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Thank You
Thank you for requesting our publishing guide. We hope you find it informative and inspiring. This book provides you with everything you need to prepare your book for publishing with us, while answering the question, “Can you send me a sample of a book that you have published?” Our publishing agreement is included as a separate sheet. If you misplace it, you can print a copy from your computer by going to Our simple contract tells you what to expect when publishing with us. It is clear and written in plain language, ensuring that you won’t experience any surprises or avoidable problems.

Who We Are, What We Do
We are an independent (indie) book publisher that has blended aspects of traditional and self-publishing to create a new kind of publishing. We will provide services of the highest quality in publishing your book and making it available for sale to consumers through a wide range of retailers and stores. When publishing with us, you will enjoy the utmost freedom, flexibility, and profitability, just as a self-published author would. At the same time, you’ll be the published author of a book that is manufactured to bookstore quality standards and available to stores and retailers, just like authors of traditionally published books. Our authors have enjoyed great success with their books and have appeared on Oprah, Dr. Laura, CNN, Howard Stern, Book TV, and more. We have published best-selling authors, famous columnists, and even Miss USA 2004, Shandi Finessey.

There Is a Difference
Compared to the rest of the book publishing industry, we do things very differently. You keep all rights to your book, an agent is not necessary, and you have the final say in your book’s content. Our publishing method makes your book available to millions of book shoppers on the internet, for order by people interested in your book at bookstores, and to the stores themselves through our generous terms and return policy.

Each time we sell your book, we will pay you a percentage of that sale (royalties). These royalties are paid monthly instead of quarterly. When you want to purchase copies of your own book, you will do so with a significant discount, and we pay royalties on those sales, too. We even take bookstore returns, allowing stores to order your book from us with confidence. Sometimes being different means being better.

Publishing Today
In today’s publishing landscape, authors are taking control of the publishing of their books. Even Stephen King has released books independently. Our publishing method caters to A) new authors looking to compete with the heavy hitters, B) established authors seeking more control than their traditional publisher offers, or to earn more money per book sold, and C) out-of-print books that would benefit from being brought back to life by the author. We charge a one-time setup fee of $499 that includes all you need to be successfully published. We offer only a few add-on services to make it easy to customize the publishing of your book.

This Book is a Sample
As you hold this book in your hands, take note of the quality of the printing (sharp, clear text), the cover (brilliant, high resolution, full-color, laminated), and the binding (perfect bound). We print books in three sizes: 5.5”x 8.5” (the size of this book), 8.5”x 11”, and 8”x 8”. We sell only printed books (not digital or downloadable books) because nothing compares to the real thing. Digital e-books are too easily pirated off the Internet, resulting in lost royalties for you. They are also too difficult to read. Try to read just five pages of any wordy document on your computer. As your eyes strain and your neck starts to cramp, imagine how readers of your book would feel. Wouldn’t this ruin the experience of reading your book? And of course, you can’t curl up with a computer the way you can with a good book. In fact, Barnes & Noble stopped selling e-books — a telling sign.

Just do the best you can. Preparing your book for us involves you creating a digital file of your book. By focusing on these issues. If you opt for this service. we ask that you please do not call us regarding the preparation of the digital file of your book. and send the digital file in one of our accepted formats so we can work on your book as quickly as possible. numbered lists. Our instructions help you go as far as you wish when laying out your book. spelling. If you are an experienced computer user. these instructions will make preparing your book a snap. spelling. Because of the high volume of books we publish. and consistency.Preparing Your Book We use no cookie-cutter templates. so it will not be a problem for us to take your digital file and resolve any issues you might have had with formatting and preparation. you should simply do the best you can and let us pick up where you leave off. we will correct errors in your book such as grammar. Even if you consider yourself to be computer illiterate. If you are not. our highly trained production department will provide the attention to detail necessary to give your first proof book the professionalism required of a published book. such as punctuation. and because formatting and computer issues cannot easily be handled over the phone. Once your book has been written and edited to the point where you feel it is retail ready. punctuation. use the instructions in this book to do some basic layout preparation. Later in this book. etc. you will make publishing your book as seamless as possible. We do a lot of work on the digital files of books we receive. instead of being overly concerned with formatting the layout of your book. In fact. grammar. we describe our optional copyediting service. Either way. Your published book is a unique and individual expression of your vision. A digital file is simply a Microsoft Word document or a comparable computer file. even the most prepared digital files. as well as numbers. We have even included computer screen shots because a picture is worth a thousand words. and errors in the table of contents. we recommend that you focus more on content issues. . you can specify many attributes of your layout.

we’ve placed helpful tips next to this icon: Next to this image. Much of this book is based on the assumption that your book is already typed. the Letter from the President (page i) provides an excellent synopsis of what we do. into a computer using a program such as Microsoft Word. and alert you to things you should look out for. In addition to our easy to understand how-to section. Most questions can be answered by referencing the table of contents and looking up specific sections. you should feel comfortable that the publisher is being honest and clear. and insights into the workings of the word processing program. In addition to this.” Or. the table of contents contains a section called. you might find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. tips. proving that with basic tools.” and so forth. When you publish your book. These will sum things up. or will be typed. we decided that sending you an actual book is a more honest approach. if you have a question about saving your book to a disk. or Apple- .How This Book Works It is our intent to provide you with all of the information you need to publish with us. Most of this book was created using an ordinary PC and Microsoft Word 2000. try the Frequently Asked Questions section on Page 79. Rather than offering you a slick and glossy presentation that doesn’t show how your book will look. If you cannot find a section that deals with your specific question. Corel WordPerfect. if your book is not yet typed into a computer. you can build a nice-looking book. you will find cautions. “Saving Your Book to Disk. you can reference the table of contents and find the section called “Books that are not in a Computer. In fact. For example. provide conceptual insight.

com and we will do our best to answer your question. we discuss the pros and cons of using PDF files. the method you use and the images on your screen will be a little different. If you have a question that is not answered in this book. the most widely used of these programs. This is for advanced users only. You can consult your program’s help menu if you aren’t sure how to accomplish a particular task. There is a section about PDFs. If you use a word processing program other than Microsoft Word. Thank you for considering us as your publishing partner. Here to Help This book is a straightforward representation of the honesty and care that we use in our business. The Staff of Infinity Publishing . The computer screen shots throughout this book are from Microsoft Word. The section on PDF files can be located by referencing the table of contents. in that section. We look forward to welcoming you into our family of published authors! Best regards. please do not hesitate to contact us at info@infinitypublishing. We also offer you the option of providing us with files in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).Works.

Become a Published Author! A Complete Guide to Infinity Publishing’s “Just in Time” Book Publishing Method I NFI PUBLISHING.COM ITY .

BuyBooksOnTheWeb. magnetic. without prior written permission of the publisher. photographic including www. No part of this book shall be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. mechanical.COM ITY 1094 New DeHaven Street.5 . Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. PA 19428-2713 Toll-free (877) BUY-BOOK Local Phone (610) 941-9999 Fax (610) 941-9959 Printed in the United States of America Printed on Recycled Paper Published July 2008 Version 3. Neither is Infinity Publishing responsible for any policy changes such as those that occur from time to time and are a necessary part of the evolution of our service. recording or by any information storage and retrieval system. electronic. ISBN 0-7414-1000-1 Published by: INFI PUBLISHING. Note that this material is subject to change without notice. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein. the publisher and author assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book. Suite 100 West www.Copyright © 2008 by Infinity Publishing All rights reserved.InfinityPublishing.

We have millions of dollars invested in stateof-the-art networked computers and printing. Infinity Publishing creates royalty checks every month within 31 days after the following month closes (for example. Most of our competitors do not.A Letter from the President We have a dedicated staff of qualified professionals ready and able to help further your career as a published author. and ship your book. Many of our competitors require a 90-day notice and then hold certain rights for up to a year. print. which works in tandem with our micro-inventory system. and foreign language rights. the checks are created on March 1 and mailed by the end of the month). We own all the equipment necessary to publish. We feel that fast service gives you and your readers a more satisfying experience. audio book. store. for any reason. instead. You’re in Control At Infinity Publishing. Not having all the rights to your book can severely hinder your chances of landing a traditional publishing deal. binding. bind. they involve a third party to print and ship books. and trimming equipment. If your book has movie potential. laminating. Our micro inventory of books allows us to ship orders within 48 hours. ix . radio. That means royalties on sales in January are not paid until June. You can choose to stop selling your book at any time. we will simply stop fulfilling orders for your book. including movie. screenplay. cutting. Our competitors pay royalties quarterly. yielding lower quality and less reliable fulfillment. e-book. Each royalty check is sent with a statement of recent book sales and total book sales since the publication date. 60 days after the quarter closes. you own your copyright and all the rights to your book. for book sales in January. TV. wouldn’t you want the right to make that deal? Many of our competitors keep certain rights and can exercise those rights without your input or approval.

Our books have laminated. and books with large interior images. and none of them can do an 8”x 8” book. and always charge shipping. If neither of the above options is feasible for you.Even your own purchases will be reflected on your royalty statement. and a special gift book size of 8”x 8”. and your cover design and the book’s interior reflect that. You can choose to hire an experienced cover artist (we have some listed at www. and are produced in our very own facility. The ability to produce 8. If the sales of books that you purchase are not reported on your royalty statement. and you are paid a 10 percent royalty on them. We also offer a one-time 50 percent discount the very first time you order copies of your book. Actually. our competition has a much higher minimum page count. Your book is an individual expression of your vision. Our competitors sell you your book at 25 percent off (if you are lucky). how-to books.5”x 8. When you purchase your own book from us. tables. 8. We can publish books with as few as 60 pages. We believe all books deserve unique. workbooks. or a discount of 46 percent off your book’s retail price. Most of our competitors can produce only 5. This can be very important for collections of poetry and children’s books. We do not have cookie-cutter cover templates. you wind up paying 54 cents on the dollar. Our competitors do not report these sales as they do others. and charts.5”. what records do you have of those sales in case your book is a top seller? We publish books in three sizes: 5. full color or you can design your own cover.5” books.5”x 11”. pay no royalty on those purchases. full color covers.5”x 11” books is important for children’s books. x . we give you a 40 percent discount from the suggested list price.5” x 8. These purchases appear on your royalty statement. The All-Important Cover With Infinity Publishing. because of that royalty payment.InfinityPublishing. Shipping and handling are free for orders of 20 or more copies. you are always in control.

Unlike our competitors. but full-figure or even family portraits can work well. sketches. and artwork or simply include some ideas in your cover letter when you submit your book for publication. Most of our competitors will design your cover using a template or assign it to a designer who believes he knows what’s best for your book. After the front cover.we will design a bookstore-quality cover for you with your direct input. (If your book becomes a bestseller.) A professional headshot usually works best. we will scan your photo at no extra charge and put it into position on the back cover. we offer the option to include your photo (in color or black-and-white) on the back of your book. our designer will also put your 100-word synopsis and 100-word biography on the back. you have no control over the look of your book (unless you pay a hefty fee for a more expensive “package”). the synopsis and bio on the back (unless you object or send us a specific file for the back xi . If you supply us with a photo of you. Infinity Publishing will send you two copies of your book to look over. In most cases. We can even crop and size the photo so that it looks more professional. try to keep it under 250 words and save it as a separate file named “back cover. If you have specially created text for the back cover. the first place many potential buyers look to is the back cover. It is important to establish the price of your book in print. While it isn’t required.txt” on your disk. your photo on the back (if you sent us one). so that they become part of the enticement to purchase your book. you might get the better table in your favorite restaurant. You can send photos. Readers of your book typically like to know something about the author and what he or she looks like. The books will have finished cover art. we do not charge extra for this! We also put the list price of your book on the back of your book. Savvy authors will use the back cover to help sell their books to customers. and is required for bookstores. In most cases. Write a synopsis that entices people to buy your book. and our competitors’ contracts will stipulate that they have the final say.

You Get What You Pay For Infinity Publishing charges one low price of $499 to cover all aspects of publishing your book. as explained above). Be aware that charges for corrective work (after the first proof) can almost always be avoided if the book contains no content errors. laminated. a book for you to federally register your copyright. just like those on bookstore shelves. Digital files. or submitting your book to Bowker’s Books in Print. making it an unreliable and tiresome process. we will make forty corrections (which could include any grammar or spelling errors that you missed earlier) at no charge. perfect bound covers. These books will also have full-color. your cover photo. sketches. other databases. Our competition forces you to go online to proofread. such as those created in Word and WordPerfect. There are no varying levels of service where you have a choice of confusing or sorely needed but expensive options. the assignment of an ISBN. and a barcode and International Standard Book Number (ISBN). There are no extra charges for a full-color cover.cover. embedded photos. There is no extra charge for your book to have a laminated cover.BuyBooksOnTheWeb. text boxes. and our own online bookstore www. xii . We have no add-on charges for tables. the Infinity Publishing logo. will change somewhat as they are transferred from your computer to quotations. Additional corrections are charged in blocks of forty at $50 per block. To compensate for this. sidebars. You are forced to make your changes with a difficult-to-use electronic correction sheet — or they charge you extra for a physical book to work on! We enable you to do the proofing and correction process the oldfashioned way — you mark a printed book (the proof book) in red ink and send it back to us. We assume that the book you sent us for publication was proofread earlier and the errors at this stage are minimal. or artwork. both of which are required by bookstores. The forty free corrections policy applies only to the first proof book. footnotes.

so your work is at risk. how long it takes them to ship a book to a customer. lets a publisher retain certain rights for any period of time. cheating you out of sales and royalties. and the biggie: if sales to the author are listed on royalty reports. you have no way to prove that those books were. If you are looking at other publishers. sold. our CD in a Book program ($200).To view some samples of covers designed by our staff. If you investigate the current crop of publishers.infinitypublishing. our copyediting service ($. your work is not protected by United States Copyright. It can then be illegally distributed to thousands of other people. page by page. find out where they prepare their books. our Advance Reading Copies program ($275). Other competitors let buyers download your book for a fee. and for good reason! You should always view your book as having the potential to be traditionally published. Find out where they print their xiii . If their royalty reports do not reflect all sales. You can find detailed explanations of these extras later in this book. upon cancellation. if they pay royalties on author sales. where potential buyers can read your book. in fact. If they send your book overseas to be prepared. never sign an agreement that gives a publisher any rights of any kind to your book or.013 per word). but there is never a charge for images that you digitally insert into your file. The only additional (and optional) charges at Infinity Publishing are: an Extended Distribution Package via Ingram’s Lightning Source distribution/printing system ($149). including your own purchases.htm. This could affect a literary agent’s or traditional publisher’s interest in your book. visit www. With this in mind. We do charge $7 per image for photos or graphics to be scanned into your without making a purchase. Some of our competitors put your entire book on the Web. We have stayed away from electronic books. find out how much they charge for the book. and our value-packed Marketing Packages (which range from $125-$470).

already top in the industry. The story of our commitment to our authors is written every single day. Thomas H. Stores get 40 percent off and up to a year to return books. No comparable publisher does what we do. Ask if they take bookstore returns. Sincerely yours. phenomenal. We are the only publisher that stocks a micro-inventory of our titles. Shipping books from abroad can take as long as three weeks. Gregory President xiv . ask how much shipping costs. we have spent over ten years providing the best publishing method available. We also accept bookstore returns. If they do. At Infinity Publishing. Ask them how long it takes. This book is your invitation to join our family. If it’s outside the United States. both to you and to customers. the world’s largest book distributor. and we do not charge extra fees for this.books. not including the time the order takes to process! Ask if you can include supplemental material on a CD inside your book. Our books have laminated covers and the price appears on the back. if book covers are laminated (and if there is an extra charge for this). Whatever you decide. if the price fluctuates with currency exchange rates. Infinity Publishing prints all its books in the United States. Find out if they put the price on the book’s back cover (as bookstores require). and if they can submit books to Ingram. We can also submit books to Ingram Book Group. This makes our turnaround. I’d like to wish you success as you reach your personal and professional goals as an author. ask if there is an extra charge for this.

