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MI – Most Important
The Meeting Industry is probably the golden goose or most suitably the Most
Important Industry! It puts in motion an endless number of companies,
infrastructures, professionals and business activities in a destination thus
becoming a coveted business.
Portugal has been investing earnestly and credibly in this area, as it can been
04 - 06 Future Watch 2011 seen by the number and quality of congress centres that were built in the
country, from the North to the South regions, including the islands; the number
08 - 10 The Portuguese Fund of PCOs and the excellence of services rendered; the qualified offer available in
the hotel industry; or the quality of the DMCs that has safeguarded the interests
of the customers; or even the support of the Portuguese official entities to bring
12 - 16 ICCA
major congresses to our destination. Moreover there are the unique and non-
replicable features such as our culture, the climate, the quality of the food, the
18 - 22 Lisbon
friendliness of the people, the safety of the destination, among other aspects.
The proof that we mean business as regards to the Meeting Industry is that
24 26 Oceanário de Lisboa Lisbon city was the 8th most popular destination in the world to host events last
year and Portugal was number 15th (9th worldwide) in the destination list. Such
28 - 31 troiaresort is feasible only due to the competitiveness of the city and also of the
destination. For such a small country to achieve such a brilliant position on an
32 - 36 CS Hotels & Resorts international level is because there’s a special reason. Don’t you think so?
In this edition of Portugal travel News we disclose some of those differentiating
38 - 41 MSC factors and reveal our offer in the sector. To invest in Portugal is a safe stake
when it comes to customer satisfaction. Are you willing to place a bet?
42 - 46 Hotel File - Onyria Marinha

49 - 55 Meetings Facilities Ruben Obadia - Director

56 - 65 Hotels

troiaresort Hotel File

28 - 31 42 - 46


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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

Future Watch 2011

Year 2011
means development

for MI This should be a positive

year for the Meetings
Industry, according to the
most recent international
studies and reports

he evidence is, for example, “Future Watch
2011”, a study carried out by Meeting Profes-
sionals International (MPI), an association
comprised of 23,000 members all around the
world. The main conclusions are that the vol-
ume of meetings, the number of participants
and the total costs will show a “moderate
increase” this year, thus evidencing a positive
The study included answers from 450 industry
professionals in 20 different countries and 67
chapters of the MPI. “Despite the current circumstances deriving from the
main global economic challenges,
According to MPI’s President and CEO, Bruce MacMillan, “Future Watch
2011” is not only an evidence of the increase of meetings and expenses. “It
also indicates that this year the recent incursions of the industry in virtual
events and promotion through social networks will be the main trend," he
Data and interviews conducted revealed that the technology will increasingly
take the leadership “In an industry that initially perceived that tool as a direct
threat to presence events.”


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Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

“The report estimates an 8% increase of

the number of planned meetings for 2011”

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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


Portuguese companies strong markets,” he argues. “Companies are again recognising the value of
presence meetings with their customers, partners and colleagues."

increased by 5% on Figures of GBTA in the first trimester this year show that expenses concern-
ing business tourism in the US should be 58,8 billion dollars (41,1 billion
Euros), an increase of 6.7% compared to the same period last year.
average their business On the other hand, the total number of travel should be 109,9 millions, an
8.6% compared to 2010.
travel related volume A product that is “seasonability attenuating”

throughout 2010 According to the revision proposal of the Portuguese national strategic
plan for tourism (PENT), now under public discussion, concerning touris-
tic products, business tourism should be reinforced “as an attenuating
factor for seasonability”, thus being at the same level of golf and health
The USA and wellness tourism. The product is among the ten strategic products
According to data from the International Congress and Convention Associa- for the country.
tion (ICCA), the US are still number one on a world basis when it comes to The latest data from ICCA say that in 2009 Portugal went down two positions
meetings hosted by international organisations. In 2009 the country wel- in the organised meetings international ranking, from 15th in 2008 to 17th,
comed 595 events, followed by Germany with 458. In total, ICCA’s figures having organised 168 events. According to the “Travel Business Barometer",
show that 8,294 events took place in 2009, 800 more compared to the pre- a study carried out by TravelStore-American Express presented last January,
vious year. For the association, “The number is a reflection of the strength of Portuguese companies or Portuguese based companies increased by 5% on
the market of organisations’ events, despite the economic crisis.” average their business travel related volume throughout 2010. The research
Actually, the future of the North-American market is perceived as very posi- also revealed that “This positive variation represents the average, since 9.7%
tive. According to a report from Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), of companies mentioned the continuation of the volume of travels and
the expenses associated to business travel will increase 5% this year in the 19.24% cited the reduction of the expenses related to work-related travels.”
US. Last year the result was already positive with a 2.3% increase, after a Considering destinations, Luanda registered the highest growth concerning
downfall of 14.1% in 2009. the volume of investment in business travels during 2010. As far as this year
According to the Executive Manager and COO of the Association, Michael W. is concerned, 43% of Portuguese companies hope to increase the volume of
McCormick, researches let us look towards 2011 with a cautious confidence. travels this year, whereas 30% hope to sustain the same level. On the other
“The international outbound is still strong and should continue to increase until hand, 27% think the volume will decrease. The estimated average growth is
2012, a time when North-American companies will look for opportunities in 0.8%.” 


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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

Portugal wants to
conquer international


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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

The Portuguese fund to obtain
he Fund continues to develop and up until the
major international congresses, present day, 14 applications have already been
originally Fundo Português de received that include Lisbon, Estoril, Madeira,
Alentejo, Porto and the Northern regions.
Captação de Grandes Congressos
“Besides the impact on the demand for services
Internacionais, has already received such as congress centres, transportation, accom-
14 applications, which represent modation and food, among others, these applica-
tions represent a total of 35,500 tourists, of which over 32,000 are
35,500 tourists, of which over
foreign,” mentioned a source at Turismo de Portugal, also adding
32,000 are foreign that “The applications are under analysis.”
This measure was approved in May last year by the Secretary of
State for Tourism, Bernardo Trindade. “With an initial grant of one
million Euros (75% of which from Turismo de Portugal), the aim of
the fund is to give, and not subsidise, national applications the com-
petitive advantages, compared to other countries, to receive major



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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

international congresses that can generate tourism business.”
Besides, there is also the goal to increase tourism flow during low
“The aim of the
and middle season, by attenuating seasonability. The applications
for this support mechanism will be carried out until December 31st,
fund is to give, and
In the scope of the Programa de Intervenção doTurismo (PIT,
Tourism Intervention Program), the 3rd support line “Aims at creat-
not subsidise,
ing or re-qualifying the congress centres, and meets the goal
defined at PENT to develop the strategic tourism product of Busi-
ness Tourism.” However, no application has been present yet
through this way. “This program is designed to create and re-quali-
fy congress centres with enough size to welcome major occasions
and international events, so in such a period when it’s difficult to get
financing, it’s not unusual that the applications have not yet been
submitted,” justified the same source at TP. “We’re waiting for some
the competitive
applications as soon as the promoters consider the sustainability of
the proposals to create this type of infrastructures,” he added.
“The financial support is between 20% and 50% of the eligible
investment, to be established according to the merit of the project.”
For each infrastructure, the maximum limit of financial support is 2.5
compared to other
million Euros. 

