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4TO Medio Writing

Text Poem “APO And the father wrote, “please don´t

96225” write such depressing letters. You ´re
upsetting your mother.” So, after a
Skill WRITING while, the young man wrote, “Sure
Schedule 3 hours rains a lot here…”
Adapted from
Contemporary´s Whole Language Series Act 1 Reflect and Write the answer
EXPRESSIONS the following.
Stories and poems
Expecting Learning What three facts about Vietnam does the
soldier tell in his first letters home?
Student will be able to:
• Analyze a short poem Why does he keep in secret what is
• Deduce information . happening in the war?
• Explain feelings
Do his parents really want to know the
• Paraphrase the information . truth about what is happening in the war?
• Summarize information
• Write a paragraph The soldier´s address is given but not his
Linguistic Content name.
Function : Analysis of Poems /Deduce Why might the poet have decided to leave
Metaphors the soldier and his family nameless?
Report Speech.
Emphasizers (quite, a lot, really, Act 2 Write your opinions
Simple Past /Punctuation Soldiers enjoy getting letters. Explain why
Direct and Reported Speech. letters from home are so important to
Glossary them.
APO : stand for Army Post Office; the title
refers to a soldier´s address Write about a time when you held back
Reading between the lines: she knows from telling somebody the truth to keep
his son is holding something back from upsetting the person. Do you think
Holding back: to keep an information for you made the right decision?, why or why
oneself not?

“ APO 96225” The poem ends with the soldier writing a

letter that says, “Sure rains a lot here…”
A young man once went off to war in What do you think the soldier´s parents
a far country. write in their letter back to him?
When he had time, he wrote home
and said, “sure rains here a lot”. Write a few more lines for the poem, telling
But his mother, reading between the what you think the parents say in answer
lines, wrote, “we´re quite concerned. to their son´s letter.
Tell us what it´s really like”
And the young man responded, Reinforcement
“Wow, you ought to see the funny Reported Speech: it is used when you want
monkeys!” to tell somebody else what has been said,
To which the mother replied, “don´t in a direct speech or in report speech.
hold back, how is it?” And the young
man wrote, “the sunsets here are Ex Tom said “I´m feeling ill” ( direct
spectacular.” speech)
In her next letter the mother wrote, Tom said that he was feeling ill
“son we want you to tell us ( reported speech)
So the next time he wrote, “Today I Maria said “ I´m pregnant” (direct speech)
killed a man. Yesterday I helped drop Maria Said that she was pregnant
napalm on women and children. (reported speech)
Tomorrow we are going to use gas.”
Emphasizer (quite, really, etc.) is used to
emphasize. ex we´re quite concerned
( means we are absolutely worried about
the situation)