..............13 Books That Consist of Many Files....23 Let’s Get Started! . Print-Ready Book ................................................................3 The Publishing Industry................. Part One: Setup Instructions ...26 Space between Paragraphs.34 Setting Automatic Hyphens.......................................................................30 Inserting a Page Break...20 Mac Users Section .........35 Saving Your Book to Disk ....................23 Setting the Page Size................10 Authors’ Conferences.......................................3 How It Works...................................................................................................10 Preparing Your Work ..................................................................................................................................................................17 Books that are Not in a Computer .........................................................................................1 The Basics ..............................22 How-To............15 Manuscript vs......38 xv ......13 Setting Up an Existing File ....................................23 Setting the Margins ....................... ix Quick-Start Section ..........................................8 Audio Books ....................13 The Book as a Digital File ..........................................................................................29 Page Numbering ................................35 Creating the Other Files We Need ...............................25 Line Spacing ...........................................................Table of Contents A Letter from the President ...37 Creating Font Folders ............18 Typing Your Book into the Computer ........................................................................................................................20 PDF Files ..............................

....................59 How Our Books Are Priced .......55 Copyright..............................Style ........84 Closing Notes....73 Testimonials from Our Authors .....................65 Extended Distribution Package .40 About Art and Covers .................................................44 A Word about File Size ...............55 Requirements.............................................................................................................................69 Advance Reading Copies Program ...............72 CD in a Book™ ............48 Files That Don’t Seem to Work .................................................................................................. Part Two: Solving Problems ...........................................................................................41 Copyediting Service .....................................................................................................................................................................................................69 Marketing Packages.........48 Find and Replace ..................................61 What to Expect...75 Summing Up ..........................................................79 Frequently Asked Questions ..........66 Fees ..........47 Using Corel WordPerfect ....................................................54 The Final Step: Sending Us Your Book.................................................... How to Proceed .............................46 How-To........50 Overused Spaces..............................................68 Book Marketing ...........57 Discounts ..................58 Royalties ........89 xvi ...................................48 Problems You Didn’t Even Know About....................................................79 The Publishing Mindset.................................................................................................

Any service provider about whom we receive verified complaints is removed from this list. We provide an optional copyediting service. fonts. we also provide a list of recommended independent and freelance editors. non-camera-ready type. We can publish your book in any of these three sizes: 5.5”x 11”. and cover designers at www.infinitypublishing. We recommend hiring an editor to work on your book before you send it to us. printed on 8. which is what we save it to a computer disk so you can send it to us. This contract will need to be sent to us along with our regular publishing agreement.” What we require is “camera-ready type” to print from. and you can request our copyediting contract by contacting us. Once your book’s file is properly created and edited to your liking. We do not accept manuscript-style documents.5”x 8. one file containing a 100-word description of the book and a 100-word author’s bio for use on our website. A manuscript is defined as “double-spaced. it can be typed into a computer’s word processing software by you or by a typesetter of your choice. or 8”x 8”. You will then need to set the paper size. and styles on the computer to make the book print ready. margins. so please check references. proofreaders. Zip.5”. CD.htm. or USB flash drive) containing: ! ! one file of your book (must be print ready and error free). Be sure that you agree on the extent of work to be done and how much you will be charged. As a courtesy. Camera-ready means the text is laid out the way you want it to be printed. Here is what we need to publish your book: ► One computer disk (floppy. Your next step is to decide which size you would like your book to be. you are halfway there.5”x 11” sheets of paper. 8. 1 . Please view our How-To section on page 23 for easy instructions. We cannot be responsible for the work of independently-hired editors. If not.Quick-Start Section Greetings! If your book is typed into your computer.

etc. It can be fun to look at bookstore books and see if you can set yours up in a similar way. There is no charge for images that are already embedded in your book’s file.! one file containing a 1. ! ! ! All materials for submission must be submitted at the same time. should be on one disk. We encourage you to read this book in its entirety so that you thoroughly understand the process before you publish with us.000 words. We feel that the extra work you put into your book is worth it. money order or credit card number) ► Here are some of the optional things you can provide us: ! a file of your cover artwork. a file of the back cover text. All digital files that you send us. one file containing a 30-word description of the book (name it blurb. if you would like the back cover to have text that is different than what you have provided for the synopsis and bio. This is not necessary if you wish to utilize our complementary cover design process. ! ► A completed publishing agreement ► Payment (via check. this excerpt is optional but encouraged. The information in this book will help you make your book your way. as it should be. We charge $7 per image ONLY if we are to scan them. such as the book.doc).. 2 . We recommend that you take a look at published books as a reference for how you lay out your own book. even if it is considerably less than 1. it will make your book an expression of your taste in content and style. It is our philosophy that a wellinformed author is a successful and happy author. pictures that you would like us to scan to be included in your book. We created this book to provide clarity and insight into this publishing opportunity. a text file of any editing or cover design credits that you would like for us to include on the publisher’s page.000-word maximum excerpt or snippet from your book for our website. the book cover (if you are providing one). the bio and synopsis.

In the traditional publishing world. Regrettably. Finding the right combination of agent and publisher can prove elusive. energy. it is ultimately a very nicely worded rejection. never reaching the fruition of being published and enjoyed by others. Have you ever tried to publish traditionally only to get a letter like this? Dear Author. agents and publishers receive a staggering number of inquiries and manuscripts. Unfortunately. many books wither on the vine by remaining solely in the hands of the author. an author typically must find a literary agent (which can take years) who then tries to sell the book to a publisher (which also can take years). We are sure that you will find success as your writing takes you to great heights in the publishing world. Thousands of authors and their books are rejected daily. Each day. less than 1 percent of authors seeking to be published traditionally are successful. Infinity Publishing seeks to change that by providing affordable and professional publishing services to authors of great books. and soul to create a finished book. We find your writing to be above average and encourage you to continue your writing career. It takes an amazing amount of time. 3 . Ultimately. How many times can an author be rejected and not lose faith? There are alternatives. we already have plans to publish a similar title. *** While there are many variations of this form.The Basics The Publishing Industry The path of the author can be difficult.

and reprint rights. a printed proof book for your inspection. audio. stores. We will sell your book to consumers. These could include Your book will be made available to bookstores on a returnable basis with a discount of 40 boxes of books gathering dust in the basement. an ISBN assigned to your book. Ouch! Often. You own all the rights to your book and can cancel at any time. a barcode. the author has no say in what happens next.000-$30.000. “forget about starting over. A Description of our Services: Our one-time setup fee of $499 gets your book entered into our printing system. Borders. If the book takes off. movie. the message is. the author will be faced with a great deal of money it’s no longer your book!” What We Do: A Better Way When we publish your book. To those authors. among others. bbotw.From the Frying Pan to the Fire The worst-case scenario would be for the author to pay a subsidy publisher that would print a large quantity of books at a cost to the author of $5. a cover design if you need one. Our base setup fee of $499 gets you rolling in and your title information submitted to Bowker’s Books in Print as well as thirdparty internet retailers such as Amazon. a subsidy or vanity press keeps rights to the books it publishes. and all over the world via Amazon. If the book doesn’t sell and other third-party retailers. and to you (if you wish to purchase copies of your own book) and pay you royalties on every book sold. and Canada.S. inclusion on our e-commerce website. it will be available for sale to consumers in the U. 4 . and Waldenbooks. and an out-of-print book to which the author no longer owns the rights to.

This type of book isn’t hot right now. 5 . books are printed in small quantities and stocked in our micro-inventory.Optional Add-on Services: Copyediting: We can copyedit your book for grammar. These packages range from $125 to $470.000 at a time in advance. Photo scanning: If you have photographs or printed images that need to be scanned and inserted into your book. including Barnes & Noble. Our only requirements are that your book looks professional and follows guidelines on page size.” Our print production corresponds to the number of books that sell. Too risky for us to publish. and punctuation errors for a cost of $. which produces outstanding quality and assured results. Send Rejection Form 12. Marketing packages: We have packages of printed materials that can help you get the word out about your book. we are able to guarantee fulfillment. Your book must contain no fewer than 80 pages to participate in this program.000 units. As a publisher that prints our own books. margins. Your Book. We publish all types of books. Extended Distribution Package: We can submit print files for your book to Ingram Book Group’s printer. which is very questionable for publishers who don’t. This increases access to your book to many thousands of retailers around the world. The Extended Distribution Package is $149. not 10. Therefore. we are not forced to say: “Hmm.013 per word. you decide what is best for your book. which allows books to be purchased via the Ingram distribution channel. We’ll pass. spelling. This book might only sell 6. Lightning Source. scanned photos are $7 each. and so on. And if a book’s sales go through the roof. With our unique method. Your Way When you publish with Infinity. we’re more than ready to handle fulfillment with our in-house printing facility. this author is not famous.

which author would you be inclined to take more seriously? Our authors own ALL the rights to their books and are able to take full advantage of any opportunity that comes along. and book signings. copyediting. and photo scanning.” (Yawn. There may be other publishers that offer low setup fees only to charge extra for things that are really important. newspaper features. I sold 5. and also earn a 10 percent royalty. 6 . Future orders are discounted at 40 percent. We offer you a 50 percent discount on your first order or any order of 250 books or more.Taking a Book Even Farther For some authors.) Author B: “Last year. This is like selling a cheap car and charging extra for the tires. Other Publishers Our staff is dedicated to giving you the highest level of service and providing purchasers of your book with a first-class experience. shipping is free. Infinity Publishing’s basic fee includes everything you need. Of course. Put yourself in a literary agent’s shoes and consider these two authors. those books aren’t really free. Agents hear that every 10 seconds. The only extras are marketing packages. shipping fees. We will also pay you a 10 percent royalty on this purchase. I’ve done radio and TV interviews. Many such authors enjoy the creative control and hassle-free experience of publishing exclusively with us. ! Author A: “My book is guaranteed to be a bestseller. but when you factor in their higher setup fees. there are some who prefer not to get involved with the traditional publishing world. Some publishers offer a small number of free books to their authors. By publishing your book with us. and other costs. Whenever you order 20 or more books.000 copies of my book published by Infinity Publishing. if you were a literary agent or traditional house. My book and I are proven winners!” ! Honestly. our extended distribution package with Ingram Book Group. the road to success leads to a traditional publishing deal. you may be able to attract the interest of a literary agent. their higher price per book. so you essentially pay 45 cents on the dollar.

Our bookstore return policy is one of the most favorable to stores in the entire industry.SpokenBooksPublishing. consistency. and rewritten it again so that it is error free and is the best it can be. And speaking of sound. and costs you nothing extra. These authors submitted their books to us and are now earning recognition as well as royalty payments. These voices are no longer silent! The information age is here. and the like.300 other publishers. One Sound Thousands of authors have found their voices with Infinity Publishing. please consider our optional copyediting service (page 44).Infinity Publishing is the only publisher capable of maintaining a micro-inventory of titles. Before you send us your book. those that are prepared by our authors to be retail ready. When you pay $499 for our basic setup. and we have provided the perfect publishing vehicle to explore its infinite possibilities. Other publishers don’t take bookstore returns. If you think your book is suitable to be published as an audio book. Other publishers cannot match this. check out the audio book section of this book or visit www. grammar. they charge you an outrageous sum to make your book returnable. your book will be returnable. and are at the complete mercy of that company’s workflow and production schedule for some 2. This means that. we ship your book the same day it is ordered. edited. in most cases. Many Voices. proofread. too. Lightning Source. 7 . This policy allows our books to have the widest distribution potential possible. we have created a new division called Spoken Books Publishing that publishes audio books. we expect you to give your book the necessary care to make it great — we expect you to have or if they do. If you would like a second set of eyes to review and correct your book for spelling. Other publishers are tethered to a third-party printing company. Retail Ready We only publish high quality books. and we know that you do. We care about good writing.

you will submit our publishing agreement. (For more about copyrights and registering your book. we will make the book available for sale on our Web site and distribute the title information to other third-party retailers like amazon. You: As a published author. When we receive that. We will then send you a second proof book.How It Works You: In order for us to publish your Us: We will take your corrections and fix your book. If you intend to submit a hardcopy or PDF file of your please read those sections of this book to see what applies to you. This does not apply to books submitted in hardcopy or as PDF files. You: If your second proof book is ok. You will send us the marked-up proof book and master list so we can fix anything that needs work. Make corrections to your proof with a red pen and create a master list of the corrections. a properly created disk. we will create royalty checks as well as accompanying statements that include total sales figures for your book. you will market yourself and your book. We will sell your book to consumers. This book will show you how to prepare a disk for us. 8 . Us: Once you send us the proof approval form. and distributors. and a one-time payment for publishing. There is typically a two week turnaround time for and other sites.) You: You will read the instructions contained in the letter that accompanies your proof books. Every month. bookstores. One is for making corrections. you will send back the form that came with your first set of proof books. If you have had your book edited prior to sending it to us.copyright. and the other is for sending to the copyright office. be sure to proofread the editor’s version of your work. Us: We will send you two proof books in five to seven weeks. We will fulfill orders for your book promptly.html. we will publish your book and make it available for sale on our website and submit it to Amazon. see www.

If you pay the extra $149 for the extended distribution package. and there is no extra cost to you. including the books that you buy yourself. Bookstores typically require purchasing on a returnable basis. so does our policy regarding submitting books to them. we’ll always ship books to consumers with our high quality. Buy. the author. There is no time limit. Waldenbooks. super-fast turnaround time. Your book will have the ability to sell for many years to come. This is our policy for all our titles. There are no limits on the sales potential of your you will create your own brand We are always keeping up with changes in the retail landscape to make our books available in as many ways as possible. you can create the level of sales you You will earn royalties on every sale. Your book will be made available to Amazon. etc. With a little luck and a lot of hard Borders. and via Bowker’s Books In Print. Alibris. All books sold will be reported on your royalty This contributes to that all-important ingredient to your success: good word-of-mouth. your book will be available to BarnesAndNoble. 9 .com. Our return policy makes it easy for them to stock your book. In traditional publishing. and you promote yourself and your book. Your book will always be bookstore quality and shipped quickly because of our micro-inventory. Walmart. No matter how popular you become. As the nature of the third-party market changes. for this feature. which can help attract a literary agent or a traditional publishing house should you look in that direction. Your book will stay in print indefinitely. and it will be available to many different outlets such as Amazon. among many others. books get a few months to make it or die.

Audio Books
We have created a new division dedicated entirely to publishing audio books. This new imprint is Spoken Books Publishing, and the website is Our publishing of audio books is separate from our publishing of paperback books, but many of the same staff, systems, and authorfriendly polices that are a hallmark of Infinity Publishing can be found at Spoken Books Publishing. If you think your book has what it takes to be published as an audio book, log on to the Web and check it out.

Authors’ Conferences
Our conferences are ideal for all authors, published and unpublished. We provide a forum for authors to polish their craft, learn about new book promotion techniques, and exchange ideas with other authors and presenters. Our conferences are open to anyone interested in achieving success in the publishing industry. Infinity authors benefit from a reduced registration fee, which includes all materials and meals. Our conferences are held in the Greater Philadelphia area so that you can see Infinity Publishing’s operation and meet our staff. We take great care in seeking out speakers and presenters who are noted experts in various aspects of publishing and marketing. Our primary goal is to create a conference that helps you become a more successful author. All of our presenters are available to talk individually with attendees. Here are some of the presenters we have featured:

Dan Poynter is one of the publishing industry’s most energetic, experienced, and widely respected leaders — and perhaps one of the most successful self-publishing authors ever. Dan has the unique honor of being the expert that the experts in the publishing industry often consult with on challenging book projects. John Kremer is an acknowledged expert on publishing and marketing and is the owner of Open Horizons. John has been the editor of the Book Marketing Update newslet10


ter for over sixteen years and is the author of a number of books on publishing and marketing, including 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.

