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Volvo Group is one of the world's VOLVO BUS CORPORATION. Volvo is the world's second largest bus
leading suppliers of transport solu- manufacturer with a complete range of inter-city and city buses to meet the
tions for commercial applications, varying requirements for public transport solutions. The product range
characterized by its core values of includes complete buses and coaches as well as chassis combined with a
quality, safety and concern for the comprehensive range of services. Volvo Buses also offer complete system
environment. solutions in co-operation with Volvo Mobility Systems. Volvo has a global
presence, with production in Europe, North and South America and Asia.
Volvo brings state-of-the-art technol-
ogy products to India. Modern REDEFINING LUXURY BUS TRAVEL IN INDIA. In India, Volvo introduced
technology, that offers reliability and B7R the most advanced inter-city bus and redefined luxury bus segment. It
high productivity, which address the set new standards in safety, comfort, efficiency and reliability. In a short
needs of the industry - by enabling span of time Volvo B7R, has become the first choice for millions of Indians
better transport efficiency, reducing to travel to across the country.
fuel consumption, environmental
Volvo has a world-class manufacturing facility near Bangalore to meet the
impact and improving safety.
growing market demand in India and SAARC countries. Volvo exports buses
to neighboring countries offering the same high quality that Volvo is known
for across the world.
COMPLETE PARTNERSHIP. At Volvo, our relationship with the customer
does not end with the delivery of the product. It marks the beginning of a
long term partnership for complete transportation solution.
With D7E engine Common Direct Rail Injection technology designed to
redefine operational efficiency, built quality and safety.
The Volvo B7R has proven itself on Indian roads. Its flexible and versatile
design has offered efficient, safe and profitable solutions to both operators
as wells as travelers.
In its constant quest to upgrade the product with the most advanced
technology, Volvo has introduced the new B7R with D7E Common Rail
Direct Injection technology meeting EURO III standards.
The new Volvo D7E engine is one of the most advanced and proven engine from Volvo
with CRDI technology offered for the first time in India, for heavy buses.

It offers higher efficiency and reliability compared to any other engine in its class.
It is designed for more power, long service life, minimal maintenance and optimum
operating cost. The D7E, with a wide torque range ensures exceptional drivability.

BUILT STRONGER TO LAST LONGER. The new B7R now comes with a strong
body frame and anti-corrosion treatment to withstand tough operational conditions
and offer higher durability. Its unique true bus chassis design makes long distance
travel much more comfortable. The all new driver controls environment makes it
driver-friendly for stress-free, long journeys. The seating capacity and increased
luggage space is the highest offered in the luxury bus segment in India.


chassis design, light weight engine, fuel-efficiency, larger seating and baggage
capacity at low running cost, improved safety standards and long-lasting durable
body makes Volvo B7R the most profitable solution for both tourist and inter-city
hp (1200 Nm) and conforms to EURO III standards. The D7E engine
features Volvo EMS2 (Engine Management System), a wholly electronically
controlled system which provides precise and efficient engine control. The
engine control module is thoroughly protected - it sits on rubber mountings
and is housed in aluminum casing. The engine control module takes in data
from several sensors on the engine and the vehicle. The control unit
compares current readings with stored parameters and adjusts fuel quantity
and injection timing accordingly, throughout the engines operation. Volvo
EMS is integrated with the bus's electronic system and permits advanced
communication with the driver via the information display on the dash board.
This helps in efficient engine management and advanced scope for
diagnosis and fault tracing.
INCREASED PAYLOAD. The D7E is of a compact design,
and weighs a 100kgs lesser than its predecessor, which
helps in an increased payload.


DIRECT INJECTION SYSTEM. The engine is equipped with
a DCR type common rail injection pump, with a feeder pump
and two unit pumps. The engine control unit registers the
parameters and compares it with the data stored, before
regulating fuel quantity and injection timing for precise
combustion. Fuel injection through common rail at high
pressure allows complete combustion resulting in fuel-
efficiency and low emission levels.

LOW EXHAUST EMISSIONS. The D7E has injectors with

VCO (Valve Covered Orifice) nozzles, giving a highly precise
injection sequence with a distinct conclusion to each cycle.
The combustion chamber is designed with four valves per
cylinder so that combustion can be efficient. It more than
meets the demand for high performance in conjunction with
low exhaust and noise emissions.


manual gearbox, the ZF 6S1380BD, with 6 forward and
1 reverse speeds, which are fully synchronized - ensuring
easy operations. The gear box is lighter due to aluminum
housing and select rail.

