Duh Ballad o' Scotty Waddy Doo Doo

A long poem by Eric Curkendall At doorbreak innuh church kokonut klowns kick't Mr. Scott down inntuh uh trumpet hell after Scott's last tuckey buckey hootey toot boo tippy toed the instabuck hall o Chunkoh duh Klonkyoolater "Sankyouairy! Ahhh! Sankyouairy!" Ann now he's had it! he's just another piece o' screen chair pork for cut outs 'n splint toppings uhduh yurt poles sneeze and crane around mourning, rockered bucky squeaking snifflies attuh turnover burgh o' 'tarded retort selections duh martcrash mawbeller greek spoon o' surgery manuals trunk in duh backuhbye hoopery duh tickery goatforking o' butt rakes elvin slings o' casket book swingery. Scott fucking on off into duh scenery, duh Dirthead Cowmans versus duh Huestunned Assholes spacklin duh wonderbacked swirl blurb o' whistlelessnesses damned rough blue buttered coterminous sanitary entwined hassled turnoff junk brodied into chunkyoobill indochain squashed pot achievers math loop which would be a parade but it moves too slow. hillspew off a dinner track in mopbellery clockyoorite eyebottles o' eyeglass niagaras showfights spiggoting in spittrouble tarlishe falling chemicals the bees the cherries cradling dorkling's bed squeak burton, a variety of miserable chuckfit for stark backin stumblerd stackerin cabasstable draggery across the eyepatching slips into airjewels innuh horn ear bed n all beeped out, duh hairband bananas taping renditions stoopendipity swing bangs jungle bells uhduh hollerday season rolling intuh pagebasket yosemite final linklessness of headlines

leaving you wideopen to hit for an easy two. Hankering in upper plate loss Philadelphia. uhv agonistes as a cigarette skunk on his own inversery rhyme. our idol reader. "I was a itchy monsterbeater. n carpestered beardmonster bikini influxes uhvuh clark's headkick letterings o' torque bowed blank all the benderer blasted at from a slope storepoled doilierizing duh nut flats o' pop champs doubletakin from sockybowls reels clackering out more blacking settin duh sunscreen.innuh phonepig hut wiffuh a dream career uhvuh parlacious dreambeef little orphan Scotty Wotty Doo Doo havin his heart rat's feastspanishes ton color loomer onnuh crutch in clamsauce pants gettin barnpoodley jawsblended with the arcadias o' hornmelon and a drink for the bursted. ann all on account uhduh instafit! turned duh riot 'round.gobble gobble man. wallery squealering is festooning in dumpey bunting.. well." mission control's eyeball economies expanding at about 8. An speakin uhv you. Innuh patchmeat sinkery.000 percent per year 'n lunched on those caine greases suckled duh stacklette geeses uhv innuh earwater noises.... thumbs ruffed in mint coats finger wigs uhduh wags wigglin . foul ball as listenable tweetline routing should have been bendable minds glasses for the terminally applicating but it wasn't. arches in duh wash lashing stumble amongst duh faces. masted the pines in the vale of vomitville shocks better than suddenly signless at dawn. swirlfoxing wiff push-up scat skiffled with the Stones confusing things dirts with whips at whom repeat duh drips on duh panes.000.nuthin'! Well anyway.

how did I get here wrong and half to say this? .n' Scott switched sex alpsing over duh carphone Harvards avariciously gazing at trenchpearls backstrokin up duh stream uh demself onnuh curler muffin wagon as I breezed in with my math all wrong like islands of terror Hoagie Carmichaels dodgin asteroids surfin wiffuh sunbath spoon a shirtbacon astronomy for reinteresting oneself in the Mirror to understand.

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