Brian Jud is an author, book-marketing consultant, seminar leader, television host, and the president of Book Marketing Works, LLC. He is the author of the Publishers Weekly title Beyond the Bookstore. Penny Sansevieri is an author, publicist, freelance writer, and instructor. Her company, Author Marketing Experts, has developed and implemented countless marketing and publicity strategies. Jennifer DeChiara is a New York literary agent who worked at Simon & Schuster and Random House, and has sold books to publishing houses including HarperCollins, Carroll & Graf, and New Horizons. Jerry D. Simmons is the recently retired vice president at Warner Books. Jerry is the self-published author of the book INSIDE The Business of Publishing: What Writers Need to Know. Melanie Rigney is a writer-editor and a freelance book editor. She has provided content editing, copyediting, and manuscript evaluation services to dozens of authors and publishers on topics ranging from dog care to legal thrillers to children’s picture books. Bonnie Neubauer is the author of The Creative WriteBrain Workbook (published by Writer’s Digest) that explodes with game-like writing exercises. Drew Nederpelt is the principal of Metropol Literary Agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Metropol’s clients include the Agassi family, CNN’s Ali Velshi, and Terry Wallis, whose story was sold by Metropol to Scott Bakula Productions and Paramount Pictures.







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Michelle Shane, sales administrator, is seen here receiving an order for a book. She will then oversee the invoicing and sale of the book as it makes its way through our system. It will be shipped in less than 48 hours!


or PageMaker files in their native formats. and our instructions in the How-To chapters will make it very simple and easy. There are many word processing programs whose files are acceptable for use including Microsoft Word. While some details vary depending on your word processing program. and page breaks — are the same. page size. and Apple Computer’s AppleWorks. WordPerfect users should save their files as RTFs (Rich Text File format). as we do not accept Quark. hard returns. Corel WordPerfect. justification. These digital files are simply what your computer’s software creates. This is not complicated. you may need to modify the layout to make it ready for publishing. Users of professional programs such as Quark Xpress or Adobe Systems’ InDesign or PageMaker may create a PDF file for us to print from. Setting Up an Existing File If you have already used a word processing program to create your book file. Instead of printing the text on paper as it is being typed. Microsoft Works. so if you used Microsoft Word software to create your book file. the basics of how you set up your work — margins. CD.Preparing Your Work The Book as a Digital File The best way for us to receive your book is as a digital file on a computer disk (such as a floppy. Zip. the information is stored in the computer’s memory and saved on the computer’s hard drive. you have created a digital file in Microsoft Word format. or USB flash drive). InDesign. Word processing programs are designed to emulate the functions of a typewriter but with much greater flexibility. In short: 13 .

For example. You will probably want to set up your book to be single-spaced (the exception is poetry.5”x 11”. Prepare the other files we need.5” book are 0. while making it easy for us to take your book the rest of the way towards professional quality. set the width and height of your book’s pages.5” sized book. and a 1000-wordmaximum sample from the book. Set the margins. We publish books in three sizes: 5. it’s only used for pre-published manuscripts.5” wide and 8. ! ! ! ! If you have problems laying out your book. The latter is a square shape and is well suited to a gift book.5” x 8. In your word processing program.5”x 8. If you aren’t sure. and 8”x 8”. the font you’re reading right now is 11-point Times New Roman.7” for the left and right. 14 . Feel free to use fonts of your choosing if you are so inclined.3” for the header and footer.5” tall. Double-spaced does not look professional for a published book. 8. on the disk you submit to us. along with your book file. such as 1. 0. Most books look best when they are published in single-spaced format. We will fix it up for you prior to sending your first proof book. the more quickly it will be turned around.5”. Ultimately. This will give you the chance to make your book truly your own. These two fonts are the most common. a 100-word biography about you. we want you to do your best to create a print-ready file for us to print from. These are a 100-word description of your book. For example. The more prepared your book is. if you want a 5.6” for the top and bottom. You will save these files. Set the line spacing.5 spacing).8” margins all the way around. so base it on what works best for your book. set the page size to be 5. go with Times New Roman 12-point font for the body text and 14point Arial for headings. For the other two book sizes.5” x 8. Our suggested margins for a 5. Choose your fonts and font size. use 0.! Choose the size that best suits your book. which might have a unique spacing requirement. The font size can be what you like. just send it to us as is. a 30-word description of your book. and 0.

continuous file that you will send to us to print from. Once you have copied and pasted all the files of your book into one file. you should save and name this new file “my book.Books That Consist of Many Files If you have your book saved on your computer as many separate files. authors of poetry find that they saved each poem as its own file.” This will make it obvious for us when we receive your submission. Here are simple instructions (with pictures) describing how to perform this task easily. 15 . you will need to copy and paste the contents of all those files into a single. some authors save each chapter as separate files. For example. Open the first file for the body of your book (for example. Go to the File menu and select Save As. Chapter 1). Sometimes.

Select Desktop.This window will appear: The circled area shows how to choose where on your computer you are saving your book file. choose Select All. While keeping this My Book file open. From the Edit menu. Chapter 2). All of Chapter 2 will be highlighted. You have created a new file that will eventually contain your whole book. Then choose Copy from the Edit menu. This area looks like this: Name the new file My Book and click on the Save button. Note: The original Chapter 1 file is still where it was originally. 16 . you will choose the new file’s name. Further down. open the next chapter (for this example.

go back to the My Book file. choose Save from the File menu. Just be sure that you keep them in an outof-the-way folder on your computer so you don’t mistakenly use them again. Set up your book to be published as 8. You will send it on a computer disk along with the other files we require (See page 1). That means you’ll need to change the page size. or if there is some other special reason. To submit your manuscript to Infinity Publishing. until the file contains the entire book. to the front of the book and save again.5”x 11” if it is a non-fiction workbook of some kind. such as your Table of Contents and dedication page. margins. always placing the cursor at the end of the My Book file. Analyze books in your category at the local bookstore to see if this size would really be best for your book. double-spaced text and margins of an inch all around. it must be in print-ready format. You have just copied Chapter 2 and pasted it at the end of Chapter 1 in the My Book file. You have now created one complete file of your book.Now. which you will work on from this point forward. you might have set it up in manuscript format. it is good to have them as backups. Easy! Note: If you mess up. and from the Edit menu. Place the cursor just after Chapter 1. Manuscript vs. just in case. you can add your front matter. 17 . while you are still in the My Book file.5”x 11” page size. Manuscript format specifies 8. Then. You will now repeat this procedure for all subsequent chapters. You can also search for competing titles at online bookstores and see how their dimensions stack up. Always save the My Book file after pasting a chapter. My Book. When you have this completed and saved. We recommend that you keep this file on your computer’s desktop so you always work with this particular file. you can undo any move by using the Undo option on the Edit menu. and line spacing. for us to print from. choose Paste. Print-Ready Book When you started typing your book into your computer. continuous file. Even though you will no longer use them. You will send us this complete. if it has very large images that require that size. We recommend that you do not delete the original separate files.

we will need to receive a corrected hard copy from which to print. ready to be printed. photos or images mixed in with the text must be scanned separately at $7 each. you have two other options: you can hire someone to type your book into the computer or you can purchase a computer and do it yourself. It must be printed on clean and fold-free 8. There is no charge for a print-ready hard copy that is all text.000word “sneak peek” on the Web unless the author provides us with a disk or email containing the excerpt. these must be scanned separately at $7 each. the ink has a tendency to smear. be aware that it will be taken apart to be scanned and will not be returned to you. Also. Instead.Books that are Not in a Computer If your book is not in digital file format but is available as printready hard copy. 18 . However. If you are submitting a printed book for us to scan. Additional rescans are $7 per page. The 40 free corrections policy does not apply. This printed material must not be in manuscript form (See page 18). ! ! ! ! If you do not have your book typed into a computer. Infinity Publishing may be able to scan the material at no additional charge if there are no photos or graphics within the text. we will accept 15 pages to be rescanned at no charge (first proof only). We only accept printed material that is ready to be scanned and printed exactly as it appears. there are some rules when submitting a book this way: ! It must be printed on a laser printer at a minimum of 300 dpi. If corrections need to be made to a book submitted as a hard copy.5” x 11” paper and formatted on the paper. and the print quality is generally fuzzy. Hard copy printed with an ink jet printer is usually not acceptable. We will not be able to put a 1. and you do not have an acceptable printed hard copy that we can scan and print. You must own the print rights to any book that we are to scan and publish. If there are photos in the text.

it is recommended that you first consider a bottom of the line Dell.It is cheaper to hire someone to do the typing. Windows PCs. 19 . These companies offer support if you need help. because the author would make it better with each retyping. then you should consider adding enhancements. Back in the old days. typically come with word processing software or offer upgrades that include such software. You may be able to buy a used or refurbished computer. This was an integral part of the process of making a great book. If you have a choice between spending several hundred dollars to get your book retyped or spending a few hundred more and owning your own computer. you will be able to rewrite your work as you retype it. then the least expensive one will work just fine. If you are going to purchase a new computer. authors would type the book on a typewriter. If you have your sights set on being more ambitious with your computer usage. our recommendation is to purchase your own computer. That way. or Mac. This is useful if your file is too large to be saved on a floppy disk once it contains graphic images. For example. If you purchase an Apple computer. such as those sold by Dell and Gateway. Word processing programs do not require extremely powerful computers. They would retype it to edit it. such as internet marketing and research. A computer can also help with other book-related projects. consider purchasing a scanner and making sure your computer has a CD writer. and perhaps retype it again “clean” to remove typographical and grammatical errors. Purchasing a computer is more expensive in the short term and you will have to become familiar with how computers work. Apple computers do not come with floppy drives. but the rewards are greater. so be sure to purchase a model that comes with a CD writer to create CDs. Gateway. if you plan to scan images to be included in your book. but you are at that person’s mercy if you ever want to work on the book yourself or make changes to your file.

5” x 11” and 8” x 8”. Fonts. don’t input a hard return (hitting the Enter key) until you are finished with each paragraph. while you’re at the beginning. If you want the first line of each paragraph indented. Corel WordPerfect. Microsoft Word. PDF files cannot easily be edited and will display and print exactly as they were created. Most books are best suited as 5. insert a page break to start the next chapter on its own page. and other styles used in the document’s original formatting can be lost or shifted. It does not replace the original file.7” for the left and right and 0. page numbering.5”x 8.Typing Your Book into the Computer Try to decide the page size of your book now. Next. page layout. but we also publish books that are 8. PDF technology changes all this.5” books.5”x 8. This type of file will look the same from computer to computer because the PDF file is like a snapshot of the original file.5” (the size of the book you are holding right now). Creating PDFs is a task best left to professionals. tables. we recommend that you set the margins at 0. The Acrobat software can create a PDF from almost any type of 20 . The PDF file that you create does not replace the original file. Unless your book is poetry. we recommend 0. Adobe PageMaker. and Adobe InDesign all create files that can change somewhat as the files are transferred from one computer to another. don’t hit the Enter key repeatedly in an attempt to do this. Quark XPress.8” all the way around. For the other two sizes. it is merely a copy of the original but in a more consistent format when opened on a different computer. At the end of each chapter. set the margins. For 5.6” for the top and bottom. PDF Files PDF — the file format created in Adobe Acrobat software — stands for Portable Document Format. use a tab to indent the first line of each paragraph — don’t use the space bar to do this. Save your work to your desktop so that you can always find it easily when you turn on your computer.

or if it’s important that your book print exactly as it appears on your computer screen. ! When scanning images for your book’s interior. there is a $100 charge per PDF. Acrobat Reader. Copyrighted fonts will not embed in a PDF file. including spelling and grammar. We cannot edit a PDF file. However. open it and print it out so that you may check it for problems. If subsequent PDFs must be submitted. These fonts should not be used in your document. 21 . When creating a PDF. Once you (or a graphics professional you have hired) have created a PDF of your book.200 dpi.file. though this will require that you become familiar with the PDF creation software. and different font sizes are good candidates for being submitted in PDF. first save them as 200 dpi JPEGs for the book interior.). and grammatical errors. unusual fonts. If you go the PDF route. if there is a problem in your first proof book. etc. Book files with many tables. it will be much cheaper for you to purchase the software and create the PDFs yourself than to pay someone to do it each time. Your PDF file should not be larger than 50 MB. WordPerfect. you or your graphics professional can fix it and create a new PDF for us at no charge. It can be purchased for around $199 and is particularly valuable for very specific or complex layouts. ! ! ! ! Here is a recap of the caveats regarding PDFs: It is possible to make a PDF that does not have the fonts embedded. or has formatting. You will likely need to create a PDF of your book more than once to be happy with it. typographical. many images. and then insert them into your original file (Word. borders.Adobe. embed all fonts and set the line art to 1. Correct or have your graphics professional correct the problems and create a new be sure your PDF file is absolutely perfect before you send it to us. is too large to be usable. Therefore. The software to read or view PDF files. is available as a free download from www.

If you make a PDF. Setting up margins and page size will be a little different from Word.5”. If you use MS Word for Mac.6 for the top and bottom. If you have the ruler enabled (it will show across the top of the document). select Page Attributes and then Custom Page Default. use the software’s help feature. You may use AppleWorks if you prefer. you should find 5. Any PDF file we receive must be no more than 50 MB. 0. it may not yet have changed to display the 5. choose Document.5”x 8. 22 . and layout instructions throughout this book will apply to you just as they do for PC users.8 all the way around.5”.3 for the header and footer.5” for the height. If your book is 8. Click OK and you will be back at your document. There. using 0. Also be aware that while we cannot edit PDF files. use those dimensions to set your custom page size and for margins. Let’s say you want your book to be 5. margins.5” width. we will create the copyright page for your book and insert it into your book at the appropriate spot. go to the Format menu. check it thoroughly before you send it to us because it will print exactly as is (if created correctly).7 for the left and right.5”x 8. from the File menu. The software will allow you to name this custom page. Do so by naming it 5. and from the Paper field.5.5 x 8. the menus and screens might look a little different to you. Select it. Go back to page setup. and enter the correct margins. Mac Users Section The page size. and 0. If you run into a problem.5” for the width and 8. To set the margins.5”x 11” or 8”x 8”. A new window will open that will allow you to enter 5. which are 0. scroll down to under the word Custom.

5”. Setting the Page Size We print books in three sizes: 5. philosophy. the specifications we provide will still apply. The 5. including novels. and line spacing before you send us your book.5” size is best for most books. 8. you will set the paper size. nonfiction. history.5” x 11”. however. margins. your screen may look a little different. Just follow the instructions (which use MS Word as an example) and look at the pictures. business. poetry. biographies. religion. Part One: Setup Instructions (All examples use Microsoft Word 2000) Let’s Get Started! This is easier than it sounds: You are going to prepare a printready digital file of your work — that is. If you are not using MS Word for Windows. Your software’s Help menu is an excellent resource for finding what you need.5”x 8.How-To.5”x 8. etc.5”x 8. and a special 8”x 8” gift-book size. Go to the File menu and select Page Setup. The book you are holding in your hands is 5. See below: 23 .5”.

