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14107 Rasmussen Way, San Diego, CA 92129
(858) 484-4649 Cell: (858) 472-5533) E-mail:

Professional Experience
Student Mesa College, San Diego, CA 20
Community Convalescent Hospital of La Mesa, La Mesa, CA
Assisted in meal preparation/regular and special diet meal trays assembly/ resid
ents' interviews/charting/interacted with health services personnel/infection co
ntrol/residents and staff safety/breakfast cooking/serving in dining room/holida
ys/special events' meals for residents/cleanliness and kitchen staff training. S
taff/customer relations.
Food Service Manager Western Region Detention Facility, San Diego, CA 2
Interviewed/staffed/trained/supervised/counseled/evaluated/scheduled/a 35 people
Initially outfitted a new kitchen. Managed/planned/directed and coordinated all
department functions. Created/developed/implemented bag lunch menu and officer
's meal programs. Developed/implemented/maintained over 25 kitchen logs, policie
s and procedures. Customer service/financial performance/infection control/sani
tation/safe food handling/portion control/ordering/storage/issuing/inventory/vol
ume food production/menu development and modification/special diet/meal assembly
/portion control/and kitchen equipment operations. Departmental operating and ca
pital budgets, Payroll and non-payroll expenditures. Asset management. Passed
two ACA's. Above 97% score on county sanitation/safety inspections.
Food Service Director Wackenhut Corrections Corporation, 1999
Western Region, Irvine, CA
Established a new regional food service department. Planned/developed/implement
ed a new regional cycle menu. Controlled/coordinated/enforced food service polic
ies and procedures among 9 facilities within the Western Region. Food service a
dviser to 9 wardens. Managed/resolved food service issues and concerns. Financ
ial performance/ budgeting/staff training/ vendor negotiations/ordering/inspecti
ons/audits/evaluations/asset management/inventory/ cost control/personal safety
and work space security. Wardens/staff/inmate relations. Helped a facility passe
d ACA.
Food Service Administrator Correctional Alternatives, Inc.
Pacific Furlough Facility, San D
iego, CA
Directed food service functions of two facilities. Revamped/developed new cycle
menu. Established in-service training. Interviewing/hiring/orienting/evaluating
/counseling/disciplining/ customer service/ordering/receiving/storing/issuing/in
ventorying/employee time scheduling/menu planning/bag lunch/budgeting/employee/i
nmate safety/space security.
Other Experience
High School District Multiple Cafeteria Operations
Pizza Hut Restaurant
U.S. Navy Food Service/Dining/Kitchen Operations
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) National University, San Diego, CA
Medical Assisting Maric College of Medical Careers, San Diego, CA
Dietetic Service Supervisor (DSS) Mesa College, San Diego, CA
Food Safety Manager (ServSafe) Mesa College, San Diego, CA