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Garry J.

Knowles16 William StreetSummit, NJ 07901(908) 277-1758 SUMMARY AND SKILLS:
I worked for Nortel for 28 years and as the product changed I would
take courses both structured and self study to become certified and
make myself the go to employee. I have 12 years experience in
Norstar Key and BCM systems I have a strong electro-mechanical
understanding and can repair to the component level using a VOM and
oscilloscope. I have run miles of cable over the years I do clean and
professional work and meet the building codes.OBJECTIVE: To use my
28 years plus in the technical field and apply it to the open position
in your
to households that did not completed census questionnaires or did not
mail them back by April 1 2010 and found out if the household was
occupied or vacant and a count of people.
Performed surveys for commercial property for Comcast , locating taps
within reasonable distance to customer's building. Drew detailed
diagrams of telephone poles locations and telephone pole
identification number.
Installed Lucent key phones and surveillance
systems. Ran cable mounted video cameras and equipment and
programmed surveillance and telephone systems. RESIDENT TELEPHONE
Serviced over 40 Norstar key, and BCM systems for Essex County, NJ
including Voice Mail. Performed moves, adds, and changes moving
phones and systems to different rooms, floors, and buildings. Down
loaded patches from Nortel web site and up loaded to phone
Serviced Nortel Key Systems in Union and Hudson Counties. Installed
new systems, cabled and programmed sets up to 60 phone
Installed and maintained Key Systems, DV-1 a data voice system 10
years ahead of its time, ran miles of cat3, cat,5, cat6 for phone
systems, networks, paging and large Conferencing Bridges, both T-1
and analog lines for national accounts for BJ Wholesalers and
Staples. Intergraded all the systems and trained customers on setting
up conferences, monitoring the meetings, using the paging, and all of
the aspects of the phone system. SENIOR FIELD ENGINEER

On special assignment, testing Nortel PBX voice, data, and alarms for
N.Y. Transit Authority Subway System. Forcing alarms such as smoke,
doors open, and channel bank alarms to the command center.FIELD
Maintained 25 Keybatch customers in northern N.J. this included disk
hard drives, high speed drum and, band printers, high speed card
readers, card punch, modems, monitors, and magnetic tape drives. I
would travel to sites in other states as tech support for making
adjustments on disk drives such as cats-eyes and data burst,
duration of hammer flight times on printers, pick pulses on card
readers using an oscilloscope. I would repair hammer driver,
buffering boards, and power supplies to component level.BENCH
Repaired AM-FM 8-track, cassette, televisions both tube and solid
state and C. B. radios to the component level. I also would set
standing wave ratio for C.B. radios. Now it is cheaper to buy a new
one then repair it. I still fix old pre-amplifiers and high powered
amplifiers, impedance matching transformers and part numbers for
older amps are hard to find, but if it is a Marantz it is worth
repairing. EDUCATION:DeVry Technical Institute, Woodbridge,
Jr. College, Cranford,