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1.2.4 Management Style: The organization sets their goals at the top level of Management in the annual general meeting and then breaks them down in to sub-goals for each level of Organization i.e., Traditional Goal setting technique is followed by organization. 1.2.5 Organizational Environment: The environment of the organization is very stable and portray a professional image at first glance. The management is capable enough to handle the situations which arise due to internal and the external


factors e.g., Political setup of the country, Government interventions, competitor threats, Economic stability of the country etc.

1.2.6 Organizational Values: •Trust and Integrity. •Respect for people. •Responsible corporate citizen. •Passion for business excellence. 1.2.7 Hierarchy Of Organization:

President and CEO Zouhair Abdul Khaliq Chief Finance Officer Ehab Rochdy Chief Information Officer Tariq Rashid Chief Technical Officer Marwan Hayek Vice President Administration & Human Resources Ali Raza Mehdi


Chief Officer Government & Regulatory Affairs Brig. F. R. Adhami Vice President Sales Irfan Akram Vice President Marketing Bilal Munir Sheikh Vice President Strategic Planning, Business Development Naeem Zamindar Vice President Customer Services Mustafa Peracha 1.3 HR Introduction: At Mobilink, their belief is that "their people are their greatest asset. They take great pride in acknowledging the contribution each one of them make" they focus on People Development and for that they ensure:

Staff Mobilink with world class Professionals and ensure that the right systems are in place to encourage them to develop to their full potential. Create a collaborative and mutually supportive work environment that encourages people to grow. Build a team of professionals who deliver expertise by participating in business decisions. Develop Performance Management and reward systems underlying our Business strategy.


1.4 HR Objectives: • • • • • To look out for the well being of all employees of the company. Provide leadership and direction to employees of the company. Career Development planning for all employees of the company. Ensure thorough training of nationwide employees. To provide individual employees with orientation on the company at the time of joining. • To provide employees with solutions to their problems. • Maintaining data records of all employees of Mobilink (Human Resources information System). • To evaluate and retain those employees who are assets to the company. HR Policies: • Friendly, conversant, flexible and congruent with business environment. • Policies are legally compliant with clearly expressed processes for timely revisions and a framework in place to foster employee adherence.

2. HR Practices. 2.1 HR Planning: HR planning’s purpose is to determine what HRM requirements exist for current & future supplies & demands of workers. The organization ensures that they have the right number and kinds of people at the right place; this is task is accomplished by regular recruitment and


1Current Assessment: 5 . Regular Training and development programs. 2. who are capable of effectively and efficiently performing assigned tasks.  The process by which managers ensure that they have the right number and kinds of people in the right places.  A clear plan must be developed with associated time-spans and scope of activity. Promotions.  Environmental factors: Labor markets.  It is accomplished through analysis of  Internal factors : Current and expected skill needs. vacancies and departmental expansions and reductions.  Human resource planning is designed to ensure the future personnel needs will be constantly and appropriately met. use of computers to build and maintain information about employees  Human resource planning must be integrated within the organizations strategic plans  Senior management must emphasize the importance of human resource planning  Human resource planning must be based on the most accurate information available.selection. performance evaluation.1. and at the right times.

• Develop Performance Management and reward systems underlying our Business strategy. 2.  Meeting Future Human Resource Needs. • We aim at making Mobilink a great place to work HR Functions of Mobilink: 6 .  We focus on People Development and for that we ensure: • Staff Mobilink with world class Professionals and ensure that the right systems are in place to encourage them to develop to their full potential.• Job analysis Defines jobs and the behaviors to perform them .2 Planning Procedures Of Mobilink GSM  At Mobilink. We take great pride in acknowledging the contribution each one of us makes. how its done and why it is done. our belief is that "Our people are our greatest asset”.1. • Build a team of professionals who deliver expertise by participating in business decisions. • Job description A written statement of what a job holder does. • Job specification A statement of the minimum qualifications that a person must possess to perform a given job successfully. • Create a collaborative and mutually supportive work environment that encourages people to grow.

