The Dark Ages Are Still Upon Us

An Epic

-----------------------------Written by: Joe 'Sarge' Kinney----------------------------

Page One

Genesis Chapter One
Sepher Maoshah BeRashshith (Bereshith—Genesis) 1
Establishing the Kingdom of ALhhim
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Verse One
In the Mind of Fire are the Work's—the:
Acts of Totality. XYSARB
The Unified of ALhhim formulate/create MYHLA ARB
the sum of The Names—the heavens MYMSH XA
coupled with the sum of
The State/Host of Lights—the earth. ERAH XAW


The formulation's of The Earth are ten land's designated for a
Seed the embodiment and expression of the hosts E of Light's
RA. For every Name above there is jointly made a place for the
Light's of a Name to be expressed through which the Thought's
of Light multiply and become manifest. The ten land's are a
complete extension of the ALphah of Rayish RA. Earth is a
place in which the Seed/a runs/ER [SMB 15:18]. As the life with
in a Seed runs it form's rivers and ocean's within the lands.
Through the water's it draws out of itself and forms the trees of
it's Name.

Verse Two
And the State of Light is becoming: HXYH ERAHW
a Unified Consciousness
(visibly formless) and consequential. WHBW WHX
Coupled with a deep darkness, KSCW
the Most High expressions are contained
in the subterranean. MWHX YNPLO
And the Reúwch/Spirit ALhhim—
The Breath of Unified Ring's MYHLA CWRW
trembles/flutters/quivers XPCRM
pertaining to the Most High Face's
of the waters. MYMH YNPLO

The scroll of SepherMaoshahBeRashshith / Genesis is devoted to unfolding the Malkut/Kingdom of ALhhim comprised
of all nation's, people's, animal's, and their corresponding vegetation/planting's. From the initial act's of the Unified Act's of
ALhhim unto the possession of all land's through Yúwsphah /
Joseph, the Work's of ALhhim are set forth. The formulation of
the sum of the Name's and their state/earth is the establishment of the Kingdom of ALhhim. According to the sum of
the Name's, the offering's and the work's of Light are determined [CHP/Num 4:2].
The Tehhu Body of ALhhim
The Unified Consciousness is coined in the term, WHX, Tehhu

meaning an assembly of the Light's Unified. The Unified are weightless and Invisible; therefore, the Body of Consciousness is rendered to be without visible form, for even a
sphere or defined space is a form whether seen or unseen.

Being The Body of 0:0, OyinOyin, the Tehhu Assembly
is called the Most High, OL/lo, for it is above all things as the
Head, from which all Thought's emanate and govern all that
comes from Their Assembly. There is no visible form seen, yet
within the Tehhu Sphere are all congruent Thought's, through
which all are made to abide sweetly together in congruent rings
according to Their Assembly in Tehhu. What we behold in the
visible spectrum's of Thought lead us to the origins within the
The common rendering of the term, uvehúw/whbw, as
“empty,” fall's short to convey any state of consciousness The
term uvehúw / whbw, contains the term, hau/wh, meaning the
profound results of consciousness and thus rendered as consequential, for within the uvehúw is the Judge of all; within the
Thus within any state there are the consequences
of the state, which is the judge, as there are the consequences
within every deed. A Judge of the heaven's and the earth is
ShmúwAL, for the Name contains all of the Name's / Shmuw
and all that has opened from their Seed /AL in the Aurets/earth.

[I ShmúwAL/Samuel 7:15]. In

each phase of our journey, we stand
before the Judge of our Name's to sort out the bounty of revela
tion's from the straggling strands of a former state--perceptions
----connections-----muód age.
Thus from your Name of AL your Judge rises from within
your house's and judges all within you according to your
The deep darkness pertains to all in the Body of Understanding---Bayinah; that is within the depth's of The House of Manashah in all Name's. The darkness is the well of the Oyin/O/16.

Within the depth's are the understanding's and the foundations
of all state's. These understanding's of the deep are gathered in
to a collective pool known as the water's / Mayim.
The Unified Consciousness is coined in the term, WHX, Tehhu
meaning an assembly of the Lights Unified. The

water's are the distillation's of the Breath's of ALhhim which
are collected from their offering's of Fire. The water's stem
from the Neúwn/14 Mind of the Unified ALhhim through which
all is made from 'Their Great Assemblies.' In the day's / work's
of the Unified ALhhim; the Kingdom of their Thought's are
transmitted through the waters, which is the Body in which
their SeedName's fall from their Eyes/Rings as silver tears
coming from the Most High—that which is above.

The water's referred to in this passage are those collected from
the offering's of Fire. Within the water's are the origins of the
Thoughts of ALhhim, whereby all that is made from the waters
is linked to the Breath of ALhhim from whence all have come
and to whom all belong, world's without end. The term Mayim
mym water, contains the Nine/T, the Collective properties within
the Neúwn Mind through which everything is made [m/4 + y/1 +
m/4 = T/9].

The water's are of the Neúwn Mind which have their origins
in the Unified Ring's of HhaKuwáhnim/The Priest. The distillations of their Thought's come from the nwwn double Neúwn/
nn with the double Úwah/ww, which forms a ratio of 8:8, being
the sum of the 53/8 : 35/8, which comprises the Oyin:Oyin OO
State's of Consciousness. These derivation's are summed in the
formula: gn + hl = 88 = 16/o
The two sides of the Kuwáhnim/Priest Mind; unified
forms, the Oyin/70—The Council of HhaKuwáhnim and their
Unified Body of the Oyin Mind with the Zayin mobility/tail.
The movement/progression/tail is determined by one’s Word's
and the manner of walk. The tail is the tongue of the Serpent
of Old that speaks from the midst of the double Neúwn. In that

the Head of HhaKuwáhnim/The Priest's are the Unified Eight's
of 53+35 or 8+8=16/7.

The tail z/7 is of the same Values of the Head o/16/7 whereby
the tail is in the mouth. All that one speaks from the Head of
Oyin are the Words---are of the Conscious Mind. The doubles
of 8 of the Kuwáhnim Mind are the Origins of the 28 ALhhimread as 2 8’s. As the Mind of Neúwn is 1, the ALhhim are1:8+2
is read by an association of Values: 28/10/1. The double WW
Úwah/6/W in the midst of the Neúwn is the Voice of Unity that
speaks out of the Neúwn in the midst of the sides of Light,
whereby the Voice is Single: n/14/5 + n/14/5 = 10/1.
The Sign's of HhaALhhim – The 22 Fire Letter's and Number's
Alphah(1)A Bayit(2)B Gammal(3)G DallathD(4) HHÚWA 5 H Ha
ÚWAH 6/Waw/W Zayin(7) Z Chayit(8)j Tayit(9) T YEÚWD 10/Y
Kephúw 11/20 K k wPK K,CH
Lammad 12/ 30 L DML L
Mayim 13/40 M MyM M
Neúwn 14/50 N n NWN N
Semek I (15),
Oyin(16) O
Paúwah (17) P
T sada 18/90 E TS
Qúphah(19) Q
Rayish (20) R
Shayin (21) S NYS SH,S 21/300
Taúwah t / 22

The 16/7/o/Oyin is extended to the tenth/10th engagement
of Unified Thoughts to comprise the 70 of the Council of HhaKuwáhnim. According to that which is in the Oyin Consciousness Head, so are the body and the deeds of every specie which
are classified by their Thought—SeedHead. The classifications
are apparent in the fifth act/day as they are drawn out of the
Body of the Mayim.

Within the Neúwn Mind are 7 days/acts, for all within the
Neúwn are of 7 complete evenings +7 complete mornings.These
7:7 = Neúwn/14. In that the days are the complete giving of the
Neúwn Mind, the Acts/Days are perfect [Mishneh Teúwrah/Deut
32:4]. The acts/works of ALhhim speak clearly to us, so that all
are without an excuse in the day of their judgment, for all judg
ment pertains to whether one’s words and their work's are of
the Associations of the Rings in accordance to all of the deeds
of their Names [Romans 1:20]. Hence, in that every Name has
it's work, the Name of AL--ShmúwAL--shall judge the works
of their Name according to their work's/10 Yeúwd; in the Col
lective. No one judges another except the Ring of ALhhim to
which a Name belongs.
The judgment of one chavar {more then a brother} to another is
not acceptable, for the one being judged will question how can
another know the intent of the heart except the Collective that
is within them and the Breath to which they are subject unto?
Only with a mind for the Collective can one submit their branches unto another to come unto perfect unity. The same can lay
down their life for another, for they have come to see that we
are of one Body of The Priests / HhaKuwáhnim Consciousness.
There are steps and progressions to come to the Judgment
of HhaALhhim and then to the judgment seat of meShich. As a
SeedName rises to the crown with consciousness of all within

it's branches, they are of the House of AL-of the awakened Seed
of the Lammad/la {7th Heaven}, whereby it distinguishes itself to
form a tree to bear the glory of The Most High / HhaOLiyun;
And from this day the Name is known to serve AL for the Life
within the Seed consecrates all of it's house unto YahúWah
[Yahushúo/Joshua 1:1-9; 24:14-24].

Their Name of AL judges their house that they may be free
from corruption and become one with the Collective.

Note: I asked Shmual recently about the above message and
he wrote me back, saying, ' The habitation or house of a Name
is already within a Name, whereby that which is formed is not
estranged to it's Name. The two are one. Hence, one of knowing regards a wife as their self, whereby the body and the mind
are mutually supported without partiality. With understanding,
one keeps and maintains their member's (Body Organs) subject to
the Light of the Father's in all things whereby there is no cause
of violations to the Light.'
continuing on---- Verse Two

Until one judges themselves they remain in their sin's and
are apart from the Collective Unity of Life. All Name's rise
from the opening of their SeedName's that are sown within the
primordial water's. As a SeedName opens and rises, the Name
of AL is the Judge of the House to which it belongs. One that
first judges themselves readies their soul to come to the judgment of the Ring of HhaALhhim to which they are born and in

which they serve. And upon passing through the judgment of
ALhhim they are prepared to come to the chair of meShich, for
they are desiring to have all aspects of their soul weighed upon
the scales of the Qúphah, from which the world's are made. Jud
ging another leads to a wrangling of words and leavening states
of contentions, whereas the judgment of one’s processes and
deeds by the Name to which they belong within the Collective
initiates and culminates in universal peace.
The judgment of the world—all that is made and all that
is within the world—is by the Hand of Dan, the 10th House.
Within the Body of Consciousness is the vehúw / hbw / 10,
which is the consequence of every thought. And from the productivity--the harvest of Baniymin/nymynb —every Name is
judged by the Breath of Dan as it rises within a House. The
double Yeúwd/yy in the Name of Baniymin is the hand of the
judge on the left and the messenger/malek on the right.
These are the left and right hands of the N 14 Neúwn and in
their midst is the Mayim /water's. The two Yeúwd/10 sit to the
left and to the right of the double NN Neúwn. The messenger
on the right, which is the doer of the Mind of the Neúwn extends the Neúwn from 14 to be 140, or from 50 to be 500. The Values
of 14 and their extension are of the House of Chakmah; the Values of 50 and their extension are of the House of Bayinah.

Together, their Numbers are 640/10/1 [140+500=640]. The Values
of 640/ms are the structure of ones branches within the Mayim
/water's. When the deeds are of Bayinah—Understanding then
the hands are of 500/n+500n=1000 /a/ALphah. The sum of an ALphah Seed fully extended yields a multitude thousands. When
the deeds are of Chakmah-Wisdom, then the hand's are of 140/n
+140/n =280/oo/OyinOyin. As the deed's of Bayinah and Chakmah
are summed together, the AlphahSeed has within the 28 Gods /
ALhhim of the Unified Consciousness. The later are the consciousness of the 28 ALhhim within the Neúwn Head:14/n +14
n=28. The days of 7 are the Work's of ALhhim according to the
Head and the tail/mobility of each day/act. When the works of
the 7th day come, then the Laúwim/Levites / Priesthood will
gather into one all Name's from the foundation of the world.
The compound configuration's of the Values of Neúwn in
Chakmah/280 and in Bayinah/1000 and their Unions/640 reveal

that within the Consciousness of the 88 are the Root of Three
in Aurrat, The Twelve, The Fire of YahúWah the ongoing transformations of processes / nations, and The Water's of the Tsur/
Rock which come down and gather into the sea of The Laver
The double Yeúwd/10 through which the worlds are made
are the Hands of YahYah:hyhy—the compound deeds of Illumination of Chakmah and Bayinah. Being of the Collective

Mind of Neúwn, the 10 / Yeúwdim (Meaning Hands) are
called the Hand's of YahúWah hwhy the works/y of the Unified/w Light's of the double Ha Ha, hh 5,5 Hhúwa. The configurations of the Number's of Light:
+640/1 +640
+640 + 640
+280/1 +1000 +280
+280 + 280
+1000/1 +280 + 1000 +1000 +1000_
102/by 921/Tc 93/gx 1344/rwxm
The 3 in Aurrat The Twelve The Fire of 9 To Transform Nations
Waters/13 of The Rock / Tsur / 44
As we are of the Collective Mind and the Unified Body
of Consciousness, we enter into and access the Enlightenment
of Aurrat [7th Heaven] and the Mind's of Nine. The Number's,
Nine, have been written as nigon, niun, neun, noon, etc. The
double n’s of the word, nine, are from the double Neúwn/nn.
The Values of 9 include 8+1—conveying the Unified 8 of the
two sides of consciousness.
As we are of the Neúwn Mind frequency, we receive the
waves of Thought to become engaged in the deeds/works of the
Neúwn Mind of Nine. The Values of 3 in the rootof Nine stem
from the double Úwah/ww central in theNeúwn/nn via which
the two Neúwn are joined as one from both sides. The Úwah
is doubled in the midst of the Neúwn as in the Names of

Daúwd/David and Reúwch/Spirit, etc.
From the midst of the Neúwn the Single Voice speaks
as the Seeds of Banyimin—the 9th House—are unfolded from
their midst, whereby the State of the Seed is always changing
and secondary to the Voice of the inward, just as the state of a
tree is continually being transformed according to that which
flows from the seed to which the tree belongs. As the water's
from the Seed are gathered in the upper branches, the Waters
of the Rock / foundation are now the water's above from which
they flow to sustain all within the expanse of the Kingdom of
Names (heavens). During the 7 complete acts/ days all those
within the Neúwn Mind speak and perform their works which
are the congruent pairs of 6 Rings comprised of 24 Name's of
ALhhim. The double blessing of Yúwsphah / Joseph occurs in
the day of Aparryim when the eye blinks two time's. The Unified ALhhim see twice in day three that “indeed, it is good.”
Together with the 4 Names of the 7th day, the 7 day's are the
Acts of the 28 ALhhim/God's.
The staff turns within the waters of the deep that
are formed from the opening of the Neúwn Seed. The water's
are referred to as those below—within the subterranean which
gather beneath/under the Aurets / earth. As a quivering arrow
rotates, the Staff turns to designate all within the water's unto
the Ring's of HhaALhhim The Elohyim The God's, whereby the

water's swirl upwards through all Ring's of ALhhim commencing with the 4-4 Dallath-Dallath, then the Hhúwa 5-3 Gammal, the
Mayim-13 Tayit 9, the Neúwn 14-8 Chayit, the Úwah 7- 2 Bayit, the
7-1 Zayin-ALphah, the Shayin-21-15 Semek, the Rayish – 20 -16 O,
Oyin, the Qúphah19-17 PaúWah, the Tsada-Tsada 18-18, the Lammad-12-10 Yeúwd, unto the 11-11 Kephúw-Kephúw upon which the
fruit is formed and hung.

According to the turning of the staff, one draws
their waters upwards from the subterranean to swirl within the
Rings, whereby the Rings of a Name are refreshed daily and
updated with all rising from the SeedName as the result of the
Morning and Evening Offering's/oylah and the changing of the
water's in hhakaiyúwer the laver. Such are called the water's of
regeneration that continually reclaims our members unto the
service of our Name's [Titus 3:5]

With twelve turns of the staff, the Rings are renewed. All
that is within the Rings are sated with the waters of ALhhim.
As the staff turns in the water's, the Thoughts of the Most High
are drawn out from the Tehhu Body into the water's, whereby the
expressions of the Most High become apparent with form and
Verse 3
And the Unified ALhhim
think/contemplate/say. MYHLA RMAYW
YahhiAúwr—The Emanations give Light; RWA YHY
And YahhiAúwr—Yahh gives Light. RWAYHYW

The ALhhim think/contemplate, and their Thought's are
extended/given [Mattithyahu 8:8-10]. The Unified ALhhim consid
er that from the Body of Unified Consciousness comes all
expressions via visible spectrum's. According to opening the
Body of Unified Consciousness through the mouths, the emanations within the Body become apparent. The Emanation's
come from the sides and from the midst, whereby the Emanations are of Bayinah / left side and Chakmah / right side.
From the Emanations all means of extending the
Thought's are set in those who are called to carry the Seed of
the Unified Consciousness and who Nurture Them unto their
full expression—to become the meShich/Messiah.
As the Mouth's of Tehhu open:
(The Unified Consciousness is coined in the term, WHX, Tehhu
—meaning an assembly of the Lights Unified), the

streams of Light are released together as one. The streams of
Emanations become distinguished through inquiry--through
the fourth day of investigation. From the sequence of the offering's within the Tehhu Body, the offering of Gad precedes the
offering of the Shayh (Lamb-Especially Eve. Of Passover)—the
Inner Harmony, whereby the Mouth's of ALhhim open to speak
of all within the Assembly of the Unified Consciousness.
The branches of Gad catch the shayh, as the Words of the

Unified are caught in the branches according to the Name of
YahúWah Yireh/haryhwhy [SMB/Gen 22:13-14]. As the Seed of
the Unified opens, the first work of the evening is of Baniymin, through which the heavens are made of the Assembly of
Nine. Accordingly, the first work of all instruction comes by
the opening of the Seed Word in which the Thought's of the
Most High have assembled. Subsequent to the first evening is
the morning—the observance of the instruction. Through the
observance and practice of the instruction there appears the for
mations of the Aurets/earth of Zebulan, being the place in
which the Seed is sown. Each evening is the period of instruction, and the morning following is the period of performance,
whereby the night and the day are one.
Verse 4
And the Unified ALhhim see
the sum of the Light: RWAHXA MYHLA ARYW
indeed, it is good—of the Collective Union. BWTYK
And the Unified ALhhim distinguish MYHLA LDBYW
an understanding/in the midst of the Light RWAH NYB
and in the midst of the darkness. KSCH NYBW
The eye's open upon each expanse of the SeedRings to behold
all that has become spoken.
The first sight of ALhhim occurs as the Seed of Baniymin is

opened in the first evening to release Knowledge—the flow
of light spectrum's through which the visible Kingdom is form

ed. When a Seed is opened the Eyes of the Seed are no longer
shut, but become healed to see all that has come forth. The
opening of a SeedName is the healing of the blind. Until one
sees that which is within their SeedName they are blind.
They are those who walk after the Word but do not see the
meaning's that lies within the SeedWord of ALhhim.
Through the opening of the SeedWord, the Light within
the Seed breaks out whereby one has Understanding [Tehillah
119: 130]. All that is seen in the morning belongs to a Teaching
of ALhhim that is given in the night, whereby the teaching and
the works of the hand's—the observance of the commandment
—are one [Tehillah 119:147-148].
With the Eye's opened, the Unified ALhhim distinguish all
that is in the midst of the Light-----the Deeds, the Letter's, the
Hours of spectrum's, and the States in which the Thoughts with
in the Seed are residing. All things in the Rings are seen as
they come out of the Tehhu. When one looks inwardly to what
is appearing in the light, then one reads with the purpose of be
coming illuminated, otherwise darkness remains. By the congruent deeds of the hands, the Unified ALhhim distinguish all
that is in the midst of the darkness, for by the works of observance—reading and practicing—one comes to behold all with
in the darkness—the Source, the Numbers, the watches, and
the organization of Mind in which the Thought's are arranged.

And the Unified ALhhim read
Verse 5
to be Illuminated: RWAL MYHLA ARQYW
an act/day with the depth of understanding—
to read for instruction/lilah. HLYLARQ KSCLW MWY
YahhiGorav—The Emanations give
evening/comprehension/meditation; BROYHYW
YahhiBaqar—The Emanations give
morning/illumination to congregate RQBYHYW
—an act/day of one/to be unified. DCAMWY

Upon the opening of the Seed, the ALhhim Assembly read
to become instructed. They study every act (day) and its connection to the depths of understanding (darkness). The darkness is read for instruction that They walk in the ways of perfect Unity, whereby they come to know all mysteries of their
Unity. Through study of the light and the darkness one receives their food of meditation and their guidance to assemble
their members to perform the instructions, whereby their
thought's and actions are unified.
Verse 6
And the Unified of ALhhim
contemplate/think/utter. MYHLA RMAYW
The Emanations give—there becomes
an expanse/an opening OYQR YHY
within the centre of the waters, MYMH KWXB
and the Emanations give—there
becomes a distinguishment LYDBM YHYW
in the midst of the waters to the waters. MYML MYM NYB

Upon composing their Thoughts from studying that which is
in the darkness and from the studying that which is in the Light
the Unified think to speak/to utter revelations. As one explores
all that opens in the Neúwn-14-8 Chayit Ring of the primordial
night and that which opens in the HHÚWA 5 H = 3 Gamal Ring
of the morning, an expansion occurs within the Rings by the
Light's being extended. The extensions of the light are the Emana
tions of Chakmah and Bayinah whereby another Ring opens
through the sequential evening oylah of ALhhim [Mishle / Prov
8:22-25]. The expanse occurs as a unified act (day one) through

the use of Words and their mediations, whereby the Rings multiply. The Rings appearing within the Neúwn Seed are the
Rings of Kephúw-Kephúw and Dallath-Dallath, and they are
opened [for information re: The Ring's of ALhhim, see BHM: The
House of Dan].

The expanse occurs in the depths of the water's underneath
during the evening. From the expanse within the water's, all be
comes watered from the mist rising below. As the expanse occurs in the centre of the waters, the water's are heaped up,
whereby there are waters above which are to the waters beneath, a ratio of Mayim: 13-13 Mayim. The expansion is caused
by the Staff being placed into the centre of the water's. The
heights of the waters are seen in the morning / observance
which opens up from the foundations of the deep. The phrase,
“Mayim-- to13-13 Mayim MYML MYM —water's to waters,” denotes the qavalah relationship of the foundation to the crown.

All that is in the midst of the waters is distinguished by the
Lights affecting the waters, whereby there are Names of Wisdom and Understanding within the waters of ALhhim and
Names of Understanding and Knowledge in the waters rising
above. According to that which is distinguished within the
Rings of Water's, so are the Names born from their place according to their Light.
From the foundation of these Act's of ALhhim to distinguish the waters with Emanations of the Queens of Light,
Reveqah/Rebecca is appointed to serve and administer the
water's for all Names who are servants of the Eternal Kingdom
[SMB/Gen 24:42-46]. Those who are the follower's of the Words
of the Kingdom receive the living waters upon their tongues,
whereby they bear within their Rings the same Water's of Life
as the Tehhu Body of ALhhim from which the Water's of Life
flow [Yúwsphah/Luke 16:24].
Verse 7
And the Unified ALhhim fashion MYHLA SOYW
the sum of the expanse/opening OYQRHXA
and distinguish LDBYW
an understanding—in the midst of the waters. MYMH NYB
The Unified affirm from beneath
to the expanse OYQRL XCXM RSA
with an understanding—in the midst
of the waters. MYMH NYBW
The Unified affirm/verify from

the Most High to the expanse. OYQRL LOM RSA
And the Emanations give affirmingly. NKYHYW


Via the Union of one Ring unto another, an expanse of
spectrums are composed within the opening of the next Rings.
As the Eyes see through one Ring, they commence to explore
within the midst and thereby discover that in the midst of the
Neúwn Chayit is the 11-11 Kephúw-Kephúw Ring, and in the
midst of the Hhúwa-5 Gammal-3 is the Dallath-Dallath 4-4
from which comes the expanse and blessing. The KephúwKephúw Ring is the Tree of Life in the midst of the waters,
and the 4-4 Dallath-Dallath are the gate's to the Tree of Life.
As the parameter Ring's commence to expand, the inner core of the Rings flow, thereby causing the entire Body of
ALhhim to expand and open wider, i.e. in the days of the First
House of Yahúdah: the Number's of the outer 19-17 Qúphah
PaúWah Ring of Yahúdah are extended via the evening oylah
in the first month, then the inner Ring of the Mayim-13-9 Tayit
gives of itself in response. What is given from the faces of the
Body of Yahúdah is sustained from the inner core by the Ring
of the 13-9 Mayim-Tayit, which is in the midst of the Body of
Yahúdah [illustration: Body of Yahúdah, from ALhhim Achadd AA].
The inner core flows to bless the hands that are given from the
Numbers/Values upon the altar, whereby the King of the Invisible—Yahúdah and the King of the Visible Aparryim are one
House. Likewise, as one studies that which opens to them,

there comes further openings/expanses of associated Rings and
the Thought's within them.
By the work's of HhaALhhim, they fashion/compose/
make all that is within the waters. The verifications/affirmations are from the foundation to the expanse, and then from the
waters above to the expanse, whereby what is within the expanse is made in harmony with the base and with the crown.
Accordingly, all Name's are measured by that which is within
the foundation and in the Mind where by they are of the Eternal
Kingdom, and happily so. According to the measurements of
ALhhim which distinguishes all within the waters, the Emanations of Bayinah and Chakmah are appropriated to all Names
within the water's.
Verse 8
And the Unified ALhhim read MYHLA ARQYW
for the expansion of Names. MYMS OYQRL
YahhiGorav—The Emanations
give an evening/a comprehension/meditation; BROYHYW
YahhiBaqar—The Emanations give
a morning/an illumination to congregate RQBYHYW
—an act/day of two/multiples/increases. YNS MWY

That which is within the sequential offerings and their acts
lead to the study of further Names with the Tehhu Unified Consciousness. The opening of the sequential Ring's is as the open
ing of the Book of Life--the Writing's of the Shayh-Lamb--in

which are the Names of Life. The continual Emanations of
Chakmah and Bayinah causes all to increase/multiply.
Verse 9
And the Unified ALhhim
think/contemplate/utter. MYHLA RMAYW
They wait upon/draw forth
the waters/to cause a stretching MYMH WWQY
from the foundation of the Names. MYMSH XCXM
ALMaqum unifies—The Teacher/Rod/l of a Seed/a
determines a dwelling----place MWQMLA
to unify/bring all together as one. DCA
And the Unified behold the Illumination
of the one becoming dry/clothed. HSBYH HARXW
And the Emanations give affirmingly. NKYHYW


The drawing forth out of the waters is as one draws out yarn.
The root term, hwq, is from the thought “to wait expectantly,
with hope.” With expectations of a harvest all that has been dis
tinguished within the waters is brought forth.
The drawing out from the Assembly of Name's is to
expand and fill the Kingdom of ALhhim.

The drawing out beneath is as the Seed of a Name is drawn
forth from the loins, as silk is drawn from the base of the spider
etc. From these lines comes the parable that the ALhhim are as
farmer's, who draw forth the seed and plant them with an ex-

pectation for a harvest. According to the Seed of ALhhim,
drawn forth from their Assembly, the Emanations give their
Light's affirmingly.
ALMaqum is appointed over all spaces. According to ALMaqum the Names are provided territory in which
they dwell Collectively/Gushan [SMB/Gen 47:5-6]. The gathering of all nation's and peoples is a work of AL Maqum who
brings all Name's together as one. The Name of AL is the Rod
or Teacher of a Principle comprised of the Names of ShmuwAL
and Yetschaq/Issac, the sum of 31. The gathering of the Lights of

a month from their end to their beginning forms the Seed of that
House. This seed is called AL, the summations of the joy and the
fulfillment of a House. Within the Seed is the strength to unify
all that has been gathered and the strength to give birth to all that
is within the Seed.
The Name of AL denotes a SeedName has opened to create a
dwelling state of AR—the Light of the ALhhim. When a Seed
Name opens the evidence of the Staff / Lammad appears
within the plant, whereby it has strength to stand up. The
Light within a Name becomes evident by their leaves/offerings
oylut and by the Staff that they walk by. When one has the
strength to stand up against the processes/nation's which they
once served, they bear witness that the Rod of their Name's is
extending their head higher than that which surrounds them
[Tehillah/Ps 118:10-14].

Wherefore did maShayh-Moses and Aharúwan-Aaron stand up
before Pharaoh. The prophets stood up before the nations, whereby
that which is foreign is troubled and over thrown, for they took a
stand by the Staff of AL within them!

Take the Staff and go to the faces of Pharaoh and say affirmatively: “Release the sum of My People and they will
serve the Will of the Neúwn/yndboy [SYM 8:16; 9:1]!” As the
Staff is stretched forth from our SeedName, we speak and act
accordingly at each level of extension [SYM 8:1]. With every
stretching of the Staff from within us the next strike /plague
against our oppressors is determined and put into action.
When Aharúwan/Aaron stretches forth the Staff of Enlighten
ment, then the frog's are brought up; for every work of dark
ness of the flesh is exposed by the Light of the Staff of our
Name as it rises. As a result the forms of Metsryim perish, and
the smell that is within these works/forms give off their true
odor unto the minds of the world whereby they are despised in
their Eyes /Ring's. When one whiffs the scent of the world of
corruption, then the plaque has struck their houses. The one
with the Staff says: We are going to walk, and we are going to
sacrifice to our ALhhim!”
To utter pleas as generally rendered: “please, let us go,”
shortens the Staff [SYM 5:8]. There are no plea agreement's with
the world. Our statements of confrontation are inclusive, as our

intent to be free includes all that hear our Voice that they may
join us and do likewise/an [SYM 5:3].
(So turn your back on this message. I don't care and neither
does AL) – I think!
The term “land” is not in the text
It's Mis-Reading the Writing's, again
When the Name of AL precedes the place of standing, the
preface of the Name of AL indicates that the Names are opening within the waters [i.e. ALYúwsphah/AL Joseph, SMB/Gen 47:
5]. As the SeedName's are opening, The ALhhim see those
distinguished in the water's as the ones emerging /ascend ing
through the water's and thereby becoming clothed/dry by the
Emanation's. That verse has been rendered as dry 'land;' how
ever, the term “land” is not in the text. As one receives the
Emanations of Light, the Light in their Name's begins to
lengthen---to stretch forth. In the process, they are clothed by
the Light's and therefore distinguished by their garments as a
reed that sprouts from the the water''s of the sea.
Verse 10

And the Unified ALhhim read MYHLA ARQYW
to become a stout (dry) Aurets/earth—
a State of Light, ERA HSBYL
and to determine a place for the waters. MYMH HWQMLW

The Unified read the waters, MYMY ARQ
and the Unified ALhhim see MYHLA ARYW
indeed, it is good—of the Collective Union. BWTYK


Our reed becomes stout as we delve into an investigation
of our Rings through reading--studying. As a reed becomes dry
it does not give way, as one limp, to the surrounding waters /
bodies of those who are yet to distinguish themselves by their
garments of Light.
Through studying one develops the back bone of their
soul to stand as a pillar of ALhhim

The Unified ALhhim refer to all who rise from
the waters of immersion. These gather into schools to study the
paths of strength and the courses set by the Emanations of
Bayinah and Chakmah. We read daily to position the waters —
the Ring's within our Staff—that they abide in Unity with that
which is beneath and that which is above. The water's are des
-ignated within our stalk through the processes of the oylah The
Morn and Eve. Prayer's of Number's 28--whereby our plant's do
not wither.

In determining the waters within the stalk, we designate all wealth in the nations to flow within the Ring's of
ALhhim. In the reading of all in the waters, we comprise and
fill the Ring's of HhaALhhim. From these determinations, the

Unified see that they are of the Collective Body and are good.
Verse 11
And the Unified ALhhim
think/contemplate/utter: MYHLA RMAYW
The State of Light causes one to sprout
a vibrant growth shoot, ASd ERAH ASDX
a selective/weeded growth/stalk, BSO
from Seeding to Seed. ORZ OYRZM
A tree of fruit YRP EO
are to perform the expressions of Emanations YRP HSO
according to the Unified likeness/kind WNYML
which verifies that Unified Seed within WBWORZ RSA
is of The Most High State of Light. ERAHLO
And the Emanations give affirmingly. NKYHYW


Each work of ALhhim is initiated by a contemplation
and a corresponding utterance. Based upon the Word's that are
spoken, so the Deed's of Their hands are fulfilled, for they are
accomplished by the Breath carrying forward the Thought's of
the Most High. In ALhhim we do not rely upon a form, nor cir
cumstances to accomplish our Word's, nor anything of the out
ward state, for all is determined by drawing out the inward
SeedName through which all things are formed and have position authority over the world.
We take in the Light as a seedling and thereby develop into

the Trees of ALhhim. The Breath of the ALhhim is devoted to
causing the Seed Name to sprout, as a fine cultivated garden
void of interfering growth. The phrase, Seeding to Seed denotes that from ALhhim Seeding the Aurets /earth, the Seed
multiplies and bears the Seed upon our stalks. In this manner
we bear the fruit of HhaALhhim upon our branches in that we
are Their planting and Their Garden of expanding Consciousness--the citizen's of Their Kingdom. The work's of HhaALhhim

are within the spaces devoted for a SeedName. The work's of
the ALhhim cultivate the growth of the Seed Names unto their
full expressions, which is meShich / Messiah --the full stature of
Their Seed. The selective process weeds out what is not of the
Seed of ALhhim and establishes a tree in which the expressions are as the Seed of ALhhim, whereby the Name is known
in ALhhim according to the Ring from which it is sown—in a
unified likeness.
The classification of our Seed literally is from the
manchaih—{grain}NYM. The term, NYM, is the active state of
the NM/hidden manna. The active state of the manna is denoted
by the Yeúwd-10 in the midst of the word. As the Seed of ALhhim is established within the Aurets of our Light Name we
do not waiver, nor sin, nor can we bow unto another in service.
As a tree planted by ALhhim we can only bear the fruit
of the Seed of ALhhim [I Yahuchannan/Jn 3:8-9]. By our fruit we

attest that we are of the Most High. In agreement with the selective growth of our Names, the Emanations give affirmatively.
Verse 12
And the State of Light/hhaAurets brings
a vibrant growth, ASD
a selective/weeded growth/stalk, BSO
from Seeding to Seed, ORZ OYRZM
according to the kind of Teaching—to
be a unified Bread of Life; WHNYML
and a Tree performing fruit/expressions YRP HSO EOW
which verify that the Unified Seed is
within WB WORZ RSA
according to the kind of Teaching—a
unified Bread of Life. WHNYML
And the Unified ALhhim see MYHLA ARYW1 12
indeed, it is good, of the Collective Union. BWTYK

Verse 13
YahhiGorav—The Emanations give an evening/a
comprehension/meditation; BROYHYW
YahhiBaqar—The Emanations give a
morning/an illumination to congregate RQBYHYW
—an act/day of three/emergence/a
trustee of wealth. YSYLS MWY

In that we are the Seed of the Most High, we are the Bread
that comes down from the heaven's. h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud

YahúWah The Most High / HhaOLiyun.
Our SeedNames are sown into the depths of Understanding. From the waters of Unified Consciousness we rise
with strength and the full character as the Unified who sow
their Seed with tears of everlasting joy, that we may be unto
Them a harvest of Their Face's. Having been buried / sown in
the water's of ALhhim, our emergence from the water's is the
resurgence/resurrection of meShich.

Having been buried in meShich, we rise with meShich
and are counted amongst the living ALhhim. As the stalks of
meShich appears, we appear as meShich in that we are
all composed of the Ring's of ALhhim and Named of HhaALhhim [I Yahuchannan/Jn 3:1-7].With heads of grain forming
upon our stalks, and with fruit hanging upon our branches, the
Unified ALhhim see and affirm the Collective goodness, affirming that we are One with Them.
From all that sprouts the Names are designated as Trustees to
bear the Light's of Bayinah and Chakmah. According to the in
tervals of the spaces within the Ring's [see BHM Oylah Guide], we
attain the full performance of our branches.
The Tehhu Body of ALhhim

The Unified Consciousness is coined in the term, WHX,
Tehhu--meaning an assembly of the Lights Unified.
The Unified are weightless and Invisible; therefore, the Body
of Consciousness is rendered to be without visible form, for
even a sphere or defined space is a form whether seen or unseen.
The Consciousness of Tehhu is extended through
Yishshakkar to the tenth state----unto deeds and works of the
hands whereby we stand in the full stature of meShich The full
Consciousness of the Unified ALhhim is released within our
Names. According to the infusion of Consciousness we are actively engaged and cause all member's within to be fully clothed / attired to perform the work's of their Names.
Ch - 1 Verse 14
And the Unified ALhhim
think/contemplate/utter: MYHLA RMAYW
Yahhi meAúwrut—Yahh appoints from the
Lights/Emanations XRAM YHY
within the expanse of
the Names/heavens, MYMSH OYQRB
to distinguish LYDBHL
with understanding/what is
within the midst of the day/an act MWYH NYB
coupled with understanding/what is in
the midst of the night/instruction. HLYLH NYBW
And they become for signs/summations, XXAL WYHW
and for instructions of
seasons/appointments/testimonies, MYDOWMLW
and for instructions of days/acts/deeds, MYMYLW


and for instructions of years/studies. MYNSW

All that is said and done returns to it's source for both word's
and deed are attached to the source from which they have gone
forth. Words and the deed's come from our ring's. What goes
out from our rings comes back to us. As a sphere rotates within
an orbit, it will come again to the place from which it started,
whereby it sees it's beginnings from all of it's journeys. In accordance with the readings and the growth of a Name, the
heart of the Consciousness in the Tehhu is extended unto the expanse in the heavens, which is in the midst of the waters—
those that support/sustain (beneath) and those that oversee
guide (above).
The location of the heaven's in the midst of the Names are the
breasts, from which the Lights roam the houses through out the
day and throughout the night. In the morning the sun rises from
right breast into the gate of the qedam/east, and in the evening
the moon rises from the left breast into the gate of the west /

qedam. During the evening and morning the Light's are roam
ing throughout our houses with Their Illuminations to distinguish what is in the midst of the deed and what is in the midst
of the instruction that one is acting according to.
It is not enough to distinguish a deed, but the Lights examine
what is in the midst of a deed. It is not enough to think of an in
struction; the Lights distinguish what is in the midst of every

teaching. From whence has the instruction come, what is the
in tent of the instruction, what is the under standing that is embodied in the instruction and what are the results of the teaching?
As the Emanations rise into the eastern gate, being the
throat, they emit their emanations through the passing of the
water's from the Tsur/Rock—the Waters above unto their flow
into the Hhakaiyúwer/The Laver—the Water's below, whereby
from the crown to the tail all things are distinguished. The
term distinguished corresponds to the processes of examination, whereby all that is within us is searched out by the Light's
of Wisdom and Understanding. Through the distinguishment's of
morning and evening we know what is in the midst of every
word and every deed, every land, every body of water, and every
thought and the Number's from which they originate, whereby
we know that we are Light Emanations as the Queen's from
whose sides we have been sown as Light Seed.

As we approach every act and every instruction, we come into the Unified Presence of the the Emanations of Bayinah and
Chakmah. We declare ourselves as servants to bear their
Light's and to be of those which are carrying forth their Illum
ina tion's. Those who first position them selves as servants are
later called as the heirs of the Kingdom, for no heir is appoint
ed without proving their lineage in the Kingdom of Names.
Here by we distinguish between the shepherds and the hireling's. As we are affirmed as heirs of ALhhim we receive the at-

tire of the house hold of which we are Named, and from which
we are sent forth two by two.
Upon our finger's the rings of silver and gold are placed
to designate our deeds. The rings are obtained by our services,
namely as we come unto the waters of Hhakaiyúwer The Laver
each evening and morning to do the works of the altar's. The
silvery and golden Light's of Bayinah and Chakmah are carried
by the water's of The Rock/HhaTsur as they pass through the
ashes in the east/qedam from the oylut /offering's. As the Emanations of Bayinah and Chakmah are dispersed into the waters
of hhakaiyúwer daily, the silver and gold of their Emanations
provide the rings for our finger's and feet. As the hands are dip
ped into the waters for the (evening and morning (Prayer's of Num
ber's 28), they create ten spirals/ring's.
The silver and gold inthe waters forms around the finger's.
As the rings of silver and gold form upon our fingers, the gems
in the water's, which are according to the Numbers of the teach
ing's, adhere unto the settings of silver and gold, as Knowledge
is bonded to Understanding and Wisdom.
From dipping our feet into the water's of The
Laver / Hhakaiyúwer, sandals are tied upon our feet as strands
of Thought. As our feet enters into the water's they create a current of water, like a merkavah-vehicle of transportation-chariot

that cradles the foot, which are like ring's put upon the hoofs.
With our feet shod we announce and carry forth the message's
of the Collective Kingdom (commonly called Good News), walk
ing in the Lights progressively. We are also robed with garments spun by Bayinah during the night and by Chakmah during
the day. With this attire we are prepared to dine at the Table's
of the ALhhim. The meal is of the Unified Sides which is a
banquet prepared by the Ring of ALhhim from which we are
In the modern text's, the banquet is mis-rendered as “the
fatted calf.” The meal is from the sides of a Ring; which are
heavy with grace [as a tire around the waist], whereby we eat collectively the food of our heritage. With our garments we approach

the altar to present our gifts to the Collective and to share in
the Unified Principles, according to the arranged teaching's
with grace [Yúwsphah/Luke 15:22-24].
Verse 15
And they become for Lights XRWAML WYHW
in the expanse of the heavens/Names MYMSH OYQRB
for the one illuminating themselves RYAHL
to become Enlightened of
the Most High of the Aurets/Earth. ERAHLO
And the Emanations give affirmingly. NKYHYW

The expanse of heavens is through the expanse of
Names resident within the Seed. The heavens are comprised of

the Collective Names of every House that abide together in one
House, whereby the heavens are filled with star's.
As ones quest to fill their houses with Illuminations they
receive the Lights of Bayinah and Chakmah, whereby they fill
their States as the Most High fills the earth. By their deliberations to illuminate themselves they walk in Light and not in
Verse 16
And the Unified ALhhim
perform/fashion/appoint MYHLA SOYW
the sum of the foundation from
the nurturing/Noble Lights: MYLDGH XRAMH YNSXA
the sum of the nurturing/great light LDGH RWAMHXA
to govern the day/act, MWYH XLSMML
and the sum from the light of the
small/young/humble NTQH RWAMHXAW
to govern the night, HLYLH XLSMML
with the sum of the stars/messengers. MYBKWKH XAW

The phrase “the Unified ALhhim” is derived by the plural
noun denoted as the one / unified / corporate assembly which
act together as one; therefore the verb denotes that the actions
are by one—the unified and not by many. Accordingly we act
as one, laboring to be discerned as the Unified with ALhhim. The
Unified ALhhim act according to the Emanations which are the
compositions of the word, SOY, comprised of the hands/10/Y
of silver / Bayinah/O and gold / Chakmah / c.

The great light is called large as it nurtures all from the
expanse of the sides and spreads it’s light from side to side,
whereby the sun shines upon the awakened in the collective
and arouses those who are asleep in dormancy. The great light
is the Work of Chakmah, which nurtures all of it's branches /
offspring from the sides as a tree nurtures the branches unto all
fruitfulness. The Light of Chakmah work's with Bayinah who
nurtures from within to strengthen the branches to carry their
glory. The golden ray's of Chakmah shine upon all, and with the
sun the streams of silver fall upon the just and unjust through
the rain [Mattithyahu 5:45].
The humble light of Understanding is called small for
it enters into the room quietly, almost unnoticed, whereby it
governs the instruction. With the great and the small are the
stars—the messengers of Knowledge. Understanding comes
quietly within us, whereby we rise in the night with shout's of
great joy as the message's of understanding break open as the
star's at night.
Those of the Unified ALhhim act according to Wisdom
and Understanding/SOY. They submit all things to the great
light to expose/reveal all things, for all is observed through
Chakmah; and they humble themselves before the small light
to know all things, whereby they walk in the light and do not
stumble. Accordingly, they illuminate themselves as they take

in the Lights of Chakmah and Bayinah daily into their twelve
The two lights are the State of the Kingdom.
The small is the seed, and the great is the plant. These are the
Illuminations of Baniymin—the small, and Zebulan--the great
as the first act/day of HhaALhhim in which the foundations of
the heaven's and the earth are laid. According to the opening of
a SeedName and its flourishing so is the Kingdom of Name's
[Mattithyahu 13:31-32]. The Creation begins through Light, as the
first Saying's are the result of making the oylah {Number's 28)
of the SeedName of Baniymin. The Word's spoken are formed
in the Fire of the offering's of ALhhim whereby there is Ligh t
—a State in which the Seed is to reside. When the Word's are
spoken, they are Light themselves which is the Light of every
The appearance on the fourth day of the sun and moon
is not their creation, but rather their appointment to rule over
all inquiries. The Light's are appointed to govern meditations /
evenings and to govern deeds/observances which come from
them. The 4th day is in the midst of all days from which the
days 123 and 567 are drawn out from their sides. The body of
the moon depicts the Body of the Unified Consciousness in
which are the 15 Face's of the Aúwvim/Father's.
From the giving of all within the Body of the Unified

Consciousness, as a mind gives of it's own body, the sum's of
Chakmah 35:35 are evident in one’s hands/work's. And when
the Seed sprouts in the 3rd day, the opening's are provided the
Illumination to walk in night and day. From this sequence of
Word's, one learns that the opening of their Seed Name is embraced by the Light's of Bayinah and Chakmah and tended unto
Verse 17
And the Unified ALhhim establish
their summations MYHLA MXA NXYW
in the expanse of the heavens MYMSH OYQRB
to illuminate themselves to be the Enlightened/
Most High of the Aurets/earth. ERAHLO RYAHL

Those of the Unified set Wisdom and Understanding
within their midst, whereby they cause the illuminations to rise
within them daily and fill their spaces. Accordingly they maintain the lighting of the menurahh evening and morning through
which they carry within them the Light's of Chakmah and
Ch - 1 Verse 18
And to rule/reign/utter parables LSMLW
in the deed/day and in the
instruction/night HLYLBW MWYB
and to distinguish LYDBHLW
in the midst of the Aúwr—the State of Light RWAH NYB
and in the midst of darkness. KSCH NYBW
And Unified ALhhim see MYHLA ARYW
indeed, it is good—of the Collective Union. BWTYK

With Wisdom and Understanding and Knowledge, one is able
to rule their inner parts and to speak and read parables /allego
rical literature unto cultivating all of their houses. They govern their deeds and their learnings, whereby they come to distinguish all within the midst of Chakmah and in the midst of
Bayinah, through which their Consciousness and the Consciousness of the Tehhu are One. As one reads within the Tehhu
Consciousness, they distinguish between the Invisible/dark
ness and the Visible/state.
The Tehhu Body of ALhhim
The Unified Consciousness is coined in the term, WHX, Tehhu
—meaning an assembly of the Lights Unified. In this

position, the Unified see the Collective goodness and affirm it
within and without.
Verse 19
YahhiGorav—The Emanations give
an evening/a comprehension/meditation; BROYHYW
YahhiBaqar—The Emanations give
a morning/an illumination to congregate RQBYHYW
—an act/day of four/inquiries/insights. YOYBR MWY

The term four/YOYBR denotes being able to comprise a
square, whereby they obtain the quarter's of the heart and of
the land's—the north, the east, the south and the west. Those
of the act's of four are able to delve into Wisdom and Understand ing. They purpose to capture the sun ray's of Chakmah

and the silver rain strands of Bayinah.
With Chakmah and Bayinah we are sent into all the earth—the
State's of Light, to perform the Work's of: YahúWah The Most
High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< ‘The Pure

Verse 20

And the Unified ALhhim
think/contemplate/utter. MYHLA RMAYW
They stir the waters— MYMH WERSY
a stirring to draw in the breath of life, HYC SPN ERS
and to cover. PWOW
The Unified flutter PPWOY
to be Enlightened/with conscious direction
of the Aurets—State of Light, ERAHLO
being the faces/expressions of the Most High, YNPLO
an expansion/stretching forth of
the heavens/Names. MYMSH OYQR


The fulfillment of one act/day after another
multiplies the contemplations and utterances which are the con
sequences of those Unified. To behold all within the waters of
the deep, the water's are stirred to cause them to have breath, as
one would stir a batter to mix air into it. As a result of the
Breath entering into the waters, sets of expressions/faces are
formed to cover all within the deep darkness. The covering is
made as the breath enters into the water's, whereby that which
is within the waters receive a veil upon them that bears the

Number's within the Breath. The covering is a distinctive garment in which the Unified move with an excitement—to flutter
and flicker, for the garment contains the breath which gives the
garment an animation of Thought. The covering is of the dark
ness/PWO, containing the consciousness/o unified/w to become
a set of expressions/face's/P.
The covering is comprised of the Numbers according to the
Numbers caught within the Breath; hence, the combinations are
vast, and every possible combination of Number's forms the
multitude of distinct faces. As the waters are stirred, the
Number's in the Breath are drawn into the water's. The Number's within the waters unite in all possible ways to create various garment's, some as hoary frost to create veils from which
comes the skins, others as transparent circles to form scales,
and some as strands of Light which form hair and feather's.
Together they are given to RAuwáben in sets of
combinations, whereby the Eyes of the Ring's behold all that
continues to emerge from the third act / day. The waters, being
those in the depths of the Tehhu, contain all Number's of the
ALhhim. Being of the glorious thought's—of the heavy ones,
they reside within the depths until their opening for expansion,
whereby they develop branches to support their glory at their

Verse 21

And the Unified ALhhim
formulate/create MYHLA ARBYW
the sum of the nurturing
winds/rolls of smoke MYLDGH MNYNXHXA
and the sum of the whole/entire
soul of the living— HYCH SPNLK XAW
the moving ones, XSMRH
to verify/affirm that They stir
the waters MYMH WERS RSA
for their classifications/Breads of Life, MHNYML
with the sum of the whole/entire
covering to be winged PNK PWOLK XAW
for a unified classification, a grouping
of the unified Bread of Life. WHNYML
And the Unified ALhhim see, MYHLA ARYW
indeed, it is good—of the Collective Union. BWTYK


From all the Unions of the Ring's of ALhhim, as combining
swirls of smoke coming from their fiery Breaths, they create,
cause to form, the entire animated living soul of twelve that as
sembles from their sides. The appearances or forms are for the
sole purpose to affirm their hand of stirring the water's for the
foundational reason—raison d’être----to classify their thought's
as the manchaih/grain/meal, where by all that is formed is asso
ciated with the nine types of grain offering's.
The term, MHNYM, contains the root, NM, which are the
word's manna and manchaih--the Bread of Life. Together with

the nephesh/soul—the drawing of Breath into the water's, the
Unified form a garment in which the ones accepting the
Breaths of ALhhim fly/soar upon wing's, as those of the Unified ALhhim fly to and from the court's of The Most High; to
perform the Work's of: YahúWah YHWH HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud< L.< ‘The Pure Language’
The soul of all beings are those which have willingly taken
the Breath of the Unified ALhhim. The term, SPN, denotes that
the soul is of the Neúwn Mind/n which accepts the Breaths of
ALhhim to spread out/cp their Number's like a garment.
To classify their Thoughts they cast their bread upon many
waters which implies that they cast their Seed—the grain, that
it may appear unto them as a harvest. What we cast upon the
waters multiples unto us, even as the ALhhim cast their Seed
Bread upon the waters which appears unto them with a harvest
—a multiplication of expressions/faces. As we cast the grains
of humility within the waters of our soul, we reap a harvest for
the Seed of Avrehhem/Abraham, the Seed of Yetschaq/Isaac,
and the Seed of Yaoquv/Jacob, whereby none stands before
the Collective empty-handed on the day's of the festivals. The
“covering to be winged” indicates that all expressions formed
within the soul are to carry forward the teaching's through the

From the formulation of the coverings, the bird's have their
wings and the fish their fins, and all have the ability to rise-up
and walk to the glory of HhaALhhhim!

From all that is formed by the Ring's, the Unified ALhhim
see that it is good of their Collectivity. Likewise, all that see
what is made of the Rings affirm all as one with them, whereby
they are of the harmony and peace in the Auret's—States.
And the Unified ALhhim bless/kneel

Verse 22

over their totality MYHLA MXA KRBYW
to think/contemplate/utter: RMAL
They are of the unified fruit/side/expressions; WRP
and they are of the unified
teacher/mind/myriad thoughts; WBRW
and they fill the sum of the waters MYMHXA WALMW
with warm springs/days/activities. MYMYB
And the one covered increases BRY PWOHW
in Aurets—the State of Light. ERAB

The blessing of ALhhim is the kneeling/KRB of the Unified
Ring's to all that accept the pattern of the Rings, whereby the
Unified ALhhim infuse those in the waters with their patterns
that they may live within the construct of the Immortal Rings.
As the Unified ALhhim bow low over those in the waters, the
emerging Names receive their Breaths--the impartation of the
Reúwch HhaChayim—the Spirit of Living Ones. The Name's

entering into the water's and the Ring's of ALhhim become
breaths to breath's, mouths to mouth's, faces to face's.
The breath that we give is the breath that we receive, where
by we are continually breath to breath in the Unified Presence
and therefore are One Breath/Spirit. As a hen kneels over the
brood, so do the ALhhim kneel over us, whereby the grain
within our waters multiples to bring forth the full image of
meShich—the Offspring of all of the Rings Unified as One.
To bear the Offspring of their Unity is the joy of the Union of
the Rings, where by the meShich is the representation and
manifestation of their perfect Unity. The pure Word's of
ALhhim come unto us which are formed within our virgin devoted bodies to bear the meShich. (Yahushúo / not Zesus)
The Pure Language

As the Word's of ALhhim are of incorruption so is the
womb that bears them whereby the Word's appear/come in the
flesh-strands of Light, being woven by---Bayinah and Chakmah.
For according to the Tree so is the fruit. As the Off spring of
HhaALhhim/The Elohyim/The God's, we bear within our embodiment the full Saying's of ALhhim, whereby we perform
them according to the Breath and the intent of YahúWah The
Most High / HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.<

As the ALhhim hover over us, we are given thought's to
contemplate in our hearts and to utter upon our lip's [Luke 1:26-

38; 2:19 Yúwsphah]. We

form the fruit of the Most High upon our
sides and carry the instruction of the abundant thought's of Life
as a Teacher of Righteousness. With in our water's are the
days/act's of Light. Being under the wing's of the Most High,
we increase/grow daily in the assembly of our Name's [Yúwsphah / Luke2:52; I ShmúwAL 2: 26].

When we bless another we kneel over them and warm them
with our love. We receive the blessing's of HhaALhhim as we
crouch down in humility to enter into Their Wings, tightly side
by side as the chicks under the wing's of the hen. Within this
assembly under the Wing's we are nurtured. As we abide collectively we receive transmissions of the Unified Conscious
ness. Our waters are warmed which causes the Seed to germinate. We house the grains of HhaALhhim in our member's and
bake the breads of ALhhim in our heart and mind to feed upon.
The warm springs are the pockets of waters in which
the Breath inhabits. According to the Breath, so are the days in
which one inhabits the waters, whereby the renderings of MYMY
are the days/activities of the Breath in the waters, causing warm
springs. Thus there are those whose span is short, as an insects,
for their days have the value of 10 or 14 or 30 day's,or there are
those whose days are lengthened to 70 year, for they are of the
Oyin/O. Each specie teaches us a lesson pertaining to the
Number of their Breath. In that one has a covering, they are

able to house the full spectrum of Illumination, night and day
whereby they increase in the Thoughts of the Unified / BR


Verse 23

YahhiGorav—The Emanations give an
evening/comprehension/meditation; BROYHYW
YahhiBaqar—The Emanations give a
morning/an illumination to congregate— RQBYHYW
act/day of five/to equip/to robe. YSYMC MWY


Verse 24

And the Unified ALhhim
think/contemplate/utter: MYHLA RMAYW
The Unified bring out of the
Aurets—State of Light ERAH AEWX
the living/ascendant soul HYC SPN
according to the Bread/classification of Seed HNYML
with a cohesive desire/in a
group/cluster (live-stock) HMHB
and moving/being progressive to follow. SMRW
And the unified living of the
Aurets—State of Light ERAWXYCW
are according to the Bread/classification of Seed. HNYML
And the Emanations give to affirm. NKYHYW

Each day is a work of Light to fulfill the Emanation
of Names within their spaces of Light. The Names of ALhhim

and their Emanations fill the spaces of the expanse, the waters
above and beneath. Those who in habit their Kingdom are in
agreement to comprise a Unified State—the Union of the
heavens and the earth. We are brought out of the waters of the
Unified ALhhim to be a living ascendant soul—those which are
drawn into the waters to live in one Body. It is precisely the
character of being drawn together rather than living separate
that characterizes the soul to be of life or death. The ability to
cluster together is the trait of a disciple. As sheep-hhakeveshim
—we cluster and move together ever following the Guidance of
the Shepherd's of ALhhim.
According to our kind/classification by Number, we are grouped into the School's of the Nine/T of the Most High. The classi
fication of each School of Thought is within our Seed Name's
according to the values that are within the various types/kinds
of grain. As the SeedNames open, the Bread is formed accord
ing to the type/kind of plant from which the SeedName belongs.
Each Name belongs to a classification of a Teaching that is
taken from the plantings of the Most High. Every Name in the
Kingdom belongs to one of the Nine School's of Thought.
Those which are brought out of the water's have traits
of cohesive desires, to be grouped together, from which the
rendering “live-stock” is derived. The one's drawn out are
moving and progressive to follow hard after the Teaching's.

The vibrant ones are those quickened to the Teaching's to ascend through the States of Light, whereby they emerge from the
waters as YishARAL. The Offspring of YishARAL are depicted as
those who come through the Sea of Reed's. The reeds, as tender
shoots arising from the waters, denote the waves of instruction
according to the Staff that leads the way. As each wave of
illumination passes over us, we arise from the water's to bear
the fruit of the instruction upon our branches. According to the
level and the Schools of Nine that one passes through, the Emanations of Bayinah and Chakmah give to affirm. Each one
receives the Emanations as they partake of the Bread of Life to
which they submit their souls and Name's.

Verse 25

And the Unified ALhhim
fashion/make/perform MYHLA SOYW25
the sum of the living ones of the Aurets ERAH XYCXA
according to the classification/kinds
of Bread/Teaching, HNYML
and the sum with clusters—in a group HMHBHXAW
according to the classification of Bread/Teaching, HNYML
and the sum of all moving/progressing SMRLK XAW
towards the vapors—places of residence HMDAH
according to the classification of the Bread. WHNYML
And the Unified see MYHLA ARYW
indeed, it is good—of the Collective Union. BWTYK
The sum of all that the ALhhim perform are the living ones

Collectively as the Offspring of ALhhim we hold the entire Values of all that the ALhhim have given. The sum values of all liv

ing souls are set to appear in their positions in the Kingdom,
whereby the totality of the Thoughts of ALhhim are manifest
ed to comprise the entire Kingdom of ALhhim! Each living
one appears as they are classified by their Number's in the
School's of 9 Nine—according to the classifications of the collective Thought's of the Most High [ref: AA - see ALhhim
Achadd]. As one progresses they are placed in their seat with
in the Kingdom of Light's in accordance with their learning the
All, at all levels of development, are seen to be of the
Collective. The formulations of HhaAdim----Adam are appoint
ed places of residence for the Offspring of HhaALhhim to
dwell. The Adim, being vapors, form a collective habitation to
house the Values and the Thought's of the Most High for the
Collective Union. The union of Adim comprise the House of
YahúWah, whereby only Collectively do we bear the full glory
of HhaALhhim.

Verse 26

Together, the Unified ALhhim
consider/say: myhla rmayw
We are performing/making
Adim/Adam/vapors mda hcon
in Our image/as the free,
capable of transformations, wnmlxb

according to Our likeness/shaped
as the unified Rings, wntwmdk
and they have dominion/ability to obtain: wdryw
to multiply/increase the west/gathering MYH XGDB
coupled within the covering of
the heavens MYMSH PWOBW
—with the winged messages of the Names that take
flight from the oylah; and with the
beHemeh (herd)—with a cohesive group HMHBBW
carried forward into collective bodies and states
through which all lands are formed; and with the
entire Aúrets—State of Light— ERAHLKBW
with the Illumination of Understanding and
processes of transformation unto Knowledge;
and with all of the ones moving/enacting/implementing
the Thought's, SMRHLKBW
—the illuminated who move swiftly SMRH
to be Enlightened/with the conscious
direction of the Aurets—State of Light ERAHLO
with swift movements of the Mind that are fulfilled in
all states of Illumination.


The formation of the Adim / Adam / vapors provide
residences for the Names within the Eternal Kingdom. The vapors are according to the sides in which the Names are appoint
ed, whereby they carry their spectrum's of Light from the four
sides of the north, east, south,west. The Adim are the gather-ings of the Thoughts into immortal faces/expressions of the

Rings HhaALhhim. Via the making of the Adim, the Temple and

all within it is made of their colors and of their work's, each according to their Names classification, whereby the colors, i.e.
for the mishkan, are comprised of the Adim that carry the
frequencies of Unified Thought.
In contrast, the formulation of mortal beings is the result of
gazing into one’s own vapors, whereby the waters be come pol
luted with selfish motives to own individual property apart
from the Unified Body of Name's. In individual ownership, the
Adim take away from the Tree of Life, which becomes their
burden of sin/violation to the Collective. Those who think that
they own something individually apart from the Collective will
have O zero in the end. As a result of the motives of selfishness
being withdrawn from the Unified Body, their soul, or expression, perishes / ceases / dies; however, their Names and the
Breath of their Names are forever, being of the Fire that dies
not. We are bought/acquired by a price, even by the blood of
HhaALhhim that flows from Their Offerings through which
we are formed as dancing vapors, distilled from the Ring's of
Smoke that rise from their Unified Mind's. Therefore, we are
not our own, but are of the Unified ALhhim from which we
are made as the meek one's / sheep of Their Pasture's.
The utterance of the sixth day comes from the depths of the
Unified Rings of Manashah in the evening oylah which open

within the Consciousness of Yishshakkar of the morning oylah.
These word's of HhaTeúwrah/The Torah convey that the Unified ALhhim speak consciously of that which is being formed
as a result of their offering's, which occurs through their mutual giving and serving each other. As the vapors form, the emissions of their Thought's gather as clouds. The Unified ALhhim
Name the Adim—the bodies of vapors that form from the Collective ALhhim. The Names are given to each vapor based on
the Numbers that are suspended with in the vapors, whereby
the vapor has form/appearance to be the Offspring of the
Thought's of the ALhhim.
The vapors are faces or expressions to carry the Thought's of
the Collective ALhhim into ongoing deeds, whereby the offerings of HhaALhhim continue and do not cease. The formulations of the Named Adim are the result of the ongoing offerings /oylut of ALhhim. The Offspring of Adim are the result of
the performance of the ALhhim and not a contemplation to recreate Themselves as another body. As a result of the performance of HhaALhhim, the Adim are formulated. These formulations of the Unified Minds of HhaALhhim extend the Body of
ALhhim whereby the Adim and the ALhhim are One Body.
All species are composed of the vapors—hhaAdim.
There are not specific animal's listed in the text. All with in the
waters are classified according to their Thought. From this sort-

ing of classifications all things are composed, being combinations of the classified thoughts. In that all are comprised of the
classified Thought's of The Most High / HhaOLiyum all are giv
en to partake of the same—of the Word's that are flowing from
the strands of Thought and that which assembles itself upon
the branches as fruit and seeds. In that we are composed of the
Thought's of Life, we eat from that which is generated upon
our branches.
Biblical literature has been translated as to how one uses
word's in a society. Within the Teúwrah/Law we are given to
eat/feed upon what is meek, and that which comprises wholeness, and that which gives strength. These terms later became
used to describe animal's who displayed these characteristics.

Note: We now have evidence that there is no evidence that
The Most High ever told anyone to kill any animal's fish birds
nor fowl.
This cannibalisms; eating flesh, is why you are always sick
and dying of cancer---all the time.
The Ancient Paleo Hebrew Torah Light/Life Principle's
of YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun YHWH h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<<states that within the Teúwrah Law we
are given to eat/feed upon what is meek and that which com-

prises wholeness, and that which gives strength.
continuing on:

The term for meek is kevesh; hence, the sheep became
known as the kevesh. The term of that which is whole —comprised
of unified sides—is parim, so the bullocks became; called parim.
The term to denote various strengths is ozim, so the goat's
became called ozim. The term to increase and multiply is dag, so
the fish were called those which multiply, etc.
The sacrifices are of spirit and heart and were never
animal's until the day's of King Herod.

Animal offering's pollute the meaning's of the text and are
adamantly opposed by the School's of the Zealots and Essenes.
The Teacher of Righteousness is portrayed to overthrow these
practices inthe temple. Symbolism in the text is to lead us to an
understanding of a Thought and is not meant to be read as literal.
The Paleo Hebrew Torah, is allegorical

Every animal as well as the assembly of our Ring's with
in our body is to lead us to the wells of understanding from
which we are drawn. According to the Number's within a form
a body is designed/shaped whereby it functions within the collective society according to it's residing Breath. As the Breath

breathes the Number's, the body has animation/life. To multiply in the west is to designate the body of Aparryim for gathering and sowing the Seed from generation to generation of
Thought. The rendering of “the sea” pertains to the water's
beneath; which are comprised of the western House's of
Manashah, Aparryim, and Baniymin. With each level of increase in Thought, the coverings of the Name's are woven for
the emerging generation's, whereby our practices and deed's
convey the levels of our Thought. Hence, these lines are as
one: multiply/increase the west/gathering MYH XGDB
coupled within the covering
of the heavens... MYMSH PWOBW

The dominion of the Adim are not to be read as to have rule
over animals nor other beings/peoples; but rather to exercise
mastery as the ALhhim with full illumination contained within
their vapors. The five levels of dominion commence with the
Letter Úwah/6/W, which denotes that the Adim are of the Unity
of HhaALhhim and become fully aware of the Light's within
them, whereby they have dominion with the Neúwn Mind.
The only connotation to be over another is to become illuminated, whereby the Adim move uninhibited-swiftly to carry

forth the Illumination over all states of Aúrets / Earth ERAHLO;
in all levels of consciousness, whereby they do not become
servants/slaves of the land's that they are given in which they

extend their expressions/faces. The phrase/ERAHLO is best rendered as to move swiftly in accordance with, or pertaining to
the Aúrets—the State of Light/Aúwr.

Verse 27

And the Unified ALhhim
create/formulate MYHLA ARBYW
the sum of the Adim/vapors/states of residenceMDAHXA
with a unified darkened image: WMLEB
in the darkened image of ALhhim MYHLA MLEB
the Unified fashion the collective sum of them WXA ARB
to pierce/recall and to distinguish
the space with the Light; HBQNW RKZ
the Unified fashion/create the sum collectivelyMXA ARB

The Adim are Collective Ring's of the Word's of ALhhim. As
the Collective Words of ALhhim are spoken, the body of their
Thought's are assembled to form adim. As the SeedWord from
the mouth of the Serpent of Antiquity in Zebúwlan speaks
from two sides of it's Seed to form the Rings of Adim. The for
mulations of the Adim come out of Beniyman, as the Seed of t
he Collective ALhhim is opened. The formulations of Adim is
the son of man appearing as an assembly of the Lights and
Thought's of ALhhim. The term,MLE/tsalem/image, pertains to
the shades of color and a darkened image.
The image shows the inherent quality of the Invisible State,
as the ALhhim. The image is seen as it bears it's Lights, through
which the Name shines in the darkness in which it is set.

The Tehhu Body of ALhhim
The Unified Consciousness is coined in the term, WHX, Tehhu
—meaning an assembly of the Lights Unified.

The qualities to pierce is the means to access/to open the
Tehhu Consciousness in which the Adim are formed, whereby
they recall their origins. United with the ability to pierce are the
qualities to distinguish all that is opened in the Consciousness.
The Adim pierce the veils of their Name and then to fill the opened enclosure with their distinguishing Number's and Words.
The Adim are gifted to open their SeedCoat in which they are
set and then fill their stalks with the Lights woven within their
Seed. The ability to open and then to fill comprise one body,
where as the rendered mortal images of male and female yield
a body cut asunder in which the Rings of HhaALhhim have
been broken and the sheath/covering the Oyin has been torn.
The Adim/Adam are fashioned to comprise the sum of all spaces
and Name's, whereby every Name fit's with in the Kingdom.

Verse 28

And the Unified ALhhim bless
the sum of them.
And the Unified ALhhim say/think to guide their
illuminations collectively. MYHLA MHL RMAYW
They are of the unified sides/expression; WRP

and they are of the unified teacher/mind/myriad
thoughts; WBRW
and they fill the sum of the Aurets—States
And the unified press down, HSBKW
and they have dominion/ability to obtain, WDRW
to multiply/increase the west/gathering. MYH XGDB
And with the covering of the heavens MYMSH PWOBW
and with all living HYCLKBW
the ones move together/make progress/to
follow the Most High of the Aurets. ERAHLO XSMRH

The blessing of ALhhim is upon the entire congregation of
Names. To bless the Names, the ALhhim serve/kneel to give
birth to them Collectively. As a hen gathers the chicks so are
we gathered within the wings of ALhhim. As we knell within
the wings we receive the Thoughts of the Unified Consciousness, whereby we bless/extend the Rings of ALhhim. Thus
when there is a reference to bowing, it is to become adorned,
as one bows to receive an honor or a garment, that we may
carry the glory of HhaALhhim upon our shoulder's.
The guidance of ALhhim is to dwell collectively, with in
clusters. The knelling over the Seed is to bring forth offspring
within the unified body/sides and mind. The words speak of all
that the ALhhim fashion. Accordingly, we are only addressed
as to what we are and not of what we are not. The statements

of Being are uttered again as the Adim take their place amongst
the myriads of Names. We are affirmed as we are robed and as
we occupy the space of our Names within our robes. The act of
pressing down is to assemble one’s understanding as it is drawn
out of the Tehhu and gathered into the vine press of the Name,
whereby it is retained.

All that is gathered from our labors serves as the platform of
our Thought's to engage all member's in accordance with the
Neúwn Mind.

Verse 29

And the Unified of ALhhim
contemplate/think/utter: MYHLA RMAYW
Be agreeable. My hand gives to your
branching MKL YXXN HNH
the sum of the entire selective/weeded
growth/stalk; BSOLKXA
a running of seed to seed/to seed continually; ORZ ORZ
which affirms the Most High faces of all
the Aurets—States of Light. ERAHLK YNPLO RSA
And the sum of the entire Tree/Doctrine EOHLKXAW
verifies that which is within the collective. WBRSA
The fruit of the Tree—Doctrine EOYRP
is the running of seed to seed (from the base to the
crown)/to seed continually ORZ ORZ
or your collective branches. MKL
YahYah is continually coming to the ones
receiving food—the teaching's. HLKAL HYHY

The phrase ORZ ORZ, seed to seed, conveys the
multiplication of the Seed of ALhhim. From the seed the teach
ing's flow through the living ones as the fluid of plant extends
through all of it's branches. The assembly of all of the Ring's
comprise a seed—an unified/entire food—which becomes evident upon the branches of a Name in all places of the Kingdom.
Each Tree of the Most High bears the seed from which it has
been sown, whereby all living ones verify that their Rings of
residence are of the image of the ALhhim. Having within them
the same Breath/Reúwch/Intelligence they partake of the same
As we eat from the Trees of ALhhim we do not partake of the
strange, dead, unclean, or leavened. In that a seed is comprised
of all Rings of ALhhim together, it is the perfect complete unleavened food of the living ones radiance and their wholeness
collectivity. The fruit of the Tree is formed by the running of
the life in the seed unto the edges of the branches.
The fruit of the Tree is eaten by living ones as the Words of
Knowledge forming upon their lips, whereby they eat the Doctrines that drip down from the upper branches of Oliyun/Most
High. When the Word's form upon the lips of hhakuwáhnim /
the priest, then the people eat and are satisfied. The phrase
YahYah/HYHY conveys the compounding the illuminations,
whereby one continually is fed.

Ch - 1

Verse 30

And for all living ones of the Aurets, ERAH XYCLKLW
and for every covering of the waters, MYMSH PWOLKLW
and for all progressions/steps of obedience, SMWR LKLW
the Most High of the Aurets ERAHLO
affirms inwardly/within your assembly WBRSA
to drawing the Breath of life. HYC SPN
The sum of all that flows/having a running
of fluid/a green selective stalk BSO QRY LKXA
is for the unified to eat/receive. HLKAL
And the Emanations give affirmingly. NKYHYW

The phrase, BSO QRY, commonly rendered as green herb, is
composed of words meaning to have spittle, or to have the fluid
running within the stalk. When the stalks are not green, they
are dead. We eat of only the living teaching's as they are in the
mouth as the action of eating and speaking are one act. When
the fluids within selective stalks of Light are flowing, they are
green for eating. The teaching's of Light flow in the mouth as
saliva runs within Zebulan coming out of Baniymin. Such is
the food of the living ones. Those that partake of the anointed
teachings of Bayinah and Chakmah, as they form and flow in
the mouth, are eating the BSOQRY, yereqgoshev. Those that
receive these message's of Light are affirmed by the Lights
of Emanations.
Ch-1 Verse 31
And the Unified ALhhim see MYHLA ARYW

the sum of all which verifies that which Unified
makes/performs/does, HSO RSALKXA
and it is agreeable of the Collective,
of the steam/vapors. DAM BWTHNHW
YahhiGorav—The Emanations give
an evening/comprehension/mediation; BROYHYW
YahhiBaqar—The Emanations give an
morning/an observation/light to congregate; RQBYHYW
an act/day of six/to be joyful/rejoicing. YSSH MWY

The sum Values/Numbers verify the deeds of the Unified
ALhhim. According to the Values that appear through a deed,
one affirms that their deeds are of the Collective. The sum values of the works/labors of Light are agreeable to the Collective, exceedingly, being the works of the steam formed within
our waters that inhabit our assembled Breaths. From comprehending and from congregating together, we perform as one
with ALhhim. With a comprehension of the deeds of ALhhim,
the works of our hands are meaningful works to us whereby
wehave joy. In performing the Works of ALhhim, the joy is
extended into the seventh day/act, whereby we enter into all
that is made which is the rest-a state of repose and inheritance.

SepherMaoshahBeRashshith (Bereshith—Genesis) 2

Chapter Two (2) Genesis


Verse 11

The Name of the Principal/One
a breathing to encompass BBIH AWH
the totality of all of the Land of
The Chauwilah HLYWCH ERA LK XA
to verify the Name of the one golden. BHZH MS RSA

Verse 12

And the gold of the Land is
the Breath, AWHH ERAH BHZW
being a collective/good, BWT
a Name of the bdellium/a crystallite
diamond facet structure CLDBH MS
and the onyx stone. MHSH NBAW

Verse 13

And the Name of the second/establishing/founding
Is Gichun/to thrust or burst open, NWCYG
a Breath of the one surrounding/encircling BBWIH AWH
the totality of all the land of Kush/spinning/weaving
patterns. SWK ERA LK XA

Verse 14

And the Name of the third river YSYLSH RHNH MSW
is Chiddekel, LQDC
a Breath of the one proceeding/walking, KLHH AWH
an origin of Ayshshur/Assyria/affirmation. RWSA XMDQ
And the fourth river OYBRH RHNHW

is the Breath of Parath/Euphrates. XRP AWH

The above four river's are the flowing nature of Breath
AWH yet to become visible. Until the lands are carved out by
the Breath, the rivers, though present, are yet to appear. These
rivers are in the primary level of Godann/Eden. The rivers are
pulsating thought's within the Breath of HhaALhhim that have
begun to run within Adam. These rivers are four avenues of
Knowledge that flow as the four Heads of Wisdom commence
to open. As the rivers flow from the midst of the garden, they
will be seen flowing from the Altar within the Mishkan/Tabernacle.
Via our Breath we release and intake knowledge. Our Breath
attains through the moisture or waters that are within Breath.
One acquires knowledge within a disciple or a master by kissing the foot, as practiced in schools of learning. For who can
learn without accepting the direction of another, which is conveyed by kissing the foot. As our lips touch, they affirm agreement and through the kiss Breath inhales. Via inhaling we implant information with in us. The kiss of Breath on any part of
the body is the means of extraction, even as a child nurses to
cause the breast to flow, so does contact of the lips, with proper
attitude, stimulate the opening of the gate's to draw out the inner patterns of thought.
Why should this be so, for with the mouth we draw

out questions, and via the mouth we take in thought's which be
come implanted within our member's. In this way all things are
formed, for through the opening's and closing of the mouth
gate, thought's are expanded and condensed, which are basic
trades of construction.
From the River of Pishun, meaning complete substantiality, one is able to carry forth all thought's. In the Pishun
River are the properties of the bdellium—a crystallite diamond
facet structure/CLDBH MS from which comes all Lights. The
lights are formed via the crystal patterns of Breath from which
comes the full spectrum of illumination—all means of seeing.
Being of the collective good and soundness of thought, we determine that this is the River Gad that flows from the Head of
RAúwaben. Thus HhaAlhhim see the good, via RAúwaben/Reuben
[SMB/Gen 1:4].

Also, within this river is the onyx/MHSH NBA, which
is the Principal coal of Fire. By the onyx a Name burns as a
living spark and speaks fiery words, to convey all things that
belong to Wisdom. Via the onyx, all parts with in us are consecrated unto the Mind of meShich, from which the head of the
river flows. The encircling nature of Pishun around the land of
Chauwilah pertains to the orbits of light's that encompass the
lands, depicted in the metameres that encircle the central staff.
This encircling pattern is seen in the very construct of the eye
from which the river of speech flows. As we see, so we speak.

From the River of Gichun, meaning to thrust or burst
open, pertains to the River of Benyamin, that creates the rush
of thought's as seeds/gamete burst open from within the body.
The flow of seed is the nature of Breath to thrust itself into new
renewing states of occupation. This river is called the second,
meaning to lay a foundation and to establish a new state as con
cepts are implanted within us. The river encompassing the land
of Kush, conveys that as thoughts burst open, so they begin to
spin, as the spiraling motion of the DNA. Thus, from the Head
of Aphrayim, comes the River of Gichun/the flow of Beniyman, where by the garment's of our Name are spun with the
golden thread's of Wisdom.
From the River of Chiddekel / Tigris is the flow of thoughts
that convey how we are to walk and where we are proceed. This
is the River of Nephetli flowing from the Head of Dan. Through
discernment and meditation our feet are directed. How we walk
affirms what we have come to understand. In contrast, those
who walk after forms and reflective temptations of the world,
have yet to trod in the river bed of Chiddekel, for they move in
static states. Chiddekel means a rapid stream, an influx of
information, as such that proceeds out of the heart, where by
one walks with the fiery quickened words that bring decisiveness. Being the third river, Chiddekel indicates a level of Know
ledge that grants access to the Trustee of all information processing. The River is also called the origin of Assyria, which

conveys that from the flowing thought's of Chiddekel comes
forth all expressions -- face's of soul.
From the River Euphrates, the fourth river, flows all manner of quests and insights. The River Euphrates is the House of
Zebúwlan that flows in the east, from which we discern and inquire into all things. The River Zebúwlan flows from the Head
of Yahúdah, whereby we come 'To Know' the value of all things
within our corporate & expansive dwelling. From the first flic
ker of light unto a full drawn out thought, the vast river of
Zebúwlan processes all information and causes us to rejoice
in the abundance of the House of YahúWah.
The river Euphrates is the intestinal tract that flows within
us that enables the full expansion/lengthening of thought, where

by we have endurance to remain in any state that we find our
selves occupied. [Ref. BHM: The House of Dan article section: The
Five (Fiery-Breath) Scrolls of the Torah; BHM: The Kingdom of
Ch - 2 Verse 15
And YahúWah of ALhhim accepts /
the totality of the Adam/an expansion construct
of the conductivity medium. MDAH XA
With the Unified they are graced/nestled/placed
to be grouped WHCNYW
in the Garden of Godann/Eden NDO NGB

to serve/cultivate the Illumination HDBOL
with keeping/maintaining/cherishing
the Illumination. HRMSLW


Whenever we are accepted of YahúWah, we are positioned
within Schools of Thought that are according to the classifications of the Most High/ascensions of the Adam MDAH LO [Acts
10:35; MaoshahShalichim: SMB/Gen 4:7; SYM/Ex 28:38; TK/Lev
22:21; Yeshayahu/Is 57:7]. The first level is to acquire the con-

cepts of Unity, the premises of Wisdom, for without a mind toward Oneness, we are unable to learn, or to acquire the Understand ing, nor the Knowledge [2 Cor 8:12]. As we comprehend
basic thought's and demonstrate them, we are granted further
access into the Garden. Within the Garden of Godann/Eden
are three levels of thought progression obtained by being accepted and tried/proven: Adam/MDA, Núwach/CN, and Ovad /
DBO, the later, meaning Servant, is the level of Avraham and
how a Name speaks in the House of YahúWah [Sepher MaoshahBeRashshith/Gen 18:3; 6:8; 2 DibreHhaYamim/Chronicles 14: 2,
16:9; Tehil- lah/Ps 11:4, I Kayphah/Peter 3:12].

The pronoun “her,” used in the genderized text's, refers
to Wisdom that we serve, cultivate, and cherish within us. We
serve Wisdom, the foundation upon which we are built, where
by we are maintained in life, lest we serve ourselves and dwindle with out development of our member's. When we have served for Liah/Leah for seven years, then we shall acquire

Rechel. Through our service at the Altar of the heart, we shall
serve for another seven years—unto the Mind of Neúwn/n/14.
When you have served Chakmah/Wisdom for 7 years, you can
begin to attain Understanding. When you have served Bayinah
for 7 years, then you can acquire Mind of Neúwn. Such is the
story of the Mind coming to Enlightenment as stated in the account of the years of Yaoquv’s /Jacobs service to the Laban/the
heart. The same can be said that one cannot ask a question until
they have studied for 7 years. Why so? For until one has served
Wisdom for 7 years they do not know what question to ask. It
is not that they cannot ask, but they do not know how to ask.
For who can come to Bayinah with out Chakmah? no one can
come to the sum of Understanding without the part's of
When the Mind serves the Body for 14 years, then
the gate's to the Neúwn open. This service of the Neúwn is depicted in the span of 14 day's during each leúwach / tablet of
day's, in which we make the offering's of Bayinah-Chakmah,
whereby the full Counsel of ALhhim is declared in the offering's of Beniyman, which follow the morning offering of Yishshakkar in the sequence of day's. For when all attributes of HhaALhhim are assembled in agreement as to the outcome of their
Thought's, then The Seed of Beniyman is formed to carry forth
the deeds of Yishshakkar. After the Seed is opened through the

days of Beniyman, the full measure of the blood of meShich
flows into our house's to comprise the core of each House to
be full of the Seeds of Beniyman. In the day of the offering's
of Beniyman, all of the ALders are heard together as One, for
the sum of their Words are in the Seed of Beniyman.
Ch - 2 Verse 16
YahúWah of ALhhim orders/arranges them/to
be a group/cluster MYHLA HWHY WEYW
pertaining to the ascensions of the Adam MDAH LO
for consideration: RMAL
from every tree—from the Complete
Teaching's of the Garden, NGH EO LKM
partake, compose/appropriate the eating—
what is being consumed. LKAX LKA

Every teaching is to be considered as to how the thought's are
to be appropriated, lest we think without implementations of
deeds, or we devote our member's to taste without decisive
consequence, whereby we do not profit or move forwards in
the School's of the Most High.
Ch - 2 Verse 17
And from the Tree of Knowledge XODH EOMW
of the Collective/good and the
Companion/associated, ORW BWT
one refrains from eating/taking away from
the Collective Unity, WNMM LKAX AL
for in the day—the act MWYB YK
of your branches consuming via vanity/taking

away from Unity WNMM KLKA
a death is composed—a formulation of thought
that ceases progressions. XWMX XWM

There are two traits to the Branching of Mind, known as
The Tree of Knowledge. The traits of Knowledge pertain to
the Collective and to the associated parts within the Collective.
The first trait of the Tree is of the Collective, commonly rendered
as “good.” The second trait is of one’s Associate with in the Collective, commonly rendered as evil, or a companion.

Without these traits that form the parameters, Knowledge is
vain. Without the Collective and without a Companion Comrade there is not a way in which the knowledge may be gathered, nor implemented into stages of growth. The fruit of the Tree
comes only by being of the Collective Branches and being join
ed to another, whereby there is formed a Unified Body to bear
the weight and evidence of the Thought's of Knowledge. The
Body of a branch is joined/fastened to the Tree through which
one is united to another, for every branch has two ends, where
by it is strengthened to bear the weight of their glory. We have
access to the Tree of Knowledge when we are of the mind of the
Tree, which is being of the unified branches of the Most High.
Though one thinks that they are attaining Knowledge a-part
from the state of Unity, they are eating words but with out profit
and progressions. Soon their appetite will lead them to other

sources rather than to the Tree itself, for the Tree does not speak
to them; and there fore, it is too difficult to render what is being
taught. As one eats apart from the Intelligence of Unity, they

compose death within their member's, for what they are eating
is not being implemented unto the structure of the Tree,
which is of the Collective and of the paired/Associate Branch.
(Note: Author Kinney--Thus, U R not revealing the dark
truth about all of the ignorant so called Clerics, Rabbis, Mullahs
Preacher's Ministers, Pastor’s, and Religious Leader’s of your
world. All of them hiding behind the lack of knowledge Astounding, provocative, and insulting).
Continuing on with the teaching's of BHM. Shmual WahliThe White Text Paleo Torah of YahúWah-----

Based upon these unified traits and structure of the Tree,
each has a helpmate/an Associate to grow with and bear fruit,
for there cannot be a Collective, or goodness, until there are
Associated Branches that comprise the Goodness.
Ch - 2

Verse 18

Collectively, YahúWah of ALhhim
says/considers: MYHLA HWHY RMAYW
There is no goodness BWT AL
to become/to remain the Adam
separately grouped. WDBL MDAH XWYH
The Unified Will appoints one of

the staff for unity WL HSOA
to be an ozar/help/side branch as to reveal/make known
all within/grouped together. WDGNK RZO

The construct of the thought in these lines conveys that
though The Adam is composed with all traits of HhaALhhim,
there is no goodness should the composite abide as a single
entity. Though joined within oneself, there is no goodness until
Names are unified with other branches through which they be
come revealed to bear their messages for the sake of the Collective. Though a branch may be formed, it is not capable of
being productive unless it abides united, inseparably to another
of the Tree. Through being fixed unto the Tree, all that is with
in a branch may be opened, and therefore declared/DGN ; “This
is an Offspring of HhaALhhim.” The day of it's appearing is
evident as the fruit is formed from their union, and by the fruit,
it is evident to which Tree that one is joined unto, for all are
joined to some measurement of stature.
The term, helpmate, is derived of two words: WDGNK
RZO, which are better rendered as an ancillary/side branch RZO
through which all is revealed/DGN from one side unto the other.
Through an ancillary/side branch/RZO, the Mind/R has a Body
of the OYINZAYIN/ZO, which is formed to be complete and
perfect, without lack of space or expression. In this conjunctive state, one side is the head of the other. One side is the body
of the other for a day, a month, and a year. For when a plant is

blooming, the head is at the top at it arises though its body; but
when the plant is harvested, the head is at the foundation as it
is sown, and it's body rises from it. In this manner, all of the
Branches of YishARAL are arranged upon the Tree of Life.
They are welded together in the Fire of the oylah to carry the Illumination through their menorah that is made each eve. and morning.

