photos left--Alex W Fraser, July11, Natureline Whale watching cruise in Gulf Island Right--my 1997 GMC 4.3L V6 with standard manual Transmission

As a Bitron Distributor
Nov 1998 joined as an offical distributor under N/A/T/O. Was also an official distributor under Team Globe [2000] from Australia and later DDR [2001]from Vancouver. Nov 2002 joined as an official distributor under Dick Simmonds. Now headquartered in Richmond, BC. Bitron is now Natureline Solutions. I have not been disappointed in any way by my involvement since. Nov 2010 an official distributor & product user for 12 years. Autoship Monthly 100bv Dec 2002 to Nov 2011 9 years Commission; received a commission cheque at least 1 a month each month for period Jan 2003July 2010 Level Status I have reached the 6 star level & presently bouncing between the 2 & 3 star level In my truck, above photo on right I have used bitron in it since I got the truck June 1, 1999 at 37,500kms. Present mileage as of the above date is 203,346.3K. I use the engine treatment, gas/fuel conditioner, powertrain & gear formulation, Octane booster & tire safety solution, Thus I have used the bitron products for 165,846.3 KMS or 102,824.71 miles with great results. How Bitron Works I have gone from an average of 17 mpg [about 6.05Kms/L] to an over all average of 24mpg [about 8.54Kms/L] in this 11.5 year period. I have had a high of 35.5 mpg with my truck. This is about 12.63Kms/litre. I estimate I am averaging basically every 3rd tank of fuel for FREE. My average fillup is about 85 litres. I estimate that Bitron has saved me, reduced my over all costs of repairs, maintenance, downtime, oil changes, fuel costs by about the cost of my truck which in June 1999 was $16,000.00. The most obvious, noticeable reduced costs is in the fuel purchases. On average I put in 2.5 oz of gas/fuel conditioner per fill up.
This is how the Tire Safety Solution protects your tires

On a recent trip July 9-12/10 to Richmond BC for the Natureline training weekend, this included 2 about 2 hour ferry rides; distance was 232.87 kms or 144.38 miles. At which time on Friday July 9 when we left Courtrenay, the gas indicator was a good needle width below 1/2 full. [ see truck dials next page ] When we got back home in Courtenay it was a good needles width above the red

empty mark. When we filled up there was still about 41 litres of fuel left in the tank. The tank holds 128 litres, it took only 87.350Litres to fill it. This trip took less than 3/8 of a tank of fuel. Fuel wise, cost was less than or about $35.00. On this recent tank of fuel, other than the trip to Richmond, BC of 232.87 kms my driving is basically in town driving of 456.13Kms. The refill up was 87.350 litres, distance travelled was 689.0 Kms, this equates to about 7.89kms/litre or 22.2515 mpg. I have a 11 year log of my bitron usage results as well as maintenance records.

My truck dials July 12/10 on Highway 19 about 30 miles south of Courtenay, BC after a good hours driving or so from Duke Point Ferry terminal RPM 1650 -1750, basically never goes over the 2000 even at 117kms/h battery just over 14 oil pressure around, just under 400 Temperature about 81.25 the above 4 readings are basically a constant while driving mileage 203299.3 gas just under 1/4 full speed 97Kms/h Alex W Fraser Courtenay, BC Questions 1-866-338-6334 /250-338-6334 or e mail about Bitron web site join

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