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……………….. Robert lately? Have you seen

……………… until midnight last night. I was reading
I could ……………. much more for the painting if I had sold it overseas. have got
‘I’m a student.’ He told me that …………………. a student. he was
Susan will come to tea if you ………………. her. ask
When I was a child I …………………. a lot of sweets. used to eat
‘………………… Romeo and Juliet?’ ‘Yes, I saw it on Wednesday’. Have you seen
Tea will be ready when you …………………. home. get
‘Have you finished?’ He asked me ……………………… if I had finished
He’s rather dirty. He ………………… a bath before he came here. should have had
If you ……………………. gone to the party you would have seen him. had
Supposing you ………………… there again. What would you do? went

1. A.He wanted speak with Mr.Brown.

B.He wanted to speak with Mr.Brown.
2. A.Someone had broken into the office and stolen the files.
B.Someone had broken into the office and stole the files.
3. A.Her advisor was pleased with the topic which she had chosen for her thesis.
B.Her advisor was pleased with the topic which she had chose for her thesis.
4. A.If she knew how to drive, he would lend her his car.
B.If she knew to drive, he would lend her his car.
5. A.Should you like to have tea every afternoon?
B.Do you like to have tea every afternoon?

1B, 2B, 3A, 4A, 5B

The …………. describes the financial state of the business. balance sheet
The cash dispenser is: machine outside a bank
The government pays for the unemployed an unemployment………. benefit
She has a very good job. I’m sure she ................... over two thousand RON. earns
The ........................ of living will only go up. It won’t go down. cost
The English term for the Romanian ‘S.R.L.’ is: limited liability company
The primary sector is concerned with: raw materials
The shares of a public limited company are quoted at the: Stock Exchange
The number of orders went up... we increased our prices by 10%. although
The part of the economy that creates wealth is: commerce
The ........ business of the company is timber sales. core
The public sector comprises all the organisations basically ..... by the Government. funded
A good manager must be able to handle ..... situations. touchy
.... managers are responsible for the strategy of the company. top
A company is run by a ......... board of directors
After many unforseeen obstacles they just managed to meet their .......... deadline
Unemployment ______________ is paid to people who are unable to find any work. benefit
The factory made huge improvements in its general management and __________ control. quality
The government requires everybody to make a financial contribution towards their ______ education.
I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I will _________________ a decision soon. make
It is hard to find a job as there is a __________________ of employment there days. shortage
I managed to buy a house for a/an __________________ price. profitable
One problem is how to ___________________ the disadvantaged people with suitable
accommodation. provide
Telecommunication shopping is more than technological equipment enabling changes in ___. buying
Even more surprising _____________ most of the current projections allow for a modest rate of
economic growth. is the fact that
The principles for __________were developed in US before and during World War II. improving
Large companies could easily set up their own advertising departments, but they tend to hire the
services of a/an_____advertising agency
The set of customers whose needs a company plans to satisfy, and therefore to expose to an
advertisement are known as the ______________________ market. target
She suggested that they _____________ leave at once. should
Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste helps ____________ tooth decay. preventing
You will have your lunch after you _______________ your hands. have washed
My friend says that no other car could go __________________ so fast as his new car
Mary ______________ that man if she hadn’t loved him. wouldn’t have married
We were sure that our brother ______ TV at that time. would be watching
Dinner will be ready _____________ presently
Will videocassettes become ________ now that DVD is available? obsolete
The trial was ______ until they found additional witnesses. adjourned
She didn’t like the idea of having children as it would _________________ with her career. interfere
We ................. from Messrs. Blake & Sons that you export furniture. understand
We are ............ for your name and address to your Commercial Agency in our city. indebted
I am .................... a prompt reply. looking forward to
If you ........... right away from stock, we would be prepared to place an order. could supply
It is always a pleasure to ......... from an old friend. hear
We .......... be obliged to you if you gave us a call. should
................ to your letter, here is our opinion. in reply
Your letter ............15 July arrived yesterday. of
The entities/persons entering into a contract are called: parties
A ‘breach of contract’ may be: committed
A ‘sleeping partner’ is: a passive partner
A contract is a: legally binding document
‘To terminate’ a contract means: to treat as discharged

2 67) This letter is completely mixed up. Put the sentences in the correct order:

To: Tiny Tots Toy Company

15456 Pyramid Way
College Park, FL 33133

Dear Customer Service Representative,

a) 2 I have purchased other toys manufactured by your company in the

past, and have always been impressed with the quality and
selection that Tiny Tots has made available to its customers.

b) 1 I recently purchased one of your Tiny Tents for my three-year old.

c) 5 I sincerely hope this is a one-time incident, and that any future

purchases I make will live up to the standard my family has come
to expect from your company.

d) 3 Unfortunately, after viewing the components that came with the

tent are in Portuguese and Russian, not in English. These two
unforeseen problems have resulted in the tent remaining
unassembled and unacceptable as a toy for my daughter.

e) 6 If reasonable arrangements are not made within ten business days,

I will return the tent to the store and expect a refund.

f) 4 I am writing to request replacements for the missing parts, and a

copy of the full set of assembly instructions in English.