Hence, when the Teacher is called, “good teacher,” the
response is that there is no goodness in singularity, but such is
only found in the Unified ALhhim, and to those who abide as
sides to each other as HhaALhhim abide together as One.
Ch - 2

Verse 19

And YahúWah of ALhhim
the waters moving by the directive will of
The Adam’s becoming/emanations: HMDAH NM
all living ones of the field/breast
pulsating HDSH XYC LK
with the sum of all fowl/messages of
the heavens/Names. MYMSH PWO LK XAW
And the unified appear, AL HhaAdam, MDAHLA ABYW
to make observations of the transpositions
of the Illuminations. HM XWARL
The unified read “the wand’s groupings.” WL ARQY
With every verification, the unified
read (called) ARQY RSA LKW

“the wand’s groupings” of The Adam. MDAH WL
The expression/soul/garment of
a living ascension HYC SPN
becomes the Name of it's group. WMS AWH


Through the Collectivity of ALhhim, all things have shape to
house the measure of Thought's clustered together. Each body is

of a combination of Ring's. According to the Order of the
Ring's, as they are arranged by where the Staff/LY is located
amongst them. According to how the Ring's are grouped around the Staff, so is the shape of the body that is formed.
The hair of each body is from the nerves of Qahhath. The
type of hair is according to the area of the nerves of Qahhath
within the Staff. Thus the hair of the lion is long, and its mange
is of the Shayin 21-15 Semek Ring, where as it's body is sleek,
with shortened hair from the Lammad that supports the ruling
beast. As the Staff stirs the water's, the will of the Thought's
prevailing with in the waters become the directive force of all
that is gathered in the water's.
The stirrings of the Mayim/water's is what is called in HhaTeuwrah/The Torah as “the becoming's of The Adam toward an
Illumination of Consciousness,” whereby all things are made to
reveal every aspect of the composition of The Adam. All living
one's of the field, which are given suck, are comprised of the
spaces/earth which are allocated for a kind of SeedWord. Each

living one is provided a garment, and they are given suck from
an hour of the evening or of the morning-from either the left or
right breast/HDSH. For as soon as a grouping is drawn out of
the waters by the Staff, one who attends the Kuwáhnim/Priest,
as a mid-wife, takes up the grouping of thought's to the breast
that is of the side from which the Thought comes up out of the
water's. In the season, or in hour in which an animal sleep's, that
is the hour or season in which it is made.

Thus the lions are made of the noon hour of Chakmah, for in
the noon they are sleeping with Bayinah, but in the night they
are awake and roaming. Thus the lions are not made in the day
in which Bayinah is roaming the heavens with Chakmah with
the oylah of the day. From the skins of The Adam, every beast is
made and receives it's coat for the assembly of it's thoughts.
Every beast is an aspect of The Adam, for it contains the
same Breath, being of the same level of Intelligence and having
the same consequence [Qeheleth Ecclesiastes 3:18-20]. The bodies

of the fish are made from the lids of the eyes as they flutter
again and again, the scales are laid in sequence one upon
another. The scales of the fish form huge sail's for the ship's that
roam in the universe. There are scales for Wisdom at the base
of a vessel, scales for Under standing in the wide mid sections,
and scales for Knowledge at the crown of the mast, whereby
the direction of a vessel is fine tuned to run with the Wind.

The body of the deer is made from the palpitations of the
heart. As the heart pulsates it causes the great antlers to form
from the head to defend the priestly mind and to bear the ranks
of Knowledge that flows from the heart.
The coney and the badger are made from the cloven nails of
the feet of HhaAdam, whereby they can claw out a hole for its
home. According to the manner of our walk, so we determine
the type and level of residence in which we dwell. Some abide
within the holes of the earth and others within the rock's on the
mountain side. The feet of any species affects the regions and
the states of their dwellings. When the nails are fused / united,
they form a hoof of defense, as those of the horse.
When the hoof is cloven, it is the sign of one who walks
by Unity and who distinguishes the direction that their feet travel.
Those with cloven feet have a wide range of adaptability and agility
and they can ascend sure footedly.
The cow is made from the eye ball, which is it's most

distinguishable characteristics. In accordance with the Ring of
the Eye, the cow stands together in a circle and yields it's milk
as tear ducts run with Wisdom. The coat's of the cow are red,
or spotted, black, brown, or white. The red coats are of the
Ring of Dan in the eyes, through which unclean thought's are
judged in the eye. Via the red heifer, one that touches the dead
is restored to be living again amidst the branches. When any

touch the dead, they bring death within their members and until
they are quickened by the flashes of Dan, they re main out side
the Body of Consciousness. The white cows, when they appear,

signify that the Eye's of Adim have been whitened.
The skin of the stomach is the hide of the seal through
which one passes through the waters. As the seal come to shore
or lie upon the rocks, so they convey those which pass through
the depths of the sea, being able to come to a resting place to
bathe in the radiance of the Light's. Every Ring has it's water
level and its shore's via which one makes movement from sea
to sea and from shore to shore.
The dove's are made of the nerves of Qahhath/Kohath, for as
they emanate from the Staff, they create feather's to carry for
ward the Thought's of freedom, ascension, and the full spectrum. In accordance with Qahhath every bird has it's color's
and patterns of feather's according to the Thought's of The
Priest-----HhaKuwáhnim which are carried by Qahhath unto

Chakra The Wonder Bird – Bird's are messenger's and

we should not kill them, ever.

The feet of the bird's are from the nails of the hand's of
The Adam, through which they grasp the branches of the Tree
and labor to feed themselves.
Some animal's in this realm are hostile to each other due to
the air in which they breathe, for until they breathe from the
unity of their part's, in which is the Breath of Life, they breathe
the air on the outside that divides and self projects apart from
the Unity within. Each shape of Thought contains a message of
freedom, thus they are an assembly of message's for observation
to discern all characteristics of The Adam. According to one’s

spirit—level of Intelligence, one partakes. Ac cording to the
Consciousness of the Breath, one eats the flesh of the Seed, or
the flesh of the outer world. From this comes the distinction
between herbivores and carnivores.
When the shapes have been formed the Teacher of Adam
ALHhaAdam, [meaning the Creator of Adam, the One of the
Staff who makes Adam] appears to make observations of how
the one’s becoming will read the transpositions of Illumination
HM. As the Eye's of YahúWah run through the earth to find those
which are discerning, so the Torah Teúwrah states that ALHhaAdam appears when the lessons have been laid out before the
eye's of those that have found grace to be placed in the Gar
den. According to the level of one’s unity, so one reads all that

is before their eye's, whereby there is a recognition of all with
The living soul of the garment that is shaped becomes
the Name of it's grouping of Thought's. By the garment, so is
the shape called, in that the garment is the dwelling of the assembly of composite Thought's. None is called by a name distinctive from the whole, but every Name of HhaALhhim is comprised of an assembly of Thought, where by the Name belongs
to YahúWah, and thus their Names are of YahúWah—belonging
to the Collective Body of HhaALhhim. If the name that you bear
is not of your position in HhaALhhim / The AL-hhim/The God's,
it is not your name, but that which has been stamped upon you by
foreign consciousness. According to these words, all species are
called by the category of the skin from which they are made of

The Adam.
Ch – 2

Verse 20

And the unified read The Adim—the
Vapors of Names XWMS MDAH ARQYW
to complete/fulfill the Illuminated who cluster
together, having the Breath/Intelligence,HMHBH LKL

The unified of mind and soul are those that read the
Names within the vapors of the Most High. The Adam / Adim

are the vapors distinguished with Name's, having been identified to belong to the level of Enlightenment in which they are
Named and read.
Ch – 2 Verse 21
Ch – 2

Verse 22

And YahúWah of ALhhim builds/bring's
the sum of the enclosure/side chamber OLEH XA
to verify one has taken hold/learned CQL RSA
the man/manna of The Adim MDAH NM
to become an ashayh. HSAL
And one appears radiant HABYW

The gathering of the Rings in a Name yield forth a body of
their radiance/AShayh. As one learns the teaching's of ALhhim
they form a body of radiance to contain and express their Illumination. From the sides of the Ring's a body or dwelling is
formed—the ashayh. The ashayh is the Seed of the Woman,
whereby all living comes from the Seeded body that houses the
Ring's of Adim.
The Ring's are Adim--the inner ring inhales / female and outer
ring exhales/male. Therefore in meShich--the Logo of a Name

there are no gender's, and if not in meShich—the Logo Head of
a Name, then not in the language either.

One becomes verified as they learn the Teaching's of the
Ring's whereby they form a new habitation--the Body of the
Shayh HSA. This body is called the Tabernacle and the Lamb
is the Light therein. The Light of the Shayh is the composite
light's of all sides summed into the Spirit / Fire of a Name. As
each part of the body is built the Light within the formulations
breaks forth and fills the temple.
Ch – 2

Verse 23

And the Adim contemplate/think: MDAH RMAYW
This is the throb/pulse: MOPH XAZ
bone from my bone—to acquire strength
from extending my acquisitions, YMEOM MEO
and flesh from my flesh—to weave a fabric from
extending my strands of thought. YRSBM RSBW
For this—to distinguish one’s sum XAZL
one acquires ARQY
an ashayh—the seed of the assembled Lights HSA
a consequence from putting
forth one’s hand of Fire SYAM YK
to learn/attain this—the goal of all sums—
how to distinguish their sum. XAZ HCQL
Ch – 2
The Most High verifies/affirms. NK LO
An ayish/one prepares to put
forth their hand of Fire: SYA BZOY
the sum of its Father WYBA XA
and the sum of its Mother WMA XAW

Verse 24

and is joined/devoted in its Fire branches. WXSAB QBDW
And they become one flesh—unifed
strands of thought. DCA RSBL WYHW

As a child in the womb, one takes the sum of it's father and
the sum of its mother and cleaves to the branches that it has
drawn out whereby it prepares itself for service in the Collective.
By ascending from the foundation of the altar upon which a
SeedName is laid, as a gift, the one of ALhhim is joined to the
Ring of it's extension that is made as its Seed opens. According
ly, the Spirits of ALhhim are two Rings unified through eternal
bonds via a covenant between them. The covenant bond's of
a Spirit forms a logo or Covenant Word of their Unity. The
Word is the Logo—the sum of their Thought's into One Word /
Name. As the Word of ALhhim opens, the Light's and the
States of the Word become evident.
Hence, in the beginning is the Word, and the Word is of
ALhhim/Unified Ring's, and the Word is AL/The Seed of Lammad/12. According to the Word of a Name is the State of a Name.
The Land's of the Avim are the Verified Word States of Being for
they are of the Word of a Name. As the Logo opens one sees
through their ring's the lands [SMB/Gen 13:15].

The serpent forms a body as a plant which is formed by the
opening of the sides of a seed. The body of the serpent is called
woman, the mother of all living—which houses all pulsations
of thought emanating from the head of the serpent to create

itself a body. The formulation of the Ring's of ALhhim appear
through the offering's of RAúwaben/Reuben up on the wood of
Beniyman. When the body of flesh that is not of bone and the
weav ings of our Name, then this body takes away from the Tree
of Knowledge from which it is made. Ayshah/HSA is called the

Seed of the Woman, a burning stick/ branch, one taken from
the Fire/cya [SMB 2:23]. The core staff of each Name is pattern
ed after the staff of Meneshah--Yishshakkar, through which the
branches of the Tree are constructed and multiplied according to
their appointed service--Yishshakkar.
One who holds/accepts to reveal with a narrative the
Fire/radiance of the Breath of another is the one appointed
by the Collective to be the Ashayh of that Name. The Ashayh
is the helpmate and the revealer of another, whereby all within
a Name is known, being revealed fully by the Associate Name
that is appointed / made for a Name.
The harmony of paired Rings make one Spirit,
whereby two are one. An ayish prepares itself a helpmate by
drawing out of itself—from the Rings of the momentum and
extension in which it is born. The term “leave” in the text is
the word, bzo, meaning to form the Oyin/O 16 Zayin 7 Body.
By the evolving consciousness one prepares a body whereby
they forsake their prior dwelling. As the life in a seed leaves
behind the shell in which it is formed, one enters into the Body
of it's Name which is its means of extension/wife from which

one bears their offspring [SMB/Gen 2:23-24].
The Body of the Shayh is made as the Ring's of ALhhim
give from their side. Through imparting the Semek/15 design
of the 15 Avúwt/Father's the bone appears, and by imparting
the weaving of the Light's on the day's of the Avúwt/Father,
the flesh appears.

An insert=


The Name’s of the Auwvim / Father’s
1. - Yetschaq / Isaac Foundational Principal of Sacrifice’s
and Joy
2. - BAARLechaiRai - The Foundational Principal of Sight
of Understanding
3. - RESHúN - Foundational Principal of Mind of
4. - AVEREHHEM - Foundational Principal to Establish
Hearing and Consciousness
5. - MALEKKIYTSEDEQ - Foundational Principal to
Extend Hearing and Consciousness
6. - ALOZAR - Foundational Principal of States
7. - Aharúwan - Foundational Principal of Illumination
8. - Nadav - Foundational Principal of Impartations
9. - GERENHhaAUWERNEHHhaYAVúWSI Foundational

Principal of Examinations
10. - AVIYAHUA - Foundational Principal of Becoming
11. - BAARSHEVOG - Foundational Principal of
Perfections and Completions
12. - AYITHAMAR - Foundational Principal of Towering
13. - Yaoquv - Principal of Bearing Fruit Through Which
Transpositions Occur
14. - AL BAYIT AL - Principal to Open and Extend the Seed
15. - ShmuwÁL - Foundational Principal of a Seed Name

From Star Field's Above and Beyond
The Body of the Shayh is made as the Ring's of ALhhim
give from their side. Through imparting the Semek/15 design
of the 15 Avúwt/Father's the bone appears, and by imparting
the weaving of the Light's on the day's of the Avúwt/Father,
the flesh appears.
As we build the collective dwelling of our Number's and

Words, we bear the image of the bone/teachings and the flesh-strands of light that pertain to our Name where by we are seen
in the world. In that the body of our Names is of our bone and
flesh, it cannot be separated nor perish die from the Aúvim /
Father within us. Every day, through the offering's, the bone
and flesh appear in our unified Ring's of ALhhim whereby the
Structure of Life and it's appearances are made. The forms that
we exhibit daily are sustained by our Breaths and one with
them. Daily we draw out the offering's from the north/invisible
side unto the south/visible side.
Ch – 2 Verse 24
End Ch-2
SepherMaoshahBeRashshith (Bereshith—Genesis) 3

Chapter Three
Ch – 3 Verse 1


The serpent is the tongue—the member that speaks, one
more subtle than another member, even more subtle than the
eye's, and certainly the most subtle member of all part's. When
the serpent uses Words that take away from the Collective State
and it's associations, then one takes away from the Collectivity
and the Associations of their Tree.
Ch – 3 Verse 2
Ch – 3 Verse 14
And the one of YahúWah of ALhhim
contemplates MYHLA HWHY RMAYW
to become ALHhaNæchæsh SCNHLA

The serpent is the tongue
As one forms the branches of Knowledge into a ascending pole,
the serpent of one’s Name suddenly (quickly) appears. When the

pole is formed by the alignment of the ring's of a Name, the
serpent no longer goes upon its belly as one having nowhere to
ascend. The curse of the serpent is the restriction of movement
for it's own good. The restriction is to place the serpent into a
Pyramid / Teraysarunim of School's that it may come to comprehend its origin's of antiquity. The blessing of the serpent comes

by the path's of ascensions through which it spreads its wing's.
The spreading of the wings of the serpent is the same as to
spread out the rings of a Name to form an association's of branches through which the serpent of a Name arises upon the inner
pole therein. As one gives them selves upon the altar they are
spreading out their rings until the day of their ascension.
The serpent is the tongue
Through spreading out of one’s branches one forms the height
of their tree upon which the serpent rises from the ground to
which it became restricted. The entire body a Name is the body
woman of the serpent which proceeds by it's appetite until the
day it returns to the ashes------the cohesive Thought's upon the
altar—from which it is formed. The woman is the opening of
the sides of the Seed Name that reveals to the serpent it's plight
and tribulations that it overcomes through ascensions.
The serpent is the tongue
Whatever one creates by it's words, so it must answer unto
what is spoken, for the saying's are the creations of the serpent.

The Adim/vapors of the serpent agreed with the desires of the
body. Therefore the Adim reduce themselves to servitudes of
the body that they submit unto until they form again the crown
of thorns through which they return to the likeness of ALhhim
from which they are made.
The serpent is the tongue and;
The serpent is the strand of life that comes from the Seed of
our Name. As a seed sprouts it forms the serpent body.

Until the serpent body becomes rooted in the Rings
of it's Name it roams the faces of the earth seeking habitations.
The serpent proceeds upon its belly as one’s life proceeds according to its appetite of ambitions. In order for the serpent to
comprehend it's plight, it is restricted--limited--cursed from all
member's and from the life of the breast. The state of the serpent is a provision of grace in order for one to think upon their
state of residence amongst a majestic host of surrounding member's / bodies of the luminaries. While other member's have an

intimate association of lodging together, the tongue dwells
apart from the whole until the day that all are gathered unto as
the chick's are gathered under the wing's.
The serpent is given dust to eat, meaning that the serpent is
given the breakdown of every Thought of the most high in every
way. Within the dust are the Thought's from which the serpent

tongue is made upon the altar's of ALhhim. In the day that the

serpent comprehends the Thought's contained with in it's dust,
it returns again to the altars of HhaALhhim through which it
spread s out it's rings and forms a pole of ascension. As it rises
it gathers to itself that which it has been separated from; where
by it receives the full glory of the Twelve of the 12 Lammad.
The serpent is the Word of ALhhim. When the serpent uses
Words—the Letters that take away from the Collective State
and its associations, then one takes away from the Collectivity
and the Associations of their Tree.
The Adim are the Rings of the house of the Serpent. As the
SeedWord of the Serpent commences to sprout from the two
sides of its Seed, it forms the Rings of Adim. The Rings are
Adim—the inner ring inhales / female and outer ring exhales/
male. Therefore in meShich--the Word of a Name--there are no
genders and if not in meShich then not in the language either.
The harmony of paired Rings make one Spirit whereby two are
one. Therefore an ayish will prepare itself a helpmate by draw
ing out of itself Rings of the momentum and extension in which
it is born.
The term “leave” in the text is the word, bzo, meaning to
form the OyinZayin Body, from which comes the term to prepare, fortify, assist. One forsakes it's encasement as a Seed
leaves behind the shell in which it is formed to enter into the
Body of it's Name which is it's means of wife / extension

[SMB/Gen 2:23-24].
Ch – 3 Verse 15

With an opposition, the perceptive
will/motive sets XYSA HBYAW
in the midst of the Word KNYB
and in the midst of all grouped/contained
of the one assembling emanations; HSAH NYBW
and in the midst of the Seed of the Word KORZ NYBW
and in the midst of the seed of the
assembled emanations. HORZ NYBW
The one becoming pricks the
branches of Mind, SAR KPWSY AWH
and the one composing pricks the heel
of what has been grouped. BQO WNPWSX HXAW

The lines are poetic, as the Tehillim/Psalms, being composed with parallel thought's. The opposition set by the perceptive will/motive, commonly rendered as “I,” conveys that from
any level of perception there is a struggle between what has been
gathered and between what is on the horizon calling us forward.
The pronoun I, used in English translations is derived from the
Eye/A of the native Tongue of Fire—layshúwn’ayish. The oppo-

sition or the enemy in the midst, is pro-visionary so that we do
not become stoned faced, thereby limiting the expansion of
Mind and Body without the perpetual shaping and explorations
of the Light's.
The statements are not meant that the perceptive will /

motive sets one in opposition to another whereby they are con
tinually in war but rather that the fulcrum of opposites causes
movement with progressions so that the Serpent is able to move
from one state to another, to come-up, to encircle, and to return
unto the State of Paradise. Though one errors, the Hand of
Mercy is extended, not to strike, but to give Counsel.
The common term used in the translations, enmity, conveys
the activity of the Seed in relation to it's body. Both the Seed
Word and the SeedBody in which it dwells are subject to the
Illumination of the Mind. The term, opposition / enmity, is
formed by the Letters hbya, which depicts graphically the activity/y between the Seed /a and the Body/b relative to the
Illuminations/h. The rendering, “to bruise the mind,” comes
from the result of the actual term, meaning “to prick” with a
thorn. By the Seed of the Woman-the Shayh, the head of Enlightenment is opened. As the thorn/projection of the branch
affects the mind, or the heel, the result's are forth coming.
As the Seed of the Word rises to the Head, the Mind is crown
ed with thorns. The mind is pricked to soften and to change
whereby it makes transitions through levels of growth and maturation. The heel is pricked to cause the thoughts to be gather
ed and settled or to get up and move. Both sayings are parallel
to each other and considered to be positive complimentary
statement's. The term, heel, is the root of the Name of Yaoquv

-Jacob conveying that both the Head of the Word and the Head
of the Soul are implicated in the reading. The serpent is able to
stick it's head with its tail and its tail with its head. The Mind /
head is the full encompassing energy of a Name, lit. the head
is the Mind of the Fiery Breath—car.
The Mind attains strength by branching and forming a body
in which one’s thoughts are assembled. The sayings are unto the
Serpent, for it is the tongue which pricks the mind and also the
heel, the latter a reference to the buttock's, as the heel of the
feet, when joined side by side, are the same as the buttocks (i.e.
Art of Reflexology). The tongue of the Serpent opens the mind,

and as a result the movement action of the heel is regulated.
In the midst of any Saying of Illumination, there is a consequence.
As the head is opened by the tongue, the full
properties begin to flow, even as a fruit, when it is pricked, it
flows with juices. The action being described are the use of the
tongue to both speak and to draw out. These actions are of the
Houses of Gad and Beniyman, the later being the Seed of the
Serpent. There is a Seed of the Breath, and there is a Seed of
that which is assembled to house the Breath. The two are not
the same. Wisdom, at the side of Bayinah, has made the world
and all that is within them, whereby what is of the Spirit is
Spirit, and whereby what is of the flesh is flesh. The flesh is the

state where the Spirit resides being composed of Thoughts that
are arranged to best suit the dwelling of the Spirit.
Should the flesh seek its own identity apart from the Spirit,
then it will come to an end and falter and stumble, for it does
not give credence to the Intelligence of the Most High to be
Their servant. The Spirit will humble it-self to serve the flesh,
but never to make an idol of it, for to do so would be to make
a graven image of one’s thought's whereby they tarnish and be
come brittle. HhaReúwach/The Spirit abides in a Thought
(strands of flesh) to carry forth a message and to bear it's expressions/fruit, but will not subject itself to a static state. If the
body is neither cold or hot, it’s thoughts are not acceptable to
the Reúwach/Spirit, for they are neither of Bayinah / north /
cold, nor Chakmah/south/hot.

Where we reside is according to the perceptions. As noted
above, the State of the Word is affected by the perceptive motive
purpose. The reason that one uses the eyes leads to the consequence that follows. A bird sees a tree and decides to build a nest
there. Where we see ourselves lodging is where we call home.
If we see ourselves doing a particular work, then we will pursue
that vocation or deed. Should we see ourselves in a group, then
we enter into that fold.
The Ten Land's

Ten State’s / Land’s
Pronounced as:
1. Kayni / Kenite / State of Zayin Z / Right thumb---------------K nee
2. Kenizi / Kenizzite / State of Chet j / right index finger---- --Ken na z
3. Kadmoni / Kadmonite / State of Tet T/ right middle finger
-Cad Moan knee
4. Chitti / Hittite / State of Yud Y / right fourth finger------------Hit tee
5. Perizi / Perizzite / State of Kaf K/ right little finger----------Pur ress z
6. Rephaim / State of Lamed L / left thumb------------------Raft ph enee
7. Amori / Amorite / State of Mem M / left index finger------Ah more re
8. Kenaani / Canaanite / State of Nun N / left middle finger--Ken ah
9. Girgashi / Graphite / State of Sameck s / left fourth finger- Ger
gash she
10. Yevusi / Jebusite / State of Ayin O / left little finger---Ye vu si
We must think every day that we are walking in the
Ten State’s: You do not walk in any other land; these are the
State’s that you walk in, unless you forsake your inheritance.
One stops walking on other side of the Yordan and crosses over the
Yordan and walks in these land’s. And there/here, the w/ Shyin, the
Crown appears---for the ten land’s are given to the Seed Word in
which the twelve abide as one.---From the ten value’s of 0987654321
all Number’s of YishARAL are derived in the day they are spoken
from the mouth of the Priest---HhaKuwáhnim.

Those who come to dwell as One have access to the
land’s; these also are of the Mind of the Neúwn/14 from which the
Land’s appear. From the solidarity of the Oneness in the Neúwn/nwn:
n/14/5 + n/14/5 = y/10, comes forth the full extension of the Alphah
Seed to reside in ten land’s, whereby there is a land for every thread
of thought with in the Oyin/O Consciousness, being o to 1. The
thread’s of thought within the Oyin:O Oyin weave the Ten State’s,
the first state being the O:O, and then all thought’s of the Collective
that re- side with in the unified body of consciousness: 9:9, 8:8, 7:7,
6:6, 5:5, 4:4, 3:3, 2:2, 1:1. The State of each land is as a plant that is
formed to serve the Seed from whence it has come. Hence Cham is
the precious servant of Sham, as the body of the Number’s of the
Name open through Yaphath/Japheth. In the day that the SeedWord
of a Name opens, the seal of the scroll is broken in which the Word
of the Name‘s are written. The value’s within the SeedWord are revealed through the ten state’s/land’s in which they reside. All bodies
of thought are formed from the Mouth’s of Priest - HhaKuwáhnim, as
they speak as one out of the Neúwn—the House of Beniyman.

When Avrehhem sees the ten lands, then they become the state
of a Name’s residence, and the people the collective consciousness follows thereafter, forsaking all other. The lands are seen
by comprehending with the Eye of Understanding the full extension/10 of Unity within the Six Pairs. The corresponding
pricks of the serpent culminate in coming unto the Ten Land's
with promise, for as the Seed of the Serpent strikes the mind,
the mind opens to behold the Ten States of Unity in the midst
of the 6 Pairs to whom the land (Our human bodies) if given as

their inheritance; In seeing the ten land's, one sees from their
Foundation first, from Avraham, the State of the Seed—it's
Twelve Branches and the Lands which are made for them.
The 1 in the midst of the 6 pairs is the Laúwi/Levites. The
Priesthood. The ten states are the full extension of the Laúwi,
being the Unified Body in which all of Israel YishARAL dwells
whereby the lands are for YishARAL, but the inheritance of
Laúwi is YahúWah ---the Collective States of all, united, from
which all come and in which all dwell. The state in which one
abides will prick the serpent within us to plant it's heels at a
place or to cause the feet to travel. The one who accepts a job
or takes up residence within a place without seeing them selves
there first, positions themselves to find fault with all around
them, for the setting is not right.
However, when one sees the place in which they are to
go, then all things around them are adaptable and acceptable
whether large or small. Because one sees them selves doing
something does not mean that this is what they should be doing, since the eyes can be filled with other motives that conjure
the image. When the eyes lead and if the mind is in agreement
then all goes in that direction until the picture changes.
The thought's that one is carrying and the state
where their branches are residing comprise the sum of one’s
journey, and literally their state of life. The two levels are the

interaction of the two seed's: the seed of the serpent, which is the
Word, and the seed that has assembled—of the body, which is the

state in which one’s head resides. As the Wind blows from the
North, the images will change to ever bear the message's coming down from the Most High. In accordance with this Order
of Breath, we move and have our being. We may dwell for a
day, or two days, or a month in one level of occupation, but
when the cloud moves, the Mishkan will be taken down and
the qudash/holy things will be carried upon our shoulders until
we come to set-up the Mishkan anew.
Every day we make the Menorah to carry the
Illuminations of Bayinah and Chakmah, whereby the Light is
preeminent and the oil renewed.
The menorah of yesterday is not the illumination of the oylah
today; it's oil has become exhausted. Foolish are those who
think that they can walk in yesterday’s Illumination for they
are like those who write statements of belief and then defend the
writings of yesterday till the day they die. The Illumination that
we walked in yesterday is retained as Thought's laid up in our

scroll's, but the Illumination of today is writing over the
scrolls with the extent of Knowledge that is being borne up
on our branches.
There are two heads of Breath, and there are two
heads of the Body that is Assembled to house the Breath. The

agreement of these minds is in accordance with the 4 Heads of
Aharúwan/Aaron whereby there are the Heads of the Teaching's
and the Heads of the Expression's that bear the Teaching's.
Thus there are the priest's of Alozar/Eleazar and those of
Ayithamar/Itamar to be in charge of the Mind and it's dwelling for
ever, and only a fool would seek to institute an other priesthood,
whereby they forsake those appointed for the Life of all.
Note from author Kinney:
Do you wonder who Shmual could be referring to here; Maybe
these? U R not revealing the dark truth about all of the ignorant
so called Clerics, Rabbis, Mullah's Preacher's Ministers, Pastors
Priest and Religious Leader’s of your world. All of them hiding
behind the lack of holy knowledge; Astounding, provocative, and
Continuing on

If the body does not conform the Teaching's are not spoiled.
For this reason what is of the Breath is Breath, and what is of
the body is body, and between them there is a gulf of HhaALhhim that is fixed through which the Thought's are assembled to bear the Mind of HhaReúwach/The Spirit.
Should the waters become muddied with thoughts not of the
Most High, then the waters and the body have become unclean

and are not able to bear the image of HhaALhhim. Should the
waters and the body be consecrated to the Mind of Aharúwan
Moses' brother Aaron, then they are qudash---holy and the

River's of Knowledge run through them yielding the fruit of
THE SPIRIT HhaReúwach. However should the fruit borne upon
the branches of Knowledge be used for another purpose apart
from the Reúwach, then one has consumed the fruit of the Tree
thereby using the qudash/holy for the profane.
This is what it means that one has taken from the Tree of
Knowledge that bears the fruit of the Collective and the Com-

panion, whereby one eats to their own aliena tion. The results
of such contrivance between the Spirit Reúwach and the body
leads to the branches of the body being eventually broken—
separated from the blood of the Reúwach, whereby the
flesh perishes. The healing of the separation is by the hanging
of oneself again upon the Tree, whereby they are fastened with
their hand's / deeds and progressions–feet to the Staff of Aaron
Aharúwan. As there is agreement between the Reúwach and
the body, there is perpetual freedom.
Every law and commandment attest to the freedom of
YishARAL; giving the intent and the expression / practice that
are in accordance with the Mind of HhaReúwach / The Spirit,
whereby the body and all that is within it is maintained in Life.
All that disregard the Teúwrah take away from the Tree of
Knowledge, but all that do the Word's of the Teúwrah/Torah bear
the fruit of Knowledge, and their fruit shall remain.

If one does not adhere to keep the commandments and bear

the Words of HhaKuwáhnim/The Priest upon their branches,
then the fruit that are upon their branches are strange coming
from bitter and poisonous root's. As a result, their branches be
come cut off from the Tree of Knowledge, for their supply of
blood does not run from the Tree itself, but rather from divergent thought's. Being cut off from the Tree of Knowledge, their
branches are gathered up by the messengers and cast out of the
garden where by they wander seeking a place to be planted. As
they exhaust themselves with vanity, they begin to draw out
from their inner consciousness the Source of their being. Their
heel is pricked with the consciousness of the house in which
their Breath dwells. Finding no harmonic place to lodge, they
commence to seek the path to the Tree from whence they came.
Upon examining the fruit upon their branches, they become
aware that their fruit is not according to the Unity of the Ring's
that comprise their tree.
To return to the Tree of Knowledge, they study to show
themselves to HhaKuwáhnim as those clean/rhT. To these the
gates to the Collective open, and they are nursed by Chakmah
until they are ready to stand upright. The means to which they
are grafted into the Tree of Paradise again is via fastening their
hands and their feet upon the Branch that bears the Name of
the House to which their Name belongs, whereby they are as
the native born of that Tree, and there is no distinction between them, for they all bear the same fruit in the same House.

In accordance with the doctrines of The Most High /
HhaOLiyun, the commandments are pure, and they enlighten
the Eyes, for they maintain the perfection of Thought and expression, between the Seed of the Serpent, being the Word
upon the Tongue, and between the seed of the woman, being
the Thoughts that are arranged to bear the Spirit, which is the
Life of the Word [Tehillah 19:7-14].
The Teúwrah-Torah is a composite of Teaching's that correspond to every branch of Knowledge that is composed by the
Word's of HhaALhhim/The Elohyim/The God's. For each of the
12 Branches of Thought there are the Teaching's, where by the
branch is pruned to bear the fruit of the Most High and where

by their leaves do not wither nor their fruit fade. And those
who live according to these law's walks amongst the living;
however those who take away from these Teachings enters in
to death. Therefore, we meditate in these Law's day and night
that we may do them (to be of the day) and have the Understanding (to be of the night) hid within our parts, for this is our
Life! In keeping the commandments we are sealed unto the day
of the total redemption of our Seed and it's body to become the
House of Light that does not perish. For in doing the commandments one sustains the fruit---- the expression of The Most High /
HhaOLiyun, whereby it remains and it's glory fades not.
End Ch-3

SepherMaoshahBeRashshith (Bereshith—Genesis) 4

Chapter Four
Verse One
And the Adim/vapors extend knowledge ODY MDAHW
to comprise the sum of ChaúWah— HWCXA
to compose a unified fire body. WXSA
The Unified composition receives illumination RHXW
and the summation bears the
totality of Qinn/Cain. NYQXA DLXW
And that which is composed meditates: RMAXW
My hands compose what is grasped/acquired
of the pulsating Breath— SYA YXYNQ
the totality of YahúWah. HWHYXA

ChaúWah/Eve, the Mother of Living, is the gathering of all
Knowing from accepting the quest 'To Know' all good—the
Collective and the companion states of ALhhim. As the vapors
from the Fires of the Most High ex tend, they become embodi
ed in ChaúWah as the flowing processes of a tree are gathered
into a body of the Seed; the Seed thereby being the summation
of all stages and processes of a tree and fromwhich other offspring are born. The body of Chaúwah is like a stick that is tak
en from Fire, whereby the radiance of the Fire is sustained
within the stick-branch.

From this understanding Eve / Chaúwah is taken from the
side of Adim —from one of two sides of the burning mists of
Aurrat (7th Heaven), either of the side of Bayinah NE or side
of Chakmah SW whereby there are mothers of Understanding
and mother's of Wisdom. “The totality” expresses the full capabilities of Qinn to bear the illumination within a state or embodiment. When we mediate upon all that we have received,
then our hands/deeds begin to compose the totality of the Collective assembled within YahúWah. Without this statement one
has not received illumination, for until one engages their hand's
into the work's of Yahúwah they have not com posed the
Knowledge within their member's.
Chapter 4 Verse 2
And that composed is fruitful/increases
to bear XDLL PIXW
the Totality of one upholding the unified/a brother:
the Totality of Hevel/Abel: LBHXA WYCAXA
And Yah appoints Hevel to be
a shepherd HOR LBHYHYW
of the ones emerging from within/a flock, NAE
and Qinn became HYH NYQW
a servant/slave of the adamah/ground/spectacles
of the vapors. HMDA DBO


All that we compose within continues to bear, as when we
are full, then our branches are extended as the menurrah and

the inner illumination breaks forth. What we bear from one
side receives another side in order that it can stand; hence,
Hevel is born to uphold that is composed by ChaúWah/Eve.
The Emanation's from within ChaúWah/Eve—Chakmah and
Bayinah appoint/designate Hevel/Able to be a Shepherd of
Yishshakkar to tend all that is emerging from the great assembly of ChaúWah. And Qinn/Cane, that which is grasping the
glimpses of the vapors becomes caught by the perceptions of
the vapors, whereby Qinn serves them. According to the Num
ber's of our Name we are appointed unto our labors/tasks.
Hevel is the Light of Bel—the Illumination of what is forming
inwardly; Qinn is the one who acquires from that which is
coming out from the midst.
Ch- 4 Verse 3
And Yah/Emanations are extended to
determine days/activities/deeds. MYMY EQM YHYW
And Qinn comes/appears NYQ ABYW
from the fruit of the adamah/spectacles
of the vapors: HMDAH YRPM
being a grain offering to YahuWah. HWHYL HCNM


The results of our compositions of thought and
their works make an appearance. Through the determinations
of deeds, the evidence of our level of Illumination becomes
apparent. We come according to that which we have put our
minds and our hands unto, and what is in our minds and hands

is an offering. The studies of Qinn are conveyed in the formulations of the thought's as the grain offering.
Ch- 4 Verse 4
And Hevel, the one illuminated, causes an
appearance also of Breath AWH MG AYBH LBHW
being from the first born of the unified
flock/emerging from the midst WNAE XWRKBM
and from the fat of their assembly. NHBLCMW
And YahuWah saves/retains HWHY OSYW
AL Hevel and the unified grain

Qinn comes with the expressions of the vapors/ground; Hevel
comes with the illumination of the Breath/Spirit. The grouping
of unity comes with the grace that is flowing from the inner
harmony. The offering of all that is opening of Hevel is retain
ed, hence Hevel is addressed as AL Hevel, for what is in the
Seed of Hevel is opening and bearing its likeness to AL. Like
wise what is being formed from the midst is gathered as a grain
offering, and the thoughts being acceptable are retained within
the Collective.
Ch- 4 Verse 5
and unified study/grain offering of AL WXCNMLAW
is not retained/saved. HOS AL

And the Unified seek to whiten/give
instruction to Qinn exceedingly. DAM NYQL RCYW
And the gathered faces/expressions
fall/are cast down. WYNP WLPYW

The opening of all being acquired by Qinn is also
addressed as ALQinn, for there is nothing within us that is not
of AL, but our reading and interpretation of all that is within depends upon meditations and deeds. Hence, what we study of AL
is retained when it is of the same frequency of the Ring's of
HhaALhhim, but when not of the same Rings, the thoughts and
the deed's are not gathered to be saved. Hence, though the grain
offerings are born by a Name, there is no place to receive them
for no house has been made for them. That which is born is like
the seed that comes forth. For Qinn’s offering there is no one
to tend it, Qinn became an observer and not a doer. What is
performed as pretentiousness character has no place to lodge,
and hence it perishes. The instruction of the Unified to Qinn
sought to illuminate the spectacles of the vapors being gazed
into and to offer understanding to illuminate Qinn.
Ch- 4 Verse 6
And the Unified of YahúWah meditate/speak
For what cause are your branches
burning/whiten with heat? KL HRC HML

And for what cause are the expressions
of your branches fallen? KYNP WLPN HMLW

The congregation of YahúWah considers all
things that are acquired and lead each one to examine the
heat/activities in our branches and the state of our expressions.
There is no other body of Council to which we may come or be
heard to examine ourselves, for should we go to others who are
servants of the acquisitions, they are of the same dilemma. An
examination of our fruit is achieved by analyzing what is
occurring within our branches and also the reason for not retaining the expressions/fruit—why they perish. We are to examine both to attain an understanding of ourselves and our position amongst the Collective Ring's of ALhhim.
Ch- 4 Verse 7
Does it not go beyond that AWLH
when upon the condition that the summations
are good—of the Collective BYTYXMA
one is lifted up/the matter rises. XAS
And on condition the matter is not a composition
of the collective/goodness BYTYX AL MAW
before the opening/gate is a chatat/sin offering
that lies beneath/crouches. EBR XATC CXPL
And unto your extended branches shall
be an overflow WXQWSX KYLAW

and the sum of your life shall master
all within. WBLSMX HXAW

When we are of the goodness of the Collective, that
which we have offered rises unto the altar of the incenses and
gathered/retained. However when the matter composed is not
of the goodness, then there is a path provided for learning
that one may ascend. The result's of both paths leads to an abundance of manchaih/grain offering's and the Light within
us will govern the apparitions and spectacles of the vapors.
Ch- 4 Verse 8
And Qinn contemplated/considered
the unified upholder/brother. WYCA
And the emanation became extended in
their becomings MXWYHB YHYW
in the midst an expanse/enlarged area/the field HDSB
And Qinn rose-up above NYQ MQYW
AL Hevel, the unified upholder/brother, WYCA LBHLA
and slew/murdered the Illuminated Unified. WHGRHYW
Hevel is the first born of Adim, as the heaven's are the
first born of ALhhim. Qinn is the land that appears, whereby that
which is to reside in the land's may appear. The formulations of
Qinn/Cain is the first of the ten lands —the Qayni/Kenite.

Though a Name is oldest, the form is listed first through
which the Name appears. Both offspring are bodies of Thought
as there is the consciousness of the Name and the consciousness of the form This is the first generation of Adim, that are
formed from the Ring's of Adim. According to the values with
in the dam/blood, so are the expressions that one bears. The
letting of blood is with distinct purpose: When the consciousness opens, the blood is released. Those entering the Unified
Consciousness sync mentally the flow of blood unto a state of
fruit bearing in their lives; the blood flows as we do the offerings; if the blood flows in the month of Yishshakkar, then the
mind is set to expand the body of Yishshakkar.
Why menstruation occurs in the feminine gender refers
to the body being divided; the side of Chakmah, through which
conception occurs via the unity of parts, is torn from the side of
Understanding In that Chaúwah is yet to distinguish the sum of
the parts, a part of the Tree is taken from the sum, whereby the
sheath is torn in a layer. There fore this aspect of our totality
bleeds, and we are all conscious that the blood is being split.
The implications of the flowing of blood pertains to releasing
the Number's. According to the Numbers released into the
waters, a land mass is formed accordingly. The letting of blood
is regulated by the Mind through Yahudah. All letting of blood
is to establish a state and its condition. The flowing of blood
prepares for conception of Seed and the expansion of mind.

The queen's or bodies of a species are the state of
consciousness capable of bearing the expansion. The letting of
blood establishes a state for the Seed to be prolific whereby the
Thought's are spread out.
The letting of blood is designated monthly according to
each Work of Light; each letting of blood for each day of the
month is for the House of the month. Each month’s flow is for
the House that the offerings are made in. Consciously one regulates the flow from the first day of a week unto the shavbeth
of the week—for seven days. The flow of blood for each week
coincides with a side of a house. Hence, if the flow is from the
first week of a month then the flow is for the north side of a
house. The flow of blood is for seven days for a side, 14 pulsations within a seven day interval; the blood flows 14 evenings
and mornings and then the next level of the Seed of ALhhim is
conceived and born within our bodies. The 14 day intervals of
the Assembly of ALhhim create a Seed which is comprised of
all words of the ALhhim making the offering's during the 14
After the 28 ALhhim have offered, a Seed of meShich is formed.

From the initiation of 14 days of letting the blood
flow we receive the Seed of ALhhim to bear within our body
of consciousness. The opening of the consciousness is the

movement of an egg/body of consciousness within a species.
As a result of the egg coming forth, the flow of blood occurs
for an expansion of Thought.
However, when the blood is spilt, such as in menstruation or when a house is murdered, there is a recall of former
day's when the Oyin Sheath was torn which permits the blood
to flow outside the unified body. Without the Number's in the
blood being retained, the consciousness is not fruitful. Every
menstruation is an awareness of the tear of the Oyin Sheath and
recalls within the consciousness of mortals, the murder of
Hevel/ Able to be resolved [SMB/Gen 4:10; CHP/Num 35 :33;Rev 6:
9-10 Chazun]. In that the blood flows out of the woman corresponds to the tear in the unified consciousness of names where
by the blood is split or shed. The results of the tear does not
produce another body for the expansion of the Seed. The mor
tal body is formed outside the Unified House of Consciousness, whereby it is of the world or the flesh of corruption,
being apart from the body of the Unified Consciousness. The
blood that flows from within the Body of Unified Consciousness is applied to a garment and the fruit that is formed is
eternal being the Fruit of Life.
Ch- 4 Verse 9
END GEN. 1-4

Sepher Maoshah BeRashshith

Genesis 6

Chapter 6
Ch- 6 Verse 1
And the emanations of the Lights activate YHYW
in order to pierce the
Adim/Rings of ALhhim MDAH LCH YK
for an increase/multiplication BRL
pertaining to the faces of the
Adumehh—lights of the Vapors. HMDAH YNP LO
And daughters—the full range of extensions/capacities
are born to them. :MHL WDLY XWNBW


As are Ring's are pierced in the side they bring forth the flow
of life in ALhhim from within them and also the waters of Understanding. The activity of the Lights with in us lead to an opening of our sides even as the activity of the Lights affect a tree
to open from the sides of it's trunk whereby it multiplies. As one
is opened from their midst their faces/expressions of OL / Most
High are seen within their shimmering vapors of breath. As a
result of their emanations, they bear from their midst daughters
—capacities of receptivity and further increase.
The compound thoughts of the waters formulate through
Shamoúnn, whereby when the words of our origins are spoken

we have understanding. As our Name’s Numbers of Understanding and the Number's of ALhhim within us are stretched
out, they form spaces for the ascending thought's in the waters
of Ayshshur to be gathered in them and whereby the Number's
of our Name and the Thought's together with the Number's of
ALhhim are activated in the body and in the mind.
Through implementing the Number's of Understanding in our
Name and in the lamb keveshim of ALhhim i.e. via the oylah
of House of Shamoúnn, they are set in service and provide an
increase in Understanding. Each Number and thought resonates
in Shamoúnn whereby spaces are formed to contain the information & resonance. These spaces in Shamoúnn are called the
daughters of Shamoúnn for they are means to contain the expanding presence of the Number's and Thought's of a house.
When one has formed a daughter of the Collective then they
find favor/grace in the Eye's of ALhhim whereby they are given the Seed of the Collective and whereby the meShich is formed and born within every House [Gal4:19].
Ch- 6 Verse 2
And the formulations of the
the value of the daughters—those containing
capacity of the Adim MDAH XWNB XA
that they are of the Collective, HNH XBT YK
and they are acquiring/learning for

their illuminations MHL WCQYW
to be wives—devoted to
develop—to transfer and carry MYSN
from every verification that
they select/choose. :WRCB RSA LKM

When one reserves the spaces of their expansions as
places of understanding for Bayinah the most high will come to
you and will shadow over to impart to you the Seed from the
north. Through our continual learning and devotion to bear the

Thought's of the most high, we receive the SeedWord of
ALhhim whereby that which is formed in us is the Offspring
of ALhhim [Yuwsphah/Lk 1:35].
All of our verifications are to set in place what we have
learned whereby we are wives—devoted to the One whom has
given to us the Seed of Life. The narratives of daughters receiv
ing the Seed of ALhhim pertain to our capacities acquiring the
Seed of ALhhim through which the offspring of ALhhim are
born in us.
In that the most high is no respecter of persons all

daughters of our Names are seen in the Eyes of ALhhim to be
for the Collective/fair and favored/with grace to be over
shadowed to receive the Seed of ALhhim [SMS/Acts 10:34-35].
Hereby the Seed of meShich—the Word of the most high
comes to us. What is born is the Offspring of ALhhim where

by we no longer bear the chaff of mortal thought's and their
deeds that perish.
Ch- 6 Verse 3
And YahúWah/the Collective
says/considers: HWHY RMAYW
one is not judged to remain/continue NWDY AL
to be my breath/reúwch in Adim/vapors MDAB YCWR
for all ages/to be concealed. MLOL
With a twisting of threads the Breath
is manifested/becomes flesh, RSB AWH MGSB
and the emanations unified
are days gathered WYMY WYHW
to be a hundred and twenty year—to draw
out the wealths of learning. :HNS MYRSOW HAM

A Name is called when it has ascended above the embodiment and the pairs of smoke strands in which it once resided,
whereby it comes to dwell in a state according to that which it
has drawn out of it's SeedName. Specifically, a Name resides
according to the wealth of Wisdom, Understanding and Know
ledge that it has drawn out through it's study in the midrashim
/school's of YahúWah The Most High/HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud< L.< ‘The Pure Language’
Ch- 6

Verse 4

HaNephliym—the ones descending MYLPNH
are emanating in the Arets/earth ERAB WYH

in those days
(ref: the 100-20 year of learning) MHH MYMYB
and also pursuing after one verifies NK YRCA MGW
to affirm that they appear to be the offspring of the
of AL Benut HhaAdim—of AL Containing the Capacities
of the Adim/Rings MDAH XWNB LA
and they give birth/bear to them. MHL WDLYW
They are the ones of the mighty
ones/overcomers MYRBGH HMH
which affirm from old/the ages before MLWOM RSA 4
Anushi HhaSham—to abide/dwell in levels according to
the kindness of The Name :MSH YSNA

HaNephliym/The Nephellim are those which have descended
from the most high to reside inthe Ring's of ALhhim. Amongst
HaNephliym are the Kuwáhnim/Priest who come into the Ring's
of ALhhim to dwell in the midst of the people's. They have no
territory, nor do the PriestHood/Laúwim, for the land's are of
the Number's of the ALhhim unto the Twelve House's. In that
YishARAL appoints cities for the Laúwi and The Priests / Hha
Kuwáhnim they come into the land's of YishARAL as guest to
bear the Enlightenment from the ages of The Priests HhaKuwá
hnim. When the Priest-Kuwáhnim come from unions of Aaron
Aharúwan and GoimYishARAL, larcymo, then the purpose is
to lift up YishARAL into alignment with the age's of The Priest

Hence, one of the lineages of Aharúwan and RAúwaben
is to unify RAúwaben to see all in HhaKuwáhnim. i.e. Or the
line-ages of Aharúwan and Yishshakkar is to elevate the consci
-ousness of the peoples according to the consciousness in the
priesthood. The unions of Dan and YishARAL i.e. Dan and
Meneshah is to affect Meneshah to elevate and support the con
sciousness according to the days of Dan. When HhaLaúwim
bear offspring of HhaLaúwi and YishARAL, i.e. Laúwi and
Shamoúnn, then the results are to affect all developments in
YishARAL according to Unity of one Body—the Union of the
Heavens and Arets, as well as to assist YishARAL to hear the
word of HhaTeúwrah to fulfill the Union.
When the scriptures say that the meek are lifted up from the
ash heaps, it means that the humble are chosen to enter into the
prior age's of Enlightenment through their bonds with the Nephilim. The Nephilim are from prior age's who enter into the age of
ALhhim to lift up those making the oylah to enter into cons-

ciousness and structure of prior age's, through which their days
are fulfilled, for the day's of ALhhim are the formulations of
the Unified Consciousness and of the SPIRIT Reúwch Dan. Ac
cording to the unions of HaNephliym with YishARAL, those of
HhaALhhim are lifted up upon the foundations of the world
whereby they are able to make manifest the origins of YahúWah
The Most High/HhaOLiyun. [I ShmúwAL 2:8; Tehillah 87:1]. ‘The Pure
Language’ of h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.<

According to the kindness of HhaSham/The Name, so is one’s
dwelling state determined. From this line in HhaTeuwrah / The

Torah comes the statement that the meek shall inherit the earth
[Mattithyahu 5:5].
Ch- 6 Verse 5-6-7-8-0

No Chapters 7-8-9



A Torah Light study from Bet HaShem Midrash—House of The
Name Academy.
Bet HaShem Midrash is an inquiry center into of all things
pertaining to the House of YHWH. BHM Torah studies are pre
pared by the Sons of Aharon / Aaron to assist all peoples in
making the sacrifices / transformation rites. Instruction from
the midrash is offered regarding the full attributes of man that
each might stand in their Name/position according to the Unity
of Wisdom. We extend to each of you The Blessing's of Aaron
Aharon to enlighten every aspect of your being through positioning and activating the Master Name with in. The blessing is
given in accordance with the word's of Torah and with the ever
present activities of Light.

YahúWah blesses/expands you and Unity maintains you.
YHWH radiates His expressions unto you and is gracious--fav-

ors you. YHWH lifts up the countenance of His expressions
face's with in you and establishes your completion/totality. The
blessing pertains to every aspect of life within us to arise and to
come to it's full expression of being, whereby we become estab
lished in our totality/perfection. Blessed be The Name of all Ex
panse; YahúWah The Most High / HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< ‘The Pure Language’
An overview of chapter 10 includes the offspring of Noach:
the sons of Yapheth are the opening's of the mind; the son's of
Cham are the extensions of the mind into form, to create a
body; and the sons of Shem are the formulations of your name of
life, an attribute and a position of your heavenly Father. These
three aspects of mind are in process of developing and expand
ing into the fullness of ALhhim/Elohim to embody fully the
godhead, a term to denote the presence of the collective mind
of YahúWah ‘The Pure Language’ of: The Most High / HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud<< L.< with distinct living
principle's. Every thing you are is an extension of your mind.
The mind extends so that it can be filled where by it becomes
perfect and whole. If the mind remains small or in principle
only, it does not have the capacity to be filled. If you never

build a house, you have no where to put your thing's Thus
YHWH built a House, the House of the Name, that there may
be the receptacle to hold all the gems of light as they are
crystallizing within us.
Note: The reason you and others have never ever read these
word's before/gotten this Paleo Hebrew information before, is
because there never was a qualified receptacle to receive it,

Now Shmual Wahli of BHM is giving us this message
from: YahúWah HhaOLiyun / The Most High ‘The Pure Language’ of: h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud<< L.< HhaSham / The
Name / AL. And if you don't know what I am talking about
then U need to re-read this info. Study, like your life depends
upon it. “To Know” is why U R here. Shalom!

How does the mind become extended? This is
answered in the development of Yapheth, Cham and Shem.

In like manner, the plants of the field extend themselves that
they may flower and produce their fruit. We may say that the
whole world is an extension of mind.??? Whose mind? It is
the mind of YahúWah HhaOLiyun The Most High; that extends to establish children/measured formulations / mashiyach;
and His Measured Formulation extends into us, and into all
things in the heavens & earth. In the writing's of Rabbi Shaul

(Pauline thought), YHWH

is the Head/governing force/the mind
of the Messiah/the Formulated Measurement of Unity. The
Messiah is the head/primary force/the mind of Adam/Expanding Spirit, as there is first an established Measured Form in
which the expansion takes place; Adam is the head/expanding
force/the mind of woman / the embodiment which is the expression of Ruach/Spirit to animate and fulfill all in the Mind
of YahúWah.
The creation of Adam is not released until there are defined
measures and boundaries set. Until their is a foundation-----haMashiyach/the defined communication of YahúWah, it is not
time to release the development of Adam.

Should the development of Adam be released
prior to the boundaries of the world/prior to the foundation of
hamashiyach Adam would expand without proper balance and
without the structure of the Master Name. The boundaries and
communication of the human body, a shadow of the body of
Mashiyach, provides a suitable place for Man to expand within
whereby the energies are reserved to various functions and re
stricted to a point to maintain balance and the expressed order
of YHWH. Though we are each placed to reside within separate bodies, we are not limited to our individuality. Rather we
may confirm and enter into the Unity of all bodies, into unity
with all Gates and into Unity with all light energies. The universal gate's of Yapheth are within each of us, yet we are to be

one with the Opening's of the Universe; whereby our gate's
may be attuned with the same frequencies and functions of the
Gate's of the Universe: i.e. Gomer, Madai, Tiras, etc.

The mind of YahúWah YHWH is always upon His
creation, which is an extension of Himself. As He extends His
mind, He formulates the measurement/capacity of life commonly called “the Messiah.” This measurement then becomes
the head/mind to formulate man: the attributes of life in expan
sive form to come unto fullness. The mind of man then draws
out of itself and emanates woman to fully animate the Fire.
YahúWah YHWH emptied out every trait of life within His
unity, that it will be full and perfected in each of us, having
been selected/chosen within Him from the beginning to become begotten as His offspring. All of His mind is designated
according to a measurement: to a perfect structure of life, to a
capacity of being; and this measurement structure is called haMashiyach/the Messiah/the communique of the Unified Name.
The measurement structure than becomes the foundation where
by Man may be formulated and build the Bet HaSham / House
of the Name via name expansion, upon the foundation.
Why does there need to be a messiah or a designated
communication of the Master Name? Well, without this mea-

suring rod, the mind may take any shape or become fragment

ed that it's cohesive unified nature becomes distorted and less
glorious. This is precisely what takes place as our minds and extensions operate and build apart from the foundation of Messiah
the Stone of Alignment, whereby all may fully expand according

to it's divine nature. For until all things are in their rightful
place, they cannot be properly fitted into the woven fabric of
life to create the garments/expressions of Unity.
Take a team player who is not in their rightful place; or take a
body part that is not functioning in harmony with the others.
The capacity of that team or body organization suffers; thus
HaShem in wisdom, created or formulated the messiah for all to
expand into and operate through.

Thus when the shlichim/apostles speak of all the fullness of
the godhead being in Yahushúo or that the works of ALhhim /
Elohim are mightily performed through messiah Yahushúo,
they were confirming the divine nature having been expanded and resident within this man.
And when we consider the coming of the messiah, we are
anticipating the measurement of life within every person to be
expanded and filled with all the attributes of Yahúwah. There
fore, the mind of life’s measurement/communique-the Messiah
—then becomes the head of each man who is in an expansive /
path/unto fullness/ Adam, who is in the expansive-------

NOTE: Author Kinney The coming of maShiach (the one they call
Zeus / Ieus / jzeus / jesus, was not in mortal skin’s. Women and men
wrote that crap and made an icon out of the love messenger.

And the chief corner stone upon which the Temple is built and
the capstone of the Temple is meShich-Messiah. Therefore,
the Body of the Temple is referred to as the Body of meShichchrist, for it is the Dwelling amidst the Stone of the Foundation
in the 8th House of Meneshah/Manashah and Crowning Glory
of the Head in Yishshakkar that has arisen from the Foundation. The appearance of the Branch of meShich comes out of
Baniymin that is laid in Yúwsphah-Joseph. As the SeedName
opens it passes through the Body of the Great Sea as a reed
coming out of the water and continues to develop unto the whit
ening of the head, depicting the Illumination of Mind. The Fou
ndation is of the Depth's of Understanding which are laid in
Chakmah and the Crown is the Glory of Understanding unfold
ed as the Branch form’s a Head. The Body that is formed between these parameters is called according to the Name of the
Yahushúo-HhameShich/called haMashiyach/the Messiah,
for it is the dwelling state that is for med from Head to Head
bearing the Activities of the Light's of the OyinO and Shayin/W.
Though the later has been made into an icon, the ter-

minology conveys an ever present State of Knowledge that is
born upon branches in the midst of the Head's of the Beginn
ing unto their full extension. The Body of christ is none other

than the Assembly of the Twelve that have sprouted as a Tree
to bear within its member's the Head from which all Thing's
have opened and appeared, which is the Head of the Seventy
or the Mind of HhaKuwáhnim/ThePriest, from which the full
measurement and the expression of meShich have appeared
through the generations--subsequent unfoldings of YishARAL.
The resurrection of meShich is the uprisings of the full
Knowledge of our Names unto the crown, whereby what has
been sown is not in vain! Through the resurrection- resurgence
the face clothe of our Name's is changed, and we bear in our
member's the expressions of the Most High.
The intent of the narratives of Yahushúo conveys that the
Voice of the emerging Consciousness and Hope of YishARAL has
appeared in the fullness of days.
In the Name of Yahushúo we preserve all Name's above any state
of corruption lest we make a corruptible image of the incorruptible
Name's of ALhhim [MT/Deut 4:15-19; Romans 1:23]. Creating a mor
tal image of any Name is a violation to the Nature of ALhhim
which are immortal. Though commonly personified as a man, there
are no correlated historical record's of the Name of Yahushúo embodied in corruptible flesh.

The Word, which does not pass away, can only be manifested
in a body that is incorruptible, whereby the flesh of the Word is

the meat/grain of the Aúwv/Father.
Note: Bashar--Flesh--THOUGHT‘S!{Flesh does not mean a human body} Paleo Hebrew translation--------Bashar Flesh; meaning----THOUGHT’S.

Anyone that sees meShich in the flesh--within the meal offering has both the manifestation/son and the Aúwvim/Father,
for the Seed of the Aúwv/Father is within the manifested Grain
Son Teaching. Though there are histories of the Jews and the
Roman's of the corresponding era in which the parables of
Yahushúo are composed, such references should not be inter
preted to refer to a single person.
Thought’s - that are arranged into a dwelling state. The coming of maShiach is not in mortal skin’s, for how can the full
measurement appear in a divided dwelling? Rather that maShiach
appears within the organization of the 12 which are inward.
The debates of the Messianic and Christian communities in
the 400 years evolving from the announcement by ZecharYahu
HhaKuwáhnim/The Priest of the meShich appearance has
lead to many controversies and obscurity of mind regarding
the Head of the Age's and the meaning of the appearance in
flesh, and whether this flesh is of the corru-ption of the world
or of the intrinsic values of the Thought’s of the Most High

which have come down within the Houses of YishARAL to take
up residence, whereby AL is with us—OmanuAL/Emanuel.
Other prophetic utterances declared the appearance of the Offspring of the Most High and how such would come to the
people of YishARAL through the Word’s of the Torah Teúwrah and the Neviim/Prophets instead of through a body of
human flesh [Yúwsphah/Luke 1:67-80; 2:25-38].

----And when we consider the coming of the messiah, we
are anticipating the measurement of life within every person
to be expanded and filled with all the attributes of Yahúwah.
Therefore, the mind of life’s measurement communique—the
Messiah—then becomes the head of each man who is in an expansive/path/unto fullness---- Adam who is in the expansive
avenue of fullness, becomes the head of woman which enables
Man to be made full and to animate all that is within. This pro
cess of extension resides within each person. Your Rock of Being—YHWH, first formulated a measurement with a capacity
in which you may expand your name nature; then he sent your
name forth for expansion (detailed in three levels in the accounts of Adam/Noach/Abram). Along with your name expansion, he released or drew out of your name, woman, where
by you may multiply and animate the fullness of your name.
YHWH loves His children for they are His expansion. A man
loves his wife for she is His animation and fulfillment.

What enlightened mind ever despises itself or the means to be
come perfected? The unity of man and woman mirrors the beginning unity of YHWH, through which comes a perfect
house—an embodiment of life—the Mashiyach, who then be
comes head of all the attributes within the house to come to ex
pansion (Man) and full animation (Woman). The inward unified components of Man and Woman mirror the beginning of
the cycle/YH+WH (YahúWah) and continue to fulfill the
circle / cycle.
The son's of Noach--are fundamental to understand; for in
this set of genealogies, we are given the blueprint for the full
extension of the mind to open and reveal all we were, are and
will become. Via this blueprint we develop the pattern and then
formulate our mortality unto our immortality. These genealogies
are the processes to unfold and to perfect the attributes of wis
dom that are comprised in every person’s name of life.
The sons of Noach concern the triparted offspring or
formulations of life. The son's are the formulations of all those
who take rest and find consolation in being Man. Every spirit
name that resolves in heart to be formulated according to the
image of ALhhim-Elohim—being endowed by his Creator—
is of the lineage of Noah.
Not all spirits have come to rest with their continuing

formulation's, hence these are known as evil spirit's which are in
conflict with the expanding unified order.

Upon acceptance of your destiny in YHWH there is formulated within your heart a rest and consolation to be Adam-Man
-and accordingly you are placed on the threshold's of formula
ting the structure's of your life nature being offspring of
ALhhim/Elohim. With confidence in YHWH, Noach comes to
the position of acceptance and of attainment to be all that he is
destined to be, wherein unrolls the three natures or expressions,
of our life. These three natures, or aspects of our life are the for
mulations of Noah’s son's: Shem, Cham, and Yapheth.

Psalm 87 is a mismor or a song, that corresponds to the
study in Chapter 10 regarding the generations of Noah—and
particularly the work's of the families of Ham Yapheth and
Shem. A mismor is a song that helps ripen, or prune us—conveying the idea of fruitful stimulations. A mismore is a song of
instruction comprised of interpretive phrases for chanting or
singing—to aid in memory and recall—regarding the stages of
the development of Adam, and to aid in meaningful conscious
ness of life’s totality. Psalm 87 instructs us regarding the Gates
of YHWH or the opening's of Yapheth; also the process of
knowing via Cham and the emergence of Shem.
The scroll of Sefer Maaseh Bereshith or the book of Genesis is
the compositions of the beginning's. It contains the vital, impor-

tant genealogies that teach us of all the attributes of life that we

have received from our Father in heaven/with names. And
Shmual/SMB teaches us to what extent each aspect of our being
will develop through certain stages of progress.
Each genealogy of the Torah corresponds to a particular
level of being in the development of Adam. Each name that is
written in the Torah is part of our corporate make-up. To acknowledge each name confirms our totality and positions us in
the operational levels of ALhhim/Elohim. The fullness of being is often referred to as the nature of haMashiyach, or the
Messiah. The Messiah is the complete, unfolded Adam in the
image of ALhhim/Elohim. Each Torah genealogy is a gold
mine in which veins of wisdom flow. Of major importance,
the genealogies inform us of all the characteristics of life that
we will bring forth—to beget, one by one—unto our potentiality; and the genealogies of Sefer Maaseh Bereshith lay the
foundations of our total becoming. Genesis!
As Psalm 87 notes, it’s from the composition of the beginnings that YHWH will make complete the fountain of life with
in us: that flow, stream of light within you will unfold; and you
will become complete as all of the names of the Torah are unfolded brought forth in their full, ripened fruit stage.
The Torah is a coded revelation in list's of name's. In

the lists of name's do all the formulations of light rise unto the
image of the Son of Adam, then the second Adam—the confirmed measurement. Each position, or attribute, of our life is
mustered to exemplify the full nature of ALhhim / Elohim.
Un to this end is the Torah written; and in accordance with
this goal, we set forth the teaching's of the genealogies of
Noach. Divisive men would say that you are either a Shemite or
a Chamite or a Yapethti. As offspring who are destined to be
unfolded and to grow up into all dimensions of ALhhim, you
are comprised of all the formulations of Noach. You are formulated with the three branches of this family—illustrated by the
Paleo Hebrew letter kof -11(The Tree of Life) k.
As three branches arise from one stem, your Tree of Life
formulates with the branching of Shem Cham and Yapheth
“Spirit Body and Soul”
If you were only a Shemite, you would be a collection
of name energies, but would have no house to develop in. Nor
would you have the ability to extend your energies unto full
expression If you were only from Cham you would be in a form
of life, but without a name or expression: much like an a statue.
And if you were just of Yapheth you would be a node on a
branch or a flower, without a trunk. Shem is the emergence of
your name energies of wisdom. Cham is the base to define via
a physical nature or body, to embody the energies. And Yapheth

is the means to open and expand wisdom into soul: the continu
ing, unfolding expression of life’s animation. These 3 three
branches are summed up as “spirit, body and soul,”which are
all formulations of mind. These sons are the formulations of
your light nature. They are the attributes of life itself-------Note: Author


And these three nature’s, or aspect’s, of every man’s life are
the formulation’s of Noachs son’s; Shem, Cham, and Yapeth.
As the Torah read’s (in verse 1) va eleh: “and these are the
generation’s of the formulation’s of the son’s of Noach: Shem,
Cham, and Yapeth.” It is not that you are either a Shemite or a
Chamite or a Yapethti, as divisive men would have you persuaded to think (and, thus, to set one people against another); but
you are comprised of all three nature’s, as the three branches
of the Hebrew letter kaf / 11 / K illustrate: the three branches
that arise from one stem: that stem being the first stage, or
level, of man becoming--through which three branches sprout
out, the family of Yapeth, Shem, and Cham.
Now those who think they are of one branch of Noach
or another often say this in arrogance; and some live like they
are only one branch of Noach, and hence fall short of their ex-

pression of the totality of life.
This is the current thinking of THE BIG THREE
Simply stated, Shem is the base of your spiritual energies of
wisdom. Cham is the base of your defined, visible nature—or
the body, and the means of embodiment. Yapeth refers to the
opening’s and the extension’s of the energies into soul: the
continuing, unfolding nature of your animation.
These three son’s are summed up often, as spirit,
body, and soul.
Their “son’s,” or the “formulation’s of their three light
nature’s,” are the attributes and the founding concept’s that
bring forth each branch of life unto its full display. These three
natures are a vital part of your makeup. They support us in
each succeeding stage of our development as the father’s of
our three branches. But also, they are the nature’s that will be
transformed as we transcend and evolve into our light-bodies
of being.

The Big Three Earthquake


To all who have accepted and confirmed their gift, or this
giving of the Wisdom of AL YHWH YaHúWaH Allah God, the
three son’s of Noah are brought forth: the three basic nature’s
of Life. And regarding these three branches of Noach /Noah,
the rest of the scripture’s are penned in the Great Torah, in The
White Text writing’s, and in the Prophet’s: to remind us and to
guide us to become complete and unified, in all three of the
branches of Adam. Thus, the prophet YeshaYahu or Isaiah, in
Ch 19 Verses 23-25, speaks of the three nature’s of man culminating in a unified, blessed, and expanded State. "In that day there
will be a highway--from Mitzraim-Egypt; to Assyria; and the As
syrian’s will come into Egypt-Mitzraim and Mitzraim -Egypt into
Assyria; and Mitzraim-Egypt will worship with the Assyrian.

"In that day YishARAL will be the third with Egypt-Mitzraim"
the channel of Mitzraim-Egypt, the trustee over all the Earth. &
And Assyria: a blessing and expansion in the midst of the earth,
whom YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha
Yud<< L.<YHWH YAHWEH ALLAH GOD YahúWah Tsavuot
has blessed saying, ‘Blessed is Mitzraim --Egypt My people,
and Assyria, The Work of My Hand’s, and YishARAL, My
In studying the genealogies of Noach, you affirm the found-

ing concepts that bring forth each branch of life unto it's full
display. In each level of your unfoldment, you tap into these
foundations to yield further definitions and characteristics of
your totality. The genealogy supports us in succeeding stages
of development—as seeds/concepts of these father's continue
to break open and bring forth the nature of our life. These
three natures will be transformed as we transcend and evolve
into our light-bodies.
When you have extended the various natures within you
unto their full, satisfied state in the image of ALhhim Elohim,
you will be transformed into your immortal light-body. The
son's of Aharon on earth have a commission from heaven to
assist mankind to come to their full potentiality: to help each
one to walk perfectly with ALhhim; to enable them to come to
the place of full affirmation of all that’s within.
In the past, you have affirmed and accepted the very nature of
man, or you would not even be on the earth today in a human
form. But perhaps, coming into this realm--into this environ

ment, you have been overshadow ed by the forces of the
physical, or by other attributes of the creation. Your life may
be revolving around external concerns that you have been unconscious of; the internal natures of life which is the purpose
for being here.

HaShem appoints your name in life that you bring forth the full
capacity as a child of ALhhim, unto the fullness of Yahushúo

We pray and labor that these teaching's serve as an instrument
to awaken the fire energies of light within you and to be a bless
ing, a means of expansion, for your inner nature of spirit and
soul and form to grow and fully ascend into your transparent
Light body through the grace of YahúWah YHWH HaShem. AL
h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud<< L.< The Most High HhaOLiyun
YAHWEH ALLAH HaSham God. The Formulation of element's
will all come to an end but the Principle’s of YAHÚWAH AL, Our
Principal, will abide perpetually.

When the Master of the Universe gave of Himself, He
took of every attribute within Himself and shaped the world's.
The galaxies !!!

the planet's, the seas, the lands, the flower's the animals, and—
especially-His chosen vessel to be the crown and the head of

all creation: Man. Each attribute of His Name is set as a jewel
within every living thing. The creation is thus a multifaceted
wardrobe that displays the glory of ALhhim.

Having the environment readied, He creates Man----being the crown and the head of all His creation. Don’t think
that you are fashioned in just a moment! Your gestation period
has been from the beginning and continues until you are born
out of earth in the likeness of your Father. He is refining and
polishing you; causing you to explode and to unfold in
every attribute of life that He has sown within your

whereby you will shine accord ing to your 'StarName' of

The seed of YHWH within will create a new creature that is
perfect and complete, revealing the full nature of YahúWah AL
YHWH HaShem. AL/h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud<< L.< The
Most High / HhaOLiyun YAHWEH ALLAH God.

Rabbi Shaul (the Apostle Paul) understood this consciousness was present within all of creation. All creation groans for
the revelation of the principles of light within them. Within
every living thing there is an attribute of ALhhim that yearns to
break out of the womb and break through the veil of this world
to reveal the principle's of light in a new world. The very birth
pains of a woman in labor are heard in her cries to bring forth
the revelation of ALhhim. The whole creation groans to reveal,

to bring forth the nature of ALhhim. A woman knows that
within her body is a light that outshines the sun, the moon
and the star's with ALhhim attributes; yet it is born into a
veiled form. Her cries and her pains are unto the radiance of
ALhhim being released from that special child that it's veil will
be rent in two and that it shall shine in perfect union with the
Father’s eternal light.
Parents are to nurture their children in the reverence of
YHWH/Unity; for they know that there is no greater duty than
to love, care and bring up their children in the nature of YHWH.
We are not creating mortal souls to perpetuate a culture of
mortality; we are rearing a generation that is being fashioned
in the likeness of the immortal Father! HalleluYahu!
Don’t short-side your vision of what your children are
becoming. Respond to them with our over seeing vision and remind them of the destiny within them. Mother, when you cry
for the release of your child, your cries are stored up in a bottle
of remembrance. He who gave you the strength to bear a child
will provide the strength to guide them and the strong arm to
lead them unto their full release as sons and daughter's of
Your life is more precious than the lily, more precious than the
humming bird. Your development is on the mind of the Father

day and night who watches over you and calls to you to come
up and ascend with Him in perfect wisdom. As you receive a
prompting from Rabbi Moshe, as you hear the son's of Aharon
that speak from your mind and from your heart, pursue the
voice of the Spirit. Eat what the Father sets at your table, lest
you partake at the tables of idolatry which disregard your perfection.
As you study the three sons of Noach, confirm each name
within you. Confirm its position and its operation and it's purpose. Breathe upon it. When we breathe upon a name, or a
“position” or an “attribute,” we are extending our life force: to
fan it to make it flourish, that it will lead to a full expression of
life’s nature. Each of us has an assignment, and this mission is
an allotment of wisdom.The allocation of wisdom is the primal
base of all branches of man. When the mission is neglected
there is a malnutrition to the three branches of Noah. But
when one pertains to the assignment and breathes upon it and
lives to fulfill it then the wisdom allocated fuels the three branches unto their complete formation.
Plato said that every man should do what he is best suited to
do by nature. In Hebrew thought, every person is given a name.
Your name is your purpose in life, your position, your allocation of wisdom. From the One Unified Eternal Name of YHWH
all names come forth, as sparks out of the holy Fire. Each

spark as it came out of the Holy Fire has been defined and be
longs to our Father in heaven / with name's.
Rabbi Shaul wrote: “I bow my knees before the Father, from
whom every family in heaven and earth derives its name, that
He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be
strengthened with power, through His Spirit in the inner man,
so that the Messiah (the full measurement of life) may dwell in
your hearts through faith and that you, being rooted and ground
ed in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints, what
is the breadth and the length and the height and the depth; and
'To Know' the love of the Messiah, which surpasses knowledge that you may be filled up to all the fullness of ALhhim.”
As every nature/trait of life is unfolded within
you, you are being filled with the knowledge of ALhhim. May
you be blessed from the heavens and through the ministries of
the son's of Aharon to attain unto the stature of the Offspring of
Mankind. Regarding the three branches of Noah, the rest of the
scriptures are penned in the Torah and in the Writing's and in
the Prophets: to remind us and to guide us to be complete and
unified in all three branches of being. The prophet YeshaYahu

speaks of the 3 three natures of man
culminating in a unified, blessed expanded state.
(Isaiah Chapter 19:24 and 25)

For each of these three branches, there is appointed a trustee
of light, who will allocate knowledge-as you seek—to be given

unto you until all the families of Shem, Cham, and Yapheth are
fully extended and unified. Shem is the base of the people of
YishARAL. Cham is the base of the people of Egypt. And
Yapheth is the base of the people of Assyria.
Regarding these three branches all of the rest of the
scripture is written.
Ch- 10 Verse 1
And these are the generations/outcomes
being formulations of Noach/the desire to ascend
A name formulates / becomes warmed joined with openings
and there is born for them
1 following the deluge.

The Unity of the ordering of light/composes generations. The
generations are the outcomes of our unified unfoldment. These
are the compositions/corresponding to the formulations /offspring of Noach.
We are the planting of YHWH. The cosmic light's that
surround us are propagating the species of not only plants and
animal's, but bringing forth the crown of creation, mankind. As
a tree responds to the daily and nightly illumination periods, so
are we receiving, interacting with, and aging according to the
light striking us.

But more so, there is the Light of the Word, that when it
comes forth out of the heart & speaks the illumination of the
Name, that light work's inwardly and generations of a name are
formulated unto their complete height, unto the full stature of
Mashiyach, that bloom's and bears the expressions---fruit of
one’s name.
The Torah writing's contain the impregnated word's
of light that when released develop within us the attributes of
ALhhim. These same words are within each person written on
the leaves of your mind that then opened and read the nature
within the words are released to bring forth the Child of the Uni
verse or the Offspring of YHWH.

The formulations of Noach are at the level when a name
desires to flourish upward from the Adam Stage of conscious
ness. This desire to ascend brings forth openings for expand
ing the name--Yapheth, the formulations for manifesting a
name--Cham and the life force to enable the tree to grow
and bear it's fruit Shem. This force of life, rooted in all of us,
is the root system of life, and as it re leases it's life properties
it empowers the tree to formulate.
Each tree will be according to it's name and lineage.
Each of us are to pertain to the work that we are assigned by
name and bear the fruit of it. There are common traits that be-

long to all the offspring of YahúWah HaSham The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.<YAHWEH Ha
Sham ALLAH God, as we bear annually the twelve fruit's of
each year. One of the factors in our development corresponds
to the leaves that we bring forth on our branches. As the Writing of the Revelation/Chazon states: the leaves are for the heal
ing of the processes of life/nations, that is, they are for the pur
pose of completing, making whole, the tree of Life. Leaves are
the means to unfold and assist the tree to its full development;
they are for healing/health/completion of all processes (nation's).
The fruit is rather obvious as you look at your tree: the loin
branches {balls), hang with fruit and from which also sprouts
forth the child. Some fruit are within cavities as the eye, the
tongue, etc. Each of your organs are fruit bearing on your tree.
Where are the leaves? For the eyes, the leaves are the eyelids;
for the ears, the outer ear; for the heart the values; for the tongue the lips; for the glands the prepuce; for the mind, the brain
folds; etc. Basically the leaves are the clustering of cells surrounding an organ in which the flower comes forth and
through which the fruit emerges.
What would you call a leaf? What letter's of the

alephbet would best describe its nature and function? The term,
leaf, in the Torah is the word, olah, meaning to ascend or break

through. Leaves are the evidence of life as they arises from the
buried seed. They are the product that breaks through the bran
ches and twig's. As the olah / the ascendant offering, leaves
arises from the inner core and give of themselves for the service of all.
The care and condition of the leaves determine our health
and the development of our fruit. A plant with little leaves will
have few flowers and hence little fruit; a tree with spotted leaves
indicates disease. We are to be conscious of the leaf condition
of our Tree of Life lest our lips and ear leaves become spotted
with words and vibrations that are apart from the Stock Force.
The leaves pertain to all processes of life and affect our
successive unfoldments through the generations of Noach. The
generations are in this order: Shem Cham coupled with
Yapheth. We may read these group of Torah word's as: a name
formulates with opening's. Shem’s growth is coupled with the
manifestation joined to the opening's. A name spreads out
through leaves which appear at the node's or openings of the
tribal branches. The stock of a plant or its life essence is Shem;
the manifestation is Cham, and the portals or nodes comprise
“And these are the generations of the sons of Noach: Shem,
Cham, and Yapheth.” The word these is the same word as

Eloha, a form of ALhhim/God. Hence we can read this here
grouping as: “And God---the United Orders/of Light” composes generations/being formulations / son's of Noach. “And to
them are brought forth, following the flood.” Why does the
flood come at the time of Noach?
The flood depicts the great deluge of information
released to Adam upon his acceptance to become extended unto
the full nature as an offspring of ALhhim.

The flood will come whenever there is acceptance within the
heart of the earth. Each time a mother conceives one's name to
emerge, so the flood comes. The great water's are held back
until your acceptance of becoming. And even now, as we are in
this particular time upon this ole planet, we are confirming our
state to be fully extended in the image of ALhhim. As we desire to ascend, the water's of the deep, pertaining to our three
branches of being will break forth and will lift us unto new
heights and carry us forward unto the mountain's of knowledge
and revelation.
The flood is the result of Man coming into the state of
Noah. At which time the waters of the deep break open to release every trait and every message that pertains to our actualization. We may consider the vast waters of the flood to be of
such proportions to fill the wombs of every mother to bear
every child in every generation of Adam’s life. The waters that

break forth are of such vast proportion, that every person can
become completely immersed and then to arise unto their full
actualization as a son of ALhhim. This is the second story of
baptism, the first being the immersion of the earth in the oceans
of the deep (Gen 1:9).
The third account is with Abram as he goes up from the River of
Egypt (Gen 13:1/15:18). Remember (Of course, U never knew this), but,
the stories of Adam, Noach, and Abram are one and the same
being told in 3 three levels or frequencies of light.
As there is One White Light, there is within that oneness three
primary color's: red, green, and blue which correspond to the

three levels of the alephbet and the 3 three account's of creation, Adam Noach and Abram.
But What does the Torah mean, “after the flood”? The word
after/denotes “to follow through-to carry further.” We have con
ceived/the assignment/in the mind/for which the flood water's
have been released. After denotes the force to project forward.
Ch- 10 Verse 2
The formulations of opening's/Sons of Yapheth are
Gomer coupled with Magog coupled with Madai
coupled with Yavan coupled with Tubal
coupled with Meshech coupled with Tiras.

The formulations of Japheth/Yapheth/are set forth first. The
name Yapheth means: “to open, to spread, to enlarge, to make
wide.” These are opening's of expansions. Literally, Yapheth is
the ability to activate m a n a g e/our expressive/t o t a l i t y:
for until the openings are set in place, there can be no defined
forms. Unless a mold is prepared there cannot be a casting or a
shaping or a molding.
Thus, Yapheth is foremost in the list--as the openings precede
all manifestations and expressions of our totality. Yapheth is
upheld by Shem who is the nurturer of Yapheth being the elder
of the openings (verse 21). The term greater denotes the surpass
ing nature of a name through the openings. Shem bears Eber to
completely formulate the crossovers via the support of the opening's. Your mouth opens to draw in and to give out the divine intelligence: to ask questions, and to declare the revelations which expand your mind unto the reality of your true, im
mortal nature. Your openings are not to subject your mind and
soul to the desires and illusions of the flesh apart from the fun
ctions of light. The mind can become subject to addictive or
fixed behaviors for the sake or pleasure of your mortality. Using the mouth to speak in ways that degrade or confuse can
also reduce the function of the opening's.
Your openings are channels to elevate you unto the consciousness of your immortal status in wisdom. Everything that

comes and goes through your openings are to glorify and expand the one, holy Name of YahúWah. There is no other name
to be on the lip's of His children. Whatever you eat that comes
through your openings of Madai, you are to partake of it; that
The Name of YHWH is extended and blessed.

Whatever you meditate in the opening's of Yavan are
to be con sidered for the blessings and expanding The Name of
YahúWah. Whatever comes into, or joins, through the opening's of Tiras—the openings of your sexual fortress is to honor
and to bless the perfect union of YahúWah. Every opening from
Magog/to Tiras is subject to the crown opening of Gomer.Gomer
is the first and the chief opening of the mind, through which
comes the illumination to complete and perfect and to make
whole every aspect of man. Every other opening in you is sub
ject to the crown opening, or the illumination of Gomer. And if
the other openings are not in relation to Gomer then the openings are left subject to the force that approaches them.
Our discernment is subject to the illumination. Our speech is
subject to the illumination. Our meditation's are subject to the
illumination. Our integration of values is subject to the illumination. Our position to abide in the state of consciousness
that we have achieved is subject to the illumination. Our unfolding of light garment's into a new creation is subject to the

illumination of Gomer that makes one complete and whole.
What we decipher, ask, think upon, plan, where we abide
consciously, and how we enter into unions from our loins are
based upon the illumination to make us complete/Gomer. If our
decisions and actions are not subject to the illumination of the
Gomer opening, then it is darkness (a willfulness to be ignorant) that holds us in our mortality and prevents our expansion and the blessing of YHWH upon us.
The blessing of YHWH is active with those who walk in the
Torah, those who can be entrusted to read and comprehend
from the Guarded Tablet's. The gate's of Yapheth are beautiful to behold. They are portal's of pearls, encircled with a
ring of gold and set in place with bronze. As U develop the for
mulations of Yapheth unto their complete nature of Light, you
set the mold for your immortal light-body. At this point in your
development, your openings have facilitated a prototype state
of being which is your mortal state of existence; but when your
openings become perfect and complete, you will establish the
mold to receive and to create the immortal tabernacle of
HaShem. In conjunction with the expanse or blessing of the
openings, the garments of Cham and the names of Shem are ex
panding also. The opening's appear and function on behalf of
every expression and nature of light. Such are according to the
pattern that Moshe sees on the Mount.

