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32925 Cloverdale, Farmington, MI 48336

(248) 939-6559 or
Career Summary
"Consciences Visionary General Manager" who has no fear of responsibility and th
rives in it with 20+ years experience to offer, benefiting and optimizing Sales,
Marketing, Purchasing, Customer Service, General Management, Operations, Shippi
ng and Receiving a proven high energy contributor who can consistently improve a
nd bring innovation to revenue, profitability and productivity to the bottom lin
e highly persistent and persuasive turn disadvantage into advantage.

Technical Skills
Microsoft Office to include, Word, Excel, Power Point, UPS World Ship, Peachtree
Accounting and Purchasing, e-commerce, Trident, Purchasing III Credit Card Soft
ware, Yahoo, MSN, et, al. Hi/Lo/Forklift.
Employment History
Forge Alloy Corporation Welding & Industrial Supply 1999 - 2009
General Manager (Supply Chain Sales Tier 1 & 2 GM, FORD, CHRYSLER)

Accomplishments and Duties

* Collected on delinquent accounts resulting in an average collection of $70,000
monthly. Developed an Eight Point Strategy System to maintain a 97% collection
rate on all accounts receivables, for difficult situation accounts would visit c
ustomer location for collection and negotiation maintained all Accounts Receivab
le and Banking.
* Approved, scrutinized all Accounts Payable Invoices looking for costly errors
in Quantity, Cost and Freight, and also produced financial reports for Sales, Co
mmission, P/L, Freight, and Inventory.
* Resolved all Customer, Salesperson, Vendor issues and disputes immediately the
reby increasing Customer satisfaction and Salesperson Morale resulting in an inc
rease in harmony and customer order production.
* Processed all orders which increased from 325 to 585 orders average per month
due to streamlined processes.
* Presented, Educated, Trained, inside and outside sales team members on new pro
ducts and services also contributed to the bottom line by also selling products
in the field while maintaining house accounts as well as my own to motivate and
lead by example, also introduced M.A.P.S (market, application, product, solution
) Sales Tool.
* Dramatically decreased operating cost by analyzing Inventory Levels, Telecommu
nication costs, Building Repairs and Freight Charges which resulted in lowered o
perating costs to run leaner and tighter operation.
* Setup and prepared for sales meetings twice a year.
* Gradually added new product lines and services which generated new increased s
ales and profits up 45% average sales in excess of $9m annually this created a "
synergy" to retain and refresh Customers and Sales Representatives.
* Expanded sales into new territories including, MI, IN, IL, OH with new product
* Facilitated stream of suggestions thru sales leads, and ideas from vendors, sa
les staff, customer wish list, internet, e-commerce, trade shows, magazines, new
spapers, business directories going to actual job sites: (Lead Generation=New Bu
* Purchased: located, vetted, negotiated and setup over 500 vendors for maximum
discount and prepaid freight levels to assure and maintain maximum profit levels
* Performed Shipping & Receiving Warehouse Operations including Customs and Log
istics, Imported from Italy/Sweden, Exported to Canada and USA, skilled hi-lo fo
rklift driver/operator propane/electric, also negotiated and vetted over 40 frei
ght carriers for the best and maximum discount rate and delivery via LTL, Full T
ruck Load, PUP, UPS, Fed Ex, et, al... created a will call service for customer
pickup, upon availability and emergency status or option preference sales reps
would also deliver products to customer insuring maximum profit retention for th
e company and saving the customer incurring freight charges and insuring On Time
* Picked, packed, staged, shipped and tracked orders insuring accurate distribut
* Received Freight In and Out and checked for accuracy and damage. Processed an
average of 25 packages per day and 30 orders per day.
* Implemented a new computer and software system for Accounting, Purchasing, Cu
stomer Service, Shipping and Receiving creating a more efficient and improved op
* Nurtured long lasting relationships of trust, confidence and respect from the
President, Sales, and Administrative staff including Vendors and Customers thru
innovation, hard work, timely delivery of a wide selection of new products and s
ervices, Private Label Service ( catalogs and products) factory direct and repai
r services.
* Kept back orders to a minimum meeting the customer and salesperson demands and
needs, offering solutions to resolve complaints or concerns?
Aerotek Contract Services: (Sales $25M yr/350 employees) 1997 - 1999
Purchasing Manager (MRO)
* Contracted out to prospective fortune 500 employers: Danaher Corp, Warwick Ind
ustries, Security Technologies Group in a procurement capacity as a MRO/JIT buye
* Negotiated with current and new vendors for the Procurement of Plant and Offic
e Supplies using Lean Manufacturing techniques (Blanket and Spot Buys).
* Purchased, expedited, received, monitored, stocked, stored, and pulled from th
e production floor templates for upstream operations.
MNP Corporation: OEM of Fasteners (Sales $40M yr/500 employees) 1990 - 1997
Purchasing Manager (MRO)
* Purchased office, plant supplies and Capital Equipment resulting in on time de
livery of products and items needed for administrative and plant operations.
* Issued, negotiated, reviewed and expedited all Purchase/Work Orders/RFQ, Blank
et and Spot buys.
* Vetted, Researched located and maintained relationships with over 375 vendors.
* Interfaced and worked with all administrative and plant personal on all levels
of concerns, complaints, returns or related issues at my request worked alongsi
de plant personal in all departments to enhance my purchasing responsibilities
and better comprehend, recommend and improve plant operations and morale.


Oakland Community College: Business, Accounting, Computer Science