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My Track & Field Performances

Event My Result My Score

600m 92
60m 10:72 74
Long J 2:76 59
STJ 4:41 56
Javelin 8:40 64
Hurdles 15:90 81

Year Five Track & Field Quiz

Q1. What is the name given to this piece of

Track & Field equipment?

[A] Changing Stick [B] Relay Tube [C] Relay Baton

Q2. What is the name of the style of high jump we practiced?

[A] Scissors [B] Straddle [C] Fosbury Flop

Q3. What is the name given to the white area you jump from in long jump?

[A] Fouling Line [B] Take off board [C] Jumping line

Q4. What is it called if your foot steps over this line when you are jumping?

[A] Foul [B] No-jump [C] Red flag jump

Q5. What event is this athlete about to perform?

[A] Heptathlon [B] Hammer Throw [C] Javelin

Q6. What are the commands used to start a sprint race? (60m)

[A] Ready.. Set.. Go [B] Take your mark.. Set.. Go [C] Toes behind the line.. Go

Q7. What special piece of equipment is used to measure how much time it takes
for you to run a race?

[A] Stopwatch [B] Race timer [C] Stopclock

Q8. What is the name of the area you jump into in long jump?

[A] Landing area [B] Sand pit [C] Soft landing zone

Q9. Highlight the letter where this long jump should be measured from.

[A] [B] [C]

Q10. What do the initials STJ stand for?

[A] Stand Tall & Jump [B] Standing Triple Jump [C] Straight Tuck Jump
Q11. What event are these athletes competing in?

[A] Decathlon

[B] Steeplechase
[C] Hurdles

Q12. In high jump when are you eliminated from the competition?

[A] When you miss three jumps in a row.

[B] When you go under the bar.

[C] When you run in and don’t jump.

Q13. What is the name given to the slow run and stretching exercises you do
before competing in a track and field event?

[A] Aerobics [B] Fitness training [C] Warm up.

Q14. A sprint race like 60m will commence when a person

like this gives the commands. What do we call him?

[A] Starter [B] Coach [C] Referee

Q15. What is the name of the major event, held every four years, where the best
track and field athletes in the world compete against each other.

[A] The World Cup [B] The Olympics [C] Sports Day
Standing Triple Jump

My Top Tips for Track and Field (Home Research Task)

1. Extend your body, legs and arms forward as much as possible for
maximum distance

2. Get a lot of speed

3. When you sprint towards your mark it is crucial that you also
maintain an upright body position
(Are these “Top Tips” for Standing Triple Jump or Long Jump?) They are good tips for Long Jump.