10 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


“The future is
and competition”
The President of ICCA,
Arnaldo Nardone, speaks
about the future of the
Meeting Industry, the
potentialities of Portugal
and the power of emerging

Arnaldo Nardone, president of ICCA

F or the President of ICCA, despite the
financial problems, the Meetings Industry
sector was successful in the associative
market. “There were no cancellations, and
there was only a decrease in some dele-
gates' meetings, but others had more
attendees. All over the world meetings
were held to discuss the economic crisis in
order to find solutions. Hence, we had
meetings resulting from the actual problems. ICCA is dedicated to the
associative market and we’re experts in the field. We known that the

corporate market suffered hard because of the crisis and had a major
downfall, but that was not the case for associations. So meetings can
survive and bring more business despite the bad circumstances,” he

12 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

Estoril Congress Center

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 13
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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


“Meetings can survive and bring more

business despite the bad circumstances”

Lisbon Congress Centre

Atlantic Pavillion

For Arnaldo Nardone, 2011 will be a good year and the figures are
there to demonstrate it. Despite the fact that there is a huge market to
conquer, each destination will have to work harder to host those meet-
ings. “As a destination, Portugal, for example, would have a good year
if it had worked hard in previous years. Associative meetings to be held
in 2011 were won about two, three, four or five years back. This is a
long term business, so everything done today will not have immediate
consequences, but will only be noticeable in 2013, 2014 or 2015.
Those that are not active and professional will lose. The market
depends on their own actions; therefore, people should be proactive to

The sector has gone

through some
such as the increase
of regional and
14 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS
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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

get results.”
Over the last few years, the sector has gone through some transfor-
mation. For the better, the official of ICCA lists the increase of region-
al and international meetings, thus creating an increasingly larger mar-
ket every day. For the worse, there is the fact that the market has more
and more competitors, new destinations are rising and much more will
come. “In that sense, more strategic efforts are needed to get results,”
he mentioned.
The President visited Portugal in March to attend the general assem-
bly of the Iberian Chapter, which took place in Estoril. “During my par-
ticipation in the Iberian Chapter, I was able to experience a huge
enthusiasm, professionalism and at the same time a strong commit-
ment with group work, in order to create a great interchange of valued
info,” he mentioned. Arnarldo Nardone believes that the development
of the Iberian region is in the hands of professionals since both coun-
tries have excellent infrastructures, major destinations with special
attractions, new hotels and modern and high-quality venues to host
In ICCA’s latest report, Portugal was 15th in 2008, and dropped to the
17th place in 2009. In the opinion of Arnaldo Nardone, Portugal is not
losing its competitiveness. “I believe there are many new players in the
market, new competitors, consequently, you should work more intense-
ly to fight this problem. Maybe it’s necessary to focus the efforts on the
regional market instead of the international market, by working as a
large big national team across the country and setting up correct
budgets for the strategic plans. Countries that go through economic

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 15

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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


In ICCA’s latest
report, Portugal
was 15th in 2008,
and dropped to
the 17th place
in 2009
problems usually cut back on the budgets for these purposes, which is
a mistake. Currently it is possible to show an immense professionalism,
but you need to have available budgets to face and conquer the mar-
ket. Local cities and national authorities have to realise that the Meet-
ing Industry does not attract only direct business concerning the actu-
al event. More importantly, there are many indirect businesses related
to the themes of the event and also a large promotion of the destina-
Currently, the official claimed, “The emerging markets are thirsty for a
piece of the action and are investing a lot of money in infrastructures
and plans to get more meetings. They are here to stay. And most of
them are working intelligently; thus, these countries will have an
increasingly important role. Countries such as China and India will
become extraordinary destinations, and they are investing a lot of
money in the business, training professionals in a very fast way. Hence,
the future will be competition and competition, there’s no question
about it.” 

16 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

Lisbon has great

perspectives for MI

The Business Manager at ATL,

Paula Oliveira, explains the plans
that the Portuguese capital city
has for business tourism and
he current year brings promise of hope for the
which are the strategies to Meeting Industry in Lisb on, according to the busi-
develop this strategic product ness manager of Associação de Turismo de Lisboa
(ATL), the local tourism association, whic h talks
about the great perspectives. “Major associative events are already con-
firmed such as the Congress of Diabetes, with an estimated attendance
of 18,000 people, the Dermatology Congress with 9,000 participants,
and other events for 4,000 and 5,000 attendees, besides a corporate
event that will bring 5,000 people to Lisb on,” she informed PTN.
The last data of the International Congress and Convention Association
(ICCA) indicate that Lisbon rose in the ranking of the 20 cities that hold
more associative meetings in the world (ref er to box). In the opinion of
Paula Oliveira, what contributed the most was “The reputation of Lisbon
as a brand, whic h was achieved after a continuous work with potential
markets and clients. But that recognition was also due to major events

18 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 19
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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


“The Meeting
Industry and city
and short breaks
are the economic
base of the
Dom Pedro Palace touristic flow that

Lisbon welcomes”
that took place in the P ortuguese capital such as Expo9 8, Euro 2004
and the Lisbon Treaty, when international organisers witnessed that Lis-
bon has many venues and also the capacity to welcome any type and
any size event.”
According to the official of ATL, the Meeting Industry and city and short
breaks are two of the main products of the region and the “economic
base of the touristic flow that Lisb on welcomes.”
According to the strategic plan of T urismo the Lisboa, the local tourism
entity, MI is considered strategic. “Our strategy , according to the main
guidelines, has not changed dramatically,” mentioned Paula Oliveira. “We

Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

20 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

According to the strategic

plan of the local tourism entity,
MI is considered strategic
recognise the assets of the region, the fine price/quality ratio of the
hotels, the fine accessibilities, despite our peripheral geographical loca-
tion compared to the rest of Europe, but which is also a privileged loca-
tion compared to the US; then there’s also the merit of the profession-
als, our unique resort features and a capital city that benefits from the
Atlantic. We continue to invest more deeply in the US, the UK and Ger-
many,” she reasoned.
The document declares “The growth of MI should be based on the com-
petitive advantages of the destination, the mild climate, diversity of expe-
riences, sunlight, landscape and cuisine, among others, the price/quality
ratio of the hotels and also the quality of the equipments.”
When questioned about the work that must be carried out, in the future,
for the MI product to continue to develop, the business manager reasons
that “We have to work hard”. And that means “To be in sync with the new
communication trends, to respect the environment, to go ahead with the
necessary facilities to boost Lisbon’s competitiveness and taking into
account that the best value for money can be key when it comes to get
the business done.”
Plan14 mentions that “To achieve another step, promotion has to be car-

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 21

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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


Great Hotels of the World included Lisbon as

one of the ten main worldwide destinations
for business tourism this yea
ried out for the construction of the new multifunctional congress centre, nations for business tourism this year.
with capacity to welcome large events (up to 8,000 people) and also The press release issued by T urismo de Lisboa, that quotes news from
smaller events, thus complementing the e xisting infrastructures in the website, mention that “Lisbon is stating its role
region and positioning Lisb on as one of the main M I destinations in as one of the main business tourism destination in Europe due to its priv-
Europe.” The area around P raça de Espanha is pointed out as a privi- ileged location, modern infrastructures, fine price/quality ratio, mild cli-
leged location to welcome the new infrastructure and there are already mate and assorted venue offer.”
proposals for business models under analysis by the municipal authori- Montenegro, Croatia, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, Iceland, Sardinia and
ties. The business manager of ATL recalls that this has been “A concern Seoul are some of the destinations included by “Great Hotels of the
for the municipal authorities and all economic agents, to give the capital World.”
city another infrastructure that can b oost competitiveness compared to
other new destinations and others that are more developed from our tra-
Dom Pedro Palace

ditional competitors.”
Other strategies are “The creation and communication of M I micro-des-
tinations outside Lisbon in places such as Estoril, Tróia and Oeiras.”

Lisbon is increasingly a business destination

According to data from ICCA, Lisbon was 10th in organised meetings in
2008 and ascended to the 8th place in 200 9 and 2010.

On the other hand, Portugal dropped two positions in the world ranking,
from 15th in 2008 to 17th in 2009, with 168 events.
Recently, the international luxury hotels and resorts c hain “Great Hotels
of the World” included Lisbon as one of the ten main worldwide desti-

22 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

de Lisboa has a
new business area

he new building of Oceanário de Lisboa is called ‘Edifí-
cio do Mar’, literally, the sea building, and has many
novelties. The investment surpasses 4 million Euros
with the support of 6 00,000 Euros from Turismo de
The Edifício do Mar inaugurated Portugal, the national tourism entity . With this venue,
in the beginning of April will offer the strategy of the business tourism industry will be
new services and allow for a consolidated, as Miguel Tiago de Oliveira, coordinator
for the business and operations department, explained us.
larger investment in business “Located in the current building to welcome visitors and the ‘Jardins de Água’,
tourism water gardens, the new infrastructure will provide the oceanarium with new
services and a dedicated area for temporary e xhibitions. A new welcoming
area will be made available, with an auditorium for 125 people, a new inte-
grated restaurant in the tour and an area dedicated to temporary e xhibitions,”
he mentioned.
Actually, the first temporary e xhibition is already known, under the theme
“Marine turtles. The travel”, which will be a new reason to visit the oceanarium.

