARTS! We like risqué and sexy – short skirts and bulging biceps rather than upskirts and mooning.Tilllate only takes photos that puts the club, promoter and event in a positive light – so no flashing, nudity, fighting, drug-taking, etc. Anyone who breaks this rule will be reprimanded.

Photograph Variety - sexy
tilllate likes risqué and sexy photos – short skirts and bulging biceps rather than upskirts and mooning! This is not a trashy website. • All inappropriate photos will be deleted and the photographer warned. • A bit more revealing than normal – but not all the way. • Provocative positions – but nothing crude. These are all very popular photos

Photograph Variety - crazy
• Good-looking people, people who do crazy things and people who enjoy being in pictures. • What can you make them do that will make the photo unusual? • Changing lighting, angles and perspective makes it more interesting.

Photograph Variety - Action&Unposed
• Capture the moment, the vibe, the action – this makes a great photo • What are people doing that is interesting – Dancing? Clapping? Talking? • Take the photo quick, before they notice and pose or move away.* • You can, of course stage these, tell them where to look, to shake their hair, to continue dancing or reposition them totally.

*don’t forget to show them the picture afterwards on the lcd screen of your camera

Photograph Variety - PEOPLE PLUS
• DJ’s – these are the soul of the night – make them look great. Not just like a bloke in big metal earmuffs! • Artists – if a night is based around a DJ or artist you MUST get a photo of them – people will be looking for it. This includes bands, singers, musicians, live PA’s • Dancers and Performers – make them look awesome, you can really get great views. This includes dancers, stilt-walkers, fire-eaters, performers, etc

Photograph Variety - DJ’s

This is a tilllate DJ !

Photograph Variety - DJ’s (bad eg.)

Just taking a picture of the DJ as a normal person doesn’t make them stand out.

Photograph Variety - Bands&Musicians

Abide by pit rules (3 songs/ no flash etc)

Photograph Variety- Dancers&Performers

Photograph Variety Atmospherics and Crowds
This is your opportunity to show the vibe, buzz, atmosphere of your favourite event. • Selectively pick your shot – it needs to be of something. Then take your time, find your angle and fire away until you get what you want – you won’t get a great atmospheric on the first attempt. • Find a suitable position, rest the camera steady, hold it very, very still – use a long shutter speed (1 second) and then play with the settings until you have the desired effect. NEVER HAVE THE FLASH ON! Compare these 2 photos of Ampersand Nightclub in Manchester

Photograph Variety Atmospherics and Crowds
ATMOSPHERICS – capture the atmosphere, the buzz, the vibe – show what the nights all about! • LOCATION SHOTS – What sets this club out from the rest? Is it a quirky bar? Is there amazing dancers? How can you show the club in the best light? • CROWD SHOTS – mass pictures of the venue that show a heaving crowd. When taking a crowd shot you must have the LASH OFF and in S mode with a long shutter speed. Hold the camera very still and the results are amazing. • Club decoration – interesting aspects of the venue that people might not notice – put an interesting spin on something people see all the time

Photograph Variety Atmospherics and Crowds
• Atmospherics MUST be focussed – they cannot be blurred! You must be able to see what the photo is of. • They need to be bright, crisp, sharp, clear, focused, interesting, attractive and alluring.



Photograph Variety Atmospherics and Crowds

Photograph Variety Atmospherics and Crowds
Atmospherics don’t just have to be crowd shots – is there something unique about this club that should be conveyed? Is there a cool bar? Crazy lighting? Awesome decoration? Capture this for an alternative shot – be different from the other photographers. Try these…

Photograph Variety - Art Shots

ART SHOTS – Anything you want this is how you create your own photographic style • This could be anything! Be creative, experimental – see what you can think of – this is your chance to be an artist. • Anything! Could be interesting detail (clothing, club design, closeup, portrait, clubber) – whatever!

Photograph Variety - Overview

• 50% mix of male-female • 50% mix of landscape v portrait • 70% pix of people – 20% Atmospheric shots – 10% Art Shots • Need to vary ANGLES and DISTANCES – see next page • Need an amazing landscape photo as cover shot

Photograph Variety - Angles
• Need to vary Angles – this changes the perspective of how people see the subject matter – but ONLY do this where it serves the framing of the subject. • Judge the angles to get things in and create a different perspective simply by angling the camera. You will be amazed. YOU choose what people see and how they see it – by varying the angles and distances you can change people’s perspective on anything. • There are 3 types of angles – § Vertical (high – low) § Horizontal (L – R) § Rotational • There are different distances to consider § Extreme Close-Up § Close Up § Medium Shot § Full-body shot § Wide Shot

Photograph Variety - Angles
• Vertical Angle This is when you would hold the camera high up and pointed down (high angle) or low down and pointing up (low angle). • High angles to make a person look smaller and cuter – this is very useful with girls as it makes them look very sexy as high angle makes eyes and forehead look bigger (cuter); removes all chins; makes cleavage look bigger; makes hips look smaller; makes legs look longer = sexy. • Conversely, Never use low angle on girls!!



Photograph Variety - Angles

• Horizontal Angle This is when you move to the left or right of the subject – you don’t have to stand bang in front of them and take a photo straight on but move around them to get a more interesting view. Moving around can affect the perspective of closeness. . • Rotational Angle – (as shown earlier in framing). This can affect the perspective of closeness also (Just by adjusting the rotational angle of camera it looks as though the people are leaning on each other!)

Photograph Variety - Distances
Close-up Focus is on the face and chest. Highlighting their facial expressions

Medium Close-up Focus is on the torso. She is wearing a revealing top and he is shirtless. It’s important to show this! Full Body Focus is on the entire body and pose. Highlighting their full dress. She has great legs posed and they are wearing shorts. People will remember this

Overall Quality

One cover shot and two teasers (your best landscape shots that sum up the night)

Best 12 pics on first page of report - Each page should tell a story. Please maintain a constant picture proportion if cropped !

A few photo report rules
• No blurry pictures – not even slightly blurry! This includes crowd shots, a blur of colour is not a crowd shot!! • No dead space, boring back grounds! Lots of colour and good framing needed. • It should not be a report just full of cheesy posed pictures – we have to capture the atmosphere, vibe, with un posed/ action people shots too! • Photographers should be in no more than two pictures in their own or any photo report. If they have a tilllate camera, they shouldn’t be giving it to anyone else ...ever!!! • All reports should be online by 3pm the next day – as this is when people look. • Mix up the pics, each index page should contain a variety of stuff and tell a story! All the best pictures in your report must be on the first page. This is now easy within Picasa. • There should not be loads of the same pictures in the report. Variety needed please • No pics of anyone wasted what so ever! • No eyes closed – they look wasted.

Thank you for your attention

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact your Regional Manager right now!