5” x 8. if you want your book to be published as an 8. However. Note that we do not bind on the short side of our books. and that the orientation of all our books is Portrait. if you have tables or pictures that are best suited being printed “landscape” orientation.5”x 8. For example. you would enter 8. 5. 8.5”.The Page Setup window will appear and at the top of the window.5”x 11”. or 8”x 8”. 24 .5”. Shown above are the settings for this book. that is fine. You will see these tabs: Click on the Paper Size tab.5” for the width and 11” for the height. The Page Setup window will now look like this: The dimensions of your book can be 5. Enter the width and height.5”x 11” book. Notice where it says Apply to: Whole document. This is very important.

click OK. click on the tab that says Margins. The margins and paper size settings are going to establish the total print area of the pages of your book. left. and right margins shown above. The print area for a 8.1”. This will yield a total print area of about 4.2” left and right. Some older software programs do not support the 5.5”x 8.5”. If your work is going to be published as an 8.5” page size.5”x 8. and 1. top.5” x 11” or 8” x 8” book. then use 0.Setting the Margins While you have the Page Setup window open.3”.5”x 11”book should be about 7”x 9. 25 . bottom.5”.1”x 7. When you have set your margins. make the page size 8. right. The total print area for a 5. In this case.5” book should be about 4. we recommend using the top. The window will now look like this: If your book is going to be 5.1”.1” by 7.5”x 11” and the margins 2. The footer and header can still be set at 0.5”x 8. Notice the Header and Footer settings. and bottom.9” for the top and bottom.8” margins for the left.

You can check the total print area of the pages of your book by printing a couple of test pages on your printer. a workbook that needs room for notes or some poetry books might be the exceptions. it will print fine for us. As long as you have reasonably input the above settings in your book file. Line Spacing The text in most books is single spaced. If you have any problems with the printer cutting off the page numbers or not printing the whole page. don’t worry about it as these kinds of problems are caused by your printer driver and will not affect how your book prints for us. on the Edit menu. 26 . To set the line spacing. choose Select All.

like this: Next. 27 .The entire document will be highlighted (black). go to the Format menu and choose Paragraph.

this setting must be consistent throughout the book. Advanced users may choose Exactly instead of Single to specify an exact point size for the spacing. select Single (as shown below). It is always best to set up the file with consistency as the focus.In the place called Line spacing. 28 . However. because the page count and page breaks will differ for us when we open the file. Some advanced users might needlessly attempt to get the ends of chapters to break just so by specifying different point sizes throughout the book. and we would need to spend extra time undoing all those settings. This can lead to delays or extra fees for setup.

in the field. For advanced users. choose Spacing/After which is about paragraph. you can specify (for example) 6 points. Please do not use various line spacing settings (instead of page breaks) to spread the pages out in a particular fashion.Space between Paragraphs Single line spacing works best for body text. If you use this feature. using this setting with single line spacing and justified text will get you really close to ideal for a professional-looking book. it must be used consistently throughout your book. But what if you want to have some blank space between each paragraph? One simple way is to hit the return key once to add one blank line between each paragraph. When this window opens. All from the Edit menu. Then. as such inconsistency will lead to extra fees and delays. one half of a line worth of space between each Note that for novels and most text-heavy nonfiction books. Choose Select menu. there is a way to specify an exact amount of space between paragraphs. 29 . from the Format Paragraph. This specified amount will allow you to split the difference between one full blank line and no blank line between your paragraphs.

etc.” which means the new section will not be truly independent from the front section.Page Numbering There are two steps required to insert page numbers into your document.) from the body (your chapters). double-click in the footer (the very bottom of the page). The footer will open and a toolbar will open that looks like this: Make sure this button is turned off. 30 . title page. Go to the Insert menu and select Break. The first step is to separate the front matter of the book (table of contents. When you add a section break. It’s very important to first separate the front matter and the body. The window will look like this: Choose Next page from the Section break types area. go to the last page before Chapter 1 and place the cursor at the bottom of the page after any text appearing on that page. The second step is to insert page numbers into the body. To fix this. the footer (which is where the page number goes) of this new section (the body) will be automatically set to “same as previous. To do that.

31 . the dedication page and all the previous pages of front matter will not be numbered. but from Chapter 1 forward.Here is an example of two pages that have a section break of this type between them: In this case. the pages will be numbered. You can even see which section you are in by clicking on any page and looking at the status bar on the bottom.

Go to the Insert menu and select Page Numbers. When you click in a section.Now you’re ready to insert page numbers into the footers. the section number appears at the bottom of the screen just above the task bar. 32 . Place the cursor anywhere in the body of the book (the section of the book that will be numbered).

The most consistent results are achieved by setting the page number to Bottom of page and the alignment to Center. You can create a table of contents that automatically keeps track of the page numbers throughout the book.A new window will come up that looks like this: This window lets you place the page number in the footer or header. For more information on how to do this. then go to the appropriate topic and click Display. 33 . You will get instructions on how to set up your table of contents using built-in heading styles. open the Microsoft Word Help menu and type in TOC.

The text may realign itself and these large blocks of hard returns will result in large blank areas throughout your book. insert a page break at the end of each poem so that each poem begins on its own page. choose Break and then Page Break. authors often accomplish this by hitting the Enter key until the cursor appears on the next page. From the Insert menu. The page break will “anchor” the text in place. Unfortunately. For a poetry book. If there are excess hard returns or spaces. ensuring that the new chapter is always on a new page. This creates problems when we open your file. Below. we have created an image that shows you what a file looks like when the hard returns are incorrectly used in such a manner (illustrated by the command Show Hidden Characters): Fix this by inserting a page break at the end of each page and deleting the unnecessary returns.Inserting a Page Break Most authors want chapters to end wherever they end. highlight and delete them or backspace over them. and for the next chapter to start on its own page. 34 . Begin by putting the cursor just below the last paragraph of the chapter.

Alternatively.5” floppy disk to send us. you should always use the optional hyphen. simply drag it to your desktop. The desktop is the screen that you see when you turn on your computer. the more aggressively it hyphenates. your desktop will show your hard drive as well as any items on your desktop. a CD. margins. the My Computer icon can be opened to view all your computer’s drives. We recommend that you create and save the other files that we require (synopsis. If you decide to hyphenate a word at the end of a line. and edited text. The lower the number. On a Mac. On a PC.5 (the same as this book’s setting). then Hyphenation. A better alternative is to let Microsoft Word handle hyphenation. you may be tempted to hyphenate the word manually. We suggest you keep your book file right on your desktop so that you can find it easily. you may save them to a Zip disk. we recommend a zone setting of at least . leave automatic hyphenation turned off. When in doubt. by holding down the Ctrl key in conjunction with the hyphen key. Once the properly formatted book file has been created with the correct page size. blurb. layout. Saving Your Book to Disk Your book file should be on your computer’s hard drive before you save it to disk. The default hyphenation zone setting is . and excerpt) on the desktop as well. Your manually hyphenated words may end up in the middle of paragraphs instead of at the ends of lines. 35 . you will save them to a 3. go to the Tools menu and select Language. If your book file is someplace else. To do this. in addition to the other files that we require. bio.Setting Automatic Hyphens When you arrive at the end of a line and find that the last word will not fit. This will not work because text can shift when you add or subtract words or when we open your file on our computers.25. or a USB flash drive.

Next.Floppy disk: Begin by placing a new floppy disk into your disk drive. double-click on the desktop’s My Computer icon. 36 . Your computer will ask you if you want to “initialize” the disk and you should choose yes. bio. To copy your book file to a disk. simply drag the file from your desktop into this window. but both types of portable media storage offer much greater capacity. but the essentials are that you will create a data CD that contains the files we require. This will open a window that allows you to view the various drives on your computer. Zip disk and USB flash drive: Saving to a Zip disk or USB flash drive is no different than saving to a floppy disk. This software will vary by brand. Your computer will then copy the file from your desktop to the floppy disk. The type of CD that you will use for this purpose is a CD-R. then do so. CD: If you have a CD burner in your computer. If there is an option within this program to close the disc when created. you can burn a CD with your files on it. Once the initialization is complete. and excerpt). Floppy disks are very inexpensive and can be picked up at any office supply store. The file will now be both on your computer as well as on the floppy. do the same thing with the other files that we require (synopsis. Your CD burner will have come with software that you will use to create the CD. blurb.

Note: Don’t use italics. the 30-word descriptive blurb file. The 100-word synopsis and bio may also be used for your book’s back cover if you wish. or underlined text in either the synopsis or the author bio. When life unwinds from its hectic pace. We may use this blurb if we feature your book on our website’s homepage. The 100-word synopsis. Boats. and it is for use on our website. Indian. It does not have to be 100 words. Rat and Gunner – Eddie learns the secrets to surviving in combat despite the fears and insanity of war. Through his experiences with the crew of PBR 13. For example: The author is a hopeless romantic who lives on an island just outside of Angus Harbor. blank document. This is simply an interesting bit of insight into the world of the author. Type 30 words that describe the book. Into the same file. choose New.Creating the Other Files We Need Don’t stop with your book file. Save the file containing both items to your desktop as “synopsis and bio. 37 . From Microsoft Word’s File menu. she busies herself with various writing projects. Type a 100-word-maximum of your book. We call this the synopsis.” Next.000-wordmaximum excerpt file. bold. We also need the synopsis and bio files. With the direction of his fellow crewmen – DL. A blank document will open. he realizes that the camaraderie and friendship with his men are more valuable than anything else. The synopsis should be concise and interesting. Michigan. 30word blurb. She enjoys doting on her children and teaching a class for the elderly. type a 100-word or fewer author’s biography (bio). choose New from the File menu to open another new. 100-word bio. and 1000-word excerpt will be displayed on our website.doc. it can be far shorter and still be effective. Here is an example of the synopsis of PBR: the Making of a Warrior: PBR: THE MAKING OF A WARRIOR is the story of the transformation of Eddie O’Neil from a naïve nineteen-yearold boy into a combat warrior. The text for each item should all be one paragraph. and the 1.

you must include them on your disk as well. To do this.doc. select Word Count from the Tools menu. or underlined text. The excerpt will be used for the book’s “sneak peek” page on our website only. and you can adjust accordingly. a pop-up window will report the number of words in your selection. bold. See the site for excerpts of books similar to yours. Use two hard returns (the Enter key) to separate paragraphs. older computers will limit the number of characters in the name of a file. Pages 1 through 3 typically work best. Choose Copy from the Edit menu. Do not use your table of contents. her body belonged to the lustful politician she worked for. Create another new document. and the like. Right-clicking your 38 .The blurb could be something like this for a steamy romance fiction novel: [31-word sample] Her heart and mind were at odds. Times New Roman is the most appropriate font for text-heavy books.doc. Put the pages you’ve copied into this new file by choosing Paste from the Edit menu.” The excerpt should be saved with no italic. pictures. To include fonts.” To create a 1. open your My Book file and highlight a couple pages of text by holding the mouse button down and dragging across the text. If you have a problem saving a file to disk.doc” has 16 characters (characters are letters and numbers). the file name “1000word excerpt. Passion + the Forbidden = Serious Danger! Save it to the desktop as “30-word blurb. Save it to your desktop as “excerpt. While professing love for her businessman husband.” Creating Font Folders If you use unusual fonts in your book.doc” or “blurb. click on the desktop to make it active. Bookman Old Style. try reducing the name to fewer than eight characters. create a folder on your desktop. for example. and don’t need to be saved to disk. While the selection is highlighted. other standard fonts include Arial. In general. For example. or images in this excerpt. “1000wrd.doc. Occasionally.000-word-maximum excerpt.

If the folder is larger. 12 point. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.mouse will then bring up a menu. This font folder you have created may be too large to send on a floppy disk. 10 point.4MB (1. Times New Roman. Right-click this folder and choose Properties. This font will now be highlighted. You will see a number labeled “size” with a KB or MB after it. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. double-click on the My Computer icon. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. preferably something like “Fonts Used Folder. it will fit onto a floppy disk. opening your hard drive’s contents. select New and then Folder. and from the Edit menu choose Paste. 10 point. Bookman Old Style. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. You can click on the folder’s name to highlight and rename it. Times New Roman. Do this for all of the other fonts that are used in your file. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 10 point. 11 point. You will see a list of all fonts installed on your computer. When it opens. you will need to save it to CD. Go back to your desktop by clicking on it. select Copy. 12 point. or Zip disk. Click on any part of your fonts folder. Garamond. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Garamond. Note: The fonts may be titled differently when you paste them into the new folder. Garamond. 10 point. Here are samples a few of the most common fonts and point sizes: Arial. 11 point. 11 point. Times New Roman.400KB). The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. If the folder’s size is less than 1.” With the new folder open. Arial. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Find the ones used in your file and single-click on one of them. Arial. Double-click on the Windows folder and then on the Fonts folder. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. From the Edit menu. 12 point. 39 . USB flash drive. double-click on the C: drive.

Keep in mind. Comic Sans. you could change the font or 40 . Bookman Old Style. 11 point. 10 point. The name of the game is freedom of choice for you. save it to disk so that we can print your book the way you want. if all your chapter headings were styled as Heading 1. Perhaps the table of contents elements are all styled as TOC1 or TOC2.Bookman Old Style. Style Microsoft Word has an advanced feature called Styles and Formatting (under the Format menu) that allows parts of the book to be formatted in a particular way. For example. 11 point. If your layout and typesetting skills (or those of your hired designer) are very sophisticated. 12 point. though. so this option is best suited to advanced users. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. you always have the option of creating a print-ready snapshot of the finished book interior by creating a PDF for us to print from. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. all of the body text could be styled as Normal. Setting consistent styles for your book can be a useful. easy way to later make global changes. while the chapter titles and subject headings could be designated as Heading 1. Infinity Publishing is the only publisher that allows authors to really get into the nuts and bolts of laying out their books. Comic Sans. If you want to use an unusual font. Your only limitation is how savvy you are in regard to creating the layout of your book and submitting it to us in a proper format. that PDFs limit any changes that may need to be made to the manuscript. This complex feature is best left to the savviest of computer users. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Comic Sans. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. For example. 12 point.

FindLaw. the file will be too large for us to work with. If we are to scan the images. you must indicate where the images are to be placed in the manuscript. If you (or a typesetting professional) are scanning images to be used in your book’s interior. You may scan photographs and illustrations and place them within your book file’s interior.S. Your headings could be set to a heading style and your table of contents could incorporate the feature called Cross-reference under the Insert pull-down The U. The Style setting also can be used to automatically link the table of contents to your book’s page numbers. Copyright Office provides information about visual arts rights at of all Heading 1 text with one maneuver instead of looking for each individual instance. such as actual photo prints that you provide for us to place in your book. About Art and Covers Keep in mind that if you did not create an illustration or take a photograph yourself. you should consider highlighting all of the text and setting it all as Normal style. 41 . but TIFF files are much larger than JPEGs. This feature adjusts your TOC page numbers to the text automatically.Copyright. We only charge $7 on images that need to be scanned. You’ll find more about this feature by looking for Crossreference under the Help menu. they should be saved at a mediumhigh resolution of 200 dpi (dots per inch) and in JPEG format. you may need to get permission from the artist or photographer to use it in your book. Please don’t save your scanned images as high-resolution TIFF (tagged image file format) files. We do not charge $7 per image if the image is already inserted into the book file. or you may send the actual printed photographs or illustrations for us to scan at $7 per image. the print quality is the same. You also will find articles on the subject at www. If you insert highresolution TIFF images into your book’s interior. If you are not sure how to use the Style function and have inadvertently applied styles to your text and are confused by what this did.