24 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

A new welcoming area will be made

available, with an auditorium for 125
people, a new restaurant and an area
dedicated to temporary exhibitions

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 25
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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


26 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

18-31:ptn160 18-05-2011 16:40 Page 27

Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

“Oceanário de Lisboa has been cementing

relationships over the years with enterprises
associated to business tourism”
As for the business tourism sector, Miguel Tiago de Oliveira explained us that As for tourists, “The Oceanário wants to maintain the capture rate around
“Oceanário de Lisboa has been cementing relationships over the years with 44%. In 2010, foreign tourists made up 73% of the total number of tourists.”
enterprises associated to business tourism”. And in that sense, the Edifício do According to the latest data, in 2008, the total number of visitors was
Mar will be important since the Oceanário itself will be a matching facility. “The 1,019,648, of which 686,567 were foreign. One year later, there was an
Mar da Palha Auditorium already has an area equipped to welcome 125 peo- increase of 1% in the number of foreign tourists. Last year, there were
ple, host events for different audiences and it should include to the new serv- 951,543 visitors, 690,529 of which were foreign.
ices of the facility as an addition to the temporary exhibition with film viewing
or theme shows, as an area to host events and a dedicated area for enter- Partnerships with operators
taining and educational activities. The venue is equipped with audio and video One of the strategies of the Oceanário has been the collaboration with oper-
system, guaranteeing the high quality to host conferences and presentations.” ators and agents. “There’s a close connection with the main tour operators and
incoming agencies, since these are key elements of the advertising and sug-
A long held dream gestion to customers. We want to achieve win-win partnerships that promote
The new building was an old dream. “This long ambitioned project will allow the Oceanário de Lisboa in foreign markets, among the different types of cus-
the Oceanário de Lisboa to reinforce the ability to complete the mission, guar- tomers, general public and corporate," stated Miguel Tiago de Oliveira, adding
anteeing the economic and financial sustainability on a long term, through the also that "Partnerships established with agencies, hotels and the meeting
stabilisation of the number of visitors to over one million a year,” reasoned the industry are always assessed under a case by case basis, so the solution is
official. “To increase the level of satisfaction of visitors through new exhibitions achieved that best suits customers and the type of action.” With this news, the
and to leverage a new visit are the main goals of the Oceanário de Lisboa to oceanarium hopes to increase the demand of the aforementioned partners,
increase the national visitors’ rate,” he added. since “There are many services and a larger offer for each type of client.”

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 27

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Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


rejuvenates as business
28 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS
18-31:ptn160 17-05-2011 09:42 Page 29

Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

The inauguration of the Centro de
Eventos Aqualuz Tróia this month
will give the destination a renovated
feeling for congresses and meetings
related tourism he event centre will be inaugurated
next May 29th and it is hoped to have
an impact of 1/3 on the total business
turnover of Aqualuz, as the department
of communications of S onae Turismo
Hospitality explained Publituris.
“Over the last f ew years, and consider-
ing the small size of the e xisting meet-
ing rooms, the weight of this sector on
the total business turnover was small. However the opening of the Cen-
tro de Eventos Aqualuz is materialised in a 6 81sqm area that is com-
pletely flexible and adaptable to any kind of event, and provides Aqualuz
with exceptional conditions to welcome small sized product presenta-
tions in major corporate events or theme events, ” mentioned the same
source. Moreover, there is also the goal to position T róia destination as
a reference in the MI sector.
This venue is an addition to the vast off er in the group. “T he units at
PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 29
18-31:ptn160 17-05-2011 09:43 Page 30

Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

Aqualuz are characterised by the modernity and versatility e xpressed in the best of Tróia.”
excellent dimension apartments, ranging from several typologies (from
studios to 2 bedroom apartments), with a view over Sado Estuary , the Features
Atlantic Ocean or Arrábida mountain range," they informed us. "Just a During the design of this new infrastructure, nature played an important
few yards from the beach, the units of Aqualuz also include a restaurant strategic role. “Just a few yards from the main entrance of Aqualuz, the
that recreates the most c harismatic flavours of the regions, a “wellness event centre benefits from a careful landscape surrounding in a total
centre”, a kid’s area – Tróia Kids -, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, area of 681sqm with 630 seats. The set of three convertible spots offers
a close-by marina, the Roman ruins, “T roiagolf Championship Course” a multiuse room, an auditorium and a foyer with 183sqm, important for
and a commercial area, besides a diverse program of activities to enjoy the functionality and available tech support for any event. There is also a

30 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

18-31:ptn160 17-05-2011 09:43 Page 31

Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

part to welcome for e xample large vehicles and also a kitc hen to assist The features of the event centre –
catering companies." Centro de Eventos Aqualuz Tróia
If Aqualuz is best known for the leisure sector , “The need to extend the
offer to business and put Tróia on the map as a business tourism desti-
Total area: 681sqm (up to 630 seats);
nation was the main reason for this project.”
In that sense, the available services will be oriented towards corporate Tech casing in the pavement;
meetings and events in Tróia Peninsula. “In the heart of Troiaresort, less 2.4 x 2.1m and 2.5 x 2.4m access doors;
than one hour from Lisbon, and with an exceptional scenario, the Centro
de Eventos Aqualuz is a multiuse infrastructure that eff ectively answers Grid stage for lighting, scenarios, etc.;
several needs and is included in the complementarity strategy of S onae Wi-Fi internet,
Turismo Hospitaly,” the department added. “T he new multifunctional
Natural light;
infrastructure reflects an existing concern related to the extension of an
offer of associated services, capable of answering a multiplicity of cor- Room temperature and lighting control;
porate and private requests, thus strengthening Tróia Peninsula not only Sound system, big screen & projector;
as a leisure option but also as an event destination. ”
Ability to divide the room into three different areas – multiuse area
and an auditorium with independent entrance, and 183sqm foyer;
The MI strategy
Reception area with natural light, data connection and storage room;
According to Sonae Turismo Hospitality, there is currently under way an
investment consolidation strategy in Aqualuz for the congress and meet- Room amenities;
ing sector. “The fact that in the Northern Region we have the Centro de
Coffee breaks;
Congressos do Pólo da Boavista, a congress centre ne xt to Porto Palá-
cio Congress Hotel & Spa, allows us to think under a complementarity Catering;
strategy, but also devising a competitive advantage based on the know- 6 meeting rooms and breakouts.
how and geographical distribution in order to provide answers for the
northern and the southern parts of the country.” 

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 31

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:01 Page 32

Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

CS Hotels & Resorts

CS Hotels opens a
in the Algarve

32 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:02 Page 33

Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

The opening of CS
Algarve Congress
Palace and other
coming inaugurations
contribute to the aim
of CS Hotels group of
standing out in the
national and
international MI

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 33

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:02 Page 34

Cover Feature

Meetings Industry


“The Algarve
Congress Palace is
he CS Hotels & Resorts group has
recently opened the “Largest con-
gress centre in the Algarve”, the
located at Herdade
Algarve Congress Palace, included
in CS Salgados Grande Hotel, at dos Salgados,
Herdade dos Salgados, in Albufeira.
As João Diogo Leitão, executive
manager of the group, explained
where we can
Publituris, with this innovation the group wants to grow in terms of MI
product but also to boost the activity on a national level. accommodate
“The auditorium has 1,650 seats, an open flat room with 1,000sqms flat
room and 37 multifunctional rooms. The amazing infrastructure is also
equipped with high-end technology, including sound & video system, 4
large groups in the
translation booths and wireless and plug internet access in all the rooms.
We can also manage to cater meals for the same number of people in CS units”
34 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS
32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:02 Page 35

Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

“The auditorium has

1,650 seats, an open flat room
with 1,000sqms flat room
and 37 multifunctional rooms”

each meeting,” explained the official. “The Algarve Congress Palace is people. We want to be next to the largest and better players on an inter-
located at Herdade dos Salgados, where we can accommodate large national level.”
groups in the CS units. The venue is located about 30 minutes from Faro
and 2 hours from Lisbon,” he added. Leader in Madeira
The goal is obvious: “To be the hotel group with the largest and better Last year, the industry represented about 30% of business volume for
oriented venue for national and international congresses. We’re talking the group. In Madeira it was leader of conventions and congresses for
about the largest national group of 5-star hotels that has available one the third year in a row, and the achievement is now expected in the Por-
of the largest congress centres in the Iberian Peninsula,” clarified João tuguese mainland. “Despite the natural forces that ravaged the area, the
Diogo Leitão. “The promotion for congresses is currently based in materialisation in the MI area was higher than that of the previous year.
Algarve and Madeira, which will open the path for the remaining regions, In 2010, CS Madeira Congress Centre welcomed new national con-
for example, with the opening of CS Vintage Oporto in 2012, featuring a gresses with scientific precision that highly contributed to the results
congress centre to welcome 1,000 attendees, and also the inauguration achieved," mentioned the executive manager.
of a congress centre in Lisbon, which can accommodate up to 10,000 As for the strategies followed in the Island and in the Mainland, there are

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 35

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:02 Page 36

Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

some differences, for example, “The national market for the Algarve has which will open in 2012.”
no need for air transport and we have units equipped for welcoming The manager also informed that the events hosted in several units come
large groups that are only 1 hour away for major cities.” On the other from various activities’ sectors such as “medical congresses, pharmaceuti-
hand, “the frequency of the flights to Madeira is not at all a hindrance to cal industry, auto industry, consultants, retail and banks.”
host major events in our unit, which is still the leader on the island,” men- As for the analysis of the markets, "Portugal represents about 80% and the
tioned João Diogo Leitão. rest come from England, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.” 
As for the international market, “The Algarve is the region with the high-
est season peak in the leisure sector; therefore, we have to carry out
major work on the MI area. The seasonability provides nonetheless an
opportunity to consider that the product already exists and is in plain
sight of the client, who can return and host his/her events in one of our
“Algarve is the region
with the highest
Three-area centred offer
According to João Diogo Leitão, the offer of CS Hotels is currently season peak in the
based in three areas. “In the Algarve, at São Rafael Atlântico Hotel, with
an auditorium for 484 people and 16 multifunctional rooms, CS Salga-
dos Grande Hotel, for 1,650 attendees, including 37 multifunctional
leisure sector; We
rooms; in Madeira, an auditorium for 396 people, including 7 multifunc-
tional rooms; and Montargil, that has 2 rooms/auditoriums to welcome
have to carry out
220 attendees each, and 3 other multifunctional rooms.”
Soon “In May we’ll increase our capacity after the opening of CS Algarve major work on the
Palace Hotel, which includes an auditorium for 350 people and several
multifunctional rooms, and the CS Vintage Oporto, that can accommo-
date 1,000 congress attendees and has several multifunctional rooms,
MI area”

36 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:03 Page 37
32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:03 Page 38

Cover Feature
Meetings Industry

38 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:03 Page 39

Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

MSC Cruises
invests in
corporate travel

MSC Cruises has been
investing in the sector over
the last few years and has SC Cruises was selected for the Top
Ten of Landry & Kling, Inc., for the ves-
now available a complete sel MSC Splendida, which was consid-
offer of solutions for ered as one of the best ships to host
meetings and incentives events, meetings and corporate events.
The American company that specializes
in this type of event in high sea
launched a list to choose the best cruis-
es and companies.
MSC Cruises has been investing in the
sector over the last few years and has now available a complete offer of
solutions for meetings and incentives, including several possibilities to
host any kind of event onboard.

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 39

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:03 Page 40

Cover Feature
Meetings Industry


According to Pierfrancesco Vago, CEO of MSC Cruises, “We can per- combine meetings with a short break holiday and relaxing moments, vis-
ceive cruise ships as floating conference centres, given the complete iting different destinations without the need to pack and unpack.”
offer of auditoriums and meeting rooms. A cruise can be an excellent On board of each MSC Cruises ship there are several conference rooms,
alternative to hotels, since extras and entertainment activities are already amphitheatres, lounges and meetings rooms, as well as all video, projec-
included in the price. Moreover, clients can take a business cruise and tion, sound and light equipment. The ships are also prepared with work

40 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:04 Page 41

Cover Feature

Meetings Industry

On board of each
MSC Cruises ship
there are conference
rooms, lounges and
meetings rooms
stations featuring internet access, phone and fax, and there is also the
possibility to hire the services of photographers, cruise stewards and on
board interpreters.
MSC Cruises has a special department to handle events and meetings
that provides a customised service related to the logistics of the whole
travel, offering a complete service in welcoming guests, airport trans-
fers, personalisation and decoration of the areas, organising dinner
parties, relaxation programs and team building activities on board as
well as tours.
As for the itineraries for this type of travel, MSC Cruises mainly sails in
the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and Caribbean islands, Brazil, North
America, Argentina and South Africa. 

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 41

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:04 Page 42

Hotel File
Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso

a place

Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso

Cascais needs no introduction, it’s the city next to the sea just a few
minutes from Lisbon. It’s cosmopolitan and cultural, a summer vacation
and golf destination, a place to host events and also to rest. This is the
scenario where a new hotel was born, the Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel
& Thalasso, offering 72 rooms and an exclusive service

42 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:04 Page 43

Hotel File
Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso

like this

B uilt in one of the most charismatic areas

of Cascais, surrounded by a unique land-
scape combining the beauty of the sea
and the mountain, Onyria Marinha Edition
Hotel & Thalasso has 72 luxury rooms
and 12 Edition Villas, nine conference
rooms, a restaurant, a bar, four swimming
pools and a spa. There is also a Club House that includes a restaurant
and a bar, and benefits from an excellent 18-hole golf course designed
by the legendary Robert Trent Jones Senior.
For the president of Onyria Golf Resorts, José Carlos Pinto Coelho, “The
opening of this hotel reinforces the strategy to create charming areas
with exclusive features in unique places that allow us to make the

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 43

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:05 Page 44

Hotel File
Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso


dreams of our guests come true. The Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel &
Thalasso is different due to its customised service and high-quality offer.”
The Hotel is
The investment in the new hotel, the Club House and the villas was 25
million Euros and was phased between October 2008 and March 2011.
The Hotel is incorporated in the Preferred Boutique and was designed
incorporated in the
for corporate and also the golf market.
The architecture project of Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso, the
Preferred Boutique
Golf Clubhouse and the Edition Villas is signed by the architect João
Paciência. The interior design was the work of architect Cristina Santos
Silva and the outdoor landscape was designed by the landscape archi-
and was designed
tect Francisco Caldeira Cabral.
for corporate and
Golf Course
Designed by the North-American legend, the architect Robert Trent
Jones, this 18-hole golf course expands from Cascais up to Cabo da
also the golf
Roca in a total 5,870 meters. This Par 71 combines the challenge of the
golf course created by the expert architect with the surrounding land-
44 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS
32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:05 Page 45

Hotel File

Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso

In a total of 72 rooms, Onyria Marinha Edition & Thalasso has 68 deluxe
rooms and 4 suites, all with a balcony or patio.
For guests that enjoy more spiritual experiences, in a luxury and private sur-
roundings, there are the Edition Villas, built next to the hunting pavilion
where King D. Carlos used to hold hunting parties in Sintra mountain range.
The Onyria Marinha Edition & Thalasso has 12 Edition Villas available with
two bedrooms each.

➧ Deluxe rooms – 51
➧ Deluxe rooms with a Jacuzzi on the patio - 9
➧ Deluxe rooms with a theme garden – 8
➧ Suites – 1
➧ Suites with a Jacuzzi on the patio - 2
➧ Suites with a theme garden – 1
➧ Edition Villas - 12


PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 45

32-47:ptn160 17-05-2011 10:05 Page 46

Hotel File
Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso


Onyria Marinha has 72 luxury rooms

and 12 Edition Villas, nine conference
rooms, a restaurant, a bar, four
swimming pools and a spa
scape beauty to offer golfers a moment of absolute pleasure and tran-
quillity but also an unforgettable experience.
Next to the main entrance of the hotel there is a training ground
enclosed by the pine trees in order to provide golfers a more peaceful
surroundings and concentration, just outside the exit tees for holes 1
and 10.
The goal is to accomplish the motto and dream of the architect when
devising each of his 500 golf course projects over 35 countries: “The
sun never sets on a Robert Trent Jones golf course!”

