Elegance. Sophistication. Style Plum, as a brand, will cater to the modern urban woman in Chandigarh in search of a wardrobe that defines her. From work to casual and formal functions, Plum will be the home of avant-garde yet sophisticated style. Wholesome. Flavorful. Fresh Plum will also bring to Chandigarh its very own version of the bake shop, to gratify the sweet tooth of the city. Each baked good will be hand-made and wholesome using the finest quality ingredients, making it rich in flavor and texture.

Clothes & food combination
The 2 elements of Plum complement each other: -The combination of food and clothes has been successful in many retail models, Marks and Spencer and Selfridges are two cases in point; - The presence of food is an additional convenience or attraction to a particular store;

Clothes & food combination
-The waft of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is likely to heighten

the shopping pleasure of Plum customers. Chocolate for example, triggers the excretion of endorphins in the human brain – the ‘feel good’ chemical – which has been proved to reduce stress and lead to feelings of general well-being;

- Most shopaholics would agree that a good cup of coffee and a chocolate chip muffin is a sure-shot cure for shopping fatigue.

Gaps in the market
-Competition does not cater to the need for exclusivity in women’s western wear and mainly engages in mass production of limited designs. -There is little personal attention given to customers. -Lack of customization- where customers can provide feedback or register demand. -Residents have often resorted to shopping from Delhi in search of better designs, style, customer service and exclusivity.

Gaps in the market
-There has been a sharp deterioration in the quality of baked goods provided by once popular outlets as a result of mass machine based production. -There has been little innovation in the variety of confectionery offered by competitors. -Packaging and ambience at existing bakeries lack warmth and attention to detail. -Baked products popular globally have not been offered by competitors.

Difference in Plum
-We at Plum believe that fashion, like food, goes bad quick. Our small scale of production will allow us to respond quickly to changes in fashion trends. -Our feedback process, short inventory periods and close connections with clients will ensure customization of the product according to customer’s need. -Advice on the correct co-ordination of the outfit with accessories etc. will be attached to the garment along with information transferred verbally –as a close bond is forged with the customer on a personal level.

Difference in Plum
-Handmade products with consistent attention to detail will ensure the finest quality at all times. -Innovation in baked goods and introduction of globally popular products will bring much needed variety to the market -Plum will cater to the sophisticated palette by offering more refined, ‘exotic’ varieties of baked goods. -Top notch customer service will be provided. Our focus will be on relationship building with each customer to increase loyalty.

Unique Range of Products
Plum Boutique  Garments will include work wear, cocktail dresses, weekend & evening wear & accessories  Unique hand-picked fabrics  Designs with a heavy emphasis on style, elegance & femininity  Highest quality fabrics chosen for maximum comfort
Plum Bake shop  The bake shop will offer various flavours of cookies & muffins  Introduction of cinnamon rolls and exotic varieties of donuts  Wholesome & novel assortment of breads  Beverages will also include home-grown lemongrass tea

Target Market
1) Women in the age group of 15-35 who frequent clubs and bars, socialize with friends and relatives in restaurants. They are aware of international fashion trends and value quality & exclusivity; 2) Youth in the age group of 15-22 who spend time in coffee shops, enjoy good food and don’t mind paying a premium for brand value; 3) Children aged 1-13 - mainly through their guardians; 4) Sophisticated connoisseurs of good food: Well travelled people who have tried various delicatessens abroad and would appreciate the same in their home city.

Packaging for customer delight
We believe that the customer deserves a product which reflects its intrinsic refinement on the outside. We package our products with careful consideration so that it mirrors the pride that we have in it. The plum colored theme has been carefully incorporated in the packaging. -The clothes will be wrapped in kite paper and secured with a plum colored ribbon tied in a bow. -Each purchase from the bake shop will be packed in a stylish brown paper box and fastened similarly with a ribbon. The earthy brown tone speaks for the home baked nature of our products.