7 .2.1 When to Analyse Job (Mobilink way to conduct) THEY WILL CONDUCT JOB ANALYSIS IN TWO WAYS 1.2 Job Analysis 2.Recruitment & Selection Training & Development Career Development Human Resource Dept. INTERVIEWS OBSERVATION The information will be collecting by observing employees through cameras so there behavior would not differ while working. Compensatio n & Benefits Performance Appraisal 2. OBSERVATION 2. This observation phase will be implemented on the operative employees who are performing their duties in the production areas.

and attracting capable applicants. 2. firing .  2.3 Recruitment: Recruitment  The development of a pool of job candidates in accordance with a human resource plan It is the process of locating.INTERVIEWS The other phase will be interviewing the employees like managers which is form first line managers and top managers.g. 4.2 When to Analysis Job 1. retirements. When there is no advance in any job analysis which is vacant.(continued) 8 . e. identifying. 3. When new technologies will be introduced in the company.3 Recruitment…. transfers. 2. Job analysis should be done after two years.2.  Derecruitment Techniques for reducing the labor supply within an organization. 2. When new jobs will be created.layoffs.

In this way huge paper work is reduced and recruitment process is improved in terms of efficiency and convenience with the use of technology. 2. experience and skills an individual must have in order to perform effectively in the position he/she is applying Mobilink employs both formal and informal ways of recruitment. So those candidates then report at the Mobilink call center from where they are sent to the Human Resource Department for further interviews. Online Applications. All candidates drop their CV’s at call centers. But Nepotism doesn’t exist.  Position description: A written description of a management position. But recently Mobilink devised a new way of recruitment i. sister or cousins) are accepted.3. covering title. No employee references for his or her family members (brother. 9 . They give Ads in leading newspaper and use some other mass media communication channels and then receive applications and CV’s online. they are then short listed and called.  Hiring specification: It defines the education.3000 as an incentive. Job description : A written description of a non-management job. duties and responsibilities and including its location on the organization chart. then the one who referred is given with a bonus of Rs. which means only one person can apply from one family. Any employee can refer any competent and potential person and if the referred person comes up to their expectations and hired.1 Sources of Recruitment Mobilink uses both Internal and External Recruitment.e. In Internal recruitment they ask for employee referrals.

• Preliminary contact with potential job candidates.In External environment the company’s corporate Image matters a lot in a way that not only new candidates are attracted but also people who become a part of it rarely leave it.3.  Labor market: Easy to recruit in large labor markets. Paktel etc as they are highly influenced by Mobilink. • Web based advertising. • Methods of Recruitment process: • External Recruitment • Internal Recruitment Internal Recruitment: 10 . • Initial screening to create a pool of qualified applicants. and even if they resign then hardly join other firms like U-Fone.2 Process of Recruitment • Steps in the Recruitment process: • Internal Search • Advertisement of a job vacancy.  The type or level of the position: The more specialized the position the more recruitment efforts . 2.  The size of the organization: The larger the organization the easier it is to recruit.

11 . so people who are interested come and if they are capable enough they are hired. Mobilink usually prefers “Job Posting” in which employees from with in the organization are preferred but if the organization feels that the employee is not competent enough then they go for external methods. Candidates are required to successfully complete any job related selection test given to them. what matters are the potential talent and caliber of the person and his commitment to work. They give an open invitation to everyone to apply. Internal candidates has to be a confirm employees of Mobilink of who have completed a one year of service in their existing designation.  Selected candidates are required to join the new job/position after getting clearance from supervisor and will be on probation for a period of three months. External Recruitment: • • • • • • No candidate under age of eighteen can apply for the job Candidates can’t apply for the job if their blood relations work in PMCL-Mobilink. Mobilink usually prefers advertising through newspapers for their recruitment purposes. Heads are responsible for hiring procedures Human resources jointly with the department heads decide the salary range Minimum qualification must be a bachelor degree. Candidate are required to successfully complete any job related selection test given to them. They don’t prefer any specific universities or colleges to get the applicants.

Experience. Education. Intelligence test. Mobilink places a great stress on 3 G’s in a person’s professional life that is: 12 .3. skill and aptitude should relate to the position. Interviews. aptitudes.3. 2. Initially applicants may submit a hand written/typed application along with a legal bio-data and 2 passport sized photograph to HR department They are required to fill the standard application from the Company Application. References.3 General Conditions for Recruitment in MOBILINK GSM Recruitment is done through human resources Department.g. An Applicant’s knowledge.4 Strategies for Recruitment The recruitment process is likewise the same but minutely varies in the organization depending upon the ranks. experience and capabilities. In Mobilink they surely see qualifications but they prefer a person with required skills. In recruitment Mobilink keeps certain things in front e. Medical test.  Whether he or she has the required technical skills or the required qualification for that specific job.2.  Whether the person is polished enough to adjust in their environment.  What the person was getting (in terms of salary) prior to Mobilink’s Job.

