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60 years of Gospel ministry
60 years of Gospel ministry
2021 Annual Ministry Report 2021 Annual Ministry Report

Evangelism Explosion began in 1962 at Coral Ridge Presbyterian

Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Its young pastor, D. James Kennedy, had
just learned how to witness from his friend at seminary, Kennedy Smartt.
During 1960, Dr. Kennedy thought: What if every Christian knew how to
witness? How might the world change? And how might we train them?
Jim spent the year seemingly learning every way that wouldn’t work.
In the words He conducted six easy classes on evangelism, but no one began to witness.
Maybe it was too short? So he conducted ten easy classes. Nothing happened.
of our Founder: He was discouraged, but he never stopped sharing the Gospel. As he went, he
took Anne, his wife, and a layman (Dr. Springer) with him.
“Realizing that laymen are the most ON THE Late one evening, Dr. Springer called with some exciting news. He had just
led someone to Christ—all on his own! Jim had found the secret: On-the-job

strategic and also the most unused training! And EE was born.
While he had many struggles to overcome, the pathway was set. By God’s
key to the evangelization of the grace, that little army of believers at Coral Ridge began to change the world.
2022: 60 Years of Gospel Ministry This past year, we saw more than 1.6 million people in EE training around
world, we have endeavored to build a
the world. And we celebrated an estimated 14.3 million people who made
Taking the Gospel to Every Nation professions of faith in Jesus Christ! To God be the glory!
ministry which will motivate, recruit,
Making Disciples in America And the most amazing thing is that

and train men and women and boys we get to continue such a rich
Young Disciples Share Jesus legacy. May it be that through
and girls to do the job of evangelism these efforts, every

Discipling Believers in All Nations person on earth will
and then keep them doing it!”
hear the wonderful
People of Every Tribe, Nation, and Tongue
news of
- Dr. D. James Kennedy Our Annual Financials Jesus
All Scriptures are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, Dr. John B. Sorensen, D.D., D.H.L.
NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by
permission. All rights reserved worldwide. President and CEO

1962—Dr. D. James Kennedy 1967—First leadership training 1970—First edition of Evangelism 1970—EE becomes incorporated 1972—Clinics spread to Philadelphia 1973—EE expands beyond U.S.
holds first EE class with OJT. clinic held in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Explosion textbook published. as a nonprofit organization. & Chicago. borders into Canada.

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2021 Annual Ministry Report 2021 Annual Ministry Report

1962–2022 :

OUR VISION: Every nation equipping

every people group and every age

group to witness to every person . . .

1974—EE spreads to other 1986—Prison EE launches. 1988—Dr. Kennedy issues challenge 1990—EE reaches more than 100 1992—Russia opens to EE. 1994—EE reaches 194 nations.
continents. to take EE to every nation by 1995. nations with the Gospel.

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2021 Annual Ministry Report 2021 Annual Ministry Report

America’s Hunger for the Gospel

Does evangelism still work in America? Can we still make disciples
in a post-modern age—even during restrictions and social distancing? We
believe the answer is YES! As pastors and church lay leaders see first-hand the
power of evangelism, they take that vision back to their churches and train their
congregations to share their faith.
The COVID pandemic pushed us to re-evaluate our training methods. As we
began to offer online training, we found creative ways to continue the EE legacy
of on-the-job training. Even online, participants watched and learned from
trainers in real-life witnessing situations.

6 out of 10 5 out of 10 1,117 CHURCHES

unbelievers (62%) we unbelievers (52%) we shared
in the U.S. are now actively involved in EE
encountered through our the Gospel with through our
Equip America events in 2021 2021 Equip America events
agreed to listen to the Gospel. made a profession of faith! Online training also opened other doors. Trainers began equipping churches
in regions across the country. Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean ministries were
able to connect with communities miles away from their own. We even expanded
our reach and efforts through our Equip America outreach by offering multiple
events on a single day through online streaming.

Churches across America responded. By mid-year,
our in-person training had returned to 75% of pre-
pandemic levels. And by the end of the year, we

had more than 1,100 churches actively equipping
their congregations to share their faith using EE.
We believe that as churches begin to fulfill

their calling to share the Gospel and make
disciples within their communities, we will
see revival across America.
Mercedes, TX Hutto, TX Blairsville, GA

1996—EE reaches all 211 1999—EE holds more than 1999—Kids EE launches for chil- 2000—EE reaches every territory of 2002—Share Your Faith workshop 2004—Deaf EE launches.
nations of the world. 500 clinics. dren in grades 4-6. the world. launches.