InfinityPublishing. If you have scanned or digital images. We also can scan photographs (not negatives) or hard copies of artwork. and cover artwork can be 600 dpi JPEGs or TIFFs. To see even more For PDF files of cover artwork: when creating the PDF. or as a high-resolution TIFF or JPEG. If you are sending images to us to be scanned. so Mac users must submit PC versions of the fonts they want used on their covers.htm. you must embed the fonts and use no compression or security features. Just put your cursor where you want the image to be placed. although we suggest that you make a copy for yourself as a backup and submit the originals. Submitting a copy of a copy means the artwork that appears in your book will be a copy of a copy of a copy. 42 . please do not send copies. For both cover and interior images. Any images in your source file for the cover should be high-resolution 600 dpi images. but we cannot be responsible for damaged or missing artwork. All covers are designed and processed on a PC. A copy is never as high quality as the original! We will make every attempt to care for and return your artwork to you. If you are preparing the entire wraparound cover including the spine. and there it is! Click on the image to make the little black square handles appear so that you can resize the image and align it on the page. visit www. Books with more than 100 pages will have print on the spine. You will then go to the directory or file where you’ve saved the image. This will allow your designer to figure the spine width. the page-per-inch specification is 500 (250 sheets). we suggest you first save them into their own folder on your desktop. and then go to the Insert menu. This book’s back cover shows a few Infinity Publishing-designed covers. In short. Cover art can be submitted as an Adobe Photoshop or Quark file. Placing them in your book file is a simple matter.If you provide us with cover artwork. Select Picture then From File. Click on the image file. the files must be saved using no compression. or you may provide a simple description of the look you’d like for your cover. PC users must also include all fonts. book interior artwork should be 200 dpi JPEGs. it can be saved at 600 dpi as either JPEG or TIFF format.

we will mail you a CD with the cover in print-ready form for $100. There can be minor variations in color between books printed in January and those printed in February. You should also be aware that unlike traditional printing methods that print many books at one time.If you would like to use our complementary in-house cover design service. you may hire an independent designer for your cover. we will recommend that you hire an illustrator. such as: “My book is spiritual fiction. If your book’s interior is not too large and is a Microsoft Word file. we can also email you the most up-to-date version after publication at no charge.” Our designer will take your suggestion and read your synopsis and blurb before searching for royalty-free artwork that suits your book. He also creates a barcode for the back cover and places the Infinity Publishing logo next to it. If you wish. we ask that you send it when you submit your book. We do not take returns on books whose covers do not exactly match the color of the proof book. Covers will be within an acceptable range from when the original proof was printed. the spine. If you have a cover that’s already been designed. He will then lay out the text for the front cover. we’ll make reasonable adjustments that you request and send you a second proof. It should be brief. we are printing many books over a long period. If you want a printable computer file of your cover. If your idea is very specific and we are unable to find appropriate royalty-free artwork. so I envision clouds and angels for the and the back cover. Please don’t ask us to create a complementary cover for the sole purpose of comparison with a pre-designed cover. (Our competitors charge heavily for this service!) 43 .InfinityPublishing.htm. Extensive work beyond that point will be billed at $50 per hour. please write a sentence or two describing your idea in the cover letter accompanying your submission. A list of designers and illustrators appears at our website at www. Creating drawn-by-hand illustrations is not included in our complementary service. Once the cover is designed and after we have sent you the first proof book. but you may use anyone you wish.

com/CopyeditingAgreement. and send it in with payment. simply print the copyediting agreement from our website. These are: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Spelling Grammar Capitalization Punctuation Numbers Numbered lists Table and figure numbers Abbreviations Gender neutrality Consistency Usage An author’s writing can be first rate yet still be hampered by these easily overlooked errors. 44 .InfinityPublishing. Therefore. The success of your book is dependant on this good word-of-mouth. plus an additional $100 fee. family members. If you wish to select this service when submitting a new book. fill out the appropriate spot on our publishing agreement (included with this book).013 per word. Our accomplished copyeditors will ensure that your book has the polished and professional presentation it deserves.htm. If you have previously published your book with us and would like to request this service post production.Copyediting Service Our copyediting service has been designed to enhance our authors’ books by providing qualified review and correction of the most common mistakes. You can find it at www. fill it out. To submit your book for copyediting. the cost is also $. if your book has not yet been professionally edited. After we receive your completed publishing agreement and payment. based on the total word count of your manuscript. you may print our copyediting agreement right from our website. The cost of this service is a very reasonable $. and acquaintances.013 per word. we will send you a separate copyediting agreement to sign and send back. we highly recommend this service. Alternatively. Readers of your book will thank you by recommending it to friends.

This service is optional. Just like you have spent a great deal of time writing your book. When a book is submitted for copyediting. under certain circumstances.000 x Per-Word Cost $0. Copyediting is available only to books submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc) or Rich Text Format (. as this service does not provide developmental or substantive editing.000-word book: Total Word Count 55. We hope you take advantage of this excellent service. We will send you a confirmation letter with a more specific production time frame when we receive your submission.rtf). 45 . A window will appear that shows your file’s statistics. simply go to the pull-down menu called Tools. This service specifies that your first proof book will have been edited prior to it being sent to seven-week turnaround to send your proof books.To calculate the total word count of your book. Here is a sample cost based on a 55. we have spent a lot of time making our copyediting service the best of its kind. and enjoy the added value and quality that it lends to your book. the process may take a little longer. flow.013 = Total cost $715.00 Using our copyediting service will not change the style. and you may have your book independently edited prior to submission if you choose. Using this service will help create a book that stimulates good word-of-mouth and enhances your reputation as a writer. then select Word Count. we try to adhere to our standard five. This service is not for “English as Second Language” books and is only for books written in English. character usage. Your unique approach and style will be preserved. however. or storyline of your book.

you should re-scan your images and save them as 200 dpi JPEGs. Chris is measuring a cover design for impact.A Word about File Size Your Microsoft Word. its total size should be no larger than 50MB. you can convert your TIFF files into JPEGs. Chris Master is in charge of our graphic arts department. or WordPerfect file cannot be larger than 32 MB. If it is larger than 32 MB (or 32 million bytes). you probably have embedded images that were created with too high a resolution. Microsoft Works. You can check the file size by right-clicking on the file on your desktop and choosing Properties. If you send us a PDF file. 46 . If you have a graphics utility program. If this is the case.

then this is not the time to try using this technology. Problems Creating a PDF File Creating a PDF file is a task best left to a professional. Submit your book as-is. Once created. focus more on content. and any weirdness that you see when printing from your computer will not affect how your book prints for us. grammar. Part Two: Solving Problems Page Numbers That Don’t Work Many authors have difficulty getting page numbers to work. editing. etc. so if your book is in Microsoft Word format. they should at least consult this book before providing you a file of your manuscript to send us. then you would have gone to school for computers. as we can truly only resolve them after they are in house. Please don’t sweat formatting your book. it is okay. PDF files cannot be changed. If you have never created a PDF before. even though they have properly formatted their files. Problems Formatting Your Book If you had wanted to be a computer geek (like many of our staff). If you experience this.How-To. Whatever problems you may have with formatting your book will be fixed by us after we receive your submission. That is the best way to proceed with preparing your book for us. even then. your computer’s printer driver is different from the commercial printer drivers that we use. Instead. Printing From Your Computer It is not uncommon for authors to see funny things when they print their books from their computers. Explain in a letter how you would like the book to be numbered and we will gladly take care of it for you. Don’t sweat it. 47 . it is better for you to simply send us your book in MS Word format. You do not need to call us to address these issues prior to submission. spelling.

margins. auto formatting. As its name implies. If you choose option two. we work with an author whose book interior file was created by pasting text from various sources or who.” You will lose everything but the text. photos. it allows you to search the manuscript for something and to replace it with anything. However. When you perform the Save As. You have two ways of dealing with such a document: retype it on the computer. italic. and select the Text Only option under “save as type. then the pictures in this book’s how-to section will not exactly match your file. and will need to go back and add the spacing.rtf). images. a new copy of your file will be created and your original WordPerfect file will be unaffected. you will go to the File menu. bold. etc. graphics. Set the page size. Once you are happy with your WordPerfect file (or are tired of playing with the formatting). in an attempt to be creative. your work may benefit from rethinking (and rewriting) as you retype it. the elements of what you are trying to accomplish will be the same. simply save it as a Rich Text Format file (. Here are some examples of how you might use the Find and Replace feature: 48 . If you choose option one. Be sure to rename your newly created RTF file so that you do not send us the wrong version of your book. styles. Find and Replace This is a great feature incorporated in virtually all word processing programs. Files That Don’t Seem to Work Every once in a while.rtf”. and font size. used numerous or inconsistent styles and fonts. and so forth (but at least you won’t have to retype everything). fonts. This is accomplished by choosing “Save As” from the file menu and selecting “. tables.Using Corel WordPerfect If you used Corel WordPerfect to create the digital file of your book. To use this feature. These situations can create corrupt files that cause problems when the author tries to format the manuscript. justification. or strip it of all formatting by saving it as a Text-Only file. click on your Edit menu and select Replace. click on Save As.

If your search term appears in the middle of a word. but now you’ve decided you want only one hard return after each paragraph because you want to use the Format Paragraph option to set a specific amount of space between paragraphs. ! Take for our first example where we changed the name Christopher to the name Jocelyn. enter Christopher in the Find field. you can always undo what you just did by using the Undo feature on the Edit menu. you might want to consider looking for each instance of the name individually. this feature will continue looking for instances of two spaces and replacing them with one space until there are no more such instances. Groovy! There are two things to keep in mind here: First.” There could also be a problem if there were more than one Christopher in your book. once in the Replace field. Move your cursor to the Replace field and do the same thing. Let’s say you have places in your document that have strings of spaces for no reason (it happens). Isn’t this fun? ! Let’s do a more complex one. the program will replace it unless you specify “whole words only. Texas in your book. Jocelyn in the Replace field. It would then become Jocelyn. Do this a second time so that there are now two paragraph marks in the Find field. the feature will find any instance of two paragraph marks and replace them with one. Instead of clicking Replace All. Texas. Second. click on Find Next. but only once. In that situation. If you keep clicking replace all. click on the More button and thenthe one that says Special. understand that the Find and Replace feature is very literal. Let’s say you’ve placed two hard returns after every paragraph. Put your cursor in the Find field. You can get into trouble if you don’t think about your searches carefully. both with the same name. hit the space bar twice in the Find field. such as a grown-up and a child.If you want to change every instance of the name Christopher in your book to Jocelyn instead. ! If you want to replace two spaces between sentences with one. If the instance 49 . then click the Replace All button. Now. That could be a problem if there is a town named Christopher. when you click on Replace All. and then click the Replace All button. Select Paragraph Mark. remember that if you mess up. Such a search will change every instance of the name Christopher.

this may sound like a flaw in your writing. The most frequently overused characters are spaces and unnecessary paragraph marks (hard returns). Problems You Didn’t Even Know About One of the problems commonly found in digital files is the overuse of characters. nonprinting characters in your book. hyphenating and page numbering on its own. let it. Remember that you can use the Undo function if you catch the error before you move on. these characters are often overused. If you want to leave that instance as is. paragraph marks. which can cause problems when your book is printed. Seeing is Believing Your software also can show the hidden. To view all of the hidden characters in your book. click on Replace (NOT Replace All). 50 . In general. Because they are hidden. but we’re talking about something else entirely. Think about your Find and Replaces carefully before you execute them. hidden text. centering. Hidden characters include spaces. go to the Tools pull-down menu and select Options. if your software will do things such as indenting. simply click again on Find one that needs to be changed. page and section breaks. and tabs. Double-check your work to see if you did what you intended.

When this option is selected. you will see a dot for each space and a paragraph mark for each hard return): 51 .A window that looks like this will appear: Select the View tab. Note that the second section down is called Formatting marks. the text in your document will look something like this (in this next example. and that there is a check in the All box.

In this example, you will notice the circle around a paragraph mark. The arrow points to two small dots that represent spaces. Notice that the hard returns should occur only at the end of paragraphs. You also will be able to see tabs, section and page breaks, and other characters, both desirable and undesirable. Note that the signs of these hidden characters will not print. Seeing hidden characters lets you find and solve problems that otherwise will cause issues later. At first, it’s a little awkward to look at the document like this, but in time it will become natural. This next example shows what a return at the end of each line will look like with hidden characters revealed. This is the wrong way to do it, except for poetry:


Notice the paragraph marks that indicate manually inserted hard returns at the end of these lines. You will need to get rid of these before you send us your document, unless your book is poetry and you are doing this intentionally to preserve the poem’s line breaks. Another way to misuse the hard return is to hit the Enter key to get from the last page of a chapter to the first page of a new chapter. The correct way to get to the next page is to insert a page break (see page 34). Page breaks are also important to understand for keeping your chapters separate within a file; we cannot accept a disk that contains a separate file for each chapter. See the How-To, Part One chapter to learn how to merge chapters into one file.


Overused Spaces
How are spaces overused? Authors sometimes use several spaces to indent a paragraph. If you did this, chances are that the number of spaces you used varies throughout the book. You may have been using five spaces for some paragraphs and six spaces for others. We recommend using a single stroke of the Tab key instead to make sure every paragraph is indented by the same amount of space. You can also format every paragraph the same way by using the Format menu, selecting Paragraph, selecting First line, and setting the desired indent. If you learned to type on a typewriter, you may have used spaces to center chapter titles or subjects. The proper way to do this today is to highlight the word(s) and click on the Center Justify button:

You will want to backspace over or delete any unnecessary spaces and place one or two hard returns after any chapter title or heading. (Note that we are not referring to a header, but a heading. We hope that we are not getting too heady!) Spaces and returns also can be a problem if you manually type page numbers at the bottom of your pages. You must let the word processor’s automatic page numbering feature do this.
An easy way to solve many of these problems is to use your program’s Find and Replace feature (found under the Edit menu). For an explanation of this feature, see Page 48


Gather up your materials and send them to us at the address below: Infinity Publishing ATTN: New Book Submissions 1094 New DeHaven St. or a folder containing any unusual or special fonts you wish to use. Prepare a brief cover letter telling us what you envision for the cover if we are to create one for you. and a 1000-word excerpt of your book. a separate text file containing any information that you would like included on the copyright page (such as editing or cover design credits). a 100-word bio. Zip disk. This disk should be sent to us along with a completed publishing agreement and payment for setup. but we do not typically return digital files.The Final Step: Sending Us Your Book Requirements By now. USB flash drive. you have entered your book into your computer. Be sure not to send us the only copy of your book’s digital file. or floppy disk. Suite 100 West Conshohocken. CDs. formatted it as best as you can. To review. or floppy disks. prepared the other files we require. the disk you send us should contain a 100-word synopsis of your book. You are now ready to send us your book to be published. PA 19428-2713 Please note that we return physical copies of artwork to you (such as photographs you may have provided us) a few months after your book is published. Your disk may also (at your discretion) contain any cover artwork you would like us to use to create your cover. a 30-word description of your book. USB flash drives. You may also provide us with any photos or graphic images to scan with written directions for where to place them in the manuscript. You have our publishing agreement filled out and are ready to submit all of this with payment for setup. and saved these files to a single CD. 55 .