Establishing the openings come through using each of them ac
cording to their name. Moreover, as the SeedName of your Life
continues to be drawn out to release the branches and fruit of
your Name, the opening's will continue to open and be perfected
both in presence and function. A tree does not come unto its full
stature until all the branches within have been brought forth.
The branches can only emerge and be established as the ring's
of the tree continue to expand which provides the openings and
strength to support the branches. The circle of rings may be
compared to the openings of Yapheth with in us as they expand
in frequencies and operation of support.
Certainly, as the openings are used according to their name's
by the Master Mind within, so they support the entire Tree of
Life of each Name. However, if the ring's become diseased or
chipped away at through deterioration of the Mind’s use, then
the support of the openings will be weakened and their frequencies reduced to the state of the Mind in control. As a result
they may be used to facilitate or hinder the further branching
of a Name. Light is distributed through the Gomer openings
and discerned within Magog. This discernment then stimulates
the use of Madai, the throat/mouth opening, which is used to
speak of the frequencies discerned.
For example, through Madai we speak of Torah Teaching's
as they arise in our consciousness; speaking of the Torah, a

composition of light signs, expands our inner Tree of Life. As
the teaching's are discussed through questions and sparks of revelation's, the openings of Yavan respond to release thought's
of Wisdom which have been formulated in the heart. These for
mulations of thought's are powerful light frequency patterns
that provide an on-going sequence of Word's. These Words of
Life are then established via Tubal and extended to dwell with
in our encampments through Mesheck whereby we recreate or
wrap our names in garment's of light drawn out through Tiras.
We then operate according to the Word Base that has
been established which provides an expanse of consciousness
of Light based on the Word formulation's within.
The process and inter-relationship of the openings convey
how the worlds are created. Within the Master Mind of the Uni
verse, the Light of Gomer shines. Via Magog the Light is discerned. As HaShem speaks of the Light, Light Word's are for
-mulated. The fires of Yavan rise into the mouth of He of ALhhim which empower, give shape and character and hue to the
Word's being spoken. As the Words are complete and perfected in the Mouth of YHWH the frequencies of the Word's are
established via Tubal. From their establishment, the Words are
extended into places of occupation that convey and mirror their
frequencies. Tiras then begins to draw out the strands of light
whereby the new manifestation becomes visible. The creation

process is complete through these 7 stages of development.
The Story of Noach relates the harmonious relationships
of Yapheth, Cham, and Shem, which is another account of the
Beginnings. Your Name comes into the earth realm to create.
Your creations are via your seven opening's through which you
expand to reveal all within. As your Name opens as the Seed of
your Life, so your openings of Yapheth expand further. As you
continue to use the openings according to their names, they will
fortify and support your ongoing unfoldments. The list of sons
is a progression of the formulations of Yapheth. Once these
seven initial sons are positioned, there are further openings
via Gomer and Yavan (detailed in verse 3). The offspring of Gomer and Yavan correspond to the openings of the mind and the
openings of the heart.
The formulations of the openings commence with Gomer.
Gomer means “to complete to end, to finish, to decide, to
conclude, to deduce, to learn from one thing or another.” In
all of our beginnings, we are shown the end. All that opens con
tains within it the completion or finish. The Seed of our Name
has opened for it's perfection, unto becoming the complete arrangement of YHWH.
Accordingly, through the Gomer opening we will receive
illumination from above that will culminate in our perfect dis

play of light. Baruch HaShem! Through Gomer we know the
finish line of a race before we start. We have the complete plans
before we lay a foundation. Gomer is the first opening of the
household of Yapheth whereby your soul comes to perfection:
being confident of this very thing that: He which began a good
work in you will perform it unto the day—unto the activity—
unto the culmination of coming into the stature of Mashiyach.
The name Gomer/is also translated as “an ember” for an ember is a form that the fire yields even as each of us are a coal
from the Fire of YHWH. As each spark arose from the Fire
of Unity it also descended whereby it became condensed as an
ember to be handled and examined.
The spark possesses all traits of the Fire, and as it is fanned,
all characteristics within arise to create from the combined pro
perties of earth, water, and fire an expression of it's Light. Go
mer contains all of man traits ignited before-----from the stages
of Adam unto Noah. But as the ember continues to be fanned
other traits become revealed. Gomer is the opening whereby we
continue to ascend in consciousness. It is the initial spark that
sets afire the south to blaze fully and provides the Source of
Fire to come down upon the altar to consume the sacrifice.
This red, glowing ember is often called the soft spot on the
cranium when a baby is born.
It is located at the very apex of the head which serves as

the orifice of the straight and the narrow path within every person. Coupled with Gomer is the formulation of Magog. And
Magog is referred to/opening; as the third eye which draws out
from the totality. The word Magog actually means “from Gog”:
from the top, from the ceiling, a drawing out from the roof or
the pre-embryonic mind of man. Within your construct of be
ing there is the opening of Magog--the mind’s eye that beholds
all coming in at the crown or through the opening of Gomer. Ma
gog is often translated as “to soften, dissolve, or to squeeze;” it
represents the third eye of interpretation and in sight.
Through Magog we discern and process interpretations of
the illumination coming in from Gomer. Magog also means a
bast or the outer layer of stems, the fibrous and some what
woody layer which conveys the structure and support insight
provides. The drawing out/ always will balance itself as in the
formula: or 3 = 3. Our insights from study observation or dream
ing will seek to balance them selves as they are processed with
other information that we have gathered to that point. That is
why we are continually trying to fit into our point of reference in
to new information. However the key point is that the new in-

sights do not need to conform to our deposits of information,
but may elevate and purge our deposits as we expand our consciousness of life.
From these two northern openings much prophecy has

been written concerning man’s final stage of development. The
concept “to squeeze or dissolve” is Magog’s ability to draw out
the juice--or the “essence” or “flavor” of what appears through
the openings of Gomer. Confirm each of these openings within
yourself; for the Torah is a Master Guide to the unfolding of all
that you are. Every name within the Torah is a position within
The holy Torah name's combined comprise the full nature of
haMashiyach. Realize that the operations of these openings are

the Living Word being made visible. These openings are made
by the Holy Fire of YHWH and are used for a life of well-pleasing. Via the opening's you honor your Father with names (in the
heavens). Note Gomer is coupled with Magog, coupled with
Madai coupled with Yavan coupled with Tubal coupled with
Meshach and coupled with Tiras. These seven sons of Yapheth
are the seven united primary openings of mind which flow as
streams of light and also as concentric overlapping circles of
light frequencies and information.
Coupled with Gomer, The Perfector/Completor, and Magog, The
Discerner/Prophet Eye, is the opening of Madai. Madai / means “to

draw out of all sufficiency, being adequate, a release of plenty,
to have enough and more than enough.” Madai indicates a con
tinuous supply, a continual flow from the Source. Madai unfolds the interpretations of Magog into utterances. The spoken
messages pertain to the on-going unfolding of all that we are.

There is no end to the Word of YHWH; hence there is a con-

tinual supply of word's. Through the mouth or the throat open
ing Word's flow. Through speaking the words of YHWH there
is a continual and adequate supply of light for all of our
As we speak, so we have. As we teach, sufficient measures are
set forth. As we unfold the continual nature of life, so is there
abundance. The alignment of each persons Madai opening with
the Eastern Gate of the Universe positions the opening for the
word's of wisdom to be spoken each day. As the Voice of
Wisdom is uttered each day from the Gate of Madai, so it is uttered through us as our inner gate is aligned with the universal
gate (Tehillah/Psalm 19:2). Coupled with Madai is Yavan; for coupled with the mouth opening is the heart opening. Yavan/spills over —
all that is within the heart spills out in language. Your heart is like a
cup continually overflowing with language and effervescing
with joy; this is the unity of the opening of Madai and Yavan.
The drawing out of the revelation's in Magog through Madai
causes Yavan to break open like a geyser at times and at other
times as a bubbling spring. Yavan corresponds to the king open
ing within each person which determines their use of energies.
The meanings of Yavan convey a deep muck, a miry pit, an
oozing, to let go/hang out, to effervesce being hot to emit small
bubbles, a group of atoms, an ion, molecule with a net electric

charge by gaining or losing electrons from an initially electrically neutral configuration. The same root word of Yavan also
means a dove or pigeon, a symbol of the waw/6/Y to group &
arrange ion's-electrically charged atom or atom group: an atom
or group of atom's that has acquired an electric charge by losing or gaining one or more electrons.
These various meanings convey the depth and oozing function of the heart that spills over with blood and sends forth a beat
that regulates the entire house functions. Such actions corres-

pond to the king position within us. More will be said about
the operations of Yavan as we look at the offspring.
Coupled with Yavan is the opening, Tuval which means “a
uni verse, a world, a composition, to house an order or a group
of roles.” It is also translated; meaning “tumult, to cause a mix
ing or a composition.” Hence, various word's are taken from
Tuval, meaning “to variegate, diversify, to unfold—all the aspects of your mind.” Tuval pertains to the digestive openings,
or the openings of the stomach / navel, through which there is
a mixing, or a composition formed. Tuval comes from the root
word yoval, which means “to carry, or to flow, or to bring forth
—to bring forth a pool of water, or to create a water course.”
As Yavan-the heart opening—spills over like a cup, so a water
course or a basin of understanding gathers and flows through
Tuval. This life generating pool of understanding, depicted as

the gulf of life with in, will bless and cause your whole house
to be rejuvenated with joy and understanding to build-up the
inner man. Within the basin of Tuval each aspect of understand
ing is broken open to be absorbed through Mesheck. The stomach pool is the course-way of the digestive tract of man, of
which Tuval is the opening.
Coupled with the opening of Tuval is Mesheck; for from the
digestive tract there is an opening into the great river of life-the
intestinal tract. Whenever life commences to open, it will continue to open and open until all is fully brought forth according
to the Force within and it takes its position amongst the Living
Orders of Light. Hence, one opening is joined with another
even as we are joined together being the openings / expanse
of YahúWah YHWH. The Most High / HhaOLiyun HhaSham/The
Name, h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.<
‘The Pure Language’
Mesheck means “to stretch or extend, to attract, to pull, to
tug, to lengthen, to prolong.” Hence through this opening all

light frequencies, learnings and understandings become assimi
lated. The opening extends the elements and the ideas into
each of our members where they will lodge and take up
As particles of light come through Mesheck, they are dispersed into the house's of our name. According to the level of

dwelling so the level of consciousness. The word Mesheck is
the root/base word of mishkan, which means “to temple or to
create a sanctuary, a dwelling place or habitation, being an ex
tension of mind.”
Coupled with the extension of Mesheck is Tiras, which is
the opening to the reproductive centres. Tiras / means “a wrapping,” like the wrappings of a turban around the head. As we
assimilate through Mesheck we create layers of revelation and
under standing through Tiras. Garments, comprised of golden
threads, are woven by the Tailor of Tiras.
Tiras means “a sheath,” like the sheath around an ear of corn,
or “a shield.” From the assimilation of values from Mescheck,
the mind wraps itself in garments—the forms of life—to clothe
and adorn the composed dwellings of light frequencies. Hence,
via the opening of Tiras, Moshe comes as well as all children
of ALhhim. Even as the physical garments/body is initiated by
Tiras, so are the Garments of Joseph given to Benjamin as a
sign of the everlasting life. As each wrapped bundle of life emerges through the Gates of Tiras, the illumination that broke
through in Gomer is now unfurled with the immortal and radiant fabrics of life. This perfect formulation of light Gomer saw
from the beginning. Knowing the process of Life with the assu
rance that nothing can thwart the out come, keeps the priests /
enlightened minds of YHWH diligent and ever abounding in

the Work of His Kingdom. HalleluYahu!
Tiras also means “to oppose, or to dispute.” The reflective
side of this name may be seen as the veils of the body, which

both en wrap and shield, but also which may oppose as the na
ture of flesh. It is the openings of Tiras into the reproductive
forms that cause all we assimilate and gather through the openings of Mesheck to unfold in beautiful garments of light.
Thus, one should always guard the openings of the soul, lest
they be used for purposes contrary to our perfect order of being as an offspring of ALhhim YHWH.
These are the seven opening's of soul. The opening's
of Yapheth are joined together as the openings of a wood wind.
Gomer with Magog with Madai with Yavan with Tuval with
Mesheck with Tiras. Each opening is united with a conjunction
/the waw/ with the one before and the one following. Keep the
unity of the openings in mind as it is via their union that Life is
fulfilled. The seven openings are referred to as the straight and
the narrow path. From the apex of the head unto the apex of
the loins of the body, the openings form a column of light. As
you en ter into these gates, you enter into the realms of illumination pouring forth from the crown opening all the way
through your structure, to the base of the loins. Look at the

straight and narrow path from the top of your head to the base
of the loins. From this column there is a spreading forth. The
inner straight narrow column that descends from the top of
your head through your entire body now branches off. As you
look at the back of the vertebrae, you see the nerves and the
bones extending from this central column which widen out and
expand to form the broad way.
Blessed is the one who walks by the illumination of
the straight and narrow way; for the ways of the broad path, or
the ways of the flesh lead to destruction. Yahushúo says, “Enter/
approach through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the
way is broad that leads to destruction; and many are those who
are approaching through it. For the gate is small and the way is
narrow that leads to life, and few are those who are finding it”
(Mattithyahu, the writings of Matthew, Chapter 7:13-14).

In reviewing the sons of Yapheth, the first son of
Yapheth is Gomer: it is the opening for the completion of man
—for the perfecting and for the complete arrangement of being
Man-which is the promise for all who accept and acknowledge
their gift of life. Illuminations from above, coming into the openings of Gomer, are for your completion. You notice the pres
ence of this opening when a child is born; at the top of their
crown there is the red glowing ember of Gomer. This opening
corresponds to the priesthood opening or the initial opening
of the mind within every person. Joining to the openings of

Gomer is Magog. Magog is the means to discern and to provide
interpretations of the illumination that comes through Gomer.
You may consider this the prophet opening.
Connected with Magog is Madai. Each of these openings are
connected to each other, like openings within a pipe or flute.
Madai unfolds the interpretations into teachings which provide
a continual unfolding of all we are. There is no end to the word
of YHWH The Most High HhaOLiyun YahúWah The Pure
Language; therefore there is a continual resource and a continu
al supply of strength of being furnished through the opening of
Madai. This is the spokesman opening within man. Coupled
with Madai is Yavan. The Yavan opening gives forth understanding and joy according to the mouthing of the Word's of
Madai. The words of Madai cause Yavan, the heart opening, to
over flow like a bubbling brook coming down from the mountain of Gomer and as a spring of life arising to refresh the entire house.
Coupled with Yavan is Tuval / which carries the streams
that come from Yavan, whereby each aspect of understanding
is broken down and absorbed to construct and fortify the inner
man. This is the opening of integration and pertains to the
teacher opening within man. Coupled with Tuval is Mesheck,
the opening to extend the concepts of Tuval unto each member
of man where it will dwell, lodge, and take up residence, even

un to each integral part of our inner man. As the particles of
light come into Mesheck, they are dispersed and absorbed into
our members. This is the mason or the builder opening within
Coupled with Mesheck is the seventh opening, Tiras, the
opening that takes all formulated from Mesheck and initiates a
new creation with layers of revelation. Tiras is the opening into
which Rabbi Moshe/Moses comes, initially, to unfurl the illumination through the openings of Gomer; and these unfurlings
or unfoldings create the garments of light. Initially, through
Tiras, you received your physical enwrapment or body; but as
you have come into this manifested realm for your totality, the
illumination coming through Gomer, on down through the openings to Tiras, will yield an unfolding of the garments of light
to formulate your light-body. The garments of Yoseph that are
given one each to his brother's and the five garment's given to
the tribe of Benyamin come through the opening of Tiras.
Yoseph dwells in the West through the Gate of Tiras. This
western side corresponds to the base of your trunk—the reproductive area. The sons of Yapheth are the openings of the mind
which become the openings of the soul. The mind opens to become complete, or perfected, to become fully developed. You
may see this opening occurring around you continually. A seed
breaks open—creates an opening—so that it can become fully

When YHWH HhaSham/The Name, emptied Himself of all
the attributes of life, He dispersed these attributes as gifts for
their expansion and total expression—to fill and to expand the
universe. Each one of us is an attribute—a great gift, a position
—in the great House of Life. As you confirm your position in
life, you begin to unfold the generations of Noach with in you
at every level of your expansion.
You are a great / expanding name, coming from your
Father with name's. Your name is an emergence or breaking
open of the Master Name. Do not allow it to become swallow
ed up and engulfed and hidden in the sensuality—in the excite
ment of the physical plane. The physical plane is to mirror and
to reflect to you the order and the arrangement and the expansive nature of life, itself. It is used as a warming place—like a
hot bed for you to be sown into, and from which, it is for you
to arise and radiate the glory of YHWH held within you.
Blessed is the man who maintains his openings in
purity, according to the illumination's of life. Keep your openings guarded from impure associations that emit ray's–frequencies of destruction, which may cause your openings to become
clogged and non-operative. Consider your openings in your
crown, in your mind's eye, in your throat in your heart, in your

digestive course-way, in your intestines, and in your reproductive centers to be kadosh--holy to YHWH, holy to the unity
of life that expresses love and devotion for Unity. In your consciousness of associations, honor these sacred openings in those
that you affiliate with. Honor them in the manner that you share
information and how you extend yourself in their presence, that
they also may come to honor the openings with in themselves.
Baruch HaShem.
Will you sanctify your openings for perfect unions and affirm that your openings are set and positioned for entering the
Gate's of Wisdom as one with YHWH? Do you say now,
“Awmen!” that your openings are the means of your completion as an offspring of Adam and through them you receive revelation's to expand your Name unto it's full extent in Wisdom?
Keeping your openings holy for the purpose to which the mind
opens is vital to your actualization. Your progress is hindered
when your openings are used for purposes to which they are
not designed, i.e. gluttony, fornication, bad mouthing, gossip,
putrefy, greed, etc. Each of your openings are created by
wisdom. Honor them according to the wisdom of life.
Ch- 10 Verse 3
And the off spring of Gomer are
Askenaz coupled with Riphat
coupled with Togarmah.

Gomer unfolds with Ashkenaz, meaning “the gathering of

fire,” or “the clustering of wisdom.” Ashkenaz is trans lated as
“a cluster, a bunching”-as a testicular cluster or grapes. From
the seven aligned openings come the sparks /animations of life.
Revelations that have passed through the straight and narrow
column are fire spark's of Wisdom Ashkenaz gathers the
sparks activated via the illumination processed through the
seven opening's. Wisdom has established a seven/complete col
umn of light openings. As sparks of Wisdom are communicated through the openings and arise unto the crown, the expanse
of Gomer widens with Ashkenaz.
The name Ashkenaz is comprised of two words:
ashki, meaning “fire branching,”with kenaz, meaning “to
cluster gather or spread” and with meaning to sprinkle/spurt /
start The name is rendered “to branch/spread the fires.” Revelations via the seven openings are gathered in Ashkenaz. These
spark's are gathered to determine various conclusions. Spread
ing the fire's is for the consummation of all that began.
What are the goals of your Name? How is your name

branching/spreading unto your perfected end? Gomer sees the
end from the beginning. Ashkenaz assembles the information
being processed / drawn out of the 7 seven levels of revelation's. The sparks are organized in Ashkenaz verses allowing
the sparks to go out randomly without realizing the significance
of each one. In regards to these flames, the following occurred

during making the morning olah (24 June 2001).
The Voice, Shmual Wahli, of BHM, say's:

'As I was in process of making the olah offering
Number's 28, I began speaking in a strange language that I did
not recognize. I understood that it was a language of an Order of
angel's who appeared in front of me, sitting behind tables in concentric circle's. The words I was speaking were understood by

all those present; it seemed as though I was lecturing revelation's and being apart of this Order. As I drew up the flame's
from the loins to the heart altar and began making the offering,
I could only speak in this strange tongue. I proceeded to make
the oylah with my mind while yet speaking aloud.As I noticed
the men in front of me, they admonished me to let the fire from
within me speak through my mouth. I yielded to the Fire to speak
and as I did, the pitch of my word's changed. The words that
were once rough and ordinary sounding became crystal clear
like the clarity of a sound through a horn------As I continued to speak the fire flames shot upwards into
my head, and I was again admonished to bring the Fire upward into Ashkenaz and through the orifice of Gomer. As the
flames eventually broke through the brain area and into the
opening's of Ashkenaz and Gomer, they began to spread over
all of my land masses, even covering my arms and leg's, until I was
entirely baptized in Fire.'

Note: The land in the scripture's is not dirt or filthy sand
in some far off country. Our body is the LAND.
Shmual continues---

'I understood that this was the baptism of Fire and that the
Voice of Wisdom has designated all my cells and energies for
it's purpose and use.'
Coupled with the gathering and spreading of fire's is Riphat,
meaning “kernels spoken, or pounded grain.” To speak and
meditate is to pound or open up the grain, especially via questions and progressive thinking. Riphat stores the concepts of
wisdom into principal words, or seeds of light. The opening of
Riphat gathers from the sparks and stores them into a reservoir
for future formulations of ideas/seeds of life. The name Riphat
is used to convey an area designated as a stall for cattle, a place
to farm and cultivate ideas. All of the possible combinations of
ideas are formulated step by step to achieve the goals envision
ed through Gomer. It is not if you will have the ideas to be com
pletely unfolded, but when you will have the ideas to ascend in
to your glorified light-body. No sequential steps can be bypassed for each step and combination of concepts are necessary
to formulate the entire picture of our divine image.(Spelling of
Riphat in I Chronicles 1:6, appears to be scribal gloss as contemp
orary forms of the resh/20 & dale/4 are similar.)

Coupled with Riphat is Togarmah/ meaning to bargain, trade

or exchange. Togarmah is a further widening of Gomer to exchange all ideas gathered and reserved. Via the trading or ex
changing of concepts, every idea necessary for our attainment
is formulated. Togarmah is viewed as an exchange station that
draws from the reservoir of Riphat. Togarmah facilitates the ex
change process between levels of light frequencies, i.e. the spirit
ual and physical. The process of transferring spiritual concepts
into manifestations, via Togarmah, enables Man to enter into the
human body form and likewise, to enter into the immortal form
as all of your openings are perfected. This center enables man

to condense information and reason.
For example, the bringing of Yoseph into Egypt is via the descendants of Yapheth (SMB/Gen 37:28). Yoseph was sold unto
the Midianites who brought him into Mitzraim Egypt.These de
scendants are from Madai of Yapheth. The offspring of Gomer
facilitate a perspective of completion, of culmination, by transferring all that we perform via speech/Madai and then into the
testicular realm, a symbol of molecular clustering for transmission through/Tiras.
The descendants of Yapheth are instrumental to bring all
names into Mitzraim or into the land of “Egypt.” Coupled with
all seeds and grains of development/Riphat, we have the where
withal to bargain, or to trade, and enter in to Egypt via Togarmah.
And from Egypt, YHWH calls His offspring. Egypt is the area of
definition, of boundaries, which the physical/manifestation rea

lm depicts; from this defined position YHWH calls us forth. By
way of an exchange, or a trading, we enter into Egypt—into de
fined boundaries. Gomer/is the means to receive fire consciousness, or the holy consciousness of life. Gomer is the primary
opening of Yapheth. The receptivity of Gomer is distributed in
three sons that cluster information, generate kernels or seeds
for ideas, and merchants/traders whereby we exchange informa
tion and energies into defined realms. The ability to exchange is
also told in the story of Yoseph, who is sold/released for twenty
pieces of silver. By the accumulation of understanding and instruction (twenty silver pieces), there is a redemption of the soul
from it's prior state of development (i.e. Chapter 10) to enter into
earth realms, where we are able to expand and to develop, like
a tree that is sown into the earth.
These twenty/pieces of silver express the value you have
within you to branch forth in understanding, being pairs of
united branches. Every one of you paid the price of 20 twenty
pieces of silver; for without it, you could not be in your present
body. Since you are here—to expand and to branch forth the
understanding of life—do not be caught up in the things of this
world, that you loose sight of who you are and what your pur
pose is for abiding in your mortal temple. The gate of Togarmah opens to exchange the Presence of Life from the heavens
to the earth and vice-a-versa. Not only does Togarmah serve to
make exchanges amongst each set of clustering openings, but

also enables us to exchange ideas between each other. The exchange of information between spirits, angels, mathematical
formulas, value determinations, ability to condense information and to reason is the function of Togarmah. Thus we may
comprehend Togarmah to be a Gate of Communications and
Revelations. The three sons of Gomer formulate an iris at the
crown as the mind flowers with illumination. According to the
openings of the crown, the heart widens in response. As mind
opens, so will heart; for the capacity to receive from the heart
centre has been prepared by the offspring of Gomer. Hence,
following the offspring of Gomer is a presentation of the formulations / son's of Yavan.
The opening of Yavan/ pours forth the understanding and the
joy of Madai. The word of Madai/causes Yavan, or the heart
opening to overflow like a bubbling fountain. The seeds of
light flow from the mountain of Gomer and then arise with
compound and expanded thoughts from the fountain of Yavan.
The sons of Yavan open in four dimensions: Elishah, Tarshish,
Kittim, and Dodanim.
As the openings are established in position and in relation
ship to each other we are readied for manifestation. Thus the
openings are primary for our undergoing changes/transformations through stage of development. Following the next set of
the sons of Yapheth, the sons of Cham/are revealed. And follow

ing the sons of Cham, the sons of Shem are brought forth; for
after we are readied for manifestation, our Name is called, i.e
Abram, to come to Earth for expansion.
Ch- 10 Verse 4
And joining with are the sons/off- spring of Yavan:
Elishah coupled with Tarshish,
Kittim coupled with Dodanim.

The opening's of Yavan are the openings of the heart. As your
heart seeks for and invites the council of the priests to enter in
to her chambers, so the offspring of Yavan are born. The relation ship of the openings of Gomer and Yavan may be compared to the bonds between the priest's and the kings.
The expanded openings of Yavan, in response to the expanse
of Gomer, form a pyramid base at the heart for the total expansion of mind. Note that there are two pairs of the off spring of
Yavan: Elishah with Tarshish, and Kittim with Dodanim. Between each pair is a bond; the two bonds create the X/taw over
the heart and become the base of the ascending pyramid.
Elishah, the first opening of Yavan, may be translated as 'the
Divine Order of the Lamb.' The illumination of the mind is
presented to the heart.When the heart accepts the illuminated

sparks of the upper triad of names (Ashkenaz, Riphat, and Togarmah), their messages enter into all parts via the circulatory motions of the heart. The heart responds to the priestly council
coming through the openings of Gomer as it relates to the sheh
the Lamb of AL. Yavan serves via releasing ions (from all gathered and exchanged) to charge the molecular structures of Go
mer. Elishah is the initial response to the expanding openings of
Gomer. When the directive concepts of Togarmah are brought
to the heart, Elishah examines them to determine if these concepts pertain to the Lamb of AL.
Elishah carries a positive charge as a result of having
gained electrons from the thought expansions of Ashkenaz,
Riphat, and Togarmah. When the Council is in agreement with
the words of the Lamb, the heart sends positive charges accord
ing to the instruction/direction of the mind; however, the heart
may also negate what the mind proposes. As the heart is the
king chamber, the decision of the heart generally prevails. Coupl
ed with Elishah is Tarshish, meaning “a gem, a stone, a crystallite
mineral variety”: from the root meaning “to design or to plan or
to provide details.” As the message's from the up per council is
charged by the heart, various crystals/gems are formulated. The
type of gem created is determined by the message of the light;
the color of the gem is determined by the waves and frequencies of the light, i.e. the colors of the light spectrum. Through
Tarshish the beautiful jewels of life are formulated in conjunc

tions with the ionic charges. It is also by way of Tarshish that
you formulate the gems of your body members, such as the eyes
and other organs. These jewels comprise the organs and operations of the transparent body. Amongst these gems are the breast
plate at the heart area designed for the sons of Aaron Aharon/
which is formulated according to the enlightenment of your
These precious stones form through meditations of the heart
upon the words from Gomer. Precious stones formulate into all
the operative functions of man, which are the living stones with
in you. Tarshish embodies the light messages verified by Elishah into stones. Thus Elishah and Tarshish are united in purpose. Kittim, the third formulation of Yavan, is the opening to
enable expanse for carving and engraving and inscribing As Tarshish provides molecule organization, Kittim carves the molec
ular classes, in which are inscribed the functions of each part.
This is the opening to release the hand of wisdom to shape and
to designate the functions of the molecular clusters. In so doing
each land mass, or organ, in the midst of the water's are designa
ted unto their proper place and operation. Kittim, is a further
expanse and response to the upper triad council. Where as the
concepts are spoken by Riphat; the response is written by
Kittim. Writing creates a bond between the mind and the heart
openings. By way of Kittim there are engravings, carvings, and
inscriptions within the stones which become known as the

Book of the Lamb/Elishah.
The writing's extend the verification of Elishah. Kittim facilitates the associations of the stones together, into troops/forces.
As the mind catches the sparks via the expanse of Ashkenaz
and incubates them into seeds via Riphat; they become planted
in the heart via Togarmah. The concepts are accepted in the
heart by Elishah with an electrical/ionic charge. The concepts
are then written by Kittim on the royal tablets prepared by Tarshish. The writing's are the sparks of Ashkenaz, hence a writing of Fire. This is the process whereby the Torah is written up
on our inner stones. From the heart the words go forth being
sent by the king’s ambassadors, to be inscribed upon the corres
ponding tablet's.
It is the duty of the King to write the Torah The King in our
heart writes the Torah on the royal tablets prepared by Tarshish.
The King receives the Torah Light message's from the priests of
Aharon. This is a picture of the mind ministering to the heart.

From the two tablets of Aharon, the priest dictates to the Kings
chamber. When Aharon communicates all within the man, the
man becomes the Book of the Law & Adam attains to their totality. From the lip's of the priest the words are spoken; this is
the service of the priesthood
The Torah has been commonly understood to be written

by Moses. Let it be discerned that the Torah is written by
Masheh/Moses / in the above manner.
As the lamb/sheh/is drawn out, the word's of Wisdom
are formulated and verify the thought's of Light held with the
priest's. The message's are then given from the Priest's to the
King’s house from which the Torah is written on the tablet's of
all inner stone's. Hence, via Masheh/Moses the Law is given, how
ever; the writing's are from the King’s chamber's. And be cause
the writing's are via the drawing out of the Lamb, the collection
has been coined the Law of Moses. How then does the heart
know whither to negate or to accept the council of the priests?
Wisdom gives all for us 'To Know' and enter into; how ever, it
is for us to receive, process, understand, and do the word's
whereby we enter into the fullness of Bet HaShem/The House of
the Name. “Entering in” is the nature of life: seed enters into
earth, man enters into woman, light enters into darkness--spirit
enters into form until we enter into the seventh day rest—the
habitation in the House of YahúWah YHWH The Most High

As we begin each day with the morning oylah (burnt
offering) and each night with the evening oylah, the foundation
of wisdom pertaining to every concept and message of light is
laid upon our heart's through making the sacrifice. The lamb /
fire emanation within is released upon the altar at the heart. As

these concepts are formulated, they arise from the altar as
sparks and smoke unto the mind where they are discerned in
the chamber's of Gomer and Magog.
The concepts combine into message's of light which are
spoken (through Madai) and given to the King (Yavan) chamber for joyful implementation. As the messages expand the con
cepts of the Lamb, with understanding, so the heart rejoices
& charges the message's to empower them within every realm
of the kingdom (Tubal and Mesheck). Man is then empowered by
the unfolded spirit filled word's to do all the Torah whereby all
aspects of Mind becomes complete/perfectly attired (Tiras).
These two paragraphs are the first fruit of the sabbath teaching offered on 2nd shabbat of the month (24th of March, 2001). As
stated by the Light Transformer on the 1st shabbat of the 12th
month (17 th of March), this would be amongst the fruit that had
not been tasted before. Being that we were in the month pertain
ing to Naphtali, this is fruit of the twelfth month on the Tree of
Joined with Tarshish is the fourth opening of Yavan Dodanim.
This is the opening to achieve associated branches, or classes
and bonds between the castings of Kittim. Dodanim comes from
the root word meaning “to love, or to be friend; to be an uncle
or an aunt; to place in a basket”--all associated meanings with

bondings. Dodanim associates the inscriptions with deeds
which are appropriations of the inscription's. Through this open
ing there is the ability to internalize and externalize the inscrip
Via an activity based upon the inscriptions, the collective energies are changed and spent to carry out and fulfill the mess
ages of light. As this collective force comes out of the heart’s
expanded opening, a new light wave, being a full spectrum of
light comes forth. The illumination that initially came through
Gomer now burst forth with the vitality of the energies creating beams of light. The work of light has been received and
now performed through the resident energies. The opening of
Dodanim makes perfect complete via implementing the targeted illumination. Hence coupled with Kittim is Dodanim.
The following inscriptions of the scribes, known as the scriptures, is devoted to the generations of Noach—the interplay be
tween the sons of Yapheth, the sons of Cham, and the son's of
Shem. Through learning this great interplay of being with the
seemingly obstacles that arise between the three, man comes
to his fullness of life. Yapheth pertains to the openings of our
totality. These are the gates of the heaven's or the Names. As
we accept the full Nature of His Name within us, so do we open
and have greater access to every room of His House.

As we accept the Life that we bear we are sent
into the earth, to be sown as a seed through which we have the
opportunity of full extension. Here, upon this positioning of
YHWH The Most High HhaOLiyun—even as Noach we are po
sitioned on the top of a mountain, where we come to rest-----to
establish all that we are of ALhhim. We rest as we stop striving
over our identity and as we acknowledge the forces of life with
in, that they are holy and sacred.
Then likewise, we will plant a vineyard to expand the very
nature of life within. As a seed, we open and blossom and become full of the fruit of YHWH The Most High HhaOLiyun.
blesses us with opening's----avenues of expansion Yapheth
Gomer, the top opening of the crown, is for channeling in
sights. Magog is to provide interpretation's. Madai is to pro
vide a continual supply of word's. Yavan is to provide the flow
of understanding; Tuval, the composition of understanding;
Mesheck, the building of eternal habitations; and Tiras, the
unfolding of the garments of light.
The seven openings expand further through Ashkenaz, Riphat,
and Togarmah which are for clustering, conceptualizing / storing of all that’s being gathered, and for trading/merchandising/
reasoning. In response,Yavan opens, based upon all that’s gathered and condensed: for charging thoughts, crystallizations of
gems, inscriptions upon the gems, and for the associations of

gems in the perfect bonds of unity of all parts.
Once established, these openings will continue to be
positioned in each successive stages, and via their transference
into other levels of conscious expansion, you will move under
the direction of the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night
However, in each stage the openings must be activated or
declared operational for your present state of development. The
aspects of our life’s development carry over into each stage and
need to be appropriated for each level of development. The
study of our Gate's brings us into the present and sets our sails
to go forward with what has already been established in prior
phases. Confirming the positions and functions of your gates
is like going to your bank and drawing out resources to make
your next journey in life.
The genealogies teach us to what extent each aspect of our
being will develop. The names reveal the attributes of life, all
that is within the Seed/haMashiyach. Each genealogy of the
Torah corresponds to a particular level of being in the development of Adam. Each name of the Torah is part of our corporeal
make-up. To acknowledge each aspect confirms our totality.
This totality is what is referred to as the nature of haMashiyach
the Messiah. Torah genealogies are gold mines in which veins

of wisdom flow. In these coded list's of names lie all the formu
lations that are brought forth to muster the Son of Man.

Each position / at tribute of life or name is mustered to exemplify the full nature of ALhhim. Unto to this end is the
Torah written and in accordance with this goal do we set
forth the teaching's from the genealogies. As Tehillah/Psalm
87 states: from the compositions of the beginnings,h w h y
YahúWah YHWH Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< will make complete the fountain of life within.
As you consider the openings of Yapheth, note how a
vase is made. As a piece of clay is taken to the potter’s wheel,
the vase begins by poking a hole in the clay and then putting it
upon the wheel to shape it. The clay is molded according to the
the opening. So are you shaped according to the opening's of
the head, the eyes, the ears the mouth, the thyroid the umbilical
cord the breast the heart, the anus, etc. But all of these associat
ed clusters of openings started from an opening of the preembryonic mind that was first positioned and then extended into
a fiery serpent of h w h y YahúWah YHWH The Most High /
HhaOLiyun Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<.It is this force of fire/the
force of Wisdom that provides a warm field of life in which a
Name comes to occupy the earth. Via the Gate's, the Serpent,
of h w h y YHWH The Most High / HhaOLiyun declares the
revelations attained.
Chapter 10 Verse 5
From these Orders of Unity they branch into
the islands of the goyim/processes

with their lands transformations exchange levels,
being a fire-man to establish a language/a tongue
for their families
with their goyim/processes.

From these Orders of Unity there is a resolve into constituent parts or elements into “isles of the nations,’ which are
the states of the interior structure—the ongoing processes of
man. The unity of the openings establishes their progression to
form an interior structure and there fore are distinguished with
their “lands.” The island's are the inner land masses, distinquis
hing the openings, i.e. as the eyeballs, liver, heart which are
floating in the waters of man. The boundaries of forms are des
ignated for the house of Israel even as the body is appoint- ed
for the inheritance of Israel.
Note: The land in the scripture's is not dirt or fility sand in
some far off country. Our body is the LAND.

As the Torah says: When Elyon gave to the nation's their inheritance, when he distinguished the offspring of Adam, he set
boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of YishARAL/Israel (Mishneh Torah Deuteronomy 32:8).Each
opening is distinguished according to their exchange levels or
purposes, to be active as to the location of their setting, as the
mind has opened.

In this State of Mind, being opened with full exchanges
between the opening, there is a man—a fire activity, establish
-ing processes for his tongue—for his language, the means of
expressing the Fire. Whenever the gate's are properly aligned
in service to each other, processes of revelation and discourses
occur (Gen 34:20; Tehillah/Ps127:5). The elders or mature ones
declare in the gate's the sum or the value of adversities—the
resistance/challenges/oppositions which leads to full revelation
In the gate's there is no shame of ignorance due to neglect of
one’s inner energies, for all is understood. The tongue is a reference pertaining to the serpent in the garden. This is the tongue/serpent of adversity-adverse to ignorance, adverse to being
content as naked, adverse to being separate, that speaks in the
gates or through the opening's.
Through many tribulations / birth labors we enter in to the
Kingdom/Dominion of Light Principle's. The tongue speaks to
lead all of our members/aspects of Mind through stages of tran
sformation according to our level of residing. To say that each
opening has their own land is to say that each expansion of
mind has its own means of revelation, manifestation, and expression. The openings of the eye's are dancing light's; the ears
are sounding boards, the heart reverberates with mediations, etc.
The gate's are distinguished with their lands as Madai is
distinguished with palaces; as Tiras is distinguished with a

citadel; as Gomer and Magog are distinguished with thrones;
and Yavan, Tubal and Mescheck are distinguish ed as Centres
of Illumination, being Midrashim/School's. Hence, the openings are for these purposes. They are set each in their own quadrant of the universe according to the interior processes of man
according to your exchange levels, and according to your trans
formation of your serpent form.
The Torah says that these openings are for their 'families'- that
is, for the drawing out of wisdom, to express the total measure
ment of man. And these families are position ed within their
opening's, or within the interior processes of all that man is.
The fourteen opening's of Yapheth refer to the letter nun14, the
first letter of Noach, which conveys the ability to flourish.

“From this order of unity” (these) there are resolutions (determined course ways) into constituent parts or ele ments. The
openings of Yapheth determine the formations of the island's.
The island masses refer to the interior structure. The openings
resolve to serve for transformations according to their lands,
being designated exchange spheres, each having a proper
place and a range of influence on each other.
They also serve to establish land whereby the children of
Cham come into manifestation according to the positions of
Yapheth. These/become a State of Being-a man-a hand/an acti
vity extending in the midst of the Fire. The establishment of the

tongue island is the means to declare the word's of the Fire.
Since the serpent tongue is the instrument to declare
the Word/haDavar, it has become the symbol for healing/medicine. “His tongue” is a reference to establishing the serpent
form of man for stages of transformation. The tongue being es
tablished with the full range of openings has access via the openings into all realms of the universe. The openings determine
the transformations of the tongue serpent man. Fire-men behold their own bodies, as the earth, into which they have burrowed to be transformed into winged and soaring seraphim.
The island's convey the inner masses known as the organs that
are amidst the water's within. (The Human Body).

Following a Torah class, we formed a circle by joining hand's.
In the midst of the circle a ship was seen on the water's like an
ocean liner however, with sail's. I (Shmual), saw all of us
standing on the boat’s deck. The sails were full, signifying the
presence of the Wind. Then the waves of the sea splashed us all
in the face as we stood on the deck. I contemplated on this
vision. For three weeks the same scene appeared as we joined
hand's. Then I understood that the land mass we are on is like
the large ocean vessel afloat in the water's.
The direction of the planet proceeds by the Spirit of Unity.

The splashing of the water's is for reflection upon all that

is within us. I saw the bodies of water within me wave up and
splash my face in order that all within be reflected and thereby
seen with full expression. I yearned for the water's to splash me
again and again unto full revelation.
The openings of Yapheth affect the conditions of the islands
and hence the health as well as the functions of these energy
centres. As the gates are the opening's of the heavens, the lands
are the reflective states of the openings. Hence the children of
Cham follow.
Chapter 10 Verse 6
And the offspring of Cham are:
Cush coupled with Mitz-raim/Egypt
coupled with Put coupled with Canaan.

As we commence the study of the children of Cham let us
search amidst their name's the pattern's for the Bet HaShem.
These names are the basis and character of the 'Promised State'
that we pursue. It should be understood that the promised land
is not what h w h y YHWH promised, but rather what h w h y
YHWH gives to you to enter. Literally, the promised land is
the State to verify the WORD; it is the State ac-quired via giv
ing everything within your collective orders of Name's.
There will be inhabitants in the land--traits that must be driv-

en out in order that your Name of h w h y YHWH may poss
ess it totally without the presence of ego and without traits that
know not YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun HaSham YHWH
AL h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.< YAHWEH ALLAH God.

Through obstacles we discover all, and via discovering
we enter. Cham pertains to the molecular arrangements / blueprints for embodiment according to the openings/formulations
-tions of Yahpheth. The formula of Cham may read as: Elevating/Heated Waters by Fire—(21) = (21). The offspring of Cham
are extensions of Mind into forms to create a habitation/body/
means of verification. Light presented to us three types of fruit
a watermelon, a cantaloupe, and three cherries each representing three layers and each conveying the manner in which fruit
formulates. We are to apply these examples to the development
of the fruit organs of the body. For example the breathing lungs
system--the menorah operation of man, is a fruit likened to the
cherry, that is, it has one central seed, being the fruit of one
Spirit. The heart/brazen altar is like the watermelon, the fruit
of many concepts or seeds throughout the fabric of the organ
whereby all concepts appear to be unfolded.
Make a list of of the 12 energy centres and consider the type
of fruit that each corresponds to and the reason. For Aharon /
Aaron: The brain rises up like a cloud over the tabernacle; the
(pomegranate/mushroom pattern). When the cloud fills the
tent of meeting, the enlightened mind has filled the body with

the thought's of YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<.

For Yahudah: the liver kidneys/spleen/laver express one seed
fruit of maintaining Unity, order, balance, and central governance (avocado pattern).
For Yissachar: the glans of stimuli, a central clustering of concepts/seeds expressing trigger points for implementations and
For Zebulun: intestinal system express scattered seed's depicting progressive unfoldments and distributions/eliminations
(legume pattern)
For Reuben: the visual system expressing one seed origin--a
target pattern for full spectrum revelation. The oval shape of
the eyes correspond to viewing the entire orbit of life.
For Shimeon: the hearing system expressing central clustering whereby all sound's are intermingled with and interpreted
by the inward composite of gathered principle's. The shape of
the ear, corresponds to the letter bet, enables layers of vibra
tions to be discerned.
For Gad: the verbal communication power expressing the

Fire from off the altar, as a ladle the tongue draws out from the
in-ward wells, a central clustering (gourd pattern) The lip's of
the mouth are shaped as a crown and serve as the edges of a
bowl, also as a cave in which the dragon resides.
For Aphrayim: the glan's for reproduction/blessing expressing essing the bond for penetration, entrance into new state's,
a single seed fruit.
For Manasseh: the center of transference from one state to
another, a central clustering of seeds (muskmelon type).
For Benyamin: the gamete, fruit of the totality comprising all
aspects, single seed bearing as one bears their Name of life
For Dan: the lung's, one seed fruit expressing the interchange
of one spirit whereby we are united with all. The lungs are the
expansion chamber's of the nose/pyramid house of the
For Asher: the stomach, the fruit of decomposing where by all
things are confirmed, a fruit of multi-seeds scattered, watermelon pattern.
(On Shmual's web pages, U can find the
study on the 15 Fathers- Ayshshur Asher, the 11th Month)

For Naphtali: the heart, the fruit of meditation, scattering of
seed within whereby all parts/message's are inscribed to be
according tothe Lamb nature-Wisdom’s emanations.
For Levi, (Priesthood) the body form, a single seed fruit expre
ssing the Unity of all part's as one.
When the corn begins to form an ear, a sheath is prepared to
hold the kernels; this sheath is the emerging house of Cham.
First a seed opens and then the plant appears;there fore, what
follows Yahpheth is Cham. As the mind opens, a formulation
of body begins. The body is the mind hanging out from the top
of the head to the tail vertebrae and all it houses. According to
the opening's, the body is designed like a musical instrument,
i.e flute. The name Cham, pertains to 'the warm forms of life'
that which the Fire has entered. The offspring of Cham are the
weaving of our invisible and visible body forms creating config
urations and States of residence. The mind opens to be come
complete and fully expressed-totally developed and ripe, as
mature sons and daughter's of ALhhim.
These lands are States of Word Verifications
commonly known as the promised lands. We pursue these States

as we branch forth and in these States we have an inheritance
an occupation and right of operation within the Universe. Poss
essing the land's of Cham conveys a mastery of energies into

form's--into revealed and regulated States of Maturity. The
land's are the means of our expansion and also the proof of our
State of Unity. The Land's are to us what the earth is to sky.
We inherit the lands as our Seed Nature takes us residence with
in our branchings and bears the fruit or offspring of our Name.
The offspring inherit the lands of their father's. Therefore we
are to plant the Seed of h w h y YHWH within our field's and
develop those seeds unto their matured expression—fruit.
The offspring of Cham are a complete description of founda
tional light principles that form our bodies and all in the world.
Not only do we give respect to these name's now for proper uti
lization of our bodies; but also, these same names are basic in
formulating our immortal light-body. It is imperative that we
have a full consciousness and grasp and understanding of all
name's-----light positions 'To Know' our full natures. You will
not become something other than what you understand to be.

YahúWah h w h y YHWH does not sprinkle upon you
some fairy dust and turn you into some light-body; for
what would it mean to you?
It would not mean much more than your present state of
occupation right now. And should you be operating by ego, by
the pseudo personality that exist between your divine name and

reality; your ego would be distorted further as you would be
moved beyond the bounds of the present reality.
To grant you an immortal body without branching your
Mind would disable you from developing, for you would be mov
ed away from the current level of reality through which you are
to come to full realization. 'TO KNOW'

When you enter into your immortal body,
your Name will be paramount; your ego will be smashed, for
you will see yourself only as you are in Name, a humble servant, to verify your divine place amongst all others in the universe. But as you uncover the full revelation of who you are &
and the means of your composition, then U will stand in under
standing; as a pillar of wisdom and an ish of light—the glory of
h w h y YHWH. You will stand with the Face's, one with He
of Blessed Unity.
The offspring of Cham are the spinning molecular
arrangements or blueprints of all forms including our body
shape's. I translate bnai as “the children or offspring” of Cham
versus “the sons,” because within this list there are masculine
and feminine offspring; children inclusive. Even though our
various part's are specifically coded with genetic information
of our parent's yet the structure of each earth form is coded by
the formulas of Cham—for every person. As your body begins
to formulate, which is an extension of your mind an opening of

mind occurs.
This opening is known as the offspring of Yapheth. According to the openings, your body forms. The first formulation is
the offspring of Cham, named Cush. It is comprised with the
letters kaf/11 waw/6 and shin/22. Cush is a branching of life /
to hold--to be a vessel of----Wisdom, the fire. This is why you
have created a body vessel-----it is to contain the holy fire of
h w h y YHWH from whom you have being. As you confirm
your body to be the House of FIRE Wisdom, your body is holy
kadosh set apart for YHWH. Your body holds the fire just as the
earth is a container to hold the fire's in its core. When the earth
has earthquakes volcanoes, it is the deciding Force of the Fire
within that seeks to create an opening to restructure the
Even as the openings of Yapheth prepare for the structuring
of Cham. MaSheh/Moses sees upon the mountain the nature
and presence of Cush, as he sees the tree/burning-- and yet not
being consumed. This is the vision of seeing your inner tree of
tribal branches holding the fire and yet not been burnt up. The
consuming nature of the Fire is not to destroy but to fill or to
consume all with it's presence. Understand that the “consum
ing Fire” is to consummate, make full, and fulfill the Word of
Wisdom with in every cellular structure. Cush is rendered to
mean “a spindle.” The type of vessel that Cush represents is a

rotating shaft. Spinning as DNA spirals. Even as the earth is
constantly rotating and spinning, so are the elements of your
body in constant rotation.
The circular design of Cush reveals the Unity and Understanding of Life. The circle is a state of wholeness, the means of
developing thought forms into revealed realities. As an orbit,
the circle keeps all in position with other bodies. The circle
form is the spinning of the openings/offspring of Yapheth,thus
the offspring of Cush are expressions of your expansion. Via re
lationships with others you may honor and make another full or
you may break the circle frequencies between you and there by
sense an emptiness. Should you feel empty, you can respond to
the cutting knife of the tongue by confirming your cir-cle light
frequencies and thereby mend promptly any wounds The body
patterns are reflective to reveal the circle openings and Unity
of the Master Name. Hence, in honoring the Name within all
names, you confirm the wholeness of others as one with your
Cush, the spindle of light emanations into physical forms, is
connected with a particular star field from which you come to
earth. Connected to each Name is a trail of light—just like a
spider (when it descends from a ceiling and unto the floor) it
leaves a trail back unto it's web origin. There is a spinning web
pattern of life that the spider manifests to us like our own. We

have a light cord connection with the place of our origin— the
star field from which we have come.
Here is the famous 'Spider Web Chart' from BHM
“ From Star Field's Above and Beyond ”

These strands of light are in the shape of a ladder, as the DNA,
that comes down from the heaven's, whereby you have the
means of ascension. You have descended to become planted,

that you might grow and develop and ascend unto the likeness
of your Maker-in perfect harmony with your Father and Mother
ladened with name's.
Yah – Father ú (Who)

and Wah – Mother

YahúWah YHWH AL h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.<
The Most High HhaOLiyun YAHWEH ALLAH HaSham God.
You rise upon this ladder, according to stages of development and enlightenment. You will be informed as to which

rung of the ladder that you are on. As this position is revealed,
write it down in your journal. Keep records of the progress that
you have made; and when U are called up unto another rung,
take notice; of what is happening in your minds life. Take notice
what transpires as you are called up; write these thing's down
for your admonishment and for your periodic review, which
you should do every Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of each
month The Full Moon. Review your progress as a new work of
light commences at the beginning of each Rosh Chodesh, during the month's of the year.
Once this spinning begins to occur in the formation of your
body, the formulation is called Mitzraim. Coupled with Cush
the spinning and rotation motion is the unity with Mitzraim.
Perhaps you are most familiar with this name, for it is common

ly translated as “Egypt.” In this particular line, many translator's do not use this word “Egypt”; they simply render it as a
transliteration “Mitzraim.” Which Mitzraim means “multiple
boundaries.” As the spinning begins to occur, there forms borders/depressions, according to the spinning. And these borders
are formed according to the openings. The defined mass is according to the orifices, to make evident the openings via forms
shapes/molds. Mitzraim is drawing out transmutations of Mind
appropriated for fullness.
The word Mitzraim means “to define shapes.” It is a land
of limitations, in some regards, that you might bring all of your
energies into the earth plane for the perfection of your spirit &
soul. As a place of Cham, it's a place of warming for your full
development and growth. In the Springtime the earth warms for
seeds to germinate. There follows a great period of growth and
development. The word Cham/ means “a warm, formative
shape of life.” Cham expresses the total configurations of life.
The various offspring of Cham explain to you the process and
the characteristics of the human form.
Cush is a spinning rotation form. Mitzraim is the defined
boundaries of the forms. Coupled with Mitzraim is Phut to
manifest and establish the centers and consciousness of our
state of development. The word Phut means “to fatten or to
stuff, to cram, to mix or to make a compound.” Its a compound

of elements that fills the boundaries from the centre. As the elements spin together, they form various compounds to create
the multifaceted expressive body. The formula of Put may read
as: elevations of consciousness equates to manifested expressions / faces—(8) + (9) = (17). The nature of Phut is to fill an open
ing with compounds, known as element's. This occurs in the
natural realm and likewise, in the spiritual light body that is
being formulated to be your inheritance. Phut is the weaving of
light threads (a woof) upon the weavers frame of Mitzraim (a
warp). Coupled with Phut is Kenan-----Canaan. And Canaan
means “to be submitted, or humbled”---a State of Submission.
It is commonly referred to as the “land of promise,” a
phrase to denote the Word fully expressed through each Names
complete unfoldment, lit. a State confirming the Word, a state
spoken. Canaan is the nature of life to branch forth to complete
ly manifest the nature and functions of life and thereby expressing the wholeness of life which is ongoing. This branching oc
curs via the Word being written on the tablets within. As Word
is spoken via the priest, it is written by the King to become the
Kingdom State in which we abide. To view any particular region of the planet Earth as the promised land, is to gloss
over the Torah revelation.
No human being dwells in the lands of the Middle East nor in
Missouri or Berwick, Pa. What dwells in the planetary field's are

tree's and vegetation and worms, etc. Mankind dwells above
ground in States of Becoming and it is these State's of Word
that YahúWah YHWH The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.<. speaks to give / establish for every
Name. Canaan was perceived by Noah even before he was for
mulated and brought forth. And Noah saw the subduing
power that Canaan could have over him. Instead of allowing
Canaan to be a lord or a master over him, he put a curse/conformative bounds on Canaan, so that he would be designated
as a servant. Your body has the authority—if you give it-to sub
due and over come your opening's--to restrict and to hide your
fire's-----by the presentation of an exterior form. But a man of
understanding---a man who drinks wine, as Noah became saturated with “wine”or 'understanding' sees the subduing pow
er that Canaan could become.
And hence, he designates him as a servant. You will per
ceive yourself also with eyes of fully embodied wine as Noah,
and upon seeing, you make a decision pertaining to your future
Chapter 10 Verse 7
And the offspring of Cush the rotation's are:
Seba reeling/elations coupled with Chavilah/links/coils
coupled with Savtah/circulation/orbit's
coupled with Raamah / explosions / quaking
coupled with Savtecha/expulsions/reproduce.

And the offspring of Raamah/e x p l o s i o n squakings are
Sheva over seer/regulate--coupled with associations / Dedan / bonds.

As the initial four offspring are in position, there follows further unfoldings of the spinning/the rotating shaft of life. We
may pause and question the significance and nature of the spinn
ing shaft.

The force of spinning enables all processes and
movements of light to cast down, to raise up to extend outward
and draw inward, to encompass, to protect-It is the same as the
whirlwind which moves gently or with might. The nature of
spinning is the process of manifesting and creating, such as
spinning a web or a garment. Further, the nature of spinning is
the means to keep all in balance and in a perpetual/on-going
state. The genealogy of Cush conveys the seven / complete
basic nature of spinning: Sheba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah,
Sabtecha, followed by further formulations of Raamah: Sheva
coupled with Dedan. The rotating spindle, attached to the star
field of origin, extends / branches forth to create a blueprint
for the fire energies to reside in earth / transformation field's.
The establishment of this rotating spindle prepares a
route for the coming of the name of Abraham into the earth,
which is a Stage of Name readied for transformations via integration of Spirit and Manifestation. As the Ruach/Spirit speaks
“the land is prepared for my people”The formulations of Cush
are comprised of Seba—Seba meaning “a senior, an elder, an

old man, a grandfather, a man of wine, a man of understand
ing, one who is saturated with understanding.” As one ages and
moves under the influence of intoxication/aged wine, there is a
wobble, similar to the wobble of the planet Earth as it spins
within a rotation. Seba tipples, enabling one to unload and load
properties. Via being elated and joyous, one becomes full and
overflows. The spinning of the frequencies, according to under
standing, stabilizes the forms and maintains balance between
forms. Seba regulates what the forms will keep and dispose of,
hence a regulator of the digestive process.
Coupled with Seba is Havilah/Chawilah, meaning “ to
link, as a ring in a chain; a joint, a bead, a vertebra, a grouping
or coiling effect.” Havilah is the formulation of Cush whereby
the rotating spindle forms the bone structures and the patterns
of the vertebra. Matter surrounds and encompasses the proper
ties of life. The understanding of Seba is released with forming
chain's of linked pearl's. This is the blueprint basis of our
skeletal structure. Via Havilah one establishes and up-holds
them selves and has the ability of movement and progress. As
the blueprints are prepared for manifestation and a name enters
into body, Cush spin to maintain the forms. Thus coupled with

Havilah is Sabtah, meaning “a grandmother an old woman, a
senior lady.” She is a force of causation “to keep all in circu
lation, in orbit's of being, to determine motion.” The orbit of
fluids is a reference to the perpetual motion of waters/bodily

fluid's. Her age/maturity is based upon previous formulations
and orbital light journey's. She oversees the periods of time
within a given orbit.
As you look in the Torah text, you will note that every other
name begins with the 15 samek/bet 2 configuration, indicating
the structuring/of body. This is the work of Cush to form ring's
parapets, walls, breast work/ribs bones being elevations of liv
ing stones in earth. These traits of Cush will gather within the
human form, and become the patterns and working parts of the
body. Sabtah, regulates the pulsation of the heart, which main
tains the circulation & and motion of fluid's. Keep in mind that
all of these workings of Cush are the effects of the spiraling, or
the rotation/order of life evidenced in the DNA structure. The
causation of Sabtah is joined with Raamah as the force to cir
culate is linked with the beating of the heart. Raamah: means
“to thunder, roar, to flash with lightening, to cause to explode, to unfurl ones strength” as the mane of a horses hair
is unfurled as it quivers and thunder's in the wind.
Thunder indicates a breaking open of strength. The rolling of
the clouds are like the rolling of the heavenly mane on the
horse of the merkava. The work of Raamah is the function of
the body to beat, strike forth, break out to generate hair, to
quake, all of which are an unfurling of strength, as depicted in
the story of Nazir Samson. Coupled with Raamah is Sabtecha,

a cause to produce seed and transfer light properties. Sabtecha
comes from the same root as Sabtah meaning a force of causation. This force of causation/takes us from here to there / as in
propelling us from realm of the galaxy to another. Her name is
also translated as a grandmother, a lady of counsel, a queen of
explanation. Savteka is a force of maturation that enables new
constructions to occur. Her activity is present within us as we
shape earthen vessels. This characteristic of Cush is seen in
the process of the body going into labor-to pulsate with ability
to expel-to reproduce, to expel semen as well as to bring forth
the fruit that is born in all of our parts.
Raamah, the function to create hair, to release strength
causing growth, enables the body to grow, explode, to thunder
and pulsate. To oversee and manage this an off-spring is born:
Sheva a son of Raamah to regulate matter. The root of Sheva
means a captor, to oversee the captives to transform, change,
convert to convey wholeness and maintain balance. This is the
Hand of Wisdom to take the wild and make it tame as one
would capture a wild horse for domestic use. Sheva converts
the energy states to regulate matter. He is the elder to provide
control over your body’s passions and appetites whereby your
strength is used to glorify ALhhim. Any process requiring conversion or transformation of energy will be under the elder
ship of Sheva

Coupled with Sheva is Dedan/ meaning to coordinate parts, to
form an association of body forms. Dedan is a leader to give as
sistance as an uncle, a cousin, a relative, a friend, to arrange all
forms into compatible families. Dedan gives counsel in how to
walk and conduct your affairs, coordinate all your part's. Dedan
is the brother of Sheva whereby the forms are managed. Dedan
also provides guidance of associations with all other bodies of
light. The counsel is based on deductions judgments, evaluations and calculations regarding each part and it's associations
with other parts/bodies. Open your ears to the voice of Dedan
in regards to your place in the whole. (Correspond the associations of Dodanim of Yapheth with Dedan of Cham. Both are in
the final positions of their families.) The offspring of Cush are
engineer's of Man manifested through physical and spiritual
These grand father's and grandmother's are architects and
engineers to formulate the wonderful design of lights. Cush
builds a house for Fire / Wisdom to reside. When the Torah
tells us to honor your elders, this includes Seba, Havilah,
Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabtecha, Sheva and Dedan. In honoring your elders, your energies glorify these principles and
make them manifest, operating in alignment with and accord
ing to these principles of life. The foundations of your being
are laid up in wisdom. Your physical body, which you may
despise and try to escape from has beneath it the pillar's of

Your body structure contains counsel, patience, love for
your soul; and it desires to be changed also, just as your Name
and soul desire transformation. Your physical body structure
will maintain and befriend your Name and soul, support them
for transformation, whereby it, being a faithful servant, will like
wise enter into a glorious transformation.
Honor the servant body as a wonderful creation of
YHWH. The family of Cush builds a house for the Fire / the
Wisdom of life. The formula of Cush may be read as: 21= 6 +/
11 + 5: the formula is balanced with the value of five---the illuminated branches are the vessels of Wisdom, the lighted branches that burn, yet are not consummed by the Fire. Honor the
formulations of Cush: Seba, the elder of understanding to main
tain balance; Havilah, that establishes yourself with skeletal
frame works; Sabtah, the force of circulation; Raamah, the
force to unfurl strength; and Sabteka, the trait to pulsate with
re generation's. With the offspring of Raamah Sheba, to over
see all parts and Dedan, to form an association of part's. (These
comprise the seven pillars of Cush). Consider these as seven
underlying pillars of the House of Wisdom.

Chapter 10
And Cush / the force of rotation

Verse 8

brings forth the totality of Nimrod;
he begins applies/functions
to remain/for the light to master all things,
to prevail in the transformation/the earth.

Cush bears Nimrod once the calculations and control
centres are put in place. Via Nimrod, the rotations of the spin
dle brings forth the force to gather, becoming a centrifugal force
to draw out from the centre, thereby impelling the parts outward ly from the centre rotation. This outward motion enables
the life nature within to be manifested outwardly. The bearing
of Nimrod creates a vacuum, a hollow or cavity to trap the
elements into an assembly. Nimrod means to variegate, spot,
to be distinctive whereby the body becomes distinguished
with various shapes and colors.
NIMROD The letters of his name (Nimrod) convey that one
who pursues creates a vacuum/for reflections and fullness/with
the mind’s / chambers/quests. Nimrod is a hunter as he pursues
the expressions of wisdom to display them into forms, i.e. molecular structures to provide for the mind’s display and augmen
tation. He searches for particles that belong to the whole. Via
trapping elements, the body is composed and the ancestry of
Cham becomes manifested. However; when the body does not
recognize its founding principles, the trapped elements making
up the body revolt, uprise rebel/against the inner order of light.

It is this frequency of interpretation that has been traditionally
associated with Nimrod.
As we consider the opposing nature of the flesh to the spirit,
we must see that they both come from One Mind that has extend
ed within an earth State. Why would the mind create an opposi
tion to itself? Or did we come with a sword instead of with peace?
We have come to the Earth 'To Know.' TORAHMANONE
One of the ways to discovery is via discord whereby we must

examine/sort through the dissonance to find the underlying
harmony. Should there be no opposition there would be a
reduction in distinction and hence a reduction of discovery.
The purpose of the body is to discover, to reveal, to have
a dwelling place in which to be transformed.
Nimrod hunts for the perfect elements to adequately express
the nature of life fully. The results will be: the human form
composed of ivory, gold, silver, bronze, with colorful tissue
layered veil's.

Did 'You Know' we met in counsel with the Creator

When you--when we met in counsel with the Creator, did
we not determine to build a body to the glory of Unity; to the
YahúWah h w h y, according to the pattern of Names / within
the heavens? Is not this body the expressions/face's of The
Most High YahúWah? When a child is in the womb, who is
doing the building? A Father initiates; a Mother nurtures; but
it is via the Son -----Child that the creation occurs.
The child is built as it's Mind / Head unfold's. Should we say
that YahúWah YHWH creates without counsel? we then say;
that we are object's of creation verses the children of creation. YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y HaSham
shares His Wisdom and through the allocations of Wisdom our
mind builds a House that honors and cherishes the Great Wisdom of The Most High YahúWah HhaOLiyun AL h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud<< L.<YAHWEH HaSham ALLAH God.
The Author here, talked to Shmual, the translator of this Paleo
Hebrew and told him that the people's, Rabbis and other origina
tor's of the script, text, writing's never knew about all of this information, so they had or have no feelings one way or another;
Consciously or other wise. Numb nut's and ignorant they were and
will, probably, be for the rest of their/our lives.

The Voice, Shmual Wahli continues: When we loose consciousness of this or feel we are an object of the creation verses
co-creators, we disdain the very order that we have built. As

the various elements spin around the openings of Yapheth, they
are captured by Nimrod. It is the duty of Nimrod to gather all
together into a kingdom that it remains/holds together with
strength. Every trait of life through the ancestry of Cham will
be mighty, not partial or weak. Nimrod not only discerns what
has been unfolded but senses what is yet coming—the branch
ing of Shem. He prepares on behalf of the full expressions of
YHWH to build a house unto The Name/Shem. Nimrod brings
together all facets of our multiple expressions unto Oneness.

Chapter 10

Verse 9

He remains, becoming
mighty/a prevailing hunter/a provider
for the Face's of YHWH
pertaining to the position/to form a base. It is a saying:
“As Nimrod
a mighty / powerful provider
for the Face's of YahúWah The Most High Hha-OLiyun.

The staying power of Nimrod attributes to his might.
Nimrods consciousness foresees every designation/of YHWH
in man. He sees the position/of man woman/adam pertaining to
that which he pursues a verification of; all that Unity/YHWH is
in man and will become in man pertaining to his office/place.
He establishes a base or foundation in order that man will be
planted as a tree.

The saying 'As Nimrod' is uttered every time a mother conceives; for then a child is planted in the womb to become mighty
for the face's of YHWH. It is said, “As Nimrod.” when manking take their place in the House of YHWH; for in so doing
they become mighty as fathers, mother's, gifted builders to be
mighty for the face's of YHWH. It is said “As Nimrod.” when
a person converts or changes direction toward the Lights of
YHWH that they dwell in the land of YishARAL to grow as a
mighty oak for the face's of YHWH YahúWah The Most High
Through taking responsibility for our extension of name
amongst all in the universe, we collectively pursue the Face's
of YHWH, “As Nimrod.” Until we are planted in a congrega
tion for the Face's of YHWH we are like a worm that cannot
stand up right, lacking backbone to carry forward the traits that
lie within us.

Chapter 10

Verse 10

And composing light there is an extension to become
the head/beginning of an established kingdom:
Bavel compound order's coupled with Ereck/forbearance/to lengthen
coupled with Accad / strength/altitude coupled with Calneh /
maturation/ attentiveness
in the land/State of Shinar/transmutation.

Bavel, meaning to mix, mingle, assimilate is the initial state of
forming a base for a kingdom. In this initial state Nimrod brings
together or mixes into a unity the fields of Cham and Yapheth.
Bavel, may be read to compound matter/into orders / arrangements. Babel is to integrate frequencies of light into a manifestation of orders/classes. Through/lumping/creating producing
fruit there is the presence of the Mind of Fire to manage a
composition. We commence as a lump of clay which is over
seen by the master mind to shape it into a useful vessel, Nimrod distinguishes the various lumps that they may be designated for purposes of expressing the wholeness of Unity. When
you desire 'To Know' the nature of YHWH, look at the collect
tive expressions of your corporate Body.
The foundation of Bavel is the creation of the mortal body;
however,when this Babylon falls it gives rise to an immortal
house. The underlying names of Cham ascend with the new
creation. The mathematical formulas of each name may be an
alyzed regarding their properties of construction and creating a
manifestation. Babel may be read as the formula: 3(/2+/2)= /12.
Multiplying + by three, indicates that we form three layer's or
dimensions that correspond as 12 stones or classes for the Face's
of YahúWah YHWH AL The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.<

The three layers of the tabernacle, the three heavens/mind

spaces, the three levels of the alphabet are examples of the loca
tions of the forms and energies. Bavel is a construction for all
three offspring of Noach: Shem, Yapheth, and Cham.
Looking at the formula again, we see the outside
numbers are two threes: 3 and 12 (making a 3 also). This set of 3
convey the outside processes of Land, whereas the inner numbers 2 and 2 convey interior processes. At the corners the three
appears. When the gimel is reflected it creates a square or 4 cor
ners proving the locations of four sides for the encampment of
energies. As the B/2 + /2 is also reflected four interior states are
created. Having seen the results of reflected letter's, we may
transfer this process to see earth as a reflections of the heavens
even as the body waters are a reflection of all in the Mind head
space. We are stimulated now to examine every letter and it's
reflections to see the harmony and oneness of both the principal property and the corresponding reflections.
These functions of the land will be discussed later in this
document as we consider the corner's and centres of the Land.
Bavel or Babylon is often associated with confusion which oc
curs when one mixes elements apart from their whole or proper relationship one to the other. Confusion also occurs when
we look at one aspect of a matter instead of looking through a
matter. Symbol's may be the dwelling spot for many minds;
however, it is not the symbol that we are to be fixed on but

rather what the symbol represents.
When we mix concepts without knowing their dynamics or
meanings or what the concepts will achieve we are often confused. The root of the name Bavel also means to overflow especially as one overflows with oil or to mix feed as fodder to
provide for livestock. In the scope of the term we see the nature of the kingdom of Bavel that provides forms for the concepts of creation to reside. The call to come out her, my people,
is the admonishment to arise out of the body of mortality into
higher frequencies—to come out of mortality to dwell in the en
during house of YHWH (Psalm23:6). In distinction, the call out
of Egypt is to emerge from within the boundaries, to come out
of the defined shapes that the Names may expand. The call out
of Babylon is to emerge from our mortality at Shinar--the place
of transmutation.
All who are in the mortal molecular structure reside in
Babylon. This mortal nature sins, creates debts that it can not
repay, blasphemes the Name for which there is no remedy-being unpardonable. The fleshly and wayward energies
of soul follow after strange elohim and call upon other name's
while apart from the consciousness of the ALhhim of YHWH
and the name's of light. The body, as the feminine, seeks to be
joined/united and hence goes after concepts and names to be
joined with whereby it's presentation is supported and endures.

The sins of the body are debts because they extract or withdrawal the energies of light to use them vainly for no profit, no
gain, and does not have the ability to repay. Some sins will be
pardoned—that is; there will be a healing for the damages.
Every sin of the energies will be pardoned but not the sins
of Cham in the mortal state. The unpardonable sin is to abuse,
that is, to use the Force of the Fire for vanity or ego, to walk
in arrogance to the Ruach haQodesh --The Spirit of Fire for
which the body is unable to repay or repair the damages.
Note: Blaspheming The Holy Spirit is not doing; Not perform
ing Numbers 28------That's correct, U lie when you try to teach
and preach crap from your text, script, writing's and sayings.
Every sin of the energies will be pardoned but not the sins of
Cham. For you are blaspheming The Holy Spirit. Period!!! U R

Shmual teaches us: Why should we pardon the lower state
of consciousness that blasphemes the Spirit, for if we grant
it a pardon, it will repeat the blaspheming. We are not going to
keep repairing that ole cocoon. Mortal Babylon will be no
Ya hear that? Huh? Do ya really know what this means?
There is a time when the flesh will pass away, and we will
enter into a new creation stage. The flesh is a vehicle unto our

successive evolutionary process. The body is a wondrous form
in which we journey and reside in as a caterpillar until we emerge in the glorious Seraph, a winged flying serpent / tongue /
communication form of Wisdom. “Come out of her” is a call
to arise from you molecular mortal structure! Babylon will be
no more, for you will leave behind the mortal state as you tran
smute. The mortal pattern will give way to the immortal State
in which YahúWah YHWH The Most High HhaOLiyun tabernacles with His people who ascend and are robed with garments
of light, the garments Adam saw and thereby received counsel
concerning in the Garden of Eden.
Coupled with Babel is Ereck, meaning to lengthen or draw
out, to make long or tarry, to live long, endures. Ereck conveys
being patient and forbearing. Joining Ereck with Bavel conveys the everlasting house of YahúWah YHWH. The nature of
Ereck is to bring into place the enduring nature of the House
that is linked to the Principle.
If we are joined to the Alpha the House abides as
Father. Our dwelling endures from generation to generation.
The endurance of the house assist to draw out each living trait
of life until the form is transformed according to the light nature unfolded. The House of YahúWah YHWH is an eternal
structure; though the garments change from one level to another, the structure of His House remains the same.

Accad, from the root to strengthen. is the spiraling altitude
of life. Accad is the means of matter ascending, to go upward
as the force in a plant to arise and lengthen. Accad brings vantage points, a highland, castle, and fortress. The body nature of
Accad represents the center of Nimrod’s defense in providing
an observation post. Each of our dwellings are castles. In keep
ing your dwelling in unity, the body serves as a fortress for the
soul. When the dwellings are set one against the other, the for
tress of Accad is weakened. As we confirm Accad we establish
our defense to guard our member's and to protect the precious
jewels within.
Coupled with Accad, is Calneh, meaning to follow completely, to be attentive, complete concentration. Accorording to
our altitude we are attentive. Within the form is the desire to be
fully extended and to be complete. The growing heights of a
child expresses Accad. The determined nature of the body to be
fully mature expresses Calneh. The maturity of Calneh inclu
des change and repentance. In light of the altitude Calneh
stimulates a change in direction and behavior in order that the
mind will be complete in every aspect. The four heads of
Nimrod are Bavel: the provision principle; Ereck: the for bear
ing principle; Accad: the observation principle of security; and
Calneh: the maturity principle to follow through on all observed, lest we behold ourselves in the mirror of the Torah and
not cultivate the seeds of truth within.

The body will suffer/endure for your name as well as fight to
defend your name. Even the body’s jesters will correspond to
the goals that you set in your Mind. These four principles of
the Kingdom are in the State of Shinar /the land of transmutations enabling one to go from one form unto another. By
these 4 principles gathering and being established, transmutations are possible. Shinar is designated for levels of exchange
and operations. We are changed from one state of glory /
heaviness to another.
We transmute as an angel into humanity. Shinar
is the ability to duplicate, change, fold and unfold oneself via
the comprehension or opening of the eyes achieved. In Shinar
the light energies come to prepare to take on a defined and examinable form. Via the ability to change form and to develop
in every inherent attribute as the off spring of Noach—those in
pursuit of actualization-the offspring of Noach receive multiple
languages/tongues /expressions.
The four head;s of manifestations are Bavel, Ereck, Accad, and
Calneh. The four heads of the tribes are: Yahudah Dan Reuvan,
and Aphrayim. These four also penetrate through the layer's of Mind
as the faces of the Lion, the Ox, the Man, and the Eagle. The city,
being four square, comes down into the trunk of the body from the
Mind of Spirit-Consciousness.

From this Collective State of four heads we are enlightened to
become, to unfold, to release the light forces/with in/to expand
our oneness. The Scriptures detail the various lands we pass thr
ough and occupy, i.e. the Land of Cham, the Land's of Moab,
the Lands of Israel / YishARAL, etc;
Note from Author:
It is understood that YahúWah has chosen and loves YishARAL
You - Me - Us-Them - All, for unto them their branching forth
the Seed is given. With in their branches flow Word’s of the
Teúwrah/Torah. As the branches are fully extended, the fruit,be
ing the full expression’s of Light, appear within them. Through
the grace given unto MaShah/Moses, on behalf of all Israel /
YishARAL, the Teúwrah is received and drawn out by Aaron /
Aharúwan, in order that all people’s may reside in the Word’s
that are without corruption and without end. Through the appearance / opening of the Shayh (Lamb) within their eye’s, all detail’s of the immortal State are understood. As the details of the
Lamb are brought forward with understanding, all peoples will
arise to build the House of YahúWah, and thereby leave off
building the house’s of flesh which they have made by their
finger’s being mingled with the polluted water’s of mortality
[Chazon/ Revelation 21:22; Yeshayahu/Isaiah 2:8].
Shmual say’s, ‘We cannot base our conclusion's on Shaul /
Paul, for though the writing's speak of the Torah Teúwrah; they

are not the Teúwrah, nor are they to be the authority of interpre
An email was sent saying we have to go over to Israel
and build the Temple and get the Red Heifers / young cow, especially one that has never had a calf ready/but, The Voice caution’s = If you read Shaul/Paul to affirm a physical temple,
then what of the word's in the Book of Roman’s that state, We
know that the Teúwrah/Law is spiritual? Animal sacrifice’s
restored upon the temple mount will not mean that the temple
is present, quite the contrary. The statement’s in the e-mail’s
and correspondences, saying-----“The Temple will eventually
go up” Paul is very plain about that. Considering certain prophecies' concerning the Temple have yet to be fulfilled, we must
conclude; the Temple must be rebuilt or the prophecies' in
question are lies,”--{As Israel moves closer towards the building of the Third Temple, only one thing is missing----the ashes
of the Red Heifer, required by the Bible for purification}.
Shmual continues and says ‘this/that statement lack’s Under
standing and covey’s that the reader is speaking of a corruptible building made with human hand’s.’ The dwelling of ‘The
Most High / HhaOLiyun’ is not of this world, for unto this City
the Eye’s of Avraham looked, The Most High / HhaOLiyun abides within the living stone’s of HhaALhhim / The Elohyim /
The Gods, which are the Name’s called forth from within ‘Their

Eye’s of Faith’ and which have been spoken into Being by the
lip’s of HhaKuwahnim/The Priest’s, who are servant’s of The
Most High / HhaOLiyun. As a shepherd amongst YishARAL
Shmual says, ‘it behooves one to consider the consequence of
transmitting such thought to the snaring of the Mind & Soul
to consider a temple of this world that will be over thrown as
Babylon fall’s.’
Respectfully Shmual
And the ridiculous; completely unreasonable and not at all
sensible or acceptable thought’s and belief’s of the nations, pre
tending that: YeDidyahu / Solomon built a temple and it’s in
Israel upon the Dome Rock area. Shmual told me year’s ago
that all of that area was/is a forgery. AL /YHWH’s Torah Light
Principle’s never told us to Schacht / KILL animals/live stock.
The Jew’s do not do the offering’s because they say there is no
temple. Well Shmual says, ‘where did they sacrifice before
there was a temple?’
another note:
The simplicity of solving the horrendous problems of our
planet is almost unbelievable, but true. With 4 basic moves!

1. Stop believing that the Koran, Bible and Torah is the
infallible word of the Most High 2. Believe in Unity/not separateness 3. Our bodies are the land’s of the Most High; not
dirt, mud or sand, or any ole piece of geography. And #4,
most importantly, we must perform the Number’s 28.


Constantine the Great---the first Christian emperor of the Roman
Empire - Our LAND dilemma has been presented in the synagogue,
showing that there is no historical claim for the land that is called
Israel today-----a country in Western Asia located on the eastern edge
of the Mediterranean Sea. It border’s Lebanon in the north, Syria in
the northeast, Jordan in the east, and Egypt on the southwest--whose
marking’s and places have been set of late by Constantine’s mother.

We are all YishARAL / Hebrew’s

continuing on:

but essentially, they are One Land-----a United State that we
come in, pass through, and then enter. The four corner's of the
Land give definition to the Land of YishARAL as the area of
transformation. The corners establish pairs and associations (ref
the discussion above pertaining to the formula of Babel).
With out the corners the energies become strung out / far apart
or retarded/being overlapped. When you read later in the Torah
of Eretz / the Land of YishARAL, realize that you are reading of the area in which the transformation of Name energies are occurring.
Chapter 10 Verse 11
From the defined State/Land to enlighten, becoming
Asshur-Asher confirmations, go forth
and he (Nimrod’s confirmations) builds the totality of NinaeWah /
productivity of life
coupled with the complete extent of Rehoboth Ir--spaciousness

and the extent/far reaching scope of Kalach/Calah maturation.

From the defined State/Land to enlighten our collective becoming we draw out all properties held within the seeds of life.
The land State of mankind is the human anatomy in
which all concepts of Life are held and through which all
concept's are drawn out to be activated and understood.
From the State established by Nimrod there goes forth
confirmations and verifications of all that is within the King
dom. The formula of Nimrod may be read as: 4/+ 20/=13/+14/- 3
The minus three, which balances the equation, is a drawing out
of the three properties of the Nurturing Center: NineWah,
RehobothIr and Kalach.
Each creature form has it's area or Land State of Transformation. The bird's have nest's in which they are transformed from
an egg into a winged messenger. The fish have their bed's in
which they undergo transformation from a fertilized egg into
winged fin messenger. Mankind have their Land's in which
they are transformed from a worm-egg into a winged flying
serpent. This land is the body region from the neck to the loins.
This space is where the energies encamp, three energies per
side forming a land four square. As you establish and join the
corner energies you create the diamond which is our means of

fully interacting with all field's or States of Light!
The House of Yahudah joins with Naphtali as
the government of the kingdom; which takes the throne in the
heart centre; And Ephrayim is joined with Gad as two mouths
speak as one; Reuvan joins with Zebulun forming a cluster of
eye's and strands of pearl's; and Dan joins with Benjamin as
discernment illuminates our administrations and occupations.
The united corners are operation's of the Dedan. The field's of
the eyes and intestine's, occupations of Reuvan and Zebulun, are
an association/collective order of Ayin/O/16. These land's handle
the input and distribution of concepts. The field's of the gamete
and the lungs holding the energies of Ben yamin and Dan are an
association/collective force of shin W 21, being the spark's and
The sparks of life are flamed in the Menorah. The associations
of the mouth and the glans penis, occupied with Gad and
Aphrayim are an association of Pa/17. Both of these lands bring
forth revelations via word's and unions. The kidneys and the
heart field's, wherein reside Yahudah and Naphtali are an assoc
iation/collective order of tet 9, being centres of counsel and
social administration. These land's provide stability and man
agement of all resources. The corner's are the outer dimensions
of the Bavel formula—the outer three's; the centres convey the

inner dimensions--the inner two's: holding the energies of stim
uli / Yissachar, hearing/Shimeon, transference/Manasseh, and
confirmations/Asher. Between/Amidst the associations of
government and the associations of concept management lies
the energies of stimuli, labor, motivation, arousal, determina
tion—for Yissachar.
Amidst the associations of concept management and revelations lie the territory of hearing, comprehension, development
nurturing, building, manifesting---for Shimeon. Amidst the pro
cesses of revelation's and burnings lies the land for transferring
energies from one state to another—for Manasseh. Amidst the
associations of burnings and government lies the land for con
firmations, blessings, breaking down compounds to extract the
inner values--for Asher. As these are amidst the lands of Cham,
in like manner Resen is amidst the centre of Nineveh/NineWah
and Calah.
The characteristics of the family of Cham may be
summed up in one word: Land. We unfold within this Land,
from head to head and from side to side. Illustrations of our un
folding head to head are from the head/corona penis to the up
per/corona brain; from the head of the mother to the head of the
child as it emerges from within mother. Side to side is unfolding each morning menorah as the sunflower and unfolding
each evening menorah as the moon flower; lateral reflections

occur as we stand face to face and then side by side.
Cham pertains to the third branch of the menorah lights,
the gimel, yud, pa. The ten states of Cham are channels of light
we enter/according to the management of the writing's/with the
force or breath of the saying's. The coming down of the saying's
into the writing's is likened to the coming down of the mind into
the earth or the city coming down from the Mind of Spirit----con
sciousness or the cloud coming down into the sea.

The mouth coming down into the hand as word's come
into action or the sayings coming down into the writings--elevates each deed and lifts up each writing whereby the channels
pulsate with vibrations of word's. There is a wonderment of uti
lizing the names of Cham in weaving the golden threads or in
affecting a healing—a reconstruction of form or alignment of
forms, according to the Cham family of light frequencies.
A few decades ago, when all of this translation was being put
together, Shmual Wahli of BHM said, 'I
understood that the Master of Manifestation used such great
knowledge with faith to restore a withered hand; and each Mas
ter will know the structure's of light and use them in their
teaching's and ministry to other's.
From the State of Shinar—the process of exchanging
substances from one form unto another, there occurs Asshur--

Asher----confirmations, happiness, blessings to the energies as
they go forth. As we are in modes of exchange/Shinar, we are
confirmed in all levels of becoming. Nimrod builds via blessings and expansions through gathering in all traits of Life.
As we build the mind, we increase in knowledge; as we build
the body we increase in transformations. The blessings of
Nimrod build the complete/totality of NineWah coupled with
Rehoboth-Ir and Kalach.
NineWah conveys to us the productive capital centre of our
land, that being the growth and perpetual seeding to flourish all
part's.It is being in our Mother Wah; we are forever in the Name;
we are in Yah and we are in Wah. We abide within the expanding
Light and nurturing centre of Light--YahúWah HaSham. AL
h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.< The Most High HhaOLiyun
As the Name expands from within the seed, it creates a
covering over us. The name is a Tower of strength in which we
abide. Should we see ourselves apart from the Name, we feel
isolation, unstable, lost, in need of a covering. The Name is
our home now, has been our home and will be our home forever. The productivity of our life is built as we confirm each
part of our dwelling. When we are not focused on the Master
Name dwelling, we become wayward. Jonah was sent to the

city of NineWah to draw back the inhabitant's unto the Master
Name State. Without such the city is doomed, being unproductive and uses it's energies in vain.
The Author, Kinney, is from the House of Aphrayim and
it's the Kingly House. And Aphrayim is to go out and bring them
all in 'To Know' the Torah. It's been, like for Shmual a hell of a
long haul and tiresome trip thus far; an-noying causing fatigue:
causing weariness and sometimes, a lot of annoyance. Because
there has been very few takers. But don't cry for me Argentina,
cry and die for yourselves.
When we hold back the message of peace / Jonah for NineWah,
our message is swallowed up in the water's of the deep for three

day's and three night's.
The three day's and night's are the fulfillment of communication activities (days) with fiery instruction (night). When
we have a full release of communication and instruction we emerge with a message, conveying a new state of being. Thus
Jonah is spewn from the fish as word's of peace fly out of the
mouth and Yahushúo arises from the tomb-----as a worm-man
comes forth into a new state of being. This is the sign for each
of us. We will remain in the fish/the nun/until we are fully extended to rise into the shin/21/W. We will remain in our watery
grave body until the full communication and instruction that
activates all traits (three days) of life, for until that time we are

unable to be transformed into our coming progressive ascension
We are the earth that has within it the seeds of Light, but the plant
does not arise until the seed is opened on the third day of creation.
When the seed of Avraham is opened, the new man emerges. We
have the wherewithal to arise but it has not yet been actively
communicated (day) with the fire of instruction (night). The day
is the period of revealing; the night is the period or reflecting.

Three days and three night's pertain to all entrusted to us, that
is, all that has been deposited within us has now been actively
communicated and meditated upon 'To Know' it's full measure.
Does this not fuel us to know and to share the Love in the world?
(Well, does it)? When the Word's of Life have been re leased
within us as the seeds released in the field, we will arise unto
the Nature of Eternal Life. When the child has fully developed

within the womb there is not stopping it from emerging. The
worm semen form will come out on it's belly. The water's
will break, and the head will push it's way through the
Boy, that was heavy above, there----Likewise, when all has been developed within us, we will
break forth through the water's, and the door of our future will
open as we emerge as the flying serpent of Wisdom. Through

building our lives according to the Faces of YHWH as Nimrod
we are confirmed to continue and know with assurance as we
proceed in our path of life. As we have a continual supply of
illumination, we generate new concepts; likewise a person con
tinues to generate new seeds, new cells, new forms as they gat
her light frequencies into forms. For example the process of di
gesting takes light principle's and integrates them into forms
whereby the forms are productive and vigorous.
This state of integration is NineWAH. NineWah is
the city of the ongoing development of life in our Mother
WAH. Eating is a spiritual process. Blessing the Master Name
prior to eating establishes that all we are partaking of is for the
expanse of the Name; hence, the properties received are design
ated for this purpose. Without gathering knowledge or hunting
for food's we have little to confirm. No inputs, no productive
output's. No learning, no confirmation's.

