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Goa I Monday, May 30, 2011

NFWF’s biggest fear is

the abuse of the clause
which would allow

establishment of ports
in so-called stable zones.
--- Matanhy Saldanha

Manipulation is the name of the game

Coastal regulation zone notifiCation
The National Fish Workers’ Forum
suspect that the new Coastal Regulation
Zone 2011 offers ample scope for
government manipulation, which
eventually can have serious
ramification. L P Fernandes met NFWF
chairman Matanhy Saldanha to get an
insight into their apprehensions.

n paper, the demarca- construction stayed by the Coastal
tions of CRZ from HTL Regulation Zone Management Au-
to 500 metres at the thority. After seven years however,
seafront and HTL to they showed it as an existing structure
100 metres on the river and the structure was legalized. This
front seems non-problematic. How- structure is within 10 metres from the
ever, there are several problems with HTL. These are certainly not local
the CRZ notification when one reads communities, but businessmen misus-
the fine print. ing the provisions with a little help
from the authorities.
LOCAL This apart, major irregularities are
COMMUNITIES allowed by the Director of Panchayats,
says Saldanha. Even if panchayats
Though the term local communities stay the construction of illegal struc- should not be changed for a minimum lands, thus illegally allowing con- tion of Port and harbour projects in
included in CRZ notification by the tures within the CRZ, it is the Director MANAGEMENT PLAN of 10 years,” said Saldanha. struction activity and continuing the high eroding stretches of the coast, ex-
Centre seems to be harmless, of Panchayats who overrules them. Under the notification, the State Our second demand is that the Cen- destruction of the coastal ecology in- cept those projects classified as strate-
Matanhy Saldanha, Chairman of Na- This, he alleged, was done on behalf Government through the Coastal tre should specify the criteria for iden- stead of preserving it. gic and defence related in terms of
tional Fisher Workers Forum (NFWF) of ministers and politicians. Zone Management Authority has to tifying and mapping Khazan lands. EIA notification, 2006 identified by
says that it provides scope for abuse. draw up the Coastal Zone Manage- The moot question is who will iden- CONSTRUCTION OF MoEF.
Within CRZ, reconstruction and re- MAPPING VILLAGES ment Plan, map khazan lands, man- tify them and what will be the criteria
PORTS Saldanha expressed the Forum’s
pair of houses of fishermen and so groves, sand dunes, turtle nesting for mapping them. Khazan lands can biggest fear of abuse of this clause
called “local communities” is al- Goa’s coast is dotted with fishing sites, etc. Saldanha reiterated that the easily be mapped as non-khazan The CRZ notification bans construc- which would allow establishment of
lowed. However, Saldanha predicted villages and therefore there is no NFWF had prepared a primer on the ports in so-called stable zones. Here,
that irregularities would crop up in its question of mapping villages. The en- CRZ notifications to create awareness the first issue is that once a port is es-
interpretations and monitoring. tire coastline should be declared as among the fishing communities and tablished, an entire stable zone will
The inclusion of other ‘local com- comprising of fishing villages. “All support organisations and the same become unstable. “The greed of the
munities’ is seen as a backdoor entry coastal villages viz –Cansaulim, Vel- had been placed before the Central corporate lobby will finish India’s
for illegalities. He cites the instance at sao, Baina, Nerul, Candolim, Government prior to the finalisation coastline. 350 ports are proposed to be
Velsao and Colva where illegal con- Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Arambol, of the notification. “Our apprehension The 1963 notification which gives the established along the Indian coast.
structions have come up within CRZ. Morjim are fishing villages so the about the provisions, giving power to
MPT this jurisdiction was given as a war How can such a huge number of ports
In the name of a tenant, a Delhi resi- question of mapping does not state government to map sensitive be established when present ports are
dent has started illegal construction at arise.Much will depend on how the zones such as khazan lands, man- booty, when there was no government in not saturated? This creation of ports is
Velsao. In the same village, Madras local bodies would interpret the pro- groves and sand dunes etc is that it Goa. They now carry out any activity only based on corporate greed. Every
Rubber Factory had put up a plinth visions, said Saldanha. can be easily manipulated. The without any permission. company wants to establish a port.”
for a cottage, which was illegal and NFWF’s first demand is that the plan
To be concluded next week

Seven deadly sins …

Commit the oldest sins, the newest kind of ways

While it is the client who often differs in opinion of
architectonic the contractor to oversee the ‘mundane’ task of
construction at site, the architect has come to be

ur introspection of present day architecture’s known as a ‘fixer’, with a wide range of ‘activities,
Seven deadly sins has moved on. From the first sin that include more ‘serious responsibilities’ like
of Pride which is the sin of designer egotism,
‘brokering’ construction approvals, ‘middling’ the
where we produce bad buildings because of our deluded
ideas of showcasing greatness of self, to the second sin of
sale of our ever popular ‘clear-title’ properties....
Envy, which is the sin of the ‘copy cat’ design method —
where we imitate, because we covet the qualities of an-
other. The sin of sloth is the sin of the inability, contributing to
We now, sample the third sin of Wrath and and the the apathy in our architecture.
fourth sin of Sloth. Incompetence has bracketed architects as “impractical”
WRATH: at construction and consequently classified, detailing for
better construction, as an unnecessary waste of time, that
Better known today as: ‘dogmatism’ (the intolerance of is best left to contractors and material suppliers to work
opinions that differ with ours) Architecture of sloth: Apathy in our architecture out and finalize, directly on site.
The sin of wrath is the sin of prejudice, with which we The consequence is that, while it is the client who, now
tarily withdraw and hope that the next client will not pig-headed behavior, which means that a good idea from often, differs to the opinion of the contractor to oversee the
be the same, or put up with these ‘expert’ clients who one side almost never finds its way to the other. ‘mundane’ task of construction at site, the architect has
won’t accept anything other than that, which follows It is naive to think that all clients and architects, today, come to be known as a ‘fixer’, with a wide range of ‘activ-
their own ideas of Ar- are open-minded, up-for- ities, that include more ‘serious responsibilities’ like ‘bro-
chitecture. debate liberals who would kering’ construction approvals, ‘middling’ the sale of our
Reversely, experi- want to discuss and hear ever popular ‘clear-title’ properties, ‘commissioning’ sup-
ences abound about out each other. pliers and contractors for confirmation in selection for
clients, attempting a So, while each side works works and ‘shadow partnering’ with contractors.
discussion of the pro- itself up against doing any- We hear of architects mockingly re-christened after their
posed design or for thing that may be seen as modus operandi, such as ‘5 percent’ who indicates to all,
clarity on consultancy crediting the others and by the art of skilful subtlety, a cover ‘commissioning’
fees claimed in lieu of into finding more ways to charge and ‘asli-nakli’ who hides incompetence of design
services rendered, and keep the others out from by fake decorative elements like dummy columns, dummy
Architecture of wrAth: Either you are with us or facing a sudden hostil- participating, Architecture arches, dummy cornices, etc., etc. - ’asli- nakli’ facades.
against us
ity, however honest suffers. The list of such slothfulness can go on and on.
express our opinions in a way that suggests they should and well intentioned, their SLOTH: to be concluded
be accepted without question. request may be.
Better know today as: ‘in-
Architects always serve at the pleasure of the client, but We are increasingly —————————————————————-
this is much confused with design being the prerogative stuck in this rigid dogma- competence’ (lacking in The author is a practicing architect based in
solely of the client and no one else. tism - a sort of ‘Either you Architecture of wrAth: Architecture suffers of skills and ability to do Carambolim, Goa.
In such a circumstance, either the architect has to volun- are with us or against us’ dogmatism something properly)

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