SPRING MESSAGE to our Friends and Family


Spring /June 2011 Index Page 1. Welcome/Spring Message from the Collective Page 2. Rooted in the Heart! New Teen Mom Program Page 3. Spring Health and Wellness Calendar/ Upcoming Events Page 4 Looking for a people of color healer/practitioner? Take Charge of Your Health Food For the Soul w/Casa
With Gratitude… Thank you to all the people who have responded to our call to action and supporting our rebirth! Special Thanks to... Sharon Ufberg for her supporting story about CASA published on Women E News - http://www.womensenews.org/story/health/110510/lets-hold-out-hope-young-women-in-southbronx

The young women of Casa and the Women of the South Bronx Community for doing a feature story about CASA on Bronx News 12 -www.news12.com

To Monique Kiera and Monique de la Oz Board Chairs of CASA for stepping in and up during our re-birth .

1. We are looking for powerful, courageous, fearless womyn/gender non-conforming people of color to support us in creating an environmentally friendly healing and political space where transformation happens through the spirit to volunteer , intern or join our board today! Are you a healer, artist, organizer? We are rebuilding Casa and need support with providing workshops, painting a young womyns mural, affirmations and healing symbols. In addition we are reworking the space to be environmentally friendly and looking for folks who do carpentry. Let us know if you are willing to donate a few hours to end violence against womyn and creating safe space. Make a donation today @ Casa Atabex Ache.org, site . Your financial support makes this work possible. Please join our facebook page to get up to date information and follow us on our NEW Twitter page..http://twitter.com/casaatabexache For more information email us at casaatabexache@aol.com or call the leadership collective at 718-585-5540.

Spring Affirmations
I believe that joy is an essential part of wellness and I commit to removing obstacles to joy and creating a life full of exuberance. I believe that it is my spiritual responsibility to care for my body with respect, kindness and compassion. I commit to balancing my life in such a way that my physical being is fully expressed and nurtured. I believe that a women who loves herself is a powerful, passionate, attractive force and I commit from this day forward to loving myself deeply and extravagantly.




CASA Mission Statement Casa has rich legacy of supporting womyn of color heal from internalized oppression by reconnecting with their individual and collective powers of healing and action so they may transform their lives, families and communities. Utilizing a self-healing and social justice model, Casa’s mission is to support womyn to identify the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental impact that their experiences of abuse ,neglect, oppression (sexism, homophobia, classism, racism and xenophobia, trans-phobia), violence and poverty has on their reproductive and mental health.

CASA WELCOMES! Natalia Lantigua Youth Coordinator
of the Fuerza/Power Young Women’s Program.

Teen moms are doing it differently!

Since, 2000, she has been a participant of the Fuerza/Power program. 10 years later, Natalia Lantigua joins Casa’s staff to make a difference in her community. This year she has created her own program “ Rooted in the Heart of the South Bronx”, for young women ages 13-18 and she needs your support! Casa’ provided a safe space for young women’s self healing, organizing and self-empowerment. Our programs are designed to meet the their needs related to poverty, neglect, trauma and violence and its impact on their mind, body and spirit. In her documentary, “Yo Tengo Fuerza/I Have Power” Natalia Lantigua and other young women from the South Bronx share their story of child sexual abuse and foster care. Using her story to support other young women in healing and empowerment Natalia returns, social work student attending Hostos Community College to take her healing to the next level and transform her community.

They are “ ROOTED in the Heart of the SOUTH BRONX”!

For more information about Casa and the young women’s program contact Natalia Lantigua @ 718585-5540. If you’re a young women between the ages 13-25 who needs support or someone to talk to call Natalia or email her at nataliaatcasa@gmail.com.

Rooted in the Heart –An Organizing and SelfHealing Program for Teen Moms @ Casa!

Giving yourself this gift on Mothers Day Weekend and join other women who are ready to reclaim Teen MOM after school program EVERY THURSDAY from 4:00 their lives from the impact that ad-6:30 Drop in! www.facebook.com/rootedintheheart diction has had on them. This spring at Casa we honor the little Spread the WORD! We are currently, recruiting young girl within and she needs her women! If you ARE YOU A TEEN MOM BETWEEN THE AGES 14 “mother”, the wise women in -17? Or KNOW SOMEONE who is? Contact us to Join a support you ,to protect her during her resystem of optimism and empowerment through conversation, birth, help her forgive and let go. and at the same time develop new possibilities around What a special way to let her know education, parenting and self. you got her back than coming to a healing circle to give her time. Rooted in the HEART is a safe space for YOUNG MOTHERS to connect with others like themselves and to continuing Join us as we heal and launch our new program "Daughters of Addreaming. NO APPLICATION NECSSARY! refeshments will be served =) ! DONT WORRY ABOUT CHILDCARE.. THEY WILL BE dicts" . The first one will be organized by Lah Tere and we invite anySOMEONE HERE IN CHARGE OF THAT* for more information one who wants to organize the upplease email Natalie at rootedinheart@gmail.com coming months—please call us 718-