Packaging for customer delight
-Additionally, to educate the customer about his purchase, information cards about the nutritive value of the ingredients/the quality of the materials used in the garments will be attached to the package. -Bills will be folded into smart bill enclosures and dropped into the plum colored carry bags. -Further, to heighten customer delight, beauty and health tips will be occasionally dropped into the carry bags. We will ensure that the customer leaves the mall after an experience not just a visit.

Innovative marketing strategy with an emphasis on relationship building
-Information leaflets will be placed at strategic locations like high end

salons & clubs; -Pamphlets and e-newsletters will be circulated in offices at the IT park; -Interaction with existing and potential customers through social media like Facebook , Orkut and Twitter. -Thank you notes and emails to ensure an open, friendly communication channel with clients. -An extensive network of friends and family will spread the word through word of mouth and email.

-It brings a unique, coherent, integrated ‘brand’ approach to Chandigarh, for the first time. The client will attribute Plum and the mall with the same qualities of elegance, sophistication and style. -With Plum apparel being sold exclusively at the mall, there will be an increase in the number of footfalls -The bake shop customers may also opt for lunch at the food court , after shopping for apparel at Plum or before dessert. -Young residents of the city complain of a dearth of places where they can just ‘hang-out’. Plum, with its unique concept and blasé ambience will soon become a popular choice amongst youngsters

Plum at the DT Mall, Chandigarh

Plum at the DT Mall, Chandigarh
-The customer will associate the pleasurable Plum experience with their visit at the mall and view it as an attribute of the mall itself. -Each element of the marketing strategy will work as additional marketing for the mall as well. -As the customer builds an emotional bond to the brand, Plum will become synonymous with the mall. -The mall will be viewed as the place to come to when some trusted fashion advice is sought, or when one wants to taste the wholesome goodness of fresh, home-baked, quality treats.


Desired layout for the outlet
Plum will symbolize warm and comfortable sophistication. Our clients will view it as a pleasant retreat during or after a hard days work, or just a place to unwind during a lazy weekend evening. The interiors will be tastefully assembled to resemble a spacious, tasteful and luxurious studio apartment – complete with: An open kitchen (for the bake shop); Couches, rugs and low coffee tables in the living room (for the seating area); A dressing table and small walk in closet (for the display of clothes) Color schemes on the walls, furnishings, cushions, throws and rugs will effectively sprinkle the plum color along with an earthy tone throughout the space for the complete ‘Plum’ experience!

Excerpts from the Plum Bake Shop menu


Cookies Our six-inch affairs allow for three distinct textures. First there’s the crunchy outside inch or so. Then,there’s the center which is soft. But the real magic, is the one-anda-half-inch ring between them where the two textures and all the flavors mix. Heaven! Chocolate Chip Cookie Grandma's Oatmeal Cookies Peanut Butter Cookies Orange Poppy Seeds Cookie

Breads Our home-made breads are much more nutritious and tasty than store-bought industrial breads. Each bite tastes of freshness bursting with the goodness of our specially made home-made spreads. (Served in slices or as a whole.) Banana Bread with Ricotta Cheese & Honey Herb &Garlic Bread with Aioli Country Seed Wheat Bread with Humus

Examples of clothes tags
At Plum, we pay special attention to textures ensuring that our clothing is always practical to wear, offers maximum comfort and is of the highest quality. Made with the finest fabrics, imaginative style and immaculate tailoring, this product is a creation we are extremely proud of.
Crafted with one of the finest quality silk chiffon, this blouse combines a hint of shimmer with a light casual air. Wear it as a boat neck for dinner with the family or off the shoulder for a sexy twist. Either way, its luxurious feel and airy design is sure to make you look and feel as delicate as a petal!

Examples of the bake shop cards
Flaxseeds are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids which fight against the cholesterol deposits that clot the blood & result in heart attacks & strokes. Besides helping in building muscles & burning fat, flaxseeds are known for clearing up acne & even help with arthritis. And that’s not all that you get when you bite into each slice of this wholesome Country Seed Wheat Bread! Packed with not only the benefits of flaxseeds, the bread gives the added goodness of sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, honey, olive oil & whole wheat flour!! At Plum we ensure you experience good health and good taste with every bite.

Plum Bake Shop Country Seed Whole Wheat Bread

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