For your peace of mind. you will supply new. you will be notified right away. We are committed to serving you with the highest degree of excellence and speed. corrected hard-copy pages for us to scan and reinsert into the book. we will look over your materials to see if there are any obvious problems. do not tape them to sheets of paper. we will contact you. Within a week after receiving your materials. Upon arrival.5”x 11” paper in good condition exactly as we are to print it. If you find pages that need to be replaced (after you get your proof book). Hard-copy submissions cannot include pasted-in text or images. Submitting a book file that does not conform to our guidelines can lead to additional delays. Note that our policy of forty free corrections does not apply to hard-copy submissions. 56 . Our scanning fee is only for when you want us to scan printed photos or artwork in order to create a digital version of them. If we discover any problems (such as the disk not working).If you are sending us photos to scan. If your hard-copy needs photos to be scanned and added to the text. The better prepared your book file is. use a shipping method that requires a return receipt. along with a signature. we will send you a letter explaining what to expect from that point forward as we begin the process of transforming them into a printed. If we have any questions. We must receive all materials at the same time and in the same package. you may submit 15 new pages free of charge. Make sure that your book file has room for placement of these photos or illustrations. and the greater satisfaction you will receive from this process. the more quickly we will send your first proof book. or rejection. We thank you for allowing us to be your publishing partner! Hard-copy Submissions We can accept hard-copy submissions only if they are printed by a laser printer at no less than 300 dpi onto 8. a $7 charge will apply to each image. It will provide confirmation that we have received it. bound book. All digital content must be provided on the same disk or USB flash drive. We charge $7 per scan. For books submitted as hard-copy. fees. Be sure to give us clear instructions as to where in your book’s interior they belong.

Copyright With Infinity Publishing. You are giving us the right to print and distribute your book internationally for as long as you want us to. U. You can print the copyright forms right at home by going to www. you will send one copy and a check made out to “Register of Copyrights” to the Library of Congress along with the completed copyright form.S. In about nine months. laminated covers to you. This is important if you think that a literary agent might become interested in your book. copyright law states that the book is protected as soon as the Library of Congress has received it. Note: You will send one of the two copies of your first proof book to the Library of Congress even if it is not and printing Form TX for a literary work. you may also request the forms by calling (202) 707-9100.Copyright. At the time of this writing. Use certified mail with a return receipt. you cannot copyright an idea itself. end of story. When you receive your first proof books (there will be two copies). Please keep the original for your records and mail a copy to us. Your words are protected as soon as you put them down in fixed form (including typing them on your computer). you own all the rights to your book. One book is for proofreading (and showing off to your friends) and the other is for you to send to the copyright office. but must be registered if you need to later prove that someone stole your work and seek damages. we will ship two perfect-bound books with full-color. Remember. copyright only protects the way an idea is expressed. The first proof book will 57 . You may use the copyright symbol with your work even before it is officially registered. but you can cancel at any time. the Library of Congress charges you $45 to register your copyright. Your First Proof Book Five to seven weeks after we receive your disk. and payment. the form will be returned to you with a registration stamp on it. Period. contract. The proof book will include a copyright page and an ISBN and barcode that we assigned to your book.

We will make up to forty corrections in grammar. Soon including sales to themselves! Ingram Book Group: This distributor’s discount is 55 percent off. you may not realize how much easier it is to proofread a printed book than a computer authors receive a 40 percent discount. authors earn a royalty on all sales. Unless you have tried it both ways. spelling. or list your book for sale. we will not print. Bookstore discounts: Bookstores typically receive a 40 percent discount. Remember. Books that receive our extended distribution package are sold through Ingram Book Group. 58 . publish. you will also receive a proof-approval form. Until you sign and return the proof-approval form. Additional corrections beyond the initial forty are charged in blocks of forty for $50 per block. your book will be made available for sale on our website and later submitted to third-party internet retailers such as Amazon. These sales earn the wholesale royalty percentage (see Royalties section below). you will return the form to us. you will mark your proof book with red ink and type up a master list of corrections with clear instructions for each. and your book will be officially published! You will receive notice by email or mail. Just wait until your friends see your book on Amazon. These will be sent back to us so that we can make the necessary changes.also be your first look at the book’s cover. Amazon. When you have finished proofreading and have submitted all corrections to your book. after the first order. Any order of 250 or more books also qualifies for the 50 percent discount. Some other POD publishers force you to proofread your book online or charge extra for a physical proof book. Author’s discounts: An author’s first order receives a 50 percent discount off their book’s cover price. When you receive the two copies of your first proof formatting and so forth at no charge. receiving a 55 percent discount and shipping books within 24 is an exception. BarnesAndNoble. If any corrections or changes to the cover are needed. and — just like Stephen King and JK Rowling! Discounts There are a few conditions under which we will sell your book at a discount.

Let’s use a $9. Author purchases (On royalty statements.Quantity discounts: Sales of five or more copies receive a 40 percent discount. and distributors. you will earn 15 percent of the sale. We refer to this as our ValueAdded Royalties Program. there are four types of royalties on your monthly royalty statement: Retail royalties: When we sell the book at full retail price. The Ingram royalty percentage is the same as that of wholesale royalties: 15 percent. These sales have their own line item on your royalty statements. Increasing the retail price of your book is an option available to non-fiction authors through Infinity’s distinctive Value-Added Royalties Program. following approval by Infinity.95. If you do so. Ingram royalties: If you purchased our extended distribution package. wholesalers. you will earn 30 percent of the sale. your book will also be sold through Ingram Book Group. Royalties We will sell your book at either the retail cover price to consumers or at a discount to booksellers.95 suggested list price as an example.00 value-added increase. An author requests a $5. your royalties will be higher than the 30 percent and 15 percent stated above. Value-Added Royalties Although we provide a suggested list price for your book. these are called “NetCC”): When you purchase books yourself.00. the book is then published with a retail price of $14. When a retail sale is made. Royalties in the Value-Added Program are calculated based on two factors: the suggested list price of your book set by its total number of pages plus 75 percent of the added value. the author earns a total royalty of 59 . you will earn back 10 percent of the sale. you may set your non-fiction book’s retail price higher than that suggested list price. additional increases must be made in whole dollar increments only. The minimum value-added increase is $2. As a result of these discounts. Wholesale royalties: When we sell the book at a discounted retail price.

that’s why this program is only recommended for non-fiction titles.75. this author will be paid 30 percent of $19. plus 75 percent of $50.95.00 value-added price increase.97 x 35% = $3.99 plus 75 percent of the value-added increase. 60 . The author will therefore see a 45 percent royalty on the royalty statement: $14.95 based on its page count. Only you can decide if this option is right for both you and your book.00 — a 62 percent royalty rate. less their 40 (or 50) percent discount. let’s look at an extreme example.95 @ 40 percent off).49! The author’s price per book is always based on the suggested list price (not the value-added retail price). After analyzing demand for the book’s subject.$6. $2. researching the current demand for and pricing of similar titles is crucial. The book’s niche market appeal.95 x 45% = $6. The author earns a total royalty of $3. When you order copies of your own book from Infinity. On retail sales. The author will see a 35 percent royalty paid on the royalty statement: $8. What about the same book’s wholesale royalty? Because the wholesale discount can vary. we use a standard 40 percent discount to calculate the royalty. In the scenario above. When debating whether to value-add your title.25. Infinity approved the requested $50.74. We have an author who wrote an in-depth book on a computer software system. the book is sold at a wholesale discount for $8. The book was 8. Increasing the list price isn’t for every book.15.97 ($14.74: the base royalty of $2. $3.5” x 11” and had a suggested list price of $19. for a total of $43. Just for kicks. your purchase price will always be discounted from the lower suggested list price. and you will receive a 10 percent royalty on the sale. The Value-Added Royalties Program is another way in which Infinity gives our authors command over the path their books will travel. however.95.90 plus the portion of the value-added increase.15: the base royalty of $0. supported a retail price of $69.

61 . you can decide whether you would like to set the list price higher. table of contents and so on). We ship to Canada by first-class mail. price a non-fiction book higher.00 for each book thereafter.50 shipping for the first book and $1. Our suggested list prices are based on the following criteria: ! The book will be printed double-sided. ! ! Once you have looked up your book’s suggested list price. Shipping We charge $4. dedication page. We can. Our pricing schedule takes into account three single-sided sheets per book. See the Royalties section. Most shipments of two or more books are by UPS Ground.00 for each additional book shipped. Shipping is always free for quantities of twenty books or Our Books Are Priced The number of pages determine your book’s suggested list price. there typically will be some single-sided pages in the book. While we ship books only to the United States and Canada. our books may be purchased worldwide from Amazon. double the page count. introduction.00 for the first book and $2. 2-Day. while most single-book orders are shipped by U. however. or Next Day for an extra charge. We can ship via UPS 3-Day. Postal Service. Be sure to include the front or unnumbered sections (such as the foreword. While the majority of the book will be printed doublesided.S. If a book is to be printed single-sided. We cannot price the book lower than our suggested price. $6. More than three singlesided pages in your book may lift your book into the next higher price bracket.

23 11.08 8.95 $29.98 10.01 14.09 15.95 $18.97 6.38 5.98 7.95 $11.98 13.48 5.5” Books: Our Suggested Prices The author’s first order or any author order of 250 books or more will receive a 50 percent discount.77 17.37 11.77 14.95 $15.69 10.77 8.95 $16.95 $24.48 4.17 7.83 5.37 17.17 10.77 11.77 11.47 14.53 8.93 5.57 7.13 12.31 11.53 8.95 $21.07 8.91 6.23 10.95 $19.98 5.5. Subsequent orders get a 40 percent discount.37 5.39 12.17 16.95 $25.48 13.95 $9.95 $27. and will also earn a 10 percent royalty.18 7.98 4.45 6.61 9.95 $20.57 10.57 13.97 15.83 6.95 $10.37 5.95 $12.48 5.97 4.85 12.37 14.97 9.15 9.68 12.95 $13.48 7.98 6.63 8.93 13.98 14.33 10.95 $17.43 9.95 $22.37 8.28 6.03 4.95 4.95 $14.17 13.95 $26.48 10.97 12.55 15.98 11.88 10.17 62 .48 14.63 16.48 4.48 6.58 13.48 8. Suggested list price Author’s Author’s Author’s first Author’s net price net price order price regular price after 10% after 10% per book per book royalty royalty # of pages Up to 64 Up to 96 Up to 128 Up to 160 Up to 192 Up to 224 Up to 256 Up to 288 Up to 320 Up to 352 Up to 384 Up to 416 Up to 448 Up to 480 Up to 512 Up to 544 Up to 576 Up to 608 Up to 640 Up to 672 Up to 704 Up to 736 $8.48 12.98 12.98 8.95 $28.99 7.48 11.98 9.03 13.57 16.78 11.73 7.48 9.5” x 8.95 $23.98 9.

98 11.95 $25.17 63 .61 9.17 7.23 11.97 5.93 13.48 5.83 6.48 9.98 9.8.98 4.31 11.63 8.97 12.91 6.77 8.98 13.77 11.98 9.17 10.73 7.68 12.97 9.15 9.43 9.17 13. Author’s Author’s Author’s Author’s net Suggested net price first order regular price after list price after 10% price price 10% royalty royalty # of pages Up to 64 Up to 88 Up to 112 Up to 136 Up to 160 Up to 184 Up to 208 Up to 232 Up to 256 Up to 280 Up to 304 Up to 328 Up to 352 Up to 376 Up to 400 Up to 424 Up to 448 Up to 472 Up to 496 Up to 520 Up to 544 $9.07 8.98 7.78 11.48 14.95 $11.48 11.48 8.95 $15.85 12.48 10.28 6.18 7.37 11.13 12.98 12.95 $22.37 5.77 14.08 8.37 17.57 13.45 6.95 $23.57 10.98 8.23 10. Subsequent orders get a 40 percent discount.95 $13.47 14.53 8.57 16.95 $12.95 $28.48 5.97 15.98 5.95 $19.77 17.95 $21. and will also earn a 10 percent royalty.95 $18.95 $26.95 $16.69 10.97 6.95 $20.98 6.48 4.37 8.95 $14.95 $24.38 5.5” x 11” Books: Our Suggested Prices The author’s first order or any author order of 250 books or more will receive a 50 percent discount.48 6.01 14.98 14.48 7.55 15.53 8.77 11.95 4.88 10.33 10.03 13.98 10.39 12.37 14.48 13.95 $29.58 13.48 12.93 5.95 $17.09 15.95 $27.63 16.57 7.95 $10.17 16.99 7.

98 4.78 11. and will also earn a 10 percent royalty.53 8.48 6.01 14.31 11.48 12.97 5.48 9.37 14.95 $13.93 13.48 13.95 $20.77 11.98 13.69 10.57 7.83 6.09 15.97 9.55 15.95 $28.48 6.48 11.98 12.95 $14.23 10.37 8.97 12.88 10.85 12.43 9.95 $15.17 7.07 8.53 8.03 13.93 5.68 12.28 6.48 5. Author’s Author’s Author’s Suggested net price first order regular list price after 10% price price royalty Author’s net price after 10% royalty # of pages Up to 64 Up to 88 Up to 112 Up to 136 Up to 160 Up to 184 Up to 208 Up to 232 Up to 256 Up to 280 Up to 304 Up to 328 Up to 352 Up to 376 Up to 400 Up to 424 Up to 448 Up to 472 Up to 496 Up to 520 $10.98 8.58 13.95 $24.95 $12.95 $29.17 64 .45 6.95 $22.99 7.95 5.23 11.95 $16.63 16.63 8.17 16.08 8.57 10.98 9.77 8.95 $17.95 $23.98 9.98 6.95 $26.48 10.15 9.95 $11. Subsequent orders get a 40 percent discount.48 8.18 7.77 17.77 11.17 10.38 5.95 $18.98 11.77 14.13 12.47 14.95 $27.37 11.17 13.57 16.8” x 8” Books: Our Suggested Prices The author’s first order or any author order of 250 books or more will receive a 50 percent discount.98 14.57 13.91 6.61 9.95 $19.48 14.98 7.48 7.39 12.33 10.95 $25.73 7.97 15.95 $21.37 17.98 10.

more proofreading time on your end before you send your signed proof approval form back to us. final wrap-up as the book is prepared to print. a couple of weeks for you to thoroughly proofread your book. When your book is cleared for printing. Please understand that files that have inconsistent formatting. Authors frequently see grammar and spelling problems pop right off the pages of their first proof books. or that use unusual fonts not included on the disk can increase the time it takes to publish a book. there are several types of corrections to be made to the first proof. A second proof book is almost always necessary to get your book up to your standards of what it should be. Delays and extra fees can be avoided by sending a thoroughly edited and proofread book the first time. about two weeks for us to ship a corrected proof book. How to Proceed Two to three months typically elapses between the time we receive your submission and the time your book is available for sale on our website. This includes: ! about five to seven weeks for you to receive your first proof book. perhaps due to seeing the work in book form for the first time. 65 . you will receive notice by email or mail. ! ! ! ! In most cases.What to Expect. that aren’t edited before being submitted to us. Published books will be available for sale on our website within two weeks after the book is approved and all corrections have been made.

such as Walmart. Lightning Source. Books sold through this system will show up on your royalty statements about five months after the time of purchase. Buy.Extended Distribution Package Through Ingram Book Group Ingram Book Group is the largest book distributor in the United States. your book will begin appearing in those places influenced by this system in about twelve weeks. a division of the distributor. BooksAMillion. We charge a setup fee of $149 for this program because of the processing required for us to create special digital files of the books we submit.” Books sold via Ingram Book Group are printed by Lightning Source. Most author-originated publishers use Lightning Source exclusively and do not print their own books or have an inventory like Infinity After your book has been published to our own website. We sell titles to Ingram Book Group at a 55 percent discount. and many others. those books we submit to Ingram will be printed by their printing company. Consumers will also be able to order the book at the more than This means that consumers will be able to order your book at bookstores that only order through distributors. and will also make your book available to many retailers for order. While their books are not as high quality as ours.000 brick-and-mortar stores that typically place orders through a distributor. Here are the details of our arrangement with Ingram: ! In this process. These sales will be reported on your royalty statements distinctly under the royalty type “Ingram. they’re considered acceptable. 66 ! ! ! ! . Many online retailers will offer your book on their sites. If you elect to purchase our Extended Distribution Package. your book will be included in the Ingram database. These sales are wholesale sales and earn the author the wholesale royalty Rate (15 percent).

we will provide Lightning Source with special digital files of your book. we are pleased to have this arrangement with Ingram Book Group and invite you to participate! 67 .5” or 8. being listed with Ingram’s distribution system does not necessarily mean that your book will be stocked on bookstore shelves. Books to be included in this system must be at least 80 pages in length and either 5. If you later elect to make changes to your book. Unfortunately.5”x 8.000 book retailers will easily be able to order your book. however. Lightning Source cannot produce an 8”x 8” book. additional fees will apply for us to create new files to send to them. which may hamper some sales some of the time to some stores. ! Distribution through the Ingram Book Group system means that over 25. Ingram Book Group’s books are listed as non-returnable. If you choose to purchase inclusion in this program.5”x 11”.! While this system greatly increases the distribution potential of your book.

