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LC Classification for Computing or Information System

LC Class Number Subject

QA76.9 Electronic computers
QA76.9.A73 Architecture, Computer
QA76.9.C63 Computer capacity
QA76.9.C643 Computer organization
QA76.9.C66 Computers and civilization. Social aspects of computers
QA76.9.C68 Conversion of computer systems
QA76.9.E25 Economic aspects
QA76.9.E53 End-user computing
QA76.9.E94 Evaluation of computer performance
QA76.9.F34 Failures of computer systems
QA76.9.G68 Government policy
QA76.9.H35 Hard disk management
QA76.9.I55 Input design
QA76.9.K48 Keyboarding
QA76.9.M65 Moral and ethical aspects
QA76.9.M68 Multilingual computing
QA76.9.Q4 Question-answering systems
QA76.9.S54 Self-stabilization
QA76.9.S8 Standards
QA76.9.S88 System design
QA76.9.S9 Systems migration
QA76.9.T43 Technical support
QA76.9.V5 Virtual computer systems
QA76.95 Use of electronic computers in mathematics
TK7885-7895 Computer Engineering. Computer hardware
T7885.53 Computer Engineering as a profession
TK7885.7 Hardware description languages
TK7886 Computer manufacturing plants. Manufacturing of computer and computer
TK7887 Maintenance and repair
TK7887.5 Input-output equipment
-7887.8 General works
Data tape drive | Analog-to-digital converters. Digital-to-analog
converters | Printout equipment | Other equipment A-Z
TK7888-7888.4 Analog computers | Digital computers
TK7889.A-Z Special computers. By name, A-Z
TK7895.A-Z Special components and auxiliary equipment, A-Z
GC38.5 Oceanography. Communication of oceanographic information
Marine geographic information systems
HD30.213 Industries. Land use. Labor Management. Industrial management. Theory.
Method. Relation to other subjects
Management information systems. Decision support systems
HF5439.I47 Commerce. Business. Selling. By product or service.
Information storage and retrieval systems
K87 – K88 Law in general. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence. Legal
Electronic data processing. Information retrieval systems
NX260 Arts in general
Computer applications. Data processing

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LC Class Number Subject
Q325.5 Cybernetics--Self-organizing systems. Conscious automata--Machine
Q350-390 Cybernetics. Information theory
QA76.53 Digital Computers
Time-sharing data processing
Real time data processing
QA76.8.A-.Z Electronic computers
Special computers, computer systems, and Microprocessors
QA76.887 Molecular computers. DNA computers
QA76.9.C67 Constraint databases
QA76.9.D26 Database design
QA76.9.D3 Database management
QA76.9.D314 Database security
QA76.9.D32 Databases
Including online databases
QA76.9.D343 Data mining , Including OLAP technology
QA76.9.D345 Data preparation
QA76.9.D37 Data warehousing
QA76.9.E95 Evaluation of data processing activities
QA76.9.H85 Human-computer interaction
QA76.9.S84 Structured techniques
QA76.9.T48 Text processing
QA76.9.U83 User interfaces
Including graphical user interfaces
QA76.9.W43 Web databases
QH324.2-.25 Data Processing. Bioinformatics
R858.A1- 859.7.T45 Computer applications to medicine.
Medical informatics. Medical information technology
T58.4 Industrial engineering.
Managerial control systems
T58.5-58.64 Information technology. Information systems (General)
General Works
Management information systems
General works | Decision Support
Management of information systems

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