Learning the names and working's of our being culminates
with blessing's of light. Each part of our being is confirmed by
the other's as it operates in life. Coupled with our productivity
centre--NineWah is the total scope of Rehoboth Ir-the full allott
ed space for expansion. Before a child is born, the cervix opens
wide to make room for the energies to expand. When ever you
make a place for another, the provision of Rehoboth is active.
The provision of Rehoboth is for the mind/principal to ascend
through a form just as the properties within a seed arise through

a plant. Whereas NineWah is the productive center Rehoboth Ir

is the centre that gives space, being very gener-ous, to allow the
plant to fully expand. The name is the plural form of Rahab,
who accommodates the spies to come into the land. The spaces
of Rehoboth enable all born within us to occ-upy the land. And
with the expanding space is the total scope of Kalach, meaning
to harvest, mature.
The provision of Kalach is to bring all born and widened unto
maturation. Within us is the means to continue the development
until it comes to maturity. This is the unity of NineWah Kalach
and Rehoboth.

Chapter 10

Verse 12

And the total scope of Resen/guidance is
in the midst of NinaeWah/productivity and in the midst of Kalach
becoming the great/nurturing city.

There is no lack of guidance as the aleph-taw 1-22 preceding
the name indicates, just as there is a complete generation of life,
a complete space provided-and a compete harvest. Resen means
to bridle-- to rein-- regulate, to harness up a horse. Each of our
offspring of energies are to be yoked together as One Team.
Our tongue is bridled that we speak according to our progressions and states of occupation. Resen is in the midst of Nine

Wah to guide the fledglings and in the midst of Kalach to guide
the maturation process. Resen is between-amidst the birthing &
the agings. Resen often just takes over; thereby our mind's won
der what is going on as we do not sense when or how we need
to be productive or bring certain elements to maturity. Thus there
are seemingly abrupt changes that we go through, but the chang
es are quite natural. We are not aware of their affect until it app
ears. As we are generating new concepts and maturing inwardly, our outward states are naturally being prepared for change.
This is the presence of Resen at work within us. In all ideas &
in all harvesting, Resen/the Hand of Guidance prevails.
The nature of Resen distinguishes NineWah and Kalach to
become the Great City of Nurturing--our Mother Center; Via
the principle of guidance, what is born and it's maturation is de
termined. This is the nurturing afforded us whereby the states
of NineWah and Kalach combine to be called the Nurturing
Centre; for nurturing is based on guidance / Resen. The above
conveys the constructs of Nimrod on behalf of Yapheth, Cham,
and Shem. NineWah becomes the capital of Assyria the descen
dants of Yapheth. Thanks be to ALhhim for the provisions of
Life and all the trait's of the family of Cush.
Chapter 10

Verse 13

And Mitzraim/definitions with boundaries bears/brings forth the
complete scope of Ludim creations/birthing

and the complete scope of Anamin / stone carvers/positioners
and the complete scope of Lehabim/burnings / glowing's
and the complete scope of Naphtuchim/revealers-interpreter's
and the complete scope of Pathrusim/ruptures breaks open
and the complete scope of Casluchim/endurances
to verify the rising from a name, Pelishtim/trespasses
coupled with the complete scope of Kaphtorim/covering's.
The order of defining our boundaries/Mitzraim brings
forth offspring traits out of which arises the Pelishtim with
Kaphtorim. The traits of Mitzraim verify the emergence and
goings forth of a Name / just as a plant verifies the ascent and
extension of a seed. Mitzraim is the mystical centre in which we
are born--where we are carried to; from our star field.
In Mitzraim / Egypt we come into manifestation. It is a place
of great duality, a place that honors those coming across and a
place that enslaves the inhabitant's.

Yet it is into Egypt/Mitzraim we must come; it is the route for
the learner's as well as the master's. “Out of Egypt I will call
my son;” for it is out of Egypt that we are proclaimed by the
Voice of YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun Ha-Sham
to the be the offspring of ALhhim.
Why is it out of Egypt Mitzraim that we are called? We are
called out of Mitzraim as it is out of being defined that we are

recognized/proclaimed/declared to the Formulation of Light,
the first-born of YHWH. The collective Name of your energies
is born first and carries with it the right of progression and ascension. All other states are given for your development and
Even the glory of Egypt, in which you are born, cannot contain all that you are. Your are more than just energy to fill a
flask; you are more than what appears within the forms of life;
you are a creation of Light that is ever bursting forth with
sparks of the Eternal Flame; you are the emanation of Unity that
is filling the universe; through a collective united Mind with all
other name's. Your skins of flesh will be shed. You will be robed
with golden threads drawn out from your fire chambers. Out of
Egypt YHWH calls/proclaims/declares with distinction: “You are
mine--You are my first-born.” You will not be enslaved by the
form's that you enter into, which give U definition, and
awareness, and from which you are expanding.

What you enter into must die/undergo transformation, that
your Name's and released energies be able to expand and express their full stature. The formula of Mitzraim may be read as:
(43 /7) 13/ +1 0 / + 20/ = 18/ + 13/ + 12/ (43/7). The plus 12, which balan ces
the equation, refers to the 12 energies that are placed within
Mitzraim--the 12 offspring of Yaaqov/Jacob that are brought
within Egypt. These 12 powers cause Mitzraim to flourish and
teem with activities. The central letter of the Name, resh/20 i n

d i c a t e s that the Mind’s focus is on the 12 energies that are
undergoing transformation within the waters. The formula reads
The Fullness of Mind is acquired by Life Transformations/Re
flective Changes.
The first of the offspring that appears in defining boundaries/areas is the Ludim—the birthing process of travail, the
means to conceive and emanate, to create. The Ludim generate
forms/manifestations and likewise bear the energies that come
into forms. The stories of the mid wives in Egypt refer to the
presence and ongoing activities of the Ludim. The offspring are
traits within Mitzraim that appear in succession, one joined to
another. It is important not to see just the individual offspring
but the joining of traits that compounds the meaning's of the
collective offspring of Mitzraim. In considering the extent of
Ludim, how is it that the defined boundaries give birth? Egypt
Mitzraim receives and gives back as do all States of Mind. And
Mitzraim is our earthly mother that birth's us.
The energy field of Mitzraim continues to conceive and bear
the properties of light even as Egypt bears the children of Israel.

Mitzraim / She will always be blessed as the prophet Isaiah
Yeshayahu [19:25] speaks of her being one of the three with
YishARAL and Assyria gathered in perfect unity: “Blessed is
My People, Mitzraim.” My people/convey the unity of the O

ayin-16 mem-13 formulation. Mitzraim provides the Mind with
an overview of the water's from which vantage point we pass
through the River and the sea.
“If you will control the wind and the waves, you must be one
with them.” The wind pertains to the spirit/breath and the waves

to the body of water's within. The Name of each mind is the
agent to affect their status. To regulate the power's of spirit and
water, the Name must be one with the wind and the waters to
control them. This is likened unto the Master Name from which
come breath/spirit and ruach and the bodies of water. As the
Master Name YHWH is over all so is your name over all that
pertains to your position and your house. Depending up on the
state of O ayin/of the Name, so are the water's within, either
still / frozen or fluid, or as air, all being relative to the state of
vibrations of the frequencies. There are times you feel dead and
other times alive, sometimes heavy and other times as light as a
feather. These are in relation to your O Ayin mem formulations.
Egypt is a perpetual place of gatherings that reflect the
state of the energies released frequencies, to be house's of clay
or crystal. Joined with Mitzraim are Assyria and Israel. The
Assyria is the work of my hand's indicating that the opening's
are the centres of activities and through which the Master Name
gives and creates. Israel is my inheritance----indicates that the
twelve energies hold the attributes of the Master Name as abank

that holds the values of the depositor. These three parts,of the
Unity of YHWH, are extensions of the families of Noach: Cham
(Mitzraim), Shem (Israel), and Japheth (Assyria). The defined
borders of our mind/the Ludim conceive and bear traits especially as boundaries are joined in pairs as the corners are joined.
These states of unity amongst the boundaries give birth to the
properties and definitions of our Name.
What does a definition hold? It holds the power to create and
thereby to release the essence of light present. As we are able
to define, we explain and call into detail. The patterns in the
earth field are set via the energies and duplicate themselves
via cellular division. Ludim are traits that emanate from the de
fined shape. List some of the Ludim present in your bodies.
For example: the eye's emanate concentric circles, roundness conveying the properties of seeing full circle, colorations,
detailed information regarding all other body forms, they emanate the mind’s view, how we are looking at something or
someone; they convey understanding, a question, trust, doubt,
acceptance, rejection, etc. Examine each form of your house
and list the traits that are birthed and are emanating from the
defined shapes. Project your extension forward, i.e. your immortal house to view the traits that are to yet birthed via the
Ludim. Place our emerging concepts into the hand's of the
Ludim that they may appear with a corresponding form. The

formula of Ludim may be read as: (23/5)1 3 / + 10/ = 4/ + 6/ + 12/ + 1 /
(23/5). The formula is balanced as the presence of Alpha or seed
is attached to set the birthing process into action / fulfillment.
The plural ending denotes granting life/fullness; the ability
to regenerate which is achieved with Aleph ordering the classes
through the gates. T h e verbal form of the word, to birth is un
derstood to be an activation of classes/orders through passage
-ways. Should we take the root word and balance it’s equation,
the balancing factor is reduced to Alpha also:(4) 4 /= 12/ + 1/ (4).The
letter Waw in the middle of a word is read as the equal sign.
Three D a l e t equal one L a m e d or reduced to the simple
formula, the force of one A l e p h. What appears in looking at
this formula is the three D a l e t e equaling one L a m e d. The
value of three is a reflective of twelve/Lamed, even as 3 is the
sum of 1+2 (12). These two letter's, the Gimel and the Lamed are
reflectives of each other L a m e d reflects what is in speech /
Gad/G i m e l, and speech reflects what is in L a m e d. What
we say is in our feet or manner of walking. What is in our walk
is in our throat. We learn through this reflection that movement
is both by words as well as by walking. When the two are align
ed there is a complete rite of progression; but until the two alig
ned there is a stalemate of progress. We may now understand
that the G i m e l—the extended tongue/throat is the dragon of
the sea. Follow the G i m e l from the tip of the tongue, and you

will come to the anus.
If you have ever seen a snake curled up on the bank, you
will see the picture of the tongue with its snake body, the entire
esophagus curled up in the intestines. This coiling is the nature
of Cush. The legs are reflections of the G i m e l whereby the
serpent transposes itself until it bears it's wings and flies again.
Sex or copulation is the joining of snakes; the intertwining of
tongues whereby one confirms their wholeness and brings forth
the fruit of the Ludim. The Serpent-man undergoes transformations unto the winged Serif-man.
The Serpent we encountered in the Garden of Eden beguiled us to come into this arena for our transformation. Without being beguiled we would not have the umph to make the
cross over, but with Wi s d o m / present in the Serpent, we
have confidence to take the journey. The beguiling is not a neg
ative, but rather of good intentions. Through our being beguiled we were willing to take a risk 'To Know' and via knowing we
come to stand in the knowledge of all that we are. The Serpent
on the pole is the serpent body supported by the vertebrae. As
the serpent is lifted up in the wilderness-through Word development's, so must each Son of Man/Formulation of Adam be
lifted up. The picture of the Serpent on the Pole is the scene
of the crucifixion where Wisdom slays the dragon of old
and makes the ascension into Eternal Life. The story of the

Garden now comes full circle. The Eternal Life proposed by the
Serpent is actualized and entered into. Every Adam is lifted up
through the arising of Word Principle's within, that slays the
old/former serpent as a first-born/Ludim of Egypt.
We arise, through the shedding of old skins, with the glory
of the Word within our wings. Having observed the reflective
order of light in the letter's G i m e l and Lamed look for others
amongst the Aleph Bet. For examples, the Bet-2 is a reflection
extension of the R e s h 20 the unity of body and head. The
shoulders are reflections of the hips—the unity of responsibility and decisions being a creation of the letter Waw-6 reflecting itself 180°. The Nun - 14 is a reflective of it's unseen side
that conveys the full image of the f i s h / p o t e n t i a l i t y.
The letter's fire/S h i n-21 and the water's/M e m-13 are reflectives; what is of Fire is mirrored in the water's. The Mem
/water's are a liquid/condensed steam state of the Shin / 21.
Let’s continue with the descendant's of Mitzraim. Descendants? Yes, for the families of Cham are the temple forms that
come down to serve as the Body. And having descended they
are now in the ascension mode. The principle of descending ap
plies to all of us. Having descended we are now in the ascension mode unless we remain in a dormant state-a state of transition. Coupled with the traits of the Ludim are the Anamin
which reveal the principle's or foundations of the emanating

traits. The offspring are a progressive revelation of Mitzraim.
Look for the Anamin within each body form. For example,
in the eyes are the founding principles/stones which include
favor, wonderment/exclamation, examination, consideration,
understanding, etc. The light in the eye's is the ascendant fire
from the altar, the glowing of the Lehavim.
The Anamim are the statutes which define the action's of the
shape. Whenever there is a birth, the stone's appears. We may
not comprehend what is being born until after the fact, at which
time we behold the principal that gave it birth. Thus the
Anamim follow the Ludim. The Anamim are referred to as
the Rockmen, those who set the stone's in place. They lay the
stones in their place according to how they will be used. The
boundaries of Mitzraim are based on principle's/rocks. Our
bodies are stone houses, built upon the Rock of our Foundation, aligned with the cornerstone, being constructed with
twelve basic stone type's. We are comprised of precious stone's
built together by Men of Principle's—our inner Elders.
Each of the stone's are laid in place via Anamin, and as they
are laid; they are carved upon to designate their position and
function being filled with names. Until a person awakens, their
stone's are like carved statues waiting to be animated. These
statues are what the Torah speaks of when referring to bowing

down to idols and statues, made by hand's but not by spirit,
which also pertains to all static, lifeless letter forms. Coupled
with the stone carvers are the L e h a v i m, which refer to the
burnings glittering's of the stones. Each stone radiates with the
light energies that reside within them. We are to fan the stones
as coals of fire, from black to red to blue. As a glass blower
the properties of the image are changed from sand to glass. The
glitter of the eye's or the glistening of the stone's is evidence
within the vessel. The Lehavim also denotes the passion ate
nature of the body, the heat of attraction and the sense of
belonging t o g e t h e r.
The Lehavim respond to the inner fire and are constructed
to operate by the fire principle's. The shining face of MaShe /
Moses corresponds to the presence of the Lehavim which reflect the spiritual spark's of the Presence. As the principle's are
drawn out of each body centre, so the radiance of those principle's becomes evident. The Lehavim glow with the principles
of light into matter/formation's.
The Fire of the Serpent Man of Wisdom is the source for
the stone's glowing. It is the com-bined fires within us all that
creates the pit of hell; as it is com monly referred to. We “raise
hell” as we unite our Fires to be one Fire.
As we confirm our Unity of One Fire, we cast down

at the same time all that has retarded our progressions as One.
Lying to each other or cheating each other will cease and be no
more; for as One Fire there is nothing to be hidden from any
other part nor is there any motive to cheat any other part. What
is One knows all and holds all. This United Fire will spread in
to the consciousness of all the earth and burn up in the social
fabric what is contrary and abominable to our united Mind. And
in the Light of our United Fire's we shall discover the whole
ness of our collective social fabric and enter into a new dimension that awaits those of perfect Unity / YahúWah YHWH AL
h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud<< L.< The Most High HhaOLiyun Our Principal YAHWEH HaSham ALLAH God.
Coupled with the Lehavim are the Naphtuchim, meaning the
unveilers, as to throw open, loosen, untie, unravel, to engrave,
and to open. With the blazing of principles within the stone's
comes the revelation of all that is within/the Kol-Gilah/Voice
of Revelation. When a letter opens up, it reveals its position &
role such as the Gimel 3 discussed above; this is an activity of
the Naphtuchim. The Naphtuchim family of Mitzraim operates
through the opening's and orifices of the physical centres that
are in harmony with the openings of Yapheth. The Naphtuchim
make manifest and apparent the Yapheth frequencies and pattern's of light. Via the Naphtuchim, our understanding is expanded to comprehend the design and functions of light.

The Naphtuchim provide interpretation's to the language of the
body whereby forms and function's of light are discerned. As
the answer is within every question and the interpretation with
in every dream, so are the principle's of ALhhim within every
cell to be revealed through the Naphtuchim. Coupled with the
Naphtuchim are the Pathrusim, a reference to Upper Egypt in
distinguish to Lower Egypt. The Upper Egypt Pathros pertains
to the higher frequencies of the body. From the root Pot, an
opening, vulva, secret part's, and Rus, meaning to rupture and
break open, the sense of the word is to reveal the upper frequen
cies of the land. Pathrusim is the nature of the body to rapture
or to break into fragments. The result of this body activity is to
distinguish held substances, specifically what is held in our
secret parts. The function of the Pathros enables the body to
break open and bring forth the inner seeds, the re-generative
concepts of our light Name.
The nature of the body to rupture is like the husks of an ear of
corn that ruptures exposing the inner fruit, or as swelling bud
ruptures to release the fragrance of the plant Coupled with the
Pathrushim are the Kasluchim which is the role of the boundaries to express a fortification; a sense of perseverance through
the sundry times of our life. The body as the House of YHWH
is everlasting; as David sings: I will dwell in the House of
YahúWah forever. The endurance, the hanging on nature of
the body convey the essence of the Kasluchim. This trait of

Mitzraim is often; translated as the Hope's of Life, knowing
that the frequencies arrived at are in process of being changed.
It is the knowing of the flesh that cries out for trans formation
as Rav Shaul expressed, All creation groans and suffers the
pains of childbirth together until the creation itself is set free
from slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the
offspring of ALhhim (Rom 8:20-22).
There is an inner confidence within our members of a
coming change and this confidence and hope is the trait of the
Kasluchim. The Kasluchim confirm our going forth from the
position of the Pelishtim, those devoid 'Of Knowing' from the
state of trespasses—violating our inner principle's coupled with
the going forth from the Kaphtorim as we emerge from under
the covering's in which we once dwelt. These trait's convey the
fabulous roles of Mitzraim.
CANAAN While the offspring of Cush and Mitzraim provide
the patterns and boundaries of the body, the energies-reside-dwell

inherit-the branches of the body, even as the bird's and serpents
dwell in the bough's. Through branches fruit forms which is the

purpose of the tree. The fruit we bear brings forth the full expre
ssion of life, and the sap that flows is the full flavor of our name
(Chamathi). The mature expressions of our Name communicate
the full release of the principle's seeds of ALhhim within us.
We cultivate each of our branches unto the verification of all
that is within—fruit bearing. Thus the land's of Canaan are not
called the promised land's but rather the States to verify the
Word through our unfoldments.
This State of Verification demonstrates the Presence and full
expression of the Word, and here we come to abide. The same
State is called the Messiah/Measurement of life The Messiah,
being the Head united with Body, is thereby the full communica
tion of WORD.
The Formulation's of Canaan

Chapter 10 Verse 14

Canaan is the nature to branch forth. There are eleven branches corresponding to the numerical value of the Kaf 11th letter
the symbol to branch. Each branch is an extension, a drawing
out of understanding to reveal all possible Word unfoldments
un to the furthest extent. The branch, known as human, is charac terized by the 11 eleven offspring of Canaan even as each
Name is characterized by the value of twenty-six, the number of
HaShem. The cumulative value of Canaan: 190 or 55 reduces to the
value of 1, conveying the One Branch of ALhhim which is the
pattern of all humans.

The humble servant form, Canaan, bears/brings forth to
activate the Order's of Light through the nodes/doors in Cush
and Egypt Mitzraim. As we depart through the gates of Egypt,
we go out from our boundaries in order for the energies to be
extended and expressed in branches/tribe's. When we are called
out of Mitzraim, we branch forth the inward tribal energies un
to flight. This process is known as the dalet, kaf, and tsade
triad: We enter the gate's/into the world to branch/all properties
of the seeds of ALhhim unto their maturity as winged messen
gers. What is planted within us arises unto freedom through the
The seed's of ALhhim emerge within fruit, which are the
blessings or expansions of the foundational Seed Name. These
liberated seeds, released from within, create a new land a new
State of occupation. The former passes away; all that re mains
is the Word that has been from the beginning. Like the tree of
the field it springs forth from a seed and then topples; all that
remains are the seeds of the tree. Thus the writing's says: “The
Heavens and Earth will pass away [undergo change], but My
Word's will not pass away.” The State of the Word creates a
land for our inheritance, to possess and to occupy. We come to
live in this level of Word manifestation, a State of Being that
verifies the hidden Word brought to Light through the develop
ment of Mind. Truly we are the Word, the living Word of the
ALhhim. Let us operate in this consciousness of the Word base

and Word verification.
Should we lie, we lie against ourselves, for we speak that
which is false, and thereby create a void that captures our ener
gies from expansion. Should we cheat, we cheat ourselves, for
we act in a manner that denies our Love nature of belonging as
One with all. We decide, with under standing, to only speak to
convey the nature of the Word base of being. Our breath supports instruction and the order's of light, as the ha 5 supports
the lamed 12 in the pillar of letter's. We act decidedly to verify
the living unfolding Word. In this consciousness we are the
Word personified by our Name. Hence, we speak and act according to our true nature--the WORD. This is going beyond the
Pelishteem / trespass state and the Kaphtorim/the coverings or
shadow state. As the Mind sees itself----sees it's Word base of
being, it arises above the state of trespassing itself and emerges
from under the shadows of Egypt Mitzraim whereby it branch
es or brings forth the traits of Canaan.
Until we emerge from Mitzraim we are unable to branch
forth our inner tribes even as a plant cannot sprout forth until it
breaks forth from within the boundaries. From our arising
through Mitzraim, we are placed into school's or wilderness
states for the development of the Word--to draw out insights to
expand/develop the Mind. As we pass through these learning
field's, we are fueled with the resources to create the land's of

Canaan. Each name creates the lands of Canaan reveal ed to us
at the Abram level of consciousness. The promised lands are not
entered by someone walking across some po-litical border; these
land's are in the Mind to be formulated as the Mind branches

forth and becomes fruitful with the full expression of life.
The States of being fruitful with the expressions of life are
the fulfillment of the mathematical formulas of each name.
Ten State’s / Land’s
Pronounced as:
1. Kayni / Kenite / State of Zayin Z / Right
thumb-------------------K nee
2. Kenizi / Kenizzite / State of Chet j / right index finger
----------Ken na z
3. Kadmoni / Kadmonite / State of Tet T/ right middle finger
----Cad Moan knee
4. Chitti / Hittite / State of Yud Y / right fourth don't pro-the C
finger----------------Hit tee
5. Perizi / Perizzite / State of Kaf K/ right little
finger---------------Pur ress z
6. Rephaim / State of Lamed L / left
thumb---------------------------Raft ph enee
7. Amori / Amorite / State of Mem M / left index
finger-------------Ah more re
8. Kenaani / Canaanite / State of Nun N / left middle finger-----Ken ah knee
9.Girgashi / Graphite / State of Sameck s / left fourth

finger-----Ger gash she
10. 10 Yevusi / Jebusite / State of Ayin O / left little
finger--------------Ye vu si
We must think every day that we are walking in the Ten States:
You do not walk in any other land; these are the States that you
walk in, unless you forsake your inheritance One stops walk
ing on the other side of the Yordan and crosses over the Yordan
and walks in these land’s. And there/ here, the Shyin/W, the
Crown appears ---for the ten land’s are given to the Seed Word
in which the twelve abide as one.---Upon releasing the branches from within, you then enter the
lands of giants. Who are the giants in the land? These giants are
the properties of strength / gibor, which belong to your name
that have humbled themselves to fall / nephal into the land that
they may arise unto the height and greatness / rapha of your
name. These giant's, being the full stature and might of all that
you are becoming, you will not drive out of Canaan for it is
these giant's that have been thrust from your inner nature during the wilderness that you may grow and enter into them.
Rather you will inherit all that belongs to your gigantic magnitude and occupy them according to the extension of your Name’s
Mind. Until you possess them, by entering into them and fulfill

ing them, they will be as spear's in your sides, prodding you to

step into them and perform according to their might. Your enter
ing the land of giant's is the acceptance of your full extension
of being.
“ The dark ages ”
Their has been a dark cloud over the offspring of Canaan in
religious circles of instruction. To realize that the offspring
state's are the fulfillment of our journey is like coming out of
the dark age's. {The Opening statement of this work this
document }

All that has been designated for us to achieve is good. The
name's of the offspring of Canaan are to be discerned quicken
ed within and their State of Mind entered. The off spring of
Canaan are progressive dwelling States according to our inner
unfoldments. We proceed from the Collective Lights as a spark
into our father’s Ashkenaz orifice and then through the Tiras
Gate into our mother to enter into our bodies and be born with
manifestation. We are nurtured in the lands of Cham. We emer
ge from the womb into the land of Mitzraim/Egypt. Out of
Egypt, being defined, we move into the Word developments /
wilderness stage's. As the Word opens and expands within our
inner Man, the offspring of Canaan become evident, and into
these lands we move to reside. Canaan means to be lowly and
humble. Is this not what a servant’s heart is to be—lowly and

As the Name arises out of boundaries/Egypt, it is elevated above the conflict of flesh and spirit. The Name rises out of
damnation of itself and out of trespassing (the Pelishtim) it's
very nature and expression. Trespasses/sins which hold the
Name back are set aside. Sin restricts your expansion as well
as violates your attributes of Name. As summed up sin is the
transgression of the Commandments/the Orderings of Light (I
Yahuchanan/Jn 3:4). The Name ascends above, ignoring it's attributes and above dishonoring the earth field's via grace given
for transformations. The Name arises from within the veils of
Mitzraim (the Kaphtorim) and beholds its nakedness where by it
makes the quest for the garment's that are fitting for an off
spring of royalty. However, when we depart from the boundaries of Mitzraim and arise from the plains of violations, we
are abhorred on the day we are born, even sought after to be
put to death, for we now have created a mutiny from our home
land. The branches of Canaan form the basis for centres/collective site's/stronghold's/and services.
For example the heart of Yahrushaliem / Jerusalem is born
from an Amorite father (the foundational sayings), and a Chitti
mother, perspectives which verify the saying's from the heart
(Yechezkel/Ezekiel 16).


The humility of the branches may be observed as we reflect
on the quietness and mutual respect that each of our branches
demonstrate. While the soul (BODY) gets mouthy and nervous;
the branches themselves remain composed. Have you witnessed a rowdy ear or an arrogant kidney branch? The branches
themselves are composed of light principle's that are arranged
in a cooperative net-work of devotion to glorify the Father, and
not themselves. The servant attitude of Canaan becomes a
blessing for YishARAL.
The energies move into the branches to expand further the
traits of each Name. The breath of man may become heavy, the
waters of man troubled, the collective soul misaligned; the serpent may lash out and recoil; however, the branches of Canaan
are humble and reflect to us a harmonious order. And as a result of the harmony, Canaan is fruitful.
Verse 15
And Canaan bears/is fruitful
the total scope of the Tsidon, the established first-born
and the totality of #8 Chet.
The Tsidon/The Provider/The Extender
Tsidon, a firstborn

Canaan provides for all to be fully extended through Tsidon/
(also rendered as Zidon or Sidon). Tsidon is symbolized by the

branching of the brain whereby all within mind is unfolded.
The A-X aleph taw/preceding the name indicates that all provi
sions are present to express the totality of Tsidon. As an egg
contains what is necessary for a chick, so the body, as the human branch, holds all necessary for the tribal energies to be
nourished and established unto their full stature. To establish
Unity there is a firstborn/a unique unfolding. Tsidon, a first
born, is the manifestation of the inner evidence of Mind belonging to Unity. Tsidon, as a fisherman, pertains to a patient
hunter who seeks for the fish/Nun/that all aspects of our Name
be fully caught and brought into the State of Canaan------full
We consider that Tsidon is the first characteristic pertain-ing to
Canaan. That is, all that belongs to the human struc- ture is known
as the firstborn.

Into this State of Life each person has emerges. To be designated by a status as firstborn implies that there are succeeding
birth's or States. Those who become of humble heart, seeking
for the revelation and branching of ALhhim within, are those
from the nations who are the firstborn of Canaan on the planet.
May it be that all humans enter into this class of Life, for then we
shall be readied as a species to make a transition in to the next
State of Life. As branches form on a tree, they designate the

shape, characteristic, and the extension of life within the tree.
Our body forms are the branches of our life which provide for

the full extension of our Name. Through branching one devel-

ops/expands unto the full nature of mashiyach / messiah / communication.
Tsidon is the initial branching to support the extension of energies. In the human, this initial branch is the brain from which
we generate all succeeding branches. Whereas other branches
are common amongst us, the brain is unique as the first born
status. Via the branching of Tsidon, we hold the potential of all
being re leased out of our Name. Tsidon is the first branch to
break through the node to bring forth the depths and heights
and breadth of our Name. Tsidon is the fuel for each branch to
become extended. The branches are according to each name,
the flame's of oil. Tsidon is the first of the branches that are
hewn (I Kings 5:6) for the wood of the daily offering even as the
energy of Mind is the first to be placed upon the altar.
As the fire is fanned on the altar for the morning
and evening burnt offering's / olot / Number's 28, the fire races
through the eleven branches of Canaan. As the branches are
inflamed, they serve as the coals from which the energies arise.
Through the daily offerings, the energies of Shem are being
transformed/crystallized in the fires. The branches provide the
wood of humility for the offerings to ascend and are arranged
upon the altar in a matrix pattern like a woof. As the branches
bow down upon the ALtar of ALhhim, the entire human form

becomes prostrate, face up—face to Face. In this position of the
energies, the sacrifices are made.
The Tsidon branch extends to Asher, the energy of confirmation/residing in the stomach. Asher verifies the extensions of
mind as living word forms of light (Joshua 19:28). Tsidon also
extends to the edge of Zebulun, from which the great alimentary
canal commences, going out from the mouth (Gen 49:13). As processes of thought's (from Tsidon) are activated within us, they
move through the canal to the mouth which speaks the words
of the inward processes. These word's articulate the processes
we are undergoing and formulate instructions developing with
in, even as the Pa/17/speech is the upper communication of the
gimel/3/processing as illustrated in the pillar of letters should
the inward processes be the daily activities of light which are
processed via the daily offering's, then the word formulations
will be according to the waves of energy processed. However,
should the inward processing be of strife or activities of dark
ness, then the formulations at the mouth, the edge of Zebulun,
will be accordingly.
The grouping of word's form teaching's--branches of
formulated word's— that we live by. These branches charac
terize the vibrations of the energies for each offering. A gain,
we fuel our energies each day either by processing the light or
via processing shadows. The Tsidon of Canaan is the firstborn

as the WORD is the firstborn of the Father. Let us understand:
Father is Principal/Principle/Concept. The initial offspring / first
born of a concept is the Word. A father is the underlying idea
/concept of a house. The child is the form or extended revealed
concept. As a tree that branches, a child reveals all properties
held with in the seed. The Father is invisible; we are unable to
see an idea or to see the life power within a seed. The son/child
is visible and reveals the life via forms, deeds, and saying's. An
idea is quiet, but a word communicates boldly all the idea
The Word is the gate to reveal and manifest the Mind of
YahúWah h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<The Most High HhaOLiyun. As we speak the Word with understanding we release and expand the principle's held within in the Word. In
like manner, fruit releases and reveals all that the seed holds
Through Concept formulations, our Name moves into the State
of Words developed. These States are described as the various
wilderness stages in the Torah.
The word 'wilderness' literally means a drawing out of word's.
When we pass through the wilderness periods, all Words of the
Father are drawn out and formulated within. Our speech and
actions fully express the attributes of our Living Eternal Father.
This formulation of the Word is called the Son/Offspring

of ALhhim / God which is our State of occupancy-inheritance.
The Word is also called the head or beginning since it is the
firstborn of the concept principle. Tsidon, the firstborn / is the
head of the branches even as the brain is the head/ beginning
of all other body branches. Tsidon, as a descendant of Cham, is
the manifested Word, the first evidence of a mathematical balanced state of Mind, dwelling in our midst, at first unrecognized.
Everything that is manifested by ALhhim is to be discerned
whereby it is known and through which we come 'To Know'
the Father YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun.
Tsidon is coupled with The Chet /8/ The Elevator /
The Gatherer
As the heart centre is united to the brain so is Chet united to
Tsidon. Chet is the branching of Mind to take-up gather / elevate / lift-up all in process of extension----Tsidon. As the heart,
Chet conveys the human body to be a store house of all harvest
ed. Chet as the developing of the heart centre, branches forth to
be the mother of Yahrushaliem/Jerusalem (Yechezkel/Ezekiel 16)
a mother which holds and meditates upon the wonders of all
within. As the eighth letter of the alephbet, Chet/conveys ascen
sion unto totality. As Tsidon fishes, Chet catches. The body
form serves as a net. As Tsidon extends, Chet lifts-up the
extension. Like a plant that grows, Chet directs the growth

unto totality. Chet gives us the perspective of awesomeness.
We take up provisions by perspective whereby principle's of
the Word are lifted up from the heart. We behold the human
form as the man ifested Word of ALhhim and keep the body in
sync with the inner developments and the authority of the
Keep in mind that as we proceed to study each of
the eleven offspring, we are seeing the human form as a crystal
vessel with eleven facets. Each facet communicates the brilliance with a name within Canaan. The house of the human is pro
gressing into a crystal vessel to hold the jewel's of wisdom.
Commonly translated as fear, Chet is the state of respect/high
regard. Chet considers all things in regards to totality. This
branch of our verification is prostrate in devout gratitude for
the provisions of Tsidon, even as the heart is in gratitude for
the Word's of Light that enter into her.
As we study Abram’s descent, the offspring of Chet
provide for Abraham’s dwelling which enables the Name to
enter into earth realms. The children of Chet are formulation
States of our entering into the Light Body by giving regard, tak
ing up, seizing the functions of the body on behalf of the soul
and spirit. Chet highly regards Avraham’s principle's; likewise,
Chet honors Tsidon, the provisions of the Word. Initially, we
may be in fear of all that is surrounding us--the body; however,

as we enter into the Canaan consciousness, we see that the body
is a true and faithful servant to our Name and the means to bless
and expand the Name with full expression of Spirit. The branches of Canaan provide the wood upon the altar for each energy
to ascend in the Fire. The developing traits of Canaan is the
inner ongoing transformation of body mass into a Light Body.
Chapter 10

Verse 16

Coupled with the total scope of The Yevusi/threshing/
standing upon principle's
Coupled with the total scope of The Amori/the Sayings
Coupled with the total
scope of The Girgashi/dwelling in groups
Chet is coupled with The Yebusi/The Thresher/Subduer

Chet sets the tone and attitude for the operation of
the Yebusi extension. By giving respect to the concepts of Life,
we are readied for the implementation of those concepts via
sacrifice. In considering these advanced States of living; of the
Canaani, we see ourselves operating with in our extensions ver
ses being shadowed and held captive within our branches.
The operations of our Name move into these extended upper
branches, and we find ourselves within new companies of
both humans and the angel's. Not that we snub past associaations with those in Mitzraim or those in the Wilderness, but we

must not restrict our expansions due to the levels of progression associated with former achievements.
While we bow to those in Mitzraim as emerging names and
take hold of the hand's of those in the Wilderness State's, we
embrace face to face the associations that we are encountering
today. As the Word continues to unfold within us, we transfer
the concepts into expanding branches whereby the energies of
our Name follow and take-up residence.
The Jebusite/Yebusi branch means to put underfoot, to thresh,
trod out the juice. In later writing's, the centre of the Jebusite is the
threshing floor as is the stomach-----heart centre within us. It is the
fermentation centre where the body processes the harvest. Upon the
site of the Yebusi, the temple is built; hence, upon the chambers
of the stomach, the heart is built. The stomach serves as a giant

foundation boulder under which flows the river's of life (in
testines). Upon this rock the city of meditation is built. Unless
we first draw out from the rock, there is little to arise in the
We subdue via sacrifices—designating the expense of energies toward a fulfillment/use/goal. We graduate in making the
offering's—from the days/activity state of Adam, to the days of
Abram, unto the days when we regulate the energies into service
from the branches of the Yebusi. Via sacrifices-- --expending
the light energies, we formulate words of Wisdom and initiate

meditations-----which draw out the formations of word's in the
heart. This extraction of words is compared to threshing out the
grain from the chaf or trampling the grapes to extract the juice
to initiate fermentations/uprising's of concepts and deeds unto
In conjunction with threshing or putting under foot is
the concept to trample down our enemies. With the Yebusi,we
subdue all gathered to the will of the Ruach/Spirit. As later textual material emerges, the Yebusi provide the site for the constr
uction of the altar; site of King David and the Temple of King
Solomon YedidYah (I Chr 21:18); for out of this branch, concepts arise to be empowered.
The Highlander's Comprehenders
The Yebusi are coupled with The Amori /
The Highlander's / Comprehenders
The Amori are States of Saying's that form as concepts
are processed via sacrifice. The branch of the Yebusi generates
meditations that arise in saying's. The sacrifices release holy
concepts and yield transformations. The concepts that are elevated via sacrifice break forth with enlightenment which gener
ate and reside in saying's. This branch of communication/speech is the State of the Amori. As the offspring of Canaan develop

we move our Name and her Mind with the extensions of Mind
into the branches. In this way we commence to occupy the
States of Canaan.
By nature, your Name abides in Fire and your Mind in the
embodiment for the Fire. In moving into the branches of Canaan, you extend your Name and your Mind unto the full measu
rement/capacity of Life. Ultimately, you shift your residency in
to the Ten States of Verification revealed and confirmed; by
YahúWah YHWH h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< The Most
High / HhaOLiyun, to Abram to be the inheritance / residence
for the establishment of the seed of Abram.
This inheritance State is the same as the Messiah which
is the State of Abram fully extended, fully communicating
the Face's of the Presence.
The children of Canaan, as offspring of Cham, pertain to
realm's and states of manifestation. The land's of Canaan are
the manifestation of a Name. As stated in verse one: The formu
lations/son's of Noach/Consolation are: Shem/a Name becom
ing warmed/Cham with expansions/Yapheth. Cham is amidst
the orifices of Yapheth and the fire's of Shem. Via the orifices
the fire's burn. The results are constructs of light, shapes, visible and invisible. The shapes or form's of the fire are what we
consider to be the families of Cham. The invisible shapes are the

patterns of the visible. Via the orifices and the fires, the invisible shapes are brought into the physical manifestation.
Just as fire burns in the cauldron of a furnace so do the
fire's burn within our vessels with orifice's. How so? The oil
or fuel is inherent in our Name and the fire attaches itself with
oil to burn/reflect as the Shin/W attaches itself to the Mem/13
to form the word, Shem/Name. A Name contains both the Fire
and the oil whereby it burns continually. The account of the 10
ten virgin's, those foolish and those wise, pertains to the operation of one’s Name. Those who live in the Kingdom of Name's
appoint daily their oil/for the Fire/and hence always have the
supply of light. These are the prudent ones who maintain their
However, when one lives according to their lamp body
form, their oil is not flowing into the Fire; rather they walk
according to their outer vessel of life and not according to
the inner Kingdom of Name's.
Remember the stories of the House of Israel occupying
their first state's in Canaan? These initial occupations of name
dwelt in the Land of Canaan according to the Mind State's of
Abram, Yitzchaq/Isaac and the first branches of Yaaqov/Jacob
(SMB/Gen 37:1) But due to a lack of unified consciousness amongst

the tribes, expansion was initiated but could not be fully branched;
without entering into Egypt / definition, via reflection. The inter

nal strife between the diversified energies also must be healed
before further branching could be support-ed. Where there are
the little branches there is little food. A famine resulted. We
be came hungry. We heard / understood inwardly that there was
food and an abundance of it in the land of---Egypt / Mitzraim.
The account teaches us the relationship of our Name Shem
and Manifestation/Cham into which we were driven for whole
ness. The abundance of food in Mitzraim was due to the vision
and presence of the Joseph/Yoseph Principle/Force in the land.
However the tribes of Israel were unconscious of the reason
for the abundance, even as we do not comprehend the
abundance of resources in the body due to the presence Force
of Yoseph with us. Yet we came to buy-acquire via our hand /
ten (SMB/Gen 42:3).We tasted, but our hearing was bound-SMB
42: 24; and hence we were still in the land of want and famine.
Ultimately, via acknowledging the brotherhood of energies and
stating that we are One House, we come into Mitzraim as seed
to become planted. Our presence gave rise to Egypt Mitzraim,
but Mitzraim 'Did Not Know' how to honor the Name and it's
descendants that built her.
Rather Mitzraim desired to enslave us to what we created,
even as the body, created by the Name, seeks to enslave and keep
bound it's Creator. We came into the Land of Mitzraim for food

food for expansion and food for the hungry; consuming Fire's

of our Name. As the Fires fed, they spread and mul tiplied
until they were of the strength of Mind (Aharon) where by they
ascended through Mitzraim/Egypt and proceeded in the learn
ing phases of the Word Development's-----the Wilderness
With Word Consciousness of our natures, we come again to
the Land of Canaan from whence we departed. In Canaan we
return to the Mind State of Abram as a United House with the
empowerment of their our Names into Word's that we have opened and occupied. We have released the giant's of our Name
into the developing lands of Canaan and come now to enter into these great potentials of the Name which were spoken to
Abram as we commenced our journey into earth (SMB/Gen 12:2).
When we burn fuel there are black ashes and the white
ashes. The black ashes reflect to us the darkness of form's that
have been burnt in part. When the fires are low, the wood is
charred which depicts the inner Fire of each person held back /
restrained. The white ashes reflect to us the whitening affect of
the Fire's that burns through each branch of our life completely. We are comprised of Words. In Word's and their forms, we
live. When all the Word's and forms that comprise us have been
burnt through, we stand in our whitened unspotted garment's
and enter into the States of Word Verification---which is commonly called the Land of Promise.

The Amori are States of the invisible saying's becoming
visible. They include the saying's of the TEN WORD'S, those
being manifestation's of the Fire. Other saying's that appear: “Being
the offspring of a fiery man/Ish, One we are,” or commonly ren
dered, We are the offspring of One Fire-man.

“We are brothers, children of One Fire-man.” “Hear, O
YishARAL YahúWah YHWH h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud The
Most High HhaOLiyun is our ALhhim/Unifier of Light Principal's and YahúWah is becoming One.” “We proceed in Diamond Path's of Light.” “Float the Rock.” “It’s all in the Bag.”
“The Saying's of the Light Transformer” to the initiates of
the White Horse Rider. “We are a House of Two King's united
as One Kingdom.” 'We are a Kingdom of Name's.'
The Torah is a collection of Word's and Sayings. The Fire of
Wisdom is the author. There is One Fire, many inspiration's.
The Fire of Wisdom writes the Torah upon our stones.
The term Amori, meaning utterances and comprehensions
comprise those who are summit dwellers / highlander's where
concepts arise into saying's. The body is a cauldron to process
the baths of fermentations of the Yebusi. The collection of say
ing's that arise are the extractions of all being processed. The
saying's are communications of the Yebusi and Chet processes.
We enter into this Body of Saying's with all aspects of Mind that

we may possess them even as man enters into woman to possess
her as one with himself.
The Amori are coupled with The Girgashi / The
Sojourners in Group's / Mass
When we move into a Body of Saying's we create a State
of organization wherein all parts move together as a block. Our
groups of cellular formations operate according to the frequency of the Saying's. Our body parts are designated according
to the Saying's. Via our cooperative movements we become
solid, dependable to uphold the Saying's. Enlightenment that we
receive from the Amori/Saying's forms a solidarity between all
parts. The organization of matter, we refer to our bodies, which
are for our sojourn into earthly mass.
The meanings of the Girgashi include: a dense form,
strange (discovering) mass, to inhabit form, a condensed matter,
a guest, to entangle the mind in processes of wisdom, such as
one entering into earth forms. The State of the Girgashi is to
abide in a collective arrangement such as the human tabernacle
body of Levi/Priesthood, as well as organized group's.
As several member's join together and enter into the same
group of sayings, congregations are formed. This collective entrance or bringing others into the saying's forms the congrega-

tions of the Girgashi. Member's of a group operate according to
their Sayings. As we hear/understand the Sayings, our concept
of Unity expands. With the Sayings of Unity we see ourselves
belonging to the whole of creation. Our position in harmony
with all around us leads to an integration of mass creating; a
tight exchange between all others and aspects of creation.
When words are formulated in the heart during the oylah and
when sayings are uttered, we enter to reside/within them. The
Sayings swell, as the Words upon the altar of daily sacrifice
expand (Number's 28), whereby all facets of our Name enter into
them. These words and sayings become our dwelling places
These are the land's we reside in that characterize us to be a
people of the Word.
According to the sayings that we live in, so the groups
that we belong to. As the Girgashi, the organization of our life
in-volves Words and Saying's. Each social structure must define
and communicate the Saying's that are important for the structure to have strength. When the Sayings change, so the structure of society changes with them. The Sayings affect the spin
of the orifice's and mass field's. Our entire organism pulsates ac
cording to the frequencies of the Sayings we enter. The lethargic as well as the quick reflect the Saying's and Words in which
we reside. Repeat the Sayings of the Amori above; meditate
upon them; and align all of your energies with them. This will
keep your energies organized as One House and revolving in

circle's of Unity.
The writing's list the Girgashi as those whereby we
acquire knowledge 'To Know' the United Order of Life in our
midst (Joshua 3:10) which are given into our hand; appointed for
activity and fulfillment of the Name (Joshua 24:11) and given to
Abram—appointed for the expansion of the Aleph Bet unto
fullness (NehemYah 9:7-8).

Chapter 10 Verse 17
Coupled with the total scope of The
Coupled with the total scope of The
Coupled with the total scope of The Sini/arrangers/

The Girgashi are coupled with The Chivi /
Life-Givers /Cultivator's
The Chivi pertain to the State of Mind to hold and to multiply
life, to reproduce, procreate, to bear life/light forms. From the
root, ChauWah/Eve, the Chivi are those entrusted for ascensions and positions of administrations. As we establish the State
of Girgashi, we come into states or lands of covenants and receive responsibilities pertaining to the Sayings. In regards to

these contract states more is given and revealed. Within each
set of grouping of society or resident blocks there are increases
and multiplications. These developments of the Groups or the
Girgashi bring forth the Chivi, the state of Cultivation of the
clusters which yield fruit fullness and the flow of life from the
joined clusters.
In further considerations of the land's of Canaan, let us
consider again the over all families of Noach: Shem Cham and
Yapheth. In seeing the relationship of the 3 three we realize
that these three are One in all thing's. For example, the unity
of our bodies is a harmonious network of names and forms,
coupled with orifices that enable expansions, articulations and
expressions. Consider the harmony of these three in plants and
animal's as well. Can we see these three positions in the Torah?
Shem is the Name of the Torah—the Master Name and all
attributes/names within the Unity of Life. Shem is the Fire of
the Torah whereby the letter's of the Torah appear:
The Alapha Bayit Book: The 22 Fire Letter’s of Ancient
Ovri (Hebrew) Right to Left.<<<<<<<<<<<<
t c r q x p o s n m l k y f j z w hi d g b A
Cham is the Letter of the Torah, both the invisible and visible
Letter. Cham is also the scroll material that the letters appear up

on. Yapheth is the Opening of the Torah, the Windows that open
at the beginning of each group of word's, i.e. Wyomer YHWH
h w h y, as well as the openings and unfolding's of each Word
and Saying within the Torah. Even when a book is opened, the
nature of Yapheth is present.
In regards to Chivi there are the increases in the Group
through unfolding the Sayings and there are increases in the
Group by doing the Sayings. The Chivi are States of generating
Life established around the Saying's. Whenever a group forms
with spirit consciousness, the group provides for multiplications to occur.
Torah class is an example. The presence of each student /
teacher collectively to hear the Torah compounds / multiplies
the thought's. The doing of the Torah by the Group reaches out
and extends the illumination of the Torah into the world. This
is a life-giving and life-generating State of occupation. The
Chivi radiate the collective order even as ChaúWah the mother
of all living, radiates the orders of Adam and the collective
Words of HaShem. In the Chivi State the radiance of the Name
is beheld. When we see the Name dwelling within a Collective
Order/the Girgashi, the Name arises and releases the radiance
held. As each person is unified in name, form, and orifices, so
the Master Name arises within, and their Unity is the basis for
their multiplication or life generations.

The State of the Chivi occurs i.e. when we join our hands and
make a circle, the circle being a form of the Girgashi. As we
blend our light's in the circle, a life-giving flow goes through
the circle and generates a collective light that communicates
the message of our those in the circle of unity—a radiance of
the Chivi facet within the circle. Take a couple of trees planted
side by side, creating a Girgashi State, and you have reproductions following, fruitfulness of the life-giving flow between
them. Ditto for the male and female natures of our Name. Con
firm their unity as a block of revelation, and let them flow with
the life that they hold; let their lights shine from within their
clustering. Awmen.
The Chivi are coupled with The Arki / The Guides
The State of nurturing/feeding center for all generated, to
admonish, reprove, correct gently. The Arki refer to the appetites of Mind/collective energies. The State also is rendered to flee
or escape. One may see the correlation of meanings, for as one
is corrected or reproved, so they escape their error, or as one is
admonished so they flee immaturity. Admonishment's are also known as the appetites of mind which lead us to feed and be
nurtured. All of our offspring of the Chivi are joined with guidance and nurtured unto unity via the Arki / Guides. During the
making of the oylah offering {Number's 28} and “floating the
Rock” phenomena, whereby the foundation Stone of HaShem

arises through the waters into the brow, the collective unified
human radiates the Master Name as the Guide for the day or
From the forehead, where the Name is inscribed, the Name
is projected in front of our faces and goes before us (Exodus / Se
fer Yetziat Mitzraim 13:21; Deut/Mishneh Torah 1:30). The collective
order of the body is the basis for the Name to be positioned as
the Fore Guide, for until the collective order is established, the
Name arises not and is restrained from serving as the Guide of
the house. The Arki state, whose facet is revealed through the
unification process of the Chivi, emanates the Master Name
and thereby serves as the Guide for all residing member's.
The meaning of the name, Arki, refers to appetites. It is
our yearnings and desires that assist to lead us throughout our
journeys. Our State of interest and inquiry based upon our position of collective unity with others is the State that we enter
into and live.
The Arki are coupled with The Sini/The Instructor /
The Arranger
The body serves as the teacher to arrange all parts to be holy
vessels with stones of inscriptions. As we quest for the Union
with all, so we are repositioned as players on a board unto en

tering into the dimensions and concentric Circles of Light, in to
the Council's of the Aged, into Administration and Bands of
Angels/Messenger's, and into the vibration of energies that com
prehends the Oneness with HaShem. And if we are One with
the Master Name, we are one with all names. If we love YHWH
YahúWah h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud <R. to L.< The Most High HhaOLiyun, we also love our brothers/sisters for they are one in the
House of Light. With knowledge, our performance potential un
folds within the structure of Life.

Chapter 10 Verse 18
Coupled with the totality
of the Arvadi/knowledgeable/bronzer
coupled with the Tsemari/tailor/transformer of garments
coupled with the Chamathi/defender/to hold together
and following they are widened/spread abroad,
the families / Wisdom drawing
out of the expressions of totality, of the Canaani,

The Arvadi/The Refuge/The Bronzer.
The body is filled with knowledge as the teaching's
of the Torah are opened and received. As the scrolls are opened
within, the flow of knowledge is applied to every member. Each
of the inner working's of life and their contents are bronzed; and
the energies are layered with knowledge. With knowledge, the

State of our House is a refuge for the free moving energies
which are not bound to the forms of life. The fear of the intruder, the fear of an idea, the fear of a practice, the suspicions of
others, etc. melt out of your consciousness as your inner nature
is fortified with knowledge.
The Tsmari/The Pure White Fleece/Top Branches
The garment of the body is of purity and productivity. The
woolen garment translation of the words depicts the transforma
tion ongoing within. The whitening within is projected through
the layers of the body as being white as wool. The sheen on the
wool is as the anointing of the Spirit upon the body member's.
Your body is undergoing transformation according to the inner
whitening. Your house is anointed; your head flows with oil;
surely loving kindness and mercy trail after you.
In conjunction with the radiance of wool, there is an ascent
to the top of the tree. All that has been within is now projected
to the upper part's indicating that you are residing upon the
heights of the earth verses walking under the earth. The heights
are the elevation's perspectives/altitudes of transformation.
The house of your Name is not subject to the opaque
frequencies of the ground; the inner light principles of form are
liberated to achieve a transformation/change from the earthly

form to the serif form of light. The whitening effect has brought
forth the inner light principle's that have been residing within
the fields of Cham with the Fire Force of Spirit, to wave in
liberty at the top branches in the winds/breaths of Ruach/Spirit.
The Chamthi/The Citadel/The Enclosure of Living Springs
Within your body are wine skin's, full of understanding and
maturity. The fruit of your Name has brought forth the flow of
life within and filled your vessels with satisfying portions of
understanding. The goat skin/chamath conveys the unified tabernacle of humankind full of bodied wine, Spirit, the Shekinah, from which you were born. What gave you birth, what ap
pointed you as a vessel of honor, has now been released to fill
your full measurement. You walk in the fullness of the godhead
ALhhim YHWH. Your tabernacle flows with the rivers of life.
From being formulated to become a living soul/expression, from
the dust or the thought collections of YHWH you have become
an eternal life flowing river of spirit/intelligence. It is this inner flow of life that Rabbi Yahushúo spoke on the last day of
Sukkot: 'The Feast of Tabernacles'

8218; 702-04 fourteen (arbah-awsar, rç[ h[obra) rcu hubra

To inquire into/hubra and discover the wealth/rcu; to as
certain inscriptions, the value of the lambs/mycbk / kevashim;
pertaining to the burnt offerings/hlu nbrq / qerben oylah; of

the Feast of Tabernacles / twkshgj / Chag Sukkot: for as one
follows through they branch fully the Mind of the Breath, so
one has full revela tion concerning all acquired in the yearly
growth cycle; to initiate/a the mind/r via internalized/b comprehension/u of Light/life/h unto understanding/u, wisdom/c,
and knowledge r; the 14 are the unity of those joined 7:7 as
ARAL which provides a gate unto subsequent states of dwelling that are established during sukkut. Number's 29
Out of your inner reservoirs shall flow river's of living waters

And in maturing/following through in all aspects, our
body forms are exploded, magnified, and burst forth in flaming
radiance,Wisdom is expressed through the orders of the totality
of Canaani.

Chapter 10 Verse 19
And YAH appoints a border/termination point
of the Canaani/The Humble Servant/The
Brancher of all within unto full understanding and Perfection
from Tsidon/the form to extend all
from the Providence of Yah to initiate a form of life, like a
plant, to bring forth the potentiality of the Seed, within unto
being a Son of Nun, perfect formulation of life

to come further/thither
toward Gerar---obtaining illumination via
meditations to bring about the full image of Tsidon
to bring forward an increase of knowledge for the mind to
fulfill the creation of Adam
unto Gaza/unto strength, power, glory, praise, vigor,
becoming a fortress of light
the strength/that come from the illuminations/of meditations
to come thither/further
toward Sodom/the illumination of the secret counsel's
maintaining connections with the door of the future and---Gomorroh / with the illumination of the omer
to determine the unfoldings of all seeds sown
within into sheaves of the harvest
coupled with and towards the state of Adam
'To Know' that our inner core of light is an
expansion mode unto full expression;
coupled with Tseboyim to be established with all assembled
summoning one’s wishes or will to bring
into consciousness the Will of Life’s Nature
unto Lasha/for salvation / shua / the wisdom and
understanding sup port a new creation;
becoming noble,
one of the Nobility housing the wisdom of all ages,
being fully known and understood.

Chapter 10 Verse 20

These—the united order of light
pertains to the formulations of Cham/to warm
and arrange the waters of life:
For their families—for the drawing out of wisdom to express/
manifest the assignments of our totality;
for their tongues—for the means to express the wisdom drawn
out, for the transformation of the serpent form of life;
by their lands—by exchange levels of service and transforma
tions initiated by the residing concepts of life within that designate the sacrifices. Each form is responsible to be true to itself to operate according to the principle's of light that formed it;
by their nations—by the ongoing processes, coverings, and
interior molecular structure

Chapter 10 Verse 21
u n i t e d for Shem—a name, the wisdom in all thing/reflected who bears also.
The above offspring of Cham are like a mold that is
poured according to the openings. Following the presentation
of the sons of Cham, are the sons of Shem/ . And, even though

Shem is an elder and listed first, his development follows the
mind’s openings and formulations for a body. As Tehillah / 87
Psalm says: the formulations of Cham “bring forth Shem.” The
attributes and positions of light pertaining to each persons name
come within this structure of being that it might be nurtured un
to full perfection and expression.
What is a Name? It is comprised of two letter's Shin and 2113 Mem; a name is wisdom reflecting itself whereby it's drawn
out activated and fulfilled. The first letter of Shem is fire, the
gold, the letter Shin depicting Wisdom. The lateral letter is m
water, the letter Mem, representing the fullness of life. In short
a Name is Wisdom’s fullness/reflection/drawing out. As the
Name enters into the earth fields and waters, it creates a house
to live within, creating Yapheth and Cham. Shem is the father
of all that comes across from one side unto another bringing in
to manifestation through the expanding openings the complete
forms of his Name. The action of a Name unfolding and reflec
ting itself is evident as the body mass is formulated into two
sides and then joined together down the center.
Every Name is an assigned position, a gift for the
whole house of Life. Through the Fire Nature of a Name, it is
appointed as a Master to govern the waters/all reflected and all
fulness gathered. One’s Name is more valuable than gold, high
ly appraised and esteemed (Proverbs 22:1). Your Name is your

place in the Name of Unity whereby all else is determined.
Your Name proceeds your opening and forms. Shem is the first
born of Noah yet is brought forth through the opening's of the
forms. The acceptance of your Name creates your foundation /
base to become. The acceptance stage of your Name is told in
the ten generation's from Adam to Noach. As these attributes of
life are activated and confirm, one is readied to behold their
Name of Light through the glassy reflections of sand.
Shem is a father to formulate and complete the crossovers---Eber, being a brother of expansions (Yapheth); he is the Elder
--Nurturer, who upholds the openings. As a father, Shem carries across all principle's of light to be manifested and fully developed. As a brother, the Name upholds the primary seven off
spring's of Yapheth, meaning that each Name will support the
processes of complete expansions of Light.
As the Father, he brings into manifestation the four primary
offspring and Shem, is the elder (10:1) and yet the last to bring
forth within the lands of Cham and through the expansions of
(Yapheth). The Name/Shem is primary of all aspects of humans
which bears forth the offspring in a house prepared. Even so
will we see the fullness of HaShem YHWH as His house is built
of all peoples. Masheh/Moses saw the emanating thought's /
clouds when the tabernacle was placed; Yedidyahu / Solomon
saw the glorious radiance when the Temple was dedicated; we

shall see the full revelation of YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH Face's when
all people are united to comprise the Bet HaShem; The Bayit
HaSham Midrash. For when a house is built, the Name of the
House appears.
Expansive/Blessed be the Name! Baruch HaShem

Chapter 10 Verse 21
And for a Name he bears also to become:
the father of all the offspring of Eber / those who crossover the
border/upholder of expansions, the nurturer.


Chapter 10 Verse 22
The offspring of Shem are:
Elam/Strength of Endurance coupled
with Asshur/to Sanction and Confirm
coupled with Arpakshad/Source of Health and Affluence coupled
with Lud / to Generate and Create,
and coupled with Aram / to Elevate.

Elam is the Nature of a Name to keep in secret, to conceal
a matter, as well as a principle. For example, in comprising
the world/all thought's are held in secret and concealed within
the forms to be discovered, 'To Be Known' and to comprise
the platform of a kingdom for the Mind of Grace. Though the
forms perish, the eternal thought's perish not. The Nature of
Elam endures forever and ever. Thus your Name is everlasting.
Asshur/Asher/Eleventh House/North is the Nature of a
Name to affirm and to enable our collective being to go for
ward. Asshur is the force of direction, initiating movement
and to guide us to go straight forward, to step aright and to con
firm one’s progress. This aspect of our Name gives approval,
corroborates, blesses and facilities the sense of happiness via
endorsements. Whenever you need a push forward or to meditate upon a direction, call upon the Name and hearken to the
voice of Asshur, of your inner ALhhim.
Aram is the Nature of a Name to lift up, to elevate;
thus creating categories of thought's, forming high concepts or
bringing forth principle's that has been concealed. Aram forms
the citadels and mansions of truths from and through prior couplings. This Nature of Name is synchronism[move or happen
at the same time or speed], with the intellect of Spirit to create
an elevation of concepts into citadels-palaces and mansions in
which we come to dwell/abide. In my Father's House (the house

of Shem) there are many mansions—elevations of consciousness that we enter into. As fruit glorifies a seed so does Aram
exalt the truth that it shines as clusters of star's amongst all names
and field's of light. There are five ray's of light comprising
each name. The value of five HHÚWA H conveys the emanating nature of a Name. These five are the primary light of every
name. From these emanation spring forth twenty-one attributes
that reveal the Shin/21 Wisdom. Together, the five emanations
and the twenty-one attributes comprise the full nature of HaShem, the value of 26.

Chapter 10 Verse 23
Coupled with the offspring of Aram/Force to arise/elevate
are Utzs/a tree coupled with Chul/Force to mature/move forward
coupled with Gether/Force to press
out/reciprocate coupled with Mash/the extraction.

Two ray's of Shem burst forth with united branches to
comprise the full revelation of Wisdom. These two branches
are Aram and Arkpashad—the force to elevate and the force to
make affluence / an abundant Life. Aram gives birth to the Tree
of Life/Utzs that matures/Chul and bears twelve manner of fruit,
one fruit for each of the moons of the year.

As the Name become fruitful in deeds and sayings, the force
of reciprocation is activated or born, being Gathered. From all
that Aram elevates; the Wisdom is extracted which gives birth
to Mash.

Chapter 10 Verse 24
And Arpashad/Source of Health and Affluence brings forth
the totality of Shalach / to send / extend forth.
And Shalach brings forth
the totality of Eber/to go beyond/transfer.

Chapter 10 Verse 25
For Eber, he brings forth two sons/established formulations:
The Name of the One/the Unifier,
Peleg/to group / distinguish into classes
for through his days/through
the establishment of light activities
the Earth becomes distinguished/grouped coupled
with the Name of his brother,Yoqtan/humble small.

Whenever we say that Eber has two sons, we are conveying
that Eber has established a united formulation of life. Since the
Torah says that Eber bears two son's, may we consider that the
two are twins as it is with Rivkah/Rebecca who also bears two.
The One is Peleg. Haechad / conveys that Peleg is the Unifier
of all formulation's. During the days of Peleg; means that dur-

ing the activities of this attribute of our Name, the earth group
ings are unified. Though we are many parts of Cham and Yapheth
Peleg brings forth the consciousness that all of our Life Forces
and expressions are united as one.
This unity of our totality is the basis of our soundness of mind
and soundness of health. The other formulation coupled with
Peleg is Yoqtan. Blessed is the person who hears the voice of
Regarding Yoqtan, if gadol / large means to nurture, what
does qatan/small convey? To be small is to be capable of be
ing nurtured; for when one is small in the perspective of the
universe, the entire universe will come and nurture that one.
When a Name commences to distinguish the multifaceted
universe of the Earth or the House into which the Name dwells
the one attribute of Shem that will serve as a brother, who will
uphold all that is distinguished into groups, is Yoqtan/humility.
Humility is the brother to diversity/Peleg whereby all holds together as One. The name Yoqtan is from the root qatan meaning to be small, the younger, to reduce, little, the micro, private
--all conveying the sense of humility—to administer the individual parts in relation to the whole, Yoqtan manages the humility position, oversees the micro aspects of our Name; Yoqtan
bears or brings forth half of all attributes that comprise the foundational Name; there are 26 founding attributes; Yoqtan bears

13. The value of 13 is full communication. Literally, Yoqtan
manages the kingdom’s counsel/unity of minds to flourish, for
when one part is out of alignment or improperly sized, the entire State of Names is hindered in flourishing.
As the brother of all parts, Yoqtan is here to uphold all, and
hence he alone receives the title of brother. Should we convey
the sense of Yoqtan, we too shall be known as a brother which
conveys our relationship in the House of our Father. When John
Yahuchanan beholds Yahushuo, he said I must decrease and he
must increase. Whenever we see the wholeness of humankind
emerging, we must focus our attention upon the wholeness and
keep under the wings the parts.
We see that the mashiyach nature is rising within and our
individual--our ego must decrease to give way to the totality of
our Name's emergence. This is likened to the story of the full
moon decreasing that it may increase with a new frequency and
fulfillment. We draw out of ourselves the full attributes of light
that we may fill a new house of glory. In this manner we
accomplish our missions and bring forth the totality of our
Names. For example, a man who builds a business draws out
of his inner resources and gatherings of minds to fill an
operation to fulfill his vision.
This, the nature of YAH to draw out of himself the prin-

ciples of light to create the Worlds. This we see mathematically in the formula of the Name + = +.To balance the equation,
we draw out two from the right and transfer to the left. (2) + + =
+ - (2) forming the balanced equation of 13 + 13 = 26. The balance
of HaShem is Unity—the joining of two into One House and
with this in mind the world's are created to formulate the Bet
Ha-Shem. With the letter bet/the entire Torah commences and
is written, and with the bet the world's are formed. Formed
by: YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun YHWH HaSham
AL h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud << L.< YAHWEH ALLAH.
Continue on after this note

‘E L O H A’
Note: about the Name's. A wonderful explanation
from another very unusual man
Shedding Pure Torah Light around will remove
darkness, eventually:YahúWah h w h y AL YHWH HaSham
ALhhim YahúWah Allah; Ancient Paleo Hebrew Torah Light
Principle’s is ‘E L O H A’
Bora Finton
As the former Editor of BHM, Bora Finton, in his infinite
wisdom said; "Get smug with Eloha at your own risk:" AL
YahúWah h w h y The Most High HhaOLiyun YHWH
Yahweh ALLAH God.

Bora Finton, fluent in Aramaic and the Govri / Hebrew language’s reminds all who are ignorant of and against the Muslim's:

Those who do not really understand them that; “By what do we
know that the Hebrew spelling for--whatever “Allah” is, in
Arabic is alef-lamed-he?” Nor yet further why the definition
choice meaning "Curse" is so indicated---and not Elah, AL
God (Especially given Arabic usage). Mr. Finton, a very
gentle man from West Virginia, he raises the goat: [The
Author use to thinks it's the best food on the planet--But
ShmuwÁL ben Aharon is a Vegan and we do not eat flesh, any
more---vegetarian], Says further; “I don't want to wrestle
here, with it all (the argument of whether or not you and I pray
to the same ALhhim / God / Elohyim, or not), because the line of
reasoning presented and offered by the challenger’s, takes me /
us into dualism, and not into the mind of unification beheld in
the agency of the measurement of Yah, Messiah, Yahushúo,
Further into his statement, Mr. Finton says, “With
English as my only context, I would render "Allah" into
Hebrew as ayin/lamed/ha, meaning "The Highest" and understood as a title and not as a name.” This is the manner
in which Allah is used---in the Muslim world, Bora says.
‘Islam acknowledges h w h y YHWH as The Name of AL’
They simply do not speak YahúWah h w h y AL /

YHWH aloud. They, the Muslim's say ALLAH for the very
same reason's the Jew’s say HaSham-God; ‘Reverence for
the Name.’
Author's note: Of course along came the so called Christians
and other's who have no respect for any other religion but
their own; and they, not knowing the slightest thing about the
Teúwrah Torah; YahúWah----Bora says further; Christianity
evades the difficulty of addressing HaSham by doing all things
in the Name of HaSham's projection into the microcosm,namely, the one called Yahushúo/jesus. ‘And in Christianity the mor
tal name Y'Shua / jesus became sobriquet [nick- name: an un
official name especially a humorous one], for HaSham in the
same spirit and manner.’
Bora further state's that, ‘There's both money and thunder
in the perception’s of dualism's permutation’s and as with
the mother, the daughter. Let's leave it at that for now and
go on with life.’ For that's the lesson we must have learned by
the time's of turning (Is 30). Mr. Finton says, We are to wait up
on YahúWah h w h y YHWH AL ALLAH / GOD The Unified One, to demonstrate unto us the victory (He) has foreseen.
He has asked us to watch! We do not err when we share the
thought’s of our watching, but there is boastfulness in contention that war’s against mercies of YahúWah h w h y ALhhim
AL HaSham YHWH Allah / God; 'The Name of Covenant.'

We ought rather, to celebrate the Path to Resolution, which
is our Unity with the god head in AL / YHWH by the agency of /
jesus. ‘Just my thought's, I'll just be still for now.’ Bora Says emphatically forcefully: with great definiteness, he ensures us, the
accuracy or appropriateness of his desc-ription of ALLAH'

Bora says further, when asked about his dissertation about
Allah year‘s ago; ‘Don’t remember what I wrote about Allah
four or 5 year's ago, but I know this:’ There is no statement in
the Koran [or Qur’an Islamic holy book: the sacred text of
Islam, believed by Muslim’s to record the revelation’s of God
to Muhammad. Also called Alcoran]; that contradicts anything
written in the Jewish/Christian cannons' if understood correctly. Also, the 'Crown Diamond' email demonstrates that the symbolic imagery of the three religion's
[Egypt, Israel and Assyria]--all spring from the same source.

My question to Rabbis, Preacher's, and Mullahs-(Muslim scholar:
in Iran and Central Asia, a Muslim cleric who specializes in the inter
pretation of Islamic religious law) ---'then, why settle for a third of
city, when the whole of it beckons‘?

I asked ShmuwÁL about this: ShmuwÁL says, ‘It does not
appear that the three religion's know what the whole is nor
a third, but each one is racing after a prize, pushing and shov
ing at each other and trying to guard their flock's from each
other, having an attitude to show what is wrong with another
instead of how much they have in common.’

Further ShmuwÁL says, ‘Exactly what does the Qur'an
say about Allah [In the original Arabic writing's]’ How do the

Hebrew text’s and the Arabic text's compare side by side.
What is the difference between the commandment's of The
Torah / HhaTeúwrah and how fulfills them-[the big 3 - Egypt,
Israel and Assyria], whether they be a Christian, Jew or Muslim. Which one’s are keeping the Teúwrah Torah? ‘To these we
will look.’
[The author was told long ago, that in the Qur’an it says that
one should look into the teaching’s of Yahushúo HaMashiyach jesus]. Please correct me if that is incorrect! In the black text of
the bible's, where it says the Lord thy God, the Jews use; Ha
Shem-Adonia, Paleo Hebrew Teúwrah/Torah is; YahúWah ALhhim; Islam acknowledges Allah. ‘SHALAM!’
We thank Bora Finton for this wonderful dissertation about
Brotherly Love, Peace and Understanding's. Isn’t it nice, for
once in our mundane lives‘, to have this powerful information
from a loving person, explaining serious subject matter about
Islam/Muslim's Christians and Jew's. We can be ONE! Unity
continuing on
This is the same when a man draws out of himself the value
of unity/and transfers it to his wife whereby a new world-child
-bet is formed. The bet/house/child brought forth expresses the

perfect unity of two as One. In this same manner, the Messiah
is brought forth in all of us. From our male and female sides,
we transfer all properties unto forming the nature and image
of the full communicated Name—hamashiyach.

Chapter 10 Verse 26
Coupled with Yoqtan--he bears
the total scope of Almudad/a sheaf/bundle of love/associations coupled
with the total scope
of Sheleph/a drawing out/to unsheath
coupled with the total scope
of Chatsarmut/trumpet of death/full extension
coupled with the total scope
of Yarach/a moon/governing illumination.

From Elam to Yoqtan there are 13 attributes of Shem; and
with the fruit of Yoqtan there are 13 more name's to comprise
the value of 26, the number of HaShem. The twenty six off
spring of Shem reveal the foundational attributes in every
Name, as each Name is an offspring of YahúWah The Most
High Hha-OLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH
As we uphold the multitude of Faces that distinguish the
Earth, the 13 attributes of Shem are brought forth into our cons
ciousness. Almudad, a bundling of associations, is brought forth

as Yoqtan bears. Our name is intertwined with other names as
we take our stand for the full revelation of YAH which is the
full extension of all Names. Comprised of two words, the Almudad conveys the binding (alam) and the love associations
(dod)—the united dalet forming the Name David/beloved /the
uniting of tent's.
With this love of relationships, Almudad is born and shall
be active within our associations. It is the love—devoted compatibility—that gives us strength of One House. We are bound
not as immature sheaves but as mature harvested stalks.
When you bind with other's, it is the operation of Almudad being expressed, an unfoldment of Yoqtan.
Almudad is united with Sheleph as binding of sheaves leads
to a gathering of the grains within. Sheleph is the taking off
of the top the precious grain harvested First a binding and
then a gathering. Sheleph causes principles to emerge or ideas
to surface out of being bound together. This is the productivity
evidenced by our binding together. Sheleph draws out all
attributes/seeds/concepts of Being unto maturity.
Chatsarmut—no C sound--translated as a trumpet of death
or a village centre of death, generates the sounds and vibrations
to activate transformation's. Comprised of two words, chatsar,
meaning an enclosure or a surrounding and mut, meaning death

-extension. Hence, Chatsarmut creates a field for dying, for
being extended, that which surrounds and warms the principle that it may flourish.
Without death, which releases all held properties,
we do 'Not Know' the transformations that await us.
We sow our Names into the Earth; in so doing we die. Our
life attributes are extended into every cell, developing from the
inner to the outer. From our composed nature of life, arising
out of death, we comprehend the order of Lights. According to
these orders we are transformed from one Name level of becoming unto an other until we enter, via verifications into the
full circle of consciousness of The Master Name. We proceed
from one evolution of thought to another. Through each evolution we unfold our light nature to evolve from a worm which
holds our potential, to become a flying serif. From a Child of
Wonder we ascend to fly into the Circle of ALkhhim. Because
we enter and proceed through each layer of revelation we
come thereby 'To Know' all processes of becoming.
With the attribute of Chatsarmut, having borne the previous
Names/attributes, we activate all that slumbers as well as enter
into stages of transformations pertaining to our dying/being extended. As Chatsarmut activates transformation of mind, Yarach

/manages mind to arise as the moon arises in the sky. Note the
positions of the letter Resh and Chet in both name's. Whereas
Chatsarmut activates body forms to hold the seeds of light,
Yarach gathers in the waters and regulates the fields on behalf
of the Name. Yarach, the fourth attribute, mean ing a moon that
appears on the fourth day (SMB 1:14-19). We may say that all
things that are created are already within Shem YHWH.
Why is there a moon? There is a moon because the
nature to govern growth patterns of all energies, to determine
tides, etc. is already present in a Shem becoming evident from
Chatsarmut. The worlds testify what are present within the
Shem of YHWH. There are moons because they are already
present with every name. As Yarach is the fourth formulation
of Yoqtan, Mash is the fourth attribute of Aram whose light cor
responds to the sun. Yarach denotes the reflective light that em
anates through transformations. The reflective light principle
also occurs in making of the daily olah offering.
We first bring forth the fire into all of our branches,
and being ignited, the branches of our name falls as forest that
is set ablaze. From this prostrate position we draw out the sacrificial lamb and make the daily olah/burnt offering. As the fire
whitens all within, the entire house begins to glow and reflect
the light of Wisdom. The reflection of fire/sun is the presence
of Yarach which surrounds us and orbits our planetary head,

giving illumination to govern all aspects of our house. Death re
sults in a full extension and release of our attributes of Name.
Since nothing is held back in death, all will be extended.
Through death, we bring forth Yarach/a moon as the moon
cycle conveys on the 16th day of her cycle. During the first 15
days of the moon cycle we give the held light of wisdom as the
Name YAH 15 conveys. Following, we bring forth the new
moon form to illuminate and govern the darkness that we enter
ed into. The term Yarach covers the full activities of light from
full moon to full moon. From Yoqtan we see the progression of
Yah giving unto wholeness. And there would be no YHWH with
out YAH giving and then binding himself to WAH; (Almudad).

The humility of YAH is seen in all things, for the Active Hand
of creation remains behind the scenes. The seed is held within
the flower and then within the shell and then be-comes buried
that it's full nature may be evident. This is the State of YAH.
The binding of YAH TO WAH brings forth the awareness and
discovery (Sheleph) of all within their Unity.
From this discovery there is transformation (Chatsarmut)
and out of transformation arises illumination to accomplish the
fruitfulness (Yarach). Note the progression of Yoqtan from
Almudad to Yarach: binding of associations leads to discovery
of inner concepts which are transformed and rise with illumination. Let us apply this by binding the associations of all

names within to draw out their life seeds. Let us bury the seeds
within our energy fields that they may radiate the light through
stages of transformations. These are:

Chapter 10 Verse 27
coupled with the totality of Hadoram/to
increase/magnify/exalt the Splendor
coupled with the totality of Uzal/Divine Spark Consciousness
coupled with the totality
of Diqlah/Agreement of Being in the Orders of Light

Hadoram, meaning splendor/glory and to resonate/re-sound
is the child or Yoqtan. The lunation cycle displays the splendor
of light within the night revealing the governing forces present
in forms.
The value of all seen reverberates within our ears.
The attributes of Hadoram are within our hearing faculty and
resound through the water's of our body. The splendor of anything comes by hearing, comprehending, what has been illuminated to us. When we resonate the meanings within each cell
cluster, the splendor and majesty are heightened. This is bring
ing forth Hadoram into our consciousness. What we see by
Yarach increases through the majestic resonance of Hadoram.
Hadoram is the attribute of our Name to cause values to arise

and for the splendor of the light to be eminent. The elevation
of majesty is sustained by Hadoram. Literally, the name of
Hadoram is splendor heightened, comprised of two words,
hod, meaning splendor/beauty and ram, meaning height/to be
lofty. As the splendor arise, it is appropriated as the sacrifice
of wisdom via Uzal. Meaning, to exhaust/use up, Uzal conveys
the consuming fire nature of Shem to appropriate the glory un
to fulfillment. The using or appropriating of the splendor and
heightened, takes place within the progressively inclined individual in harmony with the divine spark consciousness. When
the splendor is heightened, it burns through the energy field's,
consuming all within, and generates a pleasing odor in the
mind's of Unity and within the centers of our Name. In so using or burning up Uzal causes the inner oils of the menorah to
continue to arise to the top, otherwise, the splendor that be
comes heightened congeals within the vessels that hold it and
thereby retards the flow.
Diqlah, conveys the agreement established
via the consumation of Uzal. One consciously enters into the
Kingdom of the Orders of Light. Our focus pertains to operating within the Kingdom of the Orders of Light's as every constellation, being in its designated place, composes a message
pertaining to all within the Name. Having appropriated the
splendor according to the Unity of HaShem, one enters into
the circles of those who are the children of light doing the

work's of light. Meaning a palm tree, Diqlah expresses the
sweetness and satisfaction of the dates that belongs to all who
through on the sacrifices.

Chapter 10 Verse 28
coupled with the totality
of Oval/Consciousness of infinite/ everlasting
coupled with the totality of AvimaAL / My founding
concepts reflect the United Order
coupled with the totality/continuance
of Sheva/returning/integration into the Flame/Rest.

Obal, meaning the power to violate/reorganize/ Bel/a compound, conveys the role within our name to destroy one state to
enter into another. As a serpent,we shed off the old to put on the
new. This is the sense of Obal, also rendered Ebal, which is
the means to change—the ability to relinquish the former to
embrace the present. This is the activity of Shin/or the twentyfirst position.
Through developments into our role and position amongst the
whole we graduate from one level of operation unto another,
and with each proceeding, there is a change of garments. Obal
is the function that enables us to put on mortal flesh within the
womb and also the ability to breakdown the flesh body to become adorned with the garments of gold. This attribute is the

inner force of regeneration, to recycle to make new coming out
of that which is old. As there are transgressions/ resulting from
confusion Obal will break apart the chains of our past that we
may proceed in the positions to which all Names are prophesied to fulfill.
Note that this attribute comes upon our entering into
the Kingdom of Light Orders whereby we are translated out of
the kingdom of darkness. Should we enter into contracts agreements with flesh for a period for the expansion of our Name
via Obal these contracts can be canceled. Moreover should we
engage in idolatry in which the energies of Name and soul are
used for the sake of the flesh or as a bound servant to the flesh
apart from the Unity of YHWH, we are quickened by Obal to
turn the tide. i.e. The activity of Obal gives rise to our ascent
out of Mitzraim/Egypt. Obal empowers us to ascend/descend
and to go through every transition. Sometimes translated as be
to bald, bare, Obal conveys the shedding of the former to put
on the new.
We walk in the consciousness of the everlasting kingdom
that we live within and know that the temporal states will all
pass and give way to the revelation of our precious immortal
AvimaAL / is the continual drawing out of the abundant
on-going concepts that are inherent in our Foundation/Name of

Orgin/Father. AvimaAL brings forth the abundant nature of the
Inner United Order. Coming out of every transition, we are pre
pped to bring forth out of our Founding Name/My Father, the
abundance held in Unity. This abundance is held with the total
ity of our being and conveyed by the letter taw/X, AvimaAL
being the twenty-second attribute.
The ability to formulate at each level requires a renewed
supply of resources. My Father provides at every level. This
function of Name occurs as we are in United Order of Names.
This is the force of perpetuation.
Sheva, conveys our reintegration into the Eternal Flame from
which we were sent forth as a spark. Meaning equilibrium, rest
oration, to repose, to convert / return, Sheva pertains to the total redemption and integration in to the consciousness of the
Whole. In this State we enter into the rest, having established
Wisdom by bringing forth the attributes of our Name at all
levels of becoming. Sheva, an attribute that pertains to Cham
(10:7) as well as Shem are the elders that oversee our changes
unto wholeness and maintaining balance. Through change in
levels (Obal) and via bringing forth out of our foundational
abundance (AvimaAL), we go through conversions and reorga
nizations unto wholeness. Thus regard less of the change or the
abundance, we are prepared to integrate all into the state of

Chapter 10 Verse 29
coupled with the totality/continuance
of Ophir/the jeweled crown/refined gold
coupled with the totality/continuance of Chawilah/
the rotating circle/linked with full consciousness
coupled with the totality/continuance
of Yovav/celestial fullness of joy
all comprise an United Order
of Light, formulations of Yoqtan/humility.

Ophir, is the refiner of Wisdom mined out of our Name.
Through the above 23 names we refine/purify all unto the
wholeness and the rest that belongs to our Name. Within the
circle of Unity, abiding within the wholeness of all collective
Names as One Flame, we are crowned with the mastery attained. Translated also as ash, Ophir conveys the results of our
un-foldments and the purity of the product, having been tested
by the Fire and become fine gold that can be woven into the
fabrics of Unity. Ophir is also rendered to make-up a face
which conveys composing all expressions of our Name to be
Faces of Unity. In this sense we are fine tuning our faces accor
ding to the Master Face.
Chawilah ever calls us into the Circle of Rest unto which we
are linked eternally. This same name, is in the lineage of Cham
(vs. 7), depicting and causing formation of the vertebrae, being a

formulation of Cush comprising our metamere body segments
which mirrors to us The Circles of Life to which we belong.
Chawilah of Shem is the State of the Name belonging to the
Inner Circle of Perfect Unity, which a Name will never violate
or dishonor, but which is the sacred home of every Name.
Yovav, the twenty-sixth attribute expresses the fullness of
celestial joy. What is this joy? It is the strength of knowing and
fulfilling all that comprises our Name of perfect Unity. We taste
from it's cup throughout our journey, but Yovav is the fullness
of the cup. Also meaning to cry out, to howl, to shout; Yovav
acclaims with full strength of being One with all Names belong
ing to the Master Name. Everything that comprises of our
Name, joins with one voice to acclaim our Unity.
The alpha a X taw/preceding each name conveys the full
range of operation pertaining to each attribute. Each attribute is
functional within every level of understanding and development

Chapter 10 Verse 30
And YAH appropriates their dwelling. And their abode is
from Mesha/a prophecy/from
receiving a burden/role/from an utterance of destiny
to come as far as Shephar/the Total
Sum/number/the Volume of The Scroll;
the Mountain of the East / to be an

illuminated mind, the master of emanation.

Every Name carries with it a prophecy, statements pertaining
to all that it will become, statements that stimulate the unfoldment process. This prophecy is called a burden as it is the role
that we carry within the universal house of life.

Chapter 10 Verse 31
These/The Unified Order
emanating are the offspring of Shem
for their families/drawing out of
Wisdom to express their role in the totality of life
for their tongues/for the instruction of
wisdom to be unfolded in the totality of life
within their lands/ to develop
the concepts of mind transformation in the totality of life
for their nations/for processes to
unite all energies/work's in the gift's / animations of life.

Chapter 10 Verse 32
These/The Unified Order emanating are
the families/extractions of wisdom
manifesting roles of totality
offsping of Noach/Consolation
for their generations/outcome
in their nations/with processes
to unite all energies per the gifts /animations of universal life

and from these/united orders of light emanations
the processes are distinguished in the earth
following after the deluge.

The details and implementation of the totality of humankind,
the offspring of elohim--follows after the release of knowledge
held within the waters. When the waters break open, the Names
of ALhhim are released to be formulated and to enter into fami
lies, tongues, generations, and nations whereby they are fully
distinguished and revealed to be the full expression of YHWH
YahúWah The Most High Hha-OLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud
< L.< .

Prepared by Kohen for Bet HaShem Midrash
PO Box 49 Woodburn Indiana 46774
Concluded in the ninth month, the 15th day,
corresponding to the 15th day of December, 2001
End Chapter 10

Sefer Maaseh Beraysheit (Genesis) 11

Chapter 11

A Bridge of Shem from the Astral to the
Earth for Illuminated Transformations

Chapter 11 Verse 1

And YAH appoints/gives a complete,
illuminated state exchange level—the Land
to be one language/a unified border
and with unifying words.

YAH, the Emanator of Light, designates the activity of Light to
prepare a complete center of exchange/transformation on earth
i.e. the human body or any State in which concepts of mind can
be transformed. The land is appointed on behalf of each Name
Shem of Life. The three sons of Noach are designated to receive a unified border/language, a means of expression that is
held together by unifying words which also build and maintain
the unified form.
A land, which is is suitable and corresponds to every attribute
of mind, is appointed for a complete exchange between the for
mulation's of Noach. This Land is a unified expression of life,
sharing a united border, being a composite of one speech. The
three unfoldments of our acceptance to be—Yapheth, Cham,
and Shem all share the same border. This discussion, a midst the
genealogies of Shem, is understood to provide a long bridge for

Shem; from the astral to the earth plane for the expansion of
Name. As a plot of soil is designated for the full expansion of a
seed as it fall's from the branches above so is a Land prepared
for every Name. There is a complete language or a complete
set of word's that has been formed having been released by the
drawing out of the three natures of your being Cham, Yapheth,
and Shem. As we speak every name of Noach, so a State is
created for the names to enter and to be fulfilled.
The land is a place of transformation and exchange levels of
being. The earth is where ideas are processed; it is where one
engages in exchanges between part's thereby maturing them,
and via which, they are displayed, tested, and fully known.
The land is a place designated by the ray's of light for us 'To
Fully Know' and to become a ray of light without any dark
ness, ignorance, enclosures, hidden traits or attributes. All of
our Divine Light Nature is becoming unfurled in the complete
/perfect likeness of YahúWah who has dispersed each Name
out of the established Mind of Unity for complete extension of
which we are apart. The term shaphah, commonly translated as
language, border, edge, also means to be uncover ed, laid open,
calmed and quieted. It is understood that these meanings are
synonyms, and via the land, all united components of Noach
are unfolded or laid open for full understanding. As we have
read the Name of the families we have laid open the plan for
the Name to expand.

