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My name is Dana Evanoff. I was recently laid off from Coach USA Chicago due to
their charter division closing down. I thought I would be with that company for
a long long time. I work extremely hard and I am dedicated to the company I wo
rk for. I thrive to make the company grow and always look for new ways to impro
ve. Also I understand the importance of working with the other departments in t
he workplace. I have maintained some very high end corporate clients, as well a
s professional sports teams including the Chicago Bears and Chicago Black Hawks.
I was fortunate enough to ride along in the parade up top a double decker bus
with the team celebrating their Championship. I truly understand the importance
of maintaining a great relationship with clients and making sure my work is don
e in a timely manner with no errors. My duties for 5+ years included quoting th
e business, putting together and invoicing client contracts and receiving paymen
ts. I hope to meet and talk with you soon, I am excited to start a new job as s
oon as possible. I also have a reference letter from my previous employer I can
send over upon request. Thank you.

9128 Southmoor Ave.
Highland, IN
Tel: 219-765-3262

An office position that promotes individual growth while using my skills, loyal
ty and strong work ethic to make a positive contribution in the company growth.
Jun 2005
Sep 2010 Account Executive
Coach USA Chicago
Chicago, IL
Responsible for establishing new business, developing current business relations
hips and ensuring clients satisfaction. Field incoming calls of a multi-line pho
ne system, data entry, filing and assisting co-workers, sales manager and genera
l manager as needed. Also responsible for creating and invoicing all client cont
racts and making sure all bookings are paid in full at month end.
a Consistently led the sales team with the most bookings
a Clear in communication orally and in writing to clients and co-workers
a Truly understands how my work contributes to the success of the company
a Adapted to 7 different manager styles in 5 years of being with the company
a Maintained exceptional relationships with clients that kept them wanting to us
e the company
a At one point successfully managed the charter sales department together with o
ne other person while the company was in transition
a Has realized working well, getting involved and expressing new ideas with ever
y single department contributes to the ultimate success of the company
a Replied as quickly as possible to phone/email messages, time effectiveness is
extremely important with companies success
a Regularly made recommendations to project lead on how to improve company
May 2001
Jun 2005 Nanny
Mitchell/Holder household
Highland, IN
Provide complete care for the children in the employer's home and perform all ta
sks that correlate to the care of the children. To create a safe, nurturing and
stimulating environment in which the children can thrive and develop.
a Care for 3 children between the ages of 4 months to 4 years
a Create activities structured for individual child
a Maintain a conductive environment beneficial to the group of children
May 2003
Oct 2003 Nursing Assistant (Pediatrics)
Community Hospital
Munster, IN
Working and assisting nurses and doctors with routine care of patients.
a Register patients (responsible for creating and maintaining patients file)
a Obtain and record doctor's directives
a Monitor the welfare of 7-10 patients at a time
a Prepare and transport patients for any needed procedures
a Consistently check patient vitals
Nov 2003
Mar 2005 Brown Mackie College
Merrillville, IN
Certificate in Medical Assisting
a Prepare medical reports routinely used in medical office
a Prepare and administer medications including injections
a Familiar with malpractice laws, insurance, billing and coding
a Collect biological specimens used in diagnosis of the patient
a Experienced with routine medical procedures for physical examinations
Jan 2003
Feb 2003 Community Hospital
Munster, IN
Certified as a Nursing Assistant
2000 Highland High School
Highland, IN
Graduated High School
John Curran
V.P. of Coach USA Chicago/Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.
Jose Arias
Arias Consulting
Lisa Orban
(former operations manager at Coach USA Chicago)
Nick Stamate
St. John Police Dept.
Anthony George
General Manager at Cavallo Bus Lines