knowledge and expertise and recognition in his particular field.“GROW. and then he should “GO” to a better position with a much better salary package and rank. 2.4 Selection:  The process of assessing candidates and appointing a post holder to ensure that the most appropriate candidates are hired. 2. and depending upon the requirements and positions whenever there is a vacancy they go for recruitments. Employees hired on Adhoc basis remain the employees of the outsourcing firm and their pay cheques are also delivered to these firms. Their recruitment process is working all the time. GROOM & GO” They say that first of all a person should “GROW” in an organization.  The scheme used for optimally staffing the organization 13 . These Employees work for 90 Days like in Probationary Period. Basically they hire an Outsource firm. And after 90 days they are confirmed or fired depending upon their performance. Mobilink doesn’t hire people on annual or seasonal basis. he or she should get enough time and promotions to reach or achieve a respectable and influential position. This method is adopted to lower the burden of recruitment on Human Resource Department of Mobilink.3. which does outsourcing for them.5 Alternatives to Recruitment In Mobilink employees are also hired on AdHoc basis. then a person should “GROOM” himself by developing his skills.

1 Selection process: 1. using the Word version. Falsification can lead to disqualification or dismissal. 14 .net remember to complete and send response to the Supplemental Questionnaire.4. Candidate must meet these criteria to be considered for the position. Be accurate and honest. Before beginning. If you choose to fill it out manually. You can print and mail or fax it. but a few pointers on filling it out may help: • • • The easiest way to fill out the application for Mobilink is to complete it on-line using either the PDF or Word version. ensure that. As such. Or. health. otherwise candidate will be wasting his effort in completing the application. one has to review thoroughly what the Job Announcement specifies as the requirements to qualify for the position. The Application: This step indicates the employee desire position and this application provides information useful for interviews. you can save it as a file and e-mail it to hrdept@mobilinkgsm. The employment application is candidate’s first chance to present his qualifications to the Organization. if required. 2. it is extremely critical for his/her continued participation in the examination process. ensure it is legible. background and previous experience.In Mobilink selection Criteria is based on numerous factors such as education. Print clearly in ink or use a typewriter. Most entries on the form are self-explanatory.

usually within 5 working days. Resumes may be attached. 2. If you need more space to discuss your qualifications.• • Be thorough when discussing experience. but will not substitute for application entries (unless specified in the Job Announcement). If receive a passing score candidate will be invited to continue in the examination process. provided they are similar in format to the original application form. Convey experiences most directly related to the particular position. Test results are sent by mail. OMR (Optical Markup Readers) are used for scoring answer sheets. These tests are designed to determine level of technical and/or analytical abilities associated with the particular position for which candidate had applied. The application form provides a standard format necessary for consistent review of applications. including volunteer work. • • Applications must be received no later than the Final Filing Date specified on the Job Announcement. so allow for mail delivery time. you can attach additional sheets. 15 . Questions are usually of multiple choices. Postmarks are normally not accepted. Written Exams: Written exams are usually obtained from one of several test construction firms available to them.

Specialized Testing Some positions will require specialized testing. These tests are scheduled just as like other tests. 16 . agility and communication skills etc. adaptability.3. Instructions will be given on the tasks to be completed and then asked to complete them. 4. Safety. with notification in writing of the date. location and duration of the test. such as technical skills. time. quality of work. These tests are scheduled through the Human Resources Department office. etc. Performance Exams: Performance exams test ability to accomplish specific job-related tasks by providing the opportunity to actually perform them. performance under stress. are evaluated. Individuals with considerable relevant experience will conduct the evaluations.