Coupled with each uncovering of the inner nature and composition of Life are unifying words. Words are secret chambers in which and through which insights and patterns of
life are released for developing and housing the mind.
Through the study of unifying words we enter doors that open
to us into these secret chamber's through which we communi
cate with the Unified Mind/Master of the Universe. Is the
mind housed in words or does the mind house the words?
It is understood to be both states. The mind is housed in the
extensions of all members or unfoldments of mind as display
ed in the heart, lungs, eyes, etc. The mind houses all words as
it consolidates or withdrawals all from the extended position.
Thus the rendering of Rabbi Yahúshuo: I am in the Father, and
the Father is in me. Each of us is the Word of the Father in
whom we have our habitation, and each of us form the House
of the Father in which dwells the Force of Life.
How we read these words of Torah is an important consideration to our entering into them and the life of these word's entering into us.
How we read these words of Torah is an important consideration
to our entering into them and the life of these word's entering into
us. (Ya got it)?

Shmual says ' When I begin to share the unfoldment process
of Name with one being initiated, they often ask, well do you

believe that the stories in the Torah really happened. Was the
Abraham a man just like me? Shmual, with his serious stern
expression said to the ignorant student, 'Are you asking me if
Abraham had flesh and blood in the same state that I have & was
engaged in the same level of occupation that I am in? The
answer to that question and those related to it is No.'
I used to think it to be OK for a person to believe that those
stories were fleshly; however, I am resolved to consider that this
is a stumbling block for entering into the Living Word's of
ALhhim which change not;YahúWah YHWH HaSham The
Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< said,
“Heaven and earth may pass away, but My Words, endure
forever.” So if the Word base of being, the Word of Perfect U
nity, changes not then how are the Word's fleshly? The flesh
perishes but the holy Word of YHWH The Most High HaSham
HhaOLiyun endures forever You may read the external layer of
the Torah, but that layer will disintegrate; or your can read the
inner layer's of the text and enter into the eternal light of the
Word. The created worlds are up held by the Word's but are not
the Word's themselves.
The creation or manifestation of word's continually changes
to reveal the properties of the Word's. The flesh is as the grass of
the field, here today and gone tomorrow. The flesh arises
and lays back down. The Word of YahúWah The Most High

HhaOLiyun YHWH is the same yesterday, today and forever.
When we consider the Words of ALhhim to be flesh, or the reflection instead of the light, we submit our energies to become
attached to the forms rather than to the word's. As a generation
of Shem-an out come of attributes that belongs to every Name,
we are free from the world in which we abide. We have no debt
to the flesh unless we rob it of it's intended values. We have a
freedom to walk in it and amongst it, to touch it and become re
vealed though it. We belong to YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun YHWH, our Father and Mother of Life, the Unity of
ALhhim or the corporate unity of the Gods/Elohim. When our
Name and her properties deviate from the Unity of YHWH,
there is an adultery.
When we bow down to the flesh and give our Name energies
for the sake of the flesh apart from the Unity of YHWH we
commit idolatry for we are now servants to the creation verses
being masters of what we created. When spirit unites unequally
with flesh and unions are formed of Name and strange flesh,
that is not their own, this is fornication.
When you commit your mind to the flesh, and place
the accounts of spirit portrayed through stories into fleshly narratives, you create a roadblock before the door of revelation that
is before you. The access into the Word's or into the secret

chambers of Unity are entered into through humility, because if
you are too tall in your own estimation, you will bump your
head at the gate and be dazed to believe you have seen some
thing of reality, but in actuality you have seen an illusion. To
impose the flesh upon the structure of light and to consider the
structure of light to be corruptible flesh is the cause for arrogance of a culture, the motivation for war, for possession, for the
rights of a certain class or people against the whole, unto which
we belong and apart from which we cannot see or know our
totality. You may parade in the market place or in the eyes of
your neighbor to be just like Job or just like Abraham, or your
favorite biblical character upon which you have a fixation, but
in so doing you are hiding your light under a bushel.
The reality of the Torah is the spirit of the Word's and the
Words are spirit—intelligence, and they are life—ascending
always. The flesh on the other hand is dumb—silent and it
is death—descending. The mind that focus itself upon the
spirit shall live; but the mind that focuses upon the flesh will
perish. One of the most influential mind's that has penetrated
much of the world with the assistance of the Roman Empire is
the Rabbi of Tarsus, Shaul, aka as the Apostle Paul, who has
been elevated upon Moshe and above Rabbi Yahushúo because
most of the world will adhere to the writings of Paul above any
other's. Shaul stated that we know the Torah is Spiritual and
that accounts of the Torah are allegories. Examine the views

of scriptures and decide your path of interpretation of holy
writing's and then look at the end results. Where do you want to
be at the outcome of your study and practice of holy writings?
As noted in verse 1, YAH extends his hand to give a unified
expression coupled with unifying words. Because YAH is One,
he only gives forth unifying word's. The united unfoldment is
joined, held together, built and sustained with unifying word's.
As one writer states, “we understand that the worlds were
built by the Word's of Unity/YHWH, so that what is seen was
not made out of things which are visible.” Even your body was
not made or composed of physical matter, but by Word's, mani
festing themselves through a mirror of water's. We are fire; the
waters are condensed steam, and the bones are crystalliza-tions
of the heated waters.
Our united composition of Yapheth—the mind opening,
Cham—the mind forming, and Shem--the mind named/actively
designated according to the attributes of Wisdom are extended
completely to become a united perfect unfoldment coupled with
or in accordance with the unified words that are the base or
foundation of our being.
Vs. 1:
And Yah extends/designates completely/wholly
the land- an enlightened plane, an illuminated embodiment

for transformation to be a unified unfoldment coupled with
the word's of oneness.
Through words of our oneness we are unfolded. Via the study
of Unified Word's, we are made known and come 'To Know' all
things. Mashe and the prophets speak the words of one-ness /
hadevarim echad. With comprehension and confirmation of
doing of the Law, we designate our components of opening,
form, and name to the unity base of being and thereby we unfold
stage by stage. This in essence is the pursuit of the Torah
word's. The result of this pursuit is the manifestation of
Messiah/the Measurement of Adam which is the same as the
unfolding of the word's of oneness spoken by the prophets,
Moshe being the chief revelator and Aharon the spokesman.
The land is the place of unfoldment. A plant unfolds it's petals
upon being positioned in the earth. The plant takes root, then
puts forth it's branches, buds, flower's, and yields seed. The
cycle from seed to seed demonstrates the perpetuity of life un
folding. Your unfoldment occurs with dedication to your position in your exchange place. You are rooted in Tiras and from
there you branch forth the nature of your name. So YAH designates a land/earth/body/state of exchange that you may be
totally transformed to be one unfoldment coupled or joined with
the word's of One Law. The Ancient Paleo Hebrew Torah
Light/Life Principle's of YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun

h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH.
What else does YAH designate? The giving or extensions
occurs or follows the formulations of Noach which is the same
as our confirmation to be. This review of the formulations is
pertinent to our extension period now! Through this study we
consciously bring our past development into the present, thereby activating it for our current unfoldings.
How can we prove such speculations 'Or Know' such things to
be true? Our design of openings, forms, and positions and the
very order of life is a visible testimony to this translations of
the Torah. Though our natures be subdued or conscious, our
parts are a visible testimony to the reality of the order of Life.
We affirm these givings of YAH (noted in vs 1 & 2) as we fulfill
the words of being One.

Chapter 11 Verse 2
And YAH designates/gives /appropriates
through journeys from the east,
and they find a plain
in the land of Shinar
and they reside/dwell there.

Coupled with and to fulfill the designation of an illuminated land, YAH provides illuminations from the East whereby our
understanding is structured unto fullness. Each journey of the

light is a determined course to structure our state of consciousness. The journey of the light's above come through the heaven
ly kingdom gate of Madai to ever supply us with illumination.
Even as words come forth from the throat gate, so light breaks
through the Gate of Madai daily. Every day the word's that we
speak is the means of further illuminating our State of Transformation/The Earth. As holy word's come forth through the
Madai throat gate, so the Word's, according to the frequency
given, at tunes and sanctifies our entire house with them.
The order of the lights in the sky mirror the order of the
lights of the mind, which is a micro composite of the skies over
each land body. As the thought's contained in the word are over
us, so we journey; hence we journey from the East. The
journey's may be of one day, or two day's, or a month, or a year,
according to the duration of the word thought's that are abiding
in our mind's, positioned over the tabernacle body, [Chamesh
haPekudim / Numbers 9:17-23].

The measures of light seen in the east are spoken into
word's, they affect the twelve centers of mind (a zodiac order).
Via the journey's of illumination we find/discover the plain/of
Shinar, which being uncoded, is the state of consciousness/ with
in the dome/of perpetual/illumination/ to process concepts unto
transmutations. Those who find or discover this realm of being
are content to reside/abide there. This state is achieved by re-

ceiving the two givings of YAH, the gift of an illuminated
body and the giftings of light that come from the east. We
see the lights in the east initially morning and night, for at evening it darkens in the east first as the sun is still radiating in
the west.
YAH designates transformations according to our embracing
and fulfilling the unity of Torah words. YAH gives illumina
tion drawing out the light's of the sun—wisdom, the moon—
understanding, and the star's—knowledge, unto our full
transformation into our divine nature. These great givings of
YAH fuel each other to maintain perpetual progression/ motion.
YAH gives transformations to be one perfect unfoldment;
YAH gives illuminations drawing out wisdom, understanding,
and knowledge. These two givings initiate a perpetual motion
of expansion.

Chapter 11 Verse 3
And they say/to establish a meditation:
a man/a fire initiation / ish of United
Order/AL/God establishes a guide /shepherd
—The one ascribing/giving/coming/positioning
is being whitened/clarified/elucidated
for cleansings/whiteness/purifications
and is being burned for combustion/for becoming a seraph
and the elucidations become for them a stone

and the warming/burning/bubbling forth
become for them like pitch / heaps.

And they say/to establish a meditation. This construct of letters shows us how powerful or saying's are as the word amor is
preceded and followed by the letter Waw. Out of our unified
tabernacle state comes the amor/saying's and following the
saying's we create and we establish bonds of unity. May we all
say “Awmen” and so confirm the use of word's—to draw them
forth from the State of Unity and to speak them unto formulating bonds of Unity.
“They say” refer to those consciously dwelling in Shinar—
in modes of transmutations. Each man/ish is a fire initiator.
Com-monly, would be translated as a Man of God or literally as
a fire initiation of the United Order. Through each initiation a
guide shepherd of illumination is established which nurtures the
initiation unto complete expression and understanding. The one
who is becoming/(from the root) pertains to the fire initiation
that the guide explains to him. By these sparks of wisdom, the
one becoming is whitened, elucidated, and purified [Niphal
tense]. To say that one is being whitened is the same word as
bricked. When bricks are heated, they turn white. This process
of being whitened follows the appointment of The Earth for
it is unto becoming whitened unto the Serif image that we have
come to The Earth. The account is woven into the genealogies
of Shem and has become rendered as a story regarding a tower

made of brick's. One should question in reading the Torah as to
why the account is position in the midst of the genealogies as
this will assist the reader to have the proper perspective.
It should be noted that fire initiations are masculine while as
the occurrences of being whitened are feminine. What is initiated (masc) has a direct affect on the soul (fem) or the expression of a Name/Shem. The elucidations are for clarifications &
and cleansing's. The one becoming or coming forth unto his /
her fullness is being burned—encountering the coals off of the
altar that they may be activated by wisdom. This burning inwardly is the process to become a fiery serpent or the Serpent
of Wisdom. Via the burning's, a sticky substance is generated
which holds in place the stones created through elucidation's
The crystal stones for each function of Shem, 'To Be Known'
as the twelve branches of Mind, occur as the Fire burns with
in our temple. As we comprehend the positioning of each stone
an oozing bubbling forth creates a pitch or adhering tissues to
hold the gem in place within The Earth / The Body Land
Mass. With the stones and pitch they build the house of Shem
—the Bet haShem.

Chapter 11 Verse 4
And they say/meditate/consider:

The one coming forth
is building/establishing for us a city/messenger
and a tower/an adult spiraling form develops,
and its head/mind is in the heavens/names
and he performs/fulfills for us a name/Shem,
a face/ an expression spread out/extended
according to the faces of the complete earth/transformation.

As “they say,” so they think / consider/meditate upon their
development. They are aware that an angel/[Aramaic] is being
established through the whitening's. They consider that their
own transmutation is becoming an angel--a messenger-one
who is carrying forth the Word. And we understand that we
are forming an angel-being a messenger of the Word, to reveal
the Word and to carry it forth.
As they grow they are building a tower into the likeness of
their initiator. Each man/ish is a fire initiator. A fire initiation is
of an United Order which establishes a guide/shepherd. All that
is initiated is being confirmed. Their mind is operating according to the order of lights in the heavens, and their performmance is for Shem, for the name of Light, that all are allotted, who
accept the right to be whereby they exercise the full rights of
the Name as children (Yahuchanan/John 1:12).
This meditation is your perspective of becoming as you
approach the earth field's–manifestation as a child of Light. You

are consciously growing to the end that the full nature of your
name be expressly spread out/faced openly, unfurled like a cur
tain of light unto your complete transformation/earth space allotted or extended to you from YAH (vs 1).

Chapter 11 Verse 5
And YAHÚWAH descends/comes down
to observe/show/regard/choose/approve
the city/seraph angel form
and the tower /the growing up
which the son's of The Adam are building / establishing.

In response to your conscious development the force of
Unity/YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun YHWH AL h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH descends. There is nothing---

nothing, holding every attribute of Life back as you have purposed to construct being a messenger of the Word, as you
have purposed to confirm the initiations of wisdom from your
shepherd/guide, as you have purposed to magnify/increase
your divine nature to be fully grownup. Your mind is one with
the heaven's, with all names of light and you are engaging a
performance amongst all other names. It is your purpose to
spread forth the face/expression of your true self in YAH as
such pertains to your complete transformation.
In so being, YahúWah descend's for you have created a vessel
into which the Unified Face's of Light----YahúWah may enter.

As you purpose, so every property and attribute that are above
in your mind descends in to your land's--centres of transformation {human body}. The Name of YahúWah confirms and shows
regard and approves with empowerment your vision. As a formulation/child of Adam you are in the expansive avenue unto
fullness. The ones of the Adam build and mature the formulations with Alpha concepts coming through the gate's. The city
and tower are the primary constructs of the fiery seraph angel
to display the full nature of Adam. Ephesians 4:15.

Chapter 11 Verse 6
And YHWH says/considers/meditates:
Behold! A people of Unity
coupled with a language of Unity for their completion
and this is the dream/vision to be fulfilled!
And now there will not be anything
restraining/nothing inaccessible/held back
from them/by extracting
from the light bodies of their own being,
a complete verification they
purpose/consider to do/to fulfill /achieve.

With the delight of heart, when a master/initiator observes the progress of his students, YHWH says, Behold! It is a
delight when a father sees the development of his children. Behold, a people of Unity. And a border/language of unity is for

their completion. The language of Unity is the writing's of the
Holy Word's. What YHWH says in observation to the one's
becoming is one of the greatest promises of the Torah-there
will not be anything inaccessible to the one who envisions to
fulfill their name. (See Kayphah/II Peter 1:3-4). As YHWH considers the motives of the people assembled for elucidations and
Read's their visions, so YahúWah opens up every door / gate
avenue / provision for their fulfillment of being.
The one who dreams/envisions is strengthened by what he
sees and thus becomes strong. Our dreams provide encourag
ement and reveal to us potentialities. And with this strength one
is able to fulfill/perform the complete unfoldment of their being. In this mode there is not anything that can restrain or stop
you from the perfect unfoldment, for as one is united for their
complete unfolding, so the power of their unity, the power of
their unified consciousness as Am Echad / One People will
maintain the gate's in the open mode granting access unto all
realms of revelation, know ledge, understanding, and wisdom
to be One with YAHÚWAH
Shmual says ' I have a dream that we all are becoming
one, perfectly whole, with YAHÚWAH!' The voice of YHWH
says that anything which they purpose/consider to do will be

Chapter 11 Verse 7

The one ascribing/coming,
we will lower/collectively descend
and a Name we will compound/make
limitless their language/border
to confirm/verify/satisfy
that which they do not understand/hear:
a fireman initiates a language establishing a shepherd/guide.

Via the position of collective humility all that each name contains is exhausted, drawn out from within the language of Unity. This sense is derived from the letter's / meaning to be old or
worn as well as to be infinite, limitless. For as we unfold the in
terior orders of light-so we age and with aging is the continuum of life through the capacity of fruit bearing as well as via
entering into the Taw / X / renewal cycle. As one descends / is
humbled, there is a drawing out of all that is contained within
each name. The exhaustion or wearing out does not cause weak
ness or confusion but rather is understood to bring forth a max
imum definition of being that is contained in the language, in
the expression of man, in their border that is shared collectively
by Yapheth, Cham, and Shem. What was not understood be
fore now becomes known; the accessibility of the promise becomes fulfilled.
One may understand implications of this saying of YHWH
to mean that those ascribing are no longer assembling/paying
heed to/(Piel form of) mortal definitions but are rather assembl-

ing the initiations of wisdom that are drawn out of the mortal,
deposited there as a trust, and rising in consciousness with

Chapter 11 Verse 8
YHWH spreads them
out/explodes them/breaks open within them
from there/by drawing out each name
pertaining to the
faces/expressions of a complete transformation,
and they leave off/take off/make transitions
to build/enhance /elucidate fully the city/seraph angel

YHWH/The Name of Perfect Unity, breaks open within them
from having drawn out their name. There is a release or a scattering of the fires held within the language according to the initiations of our guide. Each departure from the unknown is
made possible by the illuminations. We take off as an eagle
in flight. We transcend from the elucidations gathered to the
point that YHWH breaks open with in.
The implications are like that above: one leaves off from
building Babel to construct the city of Zion or the form of
the seraph. As noted in vs.7, they no longer hear of the dark
ness; all is becoming fully known inwardly which makes for

Chapter 11 Verse 9
Therefore/on account of confirmation
he proclaims her name Babel / a Gate of AL
for there/a branching forth to actively manage a Name;
YAHÚWAH YHWH compounds/stirs
up/causes to assimilate/to create stones,
a language to complete the transformation
and from there/and with the drawing out of each Name
YAHÚWAH causes a breaking open/explodes them
on account of the faces/expressions
of total transformation/all the earth.

The translation of Babel as “a gate of El” is maintained in the
Assyrian; Our mortal construct blueprint is indeed an avenue
of all the concepts of Light. In this framework The Name of
Unity enables us to assimilate, transferring the concept's that
abide in the Babel or within the gate of the mortal--in the gate
where all is being composed/mixed to the habita- tion of the
immortal. It is in the Babel that we assimilate the language
of Unity which is the basis of completing our transformation.
Boy, that is really heavy, don't cha thnk?
With each assimilation, not just by exposure, each attribute is
drawn out of our name. The drawing out or releasing of each
name attribute is like a gas that is ignited as it drawn out of the

container. The Name of Unity breaks open like genie in bottle,
that cannot be contained or held back from total transformation
as the sons/formulation's of Shem unfold.
The stone's are created from the crystallization effect of the
fire's within the waters Upon the stones a Name is written,
which is the key to access all within the stone's. As all within
the stones are accessed and appropriated, one builds their eternal light body.
This section of Torah, is a bridge amidst the generation's of
Shem. The development of a Name continues as one is resolved in their transformations, ascribing to the initiations of wisdom. As The Name Presence of YHWH descends into consciousness of being, The Name and Position of Unity scatters the
fire within unto full radiance and glory. Lit. YHWH explodes
them--breaks open with them, scatters them pertaining to the in
herent expressions faces for a complete transformation. For un
less all attributes of fire are scattered there would be an incom
plete transformation. The explosion continues in the generations
of Shem at which point we are readied to enter into the earth’s
atmosphere to structure our crystal house of light. As you follow your guide of Light which is present with each initiation,
read on and confirm each attribute of your name.

Chapter 11 Verse 10

The united order of lights are
generations/the outcomes/results of a Name.
A Name is a formulation of one-hundred year
and he bears the totality of Arpachshad,
indicators/markers confirming/going
after the illumination of the flood.

A generation is the results of what comes out of a Name.
Generations come out of sacs. Each generation is the result of
Unity, a total giving. A generation represents a progression. The
tolodot / generation also means a universe, as generations comprise the total scope of One world of experience, One united
face/expression of being. These are the united order, the sequence of unfolding of united faces of a Name.
In light of The Name descending and scattering the fire
within, there are further unfoldments of Shem—a Name. The
status and development of a Name is now qualified to be one
hundred—a value expressing the status of being drawn out of the
totality. Out of the universal dome and out of what belongs to the
whole, there is a name drawn out, a designated function of Fire;
it is this designation that is one-hundred. A Name is the
formulation of one hundred year. A year is a cycle of study. To
say that a Name is 100 year indicates that it is a drawing out of
The Totality. The value of 100 indicates that the Name is with in
the dome or area of containment-what belongs to the whole.

Each name is symbolized with the letter kof /11/ k that which
pertains to the holy, being a designation of Wisdom, the crown
of all things.
We understand that when a Name is drawn out of the waters
through which it is reflected, it will arise to the top-to the crown
where it will be conscious and from which it will oversee all
within the Earth. Your Name rules, governs over all the lands—
states of transformation and manifestation. The unfoldment level
of your Name corresponds to your domain occupation.
Comprised of the FIRE LETTER'S; 21st SHIN and THE
13TH MEM formulation, a Name is Wisdom flowing, like a
volcano that erupts and flow with liquid fire, filling,recreating
and occupying other altitudes. A Name flows from one genera
tion to another, from one outcome to the results of Being.
A Name is ageless because it's always the same essence abid
ing as One with the composite Name--YahúWah YHWH, Each
Name is an extension, a drawing out of the Totality of YHWH
from whom every Name flows. The age's listed in these verses
convey the values of life activity as each Name brings forth from
The bearing of Arpachshad is the bringing forth the attribute
of a name that facilitates the branching of all life traits; all that

life is capable of generating and maintaining is within the attribute of Arpachshad. Arpachshad is the source and force of affluence, health, providential regeneration, the ability to extend
further, to heal, to prosper, to make apparent and release the
traits of life.
A name that follows after the flood follows after the 40 day
activity of light! Forty days is an expression of the letter Mem—
that activity of light to draw out all that is in the heavens and
earth. A name that becomes 100 year pursues the great deluge of
information released by the flood which provides for expan-sion
and learning the full release of the heavens and earth and all
embodied there in that is drawn out of the waters. The term to
follow after/expresses the mind’s confirmation of itself, to go
after and go forward to the full release of being-to conceive the
mind’s assignment to be completely unfolded as light.
As Arpachshad bears, there are markers, indicators of growth,
as one follows after the provisional waters of the flood. These
markers are like the nodes on a plant in sequential stages of ev

Chapter 11 Verse 11
And a name/Shem lives
following after/confirming the bearing of Arpachshad
five hundred year

and bears/brings forth
sons/formulations and daughters/nourisher's

A name lives!This statement is most significant as it conveys
the awakening and engagement of a Name in an active ascension of life, in which a Name thrives with activity as a participant in the light to bring forth all that is within itself. What are
the marks of a living thing? If a tree is living, it is ascending and
productive. In living, a Name brings forth out of itself for
mulations----sons and the means to join together the formulations--daughters. The life activity of a name is in the ascending
action. A living ascending name follows after and confirms the
attribute of Arpachshad; for it is one thing to bring forth the
force of affluence, the means to extend/branch out-Arpachshad; it
is another matter to confirm the trait, to nourish it, and sus-tain
the extensions of the mind’s position amongst the whole.
Five hundred may be read: Arpachshad lives in the illumination 5/HHÚWA/H of all drawn out of the Totality/100. He livesparticipates in the light to draw out all within himself, a full cy
cle of light. In so doing he bears out of himself sons and daugh
ters formulations and bridges. The builders are the son's and the
bridge makers are the daughters who connect one aspect to
another. This is the life of a Name.

Chapter 11 Verse 12
And Arpachshad lives
five and thirty year
and brings forth the totality of Shelach.

And the Arpachshad lives being a participant, a giver extender,
for how do you know if an evergreen is living unless you see it
putting forth new shoots. Arpachshad, the branching, afflue- nce
of health and vitality of life, lives in the orders of light's whereby
he bears Shalach, the ambassador who negotiates be tween
processes, being a representative of one’s totality of Name.
Shmual said, 'In my case, Shalach is the ambassador of the
name Shmual and thereby the representative of my unity In
Shalach, Arpachshad spreads out like a vine, being further extended. For who can extend in all directions unless your Name has
a representative to go forth into all processes / nations? Through
Shalach you touch the vast dominion that your Name lives
within. Otherwise, without Shalach, a Name may become
withdrawn, reserved from the great explorations that an ambas
sador fulfills for us.
Five coupled with thirty conveys that the Name lives by illumi
nation within the instruction. In being five one is absorbing the
radiance of light and is distinguished by light, putting on the
garments fitted by light as one is equipped with an attire rela-tive

to each occasion. Thirty expresses the evolution and be-ing a
follower of the three Trustees and the three levels of the Aleph
Bet. Thirty is the ten fold of three, in other words, thirty is the
activation, management, and fulfillment of the instruc-tions of
the Trustees as well as the managing follow through on the
instruction received. With these values, Arpachshad brings forth
the total nature of Shalach.
Each Name lives in the order of lights according to our being
sent forth as Shalach. Each of us are the representative Shalach of
YHWH who are sent forth into orbit from our star field.

Chapter 11 Verse 13
And Arpachshad lives
following the bearing of the totality of Shalach
three years and four hundred year
and he bears sons and daughters.

In confirming Shalach, he lives to affirm his extensions and awareness of Name as an ambassador of YahúWah YHWH. He
lives in the realm of light teacher's, amongst the three trustees of
the East. He lives in the three dimensional fields of words and
their on-going cycles—years. He lives also in 400--in the
inquiries and unfoldings of secrets contained in the totality of
each revolution of light/a year. With each statement of living—in
the ascending mode, an ascension level occurs. He lives and

ascends as he follows through on what he bears!
He lives in the communications of his son Shalach, in
the role of an ambassador, having the value of three years—all
accumu- lative communications of Shalach; he lives four hundred—in the discovery zone of all being drawn out as a result of
the established ambassador that is ongoing. Via these comm
unications (three years) and via the inquiries (four hundred year)
he brings forth formulations/son's and bridges/daughter's to
connect all things together.
In reading the numerical values, distinguish between years
and year. Years are accumulative cycles or amassed studies; a
year is a cycle of light that contains the affects of twelve moon s.
A year is a full study of a topic, years are accumulative
studies summed into a value----------NOTE:
13th Moon; It's not sounded like the famous town of Berwick,
Pa, but looks almost the same; the 13th Moon or Month was
called HhaBerúwkeh
In 2011, we had 13 Moon's / Months
Sepher Maoshah BeRashshith / Gen 47:23
Knowledge bows to Wisdom
Chadash HhaBerúwkeh

13th Month ‘TheBerwick’ As the Light comes out of
the East so the White Writing’s come out of the North. The Ink is
flung out upon the Canvas of the South where in all of the details
within the Mind are opened and expressed. Every color of
Thought paint's the day at hand.
  To retain all that has been spread out, the Thought's settle
into the West. From the settlings of the colors of THOUGHT, the
potency of all that is written is drawn off like the Wine from the
Vats and bottled in the North.
Shmual Wahli should be given the Nobel Peace Prize
for his work of Peace at

In that case, Arpachshad lives in the accumulative studies
of the Trustees of light-three years, coupled with an inquiry in to
the totality—four hundred year. Each single year there is a
measured value of living 400. This measure pertains to an inquiry and having access to secrets amidst a cycle of light in
which we are participating. Thanks be to YAH. As more of the
Arpachshad is exposed and the more revelations he has, so the
more formulations occur and the more enhancers are brought
forth—sons/formulators and daughters/enhancers. These are not
named as they are already bearing the name of Arpachshad
being formulations and enhancements of the affl uence nature of
your name.

Chapter 11 Verse 14
And Shalach lives
thirty year
and brings forth the totality of Eber.

Shalach lives in the instruction of Eber obtained via the
communications and inquires. He lives in the Order of Lights in
which he was brought forth. Thirty indicates that he also is a
follower of the three Trustees and the three levels of the Aleph
Bet. Being ten fold of three, thirty is the activation, management, and fulfillment of the instructions of the Trustees as well
as the managing follow through on the instruction received. In
this cycle and quest, he brings forth Eber, the operation of a
Name to go crossover, to go from side to side 'To Know' from
one side to the other. As one is sent forth, so the next level of
expansion is Eber, that is, the ability to be transferred or to
crossover into the realms to which one is sent. Eber is function
ally present within each of us to transfer messages as well as to
see from the spiritual and to bring it across into a deed or into
some form of manifestation.
Eber means to transfer, to go beyond, to go through. Via Eber
we can transfer our Name proper as well as to transfer learnings in
one phase into another, thereby continuing to build with the
same principle's. For other aspects of Eber, see the BHM Torah
Light notes for chapter 10.

Via Eber we pass over from an astral plane to an earth
state and vice-a-versa. Eber is the operation of our Name to behold the white text, to see through the word's, to understand the
origin and the intent. This fruit of our Name emerges as we
follow through on being sent as a representative of Unity where
by access is granted to all that lies in the heart of Perfect Unity.
When one is cut-off from the Hebrew-the language of crossing over planes and going beyond into other dimensions, they
can reaffirm the position of Shalach and then bring forth Eber
into their present consciousness.

Chapter 11 Verse 15
And Shalach lives
following after the bearing of the totality of Eber
three year's and four hundred year
and he bears sons and daughters.

We live as we follow through on the transference
processes for all that is coming across enables us to continue to
ascend. We live three years—in all being amassed via the tran
sference of information and also four hundred year—in the inquiries that result from the transference available to us at this
level. Eber is a constant ability as we continually are following
through on all transferred to us by putting into application.

Through this follow through he brings forth the fruit of his
name with sons and daughters—formulations and builders to
connect all being learned at this level and progression of Shem.

Chapter 11 Verse 16
And Eber lives
four and thirty year
and he bears the totality of Peleg

And Eber lives in the ascending actions of light: four—in the
inquiries of light coupled with thirty-in the instruction and con
scious orderings of the light. And with these values he brings
forth Peleg. Eber lives in the great access of light able to enter into the light’s astral planes from which he emerges and
able to access the light embodied in the forms of life. This is
living in the value of 4, yet the inquiry zones of Eber are dis tinct
from the inquiry zone of Shalach whose inquires/4 coupl- ed
with 100 which pertain to the level of being sent.
Eber lives in the 4 inquiry zone coupled with the orderings of
light that occur in all dimensions and planes. We see the light
passing over into forms and inquire to learn the operations of
the lights that we may fulfill them via applications.
Our Name lives in our question's and answer's, in all being
transfered to us. We live in the instruction that we receive on a
daily basis and by it we formulate and connect by bearing sons

and daughters. We live in inquiry zones and in the instruction
received. These values are pertinent at all stages of develop-ment
and fulfillment, even into the age of the appearance of the
Kingdom of Light. At this level, we bear Peleg-all of our questions/answers/learnings come to bear the fruit of Peleg, the Uni
fier, otherwise we have asked amiss.
Peleg means to distinguish, to divide in half as in mitosis
which enables a wholeness of expression to emerge. Via Peleg
we see all parts and know that all parts belong to One. As discussed above in chapter 10, Peleg is the Unifier of all parts.
Peleg allocates the various energies to their respective places of
service. Via the life of Peleg, our energies of life are strategically placed in their respective fields as the nature of seeing is
resident within the eye's, etc. Through the fruit of Peleg, all
exchange levels of life operations are distinguished. What is
present in our Name and present within the Earth—Field of Ex
change, is discerned and distinguished. This is a force within
mitosis in both the spiritual and physical realms.
Peleg follows Eber very logically, for as one is transferred
into other zone fields, so one is distinguished by the place with
elements, shapes, functions, and attributes that reveal the presence of our Name. It is Peleg that maintains the Unity between
all levels of development and the attributes that are being trans
ferred into various fields.

We may see that Shalach is the LightBearer; Eber is the
Light Worker; Peleg is the Worker of the Light; and Reu to follow is the Overseer of all Work's.
Chapter 11 Verse 17
And Eber lives
following the bearing of the totality of Peleg
thirty year and four hundred year
and he continues to bear sons and daughters.

There is a great joy and hope in our heart each time we
meditate upon each operation of our Name and hear the words:
i.e. and Eber lives. There is an awareness within of the ascendant movement of Names and the vivaciousness of their presence within the Kingdom of our Name. As we follow through
upon our initiations and the bearing a new trait of our Name, so
do we live in this dynamic of the Kingdom of Names.
Eber lives—the function of transferring information,
releasing the meanings hidden in all forms unto the conscious
reality of mind is alive within. The condition of this aspect of
our Name is dependent upon bearing the totality of Peleg: to
have the mind to unify all components. And with Peleg established in our consciousness, we live in the instructive order of
the universe—thirty year and have access into all dominions four

hundred year. We live in the Kingdom of Wisdom unfolding/expanding/extending the nature of light. The life of Eber
upon bearing Peleg assist us to understand through inquiries how
all of our parts comprise one.
We enter into the oneness with all verses asking how we are
separate. We live in the cycle of light’s order/thirty that directs
the energies and designates them now and where they will be in
the future to various centres for residence and operation. We live
in the light cycle to distinguish all parts unto their comp-lete
expansion as one.
Eber lives in following through bearing Peleg, thirty year—in
the orders and instruction how light appropriates it's attributes
unto fulfillment. Eber beholds the nature of light distinguish ed
in all works of light----how the light sees, hears,assimilates, recycles, self regenerates, and allocates it's energies into parts.
Eber, the function to go beyond has no barrier 'To Know' the
operations of light in all levels and planes as he maintains the
consciousness of Peleg—the Unifier of all parts. The instruction and order of light is perpetual as he couples it with four—
the value to inquiry. Stop inquiring and you slow down the
learning process. The 30 is maintained with 4, when we inquire into the totality of being/100. Inquire into the macro lest
you be withdrawn into the micro. Via 30 + the 4 of 100 Eber ascends to the degree and elevation of light whereby another

power of Name emerges: Reu.
Via our Name we still live in our conceptual astral body even
when we move into our earthly body. We have the ability to fly
in our dreams and be transported through our merkibah in all
astral realms. We have an earthly body in which to develop and
manifest our astral nature even as a seed falls into the earth for
expansion and total revelation. From this we ascend into a mas
tery or golden light body wherein resides the crystal forms of
our energies. Yet there is another body that we live in which is
the composite or universal body of light that contains all embo
diments. Through the living nature of Eber, we transfer properties from one realm unto another. Through the instruction of
light and the inquires/full access we bring forth formulations of
light/sons and also connective roles/daughters.
Baruch haShem.

Chapter 11 Verse 18
And Peleg lives
thirty year
and he bears the totality of Reu.

Peleg lives! Peleg is the nature of our Name to distinguish the
Energy of Life into different fields whereby their unique properties and functions can be fulfilled as they are positioned to
occupy and fill the House of The Name. Peleg is the directive
force to initiate and sustain mitosis in the1) astral, 2) physical/
transformation planes, and in all 3) open avenues / expansive

planes. These are three planes of being and operation of Mind
distinguished via Peleg. Peleg lives via the instruction of his
father Eber, thus 30 year-instruction in all his father has known
and imparted. Peleg engages in the course of study also and integrates it into his consciousness, knowing himself as the aspect of
Name that diversifies Energy. Peleg lives in the order of the
diversity that he creates even as we all live in the worlds of
thoughts and forms that we formulate.
Does the energy of light become fearful to us upon becoming
diversified? Do we have trouble recognizing the powers that are
unleashed and have had appointed Mind to oversee develop and
manage the energies?
Do you sometimes become uncomfortable that your great
light that you are has become allotted to various part's, even
hidden into earthen vessels? As you receive the wonderful instruction of Eber, the knowing of all that is within passes on to
you to confirm a greater consciousness of your perfect Unity.
Peleg lives, ascends, thirty year-in the orders of a unified diversity, and he brings forth Reu. The brother of Peleg, Yoqtan
(10:25ff), and his descendants continue to uphold Peleg and his
descendants from the astral blueprint planes of light within the
second level of the Kingdom in which the contracts for unfoldment are written and maintained.

As you study the King-dom of Name's in the Torah,
you will be conscious of the levels of their operation in all
domains of your Kingdom.
In 2010 Shmual did an update on his 'The Kingdom of Names'

Here is the OPENING PAGE

In the beginning----there assembled, in what is known as
the centre of the universe, a Gathering of Light's. Around the
lights there was a vast darkness of space. This vast space remains; however, it is dotted with the Presence of the Thought's
of the Lights/Aurim. The space, being in opposition of the formidable Union of Lights, is of the proportion that it could be
filled with all that the Lights contained. By opposition we mean as
the moon is in opposition to the sun upon Rash Chadash—at the
head of the month. This opposition provides a fulcrum via which
all that is held in the Urim—Lights Assembled—may be tipped
into space from designated angles. We may say that this space is
the primary chakra / opening of the Mind via which all Thoughts
of Light are expanded, to be an expanse for the Thoughts of
Continuing on:

You will confirm the position of Names in the in the

four planes of emanation:in the foundation, in the astral fields, in
the cities, in the streets, in the palaces, in the homes, in the
working fields, in the gardens and in the corrals, in the academies, in the Seats of Mastery and Counsel that oversee the entire kingdom field's. And as you bear your names and live according to them, so you will grow-up into all powers of your
Name and occupy your position in the universe, coming to take
your Seat that belongs only to you in the Kingdom of The
The twenty-six attributes of Shem (Chp. 10) are the traits
of every Name. These comprise the capsule ingredients of our
Name into Mind/Intelligence/Spirit. As we further break forth
the glory of our Name, we develop residences and occupy positions of soul whereby the entire house and soul are perfected-completely formulated and fulfilled. The generations of Shem
unfold through Archpashad who alone branches the Name into
the formulations of earth for transformation and into the soul’s
expression and glory.
Peleg bears Reu, meaning a friend, for as one appoints
and distributes the Energy of Life into the regions of Life oper
ations, the Name brings forth the intelligence of companion-ship
of all allotments of Energy. Reu is the nature of Name to be a
friend, companion and comrade. Not only does Reu be-friend all
allocations of light as it is scattered abroad for ecpan sion and

expression, but Reu is the trait of Life that initiates friendships
partnerships and comrades amongst us. Reu / is “The Knowing”
the over seeing Mind/that comprehends / that though the Energy
of Mind is scattered amongst in all peoples, in all forms, in all
processes, we are a greater fellowship of Light and are One
United Name of Life. Reu takes his place in the Kingdom
through listening to the instruction of his father, Eber. Reu is the
consciousness knowing that we are One entity, apart of each
other that comprise the whole, that we have the same Father, and
as a result we do not live as spies or strangers but as the family
of One Name.

[One may note that in some translations the line is read: “and
Peleg lived thirty years, and became the father of Reu.” Note:
that year is singular in many of these verses as discussed above.
Also the term father does not appear in these genealogies,
because a Shem/Name has one Father, YahúWah The Most High
HhaOLiyun YHWH. Whereas Abram is referred to as father
later, such indicates that the role of Abram to be the progenitor
or the line of Shem within the Earth fields.]
Reu is the consciousness knowing that we are One entity,
apart of each other that comprise the whole, that we have the
same Father, and as a result we do not live as spies or strang-ers,
but as the family of One Name.

The following is an insertion by Author Kinney O N E
Shmual Say's that: We are all One Breath
We acknowledge that all Names comprise the House of
YahúWah, and that we are not to separate ourselves according to
the colors of skin's and hair nor shapes of the eye's. While all
colors and hues pertain to thought's, there is One United
Name--ALOZAR to which we all belong, in that we are emanations of Light and (we) are The Word from which Light
comes. The organization of our designs attest to our common
heritage. We have one blood. And we are ADAM; THE RED
Our skin is a light spectrum of red: pink, blush, rouge,
auburn, chestnut, some lighter, some darker. Our coloration
agent is the same in all of us--the melanin pigment. Our hues
are determined not by the differences in the color or number of
melanocytes, but rather by melanocyte activity that gives us
our shade of red. The commonality of our redness is according to our having the same red blood and the same spark of the
Eternal Flame, each of us being a red coal of Wisdom that can
never be extinguished.
The hue of red may be matched on the color

chart, the Pantone Color Formula guide (PMS colors number's
497 through 502 displayed). See at
BHM-Shmual, teaching us that we are comprised of 1)
Name: a fiery Breath, 2) Opening's: the means for our Name
and our thought's to expand and be expressed, and 3) a Form: a
dwell-ing state/body. Our expression's of Breath are communicated via soul, that interfaces with our servant body. As the traits
of Name's unite and develop, a soul blossom's. These three
branches of life are unfolded in the story of Noah’s three
children: Yapheth, Cham and Shem. Cham/Ham corresponds
to the manifestation of life—the form of each person in whose
lands are the children of Shem, aka the House of YiSARAL /
Israel come/appear and multiply.
The tribe's of YiSARAL are a branching of a Name/Shem.
The branches are known as the twelve tribes corresponding to
the twelve part's, for which there is a land for every tribe. These
twelve branches are housed in all mankind to inherit the manifestation of Cham—the Word State of the Land's, commonly
called the Promise Land. Yapheth corresponds to the opening's
around which the body forms and via which the Breath, soul and
body expand. Each body is formulated like a flute that is cast
around a mold of opening's. These openings are known as the
gates/chakra's that enable the Fiery Breath, the soul and the body
forms to communicate.

There is no profit to disdain another or to exalt oneself above
another for any bias. All self exaltation leads to standing off of
the Foundation of Life. Whatever we bring forth out of our
Thought's, to that we are joined. If we bring forth a child, our
identity is within that child; likewise, we are bound via the
word's and deeds that come forth from our houses/habitations.
Let us embrace our perfect unity that we may come
to comprehend and enter into the wonderment of our collective
progressions unto the Earth that is beyond this planet. Let us
cease to war over forms, lands or ideas, for such wars take us
down dead-end streets. Let us confirm that we are the same as
our neighbor.
The Master Name YahúWah is cherished to expand
within each of us; the Eternal Face's of the light radiate toward
us daily through grace and the Eternal Face's of Light arise
within us unto our completeness of being—Peace.
We are a Path to all who seek the Light from every corner
of the Universe. We feed from our hand the mouths of all that
open for truth and love and quest for the Land's of Avraham.
(That teaching is all about us being One).
Continuing on:

Peleg lives and now brings forth another ascendant branch of
Shem that enables the root of Archpashad to be flourish unto the

final Taw/X generation of the fulfillment of Abram’s seed into
the Promised Land/States of Verification.
Names iterated in the SCROLL OF

Chapter 11 Verse 19
And Peleg lives
as he follows forth bearing the total scope of Reu
nine years and two hundred year
and he bears sons and daughter's.

Peleg lives! Each branch that is brought forth unto fruitfulness must be implemented into our consciousness and operations. Peleg ascends as Reu is understood and followed after. In
so doing, Peleg ascends nine years—in amassing the studies of
light to deliver, save, reclaim any use and/or faculty of En-ergy
that goes apart from the whole, to find the lost and return it, to
go after the one and return it to the ninety-nine that there is onehundred, totality; to maintain communications, inter-course, and
keeping all parts informed of their roles in totality.
These are the subjects we study during the course of nine years.
Via 9, we compose all that wisdom coupled with under-stand ing
releases/ which is the entire worlds to distinguish all aspects of
light (Mishle/Proverbs 8:12-36). While 9 is the value to compose
wisdom and prudence; the value of 10 expresses the grouping
composite of life. (See BHM Torah Light Dictionary for further

The 9 years are coupled with 200 year. Reu elevates Peleg
to ascend/live into the state of companionship/friendship that are
formed within the unified diversity. The value of 200 year is a
study of our totality expanding, being extended into multiple
domains, never forgetting or separating ourselves from our eternal nature even though we come to reside in changing form's.
From the age of 9 years coupled with 200 year we bear houses of
potentialities and houses of compositions—sons and daugh-ter's
that pertain to the harmony of names/heaven's and earth /
transformations. Through distinguishing parts, our Name is
consciously extending in multiple domains that the full glory be
drawn out and fulfilled. Chapter 11 Verse 20
And Reu lives/is ascending
two and thirty year
and bears the totality of Serug.

Reu/Companionships lead to further ascensions! The
compound value of 2 and 30 relate to establishing the order that
has been created via the distinguishing of parts by Peleg and
cementing all parts to belong together as life long companions
by Reu. 2 is the value to create pairs and relationships, it is a
foundation of mind/higher thoughts/200, a unified structure from
which a tree grows/20. As we consider the values of com
panionships, two and thirty, we engage in the study of pairs and
the unity of the parts distinguished via Peleg. The pairs are seen
to belong to an order, a level of instruction concerning which

belongs to the rod/30 of communications /3 between the flaming
fire of wisdom/300. Two is a platform of operation cou-pled with
30 whereby the order's of life can be developed be-tween all
part's. Reu lives in establishing a foundation for us to develop in
earth field's regarding the allocation of energies via Peleg.The
nature of Reu enables us to pair our member's and establish the
order of life amongst them.
As our member's are paired, they can evolve and develop within the Order of life. The order is the strength to carry
forth our will of spirit. The spirit is willing 30 in each generation but the flesh/2 is weak in comparison. The spirit is the prime
instigator, initiator, but the flesh while supportive and the means
of revelation, is weak on it's own to lead the way unto the goal of
our journey, for itself is a servant and not the mas ter. In this
sense it is weak. The flesh/2 is also weak because it is
dependent upon the teacher/30 and its dependency nature makes
it subjective and impulsive to self indulge and selfsatisfy. But as
we couple the flesh with will and instruction and devote
ourselves to Unity and mature in the reflections that the flesh
affords us, then we will guard the flesh against being swallow ed
up in evil doing (Psalms 127). This is the essence of the pray er:
your will is done in earth as it is in the Name's. There is no
condition or enslavement that can prevail over ones Name.
In the midst of this study of comradely, the totality

of Serug is brought forth. Serug means to twine, interweave, in
terlace, to be interwoven, braided all conveying the strength that
comes forth through the pairing our energies with instruc-tion,
the rod of Wisdom.
Peleg allocates the light energies into their respective
fields of service. Reu establishes pairs and maintains the common foundation between all allocations of light, to recognize and
uphold each trait as precious within the unified order. Like ned
to a constellation, Reu comrades the light energies within
group's. Serug provides the connective threads between the allocation of energies. With Serug, there is a twisted cord that
cannot be broken between the energies of mind and amongst all
the names of light. When the cords of Serug are cut asunder one
may be enticed, seduced, being gullible and led astray due to the
apparent fragmentation or loss of networking conscious- ness of
our wholeness. Serug’s position within our Kingdom of Names is
a major strength of unity, linking each al location of mind to
each other like nerves connecting and protecting each part of
our mind’s extension.
Serug enables us to lace together all unfoldments from genera
tion to generation, an operation of our Name in weaving the
body of light. With sequences, Serug weaves as a master work
man to create the garments of Cham. Serug master minds all
weaving of cloth including the drawing out of the golden

thread's. Could it be that the tighter we are woven, the lighter
we are? As we are intertwined astrally, so is our body.

Chapter 11 Verse 21
And Reu lives
seven year's coupled with two hundred year
to follow up on birthing the totality of Serug
and he is fruitful/bears son's and daughter's.

Reu lives to 7 years, in the fulfillment of an oath, an oath that
lies within each of us to maintain our covenant with YHWH and
to uphold the bonds of a united adam. Coupled with this
fulfillment is the value of 200, the knowledge of our totality in
multiple domains or levels of being whereby there is growth of
our core personality. As Reu lives or ascends, there are contact
with guides and the LightTransformer. Though Serug’s ties,
Reu ascends further even as we ascend through achievements
and formulations of our life. What ever we bring forth affects the
quality of our life!
With fulfilling the oath of the covenant bonds and with
mindfulness over our fields, Reu brings forth formulations and
connections of life. There is fruitfulness in the realms of our
friendships and association of Names.

Chapter 11 Verse 22
And Serug lives
thirty year
and brings forth the totality of Nachor.

Serug lives in the Order/instruction of being intertwined. The
very act of lacing together our allocations of energies causes us
to arise in a higher order of consciousness. As what initiates his
emergence ascends/Reu, so does also that which comes forth
from the initiation. In this list of ascensions we understand that
what we do in one area or within one attribute of our Name,
directly affects other areas or levels of achievement. In Serug,
we are resolved to live within the divine order of all parts and
cohesive nature in the Kingdom of Names.
Within this order, Nachor appears meaning to assertiveness,
snorting, to make a declaration, to pierce, slaughter, create an
opening, to release what is contained, surrender unto a goal,
objective or to focus upon an opening to attain vision. We see the
aspects of Yapheth/expansiveness abiding within the tents of
Serug in lacing our allocations we move forward in
great strength. Serug is the healer of fragmentations via the ful
fillment of the oath to be One. In this strength, he brings forth

Nachor. Nachor as the above meanings convey, is the function
of Name to take off the cap of the bottle and to allow the sweet
fragrance of life to permeate our affairs.
Serug intertwines all in oneness; Nachor appropriates the
strength into service as to make a sacrifice whereby all is poured
out and it's full essence released. Serug laces all together into
one garment of life, and Nachor says this is the way that we will
wear the garment. Serug links all aspects of our energies; Nachor
brings them to the altar and slaughters them whereby their
attributes are given as an acceptable offering. Think of yourself
releasing the fragrance of life within you as you per- form your
labors, as you give forth consecrated prayers, as you give an
answer or ask a question, as you love your fellow hum- ankind.
In your release of energies, let there be a consciousness of
Nachor that emits a sweet savor from the united energies of
Serug! In what ever I say and do there is a sweet aroma being
emitted! All of the various meanings of Nachor pertain to expelling the force of life within, even in the snorting of a horse
which conveys the strength and might. Hence Nachor is associated with the nostrils, a guide to the house. Appoint this
attribute within the nostrils that you may always discern the
aroma that is coming forth with each breath.

Chapter 11 Verse 23

And Serug lives
following after birthing the totality of Nachor
two hundred year
and he bears sons and daughter's.

He who laces Names together for service shall ascend further
as the service or sacrifice is implemented. As Serug initiates and
brings forth Nachor, he follows through on designating the
united energies into service whereby he lives 200 year, a reference to the higher thought's that arise out of the bleeding heart in
multiple dimension's. We may say that as we follow through on
releasing our energies as an acceptable sacrifice of love, so we
ascend in the multiple dimensions of Names and transfor-mation
rites and thereby come to bond and elevate our energies into
higher dimensions to which they are extended. We come to bond
with bands of angel's and with master's of light as we are
continually in the sacrifice mode.
As Nachor expels the energies essence through
labors and communications, Serug intertwines our Names and
energies amidst the parties and spheres involved. Through our
classes and the interchanges that occur, Serug is active intertwining our thought's and heart's together. As we have interchange with the Trustees of Light, or the counsel of Madai, or
the LightTransformer, Serug is present to intertwine us to
gether through the gate's that open to us upon bearing Nachor.
The connections between our families in the heavens and in the

earth are also maintained by Serug who lives in the multifaceted, multi-dimensions of life.
In the 200 year ascension of Serug, he brings forth all
formulations of lacing—sons as well as the means to sustain
Bringing forth the characteristics and attributes of our
Name are means of ascensions and provide the momentum of
life. Often we encounter one who is beset in their journey; let us
gently remind them that our living, our lives, are in bring ing
forth the attributes of our Name. Specifically in these Torah
lines, do we focus on living. In the Father the Progenitor Force
of Being do we have everlasting life, eternal life. Let us pray,
“Our Father,” for even in uttering the phrase, we declare that we
belong to Life and to each other. Let us utter, “Our Father who
are in Names/the heavens,” knowing that the very Source and
Progenitor of Life is within our Kingdom of Names. Truly in the
Kingdom of Names we are One, being of the same esse-nce yet
positioned to an assignment that expresses and maintains the
totality of life. Let us pray for each other that we be kept in The
Name (Yahuchanan/Jn 17:15,26; YirmeYahu/Jer23 :27). In the Name,
we all bear the same attributes of the Father and con firm our
eternal oneness.
When we say, “hallowed be Your Name,” we meditate upon

the unity and dynamics of life that is preserved even though the
flesh decays. We declare that all aspects belong to the Unity of
The Name and that by The Name all things are set apart or
sanctified unto the position of The Name. “Your will is being
done” conveys that the exercise of the Names are accomplish ed
in earth--in all exchange realms and that the manifestations are
in accordance with the Names or that which is commonly
rendered, in the heavens.

Chapter 11 Verse 24
And Nachor lives
nine and twenty year
and bears the totality of Terach.

Nachor lives! The value of 9 is the composites of life, all that
is formulated via sacrifice. We live in the universal consciousness coupled with twenty/the mirroring and branching of life. In
all of our quests and responses, we compose Wisdom—9; in all
of our branching we mirror the words/deeds of understand ing,
wisdom, and knowledge that manages/ the fullness of the world.
We live as we respond and compose and thereby release the
fragrance of our unity. Our responses/9 are coupled with a
mirror/20 of all understood by the spiritual mind in touch with
the flow of life. At this level we bear the Terach—the Name
that renews/composes/the mind/according to the services/enacted through Nachor.

As we understand the compositions of Nachor, the interpretations of the smells in the universe, the mirroring what is with
in, there is the formulation of Terach. Terach, before incarnation is the force to bring forward the consciousness of our assigned place in the House of Life. Via Terach we know our assignments and are committed to perform them. After incarnation, Terach is the force of a Name to renew the mind repeated ly
toward fulfilling the assignment's of our life. Terach enables us
to take all responses and compositions higher, all encounter in
the world's, and recharge the mind with thought's of our assignment at hand.
It is the charge of thought's into action/service that bears
Abram, for when the mind is dedicated to it's mission and aligned with the strength of Serug, that the Name is sent forth into
the world. We come into the world well equipped to accomp-lish
the expansion of our Name that the Father is exalted and
magnified-Abram. As we live according to our Name, our days
are satisfied. Since these Torah Words are the same today yesterday, and forever, being a constant teaching of our Name, we
realize that now Nachor is ascending nine—through all acts of
light to assist others in their salvation/in the recognition of all
that is good and holy within them, coupled with twenty year to
mirror the activities of Life before each other and 'To Know'
ourselves through each other. In this level of living, one brings
forth Terach—the level of continually renewing the mind

through service.
Terach as the ninth of Shem; And is the name whereby
all assembles or composes into a wholeness to bring forth the
tenth which is a triad, a communique of all preceding at this
kingdom level. The process of composing the fire’s conscious
ness. Note both the Name Terach and the value of 9, begin
with the Taw/X/22. What other correlations do we find between
the letter's of each Name, their position in Shem, and the function of their Name and position? For example, Shem as the 1st of
Noach, conveys the position and identification of intellig- ence,
the function of fire continually burning with it's own supply, and
commences with the letter Shin, the first letter of the alphabet,
but of greater awareness, Shem holds the position of being one, a
unified Name, depicting the value of Alepha.

Chapter 11 Verse 25
And Nachor lives;
following after bringing forth the totality of Terach
nineteen year and a hundred year
and bears sons and daughter's.

Nachor, after Terach, lives in the consciousness of
carrying forward our mission which is the fulfillment of our
sacrifice. The fragrance of our name lives into the service to
which we are appointed. As we follow through on our assignments, the fragrance lives on. Thanks be to YahúWah YHWH.

Nachor lives nineteen—in the wealth, abundance of the vast
responses/feedback of wisdom coupled with a hundred year—to
draw out of his totality, and brings forth formulations of answers sons and the houses to join them together daughters. The
age of 100 indicates further extraction's shall be forthcoming.

Chapter 11 Verse 26
And Terach lives
seventy year
and brings forth the totality of Abram
the totality of Nachor coupled with the totality of Haran.

And Terach lives seventy year: in the study and attainments of all that completes, satisfies, and fulfills the oath or
our Name. Terach revitalizes our mind unto our mission and role
amongst the whole where the Name lives in the understand ing
and flowing of spirit in our vessels. As we are focused on our
mission, we are in a position to maintain the flow in our 70
seventy menorah cups. From Nachor’s releases of fragrances,
there is a gathering of the fragrances into the vessels of our Name
into the cavities or organ centres of our habitations. Terach, being of 70 year is filled with understanding. Being the 10 tenth
position from Noach, Terach must communicate all that has
come unto wholeness thereby bringing forth the triad: Abram,
Nachor, and Haran. Each position of 10 is a graduation mark
that breaks out into 3 - threes processes and communications.
Abram is the expanse of Father; Nachor is the acceptable sa-

crifice that accompanies the expansion; and Haran is the illumination of mind extended into a new plateau.
What is the fruitful offspring of having an eye of understanding, one who is oriented to full revelation belonging to the mind
of seventy? The offspring are a triad, to fully communicate all
that has become whole------Abram, Nachor and Haran. Terach
bears the totality of each of these three positions/Names. He puts
in place the concept's for enlargement / greatness / Abram and
for sacrifice/transformation/full release/Nachor. These two go
hand-in-hand for as one yields a life of sacrifice to magnify
Alepha, so they bring forth Nachor, the fragrance that corresponds to a deed. We have retained this awareness in many of our
saying's: What a nice thing to do, it will linger on; or What a
terrible thing, it is nauseating to my stomach. Terach bears
Abram and Nachor as twins coupled with the totality of Haran
the illuminated mind extended.
As we exalt father, magnifying our foundational principles,
we intensify and are joined with the radiance around us-Haran.
We share in the light of all principle's and their far reaching
beams into all forms.
As we magnify the foundational principle's so we abide
in the abundance of light being generated, released, or shining
from within us. The illumination also spreads as we ignite our

energies as sacrifices, especially the offering of frankincense that
bears the light burst and sweet smells of Nachor.
We may see that the three offspring of Terach is the same frequency of the statement “Let light be”let the concepts explode!
This is the force of creation coming into earth. Abram is the po
sition of Shem/Name to magnify the inherent Alepha-Bet, to ex
pand the father/Alepha principle into form/Bet principle; to en
large the concepts of a house. We should note that there are 9
generations commencing with Shem lives (vs 11) and concluding
with Terach lives (vs 26). In the midst of these composed parameters of Name, there are seven Names that are mentioned to
live two times. The significance of the word, lives used 16 times
in this lesson convey a complete life/7 through it's man- agement
role of all that composes a Name of YHWH / Unity.
The usage pattern of the word chai/lives creates a
string of number sequences: 1-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-1. The parameters of
ones or unity principles frame the complete harmony or seven
pairs within.

Chapter 11 Verse 27
And these/those divinely
appointed are the results/generations of:
Terach/the transfigured mind to ascend.
Terach is the one bearing/bringing forth
the totality of Abram, the totality of Nachor

coupled with the totality of Haran
and Haran is the one bringing forth the totality of Lot.

These are those of ALhhim / —the illuminated of AL /
United Order. Those of ALhhim come forth as the Name composes the thought's of ascension. Abram is the friend/mind beholding with full perspective ALhhim. Any friend is one who
regards you with a mind of understanding, compassion, openness that facilitates illumination; thus is Abram for ALhhim. The
total possibilities of expanding the source code is with in
Abram. Amongst the ALhhim is Nachor, the total scope of
sacrifice/releasing the qualities and light. And coupled with these
is Haran, the illumination of mind that is extending as the ray's
of light reach from one corner of the universe unto another. For
as one is for expansion and for creating a pleas-antness, being
agreeable with the whole, confirming their vi-brancy of being
one, so is there illumination of mind being extended. Thus are
the triad of Terach brought forth at the age of 70 year—one who
has studied and come to understand the goal of wisdom. We
understand that this triad is the composite nature of wholeness
within one and does not refer to three individuals =even as
Yapheth, Cham, and Shem are a triad of each fire spark.
A generation comes out of Unity which is an unfolding of
face's, a result, an outcome, within the total scope of being
Adam. These are the forces of ALhhim within Terach emerg-ing

from the position to commit the mind unto it's service and role.
The Name of Terach will keep us committed to our po-sition
throughout our generations.
Line 27 starts a new chapter of light. Terach, the function
of Name that composes thoughts and renews the mind through
elevations and bonds of c o v e n a n t s / is the promise of the
Holy Spirit to release within us the river of divine intelligence
that will enable our mind to attain unto it's full stature and capacity.
Note: 'The Holy Spirit'
Spirit of the Holy (ReúwchHhaqudash, cdqh jwr
Intelligence of Breath to ascend into the upper chambers of
Thought, whereby the Spirit of a Name is distinguished from the
body of flesh/form which it fills only when the member's are set
apart unto the Breath; the ReúwchHhaqudash is The 12 Twelve
ascending into the upper room through the 10 portal's to the
golden altar—the Altar of Incense, whereby the 12 are
extended by 10 to be a gathering of 120; the Reúwch / Spirit /
Breath; is able then to enter the qudashqudashim/holy of holies
thereby it is called the Spirit of the Holy; to distinguish a definite work of Wisdom and Understanding, commonly rendered:
the Holy Spirit—the Breath of Designation, Intelligent Designator as a breath determines the formulation of a glass blown

from the Fire—the Designator of a vessel; the Breath that designates each part to function according to one’s Name, thus it is
the calling of the Holy Spirit upon a Name that determines one’s
place in the Body.
Blasphemy is putting one part above the whole. Rav
Yahushúo said, “Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit
shall not be pardoned,” for putting one part above the whole is
contrary to the Consecrated Intelligence which cannot be pardoned; it must be denied and annihilated in the mind of the
one who does so. HhaSham is greater than any one part, encompassing all aspects of ALhhim. (Not knowing or doing the
Number's 28—nor performing The White Text Torah is your
Blaspheming The Holy Spirit).
Shmual told me one time when I was writing his autoBiogophy--'Yeah, in those earlier days I was Blaspheming The
Holy Spirit.'--Before the White Text Torah came into his life.
Continuing on:

Through the presence of the Holy Spirit our minds are
transformed whereby we comprehend via expansion/Abram, re
leasing / N a c h o r, and illumination/Haran the full Face's of
Unity and whereby we build and enter into The Kingdom of
Names, revealing our perpetual immortal nature. This enlightenment is carried over in all ascensions from Adam unto the

final generation of Names. Haran, upon bearing Lot dies as his
son is being born in order that the illumination may be transferred with Abram as he enters into expansion. We do not come to
earth without retaining all that we have mastered and come to
understand in light realm's or in the Ur Kashdim/Light's of the
Astral plane. What we retain in the astral planes is transferr ed
via an envelope of retention/memory-the formulation of Lot.
The composite of Lot is the nature of Name to enclose, wrap,
conceal or to be veiled. As Psalm 104:2, we are “covering ourselves with light as with a cloak” The drawing out of light with
in us creates Lot. This spark of intelligence in Adam enabled him
to discern his nakedness as he beheld the Face's of YHWH
clothed in splendor and majesty. Our bodies are according to our
illumination that has been drawn out of our Name's. We will
encounter Lot throughout our journey until we resolve all in
perfect oneness with his offspring whereby we cross over the
Jordan into States of Verification/Promised Land.
Haran may be understood and read as: the music. Ran means
the singing, the song, the exultation of life through music;
which joins with Abram and Nachor. Music comes from exalt-ing
principle's and releasing their fragrance. Such creates a song!
The concept of music in Hebrew is a medium of thought mind to
retain and carry an idea and the fragrance released.
Note: Shmual has plenty of songs that he sung and sings

Haran is the retaining nature of Name, that bears Lot.
Upon bearing Lot, meaning a veil, enclosure, a concealment of
all retained. Haran dies pertaining to the face's of Terach, in
order that all being retained may accompany Abram and
Nachor into the earth for transformation.
Note: 'In a some day, future time'
As stated in the beginning of this study, Abram and all preced
-ing in the evolution of Name, are not in the manifestation of
earth as we are today, for they are yet being readied to enter
into this dimension of light.
In coming to the ninth position from Shem--the state of composing all within this level of unfoldment, we then bear a triad—
the communication of all composed. As Terach is the ninth of
Shem, the tenth or the wholeness of all composed is seen in three
parts to communicate all that has been composed. The same
process occurs at each level of becoming as from Adam to
Noach at which time Shem, Cham, and Yapheth are brought
forth (SMB/Gen 5:1-32). When we divide three into ten we have the
value of 3.3333 which conveys compound communications.

Chapter 11 Verse 28
And Haran dies/becomes extended

pertaining to the face's / expressions of
Terach his father/to establish the Alepha light ray in the house
in the State of his birthing/to establish birth
in the Light's of Astral planes.

Haran, the retention of ascensions and illumination
in all astral planes, carries us forward with new veils, coverings,
skins. In bearing Lot, as Lot comes out of the inner womb and
takes the first breath, the breath passes from Haran, whereby he
is extended pertaining to the face's of Terach—the expres-sions
of composing mind into all ascensions. We may under- stand that
Haran dies according to the activity of mind radiat- ing from the
face's of Terach—in his astral native plane that is committed
unto total renewal of Name. Of all the Names of light, Haran is
the only one to die in the astral plane, where by the energy is
transferred into earth realms to continue for revelation. All other
aspects of Name live and are not subject to death. In Haran, our
Name's are forever retained in our family star field. The
cognition process that we are undergo-ing currently is
transmitted to our astral home base which sup ports us in our
journey and assist us, keeping their minds upon our progress.
Haran dies in the Light of being distinguished-in the
Kashdim in the lessons of fire pertaining to past, present and
future planes With his extension; Abram and Nachor begin to
increase. The Torah tells us that as one is dying, others will be
blessed. When a door is opened by one, others may enter also.

When Haran dies, Abram and Nachor begin to
multiply. The mind that retains all dies as a seed is planted for
transformation from the Name plane in the realm of the Light's
of the Kashdim a reference to our star field home. As the
prophet NechemYah [Nehemiah 9:7-8] states, our Name is select
ed from the realm's of light and given another corresponding
land, the land of Canaan in which we branch forth to reveal the
presence and activities of light. The State of Ur Kashdim is the
realm where the full nature of light/has been composed to bran
ch / the fiery nature of wisdom, through all doors composing
past, present and future activities/initiations unto fullness. Is it
not the nature of life to die in order to pass into higher evolutions? Each time a seed is given, there is a dying through which
another face arise to explain and to radiate the light of the ages.
Via the extensions of life the illumination of mind into another dimension/Haran, there is magnification to be fully known
to be tested by the fires in all states of creation to refine the
Name of wisdom as pure gold.

Chapter 11 Verse 26
And Abram and Nachor ac-quire to themselves wives.
The Name of the wife of Abram is Sarai
and Name of the wife of Nachor is Milkah
a daughter of Haran
father of Milkah

and father of Iscah.

To say that Abram and Nachor take to themselves wives may
be understood that they receive a lesson/a gift, an illumination unto their light measurement, which are wives. The rep
etition of the words for Abram and Nachor convey the bonds of
Abram and Nachor as every exaltation of father/Abram is coupl
ed with an aroma or release of sense Nachor. In receiving the
gift's, we understand that our Name is not sent forth without
gift's to learn, multiply, be comforted, renewed, fanned, and to
have a mirror of reflection to measure our progress.
The wives/are an interior action of our fire nature to administer our measurement as a governess. In taking a wife we may say
that we accept/receive the interior unfoldment process. The root
of the word wives is nasay/meaning to carry, conveying that our
wife enables us to be transferred from one plane unto another. In
other words, our Name is gifted with transference.
Sarai/ is rendered to mean my governess, to assist
in occupying and managing the land unto rest/entering into a
residence. She is the wisdom of nobility activated and belonging to Abram, emerging from within his Name. In accepting this
interior unfoldment, we receive the hands of wisdom to govern,
manage, and occupy all powers encountered. To Sarai we put in
charge properties of the kingdom even as YH (Yah) entrust his

principles for expansion and regulation with WH (Wah), or as a
man puts his values into the feminine.
In the accounts of Sarai, we will see how her name is
the helpmate to Abram to govern the lands and powers encountered. (re: the Governess of Sarai, see BHM Torah Light notes
from chapter 12)
Milkah/also pertains to a governess, as a queen, one who rules
with light, to regulate the releases of our essence. As a queen she
assist in managing the resources of the land and their distri
bution. Milkah is a daughter, a composition of Haran--illuminmination of mind extending/radiating/projecting whereby a
queen is born. Until we project the inner light, the power of a
queen remains within us.
The concept of a daughter, reoccurring in this portion, is
the basis for the unfolding to be composed. The sons/reveal and
disseminate the potential of life,but the daughters are the means
to compose and bring all into one, even as a woman re-ceives the
seed and composes the unity of the masculine prin-ciple's and
the feminine nature into one house, into a whole ness, a perfect
synthesis of life. A daughter is inherent within and enables us to
make changes via the compositions.
Consider these words as you read the above lines con-

cerning each Name bringing forth sons and daughters that you
may see the total scope of their drawing out the properties of
Wisdom within them.
Milkah is a daughter of Haran, one knowing how to
compose the illumination or mind and how to compose music to
regulate the emerging soul into harmonious vibrations. She is the
queen of retention in all of our genera- tions knowing how to
bring forth out of the past and compose it with the pre- sent that
determines our future. She works with all retained from Adam to
Terach and will continue to manage all coming hence forth
within our Kingdom of Names. She is the Queen of the
Kingdom. She, Milkah assist in building the BET HASHEM/House of the Name in earth as according to the pat-tern
in the heavens or in the Name field's.
Haran is distinguished with the title Avi Milkah/Father of
Milkah. He is the father of the vast illumination deposits gather
ed throughout our unfoldments that generates the means to com
pose them and use them for governing the Kingdom of Name's
Via this illumina tion we may walk in the valley's of deep
darkness and fear no evil. Haran, he is the Father, the founding concepts of our progression from Ur to Canaan, enabling us
to go forward to our completion with the governess of Milkah.
Haran is also the father of Yiskah/from the root word/meaning

to anoint or measure, related to the word sukkah/ depicting the
house of many branches in which we dwell. The illumina- tion
of mind extending then brings forth the ability for us to be
measured, 'To know' our capacity and to branch forth with all
that is within us It is unto this line of Name that we come as we
seek for soul mate's as Yitzchak/Isaac returns of the family of
Milkah from who he receives Rivkah/Rebekah (24:15; and to
whom Yaaqov receives Leah and Rachel 28:2). Thanks be to
YahúWah for the continued presence of Haran and for the daughter's to compose the illumination throughout our journeys.

Chapter 11 Verse 30
And Sarai remains/hap-pens to be barren;
there is not for her a child.
The condition to be barren indicates that she has not been impregnated. The statement is more regarding Abram than Sarai
who has yet to formulate the seed that Sarai will bear. This is not
a negative statement regarding Sarah, but one that concerns the
alertness of Sarai and her readiness. We also draw from this
that we are to be aware in our present journey to de-velop
the Seed of our Name—to formulate our current un-foldings
and sow this seed that it may be composed.

Chapter 11 Verse 31
And Terach learns/acquires
the totality of Abram
his son /to establish a house for unfoldments

coupled with the totality of Lot, son of Haran;
son of his son/a
formulation to establish a house for unfoldment's
and the totality of Sarai his daughter-in-law,
wife of Abram his son
and they depart/arise with them
from the Ur Kashdim
to proceed/walk to the land of Canaan
and they appear/come unto Haran
and they reside there/they of a Name dwell/reside.

The initial response to Sarai barrenness is that Terach
learns/acquires. What does the statement imply to the situation
of Sarai being not impregnated? It suggest that through Terach,
the composing mind is bringing forth the necessary attributes
whereby the seed of Abram will be formulated and whereby
Sarai conceives and brings forth the full measurement of Shem
Name which will be called haMashiyach/the Messiah.
Terach acquires the necessary attributes of a Name whereby a
Name comes to reside in Canaan—the state of branching unto
one’s potential or bearing the seed of Abram the son/ formulation of potentially that glorifies with magnitude the Father.
Terach takes the total scope and family of Abram. The word
take is the same as to learn; hence all we bring forth are classes
that we enroll in. All that we draw out of ourselves creates class
rooms for us to enter into. Terach also learns his son’s son-Lot,

the offspring of Haran. Thus none should ever despise the veil
that comes with us realizing that it is the product of one’s illum
ination of all gathered and retained for remembrance. Our bodies
our are past upon which we draw out strength to create the
residences of today. The unique phrase ben beno/--son of his
son-expresses the continuing force of Terach, telling us that
the influence of Terach is from generation to generation Al- so
our emerging veil or enclosure is determined by our mind’s
illumination retention and commitment to the position and
service of our Name.
Terach also learns of Sarai. Yes, I translate the verb 'take'
to mean “learn” because we cannot take anything until we
learn it. Sarai is also a classroom for the mind of composition.
A daughter-in-law is the inner branching of Name that orders
directs the composing unity. In Sarai he learns the gift to govern
all powers and frequencies of energy including the landmass to
be soon acquired. We are prepared in Name prior to our being sent into the earth. Sarai is the wife of Abram, his established potential with formulation. We all have potential, but it is
not a son until it is formulated. As a wife, Sarai is the role of
Name that fans to fulfill the fire. And they, sign of collectiveness
arise with them/—the totality of reflective ability, the totality to
fill as well as extract all things. They go out or arise in their

gathered totality. In their going out they activate emergence and
transformation of the Alpha power.
Anyone who goes out of anything activates emergence
and change, from the time you arose from your mothers womb
from the time you got up out of bed and left the house, fromthe
time your were awakened to your inner Name and you decided
to walk according to your inner light vs. reflected light, you ac
tivated emergence! They collectively arise. Do not forget to go
forth in your totality of all that has been brought forth within
your Name. They arise from the Light's of Kashdim/the branching of Fire into all planes/avenues/paths to express the abund
ance of life. And we continue to do so as we arise each day and
go forth/proceed according to the fires of the sun and walk in
the paths of the sun through the zodiac. For it is this path that
we come to Canaan/--the state of flourishing with our branches
being completely extended. It is in this path that they appear/
come unto Haran, and their collective Name dwells / resides in
Haran / in the retention of illumination that is never lost to the
consciousness of your Name.
“Your Recall”
This is our permanent address of Shem in the astral field.
This lesson is to assist your recall of all within your Name and to
bring up to your present operations-----the various attributes that
you may live/continue to ascend in them.

Chapter 11 Verse 32
And YAH appoints /
gives and unifies the days/activities of Terach
to be five year's coupled with two hundred year
and Terach/becomes extended / dies in Haran.

The emanation of light, giving and unifying,
even daily, determines the activities/days of our compositions of
Name. As we place our mind and energy formulations each day
into the Fire upon the altar, so we compose thoughts and
attributes of our Name until we give birth to all within and operate in the Unity of all extended. The giving and unification is 5
year's, the amassing of illumination coupled with 200 year, the
knowing of our totality expanding into multiple domains,
pertaining to the year or light cycle in which we are abiding.
And in this age of being—five years—the amassing of illumination coupled with two hundred year—the knowledge of our
totality expanding, Terach—the attribute to compose is extend ed
with the illumination and retained as we proceed.
Baruch haShem!
End Chapter 11
Chapter's One thru Eleven -------------------

'The Knowing' of our totality expanding into multiple domains,
pertaining to the year or light cycle in which we are abiding. And in
this age of being—five year's—the amassing of illumination coupled
with two hundred year—the know-ledge of our totality expanding,
Terach—the attribute to com-pose is extended with the illumination
and retained as we pro ceed.
Baruch haShem!
End Chapter 11
PDF File

The Writing's of Genesis
(This is one of the first times that humankind has
ever received this Light message from YahúWah)
The Scroll of Maaseh Beresheet

Chapter 12
Sefer Maaseh Berasheet

Verse 1
And YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun
h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< says/gives;

unto Abram / unto the exaltation of concepts:
proceed/walk forward for your self/for your branching out
from your land/from your stage---- (point) of transformation
and from your being
brought forward birthplace/what pertains to your branching
and from the house of your father,
to the
earth/transformation/exchange plane
to confirm/verify how I perceive you.

The mind (being a formulation and offspring of Terach) hav-ing
become so devoted and so willing to serve the One of All / the
Universe, YahúWah now responds in giv-ing due thought and
consideration as to how this man--how this aspect of mind that is
emerging—should fulfill his name to exalt the principles lodged
within. This word- ing of the Torah parallels the words in the
Beginning, when He of ALhhim says thinks/considers the
Workings of Light (as it says in SMB 1:3:, so likewise now). And in
so thinking and considering Abram, there is a new beginn ing:
a new day for the mind that attains unto the stage of being sent
out from the star field's of the Bet HaSham (the house of Shem)
unto a land: unto a transformational plane with purpose to
expand unto it's full character of being. This state of man is
Abram;and by Abram—by the exaltation of light principle's—
one’s full image is developed.
We can get caught up in the processes and opera-tions of

the forms {human beings} of creation and lose sight of the
purpose of our being sent out/into the land. Abram is considered
fore mostly and is then directed to go forth on behalf of himself.
It is not for another directly but will be ultimately. He proceeds
initially on behalf of the branching of life within him. The
proceeding forth of Abram is a basic concern for each of us, who
have been given a land/the body in which we are to branch forth:
YahúWah has seriously considered each of us be-fore directing
us to go forth unto the land. We proceed for the branching out of
our innermost being, and we will stand mature as the Tree's of
The going forth of Abram has it's counterparts in the
other levels of creation. Abram going out from Haran
corresponds to Noach going out of the ark (8:15) and to Adam
going out of Eden (3:23).
There are three point's of departure: three levels in which
Abram proceeds. First and foremost is the point of ones
transformation level within the land/country. As Adam goes forth
at the Initiation Stage of Creation and as Noach goes forth as the
Acceptance to Be Stage is completed, so Abram goes forth as
the Name Stage is completed. Through our name being
unfolded from Shem unto Terach, we arrive at the level of the
Abram position, where we are afforded the right-of-way unto our
full branching of being. And how else would this branching be

facilitated without Terach being set in place and extended in to

Haran (11:32)? Through Terach, the de votion to exalt and expand
the principle's of life is set in place for us to proceed unto our
full branching.
Man departs from Haran to initiate the Soul Phase and to
fulfill all promised to the name’s expansion (see 12:5). With
Abram all things are possible because the very source of Father
is preeminent and is consciou-sly being exalted. There is nothing
impossible when the force of YaH is active.
In contrast, when secondary or supportive matters are placed
above the Abram consciousness, there are self im posed
limitations. The forms or secondary levels, of ones nature are
dependent and are determined by invisible spiritual concepts.
When the form's [human body] are our primary
concern instead of the principle's, then the principles are
subdued and our development is impeded.
Thus Yahushúo often spoke of being mindful of the
Father to determine his course. The primary or higher states of
being are the principle's of light; the forms of life are
secondary and will enhance our branch ing as they are kept in
their place. We may well learn from this Torah statement that
when we are verifying Ab ram in one accord, we are in the

course / path of being changed and transformed; for the state of
Abram is giv- ing right-of-way to the Father Hand of Power.
From Ab- ram, all things of one’s name become visible: even
unto the full actualization of man-------haMashiyach, which
stems from the seed of Abram. Thus, haMashiyach is of one
seed, not many; for the full measurement of each man—the
Messiah—arises from the composed seed of Shem in the loins of
Abram. Our full measurement is not attained from the multiple
seeds / concepts that go forth from Abram; the Messiah rises out
of the seed of Abram’s name, and not from the various (even
though wonderful) formulation's that Abram bears.
For example, there are many children and formulations that are
from Abram, both the branchings of YishmaAL and Yitschak
acknowledged; however, the Messiah, or
the one the Christians call Zeus / Jzeus
or jesus

the full measurement of man, Yahushúo, arises from the very
seed of Abram himself (Gal. 3:16). It is in the pre- eminent
exaltation of Avinu, Our Father, (Abraham) that the form of
Messiah appears fuller and fuller, un- to perfection/completion.
Unto this seed of Shem/Abram which is the composition of the
spiritual genetic codes of Adam to Terach, the precious
promises are spoken.

These promises pertain to the seed of Abram that is within
the name of life that you are given and called to be from the
beginning, when He of ALhhim gave the to-tality of His
beingness for expansion and for complete rev elation / knowing of
Himself. And because He has be-gotten all of us, not holding
anything back and because He sustains us with perfect/complete
love, He is our Eternal Father and ALhhim. In due
consideration of His love for us, is there any one other that we
should love with all our heart, soul, and might (life force) except
YHWH, or is there any other name that you should honor?
Now in case you are like me, I was a little confused as to
whom Shmual was referring to here. So I sent him an e-mail the
other week and asked him--- Who R U referr-ing to here,
Yahushúo, or YahúWah? And he replyed---- 'I am referring to
Avrehhem or Abram in this text.'
Thus, Abram He is our Eternal Father and ALhhim
We continue on

We proceed from the land/the transformation that oc-curs in
Haran with the promises spoken to Abram. From Haran—from
the gathering of enlightenment by which our mind is illuminated,
that it may be fully extended in to a land we go forth. Secondly,
we make the departure from our birthplace. Not only do we go
forth for our to-tal expansion, but we go forth with mission. This

is the place of our being born or brought forth from the great
lineage of the name's of Shem. Our molad / birthplace is
a position to which we are called in a family/tribal enti-ty. It is
from/out of the designated calling to fulfill a po- sition of life
that we proceed. We go forth from our heav enly homeland with
a mission of our family. Our family members in the heaven's are
mindful daily of us on earth. It is out of One Name / Shem that
we have emer-ged; and from this foundation of being, we
proceed. Rea lize that we are not departing in the sense of
leaving be hind, but in the sense of carrying forward our
Thirdly, we proceed from the house of our father: that is, there
are new forms that we will enter into that evolve from the form,
or the house, in which we were previous-ly resident. Our form
today in an earthly tabernacle is quite different from the house of
glory in the star's that we proceeded from.
From Star Field's Above and Beyond
But in so coming to this humble state of being, we have become
positioned to unfold the glory attained in the heavens unto the
glorious form of a child of Nun/potenti ality. Again, while we
dwelt in the heavenly stars of our Father, we formulated a light
pattern of being. We leave our father’s house to carry forth this
pattern to earth un- to an unfolding of a more radiant state/a full
embodiment of glory. Thus, Rav Shaul/Paul says that we are being
tran sformed into the same image of Messiah, from glory to

glory (2 Cor 3:18).
{Note: and we ain't talking about some christ named Zeus}.

It is not that we begin our earthly form in the heavens, but
rather that we commence our full embodiment in the likeness of
Messiah by being sown in the earthly planes. According to our
established pattern of life in the hea-vens, we are manifested in
earth unto performing with full demonstration our heavenly
appointment. Our Shem/ name seed is sown into earth that it may
arise unto the complete form of the Son of Adam/Man (I Cor

The departure from the heavenly pattern is to yield a
manifested light-earth form. The term “earth” pertains to all
planet bodies that are designated for our transfor- mation. Each
earth body is a place of full exchange, hav ing a structure preset
to receive the star seed and to feed it unto its full blossoming. The
earth is designated to man ifest our pattern of light coded in the
seed of Abram. We established channels to proceed from the
heavens through the formulations of Japheth. Through the structure
of [Put] Cham, we have readied the earth to be filled with our
light energies. And through the lineage of Shem, we car-ry the
light of Yah in the name we are given to build the House of
Shem/Bet HaShem on earth. The earth is read- ied for our
arrival. The twelve gates on earth are aligned with the12 twelve
gates in the heavens through which-we come and go. The earth
receives the heavenly allotments of light through these twelve

gate's, and by being recep-tive to the allocation of lights
monthly, the earth is mold ed according to the patterns in the
As a mother, the earth accepts the names of the
heavens for their unfoldment and fulfillment in all aspects of
being. Each of our names in Bet HaShem—the House of Shem
are being cut and polished as facets of a precious gem which is
being formed within the womb of the earth.
The Promises Spoken to Abram and to His Seed
The high calling of each of our lives is to become as we
are perceived to be from the beginning. Within the Eye of YHWH
lies both our destiny and the journey to our fulfillment. Each
appointment that He has made for us is in his eye. From this
Torah verse, the Psalms ec- ho that we are the pupil/apple of his
eye. We are the trees of his planting. Our journey to and on earth
confirms makes visible to us----what is in the eye of YHWH.
The first great promise to Abram is that Yahúwah will con-firm
and verify how we are perceived in Him. We proceed as we are
shown; and what we see is how we are seen, being a reflection of
face's to faces. YHWH reveals to us the land/earth that is prepared
for us to inherit.
In sequence to Abrams vision, Moshe is later shown the

details of the tabernacle, the design of man’s form and
operation (For our Number's 28).
Chapter 12 Verse 2

Coupled with the perception is the making.
Thus vs. 2: “And I will make you.”
The sense of hcu is to complete /appoint/consciously utilize
the light nature that we are, according to the per-ception. The
promises continue.---

Verse 2
And I will complete/make you
a great/noble/developing / nation manager of energies; and I will
bless/expand/brood / kneel over you;
and I will nurture/develop your name;
and it [your name] will always remain a blessing/brood/
and the light of Yah will bless/brood toward/over you.

Though our proceeding to earth, these great and
awesome promises are made. We should never count as
insignificant a day that we are on earth. We are the work of Light
to be made/created for a great nation—for pro-cesses of
tribes/organs/energy centers. Via the handi-work of ALhhim; we
are growing/unto the full administration of all that we are in Him.

The paths/of the gates/are open ed to us to receive/ instruction.
Through these path's and gates the greatness of the creation
of Light is at work! The development of Shem (SMB 10-11) is
now poised to be further blessed-to develop unto the produc- tive
nature of Light!
Blessing's await all who come into the earth. We are
blessed/brooded over/by the daily and nightly allocations of light
that are over us, as a hen is over her chick's. The genetic interior
structure of our name Abram is being ex panded unto the full
nature of Messiah. It is Yah's Eye of Determination that
shows us how to become mang-ers of all energies and powers of
light. To this end we are blessed and expanded, that the light
within us will multiply and be profitable in every regard. Every
bless-ing from above is unto this end, and by each blessing our
name expands and unfolds it's attributes; and as it unfolds, it will
remain in every profitable exercise. No-thing will be ever lost, as
the word conveys. The prom-ises continue.
Chapter 12 Verse 3
And I will brood over you/bless/kneel over you to impart
to extract/draw out from your blessings/broodings;
and from that which curses/diminishes/repudiates you,
I will execrate / denounce completely/illuminate;
and they have been blessed / expand/brooded over within you
all families/categories of works/designations of wisdom
towards/in light of the haAdam/Man.