If you do.Fees We have clearly noted all of our fees throughout this book. Amazon. the charge is $200 for the same reasons as above. we sometimes give the author permission to obtain our most recent version of the book file. Due to of the time it takes for other databases to catch up with such a change. Additional corrections over and above eighty are charged in blocks of forty. Author Name change: We charge $200 if you change your name after the book is your book could sell for different prices for a while. we recommend that you do not change its price. including Bowker’s Books in Print. in addition to our charge to perform the actual corrections. and so on. at $50 per block. Title change: If you change your book’s title. Content changes for Ingram-submitted books: If you elected to have us submit your book to Ingram (taking advantage of our optional Extended Distribution Package) and later decide to make changes to your book. 68 . From time to time. because when this happens. we must change your interior and cover print files. this is done at our discretion and is decided on a caseby-case basis. however. you will be charged $200. our accounting and Web databases. The author can make corrections to the file and send it back to us to re-enter into our system. there is a $169 charge to resubmit the files to Ingram. unusual circumstances arise and the fees associated with those circumstances follow. any further changes will cost a minimum of $100. and all the places to which we submit your name. In the event that the author wants to change a very large amount of content. Content changes: Once you have approved your book for publication. We charge $125 each time we edit a file in this manner. Price change: Once your book is published. This charge includes eighty corrections.

and bookmarks that feature high quality.95 value) 69 . The top three packages include 11”x 17” posters. full-color design. Marketing Packages may be purchased at any time. The marketing books by John Kremer and Brian Jud will be shipped shortly after we receive your submission. All marketing materials feature a full-color picture of your book’s cover and information about your book.95 value) Brian Jud’s Beyond the Bookstore ($24. Marketing package prices are in addition to our low setup fee.infinitypublishing. You’ll get: ! ! ! ! ! ! 2 copies of your book 50 postcards 100 business cards 25 bookmarks John Kremer’s 1001 Ways to Market Your Books ($27. business cards.Book Marketing Marketing Packages Each marketing package contains two marketing books written by industry experts. You’ll also receive custom-printed materials such as postcards. Book Marketing 101 ($125) Our Basic Package. posters. Visit www. The custom-printed materials will be shipped one to two weeks after your book appears for sale on our website.htm to see these

95 value) Brian Jud’s Beyond the Bookstore ($24.95 value) Brian Jud’s Beyond the Bookstore ($24.95 value) 70 .95 value) Brian Jud’s Beyond the Bookstore ($24. hands down. You get a veritable ton of printed materials. including: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 25 copies of your book 500 postcards 1. and includes posters! It offers: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 5 copies of your book 100 postcards 200 business cards 50 bookmarks 5 posters John Kremer’s 1001 Ways to Market Your Books ($27.95 value) Book Marketing 301 ($275) A super value.95 value) Book Marketing 401 ($470) The best value.000 business cards 250 bookmarks 25 posters John Kremer’s 1001 Ways to Market Your Books ($27. More than doubles the quantity of printed materials of Book Marketing 201! Included are: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10 copies of your book 250 postcards 500 business cards 125 bookmarks 10 posters John Kremer’s 1001 Ways to Market Your Books ($27.Book Marketing 201 ($195) This package doubles the quantities of printed materials from Book Marketing 101 for only $70 more.

not as a source of reliable information. Bulk releases have little credibility and are seen as an annoyance by the media. This is referred to in the industry as “media spamming. and conferences.” meaning that the media outlets receive hundreds of press releases from those publishers daily. The Value of Book Marketing The two most important factors in the sale of a book are good word-of-mouth and a solid marketing approach. We also help your marketing efforts by offering our marketing packages. you may reorder bookmarks. This essentially is what marketing is all about. Credibility is King In an effort to attract authors. Posters are $2 each. We help take care of the good word-of-mouth by providing buyers with a beautiful product delivered quickly. A properly executed marketing plan involving press releases requires a different approach. we don’t do that. business cards. 71 . Bulk press release programs seem to exist for the sake of inflating the publishing setup fees paid by the author. and business cards and bookmarks are $20 per hundred. newsletters. you will let people know about your book’s value to them and that it’s available for sale. consultation. which will be a better value for you and give you a better chance of gaining tangible results. There are many books on the subject and there are many publicists available to you who can perform this task the right way. Press releases need to be sent judiciously to targeted media and written with a personal touch. At Infinity Publishing.Additional Marketing Materials After you have purchased a marketing package. or posters. As a published author. postcards. postcards are $10 per hundred. some publishers offer to blindly send hundreds of press releases to many different media outlets.

they will also receive 24 books with “ADVANCE READING COPY” printed boldly across the front and back covers. Infinity will also provide 24 book mailers. This program enables Infinity authors to send out Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) to specific reviewers and columnists who have expressed an interest to the author in receiving his or her book before it becomes available for sale. While the author’s book moves through production. These 24 ARCs do not count as the author’s first order. authors have the option of enrolling in our Advance Reading Copies program for $275.Advance Reading Copies Program Infinity Publishing recently announced a new option to help authors market their books. the author must be sure to mail it and follow up with the reviewer. contact the top experts in that specialized field of interest – they’ll often mention your book as a fresh insight into the topic and perhaps write an endorsing blurb you can use when promoting your book. and 24 announcement cards explaining that the complimentary ARC is provided per the recipient’s prior correspondence with the author. When authors receive their regular proof copies. the author has time to compile a list of individuals to contact and offer an ARC as soon as it is available. When these contacts agree to accept an ARC book. the Advance Reading Copies program. 72 . Before receiving their proof books from Infinity. 24 mailing labels with Infinity’s return address. If you’re the author of a non-fiction special interest niche book. Novelists can use ARCs to send to reading circles that are known for their interest in the author’s genre.

Substantial Value at an Affordable Price The price increase of these new mixed-media books is $5. Historical novelists could show the dress of the period. and weapons of the era — history can come alive with the digital sparkles of a slide show.CD in a Book™ While writing your book. military uniforms. or even samples of a city’s sounds.htm. we now offer our authors the opportunity to attach a CD to the inside back cover of their books in a tamper-proof sleeve. which will be added to the suggested retail price that is determined by the page count. Royalties will continue to be paid monthly on the selling price of the book.00. To view our simple CD in a Book publishing agreement. The possibilities for supplemental material that can be recorded on a CD are vast and will ultimately increase the value of your printed CDInABookAgreement. worksheets. please visit www.InfinityPublishing. There is a one-time CD setup fee of $200 in addition to the standard $499 one-time fee for any new book being added into Infinity’s unique book publishing system. Non-fiction authors will still have the option of adding value-added pricing above the suggested list price. Benefits of Mixed-Media Books There are many ways a CD can enhance a printed book. did you ever wish that there was another way for you to help readers experience your imagery or implement your ideas? Since we now produce audio books in house (through Spoken Books Publishing). You may choose to have two versions of your book. and PDF forms could include a CD filled with a variety of different kinds of computer-friendly and printer-ready files. Books with references to databases of contact information. Travel narratives could be accompanied by full-color photographs. Poets can give voice to their poems by including a CD with a selection of poetry — hearing a poet’s inflection brings a new meaning to their words. or just the version with the 73 .

000 words — provided by the author. polished audio CD. and the copyright notice printed on the CD label will be identical to the one printed in the author’s book. we are not equipped to produce DVDs. Infinity’s mixed-media books will be covered by our book return policy for bookstores. pitch. Professionally narrated readings are recorded in our state-of-the-art sound studio and produced as a high quality. etc. We are unable to accept production CDs provided by the author for insertion. Infinity Publishing reserves the right to reject any master audio CD for quality. The overall professional quality of the CD is of vital importance as it reflects directly on the content of the printed book. Authors can have Infinity provide a professionally narrated audio CD for a $499 recording fee. volume. Mixed-media books will have a distinctive medallion displayed on their front covers to indicate that an enhanced CD is enclosed. All of the CDs will be produced in-house. Beware of using copyrighted photographs. At this time. 74 . Existing titles will require a new ISBN and authors will incur a $200 one-time fee to set up their existing book with a CD enclosed.CD. Publishing Mixed-Media Books The author is responsible for providing an acceptable master CD. however. The author retains the right of final approval before a mixed-media book will be made available for sale. and we will maintain a micro-inventory of all CD-enhanced books just like we do with all of our titles. background noise. Copyright The author also retains all rights to the content on the CD. tone. and written material: copyrighted work of any kind that does not belong to you cannot be used on your CD or in your book without the written permission of the copyright holder. grammar. A narrator will read from printed copy — not to exceed 10. music. they cannot be made available through the Lightning Source/Ingram distribution system because they not do have the ability to add a CD to the books they print.

Their professionalism and attention to detail are a credit to the book publishing profession and to themselves. But the bottom line was. I hit the jackpot with Infinity Publishing!” Charles J. Become a Published Author. Dobbins If Jesus Were a Sportswriter “In sending my book to publishers. When I received Infinity’s book. Haas Beyond the Blues: Treating Depression One Day at a Time “My experience with Infinity Publishing has truly exceeded all of my expectations. Surprisingly. and now a major motion picture studio is hot for my book.Testimonials from Our Authors Edward F. fair to me — the writer — with no loopholes. I signed their publishing agreement and published my book. I’d had such horrible experiences with other publishers. My newly published book is attractive and selling well. My novel was ready in no time at all. just the facts. I received nice compliments. I liked the new concept. ‘With contracts like these. I gave my attorney the contract.’ It was easy to understand. I’ll be out of business. After receiving their book Become a Published Author. Every step has had the same courteous and efficient help.’ I almost gave up. I am extremely satisfied with Infinity Publishing!” 75 . the genuinely interested voice on the phone was an internet book publisher.” Clarke Allan The First Man to Be First Lady “After 137 rejection letters. But what I really liked was the fact that it gave me clear and definitive answers to my questions. It is with the highest regard that I recommend Infinity Publishing to writers who may be considering selfpublishing as a vehicle with which to bring their words to life. ‘It doesn't fit. he said.

where thousands of previously printed books would instantly become useless. When I’m doing talk shows. This would be impossible with traditional printing methods.” Peter Quest Lu mino us “I believe we’re in an exciting time for the artistic world because of the internet’s distribution potential. Also. and readers benefit by getting advice that is current and up-to-date. those lost sales translate to a waste of my time and marketing efforts. “The quickest way to purchase my book is to call Infinity Publishing’s toll-free number. new ideas and literature created by and for the common man will finally be available.\ Carol Welsh When You’re Seeing Red STOP “I chose Infinity Publishing because I knew that my marketing efforts would not be wasted. I tell the listeners. Necessary changes can be made to update the book. it was evident that the print quality of Infinity's books was much better. or it is of little value. Through the instant publishing technology used by Infinity Publishing. The best way to ensure the timeliness of your book is to get published with Infinity. that prints its own books.S. They send the book out within 24– 48 hours. guaranteed!” I am secure about this commitment to quick delivery because Infinity is the only large POD publisher in the U. especially for photos. If people want to purchase my book but experience inconsistent fulfillment. and I have had nothing but good feedback from anyone I've spoken to who has purchased my book or other writers who have published with Infinity. Infinity Publishing has done a great job in all aspects. The information age is truly HERE!” Anne Korff The First Time Is Best: A Travel Guide to Scotland “Travel guide information must be timely. after purchasing some books printed by Lightning Source [Ingram's POD printing company].” 76 . I plan to publish all the books in my series with Infinity.

You guys were patient with the process and easy to talk to. That’s what drew me to Infinity Publishing versus conventional publishing methods. The book was published within a few months of submission. All that I can say is Wow!! Amazing!! I would especially love my cover. My friends and family were amazed. I am honored to be an Infinity author.Eddie L.” Stephen Piperno Is Life Wo rth I t? “Thank you so much for creating the most beautiful book on planet Earth. It was phenomenal!!” 77 . Not only was the production of the book professional. it had a beautiful cover and layout. I was in charge—like an author should be. I couldn't ask for more professionalism. published at an affordable cost and in a reasonable amount of time!” Joan M. I never thought in my life that I could complete this book. Phelts Let Me Call You Sweethearts “Creative control! From title to cover design. Infinity Publishing provided the easiest and most economical way of doing this. When I first received my book. We are all very proud of the book. This is truly the greatest moment of my life. Friends who ordered it received their copies within a few days. from content to revision. The result was a great book. There is nothing else in the world that can compare to being a published author. I would highly recommend your company to anyone that is looking to publish. You went beyond my expectations. it was well put together. Rinehart The Carriage Drivers “My goal was to provide our children and grandchildren with a legacy of my late husband’s novel in print. You guys deserve a round of applause ten times over.

With over 25 years of printing and publishing experience. Vice President Mark Gregory pledges your experience will be a positive one. 78 .

2) a floppy disk. This will be used as a “sneak peek” which consumers will be able to read to see the quality of your writing. what else do I need to prepare for you? We require that you also provide us with descriptive content for our website. These are comparable to what you would find on the inside of a hardback book sleeve or the back cover of a paperback book. Under certain circumstances. If you cannot figure it out. Don’t go crazy trying to create this content. I can’t get the page numbers to work. 79 . Go as far as you can to prepare your work. Just give us clear instructions on where page number one is. send it in to us with the publishing agreement and payment. “What is this book about. Because it difficult to answer formatting questions over the phone. This will not affect the quality of your proof book. I would like to call you and ask about formatting my digital file. Besides the digital file of my book. Send us your work to be published and we will number the pages for you. The final thing we need is a 30-word blurb. and we will fix it up and take it the rest of the way. Being simple and to the point works best.Summing Up Frequently Asked Questions What do I need to send you to publish my book? 1) a signed and completed publishing agreement. leave them out altogether and we’ll insert them. Is that a good way to do it? No. I am trying to format my book to your specifications. Just ask yourself. bottom line?” How do I prepare the digital file of my book? Follow our guidelines in the How-To section of this book. For example. Zip disk. We also require a 1000-wordmaximum excerpt from the book. we can accept a hard copy in lieu of a digital file on disk. CD. There is an example of a blurb elsewhere in this book. We do a lot of fine-tuning to book files regardless of how much preparation went into them by the author. we need from you a 100-word description of your book and a 100-word bio about you. What is a blurb? The 30-word blurb is simply a brief description of your book. we ask that you instead just go as far as you can and submit your digital file to us as-is. using key words and phrases to draw your audience in. Don’t worry about it. or USB flash drive containing a print-ready digital file of your book. 3) the required payment for setup. Should I type the page numbers on each page? You should never manually hand-type page numbers.