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2021 Annual Ministry Report 2021 Annual Ministry Report

Children Reach Out to Family & Friends

Our youth are vital, active members of the Church today.
Since 2010, our Hope for Kids program has made the Gospel accessible to
more than seven million children around the world and equipped them to
share it with others. Every year, many of these young disciples lead their
EACH 1 REACHES 10 family members, friends, and neighbors to faith in Jesus Christ.
In 2021, leaders in 8,701 churches were trained in Hope for Kids. These
or more! children’s workers will be able to equip more children in years to come to
share the Gospel in a fun, age-appropriate way. We believe millions will hear
the Gospel through these children.
Through Hope for Kids, each child is
challenged to share their faith with

877,000 CHILDREN
at least 10 of their friends and family
members. Many bring their friends
with them to Hope for Kids because in 67 nations enrolled in Hope for Kids training
they are so excited about what they
are learning about the Gospel.
We continue to build young disciples through high school and into
young adulthood. In 2019, EE Indonesia developed EE4G (EE for Generations)
to equip teenagers to share their faith. Last spring, EE4G held its first global
virtual launch with EE leaders from 15 nations. These leaders are working to

contextualize the program to fit the youth culture in their
regions. This past year, XEE also launched their first
completely online training that will give churches
greater flexibility in equipping young adults
with busy schedules.
In 2022, we plan to expand our EE
Changemakers internship program by
offering training in three global
locations: Uganda, Fiji, and Europe.
Bolivia Dominican Republic Burkina Faso

2006—Professions of faith reaches 5 2008—Dr. John B. Sorensen 2008—EE partners with OneHope to 2008—XEE launches. 2008—Global Development Project 2009—Everyday Evangelism
million from clinics alone. appointed president of EE. launch Hope for Kids. begins to raise up field workers. launches.

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2021 Annual Ministry Report 2021 Annual Ministry Report

Nations Help Nations Spread the Gospel

Our goal is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. We believe the best way to achieve that is to build up strong
national ministries that are indigenous, self-governing, and self-sufficient
across all seven continental regions. But we also must work together across
cultural boundaries to make disciples of all nations.
Every three years, we gather the nations together to encourage each
other and develop strategies to reach the world. As we begin planning for
our next Congress of Nations in 2023, we recognize that every effort must
begin with prayer. In October, we launched a global prayer initiative to unite

self-sustaining & helping other nations to grow

the body of Christ to pray for the nations and their impact on the world.
Multiplying Nations Growing Nations Learn more and sign up to join the initiative at
In order to reach more people with the Gospel of hope, we need more
workers to join us. In July, we held our first field worker training since the

onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. New field
workers from 13 Latin American nations
gathered in Bolivia for training in EE
tools and leadership development.
Two additional field worker trainings
are being planned in Africa and Asia
to develop new full-time
workers in these regions
in 2022.
Africa Europe Oceania

2010—First Congress of Nations 2013—Second Congress of Nations 2015—Share Life Today launches on 2015—New headquarters opens in 2016—Third Congress of Nations 2018—Equip America launched
held in Malaysia with 30 nations. held in South Africa with 63 nations. 181 radio stations. Arden, North Carolina. held in Indonesia with 76 nations. in USA.

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2021 Annual Ministry Report 2021 Annual Ministry Report

trained church leaders and lay leaders worldwide

used EE to equip congregations to share their faith
Gene and Elise met Jesus during an OJT Louisa met Jesus through Hope for Kids Raymond met Jesus at a Hope for Kids
after an Equip America event. in her community in Angola. leaders workshop in Vanuatu.


in EE training around the world in 2021 I looked, and there before me was a great
(includes children and adults) multitude that no one could count,
from every nation, tribe, people and
language, standing before the throne and
before the Lamb.
- Revelation 7:9, NIV


2019—First EE Changemakers 2019—Fourth Congress of Nations 2020—EE launches first online mod- 2021—EE4G for youth launches 2022—EE celebrates 60 years of Till everyone hears the Gospel
internship program held in Fiji. held in Albania with 83 nations. ule during global pandemic. in four nations. ministry. of Jesus Christ...

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2021 Annual Ministry Report

Investments &
Other Income
0.1% We believe souls are worth so much
PPP Grant
5.1% 91.6% more than a dollar figure. But when it Thank you for your continued support
Products 3.2% comes to ministry expenses, we want you, and commitment to Evangelism Explosion
& Services
our donors, to know that we do our best to International. As Chairman of the Board
make the most of every dollar you give to of Directors, we can assure you that our
this ministry. entire organization aims to steward your
For the past few years, we have spent gifts effectively to ensure that every dollar
about $1 for every person who professed best supports the expansion of God’s
Contributions $ 7,006,364 faith in Jesus Christ during that year. But in
Products and Services 250,691 Kingdom around the world. As a Board,
2021, that number dramatically changed. we stand behind the financial statements
PPP Grant 387,200
Investments and Other Income 4,122 presented in this annual report.
Total Revenue $ 7,648,377 We saw one profession of faith
for every $0.47 donated
Clinics &
Seminars to the ministry.
That means, for every dollar you gave to Dr. David Self, Chair
General, Admin., EE International Board of Directors
this ministry, you more than doubled your
& Fundraising
46.7% impact for the Kingdom of God. More lives
were changed for eternity. Thank you for
partnering with us in 2021! It was a privilege to serve alongside
you, our supporters, in 2021. We look

Materials forward to partnering and growing with
you as together, we make a difference for
Worldwide Ministries
Training Materials
$ 2,708,576
1,652,709 ANNUAL
General, Admin., & Fundraising 1,086,983
Clinics and Seminars 350,680
Total Operating Expenses $ 5,798,948 Mr. Jeffrey Givens Evangelism Explosion International is a charter member
of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
Vice President of Ministry Advancement
Additional Net Assets $ 1,849,429
JULY 2020 - JUNE 2021
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.

10 Misty Valley Parkway
Arden, NC 28704

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