ORA Beautiful seacoast

ORA: Beautiful seacoast
In various literary works the seaside has often been referred to for its calm, for its endlessness and its beauty. Seemingly empty, the seaside is home to a rich treasure of life. It is symbolic of the juxtaposition of the comfortable familiarity of the known world and vast treasures yet unknown. Despite evoking an eternal sense of calm and timelessness, the truth is that is ever-changing and restless. Waters and currents are endlessly at work changing every aspect of the land on which we live. Aesthetically, the seaside has served as inspiration to a number of authors, poets and artists through the centuries. Through its simplicity it symbolizes purity and sophistication. The required brand personality of the venture should stand for:       Elegant and sophisticated Consistent quality above the competition Innovation and variety Style and beauty Calmness and relaxation Approachable and friendly atmosphere

The ‘sea’ theme will cater to all these requirements.       Elegant and sophisticated (simplicity of the seaside) Consistent quality above the competition (the sense of timelessness/endlessness evoked by the sea) Innovation and variety (ever-changing shapes of the seacoast) Style and beauty (aesthetically appealing simplicity associated with the seaside) Calmness and relaxation (sense of clam evoked by the sea-side) Approachable and friendly atmosphere (associated with the sea-side)

Although it can be argued that the message of the word is too deep to occur to the customers mind at the first instance, it is important to realize that the name of the company has little to do with the marketing of the brand. It is the marketing support that creates the awareness for a particular brand rather than its name. A case in point:

Very few customers of the company would have noticed the arrow that is embedded between the e and x in the logo. The arrow was introduced to underscore speed and precision, which are part of the positioning of the company. The creator of the logo, Lindon Leader, explains why this was done: The power of the hidden arrow is simply that it is a "hidden bonus." Not "getting the punch line" by not seeing the arrow, does not reduce the impact of the logo's essential communication. The power of the logo and the FedEx marketing supporting the logo is strong enough to convey clearly FedEx brand positioning. FedEx is also an interesting case where the brand consultants convinced the company to shorten their corporate name and logo from "Federal Express" to the popular abbreviation "FedEx". Besides creating a shorter brand name, they reduced the amount of color used and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in paint costs.

This explains why some of the biggest brand names have no message embedded in the ‘name’ per se. They are often just named after the owners. The main function of the name of the company is to ensure that it appeals to the target customer and is memorable to them. The latter is further strengthened by the logo chosen to support the marketing of the brand. The advantages offered by the name ‘ORA’ in this regard are:          Short and catchy Introduces a foreign element that is likely to be appreciated by the ‘foreign’ preferences of the Chandigarh market Stylish Does not impose any restrictions on the marketing of either of the elements of the business Allows for different artistic interpretations and illustrations It is this aesthetical advantage that can be played upon to introduce a level of sophistication to the brand Easily pronounced, it offers a distinct advantage over most other European names By not being very specific to either apparel or bakery, it allows for expansion and diversification to all fields, including accessories, bed linen, home and table wear, readymade ingredients Suitable to both elements of the business. An ‘ORA’ dress or t-shirt sounds just as good as ‘ORA cookies’ and ‘ORA cakes’

BRANDING: “A product is something that is made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by a customer. A product can be copied by a competitor; a brand is unique. A product can be quickly outdated; a successful brand is timeless.” - Stephen King Brand awareness can be defined in the following ways: 1. Building momentum; to make the target customers notice the brand’s name 2. Sustaining momentum; to make the target customers remember the brand’s name 3. To get public attention by positive word of mouth 4. Creating mental associations between the brand and its products 5. Building credibility 6. Building an attractive image of the brand While points 3, 4 and 5 are methods in which the name of the company has little to contribute, the name ‘ORA’ will prove appropriate for points 1, 2 and 6. After having been brought to the customer’s attention, the name ‘ORA’ is likely to lead to curiosity about the brand (on the condition that the accompanying logo and illustration is appealing). For example, a lady waiting for her appointment at Tresemme is likely to pick up the pamphlet labeled ‘ORA’ printed on hand-made paper and illustrated tastefully. The novelty of the name combined with its brevity is likely to allow the name to stick in the customer’s mind. In sustaining the momentum of brand awareness, however, it is the quality of the product and customer service that is likely to be more important that the name of the company, per se.

Additionally, the foreign and sophisticated yet approachable and easy to pronounce features of ‘ORA’ will help in building an attractive image of the brand. BRAND IMAGE: This image can be further enhanced through the following:      Using sophisticated illustrations example of which are given below Using hand made paper – which is generally construed as a symbol of quality Using good language without spelling mistakes and typos, something that is very rare in India By providing the small information card about ‘ORA’ mentioned below, the customer will learn more about the brand and its owners. This will lead to better brand image. The receipts can be enclosed in a special envelope (this is what was done in Mango). Additionally, each purchase can be wrapped in butter paper (like Mango) and tied with a stripe of ribbon. These trimmings may be cheap and convey the image of being a gift. This has a big impact on the customer psyche. It gives the impression of just having become an owner of a very important item.