Background Checks: Selection committee confirm the truthfulness of application Résumé or of the application form. 3. The objective of this step is to find out more about applicant as an individual. Initial Screening: A type of interview in which questions are asked about experience of the candidate and his salary expectations Panel and Serial interviews. 17 . Physical Examination: It is conducted to ensure the physical fitness of applicant. The previous supervisor of the applicant is called to confirm this information and to get his career highlights. 4. To evaluate a candidate for the job.Interviews: It is most common method in which selection committee evaluates a candidate’s abilities by following methods: Types of Interviews: Testing: To measure the job and learning skills of the candidate. In Depth Selection Interviews: These interviews are conducted by the manager to whom the applicant will report.

probationary period. they be qualifying only or weighted and/or combined with the other tests. normal work hours Starting salary Benefit package Other . These tests are additional selection devices used to determine qualifications for performing essential job functions. this is initial opportunity to provide information on your qualifications as they relate to the position for which you are applying. Exams frequently will include a Panel Interview as well as a 18 . In brief: The first step is the completion of the employment application. Completed applications are initially screened to determine whether an applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the position as outlined in the Job Announcement. the examination process may include a written test. Job Offer:        Welcome Position / title Authority.5. travel. etc. A limited number of candidates whose applications clearly show that among those competing they are better qualified in terms of relevant training and experience will be invited to continue in the examination process as outlined in the Job Announcement under "Application Process. duties and responsibilities Starting date. In either case. performance test(s) or other specialized tests." Depending on the extent of the recruitment. Applications of those applicants determined as meeting the minimum qualifications are then reviewed by a Human Resources Analyst and a subject matter expert to determine who is to be invited to continue in the examination process. a résumé with a employment/salary history may be substituted for selected positions. The job announcement will clearly state if a résumé will be an acceptable substitute.

3 Selection Criteria of Mobilink GSM  Information regarding the qualifications and job description is provided by the company to identify suitable candidates.4. Note: The selection devices vary from job to job.  Candidates are supposed to complete the Pre-Employment forms and then the HRM department conducts the interviews and tests which are discussed in previous slides.  There is a restriction by the company that the Divisional/Department Head and HRM department must agree before the final selection of the candidate. informed of any change in address in order to ensure the delivery of notification. 2. Therefore. 19 .4.2 Validity and Reliability Validity The that proven exists Reliability relationshipThe ability of a selection between adevice to measure the selection device and somesame thing consistently relevant job criterion 2. it is imperative that applicants keep HR dept.departmental Selection Interview. Applicants will be notified of the results of examination in writing.

4.  Candidates rejected or kept on file are sent regret letters.  Hiring Committee Mobilink’s Hiring Committee constitutes following members for hiring on all the levels: • • • Respective Department Head Head Of Human Resources President • Appointment Letters: • Mobilink’s appointment letters for successful candidates spells out the terms and conditions of the employment and benefits applicable to the position. • At the time of confirmation the concerned department is send the feedback for confirmation.  After selection the candidate is required to complete a 3 month long probationary period.  HRM department prepares and delivers the Employment Letters to the employee and obtain signature of him on a copy.4 Following information's are required by Mobilink from the applicant:  In case of Non-Payment employees Mobilink signs a contract of 1 year which can be extended to another year. 20 .2.

1 Types of Orientation  Two types of orientation: 1.  A program designed to help employees fit smoothly into an organization. 3. General information about daily work routine. work rules and employee benefit. 2.  It conveys three types of information: 1.4. Work unit orientation: 21 .4. also called socialization. purpose operations. Orientation  Introduction of a new employee to his/her job and the organization. Review of organization’s history. and products or services and contribution of employee’s job to the organization’s needs.  Orientation or socialization is designed to provide new employees with the information needed to function comfortably and effectively in the organization. Presentation of organization’s policies.

5.Tour of organization’s work facilities.  Within 30 days of employment all new employees attend a formal orientation program which includes 22 .2 Orientation of new employees in Mobilink GSM  Objective is to inform all new employees with the basic structure and rules of Mobilink. and introduction to co-workers. Organization orientation: Informs employee about the organization’s objectives.  Human resource Department is responsible for orientation.4.  With the first week of the employment employee go through Department orientation .  Orientation CD regarding PMCL. contribution to the unit’s goals. 2. history. 2. Organizational charts.Familiarizes employee with goals of work unit. philosophy procedures and rules human resource policies and benefits.

