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Robert L.

Powell 3772 Galdway Dr.
434-987-9452 Snellville, GA 30039
Objectives and Executive Profile
a- Be a major contributor to a successful HVAC/Plumbing organization using my
vast experience and skills
a- Enhance profitability, sales, organizational efficiency and team work
a- Twenty years of HVAC management, administration, consulting, coaching and
a- Consulted and trained for major manufacturers, vendors and dealers
a- Seventeen years in banking and financial analysis
a- Highly effective in creating successful teams, rewarding performance and e
nhancing profitability
a- Provide successful careers for associates

Skills and Qualifications

a- Major contributor to a successful HVAC franchisor (Service America)
a- Created business models to enhance revenue and accountability using push
down budgets
a- Facilitated workshops on business management, operations and sales
a- Developed flat rate software
a- Successfully built teams as a General Manager increasing sales and profita
a- In home sales
a- Ability to focus and successfully implement strategic plans
a- Advisor to the Indoor Air Quality Network (
a- Trained hundreds of Service Technicians on value selling and providing Wor
ld Class Service
a- Taught classes for CEU certification in Georgia sponsored by Conditioned A
ir Association of Georgia
a- Very effective communicator and coach
a- Created a business model used to value HVAC/Plumbing companies and have su
ccessfully valued many companies for sale or purchase.
Professional Background
Consulting Services a" Various Companies & Ron Collier
Providing various consulting & business services to HVAC companies.
Retail Manager a" Snellville Heating & Air (Monroe, GA.) 2008
Responsible for residential and light commercial sales, including setting goals,
managing leads, marketing and advertising. Responsible for Technician training
on the service process, generating leads and selling accessories. Company heav
ily involved in the New Construction Market (90%), had to substantially reduce s
taff and expenses.
General Manager a" Mills Heating & Air (Concord, VA) 2007
Responsible for day to day operations, including all operations, field schedulin
g, dispatching and training. Established accounting and financial procedures.
Along with the owner was responsible for marketing and advertising. Conducted w
eekly management and sales meetings to keep focus on sales and profitability. P
osition was temporary and established to set strategic plans and on-going proced
ures for the owner.
Retail Manager a" HVAC a" Keith Lawson Company (Tallahassee, FL) 2006
Keith Lawson Company provides HVAC and Plumbing services for the construction
and retail markets. Responsibilities include managing the Sales and Service Dep
artments for the HVAC Division. Implementing plans to substantially grow and e
nhance profitability and become less dependent on the construction markets. Tra
in and conduct in home sales for Service Technicians, while increasing service r
evenue and profitability. Resigned to accept position with Mills Heating & Air.
Consulting a" Many assignments in conjunction with Ron Collier (Atlanta, GA)
2005 to 2006
Provided financial, business and marketing strategies to various businesses. Co
nducted business valuations and in-depth business reviews. Provided plans to im
plement findings and ensure success with follow up and accountability. Help wri
te business plans, create statistical analysis and tracking systems. Provide ma
rketing programs to increase sales, referrals and profitability.

General Manager a" Albemarle Heating & Air (Charlottesville, VA)

2002 to 2005
Responsible for the daily operations of a $10 million dollar dealer. Dealt with
operations, sales, service, finances and production. Monitored the efficien
cy of operations in terms of operating and production costs, earnings potential,
budget controls, and trends within the industry. Responsible for staffing, trai
ning and advancement.
a Implemented a compensation program that kept labor within budget and allowed f
ield personnel earnings to exceed others in the market.
a Created divisional goal setting through budgets and strategic planning and hel
d personnel accountable.
a Instituted incentives and bonuses throughout the organization.
Terminated in 2005, owner brought in a General Manager that was to invest in the
company. Was attempting to
relocate to Atlanta (Mother had suffered a stroke).
Associate a" Collier Consulting Group (Austin, TX) 2000 to 2002
Supplied business, financial and sales training to manufacturers, vendors and de
alers. Conducted workshops to facilitate business training to company principle
s and key personnel. Focused on pricing, finance and operations to enhance prof
itability and improve quality of life. Provided on site education and training
for individual dealers. Conducted business valuations for owners. Provided sal
es training for Sales Consultants and Service Technicians. Sold leading edge fl
at rate and profit analysis software. Resigned to accept offer with Albemarle H
eating & Air.
C.F.O. and Operations Manager a" Coolray Heating & Air (Atlanta, GA) 1995 to 200
Responsible for all accounting, funding, banking and financial areas for a $24 m
illion dollar dealer. Created budget accountability for Division Managers. Ins
talled state of the art computer system to enhance reporting and information ana
lysis. Along with the Management Team increased profitability to the point wher
e Coolray was purchased by a leading consolidator. Was also responsible for the
operations of the company including the Service Division which had twenty five
Service Technicians. Further developed compensation package that substantially
improved company profitability and Technician earnings. Differences with Blue D
ot management led to a mutual termination.
Regional Field Manager/Consultant/Various Assignments 1987 to 1995
Service America and Ron Smith & Associates Atlanta, GA
Used a proven business model to franchise to the HVAC Industry. Created and ado
pted by Ron Smith the model trained business owners and managers to improve prof
itability and enhance careers. Traveled throughout the country facilitating wor
kshops and on site training in all areas of business. Created standard operatin
g procedures, business manuals, marketing collateral, chart of accounts, budgeti
ng, accounting practices, pricing strategies, operational analysis and sales tra
ining. Helped create a successful program, Dominant Market Share, and a compani
on program, Dominant Market Share for Service Technicians. Assisted dealers wit
h information technology decisions and implementation schedules. Provided addit
ional specialized training in areas of need for dealers. Resigned and accepted
position with Coolray Heating & Air.
Williams Service Companies (Atlanta, GA)
1981 to 1986
A holding company with companies in various industries, including banking, speci
alized construction, home building and insurance. Responsibilities focused on
bank acquisitions and mergers. Started supermarket banking in the Atlanta marke
t. Resigned when banking interests were sold and merged.
Honeywell Information Systems (Atlanta, GA)
1978 to 1981
Provided financial analysis for the Field Engineering Division a" area covered f
rom Virginia to Puerto Rico. Evaluated the profitability of various computer pr
oducts and systems. Honeywell sold Information System interest to Bull of Franc
e. Accepted position with Williams Service Companies.
First National Bank of Atlanta a" through many acquisitions ended up as part of
Wachovia. (Atlanta, GA)
1969 to 1978
Held various positions over the years; including Operations clerk, Auditor and C
ommercial Lending VP. Resigned to accept offer from Honeywell.
Adjunct Professor a" Perimeter College (Dekalb County, Georgia) 1977 to 1985
Taught various business courses including accounting, finance and economics.

B.B.A., Accounting 1971
Georgia State University Atlanta, GA
M.B.A., Finance 1977
Georgia State University Atlanta, GA
Running, bicycle riding and coaching