Club House
Before or after experiencing the unforgettable and dreamlike feelings of
the golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones, guests can enjoy a
peaceful moment in the new Club House, which includes a bar, a restau-
rant and a golf shop.. 

46 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

32-47:ptn160 18-05-2011 16:43 Page 47
48-55 Mice 2011:48-55 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:10 Page 48

Cover Feature

Convention Bureaus

Algarve Convention Bureau Lisboa Convention Bureau

 Av. 5 de Outubro 18  Rua do Arsenal n. 15
800-076 Faro 1100-038 Lisboa
Algarve - Portugal Tel. (+351) 21 031 2700
Tel. (+351) 289 800 403 Madeira Promotion Bureau
 Rua dos Aranhas, nº 24-26
9000-044 Funchal - Portugal
Azores Promotion Convention & Visitors Bureau Tel. (+351) 291 203 420
 Av. Infante D. Henrique, 55 - 3º C
9500-150 Ponta Delgada
Tel. (+351) 296 288 082 Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau
 Av.Inferior à Ponte D. Luís I, 53-1.
4050 Porto
Estoril Convention Bureau Tel. (+351) 22 332 67 51
 Av. Clotilde - Edifício do Centro de Congressos do Estoril 3º A
2765-211 Estoril
Tel. (+351) 21 466 8167

48 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

48-55 Mice 2011:48-55 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:10 Page 49
48-55 Mice 2011:48-55 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:10 Page 50

MI in Portugal

Espinho Casino
Alfândega Congress and Exhibition Centre
Rooms 2
Rooms 16
Capacity  348 to 750 pax
Capacity  90 to 1150 pax
Address  Rua 19, 85
Address  Rua Nova da Alfândega
4500-858 Espinho
Edíficio da Alfândega 4050-430 Porto
Telephone  (+351) 227 335 500
Telephone  (+351) 223 403 024
Fax  (+351) 227 313 193
Fax  (+351) 223 403 099

Porto Calém Wine Cellar

Rooms  3
Rooms 19
Capacity  6 to 180 pax
Capacity  40 to 10000 pax
Address  Av. Diogo Leite, 26/42
Address  4520 Santa Maria da Feira
4400-111 V.N. Gaia
Telephone  (+351) 256 370 200
Telephone  (+351) 223 746 660
Fax  (+351) 256 370 225
Fax  (+351) 223 746 699

Graham's Wine Cellar
Rooms  9
Rooms  3
Capacity  10 to 959 pax
Capacity  30 to 100 pax
Address  4450-671 Leça da Palmeira - Porto
Address  Quinta do Agro - R. Rei Ramiro
Telephone  (+351) 229 981 425/95
4400-281 V.N. Gaia
Fax  (+351) 229 98 1488
Telephone  (+351) 223 776 329
Website ou
Fax  (+351) 223 776 303

Fundação de Serralves
Rooms  11
Taylor's Wine Cellar
Capacity  20 to 260 pax
Rooms  5
Address  Rua D. João de Castro 210
Capacity  18 to 710 pax
4150-417 Porto
Address  Rua do Choupelo, 250
Telephone  (+351) 226 156 500
4400-088 V.N. Gaia
Fax  (+351) 226 156 593
Telephone  (+351) 223 742 800
Fax  (+351) 223 705 407

Palácio da Bolsa
Rooms 11
Porto Palácio Congress Centre
Capacity  30 to 800 pax
Rooms  2
Address  Rua Ferreira Borges
Capacity  600 pax
4050-253 Porto
Address  Av. Da Boavista, 1269
Telephone  (+351) 223 399 000
4100-130 Porto
Fax  (+351) 223 399 090
Telephone  (+351) 226 086 600
Fax  (+351) 226 091 467

50 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

48-55 Mice 2011:48-55 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:10 Page 51

MI in Portugal

Viseu Higher Institute
Aveiro Cultural and Congress Centre
Rooms  1
Rooms 8
Capacity  396 pax
Capacity  160 to 730 pax
Address  Av. José Maria Vale Andrade
Address  Cais da Fonte Nova
3504 - 510 Viseu
3810-200 Aveiro
Telephone  (+351) 232 480 700
Telephone  (+351) 234 406 481

Figueira da Foz Casino

Aveirense Theatre
Rooms  8
Rooms 3
Capacity  1360 pax
Capacity  24 to 600 pax
Address  Rua Dr. Calado, 1
Address  Rua Belém do Pará
3081-153 Figueira da Foz
3810-066 Aveiro
Telephone  (+351) 233 408 400
Telephone  (+351) 234 400 920

Coimbra University Hospital

ISCAA - Aveiro Higher Inst. of Accouting and Administration
Rooms  3
Rooms  1
Capacity  500 pax
Capacity  55 to 260 pax
Address  Praceta Prof. Dr. Mota Pinto,
Address  Rua Associação Humanitária Bombeiros de A veiro
3000-075 Coimbra
Apartado 58, 3811-902 Aveiro
Telephone  (+351) 239 400 521
Telephone  (+351) 234 380 110
Fax  (+351) 239 401 276

University of Coimbra - Rectory Auditorium

University of Aveiro
Rooms  1
Rooms 1
Capacity 470 pax
Capacity  35 to 500 pax
Address  Rua dos Coutinhos, Nº23
Address  Campus Universitário de Santiago
3000 - 129 Coimbra
3810-193 Aveiro
Telephone  (+351) 239 828 777/02 11
Telephone  (+351) 234 370 211
Fax  (+351) 239 827 994
Fax  (+351) 234 370 985

Aveiro Expo, E.M.
Rooms 2
Rooms 5
Capacity  2000 pax
Capacity  8500 pax
Addres  REN2 Vermum Campo
Addres  R. D. Manuel de Almeida Trindade
3510-512 Viseu, Portugal
3810 - 488 Aveiro
Telephone (+351) 232 483 111
Telephone  (+351) 234 340 020
Fax  (+351) 232 483 110

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 51

48-55 Mice 2011:48-55 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:10 Page 52

MI in Portugal

Prof. Simões dos Santos Auditorium - Faculdade de Medicina Dentária
Lisboa Congress Centre Rooms  1 auditorium+Foyer
Rooms  8 auditoriums + 25 conference rooms Capacity  460 pax
Capacity  15 to 5000 pax Address  Faculdade de Medicina Dentária, Universidade de Lisb oa,
Address  Praça das Indústrias 1649 - 003 Lisboa
1300 - 307 Lisboa Telephone  (+351) 217 922 625
Telephone  (+351) 213 652 000/1 Fax  (+351) 217 957 905
Fax  (+351) 213 639 450 Website