As a result of the broodings/blessings, Yah will extract draw
out from your being blessed—even as chick's are brought forth
from the brooding of the hen. This great promise was referred to
by Yahushúo to remind us of the earnest desire of YHWH toward
the heart (Jerusa-lem) to incubate His Word in us a great promise
that ac-companies us day and night (Mattithyahu 23:37-39). The
warmth of the fire of Yah is upon us as Wisdom’s Hand of
Adoption to bring forth from us every trait of Himself that is in
the Code of Shem/the Name.
And should there arise within us some thought of deny ing
ourselves, that we will not be (in the brood), or should there arise
any form of distortion that diminishes your place, your calling,
your growth; We need 'To Know' that the promise of YHWH is
upon us to denounce/that lie, until we are completely
illuminated/to the truth that we are offspring of heaven and belong
only to the Father of Truth that begot us. Yah will denounce
every curse-- a thousand times, if need be—until we are
enlightened to the divine nature of life within us and until 'We
Know' with understanding, that our name is amongst the brood
of Shem, whereby all families-----all drawing out of the
Wisdom/Fire in our name will be unto the full radiance of
Adam. (Haadamah/is an example of the ha/directive joined to the
name of Adam to indicate that the light is appoin ted for the Man).
There are encounters in our journey that seemingly cause us to
despair or to behave in irrational manners--in ways that pertain

not to ALhhim (the collec-tion of all Light Principle's of YAH).
We have all heard many reports of unfairness and much
un-kindness. Accidents seem to happen without
explanation.And Mistakes occur that overshadow the Brooding
Hand of Yah. Things at time do seem unfair, unstable--even
perverse to what we think they should be What you once
considered to be an ideal in society has become tarnished: e.g.,
Watergate, Prince Charles and Princess Di, War's, much
bloodshed, killing of women and children by bombs all over the
planet, more War's. There are reports of infidelity, corruption,
and abuse of power in levels of government and in many offices
and homes.
Indications that the sacred text you once pledged your
very life on has been altered and tampered with

You also have learned that the earth is much older than
you learned in Sunday School. Things are not so simple. There
is much more to the stories of the Torah than the history of a
people. In addition to secular dis-tractions, there are
indications that the sacred text you once pledged your very life
on has been altered/tamp- ered with. You wonder what is true
and relevant. Are there absolutes? You wake-up, sometimes,
and think U have believed lies and distortions. You change your
mind about morality and engage in whatever provides a feel- ing
of comfort.

Laziness and greedy ambitions also seem justified
What is there to hold on to? And your partner has not
been true. You have a defect or disability. And you had a very
bad childhood and, in consequence, you are on drugs or
addicted to other detrimental behaviors [An alcoholic]. You have
heard more than you like 'To Know' and have become
bewildered to coast along as well as you can coast.
But regard less of what you have heard or what has
happened to you, the question is rising to be consider-ed have
you found your life?
Note:{Your thinking,

just what the hell does that mean}? Well,
hell, as this author likes to say; its not always what is the answer
but most times, it's just, 'what the hell is the question' And because
you have an interest in who the YahúWah The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<YHWH
ALLAH YAHWEH HaSham God is you have been reading and
inquiring in to this vast knowledge for the first time in your life.
Not the Koran, Torah or Bible, but THIS NEW KNOWLEDGE OF: The Ancient Paleo Hebrew Torah Life / Light
Principle's of YahúWah.
Ever hear, a house without book's is like a house without

Hence, we go directly to the answer-man. For no one, no one
but Aaron can tell you what you were never told, before.
In Genesis, we get the revealing; the dark truth about
what all of the ignorant so called Clerics, Rabbis, Preacher's,
Mullahs, Pastors Ministers, Priest and Re-ligious Leader’s of
your world, 'Don't Know' who do 'Not Know' the sacred
Have you found your life?
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Rav Yahushúo taught: “the one who finds his life shall lose it
(not hold it back), and the one who loses his life for my sake dis
covers it” (Mattithyahu 10:39). The one who holds it back keeps it
hidden within. Those who are hid-ing their life will not enter the
brood of YAH. But the one's who enter into the brood desire to
bring their life forward, for the purpose of it's fulfillment in
Messiah—the total measurement; these 'Shall Know' it / discover it fully.
This is why “Genesis – An Epic Revelation” is be-ing
given to the Nations / World for the first time.
In the Beginning of beginning's is YAH, the Emana- tion of
Light [Author likes to say, before, before, but the Voice Shmual

didn't smile]. The letters yod/10, represent ing a hand, and ha/5,
representing Light, are the letter's that comprise the name of
YAH in the Hebrew alphabet.
These letter's speak to us that YAH / is the Giver
of Life. Baruch Shmo!
Your beginning is when YaH gave all that He is. Your life is
what has been given to you, not what has been taken from you.
As you find your name, you find the at-tribute of His Name,
appointed for you. As you find your name’s life, you discover the
full attributes that belong to it--even the inherent 26 twenty-six
attributes of HaShem that are in every name of light
(Gen/SMB10:22-29). These twenty-six attributes of Shem are
unfoldings of the num erical value of YahúWah The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH. Upon
find- ing your life, you will no longer hold it back or deny it.
You will crouch beneath the ever-warming Hand/of YAH / and
enter into the bosom of WAH, that your life may be unfolded
according to every genetic code of Shem with in the seed of
Abram. You will be incubated unto the loo sing or releasing of
all that is within; and through the loosing—through the
unfolding in developmental stages—you will discover and find
fully all that you are in YHWH from the beginning.
The glory that is within you will come forth from you
to comprise your garments of immortality. Take hold of what has

been given to you—not what has been taken from you.
Thankfully abide in the brood of YHWH, who wants more than
anything else for the full nature of your name to be unfolded in
the glories of light. You may have forgotten the promises that
YHWH made to you as you began your journey to earth, but by
them the Mashiyach will appear from your innermost being and
will be completely formed in you.
As you find all that has been given to you, you will
also find all the children that pertain to your life-the offspring
that are within your name that you bear spiritu ally and the
offspring that issue forth from you loins.You will find the name
of your wife that has been given to you and the names of your
children. Indeed, these are your life also. Assist them to mature,
even like Father YAH broods over you with his pinions. Love
them to bring out of them the robes of light according to their
pattern in the heavens. This is your life. It isn’t given to any other
but you. It is for you to discover and claim and be.
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Chapter 12 Verse 4
And Abram proceeds
as he confirms what YHWH speaks unto him
and Lot proceeds with him;
and Abram is a son of five years
and seventy year

in his going forth from Haran.
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May the gracious hand of Yah be with/upon you.
YHWH blesses and keeps/preserves you;
YHWH causes his faces to radiate toward you and is abundantly
gracious to you;
YHWH causes his faces/expressions to arise within you and gives you
peace. Shalom

Verse 4
With the promises set forth, Abram proceeds—even as all of
us shall proceed according to what YHWH speaks unto us. This
verse says more than we will proceed by the promises spoken,
even though the promises are exce-edingly broad to cover us unto
our full extent. We will proceed and walk forward as YHWH
speaks specifically unto us—unto all that com prises us--unto
every charac-teristic and detail of our genetic code The
combination of the incubation and the speaking bring forth all
that is within us.

Lot, meaning a covering or veil, proceeds with Abram. What is
this veil or covering that is generated by Shem as an offspring of
Haran? Lot is the product of our en-lightenment in Haran. Those
who are enlightened come into the earth/world. We are provided
with a covering that shields, like a sheath, the genetic seed of life
to be transported to the earth.
At all times our life nature is protected and even hidden:
either within a sheathing over the seed or within a plant/body.
Lot is the covering for transporting the de-velopment of our
name from embodiment to embodi-ment; Lot is our provisionary covering until we put on our immortal garments. We
can retract as well as expand our name, just as the giant oak
condenses all of its traits into an acorn and then expands to a
giant tree. The pro-vision of Lot enables us to be transferred
according to our stage of development. Via Lot we are

While formulations of Cham pertain to our body forms
that are manifested in Mitzraim/Egypt, Lot is dis-tinguished to
be of Shem’s line to generate a cover ing, created in Haran, to
carry forward the retention of our heavenly development. The
covering, or veil of Lot, re-tains or holds like a vessel all
characteristics of our name that are gathered and summed up in

Regarding the formulations of Lot, Moab and Ammon, there is
much said in the prophets YirmeYahu/Jeremiah and EzekielYechezkel that discuss this aspect of our un foldment. In
particular, the offspring of Lot must be emp tied in order to
discern it's full flavor and scent (Yirme- Yahu 48:11).All that Lot is
carrying from vessel to vessel—from embodiment to embodiment
will be poured forth, no longer locked up or held in captivity.
This release of our heavenly retentions is at the age of our
maturity or end-time to the glory of YHWH.
Why does the Torah next tell us the age of Abram in the
sequence? Abram, with Lot, has a pro-visionary means of
becoming fully extended. The value of Abrams age of heavenly
maturity is designated as five years. The word five in Hebrew
(chamesh) means to be fitted,robed and equipped. Abram has
become a master in the use of light to formulate an appropriate
covering to assist him in his realms of change.
The lines of the Torah in this portion are poetic, written
in a parallel style of writing.
What is said in one line is repeated in the next with word's
that amplify and define the line preceding:Abram as five years
follows the statement that Lot proceeds with him. Abram has
studied and accumulated the learnings to proceed with a
covering for transportations. Each of us who has come to earth
has attained to this level, for we are continually creating
coverings to assist us in our journey's. There is a covering sheath

on the seed that we are transported in; however, as our life
breaks open the seed’s coating, our life puts on another covering,
that be ing the stock that is created from within the previous
coating. As one sheath is scaled off so another appears. As the
serpent and as the larvae, so we too shed off our former skins
and put on new. The transforming nature of the veil, or covering,
occurs by the value of being five year's. Being five years, we are
fitted, robed, and equip ped to condense or to expand our life
natures with an ap propriate covering. Coupled with five years
are seventy year (singular). The seventy year denote that Abram
has determined to fulfill what YHWH speaks unto him and is
determined to understand his total nature.
He pledges himself to go forth to see all in the Eye/Ayin of
YHWH, whereby he will perceive himself as he is per ceived (vs 1).
He is of seventy year, denoting that he is in the period of
ongoing learnings/visions/perceptions. The root of the word 70
seventy/remains with the value of five year's at the time that
Abraham is transported to an-other stage of extension. “And
Abraham dies/is extend ed with a good age, an elder
full/satiated.”(SMB/Gen 25:8).
The duration of Abram’s days contain the age of seventy
year and five year's with the addition of a 100 hundred year
(SMB/Gen 25:7). The value of a hundred year indi-cates that Abram
is securing what is being develop- ed/drawn out during the

journeys. Thus we understand that the values of our Abram seed
nature remains from the time of our departure from the House of
Shem to earth and unto the next stage of our extension. These
val ues of five years and seventy year are the values earned
attained to jump start and progress unto the formulations of
Mashiyach. We may see that these values are the in- herent age
force perpetuating our unfoldments/incarna-tions. It is proper for
us to review these values to keep us focused on the goal of
putting on the full nature of mashiyach. The term to go
out/means that we are initiat ing the transformations of light
principles unto our totali ty. We proceed from Haran, from the
illumination of all retained in our heavenly development. As the
heavens are created first and then the earth, so do we first undergo our heavenly state and then to our earthly stage.
Luggage for the Journey
Chapter 12 Verse 5
And Abram learns/acquires/takes
the totality of Sarai, his wife,
and the totality of Lot, a formulation son of his brother and the totality of all
their acquisitions / property/substances/riches:
to verify/confirm they will gather/acquire;
and the totality of the soul:
to verify confirm they will complete with/by Haran;
and they go out/arise/emerge with evidence
to proceed toward the land Canaan;

and they appear/come toward the land Canaan.

The list of acceptance is outlined from the verb. Each at tribute
of Abram is in his hand and is distinguished for his performance
and achievements. These are among the most sacred gifts that
each name has to take on his jour- ney to the earth The first
primary gift is Abram’s wife, Sarai. She is the gift to give
counsel in how to govern the lands that Abram is entering. There
will be many governors and kings that Abram will encounter that
will try to possess Sarai and Lot. Through her wisdom and
gifts, Abram will become a master of masters in govern-ing and
possessing the land.
The total extent/of Sarais governing is given and pack- ed into
Abram’s case. Like Yoseph putting a cup in Ben yamin’s sack, so
YHWH sends with us the gifts of Sarai. There is, with our name,
the gift to govern all affairs of our life as we enter in to the land.
This gift will assist us as a flaming fire/ to provide light and
development as we put forth the branches from the spiritual
crown into the earth. One understands that all of the family of
Ab-ram, even unto our family tree branchings today, remains with
us. None of these branches are broken off from gen eration to
Thus, at any time we may consult with Sarai as a
member of our name’s family regarding anything our name is to
govern over. Thanks be to Elohim for His inexhaustible gifts.

Coupled with Sarai is Lot, Abram’s nephew. Lot, as discussed
above, is a continual provis-ion for the name of five years and
seventy year holding attributes of full extension. Via Lot, our
spiritual space suit, we transport from various states of
existence. This trait, as a formulation or son of his brother/
(Abram’s) in-dicates that Lot is a supportive role to uphold us in
our journey's.
All of the various coverings of man are for our support; none
are intended to defeat us, mock us or restrain us. Lot shares the
life traits of a name, being a creation of the Name to serve as a
vessel to hold all that is to be ex-tended from the Name. The
Torah accounts of Lot and his offspring concern the force to
bring forth or to sexu- ally regenerate whereby the name seed
continues. Lot is the means for our name to go from one
embodiment to another. Thus he accompanies Abram and Sarah
in com- ing to earth. Via our parents union, Lot provides coverings in which our name and its full attributes dwell. Lot
demonstrates the traits of steadfastness and determina- tion to
continue the seed from generation to generation.
These traits of Lot are amongst the acquisitions of
Abram and also the traits that Abram must defend lest they be
swallowed up in limbo or in self-suspension as in Sodom which
stale-mates the progression. Those who perish in the days of Lot
are the ones who keep back or hold on to their life verses

releasing it and multiplying it whereby they 'May Know' it
fully. The days of Lot cha- racterize the days of Messiah when
Abram rescues Lot for the sake of coming unto our full
expansion--unto the revealing of the Son of Man (SMB/Gen 14:1216;Yoseph Luke 17:29-30). The conquest of Lot secures perpetual
expan-sion and release of life.
The story of Lot in Sodom is often referred to in
connection with homosexuality.
We will discuss the significance of Lot in Sodom in the
chapter's 13 and 14. One should keep in mind the content of each
scroll as one discerns the meanings of the stories.
Another passage often quoted referring to
homosexuality, but which is not, is from the writings of Torat
haKohanim/Leviticus a scroll which focuses on the operations of
the tabernacle. In answer to a question, I will comment on
this topic briefly. Both of these refer-ences in Genesis and in
Leviticus refer to a common con cern of man’s unfoldment. In the
context of tabernacle per formance, Lev 18:22 states: The total
recall/male/zachar will not die/slumber/lie; since or being drawn
out of the fire’s radiance / woman/isha; otherwise it is an
abomina tion/idolatry. Unless the total recall/mindfulness is activ
ated in accordance with the tabernacle performance, the coming
into woman is the same as idolatry. For unless one is using their
energies to perform/fulfill the nature of life, they are slumbering;

the same is being in a ser-vice of idolatry; let the reader be
enlightened to the prin-ciple just stated. The word/at the
conclusion of the state ment serves to heighten the thought.
In this case, let us be aware that our total recall/(male) of all
that we have been given and all that we are becom ing comes by
being drawn out of woman/by drawing out of the radiance of the
fire/(Matt 11:11) otherwise we are in idolatry as one asleep in the
tombs giving service with the flesh while the attributes of Name
slumbers within. The offense of the soul’s devotion to
homosexuality is the putting into limbo the unfoldings necessary
for the Name’s sequential stages of expansion. Such is also the
captivity of Lot. The offense leads one to neglect the Name’s
life relationships of man and woman which is the same as the
lack of honoring the Position of YAH and WAH—the United
Name of Life’s activities and ful fillment. We should not think
that the end or the age of maturity will be an oblivion to our
quest but rather a pe- riod of conscious mindfulness of all we are
becoming in mashiyach--the measurement of life. The end-time
is the culmination stage of great breakthroughs of all that has
been suspended and held us mortally captive in our jour-ney. Let
us defend the role of Lot amongst us and give thanks for this
resourceful gift of continued expansion.
Our name—Abram—has these riches: all/the com-plete
traits of Sarai and Lot. It is the far-reaching traits / riches of

Sarai and Lot that Abram is gifted with as the means to
verify/confirm the age/maturity/development of his name. The
living property/substances of Sarai and Lot are for
verifying/confirming; likewise, the soul also is for making
confirmations of ones name. The riches of our wife and our
brother’s son, coupled with the soul, are formulations to exercise
and to make apparent the traits of a name. If we take in our hand
these living prop erties of Sarai, Lot, and the Soul for a purpose
other than to affirm our life, then what end can it serve? Certainly, being in tune with our wife, Sarai, and with Lot is
continually confirming or affirming our name’s develop ment.
How we govern with our energies and how we use the riches of
our covering to transport us are confirma- tions to us wherever
we are in our development. Abram takes hold of these gifts to
confirm the line of Shem through his exercise of life in the land.
As student Qerivah restated the lesson, these living
properties of Sarai, Lot, and Soul are the means “to por tray the
essence of our names.” The phrase, “they will complete in
Haran”/signifies that the soul will be com- pleted through the
collective efforts of Abram, Lot and Sarai, which extend from
and have resourceful ties in the realms of Haran.
Not only with the promises above but also with the riches
of Abram, we set forth to go unto and towards the State of
Transformation the land. What does it mean, that this composite

grouping of life proceeds and appears to wards the land of
Canaan? All that comprises Abram, being five years and seventy
year, is directed towards ful fillment of the held potentials of life.
Sarai and Lot are committed, also, to the venture. Where should
we pro- ceed to, to fulfill what has been acquired and learned in
the heavens? It is toward Canaan, the land or state of
transformation's unto all promised—unto our potential
unfolded achievements in likeness/like manner of the One who
begot us in love. There are two actions associa ted with our
approach towards the land: they go out arise emerge, and they
come / become manifest / appear. It is with their combined
strength that they arise to go forth; it is a strength that is selfpropelling us to our potential activities.
We go towards Canaan also, to become fully
manifested, whereby we 'Shall Know' all thing's. This
manifestation is made even at being at risk (periods of seem ingly setbacks or attempts to loose our wife, our brother’s son, and soul) by openly
displaying our degree of development. Yet in all of our
manifestations there are profitable less-ons via reflections. But
the will of becoming goes beyo-nd any-risks; for 'We Know'
inwardly that we are beco- ming manifested as the Offspring of
Light (1Yahuchanan / John3:1-3). In considering the letter of JohnYahuchanan, one reads that no one born of ALhhim sins,
because His seed remains in him (1 Jn 3:9). We may see that the
soul, as discussed above, is that which is created by the gather-

ings of Abram, Sarai, and Lot. It is not ALhhim that cre ates
soul, but rather, Adam receives breath/spirit/intelli- gence for
becoming a living soul (SMB/Gen 2:7).
In this study of Shem, meaning “a Name,” we see that it is a
Name that is begotten of ALhhim, a process stage of light in
which we are begotten from Noach to Abram; this name holy
and chosen from the beginning, being drawn out of the womb of
YHWH—does not sin, but is true to it's divine nature. The
lineage of Shem/a name, is the State of the Living (Psalm 27:13);
none of these attri-butes of the name ever sins or dies, except
as a seed dies to be extended unto the light form of it's name
(SMB /Gen 10-11). The writing's of SMB explain, further, that the
soul is an extension of the mind of a Name (e.g., SMB Gen 46:1527; SYM/Ex1:5).What a name creates; 'To Know' itself, may sin;
but the nature of a Name as begotten of YHWH does not sin.
What, then, is the living soul that Adam is to be-come? A
soul is nephesh, the light-extending expression of the spirit. The
soul is living, as it is the expression of the work of YAH.
A“living soul” is, then, a worker of the Light. A soul is dead /
slumbering in idolatry when it is in transgression to a Name,
from whence it is cre-ated. It may live in conflict with various
extensions of life; it may offend the very Name that created it,
until it acquires the consciousness of the base of perfect unity
with the purposes of light which it is to manifest in glo- rious

radiance. Your soul as well as your branching's of mind, when
they sin, offend your very Name, and if your Name is offended,
then also is HaShem YHWH offended.
Thus the prodigal son a formulation of a man says, “I have
sinned against heaven (a Name) and also in Your sight.” At the
age of Abram proceeding to earth, man be gins his formulation
of soul. In conjunction with our pro ceeding unto earth for
manifestation, the soul is a formu lation to verify our
manifestations as the Son's of ALhhim. In faith of the promises
and by faith of all we envision, we go out of Haran to the land:
knowing the evidence of our manifestation is within us. The soul
be gins via the gathering of Abram, Sarai, and Lot; and this soul
is now the becoming of the name of Adam. As Adam is both
male and female, likewise is soul created from both male and
female names according to the Name YHWH. The story of
creation is presented in three di-mensions in the writings of
The three accounts are that of Adam, Noah, and
Abram; each unfolding is an explanation of the multi-nature of
man’s beginning. Student Grace sums up the lesson, “the
account of Abram is downloaded to the earth” whereby man may
be created with flesh and bones.

Chapter 12 Verse 6

And Abram passes from one state to another into the land
as far as the position Shekem,
as far as the oak Moreh;
and the Canaani have ever since been in the land.

The cross-over is made between Haran and earth. The
route is unto Shekem, un to Elon Moreh. One goes as far as
Shekem, being a witness/of the responsibility he is carrying that
pertains to the position of his name. Shekem connotes the
strength of conscious responsibil- ity. The place/position of
Shekem corresponds to the aw esome seat of responsibility--ie.,
the reproductive center (testes) that carries the seed until it's time
of release. As one crosses over, carrying forward their
name/position in the kingdom of heaven, one proceeds unto Elon
Moreh unto the stature of a teacher.
Elon, meaning “an oak, a tree of strength,” conveys the
dominion one has as a Moreh/teacher/master, be-ing a
wandering itinerant scholar.
This is the initial extent of our cross over. We come in to the
land with a Light responsibility to fulfill; and as we do so, we
also function as Teacher in witness of all we have learned from
our development in the heavens, which development is being
downloaded to the earth. And ever since/we have crossed over
with our responsi bility to carry forth the light of heavens to the

earth, the Canaani have been in the land! The aspects of the
Canaani are activated as Abram comes into the land; for as Shems line
descends into the earth, the servant Canaan accompanies him
(SMB 9:26). The Canaani come with us as a servant travels with
his master. Moreover, they are given to us to inherit and possess.
The word Canaan is comprised of two words: kan/and on. Kan
means “to re instate, to provide a base, to assure, to be honest, to
plant, and to shoot out.” On means “a flock, to answer, to
respond, to be humble.” The Canaani are inherent at-tributes
devoted to one’s name that enable the name to branch forth in
order to completely manifest the life powers within.
These traits of man are the Canaani which provide a base of
operation in the land. The Canaani represent the personality
humbled to the spirit/name. The ego is with-in the personality
realm. The attributes of the Canaani enable us to manifest our
planting, our taking root, and our branching out This manifest ed
structure of life is a humble response to all being initiated by our
name. It is the Canaani/the manifested branching of our lives and
our responses that we are to manage and possess, where by we
inherit our total, extended divine nature.
Chapter 12

Verse 7

And YHWH appears/gives honor/shows regard unto Abram,
and He says/He gives consideration/engages in meditative conversation

on behalf of/for your seed:
I am appointing the totality of this land;
and he builds there/he formulates a position / name—
an altar for YHWH—
the One who shows regard unto him/the One appearing unto him.

Through our steps forward to crossover unto our actual- ization,
the prevailing concepts of YHWH are presented to us. We honor
YHWH through every state of our devel opment, and we are
honored by YHWH as we go forth 'To Know' fully who we are.
Upon our approach to the land to fulfill our responsibility in the
kingdom and to be a Teacher/Student of the Light, the mind
of YHWH is opened to us.
Note: as we come unto the land, our seed is given and
appoint-ed the totality of the land. It is not our name that is
appointed for the land; but rather, the land is appoin ted/given
for the seed of our name, which contains all of our attributes to
be extended. “For your seed I am giv ing the total aspects of this
land.” Our seed/contains our offspring; our seed houses our full
extension. We have come to a place of transformation in which all
that is stor-ed in our genetic code of life is to emerge and expand
un to it's full character. It is with joy and great anticipation that
we came across into this land! To all that branches out from our
seed, YAH appropriates land. The appropri ations are in
accordance with the branching out. As you branch so you
acquire new territory. This response of YHWH to appoint the

land confirms our Becoming.
The seed will possess the land in the same way that our seed’s
genetic code possesses all that branches out from it. 'To Know'
that our branches will be possessed by our seed is also 'To
Know' that all that we are is being poss-essed by YHWH. This
pro-visionary statement is also a promise of faith. We know from
the beginning that the land of Caanan will be possessed by our
seed. Though we seem to be facing great obstacles, we have
reason not to despair. The Force of Life with us will prevail to
esta blish, arrange, order & fully possess all that is set before us.
Our seed is the instrument of the mind’s/awareness
Know in faith and move forward in faith with Abram to
possess all that bran ches forth lest it be controlled and regulated
by another. What does the Torah mean by “This Land”?
The pronoun/distinguishes the land to which Light is
aimed/ directed/on behalf of the seed’s/totality. And it is not
simply that Light is targeted on behalf of our seed; but more so,
that the Totality of the Light-all that the Light contains, nothing
held back --is appointed with every expense toward us, in love.
Abram is moved to make the altar / heart by this 'Inner
Knowing' the kind intent of YHWH toward us. What is the
purpose of the altar formulation that Abram initiates? This is the
first altar in the land to which Abram has come. Note that the

altar is the foremost formulation that Abram constructs in the
land. We may understand, literally, that an altar is a construction
of one’s name or position. Later, in the writing's of SYM(Ex)
every part of the tabernacle is a con struction of our name as
unfolded into the aspects of YishARAL, and that the tabernacle
construct is for the name YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun
h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<.
Little change occurs without an altar. An altar is a
center for the transpiration and transformation of all things. The
lights of heaven are being designated for our seed: we respond
by creating a mode of exchange, through which all in our seed may
be brought forward and trans-formed by the light's. Look at the
word “altar”: it is from the intention/goal/of our descent that we
construct a means to ascend again. The root of the word means
“to sacrifice”-to pursue a form of ascension/service. An altar
facilitates the flowing nature of life into service, whereby all that
is in the genetic code of the seed is re-leased.
It is thus very important 'To Know' what is on our altar; because
what we bring there determines the direction in which our
energies are spent/utilized. The altar is for the YHWH. It is for
the service of all that the Light emanat- es and develops. As
there is an Appearance so one initi-ates and constructs the heart /
altar accordingly. It is un to the Unity of Life: our Father/YAH
and Mother/WAH—unto being in like manner to the name of

YHWH in every respect. We thus build the altar unto the Unity
that is revealed. According to the revelations presented to us, we
construct the altar. In everything that we see our Father to be, we
in like manner take off from this vision goal to perform with like
progress; for this is the expres-sive will of our divine name.
Consider the ways that YHWH has shown Himself to us. From
those visions i.e. from the visions of the jewels and the diamond
we con- struct our altar that we may perform that which we have
been shown in like manner. In so doing we will stand in His
likeness, to become as He sees us from your beginn ing.
Chapter 12 Verse 8
And he shifts/moves his position/name’s seat from there / via the name
absorbing and processing the light
towards the mountain /towards the illumination of mind radiating
from the East/from where he was previously / from the emanation
encountered/from absorbing the regulation of the paths of the peoples/waters
for Beth-El / for the House of AL/on behalf of the Form of AL, a United Order
and spreads out/bends lowly/undergoes an ex change of genetic matter/
his tent/concepts of enlightened direction/roles per his illumination
—The House of AL, an extraction of west/from the gathering of waters
and the Ai / the perceptions activated from the east;
and he builds there/he formulates a position/name
an altar for YHWH
and he assembles by the name of YHWH.

The altar serves as a pivot point from which Abram moves
to higher consciousness. Via the altar we implem- ent our
perceptions and directions. Abram shifts his posi tions from

there. We shift or move to the mountain-to il- luminations of
mind via our service at the altar/with the heart. Illumination
breaks forth as we are brought to the mountain which is the
result of altar service. From the east we proceed to the House of
AL / Beth-El. Moving from the east/is by extracting/absorbing
the illumination being ever supplied. The east is the point that
regulates / the gates/paths/of the peoples. The final mem/at the
end of the word denotes the many gate's and paths—the east
regulates the paths of many. The mountain/illumination is from
the east— from the ongoing regulation of light's though the gates
and the full release of light in sequence of rotation. The
regulation of light's is for the House of AL--it is on behalf or
towards the Construction of AL—for the Ruling Concepts to
order and govern all branch ing out. Illumination is provided to
us that Principle's & Concepts will govern/rule/order us verses
lying dormant within us. Via the appropriations of light, the seed
warmed and activated. The life forces within our seed’s name
emerges to govern/order over the land given, even unto the
management of our branching forth known as the Canaani.
It is unto this goal that we pitch our tent and take up a
residence. The pitching of a tent is the initial building of our
tabernacle. We set up a place of residence/habi-tation for the
purpose of all that is in the east that is dev oted to the House of
AL. All the light from the east is gi ven f o r / the formulation of

all within our seed to emer ge and order/govern. The light is
given for the full order of our life’s empowerment, arising as a
bridegroom out of his chamber to take a bride unto full
productive expre ssion, so does the sun arise on behalf of the
earth for it's full expression/manifestation/release of all sun
Our tent is set up to receive the light from the east that warms
and activates our inner powers, unto fulfilling a harmonic
expression of heaven and earth. It is for Beth-El, for the
manifestation and expression; Divine Order that we pitch out
tent! Abram pitches a tent to fulfill our name comes to this
planet. We drive in our tent a stake as an anchor in the core of the
earth to position ourselves to receive and channel the light into
the earth field.
When my father left this land, my mother wondered why she
was left here? However the question is, mom, why did you come
here? B e t h - E l is from the west the result of the easts giving.
Beth-El is water's/—the com- posite body of mankind. Beth-El
is from the west an ab sorption of the giving of the flow; a
result/from the ex- ercise of the flow. It is the giving flow of
light from the east that formulates Beth-El on eartha
manifestation/con struct of Divine O r d e r. And the Ai / is from
the east.

Our perceptions initiated are form the east-from the
regulations of the gate's of life's flow. The gate's of the east
control the flow of the light. Ai and Beth-El are two linked
centers. Ai confirms/verifies the stronghold of Beth-El
( Yahushúo/Joshua12:9). Beth-El is not set in place in the west
without the confirmations of the east to make it a stronghold and
fortress. The writing of Yahushúo is the same as the L i g h t Tr a
n s f o r m e r’s mess-age pertaining to the fortress in the west.
All that ema-nates from the begotten from Noach to Abram; this
name—holy and chosen from the beginning, being drawn out
of the womb of YHWH—does not sin, but is true to it's divine
nature. The lineage of Shem/a name is the State of the Living
(Psalm 27:13); none of these attri butes of the name ever sins or
dies, except as a seed dies to be extended unto the light form of
its name (SMB / Gen 10-11). The writings of SMB explain, further,
that the soul is an extension of the mind of a Name (e.g., SMB/Gen
46:15-27; SYM/Ex 1:5).

What a name creates 'To Know' itself, may sin; but the nature
of a Name as begotten of YHWH does not sin. What then, is the
living soul that Adam is to become? A soul is nephesh, the lightextending expression of the spirit. The soul is living, as it is the
expression of the work of YAH. A“living soul” is, then, a worker
of the Light. A soul is dead/slumbering in idolatry when it is in
transgression to a Name from whence it is created. It may live in
conflict with various extensions of life; it may offend the very
Name that create it, until it acquires the consciousness of the base

of perfect unity with the purposes of light which it is to manifest
in glorious radiance. Your soul as well as your branchings of
mind, when they sin, offend your very Name, and if your Name
is offended, then also is HaShem YHWH offended. Thus the
prodigal son/a for- mulation of a man says, “I have sinned
against heaven (a Name) and also in Your sight.” At the age of
Abram proce eding to earth, man begins his formulation of soul.
In conjunction with our proceeding unto earth for
manifestation, the soul is a formulation to verify our man
ifestations as the Son's of ALhhim. In faith of the prom- ises and
by faith of all we envision, we go out of Haran to the land:
knowing the evidence of our manifestation is within us. The soul
begins via the gathering of Abram, Sarai, and Lot; and this soul is
now the becoming of the name of Adam. As Adam is both male
and female, like wise is soul created from both male and female
names according to the Name YHWH. The story of creation is
presented in three dimensions in the writing's of Genesis. The
three accounts are that of Adam,Noah and Abram; each
unfolding is an explanation of the multi-na ture of man’s
beginning. Again, our Grace summed up this lesson, “the account
of Abram is downloaded to the earth” whereby man may be
created with flesh and bones.
Chapter 12

Verse 6

And Abram passes from one state to another into the land

as far as the position Shekem,
as far as the oak Moreh;
and the Canaani have ever since been in the land.

The crossover is made between Haran and earth. The route is
unto Shekem, unto Elon Moreh. One goes as far as Shekem,
being a witness/of the responsibility he is car rying that pertains
to the position of his name. Shekem connotes the strength of
conscious responsibility. The place/position of Shekem
corresponds to the awesome seat of responsibility—ie., the
reproductive center (testes) that carries the seed until its time of
release. As one cros ses over, carrying forward their
name/position in the king dom of heaven one proceeds unto Elon
Moreh--unto the stature of a teacher. Elon, meaning “an oak, a
tree of strength,” conveys the dominion one has as a teacher /
Moreh master, being a wandering itinerant scholar. This is the
initial extent of our cross over. We come into the land with a
Light responsibility to fulfill; and as we do so, we also function
as Teacher in witness of all we have learned from our
development in the heavens, which development is being
downloaded to the earth.
And ever since/we have crossed over with our
responsibility to carry forth the light of heavens to the earth, the
Canaani have been in the land! The aspects of the Canaani are
activated as Abram comes into the land; for as Shem’s line
descends into the earth, the servant Canaan accompanies him

(SMB 9:26). The

Canaani come with us as a servant travels with
his master. Moreover, they are given to us to inherit and possess.
The word Canaan is comprised of two words: kan /and on. Kan
means “to reinstate, to provide a base to assure, to be honest, to
plant, and to shoot out.” On means “a flock, to answer, to
respond, to be humble.” The Canaani are inherent attributes
devoted to one’s name that enable the name to branch forth in
order to completely manifest the life powers within. These traits
of man are the Canan ni which provide a base of operation in the
land. The Ca naani represent the personality humbled to the
spirit / name. The ego is within the personality realm. The attributes of the Canaani enable us to manifest our planting, our
taking root, and our branching out. This manifested structure of
life is a humble response to all being initiat ed by our name. It is
the Cananni/the manifested branch ing of our lives and our
responses that we are to manage and possess, whereby we inherit
our total, extended di-vine nature.
Chapter 12 Verse 7
And YHWH appears/gives honor/shows regard unto Abram,
and He says/He gives consideration/engages in meditative conversation
on behalf of/for your seed:
I am appointing the totality of this land;
and he builds there/he formulates a position / name
—an altar for YHWH—
the One who shows regard unto him/the One appearing unto him.

Through our steps forward to cross over unto our
actualization, the prevailing concepts of YHWH are pre sented
to us. We honor YHWH through every state of our development,
and we are honored by YHWH as we go forth to know fully who
we are. Upon our approach to the land to fulfill our
responsibility in the kingdom and to be a Teacher/Student of the
Light, the mind of YHWH is opened to us.
Note: as we come unto the land, our seed is given and
appointed the totality of the land. It is not our name that is
appointed for the land; but rather, the land is appoint- ed/given
for the seed of our name, which contains all of our attributes to
be extended. “For your seed I am giv-ing the total aspects of this
land.” Our seed/contains our offspring; our seed houses our full
extension. We have come to a place of transformation in which
all that is stored in our genetic code of life is to emerge and
expand unto its full character. It is with joy and great anticipation
that we came across into this land!
To all that branches out from our seed, YAH appropri-ates
land. The appropriations are in accordance with the branching
out. As you branch so you squire new territ- ory. This response
of YHWH to appoint the land con- firms our Becoming.
The seed will possess the land in the same way that our seed’s
genetic code possesses all that branches out from it. 'To Know'

that our branches will be possessed by our seed is also to know
that all that we are is being possess ed by YHWH. This provisionary statement is also a pro mise of faith. We know from the
beginning that the land of Caanan will be possessed by our seed.
Though we seem to be facing great obstacles we have reason not
to despair. The Force of Life with us will prevail to estab-lish,
arrange, order and fully possess all that is set be-fore us.
Our seed is the instrument/of the mind’s/awareness/con
tinuance/endurance. Know in faith and move forward in faith
with Abram to possess all that branches forth lest it be controlled
and regulated by another.
What does the Torah mean by “This Land”? The pro-noun
distinguishes the and to which Light is aimed / di-rected/ on
behalf of the seed’s/ totality. And it is not sim ply that Light is
targeted on behalf of our seed; but more so, that the Totality of
the Light---all that the Light con-tains noth-ing held back—is
appointed with every ex-pense toward us in love. Abram is
moved to make the al tar/heart by this inner knowing of the kind
intent of YHWH toward us.
What is the purpose of the altar formulation that
Abram initiates? This is the first altar in the land to which Abram
has come.

Note that the altar is the foremost formulation that Abram
constructs in the land. We may understand, liter-ally, that an
ALtar is a construction of one’s name or po-sition. Later, in the
writing's of SYM(Ex), every part of the tabernacle is a
construction of our name as unfold-ed into the aspects of
YishARAL and that the tabernacle construct is for the name
YHWH. Little change occurs without an altar. An altar is a
center for the transpiration and transformation of all things. The
lights of heaven are being designated for our seed: we respond
by creating a mode of exchange, through which all in our seed
maybe brought forward and transformed by the light's.
Look at the word “altar”: it is from/the intention/goal of our
descent that we construct/a means to ascend/again The root of the
word means “to sacrifice”—to pursue a form of ascension /
service. An altar facilitates the flow-ing nature of life into
service, whereby all that is in the genetic code of the seed is
released. It is thus very impor tant 'To Know' what is on our
altar; because what we bring there determines the direction in
which our ener-gies are spent / utilized. The altar is for
YHWH. It is for the service of all that the Light emanates and
devel-ops. As there is an Appearance so one initiates and constructs the heart/altar accordingly. It is unto the Unity of Life:
our Father/YAH and Mother/WAH—unto be ing in like manner
to the name of YHWH in every respect.

Note from Author: You were lied to when those
miserable uneducated teachers told you that the Law Torah,
was done away with. Number's 28 is all that there is. Period!
We thus build the altar unto the Unity that is revealed.
According to the revelations presented to us, we const- ruct the
altar. In everything that we see our Father to be, we in like
manner take off from this goal/vision to per-form with like
progress; for this is the expressive will of our divine name.
Consider the ways that YHWH has shown Himself to us. From
those visions—i.e. from the visions of the jewels and the
diamond--we construct our altar that we may perform that which
we have been shown in like manner. In so doing, we will stand in
His like-ness, to become as He sees us from your beginning.
Chapter 12

Verse 8

And he shifts/moves his position/name’s seat from there /via the name
absorbing and processing the light towards the mountain/towards the
illumination of mind radiating
from the East/from where he was previously/from the emanation encountered/
from absorbing the regulation of the paths of the peoples/waters
for Beth-El/for the House of AL/on behalf of the Form of AL, a United Order
and spreads out/bends lowly / under goes an exchange of genetic matter
his tent/concepts of enlightened direction/roles per his illumination
The House of AL,an an extraction of west/from the gathering of water's
and the Ai / the perceptions activated from the east;
and he builds there/he formulates a position/name—
an altar for YHWH

and he assembles by the name of YHWH.

The altar serves as a pivot point from which Abram
moves to higher consciousness. Via the altar we implement our
perceptions and directions. Abram shifts his positions from
there/ . We shift or move to the moun tain—to illuminations of
mind via our service at the altar with the heart. Illumination breaks
forth as we are brought to the mountain which is the result of
altar service.
From the east we proceed to the House of AL/Beth-El. Moving
from the east/ is by extracting/absorbing the il-lumination being
ever supplied. The east is the point that regulates/ the
gates/paths/of the peoples. The final mem/ at the end of the word
denotes the many gates and paths—the east regulates the paths
of many. The mountain/ill umination is from the east-from the
ongoing regulation of lights though the gates and the full release
of light in sequence of rotation. The regulation of lights is for the
House of AL—it is on behalf or towards the Construc-tion of
AL/ —for the Ruling Concepts to order and gov ern all
branching out.
Illumination is provided to us that Principles and Con-cepts
will govern/rule/order us verses lying dormant with in us. Via the
appropriations of light, the seed is warmed and activated. The
life forces within our seed’s name em erges to govern/order over
the land given, even unto the management of our branching forth
known as the Cana- ani. It is unto this goal that we pitch our tent

and take up a residence. The pitching of a tent is the initial
building of our tabernacle. We set up a place of residence/habitation for the purpose of all that is in the east that is de-voted to
the House of AL. All the light from the east is given for/the
formulation of all within our seed to emer ge and order/govern.
The light is given for the full order of our life’s empowerment,
arising as a bridegroom out of his chamber to take a bride unto
full productive expre ssion, so does the sun arise on behalf of the
earth for its full expression/manifestation / release of all sun
Our tent is set up to receive the light from the east that
warms and activates our inner powers, unto fulfill-ing a
harmonic expression of heaven and earth. It is for Beth-El, for
the manifestation and expression Divine Or der that we pitch out
tent! Abram pitches a tent to fulfill our name comes to this planet.
We drive in our tent stake as an anchor in the core of the earth to
position ourselves to receive and channel the light into the earth
When my father left this land, my mother wondered why she was
left here? However the question is, mom, why did you come
B e t h - E l is from the west—the result of the east’s givings.
Beth-El is waters / the composite body of man kind. Beth-El is

from the west /—an absorption of the giving/of the flow; a
result/from the exercise/ of the flow. It is the giving flow of light
from the east that formula-tes Beth-El on earth-a
manifestation/construct of Divine O r d e r. And the Ai / is from
the east. Our perceptions initiated are from the east from the
regulations of the gates of life’s flow. The gates of the east control
the flow of the light. Ai and Beth-El are two linked centers. Ai
verifies confirms the stronghold of Beth-El (Yahushúo/Joshua
12 :9). Beth-El is not set in place in the west without the con
firmations of the east to make it a stronghold and fortress The
writing of Yahushúo is the same as the L i g h t Tr a n s f o r
m e r’s message pertaining to the fort-ress in the west.
All that emanates from the east is on behalf of Beth-El, the
construct of Divine Order. And he builds there an al tar to
YHWH! Abram constructs a center of service for YAH —the
emanation of light coupled with sustaining the vessel of Light!
As Abram, we build an altar to per-form the service of the light
into manifestations of Di-vine Order in all expressions of our life
—Divine Order in family roles, in our vocations or work in
society, all un to the Perfect Order of our unfoldments.
And he studies and proclaims in the Name of YHWH. For as
one builds an altar to appropriate and exercise the light unto
Divine Order, so one is lead into studies and proclamations in the
name/position of the wisdom flow- ing forth of YHWH —the
emanation of light and the su- staining vessel of light. The daily

flow of the Sun in the 12 hours of the day is to be processed as
the flow of wis-dom in each of our twelve tribal centers.
Likewise, the light of the moon, as in camps in the 12
gates each month, is be to processed in our corresp- onding twelve
tribal centers. We walk then in the courses of the light, placing
our feet on the ring's of Saturn; riding on our chariot from
star to star coming 'To Knowledge' that accelerates our
learning; all which is fueled by the sacrifices we make. As we
give forth gen erously from our fire chamber's so more will be
given. There will be no lack of fuel to propel our acceleration. A
fuse has been lit in our stored combustible fire nature, even into
our consuming fire reserve that propels us for ward. Thanks be
to ALhhim and the Minister / Angel of Acceleration.

Chapter 12 Verse 9
And Abram journeys,
Proceeding and journeying toward the south.

The journeys of a Name is a result of light forces
structuring our perceptions and understandings-how we see
and hear. Our journeys are an outcome of dedi- cating ourselves
to the implementation of the light where by movement and growth
occurs. If one neglects or sleeps through the assigned services at
the altar, to engage our mind’s energies into Divine Order, a
divine arrangement, then one moves not but remains in the same
place. It takes 430/year for us to emerge from Egypt; that is,

there must be a renewal of Divine Order/consciousness for us to
emerge from the captivity of the flesh. It is the call to the altar
that awakens the name to appropri- ate the energies unto
Divine Order, for such is the wor ship/service of YahúWah
The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<

The nature of the verbs/denotes continual action. As we
proceed and walk in the light so we journey in the south,the
place of full illumination, unto the full gov ernance of wisdom.
The negev/south/ is the will to nou-rish one’s household unto a r
i s i n g/emerging with the illumination being
presented/encounted. The south is the interior elevation and
nourishment of one’s conscious- ness. The south is the direction
the sun arises in and is likewise the sequential movement of
one’s name as it comes through the gates of the east.
The movement toward the South involves progress- ing
through the twelve hours of the day. As we arise each day we are
to synchronize with the movement of the sun as it passes across
the southern sphere.
Hour One corresponds to the House of Ya h u d a h / P r a i s
e : We participate in declaring the glorious radia nce of wisdom,
giving praise, making value declarations bringing forth our
korban/oylah (Number's 28 in the morn ing and evening) and
shouting praises over it. We awak-en each day to all of Value

which prepares us to receive the daily allocation of light.
Hour Two corresponds to the House of Yi s s a c h a r/
Labor :We confirm our labors of the day are unto YHWH. Our
labors are set according to the praise which orders our day.
“Whatever we do in word or in deed is to the honor of YHWH”
We take our assignment in the taber- nacle service of Y H W H.
Hour Three corresponds to the House of Zevulun Speech: Our

speech and communications reflect our position as a servant of
YHWH. We speak with tabernacle termin-ology and we talk
with others showing mutual regard as collaborators and servants
of YHWH. Notice that our speech evolves from the base of praise
and labor/as- signment.
Hour Four corresponds to the House of Reuban / Seeing:
We see according to what we say. Our percep-tions of the world
are according to speech—how we talk and how others talk to us.
Hour Five corresponds to the House of Shimeon/Hearing: We
hear according to our perceptions. Through perceptions of faith
we receive un derstanding/comprehension. It is a glimpse of a
vision that often opens the doors to hearing and receiving mean
ing to what we are beholding.
Hour Six corresponds to the House of Gad /

Fortunes: We assimilate the fortunes of seeing and hear ing as

we receive understanding. Otherwise, the awe-some pictures and
sounds we encounter each day pass through us without
assimilation. Our riches are gathered each day as we hear.
Hour Seven corresponds to the House of Aphraim /

Branching Thriving: What we partake of/assimilate/ab- sorb
determines our growth and branching forth. Our as-similation
also determines our unions and relationships for these also affect
our branching ability. As a plant form branches out each day,
putting forth a leaf or a bud, like wise do we.
Hour Eight corresponds to the House of Manasseh/Trans
ferring/Carrying Forth: Through growing we transfer our
properties into new fields; in this hour we store up as well as
designate our acquisitions in to service, desig-nating them for
matured fulfillment.
The eighth hour concerns transferring our wealth and

energies for a wholeness of being within ourselves and also
Hour Nine corresponds to the House of Adminis-tering
Benyamin: Administrations of new lands follows what is being
allocated. Management of our growing en ergies is involved to
be given for healing, counsel, and wellness of new creations.
Hour Ten corresponds to the House of Dan/Judging:

Evaluations follow how each energy is being utilized. We judge
our operations and make decisions, discerning our assignments,
performance and outcome.
Hour Eleven corresponds to the House of A s h e r/ A f i r m a
t i o n s : We confirm/affirm all evaluated, either to proceed in the
same manner or to make a change. We also acknowledge the
truths encountered and confirm them as they are clearly
The confirmations release the joy of YHWH which is our
strength. During the eleventh hour our strength is renewed as
we make each of the confirmations.
Hour Twelvth corresponds to the House of Naphtali /

Meditations: As the sun beings to set our mind focuses on the
goodness of the day. We meditate on our entire house/tabernacle
holdings to enter into rest with revela- tions to unfold during the
night whereby we awaken the next morning with praises on our

Chapter 12

Verse 10

And YAH appoints/initiates a famine within the land.
And Abram descends toward Mitzraim/Egypt/
to a strange place for a sojourn there
because heavy/severe is the famine
within the land.

The famine of Yah is a the great earnest desire, a hunger,
a yearning within the land—within the arena of transformation.
As we proceed and come into the south consciousness, so there
is an intense desire and hunger for knowing all that is present.
We come 'To Know' our name fully and its position in the
universe. We yearn for the affect of the light within us and our
full transforma-tion. Yes, the earth hungers for Shem; the earth
yearns and is famished for the illumination whereby she and all
within her will be changed and transformed by all that
comes unto her (Romans 8:19-23). Every extension of heav en is
found in the earth. The earth is our exchange level of operation.
And as the warmth of the South penetrates our inner core, so is
there an awareness of fulfillment. We hunger for the bread 'Of
Knowing' our totality.
In response to the hunger, Abram descends to give forth all
knowledge of Haran and to activate the mind to proceed through
the gates. Our name descends even as a stranger. We come into
unclaimed territory where we are regarded as the outsider (Psalm
114:1). However; there is no fear. The famine is so strong that we
cannot resist to come. We 'Must Know' and we must become.
The famine within us will not be denied.
What is meant by Mitzraim? It’s plurality denotes the duality
of being that Abram is entering. It is a place of manifestation and

definitions. We come to see and 'To Know' fully all that we are
to become. Abram comes to know the full nature of his name;
Yaaqov and the tribes also descends into Mitzraim 'To Know'
the full nature of the mind extended. Both come with a hunger.
And if you are so hungry, that you will be called as it says: Out
of Mitzraim/Egypt I call my children (Matt 2:15; Ex 4:22; Hosea
11:1). For it is with and unto a demonstrated man ifestation that
we are called forth. We are called forth in proof of becoming, in
demonstration of being able to be ing Shem/the heaven into the
earth. Even though we come into a strange land, a land that does
'Not Yet Know' the power's of life, we are not left without the
conscious pricked unto the purpose of our coming.
T 11-20
End Chapter 12
Begin 12 1:8

Sefer Maaseh Berasheet
The Writings of Genesis

Chapter 13
1s Verse
And Abram arises
from within Mitzraim/Egypt/the duality
he/being a vessel of Seed/Principle, and his wife/an em power
and all belonging to him/with every affirmation for him
and Lot/an enclosure/encircling with him
being towards the Negev/South.

Having established an understanding with Pha-raoh (see
notes of chapter 12), Abram--the composite Life Seed of Shem
arises from within the developing country of Egypt-Mitzraim
where he has come. Keep in perspec tive the relationship of
Shem and Cham. Shem, meaning a name, is emerging with in
the field of Cham—the dev eloping form of life. As a plant
emerges from where it is planted and puts its head toward the
south, likewise does Abram. This verses teaches us that the name
of a person does not emerge within the body form until the name
es-tablishes a mutual understanding with the earth forces and
forms into which it comes. Our Ruach/spirit is re-sponsible to
inform the earth masters/Pharaoh of our name; and having so
communicated, the allocations of the earth are wholly designated

for one’s name as illust- rated by Pharaoh’s provisions to Abram.
The verb form to arise/comes from the root alah, the same
word as the oylah / ascendent burnt offering. This verse contains
a prophetic tone as it speaks of an age when the Abram the
Exaltation of Father arises within every person who awakens with
in the lands of Mitzraim / Egypt. The perceptions/of Abram
direct/guide/him in the light/that is radiating toward him, and
from within him, and from the house of Pharaoh who has now
recognizes Abram’s household. The pronoun he, also meaning to
breathe, indicates that Abram has awakened with in the form of
earth that houses the Divine Nature (see chapter 12 :12). He is
reunited with his wife to be empowered and inflamed. Also with
him is every vessel that is being for med via their union and
every affirmation and testimony that is held in the earth’s atomic
sphere. Due to the con- tinual affirmations around us, there is little
excuse for any of us if we are slack in making our progressions;
for as we look intently at what is near us, we receive frequencies of affirmations to awaken our name unto full ascen-sion.
The provisions for Abram’s journey include the
animal's and servants appointed for him which depict the
stages of progression from expansion—the flock un to full
maturation—the camel's (SMB/Gn12:16). Abram is consciously
awakened to these seven stages before him; and to fulfill them,
he turns toward the South for full il-lumination. And we turn
eastward for the morn. oylah, {Number's 28} southward for the

mincha/grain/meal or noon prayer time; westward for our
evening oylah, and as we lie down at night or to proceed in
initializing an oylah, we turn northward. Via these daily
movements we walk in the diamond path's of light.
The south/corresponds to the desire/will/to ascend/with in a
house/embodiment. The Divine Will in us succeeds to elevate
our name to be fully illuminated. As we see the movement of the
sun everyday make it's ascent and fill the southern skies, likewise
the Divine Will with in our name of wisdom proceeds
towards the South.
Life within a seed emerges, it's cells elongate; the plant
branches and flowers under the direction of the southern light.
As a Name, our construct of being, turns to the South it
expresses the will to ascend and be nourished and shaped by the
ray's of illumination. A traveling re-lative of Abram, Lot, is
also highlighted in this Torah section.
As an offspring of Shem, Lot is the seed’s space suit,
providing an enclosure, through with Abram journeys & becomes
expanded. Lot is a continual provision to house the thought's of a
Name. Via Lot, a name is wrapped both in glorious robes of light
and in temporal earthly garments The patterns of Lot in the
lineage of Shem is mirrored in the patterns of embodiment
developed in Cham/Ham.

Lot’s emerging character corresponds to the tripartite levels
(13:5) of our name’s seven stages of development from the sheep
to the camels (12:16). To say that Lot is with Abram, indicates that
Abram is conscious of the e-merging thought's and their
structure to encircle him.
Chapter 13 Verse 2
And Abram is very heavy/ gloriously endowed
in cattle / property / possession / means to acquire
/ 'To Know' concepts and trade
in silver/with understanding and in gold/with wisdom.

The state of a name coming into the earth is ladened down
and abundantly wealthy with three branches of wealth and
stability. Together with this wealth the resour ces from the house
of Pharaoh are drawn out. To say that Abram is very rich means
that he has a firebrand to ignite the glorious wealth he carries
within. The sources of wealth are in three levels: in acquiring
knowledge/brass / copper, in understandings/silver, and in
wisdom /gold.
There is within the human spirit the resources to build the
BethaShem. This consciousness follows as the name with in
each person arises/emerges from within the earth body. What is
the name arising unto? With his empower ment (wife) and pro-

visionary nature of enwrapment (Lot) the name Abram moves
toward the south for ascension and to build and nourish the
forms of light that express his name. It is in this work of
ascending and nourishing the interior nature of spirit unto it's
perfect unfoldment that one discovers the vast amount of wealth
contained within them. We all have the basic investment of a
Via using the investment within the land, we increase in
knowledge, understanding and wisdom. The wealth of a person
is fully recognized by withdrawing the inner deposits of light
unto their glorious expressions! The term for cattle/mikneh/refers
to drawing out/the capacity to learn and to acquire. This capacity
is first presented in the birthing of Kayin / Cain (SMB/Gen 4:1) and
then in the development of Kenan / (SMB/Gen 5:9). The cattle
refer to the level of wealth 'To Know' concepts & and principles of light. Abram does not have the know ledge as he emerges
initially, but he has the capacity to learn and draw out from
within himself and all that is with him that he may know himself
fully even as he is known in YHWH. We have the capacity 'To
Know'—the cattle. We have come into this land 'To Know'
and with an ability to acquire knowledge which is foundational
to constructing our light houses.
Knowledge is symbolized as brass in the tabernacle building
process. Where ever you see a reference to brass in the tabernacle

you see the application 'Of Knowing' to build that aspect of the
house of YHWH. We come out of Mitzraim/Egypt to build the
Bet HaShem—to ful fill the service of YHWH. While we have
now an earthly body form and see the corresponding parts of the
taber-nacle within our bodies, we are to build and furnish the
tabernacle of HaShem which is for our Name’s everlast- ing
habitation. The Bet HaShem is built through inner dynamics and
unfoldments of Wisdom. For example, you are to make /
perform the menorah of one piece of gold until you have seven
lights burning (SYM/Ex 25:31ff). (Number's 28)

ALTAR OF OYLAH - Number's 28:3

---------------{The Morning and Evening Prayer's}
As the prophet’s Yeshayahu (Isaiah) and
YirmeYahu (Jeremiah) state, YahúWah does not require that you
bring real animal’s of the natural world to the altar. Nay!!!
There are 12 Breaths for a Name. From the Fire of a Breath,
comes forth the 12 offerings of YishARAL. Fire is the electric
charge of the Alphah a opening, as the Seed opens it releases a
reaction to cause Fire: .5WW.5= 4/ca; the double Úwah/WW/ 12/3
is the Shayin /c/3 with in the Seed/a/1.
Each offering is a broken spirit----a Breath that has

distinguished it’s parts and laid them open upon the wood of the
altar of a crouched [contrite] heart-----meaning a lowly heart
that has been configured for the arrangement of the Six Pairs of
Wood for the Breath to lay itself upon, waiting in anticipation for
the offering of the Reúwch. The use of animals for the offerings
occurr ed as the attributes of the Reúwch / Spirit be came the
names of animal's; hence, sheep were called after the at tributes
of the meek, etc; but animal’s are not accepta- ble for an oylah.
Continuing on:

This creation is made by drawing out the resources of gold
within your Name where by you make and perform the design of
the tabernacle. Make the menorah and trim it's lights every
morning and evening according to your Divine Nature and your
Sacred Will. Cattle/enable us to acquire all knowledge unto the
goal of perfect unfold- ment into Bet HaShem.
We have silver and gold; each Divine Name is en-dowed
with these precious metals. Together with cattle, they comprise
the nature of your name. Silver correspon ds to reflections and to
understandings. Silver is the ele- ment that conducts, both the
thermal (heat/fire nature) and electric (akin to elector--beaming
sun) light energies of your name. The term silver/keseph also
means to yearn and long for the perfect mirroring of our spirit in
a house of light. It is this longing in Abram that is his initialwealth
as he awakens and arises from within Mitzraim.
Silver is directly related to understanding and to the

light and color of the moon. It is the nature of our name to mirror
itself for manifestation and expansion. Correspondingly, silver,
depicting understanding, is the moon’s face/expression as well as
its reflected color in comparison to the golden color of the sun,
depicting wis dom. Silver depos its of consciousness are the
longings for the understand ing of all that we are totally reflected
manifested. Is this not understanding, when all things are
illuminated, reflected before us as one looks into a mirror? The
capacity to learn and to draw out concepts leads to moments of
joyous exclamations, I see it! The withdrawals of silver come
forward as you study 'To Know' and acquire concepts, for in so
doing they are reflected unto your eyes.
Gold is the wealth of wisdom. It is the fire nature of your
name, the very essence of your life. Being cond-uctible, it is
capable of being drawn out and fashioned into forms of the
tabernacle. Your radiating fire nature is the weapon of light to
fashion and form, the ability to create, to establish, and to gild—
meaning to overlay/des ignate and bring forth an association of
parts as a unified expression. Wisdom is the wealth to fulfill all
that light makes manifest and formulates. Gold is the extension
of light into forms and the character of fire/spirit that ex-tends
itself completely into an incorruptible enduring house. The entire
creation is a construction of Life; every seed is building itself a
house. The creation process is cyclic and ongoing from the
creatures in the sea to the birds in the trees. Wisdom is at work to

create a house / tabernacle of life/light.
As Mishle/Prov 9:1 states: “Wisdom builds her house, she
hews out seven pillars.” Abram comes with his ca- pacity to
learn (cattle), to understand (silver) and to es- tablish (gold) a
house for the Name. One should note and mediate on the
numerical construct of the two ele- ments, gold and silver. The
numerical codes of these word's correspond to the commentary
Shmual tells, 'I awoke on the last shabbat of the fourth
month (19 April 97), and the following was present-ed to me.' Gold
is the composite value of 14. In looking at the numbers:7,5,2, the
formula of the word appeared. During that past year, The Ruach
ALhhim had drawn our attention to the formulas of the word's to
denote their Nature and function. Some word's are perfect
formulas and others must be balanced to release and activate
their contained Nature. The word gold is a perfect formula of (7)
= (7). In the table of the three layer's of the alpha bet,7 seven is the
base nature of the shin, the symbol of wis-dom and gold.
The value of seven is translated as the ultimate weapon
of light that fashions and forms. It is also the ex tension of light
and the character of spirit that extends it self completely.
Therefore, it is written that Wisdom builds her house with
seven7 completely extended pill- ars/standings/columns; the

branches of the menorah, be ing seven, express the same nature
and function of gold.
Silver is also a perfect formula. Having a composite value
of 160, the nature of silver/is expression, conducti vity,
reflection, a mirroring manifestation of light. This is the
Interpretation of the formula: (80) = +(80) which de- picts the
multitude of faces and expressions of the nat- ure and function of
silver. The expressions are the means of our coming to
understanding and attaining conscious ness. The Nature of Light
presents the Constitution of the Universe whereby we come to
understanding/silver and our completeness of
being/wisdom/gold. These are the elements that are foundational
to the nature and fun ction of all life. When Man is unfolded in
his totality, be ing an expression of the complete nature of
HaShem, he is adorned with the name above every name, the
name of Yahúshuo. which translated is the Work's/of Light/contained/in Wisdom/and Understanding.
It is unto this adorning name that we walk in the light and
lead our tribal faculties unto the fulfillment of the Promised
Land / State of Man. This is the overall mes-sage of the white
Torah text, and this is the message we are to proclaim and to
encourage one another to fulfill.
Chapter 13 Verse 3

And he proceeds/walks on account of/for his journey
from the south and unto the testimony of Beth-El/House of AL
unto a testimony/giving evidence of the Place/a Station in life
to confirm the activities of YAH belonging to a Name
towards a tent with premeditation/with former consciousness/as at the first
internally initiating Beth-El and internally initiating The Ai.

With wealth to acquire knowledge, with wisdom/gold to draw
out and formulate and with silver/the means to ex press our
totality, we go forward in our journey. If the a-wareness of our
wealth is low, then we move slowly. If our silver is locked in a
safe, then little is reflected to un derstand, and if our gold is not
in our hand, then we are unable to create the house that we came
to build.
Abram, with the three dimensions of his being: his name,
his wife and Lot, and with the three treasures: the capacity 'To
Know' to understand, and to establish, he proceeds for the
journey of his life. Abram walks on be half of his journey. Each
walk denotes an order and pro ductivity stage of life.
The order of life corresponds to the journey that we are
making. The journey/is drawn out as we structure our
understanding / consciousness. Like a spider web drawn out, we
create the sameck/structure of our radiating vis-ion. Sometimes
overnight we create a web, a map to fol-low in quest for

knowledge, according to our vision that radiates from our the
pupil unto it’s perimeter. The map of each Name is already
within your Name and display ed in your hands. The fulfillment
of our journey in life corresponds with the ability to change the
perceptions of ourselves through understanding. Via the drawing
out na ture of gold and silver, our consciousness is altered to
view our totality. “From the South” pertains to our de-sire/will to
ascend into new forms. The South is the ap-propriation of
wisdom in twelve hours, facilitating the work's and
transformations of the day. With our Divine Will we journey
unto Beth-El----the construct of Divine Order. We journey unto a
Station within the Divine Or-der that corresponds to our Name
our appointed place within the construct. What we began, we
will finish (SMB/Gn 12:8).
Though we are slain for a time, we are revived with
heavenly consciousness to initiate internally Beth-El and The Ai.
The journey is a path to perceive our unity actua lized. Beth-El is
the construct of Divine Order; The Ai is our perceptions
confirming the Divine Order. We may consider Beth-El to be the
House of Divine Order, and the Ai to be an enactment/fulfillment
of all perceived in the House.
Chapter 13 Verse
The Divine Order/El occurs from establishing/positioning the altar.
To confirm/happily he performs/fulfills a name
with the mind’s expansion of wisdom to extend/draw out the light--

in the beginning—within the Head of Complete Extension and he will be
called/proclaimed to be a name, Abram
within/according to/in respect to the name of YHWH.

One should note the parallelism of the text in the phrase with the
following phrase The phrase, “He performs a name,” is equated
to the following line, “he will be call- ed/proclaiming a name,
Abram.” The concept of this verse conveys that our name has
been within the Mind of YAH from the beginning. Abram comes
into the earth fields happily to fulfill—to perform a name that
was drawnout from the Household of YHWH from the
beginning. With a Name coming into the earth, he will be
proclaimed, Abram, signifying that a Name from the beginning is
now being magnified to exalt the Father from whom the name
According to our name we have come to perform the nature
of the Light allotted to us. In that we come to the earth--WE---We are called Abram for we are in posi-tion to magnify the
Invisible Nature of Light---our Father. We are from the
beginning---within the Mind of Perfec- ting/and we
proclaim/convene/assemble in earth accord ing to the Name of
YHWH--in respect to the Unity of Light bodies.

As there are constellations in the heavens, so are there
constellations in the earth; comprised of the light names
inhabiting earth. The fields of constellation mirror each other
and work hand-in-hand with each other.
Many of our family members go back and forth be-tween
these constellation field's. Each person is a part of a
constellation or light field, and we work together according
to our place in the constellation. The Divine Order is set in
motion by establishing an altar/the heart unto the operations and
fulfillment of a name. The sac- rifices commissioned at the altar
are according to the work assigned to each name of life. One
performs their name by first establishing a place of service. Let’s
say that you want to have a business to wash cars. To do so you
need to designate a place where the cars will be washed and then
appoint workmen to perform the labors An altar is the place
established for us to perform our name. We come to the altar
morning and evening to des ignate and extend the energies of
our name as Work's of Light.
By so doing we confirm our name—the name given to us in
the beginning.
Note: Arabs, Muslims, all Christians Baptist, Catholics, Jew's,

any person who is living and breathing; You need to go to this
priest and get your YishARAL / Hebrew Name today, now,
ASAP. U R a Hebrew. U R YishARAL We are all One!

Continue on:

As we are sent into the territories of expansion and
transformation—the earth, our name is uttered—we are called
and appointed with a Name, being of the as-sembly in the Name
of YHWH. Being an extension of His Name we establish His
Name in the Earth with a ser vice of light at the altar. We are a
name, an attribute of Wisdom, from the beginning—in the
Covenant of Fire; but we are called or now assembled as a name
to fulfill the portion we have been allotted through coming to the
earth to exercise and fulfill our name.
We are called by the name that was given to us by the Father
from the beginning. This calling is both a confir-mation of YAH
upon us and a commissioning to go forth. Your receiving a Name
is a confirmation that you be-long to YAH, the Master of
Name. In the scroll of The Book of Number's Chamesh
haPekudim we read: “Acco
rding to the mouth of YHWH, by names you shall apoint the
vessels regarding the charge of their calling.” One is set aside
and ordained unto his duties though the mouth of the patriarch
(Levitical Writing's 170:5). The calling comes through the mouth, the
opening of the-patriarch father to utter and express the
position/name. Thus as one comes into the earth, their expressive
service becomes manifest ed; accordingly, the mouth speaks
forth the revelation of the name through which you have been
called and appoi nted from the beginning in YHWH.

Through the election of our name and the fulfillment of our
name we are positioned in the Kingdom of YHWH We may sum
up the concept that the performance of one’s name is the fulfillment
of one’s life. The Torah reminds and admonishes us that since
we have come to the earth, have we established our heart--an
altar for the fulfillment of our name?
Through Divine Service at the altar we confirm the
name we are called, a confirmation that generates hap
piness/satisfaction and the extension of wisdom as desig nated
from the beginning. We may do similar duties / works each day,
but the goal unto which we labor and how we perform our works
makes the difference as to what road we journey on and whether
the path is unto Beth-El and Ai. In the beginning we are appointed
a name as we are extended from the Mother of all Living/WAH.
We began with the promise of receiving a name--an entrustment with in the Totality of the Name of YHWH. As Abram,
the journey of our name is propelled by our as- signed attribute
of Life in which we are sent forth from the Mind Extension of
This portion of the Torah unfolds the stage of our progression unto the time of being called/assembled to be Abram,
which is the consciousness of the Father being magnified,
enlarged into the heights of a pyramid, a forming sanctuary.

Each of our given names are a mag nification of the Father,
especially as our name becomes manifested in earth.
As Abram, we proceed in such a manner to fulfill a call ing /
designation within the Name YHWH. Rabbi Shaul makes many
references to those who walk in the steps of the faith of our father
Abraham (Romans 4:12). Also in Romans 8:4, in reference to the
fulfillment of the Torah, we do not walk according to the flesh
but according to the Spirit. Then in I Corinthians 7:17: “As
YHWH has as signed to each one, as ALhhim has called each, in
this manner let him walk.” Further in Ephesians 4:1: “I entreat you to
walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been
called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing
forbearance to one another in love”—in realization of our light
bonds and mutual call ings in One House of Life, “being diligent
to preserve the unity of Spirit in the bond of peace.”
This unity of Spirit is the unity of Abram/Ruach and
Sarah/Ruchat as previously discussed in chapter SMB/Gen 12:15-20
which mirrors the Unity of HaShem and all in HaShem. The
commissioned mind and its empowerment must be cons ciously
preserved lest we become fragmen ted within the duality of
See also Ephesians 5:8, 15; 2 John 6.

Chapter 13 Verse 5

And also for Lot/for the encircling/covering,
the one/the radiance proceeding / walking to be completed with Abram,
there are radiances/illuminations of YAH:
a flock and a herd
and tents.

What pertains to the Seed of a Name/Inner Spirit
Genetics also extends to the coverings and the cloud of thoughts
emanating-Lot. Lot is affected by Abram’s con sciousness and
his arising. This is to say that all aspects of Shem are touched by
the awakened seed that has come for a journey. In all dimensions
of being there are corres ponding awakenings and extensions.
The relationship of Abram and Lot has been described as the
genetic code of Shem/Abram provided with a covering / sheath /
Lot. These two correspond to a seed’s living attributes and the
inner seed coat which radiates as an aura/a spiritual profile. The
coating is part of the genetics within the seed yet the attributes
are distinct from each other and yet dependent upon each other.
It is with Lot that we as-semble or are called.
(verse 4). This section speaks of the living foundation of the
ongoing relationship between Abram’s extending family and the
families of Lot. As noted earlier in the teaching's of the Midrash
(Bayit HaSham Midrash—The House of the Name Academy), the
families of Lot remain with Israel unto the last stages of the
wilderness, as Ab-ram’s heirs to enter into the promised land. It
is the asso ciation with Lot (SMB/Gen 12:5) that Abram

commences and also completes his cycle unto the promise
land/State (CHP/Numbers 25:1;35:1;36:13).
Lot proceeds with Abram for his completion also. This
reminds us that in all areas of Shem, there are levels of
completion/perfection. It is shortsightedness for us to focus
only on our branching of Abram apart from the family of
Lot. As we see developing in this study, if we neglect Lot than
Abram is stationery, and the branching out of a name is limited.
While Abram is toward the South there are radiances of Lot also.
The light of a name is ex tended in all the branches of
Shem-------in the lineage of Terach, from which comes Abram,
and also in Haran, from which comes Lot.
For Lot also there are three areas or levels of service: a flock,
a herd, and tents. A flock/is the ability to be for mulated and
transformed. As with Abram, this is the ini-tial stage of our
emergence (12:16). With a gathering of atoms we expand and
condense unto a perfect extension by which one is known. No
one is known without setting forth a profile. A flock is the
appearing profile of Shem designated for the coverings of Lot.
The herd/of Lot is the stage of controlling/examining the
profile. It is the stage of awareness to regulate the use of the
profile according to light principles. Within the herd are
developing oversights of the mind. Accord- ing to knowledge,

the profile of the herd is distinguish =Knowledge; is the
means to guide the profile of the Ruach/spirit which is
another way of verbalizing the nature of Lot.
The tents/are many, unlimited in number, for as Abram goes
forth so does Lot. These are the coverings, the habi tations, the
shelters of Thought Formations that are creat ed throughout our
journeys. As we expand the concepts of light, our tabernacle
profile or aura is ordered into cor responding forms known as
tents. The three levels of Lot are constant operational profiles.
We do not forsake one to go to another, even though we graduate
in our perfor- mances. The basic three provisions are with us
whereby our profile—an encircling and expanding pattern is
Chapter 13 Verse

And the land is unable to transfer/ bear/carry/exalt them to
fulfillment/rest/shabbat to dwell jointly/collectively, for by the illumination of
YA H their acquisitions are greatly multiplying,
and they are not capable to be fulfilled collectively.

As a seed cannot carry all that a life will unfold unto, likewise
the land into which Abram and Lot have come in their unity &
what belongs to their unity is not able to hold or contain or bear
them unto their fulfillment. There fore the unified cell/dwelling
must undergo mitosis—a living division process to expand the
land as the light within them expands. As the Southern Lights

strike the seed of Shem, the vehicle of transporting Abram and
Lot is soon outgrown. The expansion of YAH causes them to
multiply, and their fulfillment will be not achieved un less their
boundaries are expanded. The applications to these lines are
many times observed in the expansion of life in families and in
organizations. For example, what is begun in a room must be
expanded to the floors of in dustry to be carried out.
The word “them” indicates that “the total fullness” of
Shem has come to the land. This is important to af-firm as your
total fullness and the complete expression of your name comes
to the earth and resides in your lands. As you study this Torah
portion, confirm the ex-pansion of land for your name and it's
covering of light. To come to rest/l’shabbat/ we must expand
both the attri butes of our name and our light coverings of our
name. Our fulfillment unto The Rest will not be achieved by re
siding where we began our journey. While there are rest ing
places along the way, the entering into The Sabbath comes via
establishing the illumination of YAH that ex-pands our properties
of life and therefore expands our ca pacity and abilities beyond
where we began. Upon the complete expansion and performance
of our name in HaShem, we enter into the shabbat with YHWH.
Thanks be to YAH.
The religious soils in which you were once planted and the
schools within which you began your awaken ing are not able

to hold or contain your illumination unless they provide
adjoining lands in which you can expand. Hence, breath of
Bet HaShem and those who affiliate with us will include all
soil types and totality of territories provided for Shem and
his household.
Chapter 13 Verse


And YAH/the Activities of Light initiates a quarrel/an issue
in the midst of the shepherd's of the reflective acquisition of Abram
and in the midst of the shepherds of the reflective acquisition of Lot
and the Canaani and the Perizzi
ever since/as a result are abiding/settling in the land.

In the White Text we do not read that the quarrel is bitter
and hateful, but that the quarrel that arises is in the quest of
understanding of all that is expanding and be- coming, a quest
according to the issues being brought for ward by the Presence of
YAH—by what is being multi-plied by the Activity of Light. As
your overseeing mind- -the shepherds within or in your midst
begin to observe the multiplication of your households, so issues
and in-ner strivings regarding the acquisitions become evident.
The issues at hand between the overseeing minds are re garding
the formulations of Cham settling within the land with us—
detailed as the Canaani and the Perizzi.
As noted earlier in chapter 12:6, the Canaani are already with us.

The Canaani are the nature of man to branch out into earthly
forms, to generate new shoots to make mani fest what the light
releases. The branches of the human form are the Canaani in
response to the activities of light within the tents of Shem. The
Perizzi are expressi- ons of the mind in manifested forms to
regulate the use of the multiplications of Shem. They are physical
vessels to contain the energy and to regulate the distribution and
activities of the energies. While Canaan is the ability of man to
branch out, it is the Perizzi that creates fruit or expressions to
hold the energies according to their use. The forms that Perez
create are open territories prepared for the incoming expansions
of Abram and Lot in which the energies will be at liberty, nonrestricted for their ful fillment and full exercise of light. As the
issues of multi-plication begin in the ruach/spirit/breath, the
realms of manifestation respond accordingly to house the
expansion occurring, as then also now.
Chapter 13 Verse 8
And Abram says unto Lot. prod
me, please, to extend our becoming out of strife/contention
in my midst and in your midst and in the midst
of my shepherds
and in the midst of your shepherds
for becoming men, we are brothers.

Abram, a name to exalt Father, speaks unto Lot--unto the aura
profile of a name. “Let there be no strife be-tween us” contains a

request to prod and to be prodded unto full extension. Wherein
do strivings occur? Some strivings arise out of jealousies and
others for the sake of domination; but the strivings of Shem
come out of ex pansions. As we expand we must take issue
with who and what we are becoming. As the inner genetic
code expands likewise does the profile and encircling thoughts
that holds the code. How then does the outer aura or profile
prod the inner? The prodding is via reflections of what we are
becoming and by aiming the rays of our aura inward as well as
outward. Hence, the prodding is between the two and also in the
midst of mental tenders of one’s attainments, known as the
shepherds or herds men. In the multiplicity of shepherds we see
the location of mind extended in more than one place. There are
as- pects of mind in all of our parts without which the part's
could not be. The mind extended become watchful shep- herd's
looking after the attainments and unfoldments of one’s
becoming. As one expands within the earths atmo- sphere, the
shepherds emerge and begin their watch over the flocks of
Abram and Lot (12:16, 13:5). Such shepherds are mentioned in the
writing's of Mattithyahu/Matt.: for there were men who were
watching over their flocks/tran sformation's who receive
messages of angel's regarding the birthing/coming of Mashiyach
on earth.
(Note: Remember, all of these stories, writing's, messag-es,
interpretations and teaching's are allegorical)----He came in the

THOUGHT'S, Bashar, not in the flesh.
Now there are contentions and issues of argumentation
between us, but such are considered to be proddings of discovery
and fulfillment verses heated disputes and bouts of hatred and
animosity. There is one issue you may be focused on this year
and another issue next year. The is- sues are not causes of
separations but means of expan- sion and understanding. The
activation of your cattle and the mines of silver and gold release
new issues for growth. There are many, many issues that we
must con- sider; for all that are seen and heard in Light are to be
considered with disputations; only do so in recognition that we
belong to the same class of becoming the off-spring of ALhhim.
If we perceive ourselves other than men—other than initiator's to
draw out the veins of wis-dom within us—than we deny
ourselves and behave as though we are of differing
classes/species apart from each other. The one who hates and
engages in heated arg uments is one who does 'Not Know' the
Source of his be coming and does not recognize the Source of
the other also.
There are no issues to contend over except issues of our
becoming. And if we so distort an issue that it be comes apart
from our becoming, then what value does it become? It is likened
to an empty cloud that generates no refreshment or understanding.
The one who considers an issue, in light of his becoming,

considers the issue also in his profile/thought formation's. He
who considers himself as such will extend the same courtesy of
under standing to another. Abram speaks unto Lot—out of the
meditation of seeing the expansion of his name and the
expanding profile in earth. He considers and meditates upon the
unity of himself expanding, both his inner fire with it's
developing aura.
This principle of consideration regarding the expan
sion/unfoldment of man is foundational to assist us unto our full
stature of being. The agreement between Abram and Lot must be
applied in the white text in all seeming-ly conflict stages
between the families known as Moab, YishARAL, and Ammon.
As we read the Torah accounts of the descendants of Abram and
Lot, let us maintain the awareness that we are not reading of
warring nation's but of resolving relationship's of our
multifaceted nature that belong to Shem/a Name.
The bottom line of Abram is: Achim anachnu, We are
brothers! A brother is a confederate, one of the same unit and
committed to uphold another in life. Our emer- ging profile and
the very source of fire comprise brothers of a united house
expressing wisdom. We are forces of light working's;
mathematical formulas engaged in a ser vice to express fullness.
Chapter 13 Verse 9

Is it not so that the whole earth/surely the complete earth, is
for your expressions / face's?
Branch off I pray, drawing out together with me.
On condition of the left/north,
in conjunction, I will go towards the right/south;
and on condition of the right/south;
in conjunction, I will go towards the left/north.

As Lot is the profile of a name, would not the entire earth be
unto his expression? Is not the whole earth a vessel to be
completed and fashioned into the full stature of man? Therefore,
in light of all that we are to consider, in light of all that is
emerging from within us, let us view that every striving and every
issue are unto our comp-leted faces/expression's. The branching
off or branching out is understood for the development of
expressing the totality of a name. If the fruit is still within the tree
it can not be known nor tasted with satisfaction. There must be a
branching out of the profile/Lot so that the inner dy-namics of
the seed, Abram, may be released. Of all that we are becoming in
the South, let it become evident by branching out. The branching
off of Lot is considered to be a drawing out of one’s profile
together with Abram—the genetic code. The motion between
Lot and Abram is rotational. The movements may be clockwise or
coun-ter clock wise. As Lot moves to the left, Abram moves to
the right. The current of motion between Lot and Ab- ram
creates a magnetic field. With both Abram and Lot being of
Shem, the branching of one moves the other in an alternating
current. The rotational affect is created by the branching off of

the profile.
Should Lot turn left or northward in reflection or in follow
ing through to express the inner illumination, then the inner force
of Shem, Abram, will go right or south ward—in fulfillment and
unto further illumination. As the profile of a name or as your
aura moves to express what your name initiates, then your name
will be fur-ther illuminated in the south. As your profile or
aura turns toward the south in direct order with the Force of
Radiance, than your inner force of Shem will rotate north ward in
following the radiance received. The text is not describing the
movement of 180 degrees apart from each other, but is speaking
of the rotational movement within the totality of the earth’s 360
degree circumference.
The movement creates fuller and fuller circles until the earth
contains the fullness of all housed in the name,and the earth
becomes the BetHaShem, radiant with the glory of YahúWah The
Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<.
As Abram emphasizes to Lot: is not the total earth for your
expressions/faces? We are made conscious to use all
expressions/manifestations for the sake of Shem. The text
indicates a movement of expansion, with Ab ram and Lot in
conjunction, moving together instead of moving apart from each
other. In these responsive actions of the attributes of a Name, in

rotational movements, the earth becomes full of the expressions
of Shem.
Chapter 13

Verse 10

And Lot lifts us/accepts the Wisdom of Principle's /
the total scope of his eye's/pertaining to a complete Vision
and he sees/stands in awe/has regard for
the totality of the entire circuit/circle/provision of the Jordan
that brings to a finish via irrigation/watering
on behalf of the faces of Ya h ú W a h being spoiled/trapped/placed in a pit:
the totality of Sodom and the to tality of Gomorrah, as the Garden of YahúWah
The Most High HhaOLiyun,
as Egypt/Mitzraim/as defined borders,
in the land of Zoar/the condition / State of Reduction.

The vision of what our profile can become elevates the eyes
to see the image of mashiyach—man as a full communication of
ALhhim. Abram prompts the move ment/direction to take unto
full expression. New heights and altitudes are focused upon
having received/the im-partation of Wisdom/within the
Principle/to become ful-ly expanded. Lot has heard and
understood the inner Voice of the Fire of one’s Name—the will
to be expaned. Having heard Abram’s direction to move in the path's of the
south and the north, Lot’s vision is raised unto the prospect of
becoming fully expanded--unto the purpose of coming into this
earth field. The inner dynamics of our name and the conjunctive

movements of Lot unto the faces of YHWH propel us to reach
the Promised Land/State. Consider your name being unfolded
with an unfolding profile; unto being completely unfolded as a
Perfect Offspring of Light. The Promised State is Can- aan,
meaning the complete branching of Man. The bulk of the Torah
discusses these conjunctive movements in the children of Lot
and Abram. Keep in mind that the trilevel of Noach—Shem,
Cham, and Yapheth is being played out in the stories and will
culminate in a perfect synthesis with understanding in the offspring
of YishARAL (Shem), Egypt (Cham), and Assyria (Japheth) as
noted in Yeshayahu/Isaiah 19:24-25.
{You may think that this allegorical teaching is
The Light is our beginning and our end/completion. Our
birthings as well as our dyings are due to the Light Force upon
us and within us. We are drawn out by Light, and we are
completely extended by Light. As to what measurement we are
extended, determines the number of days for each journey.
Each entrance into the earth’s atmosphere may be likened to
receiving a new vehicle for another journey. Do we see what
Abram is propos-ing? Do we have the goal of our becoming in
view unto which are eye's are being lifted? It is appointed / laid
up, for man to die once--that is, to become completely extended unto Unity, and following this extension [death] there is

judgment/discernment and the ability 'To Know' intimately the

Light. Through the death unto Oneness and activating the
extension process, there is meaningful judgment or the 'Full
Knowing' of ourselves as we are known.
Lot’s eye's are opened to the provisions of the Light coined
as Jordan—a flowing river of irrigation to pro-vide waters of
understanding unto our completion. The Jordan River flows
continually on behalf of a name, and to this river we need to
come daily for the provisions of irrigation. The irrigation of
Jordan brings to a finish or to a completion of all that has begun,
especially of all of the expressions of Light that are put into a pit
as a seed is placed in the earth. The face's of YHWH, being sown
as a seed of Shem, are coined to be Sodom and Gomor-rah, the
Garden of YHWH. The water's of irrigation run on behalf of the
faces of YahúWah. The term “before,” used in many translations,
actually is read “on account of or for the face's” as the face's,
are imminently in-ner and toward us, are the end or final form's
of our be-ing planted. The concept of spoiling or en trapping the
faces/expression's denotes that the face's are positioned within
our seed name and are released through the seed’s, unfoldment.
Through spoiling the seed, the face's of YahúWah The Most
High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud< L.< YHWH are
liberated to bring forth new branches unto total expression. The
face's are entrapped or placed in a pit coined as Sodom and

Gomorrah. Sodom means to deliberate within a setting of the
secret counsel. The faces or multi-expression's of Unity are set
into a pit or holding space, like a storing-up of deep secrets. The
Sodom contains a framework of connective door's to the future
as one door opens up unto another door.
Coupled with the secret deposits of Sodom is
Gomorrah, coming from the root word “to bundle or put into
sheaves.” Joined with the stored-up secrets are the sheaves of
Gomorrah means to unfold/unfurl the sheaves de-picting
the unveiling of the layers of knowledge that com prise the full
face's of YahúWah. While we have inward-ly stored secrets, we
also have the consciousness to draw out the secrets into sheaves to
unfurl and express know ingly the Light. The full faces of Light
are housed in the center's of Sodom and Gomorrah which
are as the Garden of YahúWah. This is the dimension of the
Garden into which both Abram and Lot are sown. An earlier
dimension of the garden is called Eden in which Adam and Eve
are positioned. Noah’s also lives in a garden, his being a
vineyard. A garden is a place to pro cess the seed------the seed
of ALhhim. Great secrets are held in name’s seed and are to be
released into beautiful sheaves of light!
Chapter 13 Verse 11

And Lot chooses/selects for himself
the totality of the entire circuit/circle / provision of the Jordan.
And Lot journeys from the East/Point of Emanation. And they branch off,
each man raising/lifting his brother!