ILLUSTRATION: The image that the brand will be associated with should be artistic. Additionally, it should be vague enough such that further advertising campaigns and other lines of products are not restricted in any way. Once again, ‘zara’ and ‘mango’ are cases in point where although the main ‘ZARA’ company name is in block letters in beige on a dark blue back-ground, its lines in women’s wear have tags that are written in cursive handwriting in silver thread. The tag on Jeans is a more solid cardboard with a solid font and differing colors etc. Mango too has been changing the color of its font and background with every collection. The more delicate items have tags in feminine cursive handwriting. The important constant here is the strong font below:

Over the years, the color of the font and the background has changed often.

The following picture seems to fulfill both these requirtements.

This is an artist’s representation of the flow of the waves of the sea. It is sophisticated, aesthetically appealing. It doesn’t have a distinct form and is pliable to changes. This can be used as a print on:       Business cards Information cards that will be dropped into the bags with every purchase Menu of bakery items Cover of the pamphlet that will be placed in strategic establishments across the city The leaflet in which the bill of purchase will be placed On paper bags

Each of the above forms of sales literature will have a different shape and size. These too will not be the regular sizes and will have an artistic bend. For example:

The business card and information pamphlet: This will be square in shape as opposed to the regular shapes. Dimensions: 8cm X 8cm. Since these will hardly be used for customer interface these are relatively less important (i.e. shape can be changed). A square shaped pamphlet is much more attractive than the regular rectangular pamphlet shape.

The clothes tag and Cover of the bakery menu leaflet: This sleek shape will allow enough of writing space in the leaflet of the menu. The possible dimensions could be: 1) 5.5cm X 11.5cm or 2) 5cm X 12cm. At the same time the shape is different and is likely to stick better in the mind of the customer. (Picture at end of document).

Cardboard/handmade paper color 7cm


Bill enclosure envelope: The butter paper in which purchases are wrapped can be brownish paper. These are relatively cheap and consistent with the cover illustration. The ribbon used to tie these will be red. Bags: this can be printed on bags if needed. Otherwise, a plain brown paper bag with red strings and red ‘ORA’ written on the bag will do. What is important is the different shapes of the bag. There will have to be different shapes for different products, baked, apparel and accessories. Bags play as important a role in marketing of the brand as any other sales literature – particularly if they take the customers fancy as belonging to a tasteful brand that works as a status symbol or symbol of sophistication. An example is that kids and even adults prefer to carry bags belonging to certain brands like Benetton or Espirit because of the brand value and everything it stands for.

This may involve an additional cost but the impact of these trimmings can be very powerful and can spell the difference between success and failure of the brand as a whole. It is worth the investment and time. Tags on apparel: Although the general practice is to stitch on specially manufactured tags onto the apparel to classify them according to a particular brand, a new practice has evolved recently. Halo-free ECO Transfers are made from a proprietary formula of water- based inks to deliver the softest quality ‘tag-free’ solution. High quality printing in single color guarantees positive brand recognition and aesthetics that will not fade with either washing or wearing. These transfers feel good and look great withstanding dry cleaning and home laundering at temperatures up to 140°F / 60°C.     Halo-free. No visible adhesive shadow around the motif creates a crisp, clean image. Eco-friendly. Water based inks, PVC-free, no harmful substances. Soft and flexible – perfect for skin contact applications. Excellent durability and wash resistance to match garment life cycle and maintain brand integrity.

This service is provided in India by: Avery Dennison (India) Private Limited Plot No. 94, Udyog Vihar, Phase - I, Gurgaon – 122016 Telephone: 0124-4324400 If this proves too expensive, then we can come up with a stamping system using fabric paints. May be time consuming but will differentiate our products from our competitors. Additionally, this conscious choice can be communicated to the customer. It will inform them of our concern for their comfort. The clothes tag at the back of the garment can often be very itchy and irritating. It also looks tacky and does not add any significant value if the tag does not belong to a very big brand like a ZARA, MANGO or UCB. Some tentative design for the stamp:


It is important that the stamp is in a uniform color. Black is the most appropriate choice in this regard as it will work on all colors except black, for which the stamp should be white. If it proves too expensive to have these stamps in 2 colors then the uniform color used can be dull gold.

Since it will prove expensive to keep changing the stamps on a frequent basis, the design of the stamp should be such that it’s suitable for all garments and all collections. Thus the choice of the design should be classic and timeless. It should also be such that it can be used on all future products such as accessories like bags and belts, bed linen and any other products that will be ventured into in the future. It is for this reason that an antique looking ornamental design works best for this purpose. MARKETING USING SOCIAL NETWORKING MEDIA: The following steps have to be taken to popularize the brand through the internet:   A Facebook group will be created. All friends and family will be a part of this group. This can be used as a forum to popularize certain products and spread awareness of new bakery items. Newsletters: It is important that these newsletters are not emailed to the customers. In today’s date, there are many companies that offer this service and this leads to the inbox of the customer being flooded by newsletters from stores. This means that the customer ends up deleting the newsletter without reading it. This newsletter can be posted on social networking websites like Facebook. The newsletter will provide information on the following: i) Presence of stalls and exhibitions at different establishments like clubs and hotels etc. ii) Information regarding sales, discounts and special offers iii) Information of the nature of each new collection: Some sketches of the new collection of clothes can be created using the help of an artist (Art teacher from school or a student from NIFT). These sketches, too, will be tasteful and in accordance with the image of the brand. An example is attached below. The best and newest garments can be advertised through the internet iv) New flavours in different baked goods can be introduced. Any introduction of such a product can be mentioned in the newsletter.


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