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Hugo Guajardo
4202 Snowbird Drive
Corpus Christi, Texas
Hm. Phone: 361-850-7139
Cell Phone: 361-549-1327
OBJECTIVE: Secure a position with a rapidly growing company that provides career
opportunities for advancement. Obtaining a management/ director position where
I am responsible for achieving company goals and objectives by incorporating pro
ven processes and innovative methods of sales and promotions, efficiently improv
ing operations and procedures.
The skills beneficial to your company include but are not limited to: tremendous
work ethic,dependable, positive attitude, strong oral and written communication
skills, extremely results oriented, strong leadership, management training and
interpersonal skills. Excellent organizational skills, highly motivated. Superi
or problem solving skills. Proven sales and promotional skills,extremely high i
ntegrity, Ability to develop and implement a variety of projects while multi-tas
king responsibilities. I am Culturally diverse and Bilingual.
Bachelor of Science University of Houston, Houston Texas
Major: Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management
Texas Southmost College - Incomplete studies (Transferred), Brownsville,Texas
Major: Business Management.
2005 - 11/2010 District Manager, Churchs Chicken Inc.
Supervisor of 8 unit stores, responsible for overall support of financial and su
pervisory issues. Conducted management performance evaluations, prepared P&L rep
orts, all accounting information, plus maintained staffing, inventory control a
nd payroll for all units, Hired and trained all management personnel. Teach meth
odology and principals of finance as per company standards.
2004 2005 Petco General Training Manager
Trained and developed all Managers and crew . Coordinated all Marketing Sales in
itiatives for the store and maximized store sales effectiveness. Prepared Sales
performance reports, weekly, monthly, and Yearly Profit and Loss Statements. Pro
vided team members with the resources and support needed to achieve the assigned
tasks. Created a training, motivation, and sales target model.
1997- 2004 Department Manager and Cluster Leader, HEB Inc.
Developed and implemented plans of action to increase Gross profit, create innov
ative ways to introduce and promote new products, developed sales forecast, main
tained inventory, prepared P&L reports, maintained high standards of quality con
trol, ensured appropriate staffing and assembled teams by skill to meet deadline
s. Maintained all state safety and health regulations, Developed and implemented
a variety of employee oriented programs to enhance company profits.