5. History-philosophy and structure of company 3. 2. Layout and facilities offered by the company . Structure chain command within the company 4.1 Training Programs  A process designed to maintain or improve current job performance.2 Developmental Programs  A process designed to develop skills necessary for future work activities.1. Company benefit plans 5.  Most training is directed at upgrading and improving an employee’s abilities or skills 2. Nature of business 2. Why Training and Developmental Program?  To improve three types of skills 1) Technical skills 2) Interpersonal skills 3) Problem solving skills 23 .5.5 Training & Development: 2.

analyzing alternatives and selecting solutions”.  Problem solving skills: “These skills include participating in activities to sharpen logic .5.5. reasoning and skills at defining problems. write and doing math computations as well as job specific competences”.4 Training Methods 1) Most training takes place on the job because this approach is simple and inexpensive.5 Training In Mobilink GSM 24 .5. being creative in developing alternatives. in such cases it should take place outside the work setting. 2.  Interpersonal skills: “This type of training includes learning how to be better listener. how to communicate ideas more clearly and how to reduce conflicts”. 2) Some skill training is too complex to learn on the job. 2.2.3 Types of Skills  Technical Skills: “The skills of improving basic skills like the ability to read .

 The employees are trained technically and periodically either locally or abroad according pre-planned programs. Supervisor follow up the field trip by having staff explain what they have 25 .  Provide employees with greater opportunity to grow and succeed with in the company.  The human resource department conducts a meeting with department heads at the end of the training program. 2.5.  Then on the basis of their performance they give them advance jobs. This helps employees gain a better understanding of the full range of programs and clients that organization serves.6On-the-job Training experience Field Trips Mobilink provide employees with an opportunity to visit the other sites. Field trips to other organizations serving a similar clientele or with similar positions also provide a valuable learning experience.  They prefer their own employees and go outside only when fully qualified person is not obtainable.  To strengthen management and professional teams at all organizational levels.  Training in Mobilink GSM upgrades capabilities of employees.  The purpose of this meting is to focus on the individual discipline and performance during the training program. The purpose of training is to upgrade the capabilities and efficiency of all those employees and prepare them for more responsible positions in future. Technical.  They fill every position vacancy with the best qualified person obtained. provides guidance and individual counseling .  Construct training programs and provide employees a variety of Job skills. Clerical and Supervisory and Managerial courses.

seminars.5.1 Individual development plan At Mobilink individual development plan is prepared by the employee in partnership with his or her supervisor. Sample of Individual Development Plan The sections of the IDP form are: Developmental goals for the coming year • What do you want to achieve? Relationship of goals to the organization’s goals • How will the organization benefit from your development goal? Knowledge. A trainer. 2. It is implemented with the approval of the employee's supervisor.5. Abilities to be developed • What will you learn? Developmental activities 26 .learned and how they can apply that learning to their organization. facilitator and/or subject matter expert are brought into the organization to provide the training session or an employee are be sent to one of these learning opportunities during work time.7 Employee Development: 2. workshops These are formal training opportunities that Mobilink offer’s to employees either internally or externally. Skills. (Fieldtrips can also be an off-the-job activity.) Classroom training Courses.7.

Individual Development Form Name: Relationship of goal to the organization’s goals Knowledge. and long-term (3 years) goals. medium-term (2 years). but some employees prefer to set short-term (1 year).• What are the best development activities for the goals that you have identified? Resources • What resources are required for you to engage in the development activities – time. Skills. funds. Abilities to be developed Resources Developmental Goals for the Coming year Goal 1: Developmental Activity co Goal 2: 27 . and so forth? Date for Completion • IDPs are usually written for a one -year period. help form others.

7. To conduct a position assessment: • Identify the job requirements and performance expectations of your current position 28 .Goal 3: __________________________________ ______________________ Employee’s Signature Date _________________________________ ______________________ Manager’s Signature Date 2. To conduct a self-assessment: Step 2 .Assess current position and work environment The employee does an assessment of the requirement of his or her position at the present time and how the requirements of the position in organization may change.2 The individual development planning process: Step 1 .Self-assessment The employee identifies his or her skills. abilities. values.5. strengths and weaknesses.

