taying healthy is a whole different ball game when strength bands and a yoga mat. you’re a mother. You can forget about keeping a 20. Join a gym with a kids’ club. consistent schedule, sleeping eight hours a night 21. Befriend other fit mommies. and spending two hours at the gym. 22. Find a role model who is a fit mom and emulate her. While the day-to-day physical challenges are one thing, 23. Make “workout dates” with your friends. the daily mental challenges are another. Not only do you deal 24. Set a goal like a beach vacation to keep you focused. with stretch marks, hormonal fluctuations and pregnancy 25. Hold yourself accountable by telling other people your weight gain, but you have to deal with your insecurities fitness goals. around women who have never had a baby, a sleepless 26. Work out with your partner for support. night or a full-on toddler tantrum. 27. Enjoy active recreational activities like hiking and biking. I knew becoming a fit mother required me to make extra 28. Don’t finish the rest of your child’s food. efforts in creating a successful environment. After losing 50 29. Write down everything you eat. pounds six months after giving birth and having two kids 30. Eat before attending birthday parties. younger than 2 years old, here are my 50 tips to becoming a 31. Avoid dining out. fit mother. 32. If you eat fast food, always order a salad or grilled chicken 1. Breast-feed. It burns tons of calories and contracts your sandwich (hold the ranch and the mayo!). uterus to become smaller. 33. Eat most of your sandwiches “open2. Create short-term goals to keep you faced” or with just one slice of bread. motivated. 34. Forfeit the bread basket at restaurants. 3. Measure your progress by inches, 35. Eat sssllloooowwwlllyyy. clothes and confidence – not just the 36. Purchase a healthy cook book and try a scale. new recipe every week. 4. Stock up on meal replacements like 37. Subscribe to an informational fitness protein shakes or protein bars if you are magazine. too busy to eat. 38. Try new exercises every week. 5. Drink some tea or coffee for an extra 39. Perform core exercises three times a boost of energy. week to tighten up your midsection. 6. Take an appetite suppressant if you’re 40. Incorporate both weight training and constantly snacking. cardio in your exercise routine. 7. Only keep healthy foods in your 41. Invest in cute workout clothes that house. make you feel beautiful and confident. 8. Bring healthy snacks like a protein 42. Brush your teeth at 8 p.m. to avoid bar/shake or nuts for quick snacks in eating late at night. By Maria Kang, founder of your car. 43. Create a workout calendar as a visual 9. Work out in the morning before your reminder. children wake up. 44. Make a personal pact to spend a minimum of 20 minutes 10. State your intentions every morning by creating daily a day exercising. workout and diet goals. 45. Get acquainted with the free workout channels on your 11. Invest in a jogging stroller. television set. 12. As soon as your baby is old enough, instill a routine for 46. Find your favorite workout videos on him/her so your schedule becomes more predictable. 47. Be an active consumer in your local farmer’s market. 13. Join a stroller club or mommy fitness group. 48. Plant a vegetable garden with your kids. 14. Perform fun exercises with your baby like “kiss the 49. Focus on becoming a positive role model for your kids. baby” sit-ups. 50. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go. MS&F 15. Buy workout DVDs to perform at home. About the Author: Maria Kang graduated with two bachelor degrees and is the 16. Jump rope while watching your kids in the backyard or founder of Fitness without Borders, a nonprofit promoting fitness, education and at the park. leadership for kids in underprivileged communities. Her fitness background includes 17. Climb on the jungle gym with your kids. being a personal trainer, group exercise director, fitness manager, freelance writer, 18. Play Wii Sports or Xbox Kinect instead of video games. fitness blogger and social entrepreneur. Visit her online at or receive daily fitness motivations on 19. Create a mini-home gym complete with some weights,



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