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Reaching around the planet

and touching the sky:

Global Wind Day 2010 gives the world
a breath of fresh air
Give Europe a breath of fresh air

Europe possesses an energy source which could power it seven

times over: the wind. European companies are world leaders in
wind power, generating thousands of jobs. Wind energy reduces
Europe’s dependence, and spending, on imported fossil fuels. It
lowers electricity prices and emits no CO2.

Over the next 12 years, Europe must build new power capacity
equal to half the current total. We must use this opportunity to
construct a modern power system that meets the challenges of
the 21st century.
Give Europe a breath of fresh air by adopting a wind turbine at

Global Wind Day 2010 was a great success, and the I truly believe that the Global Wind Day is a fantastic
day has now become a fixture in the wind industry’s opportunity to remind people across the globe that
calendar. we can achieve a real energy revolution. An ever im-
The Wind Day started in Europe in 2007, and it went proving technology is here to fundamentally transform
global last year, reflecting the reality of the globalisa- the way we produce electricity. Wind energy is the key
tion of wind power. power source for the 21st century. At the same time,
we can save billions of tonnes of CO2 and create much
We now have operating wind farms in more than 75
needed jobs - both of these objectives are very high
countries around the world and we estimate that at
on the policy agenda everywhere around the world,
the end of this year, global installed capacity will reach
and wind power can go a long way in achieving them.
close to 200 GW. Over the last decade, wind power
And this resource is not finite and does not spill the
installations have increased at an average rate of
around 30% every year, with Europe, but also the US
and China driving the growth. In addition, new regions As you all know, public acceptance of wind energy is
such as Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia are immensely important for keeping up the momentum of
showing encouraging signs, and for the first time, half sustained growth, and this year’s events show that the
of the new growth this year will actually happen in de- support for wind energy is truly global.
veloping countries and emerging economies. In the coming years, we expect the Global Wind Day to
The Global Wind Day 2010 counted 220 events in 29 grow even further, with more events in more countries,
countries around the world. From school children in and a wider reach.
Brazil to energy professionals in Canada, from wind
musicians in India to photographers in Argentina and
Sweden, people got involved on that day to show their
support for wind energy and witness the technology
work in practice. Klaus Rave,
Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

Cover photo: RES Group/Helen Hall

Global Wind Day 2010 gives the world a breath of fresh air 3
Global Wind Day 2010 gives the world a breath of fresh air

A day like no other — celebrating Global Wind wind farm. “We sought this opportunity to bring posi-
Day and the increasingly positive message that tive change to our region, and have benefited from job
creation and increased tax revenues, new tourism and
wind power is helping the world deal with the our local farmers now have another source of income.”
ongoing economic crisis, energy security and Robert Hornung, the president of the Canadian Wind
climate change mitigation. Here is a taste Energy Association, said there was much to celebrate
in the nation on Global Wind Day.
of what happened on and around the annual
“We expect wind energy’s rapid growth in Canada to
Global Wind Day: continue with production quadrupling in the next five
years,” Hornung said. “With its unparalleled wind re-
Wind power creates sustainable energy, spurs on source, large hydroelectric capacity, strong manu-
the economy by providing new jobs and helps reduce facturing base and linkages to the U.S. market, this
stresses on the environment, the mayor of Tillsonburg, country has an incredible opportunity to maximize the
Ontario said during a Global Wind Day tour of the Erie economic, industrial development, and environmental
Shores wind farm. benefits associated with wind energy.”
“Actually, it’s been an extremely valuable experience,”
said Stephen Molnar, who along with a number of oth- The tour of Eire Shores was but one of hundreds of
er politicians was part of a tour of the four-year-old events that occurred as the second annual Global
Erie Shores facility in southern Ontario, which is de- Wind Day ricocheted around the world on 15 June.
scribed as being one of the largest wind power facili- From Argentina to Canada, Italy to Austria, from Scot-
ties in Canada, representing nearly 3% of the nation’s land to Belgium, from Japan to the US, from the Neth-
installed wind capacity. erlands to Estonia, tens of thousands of people turned
“Our municipality has benefited so much from wind en- out for events, tours and exhibitions on Global Wind
ergy that it is now a part of our identity,” said Lynn Acre, Day and during the days leading up to and immediately
mayor of Bayham, which is home to the Erie Shores following 15 June.