• • Identify the knowledge. Step 4 . services. Select two or three goals to work on at a time. Evaluate progress and make adjustments as necessary. programs. Set a time frame for accomplishing goals. skills.Identify development activities Identify the best ways to achieve development goals. and abilities that will enhance ability to perform current job Identify and assess the impact on position of changes taking place in the work environment such as changes in clients.3 Based on their analysis in Steps 1 and 2. • • What methods should be used? What resources should be required? Step 5 . Step. Celebrate successes! For employee training and development to be successful. and technology. Mobilink do following things: 29 . they use Individual Development Plan form to answer the following questions: • • What goals do you want to achieve in your career? Which of these development goals are mutually beneficial to employee and organization? Write what you would like to achieve as goals. Start working on plan.Put plan in action Once employee have prepared a draft of your individual development plan: • • • • Review plan with supervisor for his or her input and approval.

and abilities that the organization will need in the future. bonus.6 Performance Management 2.1 Performance Appraisal • A process of systematically evaluating performance and providing feedback upon which performance adjustments can be made. This is usually the supervisor's responsibility Develop a good understanding of the knowledge. and job specifications. Look for learning opportunities in every-day is the foundation upon which employee training and development activities are built Provide training required by employees to meet the basic competencies for the job. Support staff when they identify learning activities that make them an asset to the organization both now and in the future 2. job description. • Performance appraisal should be based on job analysis. What are the long-term goals of the organization and what are the implications of these goals for employee development? Share this knowledge with staff.6. Was there an incident with a client that everyone could learn from? Is there a new government report with implications for the organization? Explain the employee development process and encourage staff to develop individual development plans. skills. 30 . The jobs are evaluated on yearly basis under 360o method.• • • • • • They provide a well-crafted job description. the competent employees are rewarded in shape of promotions.

The results of an appraisal can be used to identify areas for further development of the employee.increments and annual holidays and promotion. the employee during this period are put under six month observation. The organization is also using Thomas profiling which are online questionnaires. When evaluation is made the unsatisfactory performers are given warning. and then on the basis of these answers personality of the employee is judged. 31 . by law the organization have to give 3 warnings before firing. which consist of 20-25 questions about the behavior of the employee. if after 6 month evaluation the employees performance is still unsatisfied they are put under 8 month observation still if the performance is unsatisfactory they are demoted to previous post. In periods of observation following steps are followed.

Performance Appraisal Plan Employee’s Performance Unsatisfactory Meet with employee to communicate measured assignment.2 Graphical rating scale 32 .6. Consult with Manager & Personal Operations Meet frequently with employee to Review progress & provide feedback. Review with your Manager Satisfied Performance Improved but not satisfactory Performance Declines Hold Evaluation session with Employee Sustained Demotion Terminate Prepare short term measured Assignment Performance Plan Slips back to unsatisfactory Place on another Assignment 2. Prepare Performance Evaluation with Unsatisfactory Rating At the end of measured assignment evaluate performance.

• Disadvantage time consuming difficult to develop.6. 2. past performance at Mobilink 33 .5 Performance Management (conclusion)  To be meaningful.r.t. • Advantages of this provide quantitative data . less time consuming than other methods. 2.6.6. 2. • Disadvantage of this do not provide depth of job behavior assessed.6.6 Performance Management in Mobilink GSM  PMCL provide a formal review program to evaluate work performance and to promote communication and discussion of job performance w. • Advantage focus on specific and measurable job behaviors.• A performance appraisal technique in which an employee is rated on a set of performance factors. • Advantage of this is thorough.3 Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) • A performance appraisal technique that appraises an employee on example of actual job behavior. 2. an appraisal system must be: • Reliable — provide consistent results across time. • Valid — actually measure people on relevant job content. • Disadvantage time consuming.  Measurement errors can threaten the reliability or validity of performance appraisals.4 360 degree feedback • A performance appraisal method that utilizes feedback from supervisors employees and coworkers.

Initiative and drive. 2. 2. Problem solving & decision making. Flexibility. Team work and Co-operation. Customer focus. Mobilink asses the employee on: • • • • • • •  • • • • • • • Leadership. Communication skills. Under this method the rater deals with all employees in their area.6. Initiative and drive. The basic advantage of this method is that it prevents raters from inflating their evaluations so everyone looks good or from forcing the evaluation so everyone is rated near the average.7 Relative Standards: In the second general category of appraisal methods. 2. individuals are compared against other individuals. These methods are called relative standards rather than absolute measuring devices.8 Grouped Ranking: Under this method the evaluator place employees into a particular classification. Customer focus.6. Mobilink asses the employee on: Leadership. Communication skills.6. Flexibility. Team work and Co-operation. Problem solving & decision making.9 Individual Ranking: 34 . such as “top 20 percent”.