Atlantic Pavillion
Culturgest Rooms  7
Rooms  2 auditoriums + 5 rooms Capacity  100 to 12 500 pax
Address  Rossio dos Olivais, Lt. 2.13.01A
Capacity  40 to 618 pax
1990 - 231 Lisboa
Address  Edíficio Sede da Caixa Geral de Depósitos,
Telephone  (+351) 218 918 409
Rua Arco do Cego, 1100 - 3 00 Lisboa
Fax  (+351) 218 918 413
Telephone  (+351) 217 905 155 Website
Fax  (+351) 218 483 903
Lisbon Casino
Rooms  1
Conference Centre at Centro Cultural de Belém Capacity  634 pax
Rooms  2 auditoriums+ 16 rooms Address  Parque das Nações, Alameda dos Oceanos
Capacity  30 to 1500 pax Telephone  (+351) 218 929 000
Address  Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém, Fax  (+351) 214 667 965
Praça do Império, 1499 - 003 Lisboa Website
Telephone  (+351) 213 612 400
Fax  (+351) 213 612 500
Estoril Congress Center
Rooms  Auditorium + 21 rooms + Terrace
Capacity  30 to1200 pax
Lusíada University Convention Centre Address  Avenida Amaral
Rooms  19 2765-192 Estoril
Capacity  50 to 250 pax Telephone  +351 214 647 575
Address  Rua da Junqueira, 188-198 Fax  (+35)1 214 647 576
1349 - 001 Lisboa Website  www.estorilcc.comt
Telephone  (+351) 213 611 500
Fax  (+351) 213 638 307
Website Estoril Casino
Rooms  3
Capacity  400 to 100 pax
FIL - International Fair of Lisbon - Meeting Centre Address  Pç. José Teodoro dos Santos
2765-237 Estoril
Rooms  3 auditoriums +4 meetings rooms+ Foyer+4 Halls
Telephone  (+351) 214 667 700
Capacity  30 to 450 pax
Fax  (+351) 214 667 965
Address  R. do Bojador - Parque das Naçõe
1998-010 LISBOA
Telephone  (+351) 218 921 500
Fax  (+351) 218 921 555 Business Center Aldeia dos Capuchos
Website Rooms  12
Capacity  900 pax
Address  Largo Aldeia dos Capuch - 2825-017 Caparica, Almada
Telephone  (+351) 212 909 000
Fax  +(351) 212 909 009

52 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

48-55 Mice 2011:48-55 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:10 Page 53

MI in Portugal

Aqualuz Events Centre
Tróia Design Hotel Conferences Center
Rooms  multipurpose room, a auditorium and a foyer + 6 meetings rooms
Rooms  1 Ballroom + 8 meeting rooms
+ penthouse
Capacity  900zz pax
Capacity  630 pax
Address  Troia Marina
Address  Tróia 7570-789 Carvalhal GDL | Portugal
7570-789 Carvalhal - Grândola
Telephone  (+351) 265 499 012
Telephone  (+351) 265 498 007

Congress Centre of the Portalegre City Hall

Arronches Cultural Centre auditorium
Rooms  1
Rooms  5
Capacity  320 pax
Capacity  12 to 252 pax
Address  Rua Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, n.º28
Address  Bairro de Sto. António
7300-186 Portalegre
7340 Arronches
Telephone  (+351) 245 307 400/1
Telephone  (+351) 245 589 017
Fax  (+351) 245 589 018

Portalegre Art Centre

Campo Maior Cultural Centre
Rooms  2 + 1
Rooms 1
Capacity  500 pax
Capacity  206 + 6 pax
Address  Praça da República, n.º 3 9
Address  Avenida António Sérgio, Apartado 55
7300-109 Portalegre
7370 Campo Maior
Telephone  (+351) 245 307 498
Telephone  (+351) 245 901 444
Fax  (+351) 245 901 682

Pax-Júlia Auditorium (Beja)

Castelo de Vide Cine-Theatre
Rooms  1
Rooms  1
Capacity  650 pax
Capacity  365 pax
Address  Largo de S. João nº1
Address  Avenida da Aramenha
7800-416 Beja
7320 Castelo de Vide
Telephone  (+351) 284 315 090
Telephone  (+351) 245 901 350
Fax  (+351) 245 901 827
Serpa Cine-Theatre
Rooms  3
Elvas Centro de Negócios Transfronteiriço (Business Centre)
Capacity  50 to 388 pax
Rooms  1
Address  Rua Dr. Eduardo Fernandes de Oliveira
Capacity  400 pax
7830-392 Serpa
Address  Zona Industrial, Edf. Transfronteiriço
Telephone  (+351) 284 543 050
7350 Elvas
Telephone  (+351) 268 638 740
Fax  (+351) 268 639 290

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 53

48-55 Mice 2011:48-55 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:10 Page 54

MI in Portugal

Vilamoura Casino
Fábrica do Inglês
Rooms  2
Rooms  Multiple
Capacity  200 to 500 pax
Capacity  50 to 700 pax
Address  Casino de Vilamoura, 8125
Address  Av. 25 de Abril , 9
4100 Quarteira
8300 - 159 Silves
Telephone  (+351) 289 310 000
Telephone  (+351) 282 440 480
Fax  (+351) 289 310 099
Fax  (+351) 282 440 489

Monte Gordo Casino

Fórum Dom Pedro
Rooms  1
Rooms  11
Capacity  60 to 300 pax
Capacity  450 pax
Address  Casino de Monte Gordo, 8 901
Address  Rua Tivoli, Lote H4 - Vilamoura 8125
9080 Monte Gordo
4100 Quarteira - Algarve
Telephone  (+351) 281 530 800
Telephone  (+351) 289 381 000
Fax  (+351) 281 530 849
Fax  (+351) 289 381 001

Portimão Arena
Arade Congress Centre.Algarve
Rooms  13
Rooms  9
Capacity  6000 pax
Capacity  150 to 1000 pax
Address  Parque de Feiras e Exposições de Portimão
Address  Encosta do Arade
8500-726 Portimão
8400 Lagoa - Algarve
Telephone  (+351) 282 410 440
Telephone  (+351) 282 498 577
Fax  (+351) 282 410 445
Fax  (+351) 282 498 578

CS Algarve Congress Palace

Rooms  41 + auditorium
Capacity  1650 pax
Address  CS Herdade dos Salgados Resort
8200-424 Guia - Albufeira
Telephone  (+351) 289 598 331
Fax  (+351) 289 598 339

54 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

48-55 Mice 2011:48-55 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:10 Page 55

MI in Portugal

Madeira Azores
Vale Formoso Cine Theatre
CIFEC - Madeira Tecnopolo Angra do Heroísmo Congress Centre
Rooms  4
Rooms  9 Rooms  2 auditoriums
Capacity  200 pax
Capacity  340 to 750 pax Capacity  900 pax
Address  Rua Pe. José Tavares
Address  Caminho da Penteada Address  MadreDeus, Alto das Covas,
9675 Furnas
9000 - 390 Funchal Angra do Heroísmo - Ilha Terceira
Telephone  (+351) 296 585 129
Telephone  (+351) 291 720 000 Telephone  (+351) 295 206 120
Fax  (+351) 296 585 374
Fax  (+351) 291 720 010 Fax  (+351) 295 206 120
Website  www.cmpovoaçã
Website Website  Not available

Ponta Delgada University Auditorium

Rooms  6
Porto Santo Culture and Congress Centre Micaelense Theatre
Capacity  80 to 420 pax
Rooms 7 Rooms  5
Address  Rua Ernesto do Canto, 14
Capacity  6 to 300 pax Capacity  102 to 800 pax
9500-312 Ponta Delgada
Address  Rua Dr. Nuno Silvestre Teixeira Address  Largo de São João
Telephone  (+351) 296 650 047/9
9400 - 162 Porto Santo 9500-106 Ponta Delgada
Fax  (+351) 296 650 048
Telephone  (+351) 291 980 600 Telephone  +351 296 308 340
Fax  (+351) 291 982 584 Fax  (+351) +351 296 308 344
E-mail Website

Ramo Grande Auditorium

Rooms  1
Madeira Congress Centre Micaelense Coliseum
Capacity  400 pax
Rooms  2 Rooms  1
Address  Rua Serpa Pinto
Capacity  400 to 628 pax Capacity  1700 pax
9760-545 Praia da Vitória
Address  Avenida do Infante Address  Avenida Roberto Ivens
Telephone  (+351) 295 542 688
9004-513 Funchal 9500 Ponta Delgada
Fax  (+351) 295 542 687
Telephone  (+351) 291 209100 Telephone  (+351) 296 304 400
Fax  (+351) 291 232 076 Fax  (+351) 296 304 401
Website Website

Faialense Theatre
Rooms  1
Lagoense Cine Theatre
Capacity  350 pax
Madeira Story Centre Rooms  3
Address  Alameda Barão de Roches, 31
Rooms  Multiple Capacity  200 pax
9900-014 Horta
Capacity  150 to 220 pax Address  Rua 25 de Abril
Telephone  (+351) 292 193 131
Address  Rua D. Carlos I, nº 28 - 29 9500-047 Lagoa
Fax  (+351 )292 292 014
9060-051 Funchal Telephone  (+351) 296 912 159
Telephone  (+351) 291 000 770 Fax  (+351) 296 916 229
Fax  (+351) 291 000 789 Website