Clara Winters
2 b-a-d-f-c-e

3 68) Put the paragraphs of this letter in the correct order:

Ms F Soares
Rua J Falcao 20-7
4001 Porto
15 July 20___
Dear Ms Soares

a)4 I am afraid that I have some bad news.

b)1 Thank you very much for your letter.

c)6 I hope that this does not inconvenience you in any way.

d)3 I hope that you have completely recovered now.

e)5 Due to unforeseen problems, we are unable to deliver your order

on time.

f)8 Please give my regards to Mr Segall.

g)7 We expect to be back to normal by the end of this month, so I am

sure that you will receive the goods within three weeks.

h)2 I was sorry to hear that you have been ill recently.

Kind regards

Ke Soon Lee
Ke Soon Lee
Overseas Sales Dept.
3 b-h-d-a-e-c-g-f

The best form of advertising is free ................. advertising, which occurs when satisfied customers
recommend products or services to their friends. word-of-mouth
A contract to produce the advertisements for a specific company product or service is known as
a/an .......account
Any mention of a company’s product or service in any media (press, TV, radio) that is not paid for is
called .................. publicity
Money paid to people with a handicap is known as.................... disability allowance
Companies pay ......................... on their business profits. corporation tax
A bank account with minus money in it is a/an..................... overdraft
An asset that can be claimed by a bank if a loan is not repaid is a/an ...................... mortgage
A sum of money paid back for faulty or unwanted goods. refund
A ‘cash-cow’ is a/an ............... part of a business that you can depend on to make enough profits
Accounting is a complex activity that includes.............. bookkeeping, accounting proper and
The amount of money put into a company by its shareholders is a/an ............... share capital
A ‘twin room’ is a............. room with two beds
The English words for “camera cu orientare spre sud’ is: room facing south
An ‘instalment’ is: money to pay
When you take a bank loan, you must offer a/an .................. security
An account that is used only for keeping money is a/an.................. savings account
An institution that grants loans to build houses is a/an............. building society
The way that a company is run at the highest level is called: corporate governance
The invested capital that involves some risks is a .................... venture capital