It is the responsibility of our profile to choose and make
the selection to totally become. As our profile na- ture chooses to
mature into the faces or profile of YahúWah we make the selection
of becoming as YHWH. Unless the profile responds to branch
out, wherewithal would the traits of the seed code have to
become manifest? Ab-ram's vision prompts us to see the means
to expand our expressions / faces. Hearing Abram, we choose
every provision of the Jordan / the illumination to attain/exercise the mind to facilitate perfection / completion. The entire
circle or scope of our extension is chosen. An or- bit is
determined to move in.
From this break through of Illumination or from the East, we
journey and (re)structure our awareness. As a result of Lot’s
selection, there is a breaking off from Ab-ram. While the Name
Abram initiates the direction of the movement, it requires a
responsive action of the pro file to set it in motion. As Lot
moves, so is there the ef-fect of branching off, and as a result,
each man raises his brother’s consciousness. The response of the
movements is reciprocal. As Lot moves so Abram is raised, and
as Abram moves, Lot is lifted. The brotherhood of the two
moves in such a way that the other is raised as a plant; both its’

profile and it's code are raised from where it is sown.
Both the life seed force/Abram and the life plant
profile/Lot are raised together.
Chapter 13

Verse 12

Abram settles/resides
in the land of Canaan/in a Branching/Submitted State of Humility;
and Lot settles/resides
in the cities/wakings/perimeters of the circuit/circle/forms of life
and he tabernacles/overshadows giving evidence of Sodom.

As a result of Lot’s move, Abram takes up residence to branch
forth. He is submitted unto Lot even as each fire force of life is
submitted unto the profile that they are abiding under or within.
Thus Abram dwells in humility to the profiles expansion as each
expansion is like a test ing of the waters unto knowledge of one’s
self. As Abram we are readied to send out our profile realizing
that the profile will be subjected unto all things.
It is in the profile where illness or attacks begin as well
as where vitality and confidence grows. Thus the Torah tells us
of many accounts where a plaque be-gins in Lot and is extended
to affect YishARAL. In some ways the expansion of profile is a
risking of all in an in-vestment. The thing 'To Know' is that the
risk will ulti-mately reap a hundred fold. The profile
expansion is a state of vulnerability, a risk taken 'To Know' and

to be known that ultimately will result in unfolding the complete seraph/fire of your name. With Lot’s movement, the fire
of Abram expands within and consumes the sur- rounding
water's & in so doing creates energy for it's op erations and
As Abram resides/submitted to branch forth, Lot re-sides in
the cities of the circle. The cities are the wake ful awareness of
the inner sprouting dynamics. The two residences are linked;
what happens in one affects the other. As Abram branches forth,
the stored inner life na- ture grows, and this is due to the
expanding or release of the profile, Lot, who resides in the
provisions created for the attributes of Abram. These provisions
or coverings are the forms of life radiating with light energies. Lot
tab ernacles in testimony to the branching forth of Abram in
Canaan. Whatever emerges from within us has a corre-sponding
profile, giving evidence or testimony of the e-mergence. So is
Lot to Abram. A city is the bustling acti vity of the fires / men
that take up residence. The word city is the same word meaning
wakefulness and also con veys skin, leather, and an angel.
The relationship of these meanings is understood as a
city is the point of contact likened to the condition of
wakefulness awareness as also is skin. According to ones
alertness or according to ones skin, a person may be con tacted
or aroused. According to our wakefulness of knowledge being

gathered and released from our name’s seat, with the irrigation
of the Jordan, we dwell in the cities and in the gatherings of
angels. An angel is another translation to the word city, for as
one is a-wake or alert to arise, so one is contacted by or comes
into contact with angels.
Chapter 13 Verse 13
And the men/initiations of Sodom / deliberating /holding secret counsel
are fellow companions/neighbors and sin offerings
for YHWH, extracting/drawing out the steam/vapor of life.

The men of Sodom are initiator's. They draw out wisdom
to activate fullness. They concern themselves with the secret
stored counsel in the seed and initiate other's to withdrawal the
fire energies within. In being men they are benevolent/and selfgiving, operating by principles of desire for the sacred will to be
exercised unto fullness of being.
Thus they are described as fellow companions, as
comrades who seek to know all that life holds or all that is stored
in the seed of life. In conjunction with the initiations, they are
also called sin offerings, for they make purposeful changes
according to the counsel of Life known. Men known as sinoffering's are continu-ally learning and responding to
give/release their light energy in response to the revelations
While they are ignorant at one moment, they are learn-ing as

the issues of life are presented before them; as they reside in the
cities or in the midst of angels. As Lot dwells in the wakefulness
of the moment he is chang-ing, shaping and reshaping the profile
of life according to the light that is emanating within. The traits
of the men are for YHWH exceedingly. That is, as the stored
counsel is drawn out, the life force released is as a vapor or
steam that empowers us to exceed our present level of transformation. Our releases of life or drawing outs are considered for
YHWH—to bring forth the complete nature of all seed stored
within us unto it's perfect un-foldment. The men of Sodom are
trustworthy to receive the seed unto this ultimate objective of
being. Through deliberations,the men go forth in strength as
those renewed with fresh insights.
To translate the verse above that the men are evil and
sinner's for YHWH/does not compute, unless you modify the
Hebrew preposition/to convey being against YHWH. On the
contrary,Paleo Hebrew FIRE LETTER # 12 L lamed/indicates
direction and belonging to, being towards and not opposite.
Chapter 13

Verse 14

And YHWH says/thinks to strengthen/arrange Abram
following or carrying through the branching of Lot,
a drawing out/in company with him:
Lift up your eyes, please/to unfold a principle,
and see/behold from the place/the position/from being established
to verify/satisfy you are a Name/an assigned position: north

coupled with southward/with an internal will unto maturity,
coupled with eastward/emanation origination,
coupled with westward/with full exercise into new habitations.

As a result of the men of Sodom/deliberations;YHWH thinks-considers, the exaltation of Life Principles Abram As we
deliberate to release the inward Unity Force, we are led unto
purposeful changes/sin offering's. In respo-nse, the Unity Force
addresses the increase/exaltation of our life principles / Abram.
Due to our deliberations and changes, we open the way as well
as open our ears to hear from YahúWah. A saying of YHWH
comes forth out of our inner chamber regarding the exaltation of
Life Principle's—Abram. As we desire the Light Principle's
within us to emerge unto full bloom, so we consider that our
profile / Lot must be extended to accommodate the inner
expansion. Our profile/Lot, by virtue of extending itself in
harmony with Abram, draws out of our inner fire even as an
encircling pattern of thoughts draws out the attributes of a
Lot is not apart from; or sep- arate from yourself, but
rather an extending force of your name. Let us con-sider that in
all that we put our hand to do, we do so un to drawing out and
extending the fire nature of our name.
With this motive, the Unity Force/YahúWah The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< ut-ters a saying
pertaining to the increase of our being be-gotten and established

within an orbit. As we exert our profile unto Unity, in company
with our fire nature, there is a corresponding saying of the Unity
Force/YahúWah with in us. With each saying or consideration of
YHWH there is further unfoldment until all saying's of YHWH
that have been held in secret/Sodom, have been released within
whereby we exercise the Total Nature of the Word commonly
referred to as the Messiah or christ. In this man ner, we grow up
unto the full wisdom of YHWH with un derstanding. Bet
HaShem holds that the Torah contains the complete sayings of
YahúWah unto man’s perfection.
It is unto this purpose that we study the Torah as it
prompts us to deliberate and respond, as a growing plant,
toward the Light. The mindfulness of YahúWah is toward
Abram our expansion of Light Principle's. With each deliberation
and acknowledgment, we are given a saying to access and to
reside in expanding orbits cir-cles/perspectives. A new
movement and perspective within the circle of light commences
with this phrase: “And YahúWah says unto Abram.”
In accordance with the saying of YHWH, we lift up our eyes to
behold our place, where our name is residing, for with each
saying our perspective increases 'To Know' our name fully. For
your namesake: behold from the place that you are residing
within a circle or orbit. In see- ing, we verify and satisfy the
totality of Light that com-prises our Name. Look northward;

coupled with south ward and eastward and westward. Looking at
your name and the effects of the Light field's into which our
profile /Lot has moved in response to our Name’s expansion.
The glance is intent; for it sees all
within the glass bowl of the Universe that
pertains to our Name.
First, we look toward the north for we learn initially
reflectively. We see secretly, what is held within our fire
chambers. All of our life attributes are stored within, and it is
unto this secret realm that we fix our eyes. We look northward to
evaluate, unto the thrones of Magog--Gog, for discernment and
judgment. In conjunction with the north we look toward the
south, unto releasing the Divine will of our Name. What we have
discerned in the north is brought forth/released in the full
radiance of the south. In conjunction we look eastward, unto the
emanations and origins of our Name. Thus the east follows the
south for until there is a release of Divine Will within us, there is
yet an abiding in deliberations and in shadows of the north a
dawning awaits. Eastward, we look at our line-age, our place of
emanation and beginning; for unless we so move according to
our lineage, we move amiss; from our name’s place. The east
pertains to all emana-tions and arisings within. In conjunction
we look west-ward, unto the gathering of all the light released
into a new body of habitation to exercise the full release of our

name in Rest.
We look unto the culmination of our journey, of what we are
becoming and of entering the Rest upon having performed all
the secret work's of light that are seen northward. Praise YAH;
in so seeing you are beholding the complete Work of Light
pertaining to your Name! Thanks be to ALhhim.
Chapter 13 Verse 15
For the totality of all the earth/the complete transformation
is to verify you seeing/looking;
for your branching I have appointed/given it
and to your seed:
a testimony safeguarded/an everlasting concealment/an evidence of the Secret.

The earth is the place designated for the total transformation of our Seraph Nature. There is nothing miss-ing in this
environment to assist us unto our complete transformation. As
every thing within the egg shell is pro-vided to yield a new chick
to be begotten, so also all that you observe in the earth verifies
and supports your name unto fullness. In the creation
confirmations are project-ed of all that you are, in a multitude of
ways, that you will not miss seeing it. This is the flow of the
Jordan on behalf of the Faces of YHWH within you. The earth
and all it's fullness is for you, for your branching forth. Look at
everything that you see fourfold northward / reflec- tive:
northward/reflectively to see what is contained, south ward/with

Divine Will to release the Light Force in your name,
eastward/determining the emanations of your name and
westward/unto your new embodiment of unfoldment. Everything
in the earth is for you and for your seed / the genetic code of all
you are becoming.
The seed is the harvest, the fruit, the result of the plant ing, the
means of your extension and the life force to im plement your
name unto fulfillment. The next line defines a seed further: a seed
is the testimony of YHWH safeguard ed. It is a means to expand
oneself without losing any property of light. A seed is a
concealment, even the hold ing of the universe. It is the
testimony of the world's, the evidence of the secrets of who you
truly are; which will be seen in the Fruit of all you draw out.
This is crea tion. It is a plan from the beginning in the Mind of
YAH to expand all attributes of oneself (actually himself, for we
are of him) unto complete consciousness. Look, to verify that
you are a Name, a Fire of Life, a Fire of Wis- dom, placed with
in the waters of the Earth to become ful ly activated to energize
each and every attribute of Light! Our lives are a sequence of
smoldering fires that yield simple chemicals related to our
With each breath of our name combustion results. Basic cycles
of combustion support us each day. Hydrogen burns with oxygen to
yield water. Carbon burns into carbon di oxide for plants.
Nitrogen combines in the soil enabling plants to make proteins to

feed us. Chemical combinations and their expansions are the result
combustion. What is combustion except a giving/release of light
by attraction and interaction of atoms/light principles / ALhhim!
The combustible fires of our name are consuming all the earth
into a golden vessel of honor.
Chapter 13 Verse 16
And I will attend to /care for/plant/appraise the totality of your seed as a
gazelle/as the dust/complete expressions of knowledge of the earth
to confirm/verify/make happy,
on condition, an i s h/a man acquires competence for number's/reckonings:
the totality of complete expressed knowledge of the earth/transformation;
in addition/in process of multiplying, your seed will destine/number himself.

The promise of the Unifier/YahúWah is to keep apprais-ed of
our seed. The complete nature of our seed/poster- ity, which is
the means of extension, is carefully position ed for
transformation. The earth pertains to the territor- ies appointed
for a name’s transformation.
The seed is considered as dust/of the earth, for it is the
complete means to express the Mind in the state of trans
formations. We are planted in the earth to verify and con firm
our totality whereby there are joy and satisfaction “That your joy
may be full or complete,” is a state of our perfect Unity with the
Father and Form/Son. The promise or saying of YahúWah
corresponds to our ability to num ber or to reckon the constitution

of all within us; the pro- mise is in relation to our
numberings/reckoning's. While YahúWah attends to our seed's
totality, we must bring forth what is to be attended to. As we
draw out the val-ues of our name, they are attended unto by Yah
ú Wah, our Father and Mother.
If they are not brought forth, then they are held inside yet to
be begotten and known. How can a hen attend to her chick's
unless the eggs are first drawn out and then positioned in a nest
for birthing? As we dedicate ourselves unto our fulfillment, so are
we attended to by our Father and Mother. And in the process of
our understanding, & in process of residing in the circuits/cities of
the Jordan / with the angels of Lot and Abram, our seed becomes
ful ly numbered/reckoned. The niphal tense of the verb ex-presses
that you will number/reckon yourself.
You 'Will Know' the intrinsic values of light with in your
seed, the genetic code of your name.
Chapter 13

Verse 17

Arise/bring to the top/cause to smoke all held unto fullness.
Proceed yourself/walk about in the earth/with transformation,
in light of/towards the length/endurance/patience/purpose
and in light of/towards the breadth/expansion/comfort/generosity; for you I
appoint/place/give her.

With each utterance of YahúWah given, we bring to the

top or to the surface what is re leased/given in the saying. The
action to arise pertains to standing, succeed ing, and establishing
what has been given. As Abram acts upon the Saying, he thereby
extends or brings it to the surface of the profile. In this way our
name is expanded and our profile/Lot branches out. Or as stated,
as the pur pose of YHWH speaking unto Abram, the principles
within are exalted. The unfoldment of our name—our fire
nature, through the Saying of YahúWah, initiates and prompts
the profile unto further movements/expan- sions.
Each of our names correspond to a position with
attributes that are to be brought forward. Our name and profile
are extended through service to others as well as in
numbering/knowing the values of ourselves. In con- text of this
study, the position of Abram in our name is extended via
deliberations and the releasing of held secrets / mysteries.
Rabbi Yahushúo taught us lessons in parables/mysteries for the
purpose of extending the hearer; for as one deliberates on the
parable so one comes to re lease attributes or bring to the surface
inner prin-ciples of life held in our name. In so doing we walk in
the wisdom of life through stages of transformations.
The second action to arising/standing / establishing's is to
walk or proceed. We do not stand still as a Saying is given. We
do not stay at the same level of understand ing before the release
of the Saying. We move forward with transformations / through

the land/stages of devel - opment. The concept of walking may
be tracked in the Torah as to the various paths and in the manner
of our walking. Earlier in 12:4: Abram walks to verify a saying
of YHWH YahúWah unto him, specifically to verify the genetic
code of his name. In 13:3: he walks on account of his
journey/unto structuring an understanding/conscio usness. Now
he walks with or in transformations. From these uses of the verb
to walk, we observe that our walks are to verify life; to structure
understanding and to pro-ceed in transformations. These are
overriding perspec-tives that enable us to soar and walk in light
verses walk ing in the flesh or in the forms that are decaying or
in transition due to energy allocations.
It is most important that we keep in mind that our walks
are in order 'To Know' the full dynamics of our life; rather
than to proceed daily in blindness seeking for temporal
thing's of the world.
Walking in transformation's are for the extension/length and for
the expansion/breadth of our life. The processes of the earth,
which are the modes of transformation, have been appointed for
us. The body is provided as a vessel for our under-going
transformations. Let us have comfort in knowing that the
transformations are an ex-tension of the hand of YHWH the
Unifier and are appoint ed for our productivity and full

Chapter 13

Verse 18

And Abram tents/tabernacles/shines within the covering
and he comes/appears/makes manifest
and he abides/dwells/lives/inhabits
with the oaks of Mamre
to verify by association
and he establishes/builds a position/a name
an altar for YHWH.

The walks, as noted above, provide confidence to take up
residence in the human form. Keeping the above objects in
focus, we release the light in our name to radi ate through the
coverings, sending forth the inner light through outer garments.
Abram tabernacles and he comes, indicating that he attaches to the
forms a principle of the light. Coupled with his coming, he wells
/ inhabits takes up residence to fulfill his name. In other word's
he does not come to earth to be idle or to simply pass time; he
comes to be make manifest, to occupy and fulfill his resi dency.
He designates his name unto transformation. And he dwells with
the oak's of Mamre/mirroring.
As indicated previously [12:6], the oaks are a reference to
strength and to priests on earth. The oaks of Mamre refer to the
strength of mirroring, the strength that comes by making visible
the invisible that occurs by taking up occupation in earth. As we
comprehend that the earth is given for our manifestation, we
verify associations be-tween the attributes of our name and the

earth form.This is what is known by dwelling in Hebron,
meaning to as-sociate. Those who make associations between
the spirit ual and the physical dwell in Hebron where we transfer
energies from one state to another. In particular, Abram lives in
the association's of spirit and form, and thereby comes 'To
Know' the form according to the energy of the spirit.
In Hebron, the form and it's use is appropriated unto the nature
of the spirit. Through associations Abram estab- lishes/builds an
altar to YahúWah The Most High HhaO-Liyun h w h y Ha Waw
Ha Yud < L.<. In like manner we dedicate and give temporal
items for spiritual service. (Compare progressions to building an altar:
12:7, 8; 13:4.) Our ser- vice to YHWH follows through
associations, expressing the Divine Will through corresponding
forms. What we have in this life as temporal forms, i.e. our
bodies and ac cumulations, are set into service by associations of
light energies. We use our bodies and things according to the
divine operation of light.
In building an altar, we establish our heart centre unto the
service of YHWH--the Light Emanator, Unifier, and Preserver.
And in building up the heart, Abram prepares the way for the
full sayings of: YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< to proceed through him for his seed. In
conjunction with the associ ations, Abram builds an altar, a place
to sacrifice/desig- nate/target/the forms/developments/toward the

service / ascensions/of YHWH. Having established an altar/a
heart for service,
Bet HaShem Midrash Torah Light Notes
End chapter 13

Chapter 14----The King's
Bet HaShem Midrash Torah: The White Text Torah
The Writings of Sefer Maaseh BereshithÑGenesis 14
Verse 1
Bet HaShem Midrash • White Text Torah Lesson
It comes to pass in the days of—and YAH gives through
the days/light acts of:

Amraphel/a saying/word to distinguish/to show
wonderfully a marvelous saying, the wonder in a gem/a

manifested lesson contained in a gem/an administrative

Arioke/A lion (symbol of fire) contained in each branch,
a master of a Hazelnut/Filbert symbol of the Eye or Opening to
all contained within—the Divine Will of Access;

Kedarlaomer/to roll for a sheaf/make spherical for
binding, a master of Elam/concealed strength;

coupled with Tidal/splendor/giving thanks to
compose, a master of processes/interior structures.
Thus, there’s an excitement in the air as a proces-sion of,
not one, but four majestic kings parading unto your house. On
behalf of Abram and Lot, who are so-journers on the planet
Ashkol (earth); kings and master's of light are approaching. Every
person is honored to re-ceive the king's into their house, and
every person will be elevated to function with the scepters of each
of these king's. This is the result of abiding in the Oak's / Seat
of Dominion of Mamre (SMB13:18).The condition or pre paration
to encounter the kingly lines is set; as studied in the prior chapter
of this scroll detailing the responses of Ab-ram and Lot as they
come into the earth.

Abram has been dwelling in the Oak's of Mamre-- with the
Priests of Parables/in the Strength of Mirroring/in the Dominion
of Kings. He also has been in Hebron—in verifying through
associations all that is held. These con ditions of consciousness
motivate him to build an altar.
And YAH responds

The King's appear !

As we appropriate what is given and as we reckon all within,
so Light furthers its work in us. We grow in stag es as a plant,
appropriating the daily measures of light. The fruit does not
appear until the tree is rooted and branches, thereby releasing
what is contained within its seed. YAH begins to release teachings
of our complete un foldment through kings/master's, namely:
Amraphel, Arioke, Ke’darlaomer, and Tidal. The presence of
the King's come forth or emerge within the framework of
Abram; as Abram continues to build the altar to YHWH,
devoting the forms of earth unto the corresponding resi-dent
nature of light.
And through this devotion to life we learn via associations of our interior pattern that is manifested exter nally. In
like manner, to each of us, master's appear to guide us as we
build the altar and become engaged in transformation exercises
according to proper association's of spirit and form. And the

initial king, Amraphel,gives word's of transmutations, how to
change from one form or nature into another.
The larvae to butterfly is a classic example. The lar-vae
changes it's form via transmuting through fluid sub-stances
whereby the genetic material is reorganized into a butterfly.
Every man has already undergone this pro-cess in evolving from
the spermato {spermatozoa} zygote and then to a form of ALhhim.
There are the teaching's of transmutations that cause us to
flow inwardly where by we are changed from one form to
another. It is im portant to recognize this inner state of flux
through which the Genetic Code of each name is emerging unto
it's ma ture form. The wonder of life contained in each life bran
ch or tribe corresponds to a gem, later defined as the gem's of
the breastplate. There is a gem for each of the tribe's of
YishARAL which are the twelve branch es of light within each
The word's of Amraphel guide us to distinguish each
branch--'To Know' what each life branch holds, its color and
radiance and what it is evolving unto. We see the na ture of lifethe nature of ALhhim in the branches. There is a wonder in
beholding the organization of the energies present and what the
energies are evolving to become.
The next master is a follow-up to the word's of

Amraphel. These four master's are associated in miss-ion and
relate to the state of being in Hebron—to verify via associations.
Arioke is a master of how our fire na-ture disperses itself into
branches for transformation / changes and developments. Each
inner lion, a symbol of our fire nature, proceeds by the
exercise/force of Divine Will 'To Know' and save/bring to
completion all within. Arioke directs the fire branch toward a
particular school of thought to behold itself in its entirety.
As a master, he opens-up the school of knowledge per-taining
to each branch of wisdom, corresponding to the fire energy
residing in each of our branches form's of life. Arioke takes us
beyond what we have learned unto attaining the full knowledge of
all contained within. There is a connection of Arioke being a
master of Elsar with the hazel nut tree. The ancients used the
twig of a hazel tree to find wells and mineral veins within the
earth. Like wise, Arioke lead us to the inner wells of
understanding and to the veins of precious stones. The service of
Airoke is a responsive service as one reckons their total expression and acquires a competency for the numerical values of each
fire branch (13:16).
These four kings/master's appear in response to each
Name’s quest 'For Knowing' itself completely and to evolve
into it's unfolded state of being, in free-dom of its full
expression. The king's will govern unto this end: until not one of

the expressive abilities of a Name are locked up, or concealed as
an unknown, but all have been gloriously unfolded as ray's of
The third master, Kedarlomer, pertains to taking all
discovered or found under the consul of Arioke, and rolling it up
into a sheaf; a collection of thoughts. As a name seed we are
planted and begin to branch forth. We see reflectively the inner
pattern manifested in the outer. The mastery of Amraphel guides
us in distinguishing the attributes of our fire nature via
associations of the outer and inner. Arioke assists us to know all
that is contained in each branch/tribe.
Now Kedarlomer guides us to roll all of our knowledge into
sheaves. Why sheaves? For these are the records & writings of
light that we have come 'To Know' personal ly, in our spirit & in
our mind. This knowledge and under standing is assembled
within our name as books and doc uments attesting to our
unfoldments. Each unfoldment re leases an expression within; of
the faces of YahúWah Each name is a writing of light comprised
of the 22 Fire letter's of light and the twenty-six attributes of

What is drawn out of our name seed multiplies. The
gathering of all light rays into sheaves is a means of harvesting
the precious fruit of the spirit. In this sense, Kedarlomer is a

master of concealing both the thought's and the expressions that
are brought forth out of the school's of wisdom. And as a person
learns, the learning is shared as well as preserved into
books/documents/etc. In like manner, we preserve inwardly the
learnings with Arioke into sheaves. The sheaves are placed in
our store house to feed upon and to feed others.
Kedarlomer is a master of Elam (one of the 26 essen-tials of
HaShem), meaning a master of strength and a mas-ter of
concealment. Each of our names is comprised of the Elam
nature or essential which is the attribute of be- ing eternal,
concealed in a re cord/sheaf of light. In con- sidering the
associations of light and darkness---the as- sociations of spirit
and form each name receives via di-rect and reflected light rays
to bring forth their face's fu- lly. These three masters are coupled
with Master Tidal, meaning awesome, splendor, reverence the
renown state of all interior structures / Goiim. Tidal guides us to
be-come the splendor of the writing's with full comprehen- sion
of our light nature.
With thanksgivings, the sheaves are composed into a
complete and perfect expression. The writing's are the renown
expressions of each name. Tidal is a master of thanksgiving,
taking from the sheaf and transcending the gathered sheaves in
to the splendor of a perfect expr ession. With each thanksgiving
of the harvested sheaves an ascension occurs even as thanks

giving offering of peace ascends in smoke on the altar. This
ascension is your fire nature ascending within the resident forms
un-folded in the splendor of light from whence it was begot ten.
Steps to our unfurled splendor include the organiza- tion of light
energies into a seed name.
This process covers the genealogies of Adam to Abram, which
is the seed name sent into the world. The seed name matures in the
earth until the time of it's ripening to be implanted into the
womb. It becomes manifested housed within a worm/spermato,
which is sown into mother
earth. Through the zygote, the worm is transformed into an
expansive manifestation-the human body. The seed at tributes
unfold within a human form to become fully ex- tended as a
golden menorah: radiant with the com-plete / seven -7branches of light.
The name of splendor begins and develops with a di-amond
format to be positioned or mortared together in light paths with
other diamonds, forming the tabernacle of YHWH.
Chapter 14 Verse 2
They make/work/accomplish—conscious utilizing the light forces unified
to draw-up a merger/a war/a joining of forces—to release the orders of
ascensions fully in light:
with the composite of Bera, a master of Sodom
And with the composite of Birsha, a master of Gomorrah,
Shinab, a master of Admah
and ShemAber, a master of Zeboiim

and a master of Bela,
she is Zoar/rejuvenation

One should understand the war spoken of refers to the war
between light and darkness. This was in an align- ment of the
light forces to succeed within the shadows and dark forms of
the earth. The war is to perform the works of light in the midst of
darkness. The master's of light without and within merge or
form an alliance to as sist each name unto it's complete
expression lest it be left to be swallowed up within the form that
is created for its habitation. Dwelling amongst forces where the
name of light is not comprehend ed, the master's join forces in
order that the complete nature of the light will be understood and
wisdom reigns in the heart of every name! The battle field is
readied for the master's of light to take command!


These four king's align their forces with Bera, king or
master of Sodom. Each king is one who masters the direction of
all branches within the kingdom. This is one who manages the
interior structures and it maturation unto fruitfulness. Bera,
meaning to be gifted, a spontan-eous gift, a formulation of
thought that occurs spontane ously via conscious perceptions.
He is the master of Sod om, a master of deliberations, of holding
counsel regard ing what is held in secret. An example of such
delibera- tions is to delve into the holdings of a seed. What is
con tained with in the seed? The deliberations that respond to this
question pertain to the realm of Sodom. The master of the
deliberations is the spiritual mind that formulates thought via
conscious perceptions.
Also, selected for the merger is Birsha, the master of
Gomorrah. Birsha, meaning the son of salvation is the master of
all attributes of life stored in sheaves, stored in the leaves and
branches of the seed. Birsha is a master of considering all within
the unfoldments of a seed into sheaves. In this consideration the
relevancy of the term salvation arises.
We understand that salvation is the perfect union of spirit
and form whereby all within a name has been saved or reclaimed
unto its full operative state.
The name is saved, emerging within a manifestation to which

it gave birth to lodge. It arises within unto it's na-ture of
splendor. Such salvation corresponds to the death, burial, and
resurrection. The seed of man dies or is ex-tended into an earth
field; the seed name becomes buried within the body water's that
it has manifested. The name then arises unto it's full state of
Note: This paragraph below, is not about some human
being. Past Present or Future.
This is the gospel of Mashiyach. The one who be-lieves or
has faith in this death, burial and resurrection of the
Communication's of Light / haMashiyach / Messiah shall be
Joining also with the Appearing Master's is Shinab, master
of Admah. Shinab, meaning the ivory tooth/Wis- dom of the
Father is the Father of Fire. Shinab, a master of Admah, is a
master of the earth/land. Most certainly it is the source of
wisdom that is the master of all prop- erties and territories. The
Fiery Flame of the Principal Cause is the king over all
transformation modes and forms into which it has entered for
ShinAb, within you, is named and becomes joined with the
light masters who appear unto you. Thus we un derstand that the

first four masters are those appearing to you as you focus on the
appropriate correlation of spirit and form. Those who are named
to be joined to them are the five masters of light / life within
These nine master's make up the Armies of Light.
Also called out with you is ShemAber, meaning the Name
of Aber or the designation to fly, having a wing, a pinion or a
limb, a member of the body. This is translat- ed as the one who
strives upward, having wings to soar. Where are our wings or
which is the organ to soar?ShemAber is the master of Zeboiim, a
master of wills & desires. This master is the exercise of our legs
and arms to proceed according to Divine Will in the paths and
works of light. And the fifth king within is the master of Bela,
the master of assimilation and inter-grading. Bela, meaning to
swallow, to absorb and devour is the master within to interiorize
all perceived. The King of Bela is a master of the feminine
activity within us called, Zoar. “She is Zoar”, is the literal
translation indicating that Be la is a king over the zoar process
meaning to make small or reduce,to inter-grade/merge stages with
the power of rejuvenation/self sustainment. A common example
of his mastery is to take the vastness of a meal and trans-form it
via absorption into energies for rejuvenation.The nature of light
activities is seen at all levels. The focus of Bela assimilates the
steps of our journey into transi-tional stages that contain

perpetual motion.
As we discuss these master powers of life you will re- cognize
that they have been with you and in control all the time. Their is
a master within you whereby thought formations occur in
connection with your perceptions. Is it a miracle that you
conceive an idea or is it the sign of the presence of Bera, master
of Sodom? Also present with in you is the mastery of considering
all operations with in you. The master of your Fire Source has
determined the states of transformation from the time of your beginning in undergoing each change process, i.e from the sperm
worm to the man or woman. The master with in you that
determines where you go and what you do, who exercises the
wills and desires to determine your walk and what you do with
your hands has been ever more present. And the master to
revitalize yourself by con- verting energies of light and
darkness/forms, has been with you all along. Call their name's
to join the appear ing master's as one unified army of light.
Chapter 14 Verse 3
All of these bind together—the wholeness of the United Order Emanations
being the AL / God of Profundity-a United Order of profound depth/being
unfathomable/valley of the Siddim/the breasts/bosom/the
affluences/prosperities: becoming a sea/a broad river of the

All of these indicate those divinely appointed, that is, the
complete divine organization of life within the earth, having
come within the seed. The same is the United Order of Light, as
a League of Master's within the heart. Let the reader understand
that the Valley between the nipples is a reference to the heart
center that receives from the flow of the mouth, sweet droplets
of the mas- ters, that run down as a river into the valley of the
heart which maintains/preserves all as salt. This is the Valley of
Profundity where deep secrets and understanding are lodge.
Through expanding the heart, the depths of un- derstanding arise
as springs of living waters to satisfy the mind and her total
Chapter 14 Verse 4
Twelve year/To establish foundations is a wealth of study:
They serve/cultivate the totality of Kedarlomer/sheaves/records/writing's
and thirteen year/with an entrustment awareness is a wealth of study. They rise
up/creating an insurrection/an open revolt.

The time periods indicate the achievements of study
Twelve year pertain to establishing the foundational stones
and concepts within your earthly habitation. This foundation is
equated to the twelve stones of the temple and corresponds to the
twelve energy centers. Thirteen year pertain to entrustments
from the trustees of light in the East who provide awakenings
and awareness to the founding principles.

As one sets their stones in place they have a foundation
to receive illuminations to build upon. The name begins to rise
upon the foundation and without a foundation the temple of the
Name is yet to be manifested.
Chapter 14 Verses
The Writings of Sefer Maaseh BereshithÑGenesis 14 5
The Writings of Sefer Maaseh BereshithÑGenesis 14 6
“They” refers to the founding principles and
awakenings of the inner man that arise in revolt to the outward
dominance. There is a time period of acquiring and then a time
that comes when what we have studied becomes an awareness of
being by which the spiritual nature insurrect's within the
Thanks be to ALhhim.
Chapter 14 Verse 5
And in the fourteenth year/with the light of inquiry is a wealth of study
comes/appears Kedarlaomer / the illuminated writing's (the white text)
and the masters to confirm his totality
and they smite/disable/conquer
the totality of Rephaim/the dead/inactivity idleness / weaknesses—with
in Ashteroth Karnaim—in bringing forth the rays of light
and the Zuzim in Ham—the displacements of the flourishing creation in them
and the Aymim/Emim—and the threats/intimidations /fears
within the SheWah Kir’yathaim—comparative/equality of the mind centers.

Fourteen year pertains to the wealth of information that comes

by divulging secrets through asking questions into our light
nature. Note the questions are not about forms or formulated
doctrines, etc, but pertain to the nature and operation of light. As
one has a foundation of twelve year and then an awareness of their
inner founding prin-ciples, secrets of light organizational
patterns and opera tions begin to be revealed. The light exposes
and reveals both the operations of the light and nature of the
dark-ness--forms yet to be elucidated. If there is any darkness in
us or to us it is due to our not perceiving the light--pres ent.
Rephaim, from the root word, meaning to heal, to cure, re fers to
putting an end to the disease and idle- ness of occupation We
may well translate the above: “they conquer with cures and
solutions.” Whatever has persisted to keep our name from its
appointed mission is smitten.
As we understand the scope of healing, we are looking at the
vitality and well-being of the complete expression of a name.
Whatever is dead, yet encapsulated within the burial ground's of
the earthly habitation; whatever is weak within in name due to
being overwhelm by the na tural environment; whatever is ill
and contaminated by the disregard of the sacred openings /
chakrahs is cured and healed. The term, Rephaim, is in the plural
indicat- ing many healing's and cures will result. The healing's
are set in motion until all is healed and made complete according
to the perfect expression of light. To affect any healing, position
all your masters in unity to smite your illness and bring forth a

healing, a cure in demonstration of your inner light organization.
The weakness is smitten or conquered in the state of Ashteroth
Karnaim—in the deeds of shamefulness that darken the
perpetual fires.
Asheroth are the ability to create offspring. These
Ashteroth are fertility elohim/gods within that en able children to
be born. The weakness or illness that is smitten is in our bearing
forth offspring of corruption with out honoring the Fire of Life
that is the base of every form/child brought forth. Via the
smiting, we bring forth not according to our lower self, but we
now bear the order of lights.
We need to see this rite of fertility inwardly, and not point
the finger outwardly to those who bear the traits of darkness.
The state of Ashteroth is the ability of our own inward unity to
bring forth children/offspring of our name. Each of us bring forth a
generation of children with in, the children of Shem.The
Ashteroth are the ability of recreation and fertility that brings
forth. They themselves are not smitten. What is smitten is
bringing forth without respect to the Fires from which the
children originate. It is using the children or our member's apart
from the will of our Divine Name that is smitten by the unified
The term Karnaim pertain to the rays of light emitted.

Each of our offspring, known as the children of Abraham, are
emissions of light rays. They contain the glory of our fire nature,
being radiant gems drawn out of the Fire. The weakness of
bearing in separation from the fire source is conquered! We have
now remarried our Fire (Ishah) and Name (Ish) again after
divorcing our selves from the unity of our name with the flesh.
This is
later emphasized in the story of Abram’s unity with Hagar and his
unity with Sarah.
The war of the king's within you reclaims your
Asheroth to bear your light emanations, for your Inner Unity of
Light to be fully activated/productive, no longer passive nor
inactive due to the unconsciousness of their Divine Expression
whereby they were used according to the desires or wills of the
flesh (darkened nature). Thanks be to ALhhim for the War of
Light. The masters also put their Light Wand on all that the
children contain. No more are they left to wander without the goal
in view. The Zuzim are the flourishments of all the children
This pertains to the ability to develop and mature the
characteristics/children that we have borne. The sources of
abundance and the rites of abundant life within them are touched, ignited to burst forth unto their divine radi ance. Yes, all
within them is touched by the King's unto the goals and targets

of their divine nature. Here you can exclaim, So Be It!, to verify
the masters touching allwith in your children and their rites of
life. In conjunction with these wars, they also smite the Aymin—
the fears and in-timidations that are imposed reflectively on our
inward abilities.
We create fears and impose them upon ourselves, placing
a veil on the SheWah-to be in the likeness, worth and aptitude of
all given to us from Yah. The SheWah is in the realm of Wisdomto hold, to appropriate, and tobe fitted in perfect balance with
YAH-THE EMANATIONS The state of SheWah enables us to
balance all emanations tions and to attain unto an Equality of
Light, confirming each characteristic brought forth to stand in
the equality of life that reflects the very nature of our Father.
The SheWah Nature holds the Fire or Shin/even as
WAH holds all that belongs to YAH in the honorable places /
cities / centers. The mind sees itself and all of its emanations
within to be balanced and of Equality with the Light in every
center/cities Kir’yathaim of residence.
The four Kings/Master's we have seen, who
appear in us:
Amraphel, master of sayings of transmutation;
Arioke, master of Wisdom to open/discern;

Kedarlaomer, master of the sheaves—the white text—conceal
ed/encoded within, and
Tidal, master of interior splendors, unite with Bera, king of
Sodom—the Master of Thought's arising from deliberations,
Birsha, king of Gomorroh—the Master of Salvation appropriating Attributes concealed within,
ShinAb, king of Admah—Master of Wisdom over the Lands /
ShemAber, king of Zeboim—Master of Movement governing
the Wills, and
King of Bela, She is Zoar—Master to Assimilate / Intergrade
with Rejuvenation unto perpetual transitions.
These all combine to overthrow the inactivity/pas-sivity of
our name within earthly embodiment. These touch our inner
name to heal/release from idleness to bear forth the rays of light;
to cause all within to flourish and to see ourselves as immortals in
the likeness of YAH.
Continuing the war, the masters touch the Chori:
Chapter 14

Verse 6

and the Chori—the cave dwellers/serpents in the den/prison cell occupants
in the exalted mountain Seir/hairiness/new growths
to give testimony of the Potency/ram/might of Paran—to embellish to confirm
according to the light drawing out the Logo/ Word base of being.

And fourthly, the master touch the dwellers within, who abide in

the mountains to receive illumination unto new growth. To be in
the mountains is to be in the position to grow tall as the cedar
trees. In the growing we verify and give testimony to what is
within us, and the testim- ony prompts us to embellish and to
confirm the Word structure of our life. Through the light striking
us in the mountain we come to testify of what is within and we al
so consciously are aware that our position in the moun- tain is
for the embellishment, adornment, according to ful ly developing
all aspects of man. Thus it is in Seir, the illuminated ascendant
position or mountain from which new growths or releases of life
come forth.
It is unto this end that the master's confirm all that pertains
to the resident nature of the composite Word of Life within that
it may be fully presented. Unto this end they have formed a
confederacy and unto this end they have taken up residence
within each of us.
Thanks be to ALhhim.
Chapter 14 Verse 7
And they abide/take up residence/live,
and they become manifest/apparent
becoming an United Order to Meditate—to behold from an assigned position:
she is Kadesh/Sanctified (a holy plot for the Fire).
And they smite/touch/conquer
the total united aspect of the field/cultivation of
the Amaleki—a valley dweller/who licks up (depicting the tongue), the People

of Laqi
and also the totality of the Amori/speech
the ones dwelling/residing
in Chats’tsan Tamar—the partitions for uprightness in heart.

The body is the holy land.
(Us, U, Them, We, Me, Thee, Those people, These humans, All
humankind). She is an organized collection of light rays

designated to receive and transmit the principle's / seed.
Note: YishARAL is not some filthy dirt path over there in
FIGHT-LAND; not some sandy stinking filthy desert.
The simplicity of solving the horrendous problems of our
planet is almost unbelievable, but true. With 4 basic moves!
1. Stop believing that the Koran, Bible and Torah is the
infallible word of the Most High 2. Believe in Unity-not
separateness. 3. Our bodies are the lands of the Most High;
not dirt, sand or geography. And most importantly #4,
performing Number's 28.
War in the scripture's ancient writing's old text script
sayings, was never intended to convey the killings of another
human being or to violate the rights of an-other.
And there is no evidence in the ancient Paleo
Hebrew Torah Light/Life Principle's of YHWH YahuWah

that says we should be cannibals and eat flesh. No killing and
eating animals, fish, bird's or fowl.
If light is all that is and from which all comes, then the
earth also is a collection of light ray's designated to bring
forth and activate all principle's or seeds of light.
If Adam had within him, ChaúWah, then likewise the
heaven's had within them all planet's of earth for their bride's.
Likewise, YishARAL, as a bride of Yahúwah, in dicates that
YishARAL was in YHWH from the begin ning—within the
feminine nature of WAH to be brought forth with an
embodiment for her habitations and being. She, speaking of the
embodiment, is light and holy, be- ing set apart or designated for
the Wisdom’s/Fire’s habi tation. We need not separate the twothe Fire and the ha bitation, nor separate the heavens and the
earth, for they are both one unified expression of light.
The Amaleki are people—a cluster of understanding that is
eclipsed/dimmed. Each of the Peoples of the Torah are clusters of
perspectives regarding life. Through the expansion of
YishARAL within us, the opposing and of-ten waring clusters of
perspective are broken up which enable the energies to expand
further as the order's of life within us.
The Amalek--state of development is characteriz ed by

using the tongue to lash out with verbal smiting's with
unmerciful question's. It is a perspective state that uses the
energies to devour another with flogging word's. The truth is
not uttered with clarity for the truth is 'Not Known' / recognized
to have emerged in the Amalek state. What is composed on the
tongue in fear and in an eclipsed condition may be considered to
be a question or a defense of our past level of communicat- ing
truth. The Torah tells that in every generation Israel will have
war with Amalek.
Note: From Author:
Omalaq /Amalek, the force of resistance YishARAL Israel -And we
are not talking about a race nor culture, here. We are all YishARAL.
The people of Palestine and us, U me them, those other's. Her, him and
every person on Earth. Unity!!!

Constantine the Great--the first Christian emperor of the
Roman Empire - Our LAND dilemma has been presented in the
synagogue, showing that there is no his torical claim for the land
that is called Israel today--- a country in Western Asia located on
the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Lebanon in
the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan in the east, and Egypt on
the southwest---whose marking’s and places have been set of
late by Constantine’s mother.
And The Most High never ever told Israel (The
Hebrew) to kill anyone. People believe every word in the

scripture's and even believe that Israel were to kill kill kill.
Maybe their god of the Israeli told them that, but The Most
Hight never did.
The sayings, ancient writing’s, the ancient text, the
ancient script, did not, did not have those Kill word's in them.
The Most High never ever told Moses to massacre little babies
children, women, boys and girls and men. And we should be
ashamed of ourselves for be lieving such fairy tales by ignorant
women & men who admitted that they never ever really under
stood the an- cient Torah writing's. So they interpreted all
scripture according to how they felt, how they wanted you to feel
and deal with other people. They wrote in darkness and their
writing’s are of darkness and bloodshed and death.
The Darkness of the “ Butcher Chronicles”
The Most High did not say these words to Moses nor to
King David = WAR, DEATH, HATRED and Genocide:
{ murder of en tire ethnic group: the systema- tic killing of all the
people from a national, ethnic, or relig ious group, or an attempt to
do this--} cruelty, annihilate and destroy (And remember, I

Some god did not tell Moses to instruct the people to go
into the new land and kill, murder, annihilate, butcher and

destroy by genocide; all babies, children women, boys and
girls and men. Nay! And, further, The Most High never told
anyone to kill any one, not humans, animal's, fish, birds, nor
Most of the prophecy of the religious world is to project
mind and its eyes into a void, which is based on misreading the
writing’s. The Land of YishARAL is not limited to places
marked out by arbitrary--boundaries on this sphere. The States of
YishARAL include all spheres and realms of Light. The reading
of the Torah Teuwrah has been imposed upon by thought's of this
world and thus restricted by the impositions of carnality.
Continuing on:

This we understand to mean that in every stage of bringing
forth—a generation— we must combat the dull covering over
the tongue that does not know how to speak according to the
heightened state of unfoldment that we have attained to. The
battle is with using the tongue according to the illumination
that is being attain-ed by the mind. In this conflict with the
Amalek, the tongue becomes sharpened to speak according to
the generation or bringing forth of YishARAL. Chats’tsan Tamar
refers to the partitions of the heart where speech formulates. It is
where the Palm tree creates its dates, the sweetness of words that
satisfy the heart. As the mas ters strike the Amori, ones speech
will be greatly affect-ed as the tongue will no longer desire to
taste non-admir able word's to be upon it's palate.

This relates to the throat chakrah / opening that will not
allow cursing and words of condemnation to pass through its
chambers for in so doing the center of Madai is contaminated
and reduced in size. For the chosen op-ening of Medai enables
us to make music and sounds of the energies residing with in.
Contemplate the word's and music that pass through you. Are
they resounding your unity and divinity?
Chapter 14 Verse 8
And the King of Sodom/Master of Deliberations emerges/arises/goes forth
coupled with the King of Gomorrah/Master of Bundled Sheaves/The Thoughts
(to be communicated)
and the King of Admah/Master of Lands/Body Forms(a
manifestation/expansion of thought's)
and the King of Zeboiim/Master of Wills
and the King of Bela/Master of Internalization
she—the internalization process is Zoar/rejuvenation. And they arrange/set in
order/organize the totality of life/all with them
to draw up a merger/a war/a joining of forces—to release the order of works
fully in light in the Valley/profound depth of the Siddim/breasts/affluences.

Note the progression of emergence. First a thought arises
out of deliberations of all that is within our body garden. Then
the thought's are bundled into a sheaf which composes a form of
life. The form as well as the thoughts have wills or desires, hence
Meleck/King Zeboiim foll-ows Meleck Admah. Through the
exercise of Wills, there is internalization of the thought which

yields an internal ization or rejuvenation of life. This cycle is
seen over and over as a thought emerges from your mind
(Sodom) unto it becoming collected into a speech or writing
(Go-morrah), formulated/manifested (Admah), empowered with
will (Zeboiim), and then internalized (Bela). Through this five or
life stage process we have continuation/per- petuality of the
thought concept within a manifestation. In comparison take the
stages of flower's. They emerge as seeds/concepts which are
gathered in clusters / pods / seeds. These clusters take on the
forms of a plant which is em powered by light through which
each principle and characteristic within the seed is internalized
and made visible through the plant.
Now take the King of Sodom, the mastering of
thought's in the Garden of YHWH, and allow the pro cess to be
completed within you until the thoughts of life are internalized
and housed into a corresponding form of radiance through
The internalization is the placement or the position of the
thought meditation which gives rise to the perfect or complete
unfoldment of the Mind or Thought's of YAH. The internalization
is the adornment or garment of the initial thought. The Bela
stage of the process is the im-plementation of the concept
whereby it may be fully ex-pressed within a form and whereby
the form will be per petually joined to the Mind in a marriage of
heaven and earth.

They, the King's, are an organization of ye, the plurality of all
that comprises you---all with them.
Chapter 14 Verse 9
With/a totality of Chedorlaomer/to roll out a sheaf/an unfoldment of the white
a King of Elam / a master of all concealed
coupled with Tidal/splendor, a master of interior processes,
and Amraphel/Sayings, a master of Shinar/transmutations
and Fire Arioch/Wisdom. A master of ElSar / to open/fully comprehend
within: four kings/Master's of Light Inquiry
with the five/com-prising a penetration of wisdom/a robing of light.

Note, the five precede the four in the emergence or the coming
forth from within each person. The ascension of the five will
facilitate the four masters complete work's. While the four
initiate the five (verses 1-2), the five will now fulfill the four.
The order of the four as they emerge from within is
strategic: Chedorlaomer comes to the front as the master of the
white text unfolded. His mastery pertains to the un foldment of
all within. Following Chedorlaomer comes Tidal, the release of
splendor contained in the interior pro cesses through the
unfoldments. To support the splendor being released comes
Tidal, sayings to transmute to a higher state according to the
unfoldment of the interior splendor. And then Arioch, the blazing

fire force that fully sees with comprehension all within! What
follows this organization of four masters—the heads of inquisition, having access to understand the nature and works of light,
is the five—the robes of light/immortality. The counsel of the
four leads to putting on the Mastering of Yahushúo Mashiyach,
to put-on the garments of immor- tality, and to put on kindness in
the process of exchang- ing the mortal nature for the immortal (2
Cor 3: 13, Gal 3: 27, Col3:8-14, I Cor 15:53-54).

Chapter 14 Verse 10
And the valley/profundity of the breasts
is with lights, with lights/illuminations to burn/to bubble up like a spring
And they examine/try/are lifted up—
the King of Sodom and Gomorrah--and they fall/become prostrated/occur on behalf of/toward a name
and the ones remaining/arising relationships/leavenings
are lifted up/proven toward the mountain.

The description of the Valley of the Breast follows for it is
here that the kings assemble (vs 8). The translations “with lights”/
is from the root word or. As this is later de veloped in the
tabernacle structure, the valley of breasts, known as the heart, is
the seat of the burning coals of the altar. Hence, the literal
translation, the seat of kings is on the altar of in the midst of
burning lights/The king or the mastery of thought
deliberations/Sodom and thought com positions/Gomorrah
becomes submitted to the structures of life within the breasts.
This conveys a process of de- voting the master of thoughtful
deliberations/Sodom coupled with formulating the thought's in

speech and in writing/Gomorrah to the fires within the heart.
As new ideas of contemplation arise and become un-rolled
into sheaves of sayings through conversations, this mastery
becomes an ongoing process as the king or mas tery is located
upon the bed of coals within the heart. Each of us is to make the
merger of the kings within the Valley of Siddim, in the midst of
our heart center that is radiant with lights, burning, as the
foundational source of Wisdom. Hence, having the mastery of
Sodom and Gomorrah so positioned, the bubbling up of ideas
and their formulations into words and writings, is under stood as
the ongoing release of Wisdom making herself known in our
midst. The king of Sodom and Gomorrah is as one for this
mastery of deliberation and communi- cation is expressed as a
To say that they fall in the valley indicate that they are
prostrate in heart, laid down like an animal on the altar, falling
head long upon the illumination that only satisfies with ideas and
communications of light. They, both the king of deliberation and
communication, are lifted up and fall down, within the Valley of
Breasts. The residue or the relationship of all formulated within
the heart is lifted up unto the mountain, a reference to the mind
enlightened. Thus in all of this discourse, we are seeing the
elementary process of heart and mind to accommodate the force
of Wisdom’s expressions. Through which there are takings or

acquisitions that follow to enable us to proceed in the paths of
Chapter 14 Verse 11
And they receive/take hold of/grasp
the totality of a collective acquisition /saddled horse/holdings,
Sodom and Gomorrah,
and the totality of collecting their food/meal/consummation,
and they proceed/lead with guidance/move/walk forward.

'They' refer to the kings in confederation with Sodom and
Gomorrah who receive from the king's positioned in humility
upon the bed of wisdom laid in the heart. Note the construct of
word's in verse 12 regarding Lot. Both “Sodom and Gomorrah”
and “Abram’s brother’s son” fol-low the verbal phrase to
describe the holdings as: Sod-om and Gomorrah and as a son of
a brother of Abram.
Due to the master's being prostrate upon the altar, they are
receiving messages of totality of each collective thought that is
contained within the baggage of a seed. The values that have
been bagged within a seed are liken ed to the saddle bag's that are
on a horse. 'We Do Not Know' all that we are carrying within us
until we posi- tion our master's of deliberations and thought
composi- tions upon the fiery force of wisdom, centered in the
heart. Each component of our genetic code is viewed as a part

of our totality, and hence, each corresponding thought to all that
is within us is considered within the framework of our totality.
These are the identifying thought's of wisdom.
Not only does Wisdom speak to the kings regard-ing the
totality of each person but also the totality of all people's. For we
are all emanations of one Light, and in wisdom we see our unity
and likeness of light. On the contrary, thoughts of separation or
denial or abuse are deliberations and thought compositions that
arise out of reflected perceptions without regard to the Wisdom
that creates all things. Through the positioning of Sodom and
Gomorrah within the Valley of the Breasts, we are lead by
Wisdom to move forward in understanding and fulfillment of all
within us.
Chapter 14

Verse 12

And they acquire/receive/grasp the totality of Lot/the seed covering/the aura
and the totality of his saddled horse/holdings/acquisition a son of a brother of
and they proceed/lead with guidance/move/walk forward
and he re sides/dwells in Sodom/deliberations.

The Aura is a radiance of Wisdom, being a cover-ing for
all that is contained within the genetic code. Lot corresponds to a
seed coat that encloses, like a veil, all that is held within. Lot
may be viewed as a covering that is provided and continually

expanding in proportion to the expansion of the holdings with in
each of our seed. The aura radiates with the thoughts of wisdom
and be-comes an extension or veil of the living attributes. Of
significance is the contents that are contained in Lot.
Remember that due to the circle of knowledge that Abram
and Lot move in, both are gathering holdings.Re call the order
established (13 :8-12) as the means to draw out all within the
house of Abram. Abram and Lot have been moving within the
cycles and orbits of lights to ex tend their becoming.
Through the positioning of the King of Sodom and
Gomorrah within the heart, all that has been collected by
Abram and Lot is being processed into thoughts for- mulated by
Wisdom! We are given an understanding re- garding our aura
and all it contains. First, the holdings are generated by the
interplay bet-ween Abram and Lot within the circle to discern all
that is within them as they are being drawn out in the earth.
Both, Abram & and Lot, are able to initiate and prod the other
unto con tinual extension. Lot is described as a son/ an formulated extension.
He is also defined as an extension of Abram’s brother
one who is formulated to uphold the genetic code of each name.
Lot is like a staff of support to uphold and exert a force to lift up
all that is within the genetic code of our name. The struggles

between the two are des cribed fully in the wilderness encounters
between Israel Abram’s descendants, and Moab and Ammon,
Lot’s descendants. The principle's that are presented with the
king's is foundational to our complete extension with mastery and
must be applied in each stage of our un-foldment's characterized
in our descendants or genera tions.
Note, it takes the proper connections between the aura and the
name, and the aura being under the mastery of Sodom and
Gomorrah, for us to proceed forward. Spec- ifically, the aura
must be seized or grasped by the master of Thought Deliberation's
and Thought Compositions for us to move forward.
What do we mean by moving forward? The word, to
walk/ that we are attaining or taking hold of the instructions that
pertains to our complete extension of being. Unless we are
extending our life, we are not walk ing in the light, and if we are
walking in the Light then we are extending our life. The other
point that follows is that our aura becomes lodged in Sodom—
with-in the fields of deliberations and meditation to continually
draw out all within the seed of our name. Sodom is a Thought
Garden of YHWH, and in this sacred plot of earth, our aura is
position ed to give support and to assist in the ex tension of our
name unto fullness of being.
Chapter 14 Verse 13

And the escapee/the one being delivered appears/comes forth and he
declares/reveals to Abram—the Hebrew/the one transcending, and he/the one
becoming is residing/inhabiting/abiding amongst the Oak's of Mamre, the
Amori /the saying/uttering, a brother/an upholder of Ashkol/the foundational
force to assemble and a brother/an upholder of Aner/the unfoldment process.
And they/the radiance gathered are Masters of the Covenant of Abram.

The one escaping or the one being delivered refers to the thought
that has come through the collection/captivity of Lot and appears
unto the name/Abram. This refers to the delivery of the thought
that was captivated within the aura and now appears unto our
name. The process frequently happens to us-a thought is formed
and then our name hears of it. This account is best understood as
the sequential stages of thought formation and how our name
comes to learn of the thought that has broken through gate's of
the aura field, released for our name to hear.
The Torah reflects upon our name as the Hebrew, the
spirit element that comes unto the earth/transformations. Our
name hears of the thoughts of wisdom as it is residing amongst
the oaks the holy teachers/kings and priest/those dwelling with
in the dominion of ALhhim, those who mirror spiritual attributes
through forms and manifestation's. Those dwelling in the oaks
are focused on comprehending their divine nature via reflections
and mirroring oneself.
Such reflections and mirroring processes prepare the

name for further embodiments and transformations. Through
mirroring and reflections of our inner nature, strength / holy
teaching/king's arise, for as we reflect so we release spiritual
contained energies within the name.
The holy teaching's are the Oak's of Mamre—the
Teaching's of Mirroring / The Dominion of Reflec-tion.
Yahushúo referred to this dwelling state as the King dom of
ALhhim within. Mirroring is the means of reflec-ting principles
of light in waters or forms whereby we may look at them as in a
mirror. Initially the principles may be seen within a glass darkly,
but then become bri- ghter unto a full disclosure of all within us.
The Amori refers to the development of the word or speech level
of consciousness. Such is the ability of our name to form
sayings, to utter meditatively, to think to oneself. The say ing is
called a brother, because it upholds the thought. It is both a
brother to Ashkol and a brother of Aner. As a brother to Ashkol,
the saying or the Amori upholds the basic core/fire essence of
the thought's.
The basic core is the essence of wisdom that is the
foundational force to assemble all parts and all released or
emanated from our name. As a brother of Aner, the saying
upholds the unfoldment of the mind process. The subsequent
“they” pertains to all collected thought's and sayings that uphold
them. This collection becomes mas-ters or possessors of the

Covenant/Agreement of Abram, the means to master the contract
inherent within the gen etic code of each name of light! Our
thoughts and sayings then are the means to possess and master
the contract of light codes within each of our names.
And Abram comprehends/hears/discerns, for his brother is
breathing/being captured. And he is green/verdant/live ly
/growing—the totality of his students/his dedications brought
forth of his house/developments: eighteen and three hundred.
And he pursues to affirm/to attest a jud gment/discernment. To
say that his brother, Lot, is being captured indicates that the
Thought's of Deliberation So dom are vibrant or breathing, yield
ing change within the aura field. And does this suggest the manner
in which the aura is shaped and colored? All within our aura is
growing and is green—active and changing. Within the aura
field are colorations of our learning's and dedications/commitments that are given birth through our devel
opments. The thought's of wisdom lead us through disci pling
processes and bring forth all that is within our name This includes
all the developments of Shem that are stor ed in Abram and now
being released in the earth or through transformations. This
conveys how thought's af-fect our spirit genetic code
The value of eighteen is comprised of the value of eight and ten.
Eight conveys a grease, lubricant, a grace or en dowment to

attain an initiation—grace to fulfill or exer- cise the thought.
Coupled with eight is the entrustments designated by wisdom
and an ability to draw out from our name’s resources. Via
coming into earth/transforma- tions, we are eighteen/living,
whereby we are endowed to both receive and utilize the grace of'
ALhhim. As the thought's of wisdom lead us to discipling
processes, our name is entrusted to withdraw further thought's
from the heart or center of profundity. The pursuit of Abram is
each name taking hold of the thought's being generated. Abram
pursues a tes timony/surety of discernment. He goes after the
thought's to af firm the discernment. He pursues the reality of the
thought heard. The thought's and their formation captivate the
aura, which being heard by the name, is the means for the name
to acquire the highest thought's of wisdom (Isaiah 55).
Chapter 14 Verse 15
And he distinguishes unto himself
nightly/via meditations,
he and his servants/awakenings are coupled with his servants;
and he conquers/cracks open/beats (as one beats grain) them
and continues to pursue them unto Chobah/dutifulness to affirm / verify the
left-side / from ShemAL to Damsek/alert activity.

By the pursuit of the thought released, Abram distin-guishes
unto himself, that is, he beholds the very nature of wisdom that
composes himself. Nightly, through medi tations and reflections
he draws out the messages held in the thought's.

By nightly does not pertain to the evening period a-lone, for
we see aspects of all that composes us being mi rrored to us in all
forms and patterns of light displayed in creation. The pronoun
he/is the same root word mean ing to breathe and to awaken His
breathing and awaken ings are coupled with his services to enact
the thought's through his developing energies, known as
servants. And he conquers them bringing all thought's under his
The same is to say that he takes charge of all the
thought's held in the aura. He cracks open this vast expand ing
container, the aura, to take hold of all within, con-trolling all that
is held captive there (2 Corinthians 10:3-6). Thought's which deny
his development in light, he casts down, and those thought's
which confirm the nature of mashiyach/messiah, he lifts-up. He
continues to pursue the thoughts unto Chobab—unto a sense of
We have an obligation to fulfill the thought, not out a demand
to do something, but an obligation to our divine self to become
all that we are! Unto this obligation of being the
energies/servants are committed. The pursuit is done in such a
manner to confirm all from ShemAL / from the left. What is
from the left-side is what is drawn out of the right or drawn out
from the Name of AL. We fulfill our obligation within the

context of the universal order of HaShem!
The final stage of the pursuits is to Damsek/Damascus—unto
the ascending consciousness of wisdom’s ordain ed activity and
there being embraced by the Father of Light's in whose image
we confirm our activities and ob ligations to be.
9 Steps in the Pursuit of a Thought Summary
Chapter 14 Verse (verses 14-15)
Disciple all within to hearken to the Deliberations of
Wisdom; keep discipling every branch of our name’s
development to grow in grace.
Be receptive/responsible with entrustments of wis-dom to
fulfill the grace allotted—be eighteen.
3. Honor the sacred chamber to access Wisdom, (being three
hundred,) arising from the depths of our Center of Pro fundity / the
Discern to evaluate and judge each thought. Seek
for a testimony/verification of the discernment. How does the
thought convey an expression of wisdom?
Distinguish yourself—know yourself by wisdom. Each
name knows itself through releasing the thought's of wisdom
held within each name—fire nature. Disting- uish your-self
nightly, via meditation of the thought's of the day.
Breathe upon the thought—fan it with your wind/ ruach/

spirit; be awakened inwardly to putting the thought into service.
This is the association of 'he and his servants' —between the
awakening and the process to fulfill the awakening through
7. Pursue to Chobah—unto dutifulness, giving the right -a-way
of wisdom to exercise the thought. This pursuit is the obligation
to our divine self which is an obligation to wisdom, of which we
Confirm by your position the thoughts from
ShemAL, that the thoughts are being exercised within the
overall frame-work of the Name of United Order. Exercise the
thought in a manner that confirms your place in the world, and
in so doing; be happy. Confirm your name, as wisdom calls
you within your appointed place in the united order of lights.
9. Pursue to Damsek—unto the heights of conscious-ness
with fulfillments/activities of Unity. Enter into the heights of
YHWH with full consciousness of wisdom’s glory being
released and expressed. You are fully aware that what you
are thinking and doing is the glory of wisdom.
Chapter 14

Verse 16

And he transforms/refreshes
the totality of the collective holdings/saddled bags
and also the totality of Lot, his brother, and his saddled bag holdings;
he heightens the transformation for himself
and also the totality of the women/the desires for wisdom

and the totality of the people/perspectives.

Pursuing thoughts to fulfill our divine nature within the
structure of the orders of HaShem lead us unto activities that are
governed by the ascending consciousness. As a result,Abram
transforms all the thoughts in his collective holdings and the
thoughts held within the aura that sup-ports the name. Our aura
defends and supports our name as a brother and our name treats
with honor the aura and all it encounters. All that our aura holds is
refreshed,trans forming the thought's to higher altitudes. Perhaps
you can relate how all the thoughts you once held were ele-vated
into a higher perspective of a given subject. This is the impact
that the Torah is teaching us that is achiev ed as the thought's of
wisdom are pursued.
Our entire thought frame work is refreshed with new insights
and our consciousness is raised according to the discovery of our
divine nature.
And also, meaning in addition to or with multiplying
proportions, he transforms or refreshes the women--- the desires
for wisdom. Refreshment of mind also is extend ed to one’s
perspective. Our ability to accept and our abi lity to nurture is
also raised to higher levels of performa- nce as WaH. Do you
recall how one spark of insight ex-ploded to alter every-thing
you held in thought construct to be refreshed and transformed
via graduations unto an other operative level of thinking? All in

your aura / in Lot, and your desires for wisdom, and your
perspectives are transformed according to the higher thought
pursued (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 55)! This is the result of pursuing the releases of thought's from the seat of wisdom where Meleck
Sodom, the king of deliberations is prostrate, hu mbly listening
and serving.
And Meleck/King Sodom emerges to encounter him / to
behold him following/after the renewal/transformation/refreshment [of new thought's acquired] from the vibr ation /
extracting the kernels / from beating [the grain] / cracking open
the composite of Kedorlaomer/concealed inscriptions and the
composite of the king's which verify his compositions
unto/according to the profound depth/ the Valley of Shaveh. He
is becoming the King of Profu ndity/the Valley/a Master of the
Heart’s Depth.
King Sodom, the very base of thought formations, eme-rges to
behold the glorious rays of the thought's rele-ased and that are
now captured and held sacred to the name. He beholds to see
what was initiated and how it has become integrated to transform
all else that has been held! The king beholds the success of
wisdom’s voice achieving a renewal of the names mind. He sees
how the released thought has transformed all else that has been
held in captivity. We do not keep thinking the same way. Our
thought's are in process of being transformed and re newed to a

higher consciousness of thinking. The King of Deliberations
emerges to behold our Abramic name, a name given to exalt the
Father within us. As our name follows through with
transformations that occur from beating/applauding/cracking
open/ the concealed writ-ings, so are we beheld to be one
amongst the kings.King Sodom sees the composite of the kings
the increased au- thority and management of powers/energies
due to the renewal of mind.
The composite of kings assembled verify our name to be
according to wisdom, according to the profound depth of
Shaveh/equality. King Sodom beholds Abram now as an
ascendant, as one of the kings, having become a mas-ter who
pursued the voice of Wisdom and who rules by the wisdom
captured. Likewise, each of us, comes to Shaveh—to the
equality of the kings as we take the scep ter of wisdom to govern
our energies.
The term, shaveh, conveys an equality, to be like, to be
fitted with an identity confirming our image in the like ness of
Yah—to be a king as YAH is King over all the earth. So we are
to be kings having come to possess the Scepter of Wisdom that is
in our hearts. Our king-ship confirms our aptitude inherited as
offspring of YAH. Not that we walk as kings over other's, but
that we walk as kings with YAH, demonstrating the very nature of
YAH—the emanation of light--in humility serving each other as

Yahushúo reminds us. Hu amek hameleck! He has become the
King of the Valley, a Master of the Heart’s Depth!
The Kingdom of ALhhim is in you;
comprised of king's and servant's.
Chapter 14 Verse 18
And the King of Righteousness/Malchi-Tsdek,
the King of Shalem / Completion,
the one bringing forth bread /
lechem and wine.
And being so/he is a priest
for AL/The Divine Order of Elyon/complete ascension.

And having become one who takes of the cup of
wisdom, Abram now encounters the presence of Malchi-Tsdek
who brings forth bread and wine. Malchi-Tsdek is the master of
being perpendicular. He is upright managing all things according
to Light Principles. He stands in the position of the stravos/the
cross, being ver-tical as one who walks with ALhhim. For until a
man comes to the cross, he is yet laid down as one slumber- ing
in the grave of his own flesh. Abram, desiring to af-firm his
divine nature, aligns all thought's with the High er Name,
Malchi-Tsdek, called also King of Shalem, is concern-ed with
the mastery of perfection or completion. It is he who manages to

make all whole and to bring forth com- plete ripened thought's
and deeds, signified by the bread and wine. When you are
concerned with your perfec-tion, with the completion of your
creation, the King of Shalem appears in you as Malchi-Tsdek. The
bread is the mature formation of light concepts; the wine is the
ul-timate form of deeds, being a fruit, a manifestation of
understanding. This king will serve your name as a priest, a
servant, an enlightened mind for the Divine Order of Complete
Ascension—AL Elyon.
Each name graduates to receive from the priest; the
bread----mature statements of living concepts--- and the wine—
the understanding that satisfies and make glad the heart. Both are
given to perfect the name. The appea ring king is to complete
the divine order to fulfill the ascension potential. The name sown
in the earth begins to complete the ascension to the heavens.
The sons of Aaron have an on-going role amongst men, serving
them to be awakened to manage their energies.

Note from Author:
All of the Teúwrah/Torah Light Principle’s materi-al being
presented in this work, has come from the Aaronic
Priesthood to whom the Teúwrah/Torah has been given.
Thus the information will be coming from the heritage of
those who have composed and been in charge of the

Teúwrah/Torah scroll’s / the face’s of our Unity.
There are communication’s from the spirit to the enlightenment of mind; this communication of your spirit begins as
you receive and are opened to the Holy Spirit, or are baptized
into the Spirit. And as you begin tospeak in tongue’s, or in a
serpent language as Moshe, the lang uage must be translated by
the enlightenment of your mind: your brother Aaron And you will
see that the tongue, or the serpent of Moshe, will swallow up, or
over-come, the serpent of the flesh, or the people of Egypt. This
is the major role of the son’s of Aaron: {Shmual ben Aharon,
Wahli}, to interpret what the Spirit is saying; and the role of
Aaron will continue to do so: for man to stand in his
completeness in Yahushúo haMashiyach.
And if you have been taught that the house of Levi
(Priesthood) has no operation in today’s world, youhave been
taught contrary to divine order and prophetic dis-cernment. [we
are talking about the Old Testament here - The Torah’s Fire
Scroll’s, have ya read it lately]? That was the author speaking.-Shmual continues and says, ‘I would remind you of the prophet
Jeremiah / YirmeYahu Ch 33:19-22, that indicates that the
covenant with the house of David and house of Levi is
continual, as you see every day and every night before your

Now arguably this statement is from the Throne Room of

YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha
Yud < L.<but, here is where the action is, no where else.
Nowhere! The work of translation is com-mitted to the son’s of
Aharon/Aaron, who are entrusted to read and teach Teúwrah
Law / Torah to all YishARAL and TO THE NATION’S who come
and say, “Teach us the Law!” It’s ONLY to the sons of Aharon that
the Law is giv en; and hence, it is the son’s of Aaron Aharon
who are appointed and gifted to teach the Torah. For how can
any teach what they were not given? To the AHARONIC
Priesthood the Torah is given. The translation’s also are
dedicated to convey the goodness of YahúWah AL and to lead
the hearer to the performance of the writing’s in faith.
The House of Aharuwan/Aaron is the thread of the work,
and without it, there are no thread’s for the needle of Aparryim,
whereby the thought’s of HhaTeúwrah/The Torah / THE LAW OF
LIBERTY are woven into the fabric of all Name’s and Nation’s.
Continuing On:

The Malchi-Tsdek is an attainment of mind through thought
acquisition to verify the divine orders ascension. Though not
everyone is appointed amongst the sons of Aaron; all may
attain unto the Malchi-Tsdek unto the mind state that is
promised for completion and per-fection of one’s name. We
commence the priesthood via acquiring the wisdom in the heart,
and we enter into the Universal Consciousness of YHWH as the
operation of Malchi-Tsdek is completed/perfected.

Chapter 14

Verse 19

And he blesses/expands him;
and he says/considers/thinks:
Baruck Abram/Expanding is Abram
for the United Order Ascension of Actualization/AL Elyon
possessor/regulator of names / heavens and transformation/earth.

The work of Malchi-Tsdek is to bless or to expand each name
unto its perfection-complete unfoldment. The say-ings or
considerations of the priest is to bless: “Expand-ing is Abram for
the United Order—for the ascension of actualization.” Abram,
the seed code name of each per-son, is the possessor of names
(heavens) and a regulator of transformation (earth). With the role
of Malchi-Tsdek activated within, you call into play all of your
names-heavenly attributes and position them for transformation
earth. More so, all names or attributes of light within you are now
under the governor-ship of your name and in so being, you now
may affect their transformation and ex-change operations.
The term possessor / konah/is from the root word
meaning to purchase, to acquire, and to own. As each name
realizes that every attribute of AL belongs to him/ her rightfully
and that each name is a shaft of light to ex press the Nature of
Wisdom, so one comprehends that all of these attributes or
names belong to them intuitive- ly, not that you had to earn
them, but that they are your very nature of being. With these you

are gifted, and the means for their discovery is set forth in
bringing forth and knowing your inner kingdom.
As mentioned above, the letter's forming the word konah
also form the word meaning a shaft or branch of the menorah.
Your inner light system has seven stalks,be ing a carrier of
radiance to express the seven or the com plete nature of light. So
are you to your ALhhim YHWH! All positions of lights are names
that fill the heavens.The earth is the means of their exchange and
expression.You are the possessor, the shaft of light to convey the
complete expression of wisdom! This is the blessing on your name
as you encounter Malchi-Tsedek.
Chapter 14
Verse 20
And blessed expansive is AL Elyon / the Divine Order Ascending
confirming to guard/defend/deliver your discord/ retardation/narrowness
into your hand/power/under your administration
And he appoints / gives to him from ten, from the collective wholeness.

The Priest of Peace puts into your hand the ability to
receive and have access to every path of fulfillment. So is a man
who lives for peace/completion. With the blessing of MalchiTsedek, your name now controls any discord or retardation that
hinders you ascension. Your name is enlarged and expanded
through the sayings of Malchi-Tsedek. There are times that you
will sense your name expanding 6 times your present stature
and then ten times and more.

As Shmual was teaching us about The Ancient Paleo Hebrew
Torah Light/Life Principle's of YahúWah The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH; He told us
that he felt, through sayings, that: 'I have expanded to 20 times
my physical stature.' You will expand or be blessed to
accommodate the great unfold- ment of your fire nature within!
Thanks be to ALhhim.
Your name is given authority of AL Elyon to confirm and to
verify your ability to ascend and rise above narrow thinking or
any mode of retardation. This blessing is in your hand! And he
(Abram) takes out of his hand and gives a tithe / lit. from ten.
To say that Abram gives a tithe—from ten, indicates that he gives
from all of his ten extensions/his capacity pertain ing to all in his
hand. He gives to the priest the promise of his devotion. And in
giving from ten one gives a com-mitment that you belong to the
highest order of light & that no retardation will prevent your
ascension! This is the power of giving the tithe-your expansion
is complete and your house is running over. Giving from ten
declares that you belong to the United Order; you put forward your
total extension of your divine image. The tithe equates to
commitment; it is giving your complete extension of being, from
or through the hands for perfection. The tithe for the poor, the
widow, the stranger, and the Levite is unto the completeness and
fullness of the House of YHWH of which you are!

Via expanding in the United Order of Ascension, you confirm
that your disorders/retardations will never hold you down. The
protection against our enemies is put in our hand. And from the
expansion of AL Elyon in our hand, we establish / to him---Malchi-Tsedek from ten an extraction of all. The hand's are the
instruments to ex tract and to transfer/give all within us. Thus,
Abram, tran sfers all within himself to the King and Priest,
Malchi-Tsedek, who initiates and provides a magen/shield / defense unto his completion. Thank YAH-YAÚWAH for all of the
Magen Malchi-Tsedek. Follow the Torah guide, and go in your
closet and encounter Malchi-Tsedek in your pursuits for the
thought's of wisdom. Transfer all that you receive to him--- the
Mind State of Being Up-right /Ascendant for your perfection He
is the King of Shalem, the King of Peace, the Master of Your
Let us reflect upon the three day's to immortality /
Day one is the period of light for sowing, implanting, and
gathering the principle thoughts of wisdom. The Force of
Wisdom is accepted from the deliberations of King Sodom and
the thought treasured within the aura. Day two is the period of
light for developing the thought within the body. It corresponds
to when Abram hears of the captured thought's and begins to

pursue them. The development period transforms the body from
mortal and perishable traits that cannot be sustained un to
immortal expressions that originate and have their perpetual
being in light. Day three is the period of light for channeling the
principle's and forms through sacri-fice, renewing the
commitment of energies daily unto the creative will of Wisdom.
The oylah/burnt offering characterizes day three. In conjunction
is the lighting of the menorah through which we arise. From
being sown in the earth and from periods of learning, we arise as
an ascendant flame flickering in the wind, being fanned to be
radiant, fulfilling the Unity of day one and day two, the perfect
expression of love.
The following verse continues the saga regarding the
expanding role and responsibility of the King of Sodom. Having
seen what Abram appoints for Malchi-Tsekek; the King of
Sodom also comes forward for his next as- signment within the
domain of the Kingdom. What we are seeing here is the name of
each person, characterized as Abram, setting in place the powers
of light, known as the king's. These significant positions are
guides for the actualization of the Kingdom of ALhhim within!
Chapter 14 Verse 21
And the King of Sodom/Deliberations says/considers
unto Abram—unto the magnification of Father/Source:
Appoint for me the soul,
and the saddled bags you are receiving for

yourself/guiding your productivity.

Why does the King of Sodom come forward and re-quest
appointment for the soul? We understand the soul to be the
unfolding expressions of ruach/spirit. Contain-ed within the soul
are twelve expressive traits of life. “Appoint for me the soul”
as you have appointed what was in your hand for the King of
Shalem. And as a re-sult or coupled with my appointment, you
will be contin uing to receive for yourself the entire realms of
thought's, contained in the saddled bags. As the thought's are released from the Profundity base of Wisdom, the name pursues
them unto full acquisition. Initially the thoughts are held by the
King of Sodom.
Through hearing the thought's are transferred fully to King
Abram. The name acquires strength and might, as well as
identification to know itself via taking hold of the thoughts of
Wisdom that arise via King-Sodom / Deliberations.
Chapter 14 Verse 22
And Abram considers/says/thinks/projects the anointed mind
unto the King of Sodom/Deliberations:
I cause to be elevated/raised up my hand
unto YHWH/projecting strength to Unity,
unto AL Elyon/the Divine Order ascending to full extension,
to be a possessor/regulator of heavens coupled with earth.

Abram, a magnification of Ab/Father, considers the King of

Sodom’s position even as each name considers the king's within.
Each child and each name is a magni-fication of their father as
Abram represents. The magnif-ication process brings forth and
brings to light all that is of the Father housed within. Upon
recognition we confirm and operate according to our inheritance
of king's. Av / Father which already includes mother, without
such there would not be father. A is the Father; b is the Mother
Thus is portrayed in the unity of HaShem: YAH and WAH.
The Magnification Force / Abram considers the
placement of its kings/power's to govern the House of The
Name/the House of Unity.
Abram’s hand has been raised and devoted to
exercise the divine will that is within. Abram projects his
determination to the King of Deliberations, thereby
communicating that the deliberation processes are not in vain,
but that the voice of wisdom will be honored. In counsel we
discuss with the King of Sodom the exercise of our kingdom
affairs. The lifting of the hands pertains to use of one’s energies
(a symbol of sacrifice, ref: Psalms). Abram affirms 'I have caused
my hand to be raised unto the Unity of the Name within and its
ascension.' The raising of hands signify taking a vow and promise.
Raised hands convey your works and the extension of energies to
be according to the Wisdom raised and head.

The hands are raised for the names of light-the heavens thus are
hands raised in prayer. Abram raises his hand to YHWH, the
Unity of Life, to all light emanates and main tains, unto the divine
order of his name to its perfect un-foldment. Through raising the
hand, Abram regulates the names and their transformation to
fulfill his role as a pos sessor of the heavens and earth.
When our hand is raised being devoted to the Unity and to all
orders of light, then we are actively regulating the Kingdom of
heaven in earth. We are conveying the em-bodiment of name's
unto their full transformation. This we affirm to the King of
We are not only hearer's, but doer's.
“Appoint for me” is the counsel of the king to the name who is
now the administrator or King of all the king's. Your name is the
authority to govern the king's to their state of dominion, but
before 'You Know' you are a king you may see yourself as a
When you realize that you are hearing the word's of
wisdom coming from your heart and out of the cham- ber where
the king's have assembled, you arise to pursue the wisdom.
Having pursued you learn and having learnt you are blessed to
have all within your hand. As you are the King of king's, you

counsel with the king's regard-ing their appointments within.
This is the administration of the Kingdom of ALhhim/god within
Who will be the king of the soul (SMB 12:5)? The King of
Sodom speaks up, 'Appoint for me the soul'—the ex pressive
nature and extension of the spirit—the means to unfold the face's
or expressions of spirit. The soul re-flects what is inward or what
is outward, thus it’s nature is termed Mamre—to make visible
the soul field's. The King of Sodom can provide for the soul
nourishment from the Deliberations whereby it receives the
thought's of the Spirit of Wisdom. Otherwise the soul is left to
re flect outwardly, being designated as a mirror for expression's apart from spirit—the very source it is to express.

Chapter 14 Verse 23
On condition—being nursed/mothered from a measuring line/thread/cord
and giving evidence to lace/bind together to conclude a matter,
and being nursed/mothered I will acquire/learn/be taught
from all branches of instruction to verify/to guide/to go straight-on for you.
And you are not saying/and guiding with principle you say:
Behold, I cause enrichment/a tithe of the totality of Abram.

The word im /ma , often translated as “if” or “on
condition” also means “a mother,” one who nurses to fullness.
Lit. a mother, a nurturing center, is “a seed in water.” Both a
condition and a consent pertains to how a concept is nursed.
Abram continues his response to the king of Sodom testifying

that by the steps of his pursuits he is becoming a possessor of
names and their transfor- mation. Being nursed from a thread, a
cord, as through an umbilical cord-the channel to define and
align all en-ergies, there is a bringing together of evidence to
lace to gether a shoe—to conclude decisively how to move in a
certain direction or to walk forward in a decisive path. Through
being nursed, my name learns from the collec- tive wholeness, to
verify/confirm for the King of Delib- eration. For the counsel
and the thoughts that the King of Sodom provides me must be
nursed until the point that I can confirm them within my own
name and kingdom, and without such, I am still a child and
not a king.
And hence it is not just the providing the thought's that are
the key to an enriched life, but by learning to confirm my own
collective wholeness. Thus, the King of Sodom, does not boast
that he is the Source of Abram’s riches, but that he is a guide to
assist each genetic code name to hear and then to confirm the
riches within one self.
The phrase,rmat alw, may be best understood to read as
guiding with principle you issue thought's that lead to
enrichment. The King is not saying that the deliberation alone
are the success to totality. The text may be best re ndered: You
never say that deliberations alone would be the key to my
success. But as the King of Sodom guides with principle, he

causes enrichment unto Abram’s total- ity only as Abram
confirms the deliberation brought for-ward. Unless one directs
another with principle, a sim-ple, no or command, does not lead
one to walk decisive ly with understanding. Nor does saying
“no” lead one to become a ruler and a possessor of the
kingdom of name's within. Each person is enriched as he/she
con-firms the principle of ALhhim within their kingdom of
name's—the inner kingdom of heaven's.
Abram continues his confirmation and vow to
the King of Sodom:
Becoming a Master/is my testimony/evidence/only
to verify that the young men have eaten/partaken and to
characterize/distinguish/allot/illuminate the inheritance of the
men: to verify they are proceeding with me/to my totality:
Aner/the renewing unfoldment process,Ashkol / the assemblycluster of fire, coupled with Mamre/the mirroring/reflecting all
within unto full assimilation: they are accepting/taking hold of
their character/inheritance. Abram concludes that the work
initiated with the King of Sodom has lead to maturity—from the
young men to the full character of the men. In our confirming
the de-liberations we yield the evidence of hearing and under
standing the deliberations.
The mastery of the deliberation comes by par taking or eating of

the thought's released. We are characterized by partaking of our
true inheritance and by proceeding-mov ing forward unto our
totality of being. There are three youth with us who are maturing
via the confirmation's of the King of Sodom. Aner, Ashkol, and
Mamre. As we hear and confirm so do we grow in the
unfoldment pro- cess--Aner. Likewise, we grow according to the
purpose of our fires being clustered--Ashkol. Also we develop in
manifesting/reflecting all within—Mamre. These three aspects of
soul (SMB 12:5) are developing the character and nature of
wisdom via Abram’s confirmations / verifi cations.
END Chapter 14
Bet HaShem Midrash • White Text Torah Lesson
Berayshith Genesis 15

Chapter 15
1st Verse
Subsequent to the these words/Following the divinely appointed words
becoming is a Word/Meadow of YHWH unto Abram
in a vision for consideration:.
An United Order, you will respect/fear/honor, Abram/You will not fear, Abram;
I, a nurtur er/shielder, am for your
flourishingly/I being a shield for you;
your labor/reward/profit illuminates the multitude [inner greatness] exceedingly.