Austria Belgium


A force for good, global wind power Feeling the love: Argentina, Italy and
is getting the attention it merits the U.S. each embrace wind energy

The little town of North Ayrshire, Scotland, well aware of In the Argentinan city of Buenos Aires, celebrations
the benefits that wind power can bring, saw more than started on Global Wind Day with a visit to an elemen-
600 people visiting the Dalry Community wind farm un- tary school where students took part in an open class
der sunny skies to celebrate Family Open Day on 12 about wind energy. Simultaneously, a small wind ex-
June which tied in with Global Wind Day, the Scottish hibition was held in a central square where a live
Renewables Festival and the RenewableUK Wind Week. concert of wind instruments surprised the visitors to
the exhibition. More than 60 students from technical
“Weather conditions at the wind farm were superb pro- schools were among the visitors to the exhibition.
viding [a] magnificent view across Ayrshire and over to During the afternoon, a workshop on how to build
the Isle of Arran with good winds blowing to operate small wind turbines and a wind energy seminar took
the turbines which worked away like silent work hors- place in the Argentine Engineering Centre. After the
es,” organisers, the Community Windpower Ltd. said. seminar, the prize-giving of the wind energy photogra-
“Local people were invited to this free event to dis- phy competition took place.
cover and explore their local wind farm which provides In other parts of the country, six wind farms opened
local towns and villages with clean, green electricity”. their doors to the public in order to allow people to
“There was free entertainment, guided tours, food and watch wind turbines working and perform guided tours.
refreshments with fundraising tables and local stalls In Santa Cruz province, several activities and celebra-
offering locally produced gifts and groceries.” tions took place in Puerto San Julián, with governmen-
tal and private sponsorship.
The event in North Ayrshire, and the growing belief La Rioja province Infrastructure Minister Javier Tineo
that wind power can be a driver for a new green econ- together with a representative of IMPSA Wind made a
omy that begins to reduce its dependence on destruc- presentation about wind energy showing a blade that
tive fossil fuels, was replicated around the world. From was being transported to the Arauco wind farm to a
wind farm open days and conferences, to exhibitions, group of high school students.
information days, sporting, writing and photo contests, In Pico Truncado, the Technical College in Renewa-
concerts and children’s events, the power of wind was ble Energies made three wind energy presentations
celebrated by politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, in schools of the three educational levels existing in
environmentalists, journalists, school kids, and many Argentina.
other supporters.