Va multumim ca ati fost atat de prompti in trimiterea documentelor pentru ultima noastra comanda.
Thank you for having been so prompt in sending the documents for our last order.
Folosim acest prilej pentru a va multumi pentru scrisoarea dvs. de comanda.
We take this opportunity to thank you for your letter of order.
Asteptam cu nerabdare sa avem vesti de la dvs. curand.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Suntem interesati sa facem o comanda la compania dvs.
We are interested in placing an order with your company.
Ne pare rau ca nu am putut raspunde la timp la scrisoarea dvs.
We regret that we were not able to answer your letter in due time.
Suntem unul dintre cei mai mari importatori si distribuitori de cosmetice.
We are one of the largest importers and distributors of cosmetics.
Suntem indatorati pentru cererea dvs. de oferta.
We are much obliged for your inquiry.
Datorita unor probleme neprevazute, nu putem livra comanda dvs. la timp.
Due to unforseen problems, we are unable to deliver your order on time.
Anexam prezentei o prima comanda pentru mobila.
Enclosed please find an opening order for furniture.
Daca doriti sa anulati comanda ar fi cat se poate de inteles.
If you wish to cancel the order it would be quite understandable.
Daca am cumpara tot ce produceti, ne-ati acorda exclusivitate?
If we purchased all you produce, would you grant us exclusivity?
Asemenea produse sunt numite in cele ce urmeaza “Produsele”.
Such products are called hereinafter “the Products”.
Din nefericire, ati uitat sa mentionati costul produselor dvs.
Unfortunately, you forgot to mention the cost of your products.
De doua ori saptamana aceasta, am gasit muncitorii dvs. dormind cand ei trebuie sa munceasca.
Twice this week, I have found your workers asleep when they should be working.
Regretam foarte mult ca v-am dat motive de reclamatie.
We very much regret having given you cause of complaint.
Nu ne-ati lasat alta alternativa decat sa actionam pe cale legala.
You have left us no alternative but to take legal action.
Vom avea grija ca marfa nelivrata sa fie urgent expediata prin posta.
We shall arrange the short delivered goods to be urgently posted.
Trebuie sa recunoasteti ca niciodata nu ati fost interesati de opinia noastra, nu-i asa?
You must admit that you have never been interested in our opinion, have you?
Vor incepe sa construiasca noua companie de indata ce vor primi banii:
They will start building the new company as soon as they have received the money.
Inca nu l-am intrebat cat timp ii va lua sa termine de scris contractul.
I haven’t asked him yet how long it would take him to finish writing the contract.
Cercetatorii au discutat despre introducerea unei legi care sa protejeze oamenii impotriva concedierii
The researchers talked about the introduction of a law to protect people against unfair
Daca el va dori sa reuseasca in aceasta slujba, va trebui sa invete sa se inteleaga cu colegii lui putin
mai bine.
If he wants to succeed in this job, he will have to learn to get along with his colleagues a little
Contabilul a refuzat slujba pentru ca era prea prost platita.
The accountant turned the job down because it was too badly paid.
Cum sti ca directorul nu spune adevarul?
How do you know that the manager is not telling the truth?
Presedintele companiei nu a vrut sa fie recunoscut, asa ca a calatorit incognito.
The president of the company did not want to be recognized, so he travelled incognito.
Noul director vorbeste publicului de jumatate de ora.
The new manager has been speaking to the audience for half an hour.
Consiliul de administratie tocmai a terminat sedinta.
The board of directors have just finished the meeting.
Purtatorul de cuvant a spus ca ei vor vizita fabricile in ziua urmatoare.
The spokesman said that they would visit the factories the next day.
Dl.Johnson s-a pensionat la 70 de ani, dupa ce lucrase 40 de ani pentru aceeasi companie.
Mr.Johnson retired at 70 years old, after he had worked forty years for the same company.
Progresele pe care le-au facut erau mai mari decat sperasera ei vreodata.
The progress they made was better than they had ever hoped.
Lumea crede ca el urmeaza sa fie ales noul presedinte al companiei.
People believe that he is to be elected the new president of the company.
N-ar fi intrat in aceasta firma daca ar fi stiut ca este atat de greu.
He wouldn’t have joined this company, if he had known it was so hard.
De ce fel de informatii ai spus ca ai nevoie?
What kind of information did you say you needed?
Daca vanzarile nu vor merge bine anul acesta, vom incerca sa ne reducem costurile.
If sales don’t go well this year, we’ll try to reduce our costs.
Daca as fi contabil sef, as insista sa am mai mult personal in departamentul contabilitate.
If I were chief accountant, I would insist on having more staff in the accounting department.

1 pentru a atenua efectele 3)to smooth out the effects
2 în numele/din partea 4)on behalf of
3 aceasta ne-ar conveni 1) this would suit us
4 nu livreazã 5)fail to deliver
5 sã pretindã daune/despãgubiri 2)to claim damages

1 someone who has a lease or who pays money for a property he leases
2 declaring a contract as a binding document 8)affirmation of a
3 payment by installments 10)hire-purchase
4 a person who has been caused a prejudice 6)injured party
5 official permission to do something 7)license

1 Breaking off negotiations 14)It would be better if we looked for

some independent arbitrator
2 Dealing with conflict 11) I think we should look at the points we
agree on
3 Rejecting 12)I don’t think it would be sensible for us to…
4 Ending negotiations 13) Can we go through the points we’ve
5 Bargaining 15)if we purchased all you produce, would you grant us

1 three copies of a document 17)triplicate

2 the building where goods are stored before delivery 19)warehouse
3 written orders to pay a sum of money 16) drafts
4 the date a document becomes invalid 21) expiry date
5 following a set standard 23)conformity
6 two identical copies of a document 18)duplicate
7 the right to compel payment 27)recourse
8 responsibility for payment 26)engagement
9 loading and unloading goods from one kind of transport to another
10 the agreed conditions 24)terms
11 the clients on whose behalf the bank is acting 25)principals
12 sending goods by sea 22)shipment

1 Amendment 36)change
2 Obtain 29)get
3 Acknowledge 34)confirm
4 Authenticate 30)validate
5 Remit 31)send
6 Obligation 35)duty
7 Ship 28)transport
8 Generate 37)produce
9 Settle 33)pay
1 Record 32)write down