SPRING Health & Wellness CALENDER June 2011

If you missed the first workshop it was about personal freedom and enslavement through writing, moving, collectively brainstorming, gathering affirmations, and painting our hands and arms! SAVE YOUR SPOT AND Register today for our next session, June 18th, where we explore support and stability, and focus on adorning our feet! Please spread the word, and bring a friend!! Jessica
“Today was about slavery and freedom. I have been a slave to being small in the world through lack of money. I focused the ritual to set myself free.”

CASA Supports and has partnered with The Milagros Day Transformation Academy to end violence in women's lives… providing healing support for this ground breaking program for survivors of domestic violence .
Mission: Milagros Day Provides opportunities for personal growth and professional development to women who have recently left abusive relationships so that they can begin living their life’s purpose. Vision: The Milagros Day vision is to be globally recognized as the premier resource for women who are ready to put an abusive past behind them and become a contribution to the world. Dawn Diaz, Founder/Executive Director Raised in Brooklyn, Puerto Rico and Queens, this “Nuyorican” is a 20 year veteran of the New York City Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Service. She is the mother of 3 fine young men and a talented singer/songwriter. Dawn Created Milagros Day in honor of her mother Carmen Milagros Lugo whom she witnessed being brutally abused for many years. Board of Directors: Karen Hoyos, Transformational Seminar Leader Carlos Anaya, Journalist & Multimedia Producer Ralph Muniz, Event & Concert Producer, EMT For more information please contact: dawn@milagrosday.org Website:http://www.milagrosday.org/

Join Casa’s Healers Network Today and Post your workshops in our newsletter, offer a workshop at CASA, rent out our healing space or become a referral to our community! 718-585-5540 Community Healers Calender
Are you looking for a people of color healer or practitioner near you? URAYOANA TRINIDAD L.AC. -Offering “Take charge of your
health!” series Renewal/ Healing/Cleansing Workshops You will
not only feel lighter, many ailments may disappear” concentration , stamina , and zest for life will get a lift.


her @ 646-260– 8094 TRINIDADCHMED@AOL.COM Space is limited to 15 participants. Call to reserve your seat. SHELLEY NICOLE teaching Reiki Level I and practices Reiki at Tao Wellness in Cobble Hill. If you would like to schedule a Reiki appointment please send her an email sovereignhands@yahaoo.com or call 917202-6610 for pricing and information.

1. Element: EARTH Spring time is a time to connect to the earth, so make sure that you go outside, get some exercise, take your shoes off and become one with the earth. erous and abundant. 3. FEELING herbal cleansing. 5. CRYSTAL

Forgiveness of the heart. Spring is the time we work the heart chakra. Embark on your journey of self healing and let go of re2. CHAKRA: HEART/ sentments and trauma that RE-BIRTH & SELF have happened to you LOVE during infancy , child sexual abuse, rape, sexual For some of us Spring is also assault, adoption, foster the new year as it is mother care etc. Find your little earth’s rebirth. As she girl and set her FREE! adorns herself with flowers , this is a time for you to con- 4. ORGAN : LIVER nect to self love and your beauty within and without. The Liver is the organ of Go do things that make you the season, support its feel beautiful, take a bath, detox and renewal by eatmediate, get involved in a ing healthy, bitter greens, cause that you love , be gen- raw food, juicing and

Rose Quartz comes in rings, stones to carry in your pocket. Buy one to open up your heart to loving yourself. Write down loving affirmations on your mirror. Carry For More Information About CASA . them during the day, Please contact us at 718-585-5540. and say them to yourself.
Email: casaatabexahe@aol.com Face book: Casa Atabex Ache Website: www. casaatabexache.org



Spring is a time to revaluate your life, look at your way of being that no longer works, look within to identify what/who has broken your heart and cleanse your home body and your spirit! Remember DRESS IN PINK (Self-Love) AND GREEN (Connection to Earth/Abundance) THIS SEASON!

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