2.7 Motivation There are a number of specific steps HR manager will take to bring about that profitable situation.The individual ranking method requires the evaluator merely to list the employees in order from highest to lowest. A score is obtained for each employee by simply counting the number of pairs in which the individual is the preferred member.10 Paired Comparison: The paired comparison method is calculated by taking the total of N(N-1)1/2 comparisons. 2. Let employees know how much profit the company will have to clear to be successful and explain how the actions of each employee contribute to that profit. In this process. It ranks each individual in relationship to all others on a one-on-one basis.6. If the evaluator is required to appraise thirty individuals. Firstly. 35 . the HR Department will inform employees of the ultimate goal of the company to make a good profit. this method assumes that the difference between the first and second employee is the same as that between the twenty-first and the twenty second. The HR manager will provide career counselling during individual meetings with employees. only one employee can be rated “best”.

7. Relate employees' goals to those of the company. 6. 3.8 Compensation & Benefits: • Promotion: Promotion is direct shift only to the next level from the current grade. HR manager will encourage employees to take continuing-education courses and to read books that will help them acquire more skills. Consistently update your motivational techniques.7.Also will communicate to employees that you are concerned with their long-term career goals and that the work they are doing will help them achieve their goals. 2. Get employees' ideas for motivating staff members. 2. 2. Involve employees in the business planning for the operation. the employee’s performance Is evaluated and if his performance is above average he is given promotion. Provide direct feedback. Teach employees what their co-workers do.1 Maximization for Motivation 1. • Increments 36 . Offer career counselling 4. 5. HR MANAGER WILL Request feedback from employees on how they think the company can provide them with better opportunities for advancing toward their career goals.

it is effective from January of each calendar year. according to its financial condition. • They get purified employees. Overtime payment: Overtime payment is pay for only those workers who are working more than their working hours mostly overtime payment is given to low level staff.1 Strength Selection • The selection criteria of the organization is good. Analysis of HR Practices. • Subsidized meal: Subsidized meal at the working hours for all the workers according to there postion. again the facility is provided according to the position. • Free transport Mobilink provide free transport to local employee. • Free housing: They give the facility of free accommodation for all level of employees. • Medical facility Mobilink provide free medical facility to workers depending upon the position/rank of the employee. whether increments should be given or not. 3. Once the increment is decided. Recruitment 37 . • 3.The company decides at the end of the financial year.

2 Weaknesses Recruitment • Lot of potential candidates does not know about when they open their positions. family medical facility.• Poll of candidate increase because of competitive salaries. on TV and news paper.. • Show employees the way how to achieve the goals Motivation Reward on working good. 38 . • Doing limited recruitment process like low advertisement. good working environment for women Training and Development • Train them to make up to the mark. life insurance. family medical facility • Direct financial compensation • Non direct financial compensation Maintenance Save work environment. gratuity fund & provident fund 3.

Working life balance should be maintained. • 39 . • Lack of job instruction training • Fatigue of training after working hours Opportunities • With mobile penetration in Pakistan still below 50%. 4. despite fall in capex in order to hold off rivals. • Time period of employee training should be expend.Selection They will prefer to give employment to their relatives and friends of existing employees (wasted many outside potential candidates) Training and Development • Time period of training and development is short. Recommendation. there remains huge potential for growth. • Their should be flexi timings. and especially in rural parts of the country • Deployment of 3GPP compliant mobile softswitch in conjunction with Nokia Siemens should spark movement towards more mobile data service offers Threats • Pakistan is an ultra competitive mobile market with Telenor and Warid Telecom pushing Ufone for second position – all three operators are making ground on Mobilink • Mobilink needs to maintain investment programme.

(compensation policy) 5. • Outsourcing should be done by special agency. 40 . There have been constant efforts on their part to build a teamoriented environment where the strengths and opportunities can be nurtured and exploited. Mobilink is one of the pioneers in telecom sectors in Pakistan and have proved with time that a satisfied workforce is one of many ingredients of success. • Recruitment policy should be revising two times in the year. • Improve their quality procedure. • They should not cut the bonuses. • They should invite a pool of candidate without references.• They have to enhance their recruitment procedure and policies. Conclusion Mobilink is an equal opportunity employer who caters to a variety of needs of their internal and external customers and has a rich tradition of keeping up to date and informed with the needs of their workforce. • HRM must ensure the quality of customer service. Threats and weaknesses are identified and through systematic development and training are dealt with to nconvert them into strengths and opportunities. • They should give prior notice of two months before the termination.

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