Global Wind Day 2010 gives the world a breath of fresh air 5
Activities continued in Greater Buenos Aires, repeating wind energy will provide electricity to 10 million Italians.
the small wind turbine exhibition and the workshop on By 2020, wind energy will meet 7% of Italy’s energy
how to build small wind turbines on a beach in front of needs, saving 19,250,460 tonnes of CO2 a year and
the Río de la Plata river in Acassuso. 37,770,559 barrels of oil, he estimated.
Activities for children also took place: two workshops
of thematic comics and the prize-giving ceremony for From bike tours through wind farms to a kite-surfing
the drawing competition. contest, Global Wind Day attracted attention across
As the closing ceremony, representatives of AAEE and Italy.
CADER gave a speech, and a thematic concert based
on Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind” took place. In the US, about 50 junior school children from Grand
Prairie, Texas who completed a two week course on
In an event in the famous Villa Borghese park in Rome wind power learned about Global Wind Day, turbines
city centre, Italy, new research unveiled on Global and offshore wind farms. The students who were be-
Wind Day showed about 87% of Italians are in favour tween eight and ten years old used reading, writing,
of more wind energy in their country. mathematics and science to understand wind power.
“At Global Wind Day, we want to reiterate the impor- “It was everything wind,” according to Kyle Damon who
tance of renewable energies as one of the key solu- organised the unique programme. “Everyone enjoyed
tions to the economic and climate crisis,” Edoardo it.”The students learned about the history of wind, the
Zanchini from Legambiente, an Italian environment power-generating industry, turbines and pitch, he said,
group, said. adding one group of students even built a model off-
The survey also revealed that 80% of Italians believe shore wind farm in a tray of water.
wind power is extremely environmentally friendly. In
addition, 82% of Italians called for more information To kick off a series of activities in the US surrounding
on the use of and opportunities offered by the wind Global Wind Day, the American Wind Energy Associa-
energy. tion (AWEA) highlighted “Five Wind Facts,” a concise
The survey showed most Italians agreed wind power guide to the benefits wind energy offers America.
can play a positive role in the economic development “Global Wind Day is a great opportunity to underscore
of the nation, and that it can increasingly be used as that wind works because it is vital to our nation’s eco-
a catalyst in creating a green economy. nomic, energy, and environmental security,” said Den-
In another piece of good news for Italian-produced wind ise Bode, CEO of AWEA.
power, Simone Togni, Secretary General of the Italian “With our ‘Five Wind Facts,’ we hope to encourage more
Wind Energy Association, announced to an audience citizens to get involved in the campaign to increase
gathered for Global Wind Day in Rome that by 2011, America’s use of wind energy, and to call on Congress




to pass a strong national Renewable Electricity Stand- One EWEA staff member got an e-mail from a Com-
ard as part of energy and climate legislation.” mission employee saying “Today looking at the Rond
The Five Wind Facts are: wind works by creating jobs; Point I was [struck] by the incredibly beauty of a wind
wind works for America’s rural communities; wind blade. I have to tell you that this is the second most
works for consumers; wind works because it is inex- beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I would keep
haustible and reliable; and wind works by protecting it there forever”.
the environment. At the same time as the blade was up in the centre of
Brussels, EWEA also launched a giant ‘breath of fresh
air’ banner at Brussels airport — sized 23m² and vis-
ible to people arriving and departing.
Highlighting wind power at the very
centre of Europe’s capital Wind power rightly deserves to celebrate its own spe-
cial day as a result of its increasing popularity and rap-
id growth around much of the world, according to the
In Brussels, the erection of a 30-metre-long wind tur- Secretary General of the Global Wind Energy Council
bine blade was certainly the highlight of the European (GWEC). “Imagine being able to harness the power of
Wind Energy Association’s (EWEA) Global Wind Day. nature in a sustainable way to create abundant clean
The visibility couldn’t have been better — it was on the energy, tackle climate change, create jobs and end our
Schuman roundabout, just a stone’s throw from the dangerous dependence on polluting fossil fuels”, Ste-
European Commission and Council main buildings. ve Sawyer said. “It’s not a dream, it’s wind energy —
The sculpture was accompanied by information pan- and it definitely deserves a special day.”
els in English, French and Flemish. Made prior to the second annual Global Wind Day,
“We are very excited this project has worked out and Sawyer’s comments were a fitting assessment of the
we were able to show that wind energy is not only pro- emissions-free power-generating technology that is
viding environmental and economic benefits but can sweeping the globe.
also be an aesthetic object, a symbol for a renewable Christian Kjaer, Chief Executive of EWEA, agreed with
energy future,” said Elke Zander, EWEA’s Campaigns Sawyer.: “Wind Day has grown in popularity since its
Officer. launch in 2007 because wind power itself is breaking
The erection of the blade was just on time for the be- all records,” he said. “In Europe more wind power was
ginning of the EU’s Green Week and the Belgian Fête installed in the last two years than any other energy-
de l’Environnement, and EWEA also held a press con- generating technology.” 
ference and a reception on 14 June at the foot of the



