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Changing Lives ATA ³KARATE´ and Master Instructor, Senior Master Tracy Lee Thomas Offer¶s Karate Tips on« ³How to choose the right Karate School in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake´.
In the KARATE business, not all schools are created equal. KARATE instructors generally do not have to answer to a state agency; or even have specific training. Some schools; such as, ones belonging to the American Taekwondo Association require all Karate instructors to become certified prior to owning or operating a martial arts school. ATA Instructors are required to be a certified Instructor and must keep their National certifications and qualifications up to date. Certifications such as the following are a few of the ones required by ATA Karate: y CPR y State and Federal background check y Class management skills certification y Physical skills certification y ATA Certification Camp y Child Safety Skills and Drills y Kidz-N-Power Course Senior Master Tracy Thomas suggests you do your research prior to enrolling at a school. Seeing what the school has to offer will give parents and potential students a better understanding of the commitment and guide you in making your decision for the right Karate academy.

Below are some key steps, questions to ask and tips when choosing a Karate School: 1. Research on the internet. Read Martial Art Articles, stories, testimonials, and learn as much as you can about your local Karate schools. 2. Make an appointment. The school should offer afree introductory class, take it and experience the class, academy and instructors. This should be a positive experience with class structure and a personal rapport with you and your family. 3. Overall positive attitude of the instructor and the students. This can serve as an accurate indicator of school spirit. Respect goes both ways, you should see both the instructor and students showing it at all times. 4. Does the class have structure and self control? A Karate class should include a warm up, specific training material and cool down. Many schools encourage the students to arrive early to their Karateclass so they can stretch before the class to prevent injuries.

5. KARATELocation. The school¶s proximity to your home or work should seriously be taken into consideration prior to enrolling into a program. 6. Equipment/Facility. Martial arts schools vary in the type of equipment and amenities they offer. Does the school appear clean? Are the Karatestudents required to wear safety gear? 7. Class Sizes and Schedule. Many new students prefer to be part of a larger class, rather than a small class as the energy levels of the class are higher; however, the benefits of a smaller class should not be overlooked. You will also want to ask when classes are offered, how long are the classes, and can your class schedule be flexible if needed? 8. Quality of KarateInstruction. Is the instructor certified? What rank do they hold? How long have they been in Karate? Who is their senior instructor and how often do they train with him/her? Are they certified by a National Martial Arts Organization? 9. Class Ages/Groups. What age can my child start? Are the classes separated by age and/or belt level? Are you looking for a family class? 10. Ranking. How often do you test for rank? What are the requirements? Is my rank nationally recognized? Can I transfer out of the area to another academy with the same Karate style and curriculum? 11. Price of Instruction. Prices vary depending on the program. Ask about paid in full options, many times this will not only save you money, but it will also include free gear or a considerable discount. Be sure to ask questions, the instructor should be receptive to your questions and answer in a clear matter. Is everything discussed, well documented within the membership agreement? 12. Variety of KARATE programs. Search for a school that offers multiple programs for the entire family from pre-school to adults.

Changing Lives ATA KARATE have a 3 day Free Trial Offer to new students. For more information visit www.atakick.com. Call today for a free introductory class. After visiting www.ATAONLINE.com we noticed there were over 1,500 ATA schools in the United States, five of them are owned and operated locally in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake by Tracy Lee Thomas. Many of his schools were or are still in the Top Ten KARATE Academies in the nation. Master Tracy Thomas has been an outstanding member of the ATA since 1980 where he began his training in Racine, Wisconsin. At age 17, he owned and operated his first ATA Karate academy in Racine for several years before moving to Valdosta, Georgia where he ran and operated one ATA school and two ATA clubs. Senior Master Tracy Lee Thomas owns both the ATA Karate and Krav Maga licenses for the regional ATA area. ATA Karate Academies Offers the following programs: Pre- School Students: Teaching ATA Starter Life Skills Tiny Tigers: ages 3-6 years old

School Age Students: Teaching ATA Reality Based Life Skills Better Grades-Self Discipline-Respect-Enhanced Focus skills

Karate For Kids: ages 6-12 years old Teens & Adult Students: Teaching Karate for Adults Teens & Adults Krav Maga For Kids: Reality Based Life Skills and Conditioning Programs The only certified Krav Maga Worldwide school in Hampton Roads Krav Maga For Adults: http://kravmagavirginiabeach.com

Virginia Beach KARATE Training Facility: 3809 Princess Anne Road Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 Princess Anne Shoppes (next to Fitness One) Phone: 757-471-9002 Email: Inquiry@atakick.com Virginia Beach KARATE Training Facility: 1169 Nimmo Parkway Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 Parkway Red Mill Commons Shopping Center (next to Pier One Imports) Phone: 757-563-9022 Email: inquiry@atakick.com Chesapeake KARATE Training Facility: 236 Carmichael Way Chesapeake, Virginia 23322 Edinburgh Commons Shopping Center (off route 168) Phone:757-432-9022 Email: Inquiry@atakick.com Chesapeake KARATE Training Facility: 501F Kempsville Road Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 Greenbrier Shoppes Shopping Center (corner of Kempsville Road and Greenbrier Parkway) Phone: 757-382-9022 Email: Inquiry@atakick.com Chesapeake KARATE Training Facility: Western Branch Opening Soon ! Chesapeake, Virginia 23320

CLMA Karate P.O. Box 68820

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23471 Website address: www.atakick.com Email: SMT@atakick.com Hampton Roads Karate Headquarters: 757-471-9002 Changing Lives ATA Karate serves all of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake and is a Top Ten rated ATA Karate school in the nation. For the ATA academy nearest you, contact 757-471-9002.

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