Adobe Illustrator. Obviously. or PageMaker. all fiction is based on reality in some way. Please do not use the Courier font. Do you accept work created on an Apple Macintosh computer? Absolutely. TIFFs. For a work of historical fiction. How do I determine the price of the book? The size and number of pages determine our suggested list price. all our book interiors are printed in high quality black and white. See the How Our Books are Priced section in this book for pricing. We recommend Times New Roman or Book Antiqua for fiction books. If you order our optional Extended Distribution Package ($149). Can my book be available through the Ingram distribution system? Yes. or Quark. just like this book. Can I include photos in my book? Yes. use Microsoft Word or AppleWorks. What you must not do in a fictional work is use real people or their likenesses. Book cover artwork can be provided on the same disk as everything else as JPEGs. What if I want to use non-standard fonts in my book? See our section on saving fonts to disk.Can my book have any color for the interior other than black or grayscale? No. then convert the book’s interior file to a PDF. or Photoshop format with PC versions of fonts provided. AppleWorks and Adobe PDF files for book interiors. we will submit your book into this system. must not be based on real events or places. our book covers are printed in full color and are always laminated. if the characters are famous and are from more than fifty years ago. Everyone has the right to prohibit their usage in a book sold on the market commercially. all interior photos are printed in high quality black and white only. What you must do is take the names and characteristics of any characters in your book and change them so much that they are not recognizable. Of course. it should be okay. as it is difficult to read in book-length form. PageMaker. If you have access to a good scanner. as it is easy on the eyes. In what formats do you accept submissions? We accept Microsoft Word. There is no extra charge for photos scanned and inserted into the file by the author. start with 300 dpi images in your original file. and embed every font used. If you used Quark. PageMaker. a PDF. So does that mean that you will not publish historical fiction? No. Your publishing agreement says a work. if fiction. InDesign. Make your PDF with no compression. 80 . We’ll scan your photos and illustrations for $7 each. Remember. we do not accept these formats for book interiors in their native format. or as files in Quark. scan them and save them as 200 dpi JPEGs or TIFFs and embed them in your book file. Corel WordPerfect. If the interior of your book is created on InDesign. then you must create a PDF.

5”. just like the book in your hands! We publish books in three popular sizes: 5.S. which would expose sensitive information to the prying eyes of would-be hackers. 81 . If your book resembles anything that could be considered dangerous to society (i. Sales that occur between bookstores and their customers may take longer to appear on your royalty statement. Please be aware that we will not accept books that are grossly offensive. we will send you a royalty statement with an accompanying check (when applicable). The interior will be grayscale and the cover will be full color. It might sound like a good idea. Can I view my book sales on the Web? No. This is the easiest way to guarantee the quantity of books available at the event. When and how do I get paid? Each month. This may become an option in the distant future. 8”x 8” and 8. Royalties continue to accrue until the amount owed exceeds this amount. However. and perfect-bound cover.When will my book be ready for sale? If the materials you submit are complete. Most books will require a second proof book. What types of books do you accept? From poetry to pet grooming. or illegal in nature. you must mask their identity to avoid libel. we’ll pass. In order for us to do that. checks for January sales made directly through Infinity Publishing are printed in March.e.5”x 11”. Checks are only printed if the amount owed is more than $20. All monetary transactions are in U. There is a two-month grace period from the sale to the creation of the royalty payment. we will not publish it. How do I handle book signings? Our books are returnable by bookstores. We take about two weeks to make corrections. What will my book look like? Your book will be printed double-sided on high quality. For instance. but for your protection. dollars only.5”x 8. we accept all types of books! We do reserve the right to reject books at any time for any reason. and will also translate into a hassle-free experience for the hosting bookstore. it is still best for you to bring the books yourself. We do not print color on the inside of the book. laminated. recycled white paper. with a full-color. It is alright to publish an autobiography that talks about abuse in your childhood. potentially libelous. we would have to connect our accounting database to the internet. when you are planning a book signing. your book can be available for sale in two to three months. but if a court has not found the abuser guilty of that criminal action. We recommend you take at least a week to proofread the book. You’ll see your first actual proof book in about five to seven weeks after you submit your work. Statements are printed on or about the first of the month and mailed by the end of each month. “how to build a bomb”).

publisher.What if I already have a book in print? As long as you have not signed a contract that limits your ability to do so. you retain all rights to your book. Picture a child that behaves like an angel in front of its parent (your computer). create a barcode. You will do this by providing us with a master list of corrections and by marking them in your proof book with a red pen. The front cover will also appear. Our website gives orders of 5 or more an 82 . You will approve your book before it is listed for sale. the first order is 50 percent off the suggested list price. you will receive two or three actual copies of your book to proofread and send to the Library of Congress for copyright registration. Digital files are like children. Can you edit my book? We offer an optional in-house copyediting service that will greatly enhance your book. Shipping is always free for 20 or more copies. author name.000 words) of your book. it is usually best for non-North American authors to find a local publisher.htm. Future orders are at 40 percent off suggested list price. Formatting problems that were hidden to you will reveal themselves to us. Do you accept manuscripts from other countries? Because we ship only within the United States and Canada. Any author order of 250 or more books also qualifies for the 50 percent discount. Will my book look like it displays and prints on my computer? Not always. How much of my book will appear on your website? In addition to the 100-word book synopsis and author’s bio. See www. content. We also provide a list of recommended independent and freelance editors and typists across the country who will be glad to provide you with these Files created in word processing programs such as Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect can vary when transferred from computer to computer. What if I already have an ISBN for my book? A new International Standard Book Number must be issued if any of the following information is ever changed: title. and compose the copyright and disclaimer page in your book. but acts more naturally around strangers (our computers). We will fix what is obvious to us. How much will I pay for copies of my book? For authors.infinitypublishing. which you can request by contacting us. you can provide an excerpt (up to 1. publication date. There is a separate contract to fill out. When you publish with Infinity. Will I see a copy of my book before it is listed for sale? Yes. format. or binding method. and when you get your first proof you will point out any errors that made it into the proof. This is simply an aspect of digital printing. you may submit your book to Infinity Publishing. We will issue an ISBN.

you will send the extra proof book to the Library of Congress. The page shown will be the “book description page. You may then insert them into your file. the fee that you will pay to the Library of Congress to copyright your book is $45.” Copy this URL and email it to the person who designs your website so that he or she can make a link on your site to that page. Either way. How should I prepare images that I scan myself to be inserted into my file? When you scan your images. Minor problems with the book will not affect your protection. and from there. For example. How do I link my website to bbotw. as long as their orders are for 5 or more. This is not like traditional printing methods where after the initial print so people can start at my website. It is important to get the process started as soon as possible.or left-aligned or centered. you should first save them as 200 dpi JPEGs. Should I put two spaces or one space between sentences? And what about justification? For most books. and for authors who have not increased the list price of the book beyond our suggested list price. Begin by going to our site and looking up your book and clicking on it. Authors can always order books by calling us at 610-941-9999 with a credit card number. Text in poetry books is frequently right.automatic 40 percent discount. However. you are stuck with thousands of printed books. Cover images can be 600 dpi JPEGs. the book could be updated for future printings. and only those books in our inventory would need to be dealt with. We charge a minimum of $100 to update a book after it has been published. we recommend that you use one space between sentences and that you justify the text. This is okay for authors to use. if you had written and traditionally published a book on astronomy and a new planet was discovered. With our method. buy my book on your website? There is an address field in your Web browser. We are only interested in publishing high-quality books. or BMPs. At this time. 83 . Do I need to copyright my book before sending it to you? You certainly may. This is the “link” to your book’s page on our website. it is a common practice for the author to copyright the published version of the book. or by mailing us a check/money order. this is the field where you ordinarily type Web addresses (URLs) into. Can my book be updated after publication? Yes. You can also use this link for marketing purposes in emails. the unsold books would be useless. TIFFs.

Your crafted dreams. While guidelines for style and usage are necessary. Express Yourself Your Way You’re free to push beyond the worn envelope of traditional publishing to tell your story your way. plot.The Publishing Mindset By John Harnish When your book is written with Infinity Publishing’s book publishing process in mind. our website lists some referral editors and typists. are able to expand and extend into infinity. honed into a published framework of reality. Too often. you’re not locked into writing to appease the entrenched critics. Writing concepts flow together to become a manuscript. Some independent editors perform invasive editing in which storyline. punctuation. For your convenience. your personal creative concepts and uniquely expressive style remain unchanged. spelling. Only grammar. When you publish through Infinity’s “just in time” book publishing” system. and character are altered. The overall readability of your clearly expressed words (free of typos and glaring errors) is what matters most to your readers. You’re also free to be involved in the design of your cover by providing your ideas and vision. the creative process is set free. and some serve only to help catch those mistakes that have a way of slipping into word flows. You may also choose to hire a freelance editor of your choice to edit your book. are edited. You’ve worked to develop your expressive style of writing to guide your readers through the written benefits of your shared life experiences. The independent editor works for you and the level of editing they perform is up to you. 84 . etc. Our copyediting service does not alter your personal style. authors who have been published traditionally are shocked by the many ways in which their original manuscripts were changed and distorted at the hands of the publishing-house editorial staff. Your thoughts are free to delve into the dreams of your creative concepts. you may elect to have us copyedit your book. Your readers and fans are able to decide for themselves what it is that they like about your work.

this isn’t the time to decide to do a complete rewrite of Chapter 3. Make sure you proofread your editor’s work too! Don’t rush through your book and send it to us prematurely. Carefully read through your entire book to make certain it’s as error-free as it can be. Reading even two or three pages on your computer screen may strain your eyes and bring headaches. It is in everyone’s best interest to catch and correct all typos and errors. No. Being able to proof your actual book is a huge advantage over trying to proofread a set of galley proofs or enduring the pains of looking for typos in an electronic version of your book sent over the internet. and so on. a publishing house’s bean counters and sales representatives would evaluate your work to see if it fit into their catalog. it is still far more cost-effective than reprinting a book that has already been printed in the thousands. One of the wonderful features of our printing method is that you can released a second edition after your book has been listed for sale. how many books might be sold. The Worth of Your Words Traditionally. “Just in time” book publishing allows the author’s alterations and corrections to be made quickly to the master book file from a clearly marked proof book. The more qualified folks you have helping you. Note: While we charge a fee to update a book. This feature is especially beneficial for authors working with time-sensitive topics that need to be updated to keep their books current. They would then print a large quantity of books 85 . up to 40 corrections will be made at no charge (on the first proof only).Typos and Proofreading Infinity Publishing provides the author with two proof books. Pass your book around to family and friends to help you with the proofreading. As a courtesy. You’ll get two proof books from us in the mail with a proof-approval form to sign and send back with any other corrections for us to make. This is your opportunity to find any errors that might have happened during production. what the price should be. Reading and checking over your own book for typos is vital to producing an error-free book. or change the ending of Chapter 6. the better the result.

the better it is for everyone. long time. regardless of the number of pages in the book! Infinity Publishing provides the author with a suggested retail price based on the number of pages in the book. The Infinity difference is that the author retains all rights forever. The more books that sell.on a speculative basis. We provide support materials and personal consultation to help authors formulate marketing plans for their books. Infinity will help you to understand how to market your book. Infinity is a nonexclusive publisher. If the book didn’t sell as well as predicted. Infinity has a vested interest in helping our authors sell more books. 86 . spare copies were off to the bargain bin and the book was on its way to going out of print. an author has no say in how much the book will retail for. Authors who enter into a publishing and distribution agreement with Infinity are free to withdraw from our arrangement — easily and without hassle. This is important if your book receives interest from a movie company or a traditional publisher! Marketing Support and a Listening Ear Authors are responsible for promoting and marketing their books. With other publishers. One of our competitors assigns all their books the same price. This control is a great advantage to authors and can yield incredible royalty returns. Our authors are free to publish in other forms and formats with other publishers at any time. Some of our competitors require authors to assign certain rights of their books to the publisher for various lengths of time. but we can’t do the marketing for you. For each dollar increase over the suggested retail price. You Retain All Rights to Your Book This is very important to you. the author receives $0. This could occur in as little as six months after the publication date! Infinity Publishing’s “just in time” book publishing system keeps your book in print forever — and that’s a long.75 in royalties in addition to the standard 30 percent on all retail sales. and allows the author to increase the retail price.

At Infinity. the authors must work continuously to promote their books. or. In reality. you’re the only one who can do the radio and TV talk shows. also have accumulated contacts of friends and extended family members to build a grassroots interest in your book. to have been prepared to sell them a book at the moment that they expressed interest. we’re a winning combination! The Best Person to Sell Your Book Is You There are lots of people who will tell you how to promote your book. but they never seem to get around to doing it. They can be your greatest allies in helping you reach out to a large audience.Reality Check… Most authors publish with the hope of having a bestseller. marketing a book is a never-ending process. The first step is for you to believe in yourself! 87 . You. Some authors mistakenly believe that traditional publishing houses do all of this for their authors. better yet. we provide the marketing direction and the author provides the marketing effort. The cold hard fact is that not all the people who say they are going to buy your book will. Even if you discover that some of them aren’t avid readers. The only way to correct this situation is for the author to follow up with all those who said they were going to order and ask how they liked the book. If they believe in you. regardless of who the publisher is. others will too. but the only one who can really make it happen is you. but the vast majority of missed selling opportunities result from a lack of marketing and publicity effort and direction. Together. It is true that some books don’t sell because the author fails to capture the attention of the reader. and are crushed when only a few orders for their books trickle in. and you’re the best person to sell your ideas to the masses. the author. The author is then left with an unfulfilled expectation of book orders. You’re the only one who can do a book signing for your book. however. they can still talk up the fact that you’ve just had a book published that is available for sale. Writing a book happens in a timeframe of months and years. They might have the very best intentions of ordering your book.

Everyone who attends benefits greatly from networking with new contacts and exchanging ideas. Good Luck with Your Writing I hope that we have provided you with more of an understanding about the many benefits of publishing with Infinity and distributing your book through our online bookstore. John Harnish Special Projects Director 88 . The conference provides an excellent opportunity for authors to share ideas and to present a sample taste of their work to other or www. We try to keep the cost affordable and the mood fun for all of the authors attending our conferences. We are constantly looking for conference presenters who have experience that will be of interest to our authors. Please contact us if you have any questions about the benefits and advantages we offer to our authors. We want to help make publishing your book with Infinity Publishing a rewarding experience for you.Express Yourself… Authors’ Conferences Infinity Publishing sponsors an annual conference at which our authors meet and interact with publishing professionals and other authors. Sincerely yours.

reap the benefits of being alive in the age of information. as a published author. if you have any questions.Closing Notes We have published more than 5. and. feel free to contact us toll-free at 877-BUY-BOOK (877-289-2665) or by email at info@infinitypublishing. We offer the fastest turnaround. Before you know it. apathetic publishers. then we are the right publisher for you. Heck. If you are a writer who has authored a book worthy of publishing and you want an easy and inexpensive way to connect with the masses. Your book. In the meantime. your beautifully prepared book will be in the appreciative hands of your readers. made available worldwide. Having a published book will provide you with something tangible on which to focus your promotional efforts. We are here to help writers achieve their goals as published authors. We invite you to take the next step with us. fast-talking scammers. If you and your book are ready. submit it to us. difficult Good luck and good writing! Infinity Publishing 89 . can be the vehicle for your writing success. Many have endured a tough time out there — dealing with numerous rejections. even the Beatles were rejected! We hope that you haven’t lost sight of what your goals are and what ultimately fuels your soul.000 titles since 1997. you will be able to quickly prepare your work. a whole world of opportunity is waiting to be tapped. but we understand that many greats have come before us who were also rejected many times before being recognized. pushy editors. the best service. By following the instructions in this book. We know what it is like to be rejected. and the most freedom and value of any publisher hands down.

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