Açor Arena
Madeira University Rooms  2
Rooms  Multiple Capacity  1490 pax
Capacity  150 pax Address  Rotunda dos Frades
Address  Colégio dos Jesuítas, 9680-119 Vila Franca do Campo
Praça do Município Telephone  (+351) 296 51 237
9000 - 081 Funchal Fax  (+351) 296 58237
Telephone  (+351) 291 209 400 Website
Fax  (+351) 291 209 410

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 55

56-65 Mice 2011:56-65 ptn mi.qxd 17-05-2011 10:11 Page 56

MI in Portugal


Hotel Meeting Rooms Capacity in Theatre

Altis Avenida***** 1 -

Altis Belém Hotel & Spa***** 3 4 to 160 pax

Altis Hotel***** 18 8 to 750 pax

Altis Park Hotel**** 11 + auditorium 20 to 550 pax + 280 pax

Aquapura Douro Valley***** 5 8 to 100 pax

Caracol**** 3 40 to 200 pax

Caramulo**** 6 20 to 200 pax

Casa da Ínsua***** 9 350 pax

Cascais Miragem***** 18 8 to 650 pax

Corinthia Lisboa Hotel***** 17 10 to 850 pax

Costa da Caparica**** 6 200 pax

CS Madeira Atlantic Resort & Sea SPA***** 14 + auditorium 38 to 220 pax + auditorium (396 pax)

CS São Rafael Atlantic Hotel***** 16 + auditorium 20 to 418 pax + auditorium (484 pax)

CS São Rafael Suite Hotel***** 2 20 to 180 pax

CS Vintage House**** 3 40 to 80 pax

CS Pousada Solar da Rede***** 3 25 to 180 pax

CS Hotel do Largo Montargil***** 5 30 to 220 pax

Dom Pedro Golf Resort***** 15 450 pax

Dom Pedro Marina**** 6 30 to 150 pax

Dom Pedro Palace***** 20 28 to 400 pax

Fontana Park Hotel**** 9 14 to 250 pax

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon***** 16 10 to 500 pax

Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa***** 15 10 to 700 pax

56 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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MI in Portugal

Address Website

Rua 1º Dezembro, 120, 1200-360 Lisboa

Doca do Bom Sucesso -1400-038 Lisboa

Rua Castilho, 11 – 1269-072 Lisboa

Avª Engº Arantes e Oliveira, 9 – 1900-221 Lisboa

Quinta de Vale Abraão – Samodões, 5100-758 Lamego

Estrada Regional 1 – Silveira, 9700-193 Angra do Heroísmo, Azores

Av. Dr. Abel Lacerda, 3475-031 Caramulo

3550-126 Penalva do Castelo

Av. Marginal, Nº 8554, 2754-536 Cascais

Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 105, 1099-031 Lisboa

Av. General Humberto Delgado, 47, 2829-506 Costa da Caparica

Estrada Monumental 175, 9000-100 Funcha, Madeira

Sesmarias, 8200-613 Albufeira, Algarve

Sesmarias, 8200-613 Albufeira, Algarve

Lugar da Ponte 5085-034 Pinhão, Douro

Santa Cristina, 5040-336 Mesão Frio

Estrada Nacional, 2, 7425-144 Montargil, Alentejo

Rua Atlântico, Vilamoura, 8125-478 Quarteira, Algarve

Avenida Tivoli, Lote H, Vilamoura, 48125-410 Quarteira, Algarve

Av. Eng Duarte Pacheco, 24, 1070-109 Lisboa

R. Eng.º Vieira da Silva, 2 -1050-105 Lisboa

Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 88, 1099-039 Lisboa

Praia de Santa Eulália, PO Box 2445, 8200-916 Albufeira, Algarve

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 57

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MI in Portugal


Hotel Meeting Rooms Capacity in Theatre

Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & Spa***** 16 12 to 400 pax

HF Ipanema Park***** 8 30 to 400 pax

HF Ipanema Porto**** 11 12 to 200 pax

HF Fénix Lisboa**** 7 40 pax

Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa***** 15 15 to 470 pax

Holiday Inn Azores**** 6 25 to 190 pax

Hotel Algarve Casino***** 10 20 to 340 pax

Hotel Solverde***** 18 2 to 500 pax

Jerónimos 8**** 2 2 to 25 pax

Lisboa Marriott Hotel**** 15 8 to 420 pax

Marina Atlântico**** 4 10 to 230 pax

Meliã Braga Hotel & Spa**** 6 58 to 450 pax

Meliã Gaia Porto**** 16 20 to 350 pax

Meliã Madeira Mare***** 6 73 to 450 pax

Meliã Ria Hotel & Spa**** 8 50 to 250 pax

Montebelo Aguieira Lake Resort & Spa***** 1 400 pax

Montebelo Viseu Hotel & Spa***** 17 350 pax

NH Liberdade**** 3 25 to 45 pax

Olissippo Lapa Palace***** 8 30 to 250 pax

Olissippo Marquês de Sá**** 7 15 to 300 pax

Olissippo Oriente**** 5 40 to 450 pax

Palácio dos Melos***** 3 60 pax

Palace Hotel do Bussaco***** 2 2 to 80 pax

Palace Hotel da Curia**** 8 2 to 400 pax

58 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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MI in Portugal

Address Website
R. Frei Nicolau de Oliveira, 100, 2750-319 Cascais

Rua de Serralves, 124 4150 - 702 Porto

Rua do Campo Alegre, 156/172 4150-169 Porto

Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 14, 1050-016 Lisboa

Rua da Torre d`Água - Lote 4.11.1B - Quarteira

Avenida Dom João III, 29, 9500-310 Ponta Delgada, Azores

Avenida Tomás Cabreira, 8500-802 Praia da Rocha

Avenida da Liberdade, 4410-154 S.F. Marinha - V.N. Gaia, Porto

Rua dos Jerónimos, 8, 1400-211 Lisboa

Avenida dos Combatentes, 45, 1600-042 Lisboa

Avenida João Bosco Mota Amaral, 1, 9500-767 Ponta Delgada, Azores

Lugar da Calçada, Tenões 4715-000 Braga

Rua Diogo Macedo, 220,4400-107 Gaia

Rua de Leichlingen, 2-4, 9000-003 Funchal

Cais da Fonte Nova, Lote 5, 3810-200 Aveiro

Vale da Aguieira, 3450-010 Mortágua

Urbanização Quinta do Bosque, 3510-020 Viseu

Avenida da Liberdade, 180 B, 1250-146 Lisboa

Rua Pau da Bandeira, 4, 1249-021 Lisboa

Av. Miguel Bombarda, 130 1050-167 Lisboa

Av. D. João II, Lt. 1.3.22 - Parque das Nações - 1990-083 Lisboa

Rua Chão Mestre, 4, 3500-103 Viseu

Mata do Bussaco, 3050-261 Luso

Curia Palace, 3780-541 Tamengos - Anadia

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 59

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MI in Portugal


Hotel Meeting Rooms Capacity in Theatre

Palácio Estoril Hotel***** 9 10 to 500 pax

Penha Longa Hotel & Golf Resort***** 23 25 to 270 pax

Pestana Alvor Praia***** 8 14 to 500 pax

Pestana Carlton Madeira***** 7 70 to 450 pax

Pestana Cascais**** 7 35 to 239 pax

Pestana Casino Park***** 18 40 to 600 pax

Pestana Grand***** 5 70 to 250 pax

Pestana Palace***** 31 12 to 480 px

Pestana Porto Santo***** 4 70 to 200 pax

Pestana Porto**** 4 16 to 60 pax

Pestana Sintra Golf**** 7 40 to 220 pax

Pestana Viking**** 3 40 to 170 pax

Porto Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa***** 8 12 to 600 pax

Praia D'el Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort***** 6 20 to 250 pax

