Name _______________________ Date _________ Per _______ Cold War Introduction Notes

(1) What was the Cold War?
Cold War: After WW2, the Cold War was a time of extreme paranoia between _______________, although _________ was never officially declared.

(2) Why was everyone so paranoid?
United States - Feared ________________ expansion throughout the world and the ______________________, as one country fell to communism it would inspire others to fall to communism - Feared the _________________________________________ - Americans saw the Soviet Union as a threat to their _______________ - From the propaganda, how did Americans think that communists would change their way of life? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

USSR -Feared US power and influence, especially with the development of the atomic weapons -Saw American culture as a threat to their way of life -Started to take over other countries so they could -Have a _______ from future attacks -Access to _______________ and chance to modernize - Spread ______________ and what they see as economic equality -From the propaganda, why did people in the USSR view the US as a threat to their way of life? ______________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

(3) How do these tensions immediately start forming after WW2?
Yalta Conference: _____________, ______________, and _________________ decide how to create a plan for peace after WWII. But they have very different post war goals: - US wants to spread ___________&_______________ to create strong trading partners - Russia wants __________ as a reward for winning the war. They felt they had suffered more in the war - sacrificing 25 million and major cities and had continued fighting against Japan even when Germany surrendered.

(4) What were the 2 HUGE IMPACTS of the Yalta Conference?

(A) Land changes.
(a) Germany(b) USSR takes possession of ______________, as long as it promises free elections.

(B) _____________ is formed which is ________ and ___________.
(a) US,USSR joined 48 other founding countries (b) Each country gets to vote (c) Security Council is created - 11 member Security Council has the right to veto any bad decision that received majority vote -5 permanent members: Britain, China, France, US, Soviet Union - 10 elected members are chosen every two years -Allows UN to quickly respond to military aggression and rewards responsible members with prestige Task: Compare and Contrast the Yalta Conference with the Treaty of Versailles. Consider . (1) How is the UN stronger and more effective than the League of Nations? (2) How were the goals of both meetings the same? How were they different? (3) Who was creating the treaties and when?

(5) After the Yalta Conference, how did the two countries try to prevent the other one from gaining too much power? - Soviets build an __________________ discouraging trading, communication, and the spread of democracy between Eastern Europe and Western Europe - US forms a policy called _______________________ where attempts were made at blocking Soviet influence and expansion of communism by forming alliances and helping weak countries resist Soviet advances. *BOTH are interfering with the politics of other countries. They are using them as chess pieces to win the war.*

Name ________________________ Date __________ Per ____________ Cold War Thermometer HW

How hot did the Cold War get?
Were we close to nuclear war or was it all hype? (1) Create a Cold War Thermometer by identifying actions taken by the United States and the USSR to fight for power and influence. Placing events near the top of the thermometer means nuclear war a very real possibility; placing events near the bottom means they did not dramatically increase tension. (2) Skim through your textbook p. 534-553 to write 2-3 sentences summarizing the following events and justifying where you placed them on the NUCLEAR WAR THERMOMETER. (3) Identify Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, NATO, Warsaw Pact, brinkmanship, Korean War, Vietnam War Cuban Missile Crisis.

Example:The SpaceRace was when the United States and the USSR started dramatically investing in science so that they could create new impressive technology that would escape the Earth s atmosphere. By building the first satellite, being the first man into space, and eventually the first man to the moon, the US/USSR displayed their power. This did not bring us close to nuclear as it was essentially a peaceful way to earn bragging rights.

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