1 business loan 39) A manufacturing company wants to buy new

2 credit card 46) A client travels a lot and has to pay hotel and
restaurant bills regularly
3 Executor 43) A client wants a bank to act on his/her behalf
4 night safe 40) A casino needs to deposit large amounts of money at
4 a.m. every morning
5 safe deposit box 44) A client wants her jewellery to be kept in the
6 cash card 47) A client works irregular hours and does not have
time to visit the bank to withdraw money from his/her account
7 deposit account 49) A client wants to earn a higher rate of interest
by depositing money for a fixed period of time
8 SWIFT transfer 45) Ms. Massant wants to send $5,000 to her son in
New York as quickly as possible
9 Overdraft 38) A client has a lot of bills to be paid this month and
does not have enough funds in the account to pay for them
10 standing order 42) A client has to pay several bills on a regular
11 cheque encashment 48) A client wants to withdraw money against
a personal cheque
12 direct debit 51) A client allows a creditor to withdraw money from
his account at regular intervals to pay for goods and services
13 Mortgage 50) A client wants a long-term loan to purchase a house
14 personal loan 52) A client wants to borrow money to renovate his
15 portfolio services 41) A client wants to invest money in several
banking products and needs advice

1 Interpreted 67) construed

2 of them, of it 57) thereof
3 Immediately 59) forthwith
4 immediately in the document 53) hereinafter
5 by both people signing this agreement 54) mutually
6 on condition 55) provided
7 Break 60) commit a breach
8 specified by the agreement 62) hereunder
9 after that 58) thereafter
10 signatory (of the agreement) 68) party
11 Under 65) in pursuance of
12 that is to say 56) namely
13 Terms 61) provisions
14 referred to earlier 64) said
15 Understood 66) deemed
16 at all 63) whatsoever

1 we are sending the consignment to you carriage forward 72) you have
to pay when the goods are returned to you
2 we are not responsible for the error 69) it’s not our fault
3 we would like to complain about 77) we’re complaining about
4 we will have to take legal action 73) we will sue you
5 you seem to have made an error 74) you made a mistake
6 the products are not satisfactory 76) the goods are rubbish
7 we will not re-order 75) we won’t buy anything from you again
8 you have not followed our instructions 78) why don’t you pay
9 please correct the error 70) you should make it right
10 we would like a refund 71) we want our money back

1 Contract de consultanţă tehnică 84) Engineering contract

2 Contract de consignaţie 86) Consignment contract
3 Contract de închiriere 85) Leasing contract
4 Contract de asigurare 83) Insurance contract
5 Contract de obiective 82) Turn-key contract
6 Contract de navlosire 81) Charter Party
7 Contract de licenţă pentru brevet de invenţie 79) License
8 Contract de mandat 80) Agent Contract

1 the seller must pay the costs and freight necessary to bring the goods to
the port of destination 90) CFR (cost and freight)
2 the seller fulfills his obligation to deliver when the goods have been
made available at the named place in the country of importation 89)
DDU (delivered duty unpaid)
3 the seller has the same obligations as under CFR but with the addition
that he has to procure marine insurance 91) CIF (cost, insurance and
4 the seller fulfills his obligation to deliver when the goods have passed
over the ship’s rail at the named port of shipment 88) F.O.B
5 the seller fulfills his obligation when he has made the goods available
at his premises to the buyer 87) EXW (Ex works)
6 the seller fulfills his obligation when the goods have been made
available at the named place in the country of destination. The seller
has to bear the risks and costs including duties, taxes and other charges
of delivering the goods 93) DDP (delivered duty paid)
7 the seller has the same obligations as under CPT (carriage paid to...)
but with the addition that the seller has to procure cargo insurance
against the buyer’s risk of loss and damage to the goods during the
carriage 92) CIP (carriage and insurance paid to..)
1 adjust to a new situation 99) get 9 get accross your basic message
used to something 94) communicate
2 arrive at a different figure 103) 1 get on with the task in hand 102)
reach or come to 0 progress or advance (in a job)
3 back up someone who needs 1 go through some stupid
support 107) support someone 1 procedure 106) suffer something
4 back down from your previous 1 meet halfway on a discount 95)
position 96) concede or yield an 2 compromise
5 brush up your English 100) 1 mess up someone’s plans 105)
improve (by studying) 3 spoil, make untidy
6 count on someone’s support 97) 1 put up with difficult people 108)
depend on, rely on 4 tolerate
7 draw up a new proposal 101) 1 turn down an idea 104) reject
prepare (plans, documents, 5
8 frown on the way someone
behaves 98) disapprove of