03 JUNE 2011

the other side of the polish CIA prisons @6 adrian lamo
THE ESPIONAGE TOUR http://rwwmedia.readwriteweb.netdnacdn.com/podcasts/lamo.mp3 http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterprise/ 2011/06/adrian-lamo-speaks-about-hisw.php#more

adrian twittered this up to @6

he sounds slurry. i dont know if he is interviewing drunk, or if its meds or just his natural way of talking.

adrian lamo (rush INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT) biggest intelligence leaks

the other side keep our country safe they in turn require secrecy when that secrecy is eroded while it may look as tho it is an attack on freedom of info hold fundamental values that allow hacking to continue ??????

i had a choice i could screw over a friend confided in me or i could screw over countless strangers placed at risk there were no winners less wrong

villified i regret that brad didnt contact b4 prior to defecting to a hostile foreign interest i regret that my friend is in prison who has done something reprehensible glass wall he messaged me out of a clear blue sky he took some measures encrypted chat via AIM instead role for wikileaks cache of cabled docs its not a matter of whether its a good or bad thing its haappened respond appropriatedly the cables reveal a hard working diplomatic

core doing its job banan repub CIA Plots no one else has either

mistake re wide access to low level people??? security clearances not granted by rank need to know after 911 bc of the intell share failure re tragic events we began to share intell more widely alllow brad to have access he ddid pendulum back to info

locked up as result of the action of one confused young man still need for intell done more good

trad reporters mine data

i've been working with reporters for eleven years interp tech data unrecognized tehre are no bylines for people like me serve role and do it aptly

mainstream times too much not enough?

hard to stay dont have standing to dictate to the times at one point i could have

when you h their serv

without casualties as a result have to remeber there is a wall on CIA stars with no names never revealing who they were the casualties of this kind of info war never known state dept aout how to class or distro info

rec? middle east does not have the need to know data outside middle eastern affairs

security theatre being responsible by decreeasing amount of access when they need to do job

equivalent of taking off shoes at airport

pendulum is going to keep on swing

IT MGT? how proprietary docs surprise encrytion

dont use electronic comminique for anything important luddite if it needs to be read it gets fedexed

what are you doing for a living

sec. consult pub spk sec. train

step outside self and look at life

battle with pneumonia last time mortality back burner to introspection

what are the next ten years will bring never predicted
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first published on braingarbage as a hasty incomplete rush transcript of adrian lamo’s podcast post day two espionage hearing mary eng

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