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Donald Harris

113 Oregon Street

East Bridgewater, MA 02333
(508) 456-1001 h / (508) 985-8590 c /

General Sales/Operations Management

Top performing operations manager with expert qualifications in sales, marketing

, and staff leadership. Special talent for developing and implementing strategic
plans to ensure competitive market position. Proven ability to identify and de
velop market opportunities and build vital working relationships with key manufa
cturers worldwide. Successful in recruiting, training, and motivating staff to
drive revenue growth. Effective in reorganizing, streamlining, and strengtheni
ng operations to maximize performance and profitability. Skilled in supporting
needs of consumer and financial objectives of company. Strong understanding of
home furnishing industry. Valued member of management team.
Multi-site retail operations management
P&L / purchasing management
Product design / global sourcing
Retail / distributor outlet development
Store program development & launch
Floor merchandising / product display
Brand positioning / development
Sales training / team leadership
High expectation client relations

Professional Experience
Nicambre, LLC, East Bridgewater, MA 2008-Present
Logistics management company serving as subcontractor for RDI Logistics.
Owner / Operations Manager
Provide professional home delivery service of home furnishings, appliances, and
other merchandise, supporting franchises, national brands, as well as regional o
r privately owned retailers throughout New England.
Direct and manage day-to-day operations of company, coordinating all job manifes
ts and documentation. Hire and direct staff of eight, establishing timelines fo
r jobs and consistently adhering to work schedules.
Effectively communicate and tactfully negotiate to resolve conflicts and achieve
desired goals while complying with strict safety requirements.
Grew company from zero to $250K within ten months.
Consistently recognized as the leader in Customer Satisfaction and overall job p
erformance among all independent contractors.
Natuzzi Italy, Milan, Italy 2007-2008
World leader in the upholstered leather furniture market.
Vice President of Retail/Brand Development
Recruited by owner of Natuzzi to evaluate current and future Gallery and Store p
artners throughout the United States, including competitive market position, mar
keting analysis, comprehensive marketing strategies, merchandising, and product
Conceived and implemented new strategy for the Natuzzi offshore collection to cr
eate more clarity for the Natuzzi Italy concept and create clearer brand delinea
tion within retail stores. This new strategy led to the launch of Natuzzi Editi
ons as the new brand name for Natuzzi product produced outside of Italy. Achiev
ed national acceptance and market share growth that stands as the only growth re
alized by Natuzzi during that period.
Introduced new brand strategy to retailers, assisting them with developing marke
ting plans to support the introduction. Retailers supporting new strategy reali
zed growth in business exceeding overall store expectations.
Developed and implemented corporate retail training program, introducing relatio
nship-based selling and achieving record highs in attendance and ratings.
Created and oversaw marketing and merchandising campaign for Natuzzi Italy to re
position the brand from a commodity to luxury brand. Worked with retailers in t
he United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and South America, achieving gr
eat success for Natuzzi Italy for the first time since the inception of the conc
Cabot House, Amesbury, MA 1998-2007
One of the largest furniture retailers in the industry, with east coast location
s from Maine to Florida.
General Merchandise Manager / Buyer New England, 2005-2007
Selected from management team to transition Cabot from a purchase-on-demand to r
ate-of-sale merchandising style, realizing immediate improvements and ROI. Desig
ned and developed a comprehensive merchandising and marketing campaign to achiev
e unparalleled success for new merchandising approach. Implemented and adapted
system policy changes and strategies that lead to record growth for company.
Hired, trained, and evaluated sales and designer personnel for 14 locations. Re
duced turnover, improved retention rates and job performance, and reduced errors
, increasing close ratios and average ticket prices.
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Professional Experience (continued)

General Sales and Merchandise Manager, Weymouth, MA, 2000-2007
Initiated re-merchandising campaign yielding 20% growth in first year and averag
ing approximately 10% annually for next five years.
Evaluated personnel to identify weaknesses and opportunities for professional gr
owth. Replaced 25% of staff while maintaining growth in store revenues.
Developed and implemented a marketing strategy that was independent from Cabots
corporate strategy, focusing on the South Shore of Boston as an independent mark
Created a Designer Registration Program that realized a net gain of over $2.5 mi
llion per year.
General Manager, Burlington, MA, 1998-2000
Hired to re-merchandise a 20,000 square foot showroom in Burlington. Experience
d an 18% average increase in sales each year during tenure, achieving the highes
t dollar per square foot in the Cabot House chain.
Initiated changes in overall approach to business for the Cabot House chain that
are still in use today.
Promoted to position of General Sales and Merchandise Manager of Weymouth store.
Foxboro Furniture, Foxboro, MA 1996-1998
General Manager / Sales Manager
Redeveloped business model to increase showroom sales from $250,000 to $1.5 mill
ion annually.
Developed start-up specialty leather gallery.
Formed marketing / merchandising campaign leading to an increase of 600% in annu
al sales at retail in less than 18 months in a 4,500 square foot location.
Jordan Furniture, Avon, MA 1993-1996
Sales / Sales Manager / Department Specialist
Spearheaded Department Specialist Program, now a company signature in the indust
Promoted personnel training to specialize in complicated departments, creating a
simplified customer experience.
Solved an industry wide problem for Jordan Furniture by allowing a large furnitu
re showroom to operate with the same level of personal attention as a smaller sh

Professional Development
Jody Seivert and John Lawhorn Sales Seminars
Personal Improvement for Sales Personnel
Product and Design Seminar
Trends, Fashion, and Styles Seminar
Real Estate Sales Representative Certification Program

Youth Football and Youth Baseball Coach, East Bridgewater, MA
Middle School Basketball Coach, East Bridgewater, MA