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12122 Medina Mill

San Antonio, Texas 78253
(H) 210-757-3273 ~ (M) 703-483-5310


Logistics ~ Management ~ Procurement
Accomplished, results-driven Supply Chain Manager with demonstrated ability to s
ave millions of dollars in logistics through strategic planning and implementati
on. Recently directed supply chain logistics for inflight services for internat
ional airlines. Developed options and opportunities that saved $3.9 million in
logistics costs in 2009. Directed development and implementation of customizabl
e eMarketplace web site for airlines' and vendors' procurement and distribution
activities that reached $100 million in annualized volume after only one year.
Areas of Expertise/Professional Strengths
Leadership ~ Strategic/Tactical Planning ~ Creativity/Vision ~ Negotiations ~ Fi
nancial Management ~ Operations ~ Customer Focus ~ Communications ~ Training/Men
* Reduced Delta Airline's costs by $2.4 million by moving Gategourmet's European
distribution center to more strategic location and changing delivery mode from
air freight to sea freight for African and Middle Eastern delivery points.
* Saved significant costs for United Airlines through reduction of inventory of
reusable equipment from $4 million to $2.5 million and proper network balancing.
* Avoided $1 million in annual costs by creating Asian distribution center to en
able direct deliveries to Asia from Chinese manufacturers. Center will be opera
tional by end of year.
* Supported merger of Delta and Northwest airlines by incorporating 165 new deli
very points in its network, moving Northwest suppliers to Delta and consolidatin
g three distribution channels into one.
* Achieved $100 million in annualized sales in first year of operation by implem
enting improvements to eMarketplace, a centralized function that enables entire
supply chain for inflight services to coordinate and optimize both procurement a
nd distribution. Updated version is still in operation nine years later.
* Placed product orders, managed production in China, and distributed Delta's ne
w $3.2 million Business Elite service at 75 global locations in only six months.
GATEGOURMET, 1989 - 2010
Name has changed repeatedly as company has evolved through mergers and acquisiti
Director, Asset Logistics, Pourshins, Reston, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia (200
4 - 2010)
* Directed global management team responsible for inventory planning, order plac
ement, ongoing replenishment, logistics and customer service for inflight produc
ts and services representing $120 million in annual product throughput.
Director, Asset Logistics, Pourshins (Continued)
* Developed strategies to reduce inventory levels, avoid costs and improve suppl
y chain operations using company's warehouse and logistics management system.
* Supervised eMarketplace functions.
* Hired, trained, mentored and evaluated performance of 18-person management tea
m in two US locations and in Europe.
* Developed and presented monthly KPI reports.
* Managed functional and financial performance including development and adheren
ce to annual budget.
Director, Marketplace Development, e-gatematrix, Atlanta, Georgia (2003 - 2004);
Manager, Marketplace Development (2001 - 2003)
* Directed development and implementation of processes and transactions for e-Ma
rketplace platform to provide centralized platform for airlines and suppliers.
* Managed entire process from concept through rollout in US, South America, Euro
pe and Asia-Pacific.
* Specified business requirements and enhancements for proprietary IFx (In-Fligh
t Exchange) system based on first-hand knowledge of inflight services industry.
* Supervised eMarketplace integration with multiple SAP systems.
* Marketed and trained supplier and client organizations in use of system.
Manager, Sourcing, e-gatematrix, Atlanta, Georgia (2000 - 2001)
* Managed procurement, sourcing and outsourced manufacturers/suppliers to suppor
t sales and key accounts.
* Ensured compliance with federal and state statutes as well as company policies
and procedures.
* Resolved issues regarding supplier performance, product performance, discrepan
cies and damage claims.
Manager Purchasing SFO, Gategourmet, San Francisco, California (1998 - 2000)
* Purchased all food for airline customers and unit, valued at $18 million per y
* Monitored flow of materials, food and supplies to meet customer requirements.
* Implemented automatic requisition process to reduce time wasted waiting for pr
* Eliminated need for chilled trailers by decreasing inventory.
Manager Purchasing DEN, Dobbs International, Denver, Colorado (1994 - 1998)
Manager Purchasing SAT, Dobbs International, San Antonio, Texas (1993 - 1994)
Supervisor, Storeroom, Dobbs International, St. Louis, Missouri (1991 - 1993)
Flight Checker/Dispatcher, Dobbs International, St. Louis, Missouri (1989 - 1991
FONTBONNE UNIVERSITY, St. Louis, Missouri 1991 - 1993
Associate in Applied Science, 1989 - 1991