Global Wind Day 2010 gives the world a breath of fresh air 7
Wind was in the air and concerned in the See Garden in Varna with the cooperation of
people responded enthusiastically students from Professional High School of Economics.
Their great performance gathered an audience from
classmates to small children and adults. The concert
And so Global Wind Day celebrations unfolded. and an accompanying informational campaign aimed
to raise awareness about wind energy and its role in
For instance, activities were organised at about 20 dif- overcoming energy and climate crisis.
ferent locations to celebrate wind power as an energy
source. In all, more than 2,000 people participated Meanwhile in Germany, the Bundesverband Windener-
during Global Wind Day. gie connected Global Wind Day to the top event of the
Activities included boat trips to Lillgrund Offshore- year, the World Cup of football in South Africa.
park, the opening ceremony of the land-based wind At public viewing places, the association showed a
farm Brattön and visits to other wind farms around 30-second Global Wind Day trailer before different
Sweden. matches. They did so in Gelsenkirchen, Düsseldorf,
The winner of the national photo contest launched Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hamburg, Tübingen, Oldenburg and
in connection with Global Wind Day was to receive a at many private events.
prize during the annual wind conference Vind2010 in During the first German match against Australia, the
Gothenburg, 15 to 17 September.  trailer was viewed by about 300,000 people. On the
Interest in “wind power on the schedule” was said to other days altogether, it was thought to have been
be very high. About 100 schools, with approximately seen by approximately one million people.
8,000 students, had expressed their interest in visit-
ing a wind turbine. In Japan, free Global Wind Day-related events took
place in a variety of locations between the 9 and 20
On 13 June, in Varna, Bulgaria students from Vocation- of June, including field trips to wind farms and running
al High School of Electrotechnics, Professional High competitions. The Norwegians had a public stand in
School of Economics, Technical University and citizens Oslo where they met up with Snorre Valen, the spokes-
from the town of Novi Pazar had the opportunity to visit person for the Socialist left party on environmental
the largest wind farm in the nation – AES St.Nikolа. policy and with Martin Henriksen, the leader of the
During the visits, participants witnessed how a wind Youth Party to the Norwegian Labour Party.
energy plant functions and had the unique opportunity
to enter a wind turbine nacelle and understand the Four wind farms opened across Ireland. Approximate-
work mechanism. ly 1,000 people visited wind farms and participated
On 15 June a concert on Global Wind Day took place in a wide range of activities. Families participated in

Scotland Japan


balloon modelling, face painting and entertainment Two days later, 20 young artists received awards and
and students learnt about how turbines work. ecological toys sponsored by the Public Power Corpo-
ration of Greece.
A five-a-side Green Football League, organised over
the weekend of 12th and 13th of June, included 21
Leaping from a turbine, playing green teams from companies and organisations involved in
football and visiting Leicester Square renewable energy sources. The final was won by BEN-
ER, a wind resource assessment company.
Once again the Hellenic Wind Energy Association
In Austria, fun and celebration were in vogue as wind (HWEA) chose Syntagma Square in Athens as the fo-
energy was highlighted as a clean power source. This cal center of Global Wind Day events. This year HWEA’s
year, celebrations took place in 16 places throughout members and volunteers (under a scorching sun and
the country. temperatures of 44°C) handed out leaflets to eager
At one of the country’s main events, a crane measuring citizens and presented children with the toys and ma-
the same height as an average onshore turbine lifted terials provided by EWEA.
people up high to get a bird’s eye view of a wind farm. As is becoming customary, political leaders of all par-
Another spectacle took place in Lower Austria when a ties showed up to pledge their support for wind ener-
professional skydiver leapt from the top of a turbine, gy, including Minister Tina Birbili, Deputy Minister Yan-
opened his parachute and sailed down to the watch- nis Maniatis and Secretary Kostas Mathioudakis of
ing crowd below. the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Ministry,
Martin Fliegenschnee-Jaksch, from the Austrian Wind Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Spyros Kouvelis and
Energy Association, described the events in Austria as former Parliamentary President and Development Min-
a “huge success” attracting hundreds of people de- ister Dimitris Sioufas.
spite the scorching heat.
Related events in the nation also took place in Up- London celebrated wind power in style with a 13.5m
per Austria and Burgenland and included a bike tour turbine right in the middle of Leicester Square during
through a wind park and a wind power-themed cabaret. a week of Global Wind Day events.
Chris Huhne, UK Sectretary of State for Energy and
On June 11 in Greece, a painting competition with the Climate Change, visited the fully functioning turbine
theme “Wind energy: a breath of fresh air for the plan- and said that wind energy is “at the heart of” the UK’s
et” that was announced in March — and which gener- plans for renewable energy.
ated over 350 paintings — was exhibited in the cul- Adam Bell from Renewable UK said that the turbine
ture centre in the heart of Athens. would attract the eyes of the 200,000 people passing
through Leicester Square on a daily basis.