Praia Mar**** 6 2 to 150 pax

Princípe Perfeito**** 4 320 pax

Quinta do Lago***** 3 56 to 200 pax

Real Bellavista Hotel & Spa**** 8 12 to 300 pax

Real Oeiras**** 8 12 to 380 pax

Real Marina***** 7 up to 920 pax

Real Palácio***** 5 60 to 230 pax

Real Parque**** 3 30 to 100 pax

Reid’s Palace***** 7 16 to 180 pax

60 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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MI in Portugal

Address Website

Rua Particular, 2769 - 504 Estoril

Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Linhó -2714-511 Sintra

Praia dos Três Irmãos, 8501-904 Alvor , Algarve

Largo António Nobre, 9004-531 Funchal, Madeira

Av. Manuel Júlio Carvalho e Costa, 115 – Guia, 2754-518 Cascais

Rua Imperatriz DªAmélia, 9004-513 Funchal, Madeira

Ponta da Cruz , Piornais,9000-103 Funchal, Madeira

Rua Jau, nº 54, 1300-314 Lisbon

Estrada Regional III, Nº120, Sítio do Campo de Baixo, 9400-015 Porto Santo

Praça da Ribeira, nº 1, 4050-513 Porto

R. das Sesmarias, 3 – Qta.da Beloura, 2710-692 Sintra

Praia Senhora da Rocha – Porches, 8400-450 Lagoa, Algarve

Av. da Boavista, 1269, 4100-130 Porto

Av. D. Inês de Castro, 1 - Vale de Janelas Amoreira 2510-451 Óbidos

Rua do Gurué, 16 - 2775-581 Carcavelos

Urbanização da Misericórdia, Ranhados, 3500-322 Viseu

8135-024 Almancil, Algarve, Portugal

Avenida do Estádio, PO Box 2445, 8200-127 Albufeira, Algarve

Rua Álvaro Rodrigues de Azevedo, 5, 2770-197 Paço de Arcos

Av. 5 de Outubro, 8700-307 Olhão

Rua Tomás Ribeiro, 115, 1050-228 Lisboa

Avenida Luís Bívar, 67, 1069-146 Lisboa

Estrada Monumental 139, 9000-098 Funchal, Madeira

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 61

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MI in Portugal


Hotel Meeting Rooms Capacity in Theatre

Royal Garden**** 6 40 to 350 pax

Sana Lisboa Hotel**** 11 30 to 430 pax

Sana Malhoa Hotel**** 7 18 to 700 pax

Sheraton Algarve at Pine Cliffs Resort***** 12 20 to 700 pax

Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa***** 12 35 to 610 pax

Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa***** 16 20 to 850 pax

São João da Madeira Hotel**** 6 120 pax

The Lake Resort***** 3 35 to 192 pax

Tiara Park Atlantic Lisboa***** 19 15 to 450 pax

Tiara Park Atlantic Porto***** 11 10 to 400 pax

Tivoli Carvoeiro**** 10 30 to 900 pax

Tivoli Coimbra**** 5 50 to 100 pax

Tivoli Jardim**** 2 40 pax

Tivoli Lagos**** 3 20 to 120 pax

Tivoli Lisboa***** 9 30 to 322 pax

Tivoli Marina Vilamoura***** 20 50 to 1320 pax

Tivoli Oriente**** 12 12 to 400 pax

Tivoli Palácio de Seteias***** 6 30 to 90 pax

Tivoli Sintra**** 5 20 to 120 pax

Tivoli Victoria***** 11 70 to 750 pax

The Yeatman***** 11 16 to 190 pax

Vila Galé Albacora**** 4 60 to 160 pax

Vila Galé Ampalius**** 2 32 to 220 pax

Vila Galé Atlântico**** 1 70 pax

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MI in Portugal

Address Website
Rua de Lisboa, 9500-216 Ponta Delgada, Azores

Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 1069-310 Lisboa

Av. José Malhoa, 8, 1099-098 Lisboa

Praia da Falésia - P.O. Box 644, 8200-909 Albufeira

Rua Latino Coelho, 1, 1069 Lisboa

Rua Tenente Valadim 146, 4100-476 Porto

Rua Adelino Amaro da Costa, 573, 3700-023 São João da Madeira

Praia da Falésia - Apartado 81, 8126-910 Vilamoura

Rua Castilho, 149, 1099-034 Lisboa

Avenida da Boavista, 1466, 4100-114 Porto

Apartado 1299, Vale do Covo, Praia do Carvoeiro, Algarve

Rua João Machado, 4, 3000-226 Coimbra

Rua Júlio César Machado, 7/9, 1250-135 Lisboa, Portugal

Rua António Crisógono dos Santos, 8600-678 Lagos

Avenida da Liberdade, 185, 1269-050 Lisboa

Marina de Vilamoura, 8125-901 Marina de Vilamoura, Algarve

Av. D. João II, Parque das Nações, 1990-083 Lisboa

Av. Barbosa du Bocage, 10 Seteais 2710-517 Sintra

Praça da República, 2710-616 Sintra

Avenida dos Descobrimentos, 8125-309 Vilamoura

Rua do Choupelo, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto

Quatro Águas, 8800-901 Tavira

Alameda Praia da Marina, 8125-408 Vilamoura

Praia da Galé, Lte 7 Apartado 108, 8201-902 Albufeira

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 63

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MI in Portugal


Hotel Meeting Rooms Capacity in Theatre

Vila Galé Estoril**** 4 30 to 120 pax

Vila Galé Lagos**** 7 30 to 550 pax

Vila Galé Marina**** 3 16 to 157 pax

Vila Galé Náutico**** 2 60 to 80 pax

Vila Galé Ópera**** 5 35 to 300 pax

Vila Galé Porto**** 13 20 to 300 pax

Vila Galé Santa Cruz**** 10 32 to 497 pax

Vila Galé Tavira**** 5 60 to 500 pax

VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa***** 6 16 to 320 pax

Crowne Plaza Vilamoura***** 3+11 up to 600 pax

VIP Executive Art's**** 12 20 to 220 pax

VIP Executive Azores**** 18 20 to 170 pax

VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & Spa***** 6 72 to 184 pax

Infante Sagres***** 3 up to 80 pax

64 ❘ MI 2011/2012 - PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS

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MI in Portugal

Address Website
Av. Marginal - Apartado 49, 2766-901 Estoril

Estrada da Meia Praia, 8600-315 Lagos

Av. da Marina, 8125-401 Vilamoura

Vale do Olival8365-912 Armação de Pêra

Travessa do Conde da Ponte -1300-141 Lisboa

Av. Fernão Magalhães, 74300-190 Porto

Rua de São Fernando, 9100-157 Santa Cruz, Madeira

Rua 4 de Outubro, 8800-362 Tavira

Alporchinhos, P-8400-450 Porches, Algarve

Rua do Oceano Atlântico, 8125-478 Vilamoura - Algarve

Av. D. João II, Lote 1.18 1998-028 Lisboa

Rotunda de São Gonçalo, 131 - São Pedro, 9500-343 Ponta Delgada, Azores

Avenida 5 de Outubro, nº197, 1050-054 Lisboa

Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre, 62, 4050-259 Porto

PORTUGAL TRAVEL NEWS - MI 2011/2012 ❘ 65

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MI in Portugal

Tourism Events
09 - 12 ITE 2010 - The 25th International Travel Expo Hong Kong Hong Kong, China

17 - 19 Beijing International Tourism Expo Beijing, China

20 - 22 Incentive Travel Exchange Las Vegas, U.S.A.

22 - 23 Business Travel Market London, U.K.

23 - 26 MPI - Meeting Professionals Intl World Education Congress Orlando, U.S.A.

29 - 31 Business Travel & MICE Expo Bengaluru, India

11 - 13
The Trade Show - ASTA Las Vegas. U.S.A
21 - 23
6th Luxury Leisure Moscow, Russia
20 - 23
Top Resa Travel Market Paris, France
22 - 24

TT Warsaw Tour & Travel Warsaw, Poland

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TRANSLATORS Ana Isabel Matos GRAPHIC DESIGN José Teixeira-
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PUBLISHERS Publiotel - Empresa de Publicações Turísticas e Hoteleiras, Lda.
PUBLIOTEL also publishes PUBLITURIS, Portugal’s leading travel trade newspaper, awarded APAVT’s Medal of Merit in 1979
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