ROOF TOP AIR INTAKE. To avoid the suction of road dust

and water into the air filter, and to get optimum heating and
cooling performance, the position of the air intake is changed
to the roof top. This also helps in keeping the engine cleaner
and reducing operating costs.
The driver's seat is ergonomically
designed with seat belts fitted for
the driver and the co-driver. The
driver seat can be adjusted for the
perfect driving position.
The angle and the height of the
steering wheel can be adjusted to
the convenience of the driver.
The driver has a good an all round
vision through the large wind screen,
large rear view mirrors and a close
quarter mirror on the passenger side.
The compact integrated head lamps
provide a concentrated long-range
beam of light.
The instrument console has a simple
and logical design with convenient
and easy to use controls. The instru-
ment panel offers a good overview
and is designed to ensure that the
driver obtains the right information
in every situation. Driver information
is provided via a clear display on
the instrument panel. It displays
operational data and also provides
diagnostics information of the vehicle.
Over 10 cum. of floor level luggage
space with easy access to load and
unload baggage has been provided
for storage space in the Volvo B7R.
EBS medium is an electronically operated type anti-lock disc brake system and is
integrated to the vehicles’ electronic system. The regulations of the brakes are
performed electronically. The system improves road safety with 10-15% shorter
stopping distances. The brakes are designed for allowing the brake disc to be in
full contact with the brake linings regardless of the temperature. This gives greater
operating reliability and longer service life for the brake discs and pads. The brake
disc is mounted on the hub via a patented spline-like joint allowing the disc to
expand symmetrically.

The EBS offers the following:

 Brake blending - the wheel brakes and the auxiliary brakes collaborate
reducing wear level in the brake lining
 Temperature warning - the EBS system senses the temperature of the
wheel brakes. If the temperature gets too high, warning signals are sent to
the driver. This reduces the fatigue of the wheel brakes and increases
driving safety
 Drag torque control - While driving on slippery roads, the EBS activates the
engine control when the wheels loose grip
 Hill start aid - the wheel brakes release at a certain engine torque or when
the clutch is released to avoid roll back
 Wear indication - The driver gets an indication of the performance of the
brakes when the performance is too low
 Panic brake assistance - To shorten the distance when a panic situation
arises and the brakes are used forcefully
 Modulators - are magnetic control valves with built-in electronics that act like
a relay valve and controls the supply of air to the brake cylinders
 ABS anti-lock braking system - Prevents the wheels from locking and helps
maintain control when brakes are used with force
 TCS anti-spin (Traction Control System) - The TCS acts as a differential
brake when there is uneven distribution of traction between the wheels
retarder provides a good complement has an integral hydraulic power assisted B7R is fitted with an air suspension with
to normal braking which considerably steering system. Steering area is of two air bellows in the front and four air-
reduces wear on the brake lining. The circulating ball-and-nut type with a bellows in the rear. The system efficiently
voith hydraulic retarder mounted on the reduction ratio of 20.1:1. The maximum irons out irregularities of the road and
gearbox output is a standard fitment. deflection of the inner front wheel is 53 deg. offers a high degree of ride comfort.
With a 6.2m wheelbase, the B7R has a
turning radius of 10.25 mtrs

TYRES. Tubeless radial tyres fitted on FUEL TANK. The fuel tank has a ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS. The Volvo
B7R ensure higher mileage, good road- capacity of 600ltrs - (300 x1+150 x 2). B7R has two alternators with 200 A
grip, wet-rolling resistance, better braking, They are made of plastic with filling power capacity to meet the high loads
stable driving and a longer tyre life option on both sides of electricity required for bus operations
Volvo Buses are backed by Volvo's extensive network of Sales offices and Service &
Parts centers, ensuring that your vehicle remains at the top of its performance
throughout the operating life.

Sales Office:
Institutional Sales: Phone: +91-80-66914500 Mobile: +91-98453 55336
South: Phone - +91 80 6691 4500 Mobile + 91-98800 33577
West & Central: Phone +91-22-28345030 / 5020, Mobile: +91-98216 24124
North: Phone: + 91-11-23314223 / 4262, Mobile: +91-9810526633
East: Phone: +91-33-22810794 / 08241, Mobile: +91-9830011744

Service Dealer Name & address

Bangalore Lathangi Automobiles (P) Ltd 080 28520406/12

Hyderabad Sree Harsha Automotive Services (P) Ltd 040 23041020
Nagpur Fieldspares Sales and Service (P) Ltd 0712 2531027
Udaipur Drillcon (Raj) Pvt. Ltd 0294 2431670/2430976
Cochin Vista Driveline Motors (P) Ltd 0484 2543929
Dhanbad Infra equipment (P) Ltd 0326 2301737
Goa Paulo Auto Body Builders & Servicing Pvt. Ltd 0832 6680124/5
Panchkula Kranacx Pvt. Ltd 0172 2591921/2591338
Delhi BNT Motors 09311186586

Srilanka Swedish Trading Co. Ltd 00 94 77 2738674/2712483

Dhaka Swedish Motors Limited 880 2 8156052/3

Volvo India Private Limited

Yalachahalli, Tavarekere Post, Hosakote Taluk, Bangalore 562 122, India.
Phone: 080-66914000 - 60, Fax: 080-41867030