Argentin Sweden

Global Wind Day 2010 gives the world a breath of fresh air 9
Many wind farms across the country were open to EWEA and GWEC have already gathered 100 press
the public, an occasion Huhne labelled as a chance clippings from all over the world. Media included
to “raise awareness of the opportunities there are for The New York Times, Reuters, Europolitics, ANSA, La
energy security, jobs and business from the industry.” Repubblica, Le Tribune and UPI, as well as publica-
tions from China, Japan, Sweden, Denmark and South
The 2010 edition of Global Wind Day was yet anoth- America.
er big success with EWEA’s and GWEC’s established
and reliable network building up on the experiences Sources: EWEA, GWEC, national wind energy associations, published
gathered in the past few years and a wide range of and broadcast news reports, various websites.
newcomers enthusiastically joining in in spreading
the positive messages about the many advantages of Photos: AEE, APEE, APERe, Asociación Argentina de Energia Eolica,
wind energy. Szélenergia Társág, NORWEA, Renewable UK, RES Group, RWEA,
Svensk Vindenergi, Youths of Nature

EWEA and GWEC have distributed promotional tools to national Global Wind Day coordinators, including
pins, caps, lollipops, beach balls, keyrings, yoyos and hand-held wind-wheels. Organisers could order large
numbers of these promotional items through EWEA.


Global Wind Day – organised by EWEA and GWEC

The Wind Day was first held in 2007, as the European In 2010, 220 events took place in 30 countries, in-
Wind Day organised by the European Wind Energy As- cluding the display of a 29.5m wind turbine blade in
sociation (EWEA). The main idea was to connect a Brussels next to the main buildings of European Com-
network of partners as well as using centralised com- mission and European Council and again reaching
munication tools, press releases and distribution of more than 1,000,000 people.
gadgets and coordinate of event organised by national
wind energy associations and companies active in the Global Wind Day sends the message across the world
wind energy field. The Wind Day in 2007 reached 18 that wind energy is a key solution to the looming ener-
countries, with a participation of circa 35,000 people. gy crisis – our over-dependency on imported and finite
fossil fuels – and the climate change crisis. It helps
By 2008, the event’s reach extended to 20 European people realise that wind energy is a popular and main-
countries and attracted 100,000 people. stream power technology – a solution to our modern
problems that is already working.
In 2009, EWEA joined forces with the Global Wind
Energy Council (GWEC) and extended the reach from All kinds of events are organised during and around
European associations and companies to coordinate Global Wind Day: from wind farm open days, confer-
Wind Day events across the globe. That year, the 300 ences, exhibitions, workshops and information days to
events in 35 countries across the globe reached up to regattas, sporting contests and theatre shows, there
1,000,000 people. is something for everyone, everywhere.

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Argentina UK


Global Wind Day 2010 gives the world a breath of fresh air 11

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