The Rebirth of Judge Anderson Remote Viewing & Influencing Its Role In Policing & Counter Terrorism

If you were a fan of Judge Dredd the most powerful partner, he had was psychic cop Judge Anderson, does such a person exist, I believe so, as a civilian if I look on the net at any military organization, like the US Marine Corps, we see an encouraging culture to think out of the box, and encourage free thinking to achieve mission objectives, this seems to be the vogue in the RAF and other services. So I was pleased to be invited by my twitter friend who serves in the RAF to write this article, you are invited to think out of the box with me, which after reading this, I am whatever your role, let us whistle the X Files tune. Remote Viewing & Influencing its Role In Policing & Counter Terrorism In the current climate when intelligence and security organisations face the threat of terror, in the clamour to protect, gather information and prevent loss of life, if I said the ³The Men, Who Stare At Goats´, to military or police personnel, they would perceive a film about a set of army wacko¶s who decided to stare at goats using psychic powers, very funny. If I said Project Stargate, Project Gondola Wish, Eight Ability, one wonders what those titles mean, and consider it to be some vague off the wall program, if I said the MOD did trials in this subject area but closed it, well one might say that is the end of the story. If, however, I then said in the current climate of security issues, we as a nation face, that the use of psychics in the areas of intelligence gathering and influence of terrorists, provide high return for little investment, and that various government agencies in the US from the DIA to the CIA still use psychic techniques often, well I think I have got you hooked. Alarmed at the actions of the

KGB and GRU in the development of an area called ³psychotronics´ and bothered even more that the Russian¶s may get ahead in this area the US intelligence community began to develop a program to counter these hostile psychic activities termed the ³The Psychic Warfare Gap´. The intent was to close this gap on its cold war enemy. The US intelligence community approached Stanford Research Institute which together with two very gifted psychic¶s Ingo Swann and Pat Price, developed the remote viewing program It is important to note it was developed not because the intelligence community wanted to do PSI research, it was to counter a security threat that was real and was psychic from the Soviet war machine. Remote viewing is a mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a ³viewer´) to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding.

The image shown is a drawing of a gantry crane drawn from a photo, (left) and the accurate drawing of the same crane by a remote viewer Pat Price (right) at a top secret Russian facility. What SRI and the intelligence sponsors wanted was for a recognised procedure that could be used by all military personnel to remote view targets, thus the procedure developed by them was born called Coordinate Remote Viewing or CRV, a very accurate system and has been used to locate downed aircraft and hostages. In terms of remote influencing, or eight abilities, the use for it in a counter terrorist role, or in a hostage situation to will a successful outcome is very real, in areas where law enforcement has drawn a blank enquiry on a situation, RI can influence positive effects resulting in apprehending the criminal, and you thought Minority Report was fiction?, as the USAF perceived in its assessment the human being is an information processor, and as such it can be manipulated, and altered perhaps the use of PSI Corp is really thinking out of the box«as my RAF friend said ³Yea why not give this article a go´ Major Ed Dames Using CRV To View An Impending Terror Attack (Madrid)