Keep in mind that the words pertain to the
operation of the king's and specifically the words of King Sodom
regarding watching over the soul. We come into the earth with
our means to hold/a wife, with a cov- ering/Lot, and with
soul/expression. Earlier in chapter's 12 and 13 we focused on the
development and interplay of Sarai and Lot with Abram; now the
Torah progresses to consider the development of soul. We
come to earth with our names—heavenly attributes to be
perfected or completed with soul—a full disclosure and
expression of all within (SMB 12:5, Tehillah 103:1). Abram now is
focusing on carrying through on the words of King Bera for the
per fection of spirit and soul (Hebrews 12:23; 10:39). The soul is the
expression of the spirit. The sacrifices and every ex pression of
wisdom becomes visible through the soul. The soul body is a
lamp or radiance of spirit which rad- iance is according to
understanding / the eye (Mattithyahu 6:22). If the understanding is
based on the illumination and radiance of a name, then the lamp
shines brightly; however; if the understanding is darkened, being
without inner illumination, then the lamp of the soul, the radiance nature of the soul, is dimmed.
As noted in chapter 14, There are three traits of soul: Mamre,
Ashkol, and Aner. These three communicate the nature of soul—

to reflect as a mirror/Mamre, to be a ga-thering place of all the
fire natures of the spirit/Ashkol, and to serve as a renewing force
for the mind/Aner.
With divine word's our heart's are full. When the
thought's and word's of YahúWah The Most High Hha-OLiyun
h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH are opened to us, the
corresponding word is opened in our heart causing the heart to
over-flow. As the heart is open ed, the mind is satisfied, and as
the word is confirmed and becomes manifested in expression,
the mind is re-newed.
We may well say that every heart is filled with the Torah,
but until the heart is opened, the Torah word's are locked inside.
The heart may appear empty or dark be-cause the word's inside
are not released or opened to let their light shine forth. But as the
words are open, as Paul Shaul wrote, the Divine Intelligence/The
Holy Spirit sheds love abroad in our heart's (Romans 5:5).
With the position of King Sodom being appointed for the
soul Abram continues in deliberations of all in his heart
pertaining to the soul. As the deliberations begin (ch 14) the divine
order of king's emerge. These are pow-ers of light that were once
held captive within the seed construct of Abram. Through
deliberations, the authority and order of the King's and their
messages are released within you!
Subsequent to the divine order of kings radiating through

word's, there is a becoming—Light Act's to radiate the inner
message's. Following the divine order of words, illumination is
given. unto Abram with a vis-ion for consideration. After the
divine order of words there becomes an insight/to expand the
genetic code name—Abram/enlargement of principles.
The meaning of devar/a word/may also be trans- lated as a
meadow. In ascensions on the ladder there are meadows in
the picture windows. The meadow de picts the word that is
being opened at this perspective/al titude/window.
Shamual said, many, many years ago, when he translat ed all
of this Paleo Torah, 'Lately, I was called up to rung number # 374
in which appears the Megiddo Valley, where all of the king's
(If you think this Genesis translation here, is from some wacko
theologian, think, again--And doesn't it just want to make you
throw-up 'To Know' that your sick empty spiritual world is
diseased and evil and worthless)?
We could translate verse one as: Subsequent to the Divine
Order of Words [pertaining to the inner kingdom and soul
development], becoming there is a meadow of YHWH in a
vision. Note a vision is a reflection of our ascension and appears
only by the illumination received and released inwardly. What

we release in our heart is then provided a window or vision for it
to expand fully. Just as a seed releases its life, the earth opens for
its ex-pansion. Or as a baby releases it energies, a door opens for
it's full emergence. A vision is for the expansion of the spiritual
mind and development of soul—the expres- sion of Wisdom.
The next lines may be read as: Do not fear Abram, or you can
render them as a parallel thought: The AL/Di- vine Order speaks
You will not fear, Abram. Having the ten king's released and
appointed for soul, you will not fear/be afraid of your-self or the
encounters of your pro- gression. I am a magen/shield for you.
Or the lines could be read: AL— the Divine Order—you will
respect/hon-or/fear/highly regard, Abram. I am a nurturer (shield)
for you to flourish. >>The later is preferred by the Voice(teacher)<< as noted in the translation above.
A shield/magen/ is comprised of water/for a baby to grow in
and for it's flourishingly. Water is a shield for a plant to fully
branch forth and to keep it from wilting & dying. Water is a
shield, forming as a blister, to protect a wound and to facilitate
it's healing. Hence, the initial Fire Letter in magen is the letter
memm. The word/me- adow of YahúWah is a nurture center for
the flourish-ingly and expansion of our inner principle's. The“I”
in the lines refer to the nature of Unity, being a combined
wholeness that has risen and is perpendicular/upright, which is a
shield for our name perpetually. Anochi/I/ is the inner divine will

that initiates/unfoldments/with evi-dence/to fulfillment.
Thanks be to ALhhim! for the voice of the Unified Spirit
that opens up our consciousness of the king's with in and how
the king's are expressed in soul. As we see ourselves unfolding
we declare with jubilation: That’s me! This is who I am! I am a
magen/a shield—a nur-turing center/for all processes to ascend /
to their perfec- tion/complete expression. The labor/reward/profit
of Ab ram will be exceedingly due to the shield/nurturing, just as
the harvest will be great due to the rains. The profit pertains to
the cultivation of the inner kingdom reaped in the
expression/fruit of soul. In laboring for the inner kingdom, the
mind is illuminated to be expressed in it's perfection, being
expanded and empowered to further un foldings. The word,
exceedingly, means to draw out steam, vapor's of fire, to
empower our expansions and ascensions.
Chapter 15 Verse 2
And Abram thinks/says:
Adonai/My Masters/Rulers of YHWH,
what have you appointed for me?

With I proceeding/walking barren/childless
with a son/an interior development to
possess/becoming a household
a house/receptacle/all lying within that belongs to me,
becoming sacks of blood (distributed energies)—Damascus
my divine order being a help—ALOZAR / Eliezer.

Abram meditates on what is seen in the vision. The
statements are discernment of the position Abram sees himself.
The position that each of us have been appoint-ed unto is a secret
for us to discover and discern. It would be meaningless for us to be
told our status until we are standing in the vision as Rabbi Shaul,
on the road to Da-mascus, when he heard/discerned the voice
speaking to him regarding the position he has in the House of
YHWH. Abram, standing in the vision, addresses the king's before him.
My Ruler's of YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h
y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH, what are you appointing
for me? As noted above (14:15) Damascus is the state of
ascending consciousness of wisdom’s activi-ty, seated in sacs of
blood—in bodies/organs in which the energies of name take
resident. Abram sees a vision of his future developments,
knowing inwardly that, AL O ZAR Eliezer, will be his divine
order as a strength / help for him to proceed. (The root
Damascus, lit. means sac of blood and refers to the various
energy bodies housed in sacs of blood, commonly referred to as
organs.) This order/arrangement of organs, Abram beholds, and

comprehends that this order is a divine help unto him.

Chapter 15

Verse 3

And Abram thinks/says:
Affirmingly/surely, for me, you do not yield a seed/offspring.
With pleasure/Behold!There is a son/an interior development in my house!
He will take possession/receive a legacy of my composites/my totality.

The second statement foresees in the vision that a seed or
fruit will not be given for him. He has seen that great shield of
YHWH within him and over him; is for him to expand within.
He exclaims: Ah, you will not be giving me a son; it is my
process of expansion that will yield the fruit of my loins which
will contain the full na-ture of my name. What a vision! Have
you seen into the meadow the position of your becoming? Do
you look at the process of your development with pleasure, with
be holding and exclaiming: there is an interior development
occurring in my house that will be the heir/receiver of all within
me, a habitation of all that I am! The son will receive from
Abram even as every form/embodiment re-ceives the radiant
glory of a name. The child/fruit willbe the heir to all that the
name becomes. And the child and the father will be one, one
entity of being. Everything that belongs to the father will belong
to the son: the child will receive my totality.
This is the focus of the prophet Eliyahu who foresees the era

when the father (every name begotten of YAH) will turn it's heart /
understanding toward the child / the off-spring or fruit of it's
Being, and the child/offspring will turn it's heart/understanding
toward the force that begot it, and the two shall be one.

Chapter 15

Verse 4

With pleasure/Behold, the word/meadow of YHWH/Unity
is unto him/is a divine order for him for
This, he will not cause/plan to inherit you;
although, on condition/being nurtured
he will confirm/verify to go forth/to the result
being a drawing out/from your bowels/entrails.
To exist/breathe, he
will inherit/possess you—he will be your heir.

The response to insight extends the wisdom dis-cerned
and provides for an extension, a look into the fu- ture of the
developments ahead. With pleasure YHWH looks unto Abram
for the statement's he has made. A word of divine order and
arrangement is for him to con-sider his statement's further.
First a word of caution and expectation. The fruit you are
bearing does not plan nor will cause to possess all the riches that
you hold inwardly. Why not? Because the soul, as the topic
focuses upon, 'Does Not Know' all the riches that are present.
The verb form being a Pa-Waw Imperfect Hiphil shortened form
of the verb, signifies that there is no cause or intent of the

offspring to possess all that Abram has. Except, on condition, he
will verify confirm to the result of being formed; from your
inner spaces. However, as the soul is nurtured/being mothered/he will begin to confirm the presence of the name, and the
soul/offspring will go forth/become the result; for the name is
the cause, not the offspring of soul.
The soul is the result of the name, not the cause of
inheritance. The word of wisdom speaks: although, as the off
spring is conditioned, being nurtured it will con-firm and verify
all that is within your entrails/energy centers, and as it begins
to breathe upon it's own, it will humbly possess,take unto itself
all that you have. And he brings him forth/he causes to appear
the totality be-longing to him toward the
outside/exterior/foreign, and he considers/thinks/says: Cast your
eye's as seed/Look / View about, I pray you/Desire the concepts
toward the heavens/the names and number/inscribe the star's on
con dition/being nurtured/mothered you will be able to inscribe/count them---the totality of their fullness.
And he considers/thinks/says to him/to his unity: Ac-cording
to the branches of light/thus shall be your seed/ fruit/offspring
The hand of YHWH takes Abram to emer ge/to arise/to emerge;
specifically, the totality of all that he is begins to emerge out of
him. This is because he asks the ruler's of YahúWah The Most
High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< with him,

what has been appointed for me? And likewise as he is aware
of the interior expansion commencing, he asks to whom does
this belong? Hence, in answer to his awareness, the total
attributes begin to emerge, arising from within him whereby they
appear as outside or foreign. It is like see-ing your mind
displayed or hanging outside of you; in your body.
As you cast your eye's to behold this phenomenon of life, do
so with a desire to behold the principle's of light that are displayed. Look to the myriad host of name's that are located in this
awesome display. Couple the de- sire with making inscriptions /
writing's/recordings/eval- uating/numbering the star's. What are
the star's? They are tribal home's / being a cluster of tribes
branches / as-sociated and belonging to each other to comprise a
Star's refer to the tribes and offspring of Yaaqov /Jacob
(SMB37:9) So when Abram is given a glance of him self, being
drawn out from within him, his answer is pro vided. Look at the
names and count/evaluate the star's. According to your
inscriptions of names, in your Torah scroll, and according to the
stars/your branches of light so shall become your soul/your
fruit/your offspring. Ac-cording to the compound nature of
illumination YAHYAH so shall your soul become. That is your
soul becomes ac cording to the emanations of light proceeding
forth out of your spirit. These details, projected to Abram, are in

scribed, counted, and expounded upon in the scroll of: The Book
of Number's / Chamesh haPekudim.
Chapter 15 Verse 6
And he believes/entrusts/verifies/confirms himself with/in YHWH.
And he determines/thinks radiantly/considers/adds it up to him
to be righteous/to be in accordance with the Principle's of Life.

Abram questions are answered. What have you appoint-ed for
me? And the answer: Name's and Tribal Branch es of Light.
Who will inherit this Expanse of Being? And the answer: Your
offspring of soul is the heir. Abram is shown his nature and his
becoming and as a result he be lieves in YHWH YahúWah The
Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.< trusts
and confirms the order of the Name of YHWH within.
Seeing this picture, does it cause you to believe also?
Abram becomes faithful, believing, fostering, true to the
unity of life within him. He finds in YHWH truth; he finds the
Unity within him to be true. He put his con-fidence in YHWH
and finds YahúWah to be trustworthy because he educates him to
be like himself. Abram saw his beginning and ending in once
glance, and then he knew with confidence the Unity of Life that
formulates him and sends him forth unto his full extension of
being. He believes in the Unity of Life, in YahúWah that is with

him and who is revealing himself to Abram. This is the faith of
Abram and the faith of those who see the names residing within,
as Abram and those who count/enume-rate the star's as Abram.
The word's Abram spoke and the mediations of his heart added
up to one thing: righteousness—a pursuer of the path's of
dominion. He ask question's about his becom ing and what
would be the outcome? YHWH hears and adds up the value of
the statement's and the meditations. Yes, what we think and say
do add up to something. Thus, the Torah says “he counted him
to be righteous.” The word, to calculate is from the root word,
bcj, mean ing to ascend/elevate the spirit above/with
manifestation form. Abram faith is placed in YHWH from this
time forth. He sees the inner domain of names—the heavens and
records the stars/the branchings of light within him unto their
fullness. So is the development of his soul un to perfection.
His faith/entrustments are in YHWH, in the
emanations of light and its holdings. For so is a man and his
soul. Each man being an emanation of light/YH and his soul; the
radiant glory of the emanation of/WH. And so it was accounted
to him; for so was it understood in him. And so was Abram
reckoned to be righteous to pur sue the paths of the kingdom
domain. This every man comes to put first in his quest, and the
other is provided as manifestations of his
developments/emergence (Mattithyahu 6:33).

Chapter 15 Verse 7
And he says/considers the divine order actively held/unto him:
I/The concepts extending are active,YHWH/emanations and holdings,
to confirm/verify the illuminationbringing you forth/your emergence
from Ur of Kashdeem/Light of Astrology
to give/appoint for you
the totality of this land/the summed value of illuminated transformation achievements
for an inheritance.

Unto him:wyla. What is the position of the pronoun him? It
is the condition or the State of the Name in which the divine order
is actively held/treasured. The State of your divine orders
activity is the value of what you are treasuring. According to the
State of Divine Order with in you, so you will be addressed. You
may say, no one ever told me that well, perhaps your State could
not be approached with such thought's. Kings usually talk with
other king's. Who is talking unto him--the treasured name's
state within you?
The statement follows: I, the initiation of unfoldments are in
the hands/of YHWH. Abram, your thought's are adding up to the
realization of names and stars within you Now realize that the
initiations of their unfoldments are in the hands of YHWH, are
in the hand's of the UNITY of light. For the name's and the star's
to be magnified and possessed by your seed/soul; the name of
YHWH must be blessed/expanded for all of these unfoldment

are within the NAME.
The inner divine I speaks of the Name to satisfy/to con firm,
yes, Abram, this is why you have been sent, why you are
emerging, being brought forth from the Ur—the Light of
Compositions being extended. It is where the past, present, and
future—all of our days are extended unto fullness. The
Kashdeem / Chaldees are the constel-lations, the groupings of
fire that are committed to paths of activities unto fullness. This is
your origin! And the name considers the State of Residence and
the emer-gence to be satisfied. You are emerging for an appointment of inheritance.
Yes, your inheritance is what you have expanded with in
yourself; which is for you and you alone to dwell in! If you bring
forth all the lands/modes of transformations pertaining to the
totality of your name, then this will be your inheritance. You
can’t occupy someone else’s lands because their names are
dwelling there, just as two people don’t live in the same mind
space, only one high priest resides there. You live in the
expansions of your name through the land's or transformations
Chapter 15 Verse 8
And he considers/thinks/says:

Rulers of YHWH
with what do I know
that I will inherit/occupy/dwell in it?

What is the question Abram has now? How do I know that I
will possess the expansion? Or is he asking, In what way's are the
reflections of the invisible-light order's--oc curring that, 'I Will
Know' / recognize them? Or in what ways do I comprehend and
give attention to the proceed ings of the emergence to become
aware of my totality? 'We Know' the vastness of our totality
inwardly. It seems almost breath taking and so awesome. How
do we com- prehend it that we come to possess it/dwell in the
full na ture of the order's of light? This question follows up on
the section, ani YHWH, verse 7:
Chapter 15 Verse 8
I / The Single Voice--the active concepts extended—YHWH/ emanations and
are to confirm/verify the illumination bringing you forth/your emergence
from Ur of Kashdeem / Light of Astrology
to give/appoint for you
the totality of this land/the summed value
of illuminated transformation achievements
for an inheritance.

Chapter 15 Verse 9
And he says/considers/meditates on the divine order actively held/unto him:
Take hold for yourself/Distinguish the works of light for your attainment/exercise:

a calf extracted of three/from an emergence,
and/coupled with a she-goat of three/from an emergence,
and/coupled with a ram of three/from an emergence,
and/coupled with a turtle dove/an investigation/search
and/coupled with a young bird/processes held inwardly to determine future

A heifer calf, being an extraction of three pertains to
creating an enclosure. States of training occur during are being
enclosed or encircled within a cluster or group. Encirclings are for
the processes of life to proceeding with emergence. For example,
the concepts of life are encircl ed within forms. As soon as the
conception period begins so the encircling of the life energies.
The egg begins to create an ovum—an encirclement to house the
seed at-tributes. Via the heifer, a cart or carriage is created for
mastering principles. How is this calf from three? The enclosures are from entrustments, a result of an aware-ness to be a
trustee of the attributes given to us for unfold ment. All of the
aspects of three may be held in the thought emergence. Take
hold/distinguish the works of light that are encircling the concepts
from the emergence unto totality.
Again, referring to line seven above: the calf is to con
firm/verify the illumination bringing you forth/your emer gence.
Your body that encircles you life concepts is like the bride that
en-circles her husband during the wedding festival. It is the
nature of the feminine to wrap up the seed attribute even as the

flesh begins to weave the threads around the entering
larvae/serpent form/sperm composite Expand your mind on
encircling states. The Torah class is an encircling of names for
the emergence to be upheld and verified within each of us. Every
time an attribute a-rises from within you there is an emergence
and what e-merges forth is encircled. Weave the golden thread
around each principle and emerging nature of your name.
Coupled with the heifer is a she-goat, the strength of unity
that is apparent from an emergence. A goat sym bolizes might,
power vigor, energetic. The form expres-ses the comprehension
of our strength/internal weapons. One thought holds the essence
of a goat: the passion of unity/waw/6/w. Is our unity apparent from
our emergence? Most definitely. We see our concepts encircled
in the heifer and in the nanny we see our strength of a united
collection arising. This strength is also evident from our
And coupled with the heifer and the nanny is the ram
from emergence, the masculine nature to initiate ac-tions of
proceeding. A ram is the same term used to des-cribe nobility,
authority, being a head/lord of maturity, a leader and defender of
the herd. Is the head evident in emergence? Does it not lead the
flock out of the womb? Do not the compelling and most noble
notions that arise from within us lead the way, causing initiations
and actions for us to proceed? Do these not become evident

through their emergence or being three? (No where are the terms
year's of age included in the text.)

And/coupled with a turtle dove/an investigation / search,
representing the flying messenger to renew and compose the
mind state via explorations. The three above are not sufficient
within themselves. They must be fed and assisted with the bird's
for our encirclings, our com prehensions, and our directing
initiations are all connect ed to our investigation's. And with the
explorations is the gozal / a young bird / fledgling/one still in the
nest. So what does this distinguishing holding tell us? In every
thing we are to distinguish the processes that are nested within
us that determine our future proceedings.
The question: With what proceedings of the emer-gence
can I comprehend, become aware of my totality? And the answer
unto him—the State of Divine Order be ing actively treasured /
held. There are five radiating, il-luminating, part's to the
emergence. Distinguish, dis-tin guish, distinguish, distinguish
and, distinguish: the heifer, the nanny, the ram, the dove, and the
'To Know' with observation of the light concepts that are
encircling you. Know the orbit's (the encircling nature of light) and
their habitations.
What a minute Shmual, I thought that we were talking

about our light energies being encircled with a body or our name
being encircled with a class? That’s right. But is there any
difference between your orbit a-part from the orbit's of the moon
and stars? Are you not in orbit as a light body circling the sun,
being from the Ur of Kashdeem, a part of the constellations
emanat ing from earth? Are you not positioned--in orbit and
held there by gravity? Distinguish the state of your light's as they
are encircled with the flesh; distinguish the state of your lights;
are they in orbit within the galaxies of lights? And realize the
potential effects of your position and distinguish your own
position amongst the other's. Remember the lines:
We are to confirm/verify the illumination bringing you forth /
your emergence
From Ur of Kashdeem/Light of astrology—clusters of fire
committed to path's
Distinguish the strength that is with you, the force of unity
that supports you and fortifies you daily. Focus on your power to
grow, to heal, to overcome, to be in precarious positions yet with
Distinguish the mature and leading stages of your development. Look back and look forward to see your pres ent
state of proceeding. Take comfort in your developments. Take

comfort in your defeats and mistakes; as you call them for your
direction,which has been altered by them. Maturity has resulted
to distinguish the initiations that are emerging out of all that; but
more so the initiations that are arising out of all are ripened
within your name. As your name matures so will the initiations
arise just as blooms and seed arise yearly from the plant's of the
field. Distinguish the sowing and the harvest. All of this is in the
Distinguish the search and the investigations that you are
making. Where are they headed? Keep focus- ed on the inward
explorations. As the turtle dove depicts let your searches be for
peace, completion, and whole-ness within yourself and all else.
Never search to set your self apart from others to show how you
are right and they are wrong. Always search for the peace and
completion of your name and the names of others.
Distinguish that which is residing within you that
needs nourishment and assistance. Keep bringing up new chicks
that will continue to determine your future. Realize your
offspring are gates to the future. Distinguish the developing stages
of your mind; let them arise to your consciousness and nurture
them for they, as they are given wings, will determine your
future proceedings
Now take out a sheet of paper and write out as much as you can

of the five radiating aspects of your emergence. These five
aspects will continue to affect your emergen- ce, and they will
show you the proceedings of your emer gence to become aware of
your totality. Shalom. Thanks be to ALhhim.
Chapter 15 Verse 10
And he takes/learns/distinguishes unto himself/the Orders Treasure
the composing branches of divine order radiating/the collective wholeness of the divine
and he divides/dissects/sets in parts/analyzes the latest/looks at the end/maturity
of them—the collective reflections
within the midst/within the center/abiding within the interior;
and he appropriates/gives/appoints/establishes
a man/an appropriation of fire with his part/piece
for the assembly/pronouncement/study of his Guide/guiding / shepherding/association
and the totality of the rising/the morning/the bird
he parts not out/puts not in sets/dissects not.

He confirms within his treasure house the five distin-guishing
marks. As we confirm also these five road signs we establish a
process to track our journeys. Everything that we assemble in the
five emergent sign posts and in the warp and the woof are
collective reflections. They are our mirrors to reflect our
measurement unto our un- foldment. Learn and use them. He
integrates the five into his warp and woof whereby they become
part of the fabric of his life. And being in the warp and the woof
they are capable of holding the various unfoldments of his
totality. As we unfold our threads of life we may ex tend the

warp or we designate a warp for each of the energy centers. The
warp is shaped according to the lev- els of our emergence. One
gradu ates in the shapes and in the operations of the loom. This
is why we always have fringes on our garments so that they can
be added unto and also so they can be connected with another's
The threads of life make up the woof. The golden
threads are drawn out of our fiery chambers--the centers of
wisdom in each piece. The silver threads are drawn out of our
hearts—the centers of understanding. And the bronze threads are
drawn out of our minds--out of the centers of knowing. These are
the threads to create the garments of our immortality which are
according to and the same as drawing out our divine nature.
In applying the five aspects to confirm our emergence, we are
focusing on the composing structure of our divine order. What do
we mean by divine order? This phrase per-tains to the orderly
concepts of light that comprise each name. According to their
arrangement they are able to glow or radiate.
By divine, I (Shmual ben Aharon, Wahli), am re-ferring
to light forces that initiate and sustain each name, which includes
all concepts and principle's of light within the family of ALhhim.

And since we are begotten of YahúWah The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y
Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<, isn’t all that
comprises us divine? So is there anything of our nature that is not

divine? If all comes from the light, then, is not all divine? Or
does it become divine to us when we identify it and confirm it? I
think the latter is the case for many. For until each person
recognizes their light nature they consider them selves less or
apart from the Father of Light that begot them.
We need to move forward in our recognitions that every trait
and every cell are divine, being a living structure of light. The
more that emerges from within us, the greater or more expanding
our divinity consciousness until we come to see all that we are to
be light and without dark ness of understanding. The point of
the Torah lines is to set into part's to look analytically at our
divine nature and to examine the parts and their correlation to
each other.
Analytically - an·a·lyt·ic an·a·lyt·ic [ànnə líttik] or an·a·lyt·i·cal [ànnə
líttik’l] adj 1. of analysis: connected with or involving analysis
2. using analysis: able or inclined to separate things into their consti tuent
elements in order to study or examine them, draw conclusions, or solve
problems 3.logic true by meaning alone:true by definition or by virtue of the
meaning of the words used 4. mathematics differenti able at all points in
domain: used to describe a function of a complex variable that is differentiable
at all points in its domain 5. linguistics using function words: expressing
grammatical relationships by means of function words or word order rather than

For by bringing out each piece we come 'To Know' it fully in
it's own right and function. This observation goes beyond the
medical terminology for the anatomical part's We are observing

the holy function's of light and the as sociation's of light
natures. Medical terminology is often lacking in dimension and
in the scope of the functions of light. In many cases a word is
used to identify and label a thing or a function of form. How
ever, through obser- vation's of light, our vocabulary is no longer
limited to reflective perspectives. With Abram we want to see
the maturity of our being, and unless we see the maturity how do
we know what we are to become. Let us remem-ber all of the
glimpse, as Adam in the Garden, when we saw the glorious
robe's of our Father in the garden and thereby discerned our be
ginning without garment's.
Set your target to become all that is within you. It is in the
realm of the interior/within our midst that we arrange the sets and
pieces of our being. An in so arranging the parts, Abram
appropriates an ish/man—a hand of fire—in each piece. As our
Father YHWH, when he distin- guishes all names within his
midst so he appoints the name's unto their place, for their
unfoldment and in ap-pointing the pieces/name's within himself,
so he places a hand of fire within each of the parts.
This hand in the fire is the ruach/spirit / masculine nature
that is resident within each name. In process of our emergence,
we take from our fire chamber and dis- perse our name of fire
into each piece that comprises our totality, thereby establishing a
unity of parts and thereby appointing a measure of wisdom with

in each piece. And in so doing we are assured that wisdom will
have it's complete and perfect work. As the line above states the
hand of fire is for the assembly of guidance. This is the trait of a
congregation of one or many, the presence of the Fire is
There are people who cannot meet or study together because
their fire nature does not join with other's, and hence, they
always feel not belonging. These same indi- vidual's do not wear
the fringes either because they are unable to extend their robe's
to join their name with other's to build the Bet HaShem. May it
no longer be so.
The following line sums up the matter: and the
totality of the rising he does not divide. How beauti-ifully stated!
Though we distinguish and set in pieces the nature within, we do
not divide the totality of the rising. We continue to see our
emergence as One within ourselves and within the circles of
people we are called to associate. We are parted out to assemble
as one! We will behold the perfect unity of the Rising in all of
it's glory. HalleluYahu!
Chapter 15 Verse 11
And the eagle/vulture descends
pertaining to being backward/the
carcasses/the bits (of a bridle)
and Abram sits/explains/meditates/considers
them—the collective reflections.

And with the pieces fixated with the hand in the
fire/spirit, the eagle/vulture, conveying the overall perspicacity
of the part's from a high point of observa- tion, descends. An
understanding of the pieces descends. Pieces that are bridled
together for movement, pieces of our carcasses which are
seemingly backward to our asc- ension, are attracting the force
of understanding to de- scend them to comprehend their end
from their beginn-ing. The term “backward” pertains to the sense
of mirror ing. The pieces serve as a look backwards, via a mirror,
for us to look into. Such a look assist us to recall our de sign and
the progression of our lives.
Wonderful it is to behold from the heights of the eagle
all that is within us. As the eagle we see within the water's the
potential, to draw out of the water's the fish. In meditation, we
draw out the divine potential with our feet/proceedings. And
with each eagle eye view Abram meditates on/being in the midst
of the collective reflec-tions of the pieces. Arise unto your
height's to behold your manifold nature of light clusters; then
descend into your midst and look/consider/meditate upon each
cell cluster.
Chapter 15 Verse 12
And Yah gives/it comes to pass
the sun/the brilliance/the Server/duty to enter/come in/arrive
And a sleep/slumber falls/occurs pertaining to Abram
and behold/acknowledging/with

pleasure a fear/awesomeness
a great darkness/veiled mystery/hidden secret
falls/occurs unto him—the divine order is held/treasured.

And YAH—the inner core of initiation recognizes the
name’s response to disperse himself as the fire of his name is
allocated to his part's. In like manner, YAH dis-perses himself in
each piece of humanity,appropriating a spark for each name with
the ability of the spark creat-ing a blaze, becoming a consuming
fire. And with this sense 'Of Knowing' is YAH then the
composition of all of us; and YHWH, the sum of our fire natures
and that which they are holding/becoming?
In this light YHWH is unfolding through us and yet
there is something more than our collectivity, YAH is the Hand
of Light, the Giving Force from which we emanate, and WAH,
the Mother who Holds the Light be ing the Dedicated Vessel of
Sacred Trust.
In response to Abram dispersing his fire, thereby
signifying the active nature of YAH within him, YAH gives or
extends the fire of wisdom to enter into the meditation. Now there
are four present in the fire: YAH Abram, the appointed
Man/Ish; and the Wisdom of Wah which joins the three in the
pieces gathered. Things warm up inwardly as the sun enters in to
the class or within the meditation!

In these Torah lines we read of a name, Abram, pro-jecting
his name into part's of his unfoldment. We may hurriedly see
these part's to be the anatomy of man; how ever, let us consider
the stages between the appropriation of one’s fire until the form
of flesh materializes. Even as YAH confirms the light with in
himself, to release it, to give it, to extend it with all of it's
glorious power and creative ability, so Abram now confirms the
light within his name and does likewise. And the darkness is
reveal ed or occurs unto him. What does it meant by the darkness? Even as YAH gives his light to create day, so dark ness fell
upon the world. The darkness is the counterpart to reveal the
presence of the light. It is the veiling or the hiding of the light
unto its discovery and revelation via the night. No one sees the
ever present star's until the night becomes dark, and likewise, no
one sees the brill-iant divine order of light until the night fall's
upon them.
The sun enters into the mediation, and the night follows
the day even as form follows the breaking out of illumination
and ideas. Some of the greatest struggles you may face will
come after great inspiration and the release of ideas, for through
the struggles you will make evident the power of the ideas
emerging. Do not despair even in your darkest hour; empower
your energies and your prayer's with the idea's of the light, that
have risen, that you may see their glory. Much easier said than
done; but the doing is the evidence of your life/light and in the

doing you have completion of the light/ideas. Otherwise they lay
still as dormant seeds within the name of a per-son unto their
awakening. Furthermore, let us walk in the seasons of light to
bring forth each idea in a timely manner whereby it may flourish
with it's glory.
Stages follow after the fire is appropriated un to the
occupation of the pieces. The occupations are con cept
expressions as each piece of cellular construct is a
face/expression of the ALhhim/united principle's of life. Abrams
learning stage pertaining to the five aspects of confirmation sets
in motion all projected via dispersion to become a manifestation.
He learns of the process of the fire/light that he uses immediately
to extend his fire nature and also learns of their usefulness in all
emerging stages. He recognizes and confirms the enclosure of
his name, beholding the clusters of fire that are in encircled in his
midst (the heifer). He beholds his strength of unity (the she -goat).
He recognizes the authority and emerg- ing leadership coming
from within him (the ram).
He confirms the investigation is ongoing unto a full
exploration (the turtle dove). And he recognizes the nurturing
process that determines his future (the fledgl-ing). All of this
occurs with or without fleshly form. Thus when the Torah speaks
that YHWH is without form it does not mean without structure
but without the slowed down nature of examination / coming 'To

Know.' He has already went through it. On the mount, Moshe
be-holds not only YHWH in the fast mode of spirit but also he
beholds himself.
And from the fast mode, being ascendant above the
habitation of flesh, Moshe receives the Torah that is written in
stones (withing his own organs), and brings them forth to read
what has been written by the finger of ALhhim. He brings forth
the inscription's of light that are with in each man, that were
written there when Ab-ram placed the ISH / the hand in the
fire, and the pres ence of YAH and the voice of Wisdom joined
in the as- sembly.
Not that they were not already present, but that they
joyfully entered into the actions of Abram and the hand of fire
moved to write the law's within the pieces. This is the founding
of the written covenant/contract of part's!
Chapter 15 Verse 13
And he considers/mediates/says/thinks for Abram—the enlargement of the Aleph-bet
To discern/know you will know,
although a stranger/sojourner/resident
your seed/offspring will become a compounding illumination / YAHYAH
through transformations/in a land to prod the principle for theirs/not for theirs.
And they will serve/be enslaved/cultivate them
and they will be oppressed/humbled/respond/answer with them
four hundred year/light inquiries to draw out the totality cycle/illumination period.

The phrase, in a land not theirs/through transformations to prod

the principle for theirs/the offspring are provided land states to
bring forth the principles of their names/tri bal developments.
While they dwell in the land of Cham formations, the land
provides the processes of develop-ing the sojourner. The land is
for Cham. Cham is the ser vant of YishARAL even as the land is
a servant for us. Our name and its offspring are master's of the
land for occupation, as Shem is to master Cham. The land is the
exchange state or transformation process that leads unto our
complete formulation of Adam. The land, not their's, indicates
that the state of their occupation goes beyond the transformation
We possess more than the processes them selves or the land
that is provided for transformations What is yielded through the
transformation process the unfoldment of their name is the
inheritance. And coming to abide with in the inheritance of all
offspring drawn out of our name, we enter in to this Rest. The rest
is for those who have labored unto their complete unfoldment.
Thus the six days of creation may be understood that YAH
labored, under going the drawing out of himself completely, which
inclu- dees the creation of Adam (male and female), and following/afterward of this work he rested.
This is the pattern for each of us. We are to create bora /
formulate the heavens (names) and earth (ex-change states)
unto the formulation/creation of Adam, the 2nd or
confirming man/woman, and following which, we enter in to

the Rest.
Our work is to complete the creation/formulation of our
name even as YAH completely drew out the nature of his name,
and in this drawing out he Rested, being completely
exhausted/unfolded without holding any res ervation for himself
The promise is, that through the dwelling in the land, your
seed / offspring will become a compounding illu-mination /
YAHYAH. Your offspring/fruit will become a compounding
illumination/YAHYAH. You were in the YAH mode when you
distributed your fire nature into each of the pieces (vs10). You will
increase in the nature and operations of light. The nature of light
itself com-pounds—adds unto itself by giving and exercising the
il- lumination. It is a marvel. One person starts a family by giving
to another person, and soon the light natures are compounded in
children and in many other forms of ex pressions. What is
happening inwardly? Your name is un-folding through
transformations, and as it does so, their is a compounding
illumination. The light is compound-ed via sacrifice. A fire
blazes as it is fed. Compounds oc cur as two or more elements
are united. As your name unites with released concepts,and as
your name unites with procedures, with deeds, with
manifestations, sacri-fices are put in motion.

Through the sacrifices the expressive natures or off-spring
become evident and they compound the light that you area
compounding illumination YAHYAH! The initia tions continue to
create a compound, and out of the unit-ed parts, offspring emerge
through transformation exerci ses. It is not unusual for us to
loose this focus and wish to depart off of the planet at time's.
However, through union's with the land, we plant and reap the
offspring of our own being. Through the land we direct the
alphah / for their's—for the offspring. We may be discouraged due
to physical loses or the physical demising's.
However, let us be all the more appreciative of the land and
it's stages of flowering and extensions; even though temporary,
we all the more focus on the gain of our offsprings who achieves
through it. The nature of YAHYAH is perpetual giving, a
continual drawing out of illumination (evidenced in the
flowering of the male that continues to yield seed). And what
awesomeness oc curs the moment we give something and it is
caught by another--even another part of ourselves. There is a
nsibility of gratitude to receive anything. A trust is automatically set-up between the part's/parties and the Giver Even a
smile received requires a thank you. The giving of light to
generate a smile compound's the nature of light to smile by
creating more smile's. A discerning eye that receives anything
gleams with gratitude, even if it is a handshake or a hug that is

There is so much transmitted through the hand's and hugs!
We are accountable for everything we receive. How shall we use
it? For what sacrifices of light will they be given or exercised
from us? As we give what we have received the compounding of
illumination occurs.
We give, another receives, and they give what they have
received, and so the cycle goes. What does it mean to be a
receiver? You are capable. If you weren't capable you couldn’t
have received it—it would have not been compatible for you to
hold. And if you are able to hold it or receive it, than you are
capable of using it. You are capable to use it and to generate
offspring of your name from it. Everything we receive prods us
to use an idea whereby the idea grows. Even a smile received
prods us to use the smile to create one also. If you like the interp
pretation that “the land is not theirs,” the application of this
conversation still work's.
Even though YishARAL did not own Mitzraim/Egypt, yet in the
land they multiplied. I prefer the reading to prod the principle
(verses reading the land is not their's) which the land does for each
of us.Who cares who owns the land doesn’t it rightfully belong
to the Light anyway? It is so futile to focus on possessing and
taking repossession of forms when the forms or habitations in

which we live are actually generated by us anyway. The point
being made in these Torah lines is that the land is for
transformations and through the transformations we come to
dwell in our inheritance.
What can occur in being a sojourner or stranger in the
land? Both verbs/actions to serve and to be humbled begin with
the ayin/O, the eye. Hence, according to per-spective/ayin/the
eye, one either is enslaved or cultivates; one either is oppressed or
responds as they reside in the land. These are the two ends of the
continuum. We come to to cultivate the land, but due to it's
holding power we perceive ourselves as slaves to the land. We
come to con sciously respond to the land------the exchange
states, but due to the high level of sensations, we feel oppressed
by the weight of it. The difference is either living above or living
below the land mass or to live within the land mass, realizing it
is for transformations. As one unfolds inwardly our offspring
arise to cultivate the land state / exchange process. Also, as we
respond to the exchanges occurring we are no longer depressed
or oppressed by the occurrences.
Depression is the state of wanting 'To Know,' want-ing to
respond, but unable to respond because there is not enough
released spirit to answer each situation. De-pression follows
enslavement. If you are depressed, con sider what situations
triggered the depression. Then what was your response? On the

other hand, cultivation of mind and energies leads to response /
reaction to each situation so that the situation does not swallow
you up.
In either mode of reaction, we abide in the land or in
states of exchange for four hundred year. This value expresses
that our occupation in the land is for a period/cycle of
illumination for light inquiries (4) until we are completely drawn
out unto our fulfilled totality (hundred).
Chapter 15 Verse 14
And also/in addition is the totality of the nations/processes
to verify/confirm they will serve/cultivate:
Anochi / I / the will to initiate
unfolds with evidence of fulfillment
an earthen vessel/to judge/discern/deduce /discuss.
And following the affirmation/the
base position, they shall go out/emerge/arise
with a great acquisition/saddled
bags/ thought's branching with wisdom.

Not only is our name compounding with illumination, but also
their are the processes of light that are compound ing. The
processes are referred to as nations. The nation of Egypt is the
process of formulation's. The nation's of Yapheth refers to the
processes of opening's. The nation of Assyria corresponds to the
processes of extending the expression of a name. All of the
nations compound along with or in addition to the name’s

multiplication; for with each name attribute there is a
corresponding process. The processes is where the name
becomes enslaved or culti-vated. The processes reflect to us our
The more processes the more evidence of more
offspring / fruitfulness being brought forward into action. The
processes also enable us to open further off spring of our light
nature. In the processes we see the evidence of the light. The
process of a tree branch open ing discloses the attributes of that
tree. The flower or ex-pressive soul of the tree is a maturing
processes enabl-ing further generation of the founding principles
within the seed. The processes are under the control of the will
or the initiations 'To Know' and to fulfill your name. With an
initiation the evidence come forth in processes.
The processes lead to discernment, deductions, confir-mations
of the idea. In the Torah and Prophet's you read of the judgment
of the nations which is referring to the deductions that are drawn
and consequences of the pro cesses through which we are
confirming our name. Lets take an idea. You want to initiate
orderliness in your kitchen. The dishes are dirty and one thing or
other; of-ten viewed as a mundane chore before you. Your light
na ture initiates the process of cleaning. Through the pro- cess
you have evidence of your nature; the nature of light to order, to
cleanse, to restore, to save, to make clean.

The daily processes of eating and drinking express the humility
nature of light whereby it receives. The bowing of the head with
every spoonful demonstrates that before we receive we must first
be humble. The processes of eating may be for cultivation of the
energies in the land/ body or the energies may becomes enslaved
to the process.
The process of writing is the evidence of light to
extend the composed thoughts unto a conscious form ulation.
You may begin with a line and soon a story is written; you be gin
with defining a work and soon a dic-tionary is formed. The
processes also are compounding as your thoughts are composed
and your name’s off-spring are brought forth and mature. Each
process is a confirmation of our enslavement or your will to
cultivate. The will with which you engage your energies into the
process determines the discernment you receive from the
Which will? If it is the will of the flesh to satisfy its hunger,
than you may be enslaved to eating. If it the will of your name to
receive the nature of light in the food than you are cultivating
your energies through eating. You see, everything you eat has a
light structure of thought's and word's. As you eat with the will
'To Know' yourself completely in Him, so the higher
frequencies of the food are released to give evidence and support

of your light name. Through the process you have a discernment.
Hence in everything that you do, do it with the will of your name
—the divine I / anochi unto the purpose of discerning all that
you are and all that is within you.
The promise follows: your offspring will arise with great
saddled bag's! The word great means to be nurturing/developing enlarging. The saddled bag's pertain to the
collectivity of thought's are arising releasing know-ledge,
understanding and wisdom of all that you are. The mind branches
according to the unfoldment of spirit. Do not miss the
opportunities of explorations in every pro-cess you engage your
energies unto.
Process with the I divine!
Chapter 15 Verse 15
And you/the composing totality of light you shall appear/manifest
AL Avtechaw
—the strength/divine order/AL of your Aleph-bet completely extended—
unto full branching/unto your fathers/unto the founding concepts
with completion/fulfillment/being entire/perfect/with shalom
you shall be entombed/wombed
with a goodly/an agreeable dwelling.

Your totality shall appear—to be manifest! (Romans 8:19-24)
Having been entombed, you shall arise! Manifesta-tion implies

cultivation of your creation. From your com mencement unto
your unfoldment. You make evident all that you are. What is
involved in becoming manifested? What shall be manifested?
The divine order of your name glorified entirely. The
composition of the letter's and ar-rangements of your name given
and ordained from the commencement of light unfoldments and
when you were sent forth to the earth or for transforma tion's.
The name has always been in your being;however it is reveal-ed
when you are called or sent or released to come into the world
for manifestation. For now you have entered into the challenge
having first accepted your di-vine nature, you now come 'To
Know' your divine na-ture and to let it be unfurled unto full
revelation. And un to this end you shall be entombed or wombed
in a suit-able and agreeable dwelling state, even your body.
Here is some advanced education that no religious arena
has ever hear or read before. And you did not know it
because no one ever knew this message. And the reason that
no one ever read or heard of this before, is because there
never was a qualified receptacle to receive it, before. Until
now! Now that Shmual has taken 35 some odd years to eat it
and cook it up; for you to have, also.
This terminology is used in the awakening comments by
Yahushúo (Mattithyahu 23:25-28). For Abram to enter or go to his
father's indicate that he will appear and arise to manifest the

founding concept's of light—the father's. In arising, Abram
fulfills his name, for he has come to ex-alt via manifestation,
the Father. Best understood, the name via the anochi dan,
makes manifest the divine order of the Aleph-bet’s composition
extended with ma-turity/branching/evidence. To say that he
emerges or arises in peace indicates that his ascension is
complete / fulfilled/entire / perfect/in shalom.
Now, is that heavy, or what? For $150 bucks you can pur-chase a
Paleo Hebrew =English= dictionary from BHM and find out the
meaning of anochi dan.

You shall be entombed or be in the womb—in the place of WAH
— with an agreeable dwelling/inhabitation. En-tombment is
entering into a place of residence even as one is entombed in the
womb for extension / mission.

An Epic Revelation

How is your dwelling agreeable? It is first of all a
revelation. Take a look at the word tov, meaning good. It is
comprised of three FIRE LETTER'S, all letter's be-ing an
expression of unity. Good is a verification. Good is a gathering
of all holding's into one house. Good is al so a non-inhibiting
structure permitting full exchange and operations of your
energies without any restriction. Good is warming and nurturing
to assist you in your de-velopment. Good is fruit bearing in both

potential and action. Good is agreeable.

Chapter 15 Verse 16
And a fourth generation/a period of mating/an era of light inquiries
they shall be transformed/return/be restored to acknowledge/behold/profit /have
for not complete/perfect is perceptions of the held potential of The Amorite/Saying
to give testimony of beholding.

A fourth generation conveys the suspension of man in
the midst of the heavens and earth for the sake of making light
inquiries. Included in the inquires are peri-ods of mating and
inseminations through which the in- quires flourish. The fourth
generation is transformed or unfolded totally; for not complete is
the perceptions of the sayings. What do we mean by The
Sayings? Every thing in the world is to be perceived according
to the word base of being. Inquiries lead us to fully perceiving
the sayings within us, those inscriptions that are written as the
thought's of the Name are released and discerned. The Saying's
are the total expressions of Wisdom.
When all has been perceived as it is than one gives
testimony of what they are beholding. This is another way the
Torah tells us of our fulfillment of journey. The word iniquity is
the same as a soothsayer—one who looks in to things to behold
the held potential. If the inquiry is left undiscerning, it is an

iniquity. However; as the in-quiry is discerned, it becomes a
prophecy. The white text reads: for not complete is the
beholding/perceiving of the contained potential—the full
extension—of the say-ing's that pertain to held
perceptions/iniquity/awon. The Saying's fully disclose all held
within. When the Saying is perceived one then gives testimony
with pleasure.
The Saying's of light are seen, being manifest to all (Rom 1:20-23).
Are we being attuned to the vibrating message within each form
of light. Without such testimony there is little pleasure or profit/
in seeing the form. Without be holding the Saying it can not be
spoken or written or per formed through which it fully appears in
its glory. When the Saying is not beheld or acknowledge there is
iniqui- ty. When the saying is acknowledge there is glory. The
fourth generation speaks and reads the Saying of Wisdom in
everything. And the testimony or the evidence will be in
speaking and doing the endless raise de’tere / founda- tion of
wisdom/reason for being, with pleasure and with great
benefit/profit. Light forms are for profit/pleasure/ac
knowledgement Many have perceived the forms largely for a
monetary profit. The Torah speaks of the great pro fit in terms of
pleasure/joy that comes by acknowledg- ing the wisdom’s
display and the manifold expression of light that is released
within the form. For until the form is perceived according to the
light nature essence, it can not therefore release the light that it

It is like looking at a light under a bushel whereby the full
radiance is not perceived. The characteristics of the fourth
generation is to inquire into the message of wisdom in
everything, to behold the nature of light with in, to know it's
operations and works,unto giving full testimony, knowing the
evidence that is within oneself. Would there be any greater joy or
gladness; for now one enters into the bliss of perfect conscious
union with YAH and participates in the work's of wisdom. This
is the high calling that you have in your totality of be-ing
Chapter 15 Verse 17
And YAH gives/it comes to pass/coupled with (the inquiries) is the hand of light
the wisdom / sun appears /comes
and a darkness breaks becoming/belonging to (the appearance of the sun);
and beholding with acknowledgement/joy/gladness
a furnace to smoke
and a torch/flame of fire
to verify/confirm passing from one state to another/crossing over
amidst the forms/cutting/figures/decrees/saying's of the divine order of light.

Acknowledgement activates the giving or extension hand of
YAH. And by His hand, wisdom appears (Pro-verbs 8). A blaze of
brilliance comes forth, and coupled with the sun appearing is the
sound of the cock that cries with delight amidst the sleepers;

Awake! The

term alatah /darkness; it conveys the time of night
when the cock crow's. There is gloomy, muddy period in which
the bird cries out unashamedly in the midst of those sleeping.
The day is coming! Wisdom is making herself manifest evident
before us! And as the sun arises one beholds with in the furnace
You see your offering's transcending in smoke off your heart
altar! The mind --skull over the heart makes a caul
dron/warming chamber to smoke the offering's of oylah and
shalom.--Number's 28!
With the presence of the overseeing mind/priest, the fire
burns slowly to release and extract with full essence, value, and
fragrance of the offering. Smoke/is evident as one perceives
inner wisdom being extended. Through smoking one releases
heat, energy, odor, and fragrance of their name. As your energies
are smoking so they are arising and being carried into interactive
relationships with the ALhhim. There is an integration of you
name with the heavens via the daily and evening smoking periods. Via the offering's, your energies operate at higher altitudes.
To say that the darkness breaks indicates that the forms of man
are breaking open to release the inner likeness of Yah. As your
divine nature emerges so the creation process becomes fulfilled.
And Yah gives/extends him self—wisdom is given; a portion of
Yah is distribut- ed into each of his offspring. And as the wisdom

within is acknowledged, the forms of darkness that have held &
and treasured the mines of gold within you, begin to shout as the
cock! The results: your energies begin to smoke Coupled with
the smoke is the torch of fire. Smoke is the sign of fire. As to the
nature of the smoke so the na-ture of the fire.
One may smoke their energies according to the heat
and passions of the flesh; another may smoke their energies
according to the heat and passions of the ruach spirit fire of
wisdom. The latter is being addressed. The term torch/is the
same meaning to ablaze, flame, to stew fruit (the radiant form of
expression). These lines take us through the process of the
LightTransformer message where one activates the black to
become red and the red to become blue and the blue to become
white. One moves from darkness (blackness) to confirm the
fire (redness) and it's torch (blueness) unto full illumination
The torch/directs the expressions acquired through in-sights.
Where once the perceptions were darkened, now that the sun /
wisdom appears, the flame point's the way to direct / the
manifestations/expressions/to fulfill/the il lumination. The word,
describes what a flame does—it orders the manifestations/opening
to proceed with insight's. The flame directs us inwardly, teaching
us how to pro-cess/move forward the faces of our totality in
fulfillment of the insights/avenues afforded to us.

In process, one confirms and verifies the crossing over or the
right of passage/of the energies amidst the decrees saying's.
Through the smoking/releasing essence and the illumination /
flaming of wisdom, the name and her en-ergies are given the
right of passage into other avenues of the light amidst other
decrees of wisdom spoken.
Crossing over is understood to comprehend with
awareness the development of the mind. The passage oc-curs amidst the forms/decrees of the divine order of light That is the
passage or crossing over is amongst the gezarim. This term
denotes decisions, derivatives, de-crees, and ordinations.
Commonly rendered as pieces, one must understand that knowing
where to cut implies, that decisions must be made first. As in the
case of the vine-yard, the vine-dresser decides where to make
the cut's to obtain the most yield. The Father is Vine dresser;
we are the branches. The term gezarim is used in math- ematics:
to differentiate, meaning also to decide, determ ine, and ordain.
Yes, the right of passage occurs as you ordain your mind and her
full display to smoke according to the flame of wisdom, which
flame you are; from the foundation of the world's.
Chapter 15 Verse 18
With that day/act of light/in that period of illumination/in the day’s becoming

YHWH carves out totality of Abram an agreement/ covenant
to say/for comprehension:
For your offspring/posterity/fruit
I am giving/extending
the totality of this land/the state of exchange/transformation achieved
from/drawing out the river Mitzraim/Egypt
being a testimony/witness of the great river,
the river of Perat/Euphrates:

One follows to read that the smoking flame is the state of
becoming fully illuminated. So the Torah line reads: in the day's
becoming the inner light compounds activ- ity to be un folded
according to principle's embraced. In confirming your light
nature, principle by principle, there is a day within. Light is
released, and in so doing you are unfolded further.
Hand in hand with your decisions, YHWH carves out your
totality. That is, all aspects of your name (in the Ab ram stage)
have been selectively touched by the finger of YHWH. From
your complete formulation, YHWH has made a covenant with
your name that you will be per fect and completely extended. He
carves your name out of your complex arrangement of elements,
out of your openings and out of your formations. He carves your
name out of your embraced ideas, outlooks, and struc- tures that
you have built around you. And he says: I will extend you
totally! From the vast river of Egypt—from the flowing river
beginning at the mouth to the anus, I will bear testimony of the
great/growing/developing river of Euphrates of light that is

within you!
The carving results in forming. The term karat is un- derstood
that through teachings and branchings/of the
mind/priesthood/one’s totality is being composed.The on going
carving/cutting out of YHWH is according to the agreement
made with our name from the beginning. As you acknowledge
all within the form of your becom ing takes place. The covenant
we have with YHWH is to develop the mind unto the exercise of
its totality. The carving out is for comprehension. As each piece
of our nature is carved/shaved/cut out and lifted up, so does
comprehension of our totality result. Thanks be to AL-hhim.
There is no-thing that can change or alter the con tract that you
have with your Father. It is embedded within your name and is
activated through Torah teach-ing's and meditations in
acknowledgment that you are his offspring and that his divine
nature is within you.
The promise follows: I will extend/give/appoint the totality
of the illuminated state of exchange unto it's fulfilled purposed
within your name. This is the promise of contract we have. It is
not to give you a physical pro-perties for you arrange your
physical environment accord ing to your spiritual unfoldments.
The value of your be-coming is worth more than monetary gifts I
will extend the total scope of your State of Exchange. All seed of
knowing within you will be winged/prevail unto it's full glory

and radiance. Your participation will be totally one with the
Unity / YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha
Waw Ha Yud < L.< YHWH; your name fully operative; your
mind totality transformed as His in light. How? From the river
Mitzraim—from thedrawing out of the stream/flow of all within
your forms—from unfolding the mind of illumination—from
drawing out the gems and radiance of your name with evidence /
tes- timony to the flow of all values—the Great River—the
river/light stream of expansion, the Son of Man animat- ed /
manifestations of mind totality composed.
The vast river (esophagus-intestinal tract) within you is part of
your divine order. It is the means to draw out and appropriate the
principles of all that you partake of unto its full use and
expression. Included within this riverwill arise ten
traits/processes/nation's of your Unfolded Im-age. These are the
Ten, the Active or Fulfilled stages of your coming into
manifestation commonly perceived as the ten nations you are to
overthrow. Rather than nations to be overthrown or cast out,
these are the ten active states unto the fulfillment of your name
in the land. These are the hands/the ten/that is being dealt to you
to dis-lodge from your inner resources unto full activity. And
from this pivot point, you proceed unto other occupations of
being. How ever, before proceeding unto other realms or
conditions,the ten states must be accomplished in your present

Chapter 15 Verse 19
The totality of the Kenites/Kayni/acquiring/learning
coupled with the totality of the Kenizzites/Kenizi/harnessing/releasing
coupled with the totality of the Kadmonites/Kadmoni / regulating /extending
coupled with the totality of the Hittites/Chiti/sealing/securing
coupled with the totality of the Perizzites/Perizi/expanding/governing
coupled with the totality of the Rephaim/healings/curings
coupled with the totality of the Amorites/Amori/sayings/meditations
coupled with the totality of the Canaanites/Kena’ani/humility unto full branchings
coupled with the totality of the Girgashites/Gir’gashi
coupled with the totality of the Jebusites/Yevusi

Note the above list of ten traits culminates with the Yevusi
having in its construct of letter's the primary posi tion of letter
yod/the value of ten. All of the traits display the yod/ as their
final letter. Such signifies the fulfillment and the attainment of the
name. The yod, being the sign of the construct case, designates
belonging to.
the Kenite/Kayni
The primary state, the Kenite/haKayni, is the capaci-ty to
open, grasp, acquire, hold, learn and retain. The Kayni is the
state to access, learn and to treasure your di vine nature. First and
foremost the State of Fulfillment be comes your learning focus.
You shift in direction from holding and learning of the ways to

do something to the focus of becoming the Promised State
extended to you with covenant. Doing is linked with becoming.
The cov enant is made upon your activation of the fire centers with
in your pieces/part's. The Kayni State is distinct from fol lowing,
repeating, and being guided blind-folded. Your treasures are not
laid up where moth and rust can corrupt but are held in the State
of the eternal riches of illumina tion.
Derived from the root word Cain/Kayin, the Kayni mean to
acquire, purchase, procure, to impart knowledge in the sense of
the ability to grasp and transfer meanings within a form
according to wisdom. The Kayni are known as those of the blade;
the edge, the point, the spear, being metal workers and silversmiths who take understanding and fashion a statement of
knowledge or who create with understanding/silver. The metal
workers of the Kayni are the refiners of gold, silver, and
bronze who take from the crucible of observation and mediation
the pure elements, having the dross removed, whereby their esse
nce may be seen and handled.
The Kayni has been translated also to mean to mourn, to wail,
and lament. There is a state of mourning as one emerges from
being blindfolded unto grasping the reali-ties of the light force
present within. The mourning is then turned into joy. The Kayni
are characterized by grasping the edge of the words/swords.
They acquire from the shimmering side of the spear to discern

and thereby learn the light essence contained within a word. The
prefix, et/denotes totality—all aspect's of the Kayni are
includeed in this state of development.
We may correlate the Ten States to our ten fingers, the means
of fulfilling our energies. In which case the Kayni corresponds to
the action of the right hand thumb, means to open and hold.
the Kenizzite/Kenizi
From the root, Kenaz, meaning to be an archer, spear thrower,
lancer, the Kenizi are therefore known as spear throwers or
archers. The name has also been used to ex- press a side, a loin, a
flank, depicting strength centraliz-ed for such follows the Kayni
who utilize the spear creat ed by understanding. They have the trait
of a silver tongue, who can speak with precise aim of placing the
silver/un-derstanding in the heart of another or within their own
heart. Via the spear toss they thereby extend the understanding and engage the energies according to the under
standing. [Remember, these teaching's are allegorical]
What is the associated meaning of side/flank/loin but the
region of strength The side is the ability to expand and contract to
flex, twist, move, and carry forth the light perceived in the stage
of the Kayni. The loins ena-ble us to harness and release the
energies, thus to move according to the stage of the Kayni. As

one increases in their abilities amongst the vast total range of the
Kayni development, so will their movements be more swift and
precise, moving in accordance with the understand-ing
perceived. From the Kenizi the phrase, “gird up your loins
with truth” has arisen, for such is moving according to the
Correlating the Ten State's to our ten fingers, the Kenizi
corresponds to the service of the right hand index finger, to
provide direction.
The Kadmonites/Kadmoni/regulating/extending
The Kadomi regulate the gates through which the en-ergies
emerge and are release. This includes the manage ment of the
energies through all gates of man. For example the energies are
regulated via the gate's of the eyes, the gate's of the ears, the
gates of the mouth, the gates of the genitals, etc. We may read
the name as: to sanctify/reg-ulate/the insights/fully/through
extending the hand. A-gain, the hand's or the ten are the means
to energy exten sion's and fulfillment.
From root word, kedem, meaning east, we understanding that the Kadmoni state extends the emana-tion from
it's origin unto its full brilliance. Through the gate's of the zodiac
/ the 12 tribal/branching light field's, the emanation or word's

thrown forth, passes. What is ac quired-Kayni, is targetedKenizi and now passes through the gate's fully elevated. One may
see the correlation in the daily occurrence of sun rising. First,
there is seen the shimmering ray's of light that piece the
eastern sky (the Kayni). Then the rays are cast forth like spears
targeting the ray's unto full occupation and impact (the Kenizi).
Following such the light passes through the gate's of the twelve
energies / tribe's (the Kadmoni). In the course of the passing,
the illumination arise until there are no shadows of observation.
Now this process of illumination is the same as one studies the
ancient letter's of the Torah. Precisely, this is what oc-curs as one
studies the Torah. The inner light essence breaks open the words (the
Kayni). The rays of light are cast to pierce the heart with
illumination (the Kenizi). And then the illumination is regulated
through the 12 energy centers (the Kadmoni). What is acquired (the
Kayni) is released in to motion (the Kenizi) and then extended unto
it's full as- cent (the Kadmoni).

Now, open your right hand and look at the pattern. The
thumb, pointed toward easterly is the Kayni, the in strument to
open, grasp and hold. The index finger, be-ing the Kenizi, is the
instrument to point out like a spear tossed. The middle finger is
the Kadmoni, the full aris- ing of the light as the sun arises from
the east. The right hand opened, from the thumb to the little
finger, is form ed according to the motion of the sun as it arises
and then falls/sets. Yes, your hand's are handling the Word of

Life. Read; I Yahuchanan/John 1:1. The Kadmoni bring up the insight
to it's full ascent.
They take a word acquired having released it's value and then
draw out it's full glory-until we see the radiance ful ly risen and
extended unto a king / queen arising in pow er (unto the ring
finger). The Kadmoni elevate the light within to remove the
shadows of the initiation early mor ning. The darkness flees and
the energies are regulated unto the daily sacrifice of service.
Keep in mind that the ten traits or achievements are the use of
words, and the activity of the words. These ten are the
management of words which is the fulfillment of be-ing man in
the image of ALhhim,for all in the heavens and earth are based
on words. Correlating the Ten States to our ten fingers, the
Kadmoni correspond to the service of the right hand middle
finger, to provide management.
the Hittites/Chiti
From the eighth letter of the alpha bet, the letter chet, the
Chiti, express the trait to seal and make complete or sure, based
on perspective. The Chiti correspond to the right hand fourth
finger, the finger of confirmation and acknowledgment. It is also
known as the rake or gather- ing finger. Again, nothing is gather
ed until its value has been determined.

Meaning to gather, seal and to secure, the Chiti
determine whether or not to confirm the use of energies in any
particular fashion or purpose. As one makes the daily ascent with
the sun (the State of Kadmoni), a per-spective is acquired with
the elevation. Hence, the Chiti are those at the windows.
Through the elevation process the energies pass through gates
and are engaged in vari-ous daily processes. The energies are
released into oper ations and tested according to their
commitments. With the ascent perspective, the Chiti verify or
annul the des- ignation of energies. Thus in ancient times a king
would seal a matter with the imprint of his ring. Likewise, as one
considers a matter, the Chiti State comes to the mo- ment of
verification or reconsideration.
The mentioning of the Chiti ring finger is not to mean that
rings are not to adorn the other finger's. There are ring's for all
the fingers as the fingers also correspond to the tribes. The sense
of the Chiti pertains to the finger of verification following the
ascent (Kadmoni). Thus, the Chiti is the Promised State of
Occupation with strength, trust, and security. How the trust
comes is via the previ ous three States: we learn to acquire,
direct and manage the energies which leads us to a State of
Verification and Trust.
the Perizzites/Perizi
Meaning the dwellers of an open plain and occupying an un-

walled city, so is the State of the Perizi. The inner trust of the
Chiti becomes the defense of the Perizi. There is no need for
walled cities for security is found within instead of without.
Thus the position of the right hand little finger corresponds to
the meanings of the Perizzi. It is the finger of defense, the finger
without an outer wall. According to the Perizi, we govern with
the scep-ter. What we have given approval to and stamped with
our ring, becomes the operations of our government.
The Perizi provide for expansion opportunities. As one operates
with their inner trust, the fear of expansion di-minishes. One is
not afraid to pursue knowledge no mat-ter where it is located nor
is one afraid of the forms that are exalted without any base of
principle's. The Perizi State facilitates expansion and occupying
transforma-tion exercises yet to be fulfilled by the developing
inner tribe's.
the Rephaim the State of Curing
The Rephaim/Healer's mean to make great and mani-fest a
principle, thus it is most commonly translated to cure or to
provide a remedy. One may now bring forth their left hand and
consider the finger's of the following five.
The Rephaim/healer's make great the right by the nobility
of the Perizi. Anything is recoverable as the left follows through
on the right or initiation. Hence, what follows the first five
results in healing's/Rephaim. What ever is learned, directed, man

aged, verified, and expands now becomes increased via the State
of Rephaim. We grasp words and form them into a government
constitu- tion the processes of Kayni through Perizi. All process
ed becomes a resource to heal the infirmed or to cure and mend
the lame. And hence, the question is answered: how does healing
come? It is via the Rephaim-by operat ing according to the right
hand characteristics of Word Consciousness. Built within our
own word based consti-tution is the source of healing and fully
manifesting a principle. The Rephaim are the foremost of the next
five to implement the characteristics of the first five-the Sate or
Hand of Enlightenment unto wholeness or wellness—the
Rephaim. Being too anxious often times, we seek for a remedy
without illumination or having our prin-ciples of operation (the
right hand) in place.
From our beginning, the Rephaim have been present. As we
release an idea and establish the framework for the idea’s
expression, the Rephaim appear to make it whole. This is the
sense of this State of occupation. Every concept and word
becomes whole or manifested in it's entirety through the
development of the Rephaim.
As the first five {Land's/States} express the po- sition
and movement of the sun, so the next five corr-espond to the
position and movement of the moon. Hence, the next five are
States of Implementation of the Right. As the moon, it carries

forth the light of the day in to the night. What is yet to be seen

and discovered is al-ready embraced with the carrying forward
of the day light. The night conveys also the darkness or the
forms through which the light becomes fully known and reveal
ed. At night, the entire sky, as a mural, depicts the loca-tion's and
messages of the light. What the light is doing in the day is
discerned in the night, the moon being the vessel of illumination
to strategically reveal the month's activity of light according to
the day. The location of the moon each night, amidst the tribal
constellations, corres ponds to the work of the light each day.
With your right hand opened and your left hand placed over it
so that the corresponding fingers are laying upon their twin set,
note the progression of the left being the same as the right. The
moon in its fullness arises in glory in the east as the sun. As it
sails across the southern sky so its majestic location of revelation
is set for the months activity of light. And what was held inside
becomes op-ened visibly for all.
Gradually rotate your left hand to the left until the hands
are fully opened. Inscribed upon your hands are messages
unseen until the hands were opened. The open ing and full
disclosure process comprise the nature of the harmony of light
and darkness in creating life forms. Each one of our tribal energy
centers are opened the same way, i.e. the eye's, the ear's, etc.
until they are join ed together in the center mid line to be healed

or to ex-press a wholeness—the Rephaim. Hence, the State of
the Rephaim, is to take of the light and to make it whol ly
expressed or manifested; this is the State of Curing. Rephaim!
Having a printing business and chatting with a member of his
family one day, Shmual says, 'I remember my son asked me,
what are your financial goals? We had a family business and he
was energetic to proceed with handling the business. To his
dismay I answered that I had not set a dollar goal to achieve. My
goals are beyond monies. Our journey on this planet may be
focused on material acquisitions; however, the purpose of our
journey is to be healed, to be completely joined in all of our parts
un to the manifestation of the son's of ALhhim—the formu
lations and expressions of Light Principle's. Set first the
Kingdom of ALhhim and his righteousness, and accord-ing to
the principles set forth so will the manifestation follow. If we are
setting forth the principle's of materi-alism, the materialism
manifestation will surely follow. According to what we sow, so
we reap. He that sows to the flesh reaps of the flesh, and the one
who sows to the spirit reaps of the spirit.
With your hands before your eyes, both opened side by side,
note the looping/coupling nature of the fingers through which
they can be joined together as well as joined with another. The
three loops or segments of each finger, making a set of five
loops, are the means to join the fabric or curtains of the

tabernacle together. This is portrayed as we join hands together,
the great expres-sion of our belonging to one
House/Tabernacle/Encamp ment/Dwelling of YHWH! We join
our hands or activi-ties of light unto fulfilling the tasks that are
set before us.
Those who have joined their hand's with the
midrash have set to accomplish the work of the midrash
together. (The Bayit HaSham Midrash / House of the Name
Academy) School.
The three segments of each finger correspond to the nature
of light three levels of occupation and expression These three
levels are vividly portray ed in the three lev els of the alphabet.
As the fingers are stacked with three parts, so they convey the
three operational stages of each of the ten States of Occupation.
The Torah conveys this multi-faceted scope with the word,
et/at which proce-eds the name of each occupation. Each level
of develop ment is included within each of the ten names.
Note also the radiating ayin/O that is present in the finger
prints. This design conveys the radiating nature of the energies
through the fingers. As electronic discs and sensor, the finger's
see and transmit via the finger prints.
As I opened my right hand, I noticed an aleph taw
combination beneath my third and fourth finger. Other

significant designs are surfacing.
the Amorites/Amori
Appropriately so, the Amori, meaning the sayings, does
not proceed until following the Rephadim even as the sayings
are a result of our healing's. As we are healed or made whole,
joined together and composed into an ex pression of unity, so do
the Amori or saying's emerge. The Saying's are the utterances of
the unified state of be ing healed. Statement's of unity are
seldom heard by the ill or fragmented. But the Amori are for our
occupation and possession, and with them we may point the way
as the index finger of the left hand suggests. The Amori di-rects
the healed person according to concepts and prin-ciple's,
yielding saying's of wholeness. And from the say ing's that are
held as well as uttered, there are meditations to full
comprehension. The one of covenant draws out of the saying's the
impact and authority of the held concepts comprising the saying.
Note the letter he/preceding the State indicating that one has the
illumination of the say-ing and is not just repeating it. With the
saying's, the mind is made full with the concepts of light.
the Canaanites/Kena’ani
And following the Saying's, one flourishes unto their full
branchings and potential. Again, the extensions of the left hand

middle finger corresponds to this extension of energy. As the
name Canaan indicates, one walks in humility and in
submission to the whole. This is the oc- cupation state of the one
who truly speaks the sayings of unity. Via humility, the path of abounding grace, one as cends as the middle finger to their
crowning glory. The lowest becomes the greatest. The Canaani
are the State to Branch forth completely unto manifesting the
inner structure of light! Within the Canaani State is the full po
tential of man; hence, this name alone has come to re-present the
promised State of being. The one who takes hold of the Canaani
State has all energies perfectly bal-anced and submitted to each
other in perfect unity. As you reflect upon this state, so will your
speech, perspec-tives, unions, and activities be gracefully
modified. You will abound with energies balance with each
the Girgashites/Gir’gashi
A compound word made up of the word hager/mean-ing to
sojourn or to dwell or to reside. The ha/prefix in-dicates an
enlightenment of the sojourner or stranger who is dwelling or
residing for illumination. In particular, the enlightenment of the
sojourner pertains to the mass or the clumps of materialization or
what is dense in mani festation, from the root cwg. The
enlightenment into the compact state of matter or into the groups
assembled is a result of the Cannanite State of occupation. As it
was said of Moses: he was the humblest man on the earth; the

results of humility and submission to the whole de-sign and
submission to the whole house of YahúWah The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<leads them to
dwelling or residing with an illumi nation of the compacted
groups amassed together. Such describes the clustering of the
energies into manifested blocks or groups. Being of the state of
Girgashi is abid-ing in this clustering or blocks of spiritual forces
with illumination.
Note, both the Gir and the Gash commence with the
letter gimel, denoting this state is via communication with
priest/mind/and communication with the spirit’s words of
wisdom. It is the perspective attitude of a per-son seeking
knowledge / that attains the wisdom/of the collective residence
with the overtones of humility. (see dict; notes under ger and
Hagar. Refer to the alpha bet charts under gimel, resh, and shin).
The Girgashi corresponds to the fourth finger of the left
hand, associated with right hand fourth position meaning to
verify, to confirm according to the ascent. Likewise the Girgashi
state is an adornment of the ele-vation (third finger of the left
hand) due to humility.
the Jebusites/Yevusi
The tenth position, associated with the little fifth finger,
refers to and mirrors the right hand in abilities to govern. It is the

active state of putting underfoot our en-emies. One handles what
is contrary in order that it does not obstruct your progress or
fulfillment. It is the state of conquering and reaping as in the
threshing floor where the grain is trampled for it's full extraction.
As the orig-inal name of the city of Jerusalem, the Jebusi, are
those who, with meditation, continue to extract and proceed
without defeat in their heart. It refers to the capital seat in your
kingdom, being the place of the throne------your heart center.
Note the letter's in progression. The Yevusi: the illumination of
management formulates a balanced structure attained. It is the
attainment/with full develop-ment/of the sameck/structure / s ,
the third level of the alphabet, the full illumination of YAH /
being 15 as the sameck’s position. Whatever state that we abide
in we have come to sit on the throne, on the left and on the right
with the mashiyach. For both has been given for us to achieve as
offspring of ALhhim. It is these ten trait's or State of Residence
that we come into the earth to de-velop unto full occupation and
exercise of light. It is the will of heaven being done in earth, the
fulfillment of our transformation from a larve to a serif.
See Light Transformer reading.
END of Chapter 15
Sefer Maaseh Bereshith


The Book of Genesis — The Act's of
Wisdom Creating Perfectly

Chapter 16
Verse 1
And Sarai, wife of Abram
is not currently bearing for him
and for her is a handmaid, from/coming out of Tsraim
and her name is Hagar/The Stranger/The Sojourner/The Dweller

The wife of Abram (pertaining to each name), Sarai,
becomes the focus to fulfill the Ten State's of Promise. Through
Sarai, the development's of the Ten State's are achieved. Sarai,
wife of Abram, is rendered “my govern ess who
perfects/completes the flame.” As a wife, she facilitates the
Abram nature of every name to expand/the aleph bet / within
each name. (See note's from Chapter's 11 & 12 to review the position of
Sarai.) Sarai is the governance of each name. How shall she bear
forth the glorious child of inheritance belonging to each name?
This is the question as we proceed to fulfill the Presen tation
of the Ten State's, commonly referred to as the Promised Land.
How is your wife enabled to bring forth the child within you, the
one who is the heir of your name? As Father YAH brings forth a

Son to Rule and have Dominion, so shall each of us bring forth
the Seed of Abram—the Productivity of our Name to occupy the
State of Promise/Fulfillment.
Who is the Heir to the Ten States of Inheritance/Fulfillment?
We are in process to bring forth the nature within, the nature
of father/emanator unto the state of manifestation in which all
the fullness of our name is released and fills a child of Unity in
which we abide. Cannot the father in herit the Ten State's of
Promise? Why does the Torah tell us that your children will inherit
the land? Because a child a yeled, is the giving/extending order
of all in-sights held within. A child is the arm empowered with
all the energies of the father to sit at his right hand to administer the principle's of the inner kingdom. A son makes the offering's
for the father to partake of/to receive (i.e. Yitschak/Isaac and his
The purpose of Sarai is to expand the aleph bet to ex-pand the
principle's of alpha/a unto the full expressive nature of bet, the
same being called the manifestation of the father/The child or
bet is already within the attribute of your father’s name, yet to be
born or brought forth through The Unity of your name. Your
Hebrew Divine Name has two part's: the father
(Abram/emanating prin ciple's unto fullness) and the mother
(Sarai/governing / maintaining via the father’s ex-tended wisdom). The
unity of your name achieved is the same as coming 'To Know'

fully the Name of YahúWah The Most High HhaOLiyun h w h
y Ha Waw Ha Yud the Light Nature of Father / YH and
Mother/WH. The bet is the House of the Name or the Child of
Inheritance which is filled with all of the expansion of Alpha
The direction to build a House to the Name is the same
for each name to bring forth the Child—the fully manifested
light nature of your name. In the Torah, the state of expanding
your father attribute is called Abram; and the state of developing
your mother attribute is call ed Sarai. When you read the
accounts of Abram and
Sarai you are reading of the father and mother nature of your
name coming into manifestation for their transfor-mation / full
revelation. This is why we plant a seed or why a Name comes
into an earth body; that we may be-hold it's full glory, the fruit,
the mature evidence and operation of the nature of light.
What does it mean that Sarai, his wife, is not bearing
for him?
Sarai is not able to bear the child that belongs to him—
at this stage she is not able to bring forth the bet. The bet/child is
not born until the aleph/the composite attribute/Seed of life is
composed, being matured via the seasons of development to be
drawn out. Abram is the light genetic code data pertaining to

each name to be for mulated into a Seed. To assist Sarai is a
handmaid, a maid servant--one who fires forth the expressions /
faces of ascensions. It is the role of a handmaid to bring forth the
inner expressions to arise whereby they may be gath ered in to
the Seed and born by Sarai (See BHM note's regarding Sarai in Chp

The name, Egypt/Mitsraim, is literally rendered as a
coming out of or drawing out of Tsraim/from narrowings/distresses/enemies. As we are conditioned to the material
manifestation of self, we are initially narrowed in perspective,
for we are looking and ordering our lives around the
manifestation verses the expansive nature of inner principle's
of light. We are called out of Egypt; we are called out of the
narrowing avenues of coming into the world; we are called unto
the Teacher Rebat—the Expander of Light Nature.
We either operate as repetitious creature's of habit or as
ongoing creations of light. Creatures of habit are governed by
imposed perceptions, perception's that are obtained by
reflection's. Creations of light are govern ed by internal
unfoldments, generating renewed percep-tion's from the ongoing
light bursts of our star name.
Sarai’s attribute is to assist in the full development of each
name via drawing out all the attributes of Abram unto the

emergent nature of the Ten State's. In this we see the hand of
Wisdom that provides within every name the means of
development. Just as an egg has within it everything necessary to
bring forth a chick so does the genetic gathering of each name.
Through the nurturing process we come to fulfill and govern the
Ten States of the Inner Kingdom. This developmental process is
under the feminine role of my governess/Sarai. The Ten State's
are first seen in conjunction with the drawing out of your spiritual
hands as they emerged out of the bosom of your fire nature The
emergence of your hand's of our / your fire nature is the overall
theme of Chapter 15. As your spiritual hands emerge out of your
bosom so likewise your physical hands are drawn out of your
body in the womb. From the formation of your fiery hands, the
Ten State's of Becoming are set before us. The Heir to the
Fulfillment of our Name is the Holy Child.
Chapter 16 Verse 2
And Sarai says/considers AL—Abram.
Behold the Unfoldment Principle; Profit/benefit I pray.
YHWH is reserving me/restraining me/holding me back
from bearing/from drawing out the child.
Appear/come forth, I pray, the Concept Directive/AL of my handmaid.
I will build up my strength from her/from the appointee/trustee.
And Abram hears/comprehends
the voice/vibrations of Sarai.

The Governess, Sarai, considers/meditates to fully
consider the Principle Directing/Ordering/the Expansion of

Father--Abram / Yes, your name is an expansion of Father /
YAH. Your name is a fire spark of light; you hold the very
essence of your Father in the Names (in the heavens). Whenever
you come across the term heav-en's, read it as Names. For the
Father and all the angels of light are within the Name's and every
Name is derived from the Unified Name of YHWH. As a woman
desires man so does Sarai desire the Principle of Light in your
Name to expand according to the Directive Order of the Alpha
Directive for expansion/As we realize within, the role of Sarai,
we comprehend the feminine Nature of Light to govern
according to the Light Emanation. As you comprehend the voice
of Sarai within, so you will yield all realms of manifestation
under her hand. Sarai, considers/meditates upon the
Expansion/Enlargement / Glorification of Concept Development
—the Directive Order pertaining to Abram. According to the
meditation, so Sarai appoints her handmaiden for Abram.
In recognizing the spirit’s ability to govern, we look in-ternally
for the platforms of the government. The found ation of this
government was laid in place with the emer gence of the Ten
King's / Genesis. Chapter 14. (The dis-cussion of the Ten Kings
in the Book of Revelations pertains to these Ten Kings and not
to some Ten Kings that you are looking for in the nations
today/Rev.17: 16-17). Sarai meditates as she beholds the
glorious Ten States of the Kingdom presented to Abram. She
seeks the principles with which she governs the earth as her

Queen. The principles we hold determine the direction of our
unfoldment and maturity. Everyone is a governor of his own
empire of energies which is managed according to the principles
governing the use of the scepter. Sarai meditates upon the
directive principles of governing in Abram — in the expansion
of the Foundational Nature of Light.
The Concept Directive
Where do we find the principle's to govern a business or a
home or a school or an organization? They are in the Founding
Nature of Attributes that causes the entity to appear! Each must
discover and take hold of the found- ing attributes of their life;
for by these shall each one govern his household of energies /
light allocations and expressions. This is the
meditation/consideration that Sarai receives as she views the
presentation of the Ten States of Fulfillment. She considers the
Concept of Order ing the Powers within to expand the basic
founding attri butes of Abram. It is this basis of being, the AL
/Concept Directive of each Name, that generates an expansion of
name unto fulfillment.
There are occasions when we have a vision of our future or a
dream of a calling or a desired relationship. We real ize that the
power to govern this dream/perception resid es within us. But in
order to govern the Ten State's, we must have the scepter in our
hand's charged with the foun ding nature of our name. Our queen
considers the coun-sel of our Founding Attributes within and

their expans-ion according to our name.
Henay Na, commonly rendered “pray now,” means to
profit/benefit from prayer. A prayer is an unfoldment of the
collective consciousness that is gathered daily.
Through prayer, the energies are refreshed with
the gatherings of light emanations. In prayer we are processing
the daily interactions of light frequen-cies, being receptors and
transmitters of the the light. Thus we experience the wonder of
being in prayer with out cessation even as light is without
ceasing. Praying without ceasing is the nature of the ongoing
Sarai’s first meditation to unfold her husband is to
behold/exclaim with awe, “henay” the unfoldment right of
principle/Na. Each feminine nature within us cries out with
expectation to see the unfoldment of our founding name. As the
physical body embraces and warms the mas culine principles for
expansion, so does the feminine na- ture of light do so unto
Abram (the masculine principle of light). This is the nature of
woman. The feminine nature of our Name, as Sarai, embraces
and warms the mascu-line nature of our being, and in so doing,
she is the Gov-erness of the Inner Kingdom. To assist in
comprehension of this Torah principle, let’s say you have an idea
you want to implement. If it is to be carried forth, then there

must be a governing force to put in in place and manage the idea.
What will this governing body be? It may be an organization, or
one appointed, etc., but it will always involve a regulation to
enforce the principle through the expressive nature of your
manifestation which is the
feminine nature.
Even if one is appointed to enforce and manage an idea, this one
is a receptor or feminine governess of your initiation.
The handmaid of Sarai comes forward at this stage of
development as Sarai is restrained (and rightfully so) from
drawing out the child. The Child is not formed yet. To draw out
the Heir in pretense or in anxiety would only lead to setting up a
pseudo preoccupation of governing what is not yet evident. It is
not a punishment or a sign of guilt that Sarai has done something
wrong. She is re strained because the wisdom of YAH has
reserved her to bear the child that will be formed within her
womb.And let us be wise not to create a child of our present
percep-tions lest we fail to see the promise of the coming heir.
Let us rejoice that we are being held back unto the recep tion of
the promised heir which shall exceed our present state in which
we will occupy our full expansion. She is restrained from
bearing, lit. from drawing out the Child—the arm/of power/the
scepter/ of the pyramid/The pyr- amid is the emergent structure
of insights in which we abide. Each child brought forth is a
pyramid, being a

storehouse of our insights.
Appear/come forth, I pray—the interactive
unfoldments of concepts— unto my handmaid who fires and
warms the Faces of Ascensions. My prayer is that the Force of
Wisdom will arise to warm the faces/expre- ssions of the Inner
Name. All committed under the hand of Sarai is being dedicated
to warm the expressive nature in Abram unto its full ascension.
Within the hands of Sarai are the faces/expressions of the
adjoining name, Abram, for governance.
When all attributes of your name have been drawn out to
their most honorable state, you will then sow the Seed—the
composite structure of your name into the womb of Sarai, who
will draw out the child or the heir of the promised lands. The
drawing out will be the arm or extension that holds the scepter of
the pyramid—the yeled. For it is in the pyramid that we live.
From genera tion to generation we abide in the storehouses of
insight s. When we have come to know, via beholding the wisdom within, our eyes being fully opened, we shall bear the child
who is the heir, that sits on the throne with
Mashiyach, fulfilling the extension of light in the Ten Promised
States. These ten lands combined are the fully extended nature of
each name.

Chapter 16 Verse 3
Coupled with Sarai, wife of Abram, takes/accepts/learns
the composite/totality of Hagar, the Mitzrait
her handmaiden
out of an allocation/reduction/contraction/end of ten years/fulfilling
for a dwelling/culmination/resting of Abram
in the State of Canaan/humility/developing potential
coupled with she gives her
to Abram, her ish/husband/fire initiations,
for him, to be a wife/fire fanner.

It is the role of the Governess/Sarai to allocate the light forms
(physical traits) unto the Fire of her husband. As the governess,
it is in the hands of Sarai to give or hold back. We learn from
these Torah lines that all physical structures are in the hands of
the Governess Sarai. Every thing of Mother Earth is under the
administration of Mother Name, the same being the over all
administra-tion of WAH. We may take the goods of the world,
but they are not beneficial for our names until they are giv-en, in
a sacred trust, through the hand of Sarai. This is the consecration
of the lands unto the hands of the spirit. Look at all that you
allegedly own and ask yourself in what ways can Sarai use these
things, most notable the things of your body. Realize that the
handmaid is one who 'heats up the expressions to arise.' Nothing
is more capable that your body-the hagar-stranger—yet wonder
fully capable to reveal every detail of your mind. As you vibrate

the desire to pursue your becoming/ , the body is
given in marriage to your name.
Sarai takes hold of the stranger, the strange mass of
formations. It is strange because it is a new appearance and level
of manifestation to be known. Sarai accepts to manage the total
scope of the materialization process. To say that she learns the
total scope of Hagar, means that she takes the responsibility to
manage the total scope of all appearances. This acceptance will
take you far beyond
the limited views that you may have been indoctrinated into by
the various mothering organizations. It is in the hands of your
Feminine Name Nature to manage all for- mative states of body
and organizations,etc. Each accep-ts for their name the totality of
the avenue of manifesta- tion and discards none.
Nothing manifested is without signification! This taking occurs
at the end of ten years. What is the Torah telling us? Literally,
the taking comes from acquiring a study. Through making
investigations one continues to take hold of the manifested
realms for the continuing expan-sion of our Masculine Name
Nature. As you apply your knowledge, so more is given. From
extending your mind, more extensions follow. Where is the end?
The end is only created when you cease from extending your
mind. But from the end or culmination of every study there is
further allocation of resources.

We may also state that from Sarai seeing and learning of the
Ten States of Promise the process of managing the formative
realms begins. To see the Ten States is the same to see your
fingers emerge out of your Fiery Name Hence, from the
emergence of the ten extensions—your hands—out of the
Fire, you begin taking hold of the elements for the sake of
your name’s expansion.
The process of spiritual governance begins from extend-ing ten.
For until we extend the Ten out of the Fire ofour Name we are
unable to manage the appearing forms. Through the extensions
of Ten the consecration of the land/manifestations follows. From
the vibrations to pur-sue/ our name unto the furthest extent, the
feminine na- ture governs. Each name is in process of unfolding
unto the Ten States of Promise which is congruent with the
process of bringing forth the inner child—the SeedChild of
Abram—the Nature of Mashiyach. The governess force of your
name—Sarai, allocates the illuminated cha nnel of mind-Hagar
to be a wife for Abram. In this marr
iage the physical form is considered to be an illuminated
channel of mind, a channel to reveal the mind and to acq uire
knowledge. As a result of illumination of spirit to behold the Ten
States of Promise, the formative develop ments at hand, i.e.
Hagar, can now be married to Abram.

This is the basis of consecrating all things unto the
directive order of spirit. The objective of the physical ap
pointments is for the culmination of Abram. As YHWH enters
into the world and arranges/creates with his word, likewise is
Abram entering that he may come to the same resting state as
YHWH. What do we mean by entering rest? Rest is the state of
full expansion achieved by ful-filling the six days or unified
light acts of your name, even as any givings generates a rest. It is
for Abram that Sarai gives Hagar. In other words, it is for the
expanse of your Name that a physical form is appointed to be
marri ed or joined unto your name. It is in the hands of Sarai to
make this allocation for the sake of the fire initiations that are
within Abram, and not only this allocation, but
the consecration of all things unto your Fiery Name.
Chapter 16

Verse 4

And he appears/comes unto Hagar/And he appears—AL Hagar;
and she conceives
and she sees/perceives
that she is conceiving
and her ruling lady/her might is reduced
in her eyes/understanding.

The coming or appearance of the Principle of Hagar occurs
as Hagar is taken hold of by Sarai. As our spirit touches anything
with the fires of wisdom, so does the inherent principle within
the form emerge. Our feminine name nature takes hold of all

light forms even as a wo-man takes hold of the life forms of a
seed. In taking hold of Hagar, Sarai learns of the physical
constructs provid- ed for the Name of Abram to flourish. As the
ground is provided for the wheat so is Hagar provided for the
ker-nel of truth in each Name. The Principle/AL of Hagar ap
pears, and via the appearance of principles there is con- ception.
There is no conception of any kind without a let ting of seed or
the coming of principles. As the concep- tion takes place, the
physical form or housing facility be comes aware of the holdings
of spirit seed within. Even as we begin to take hold of a Torah
concept/idea, so is there an awareness within us of it presence to
be cherish ed and nourished.
Often times the new concept conceived is greater in our the
vision than the ruling lady or might behind the scene. The might
of Sarai, wife of Abram and also Queen of Egypt, is reduced in
the understanding of Hagar. As our physical nature begins to
conceive of the vast resources of our name, the might of the
spirit is not recognized or seen initially by the physical forms.
This concept is the same as the House of YishARAL entering
into the land of Mitzraim/Egypt; whereas initially they were
small in
number, they grew unto a multitude. Sarai is reduced in the
limited and narrowed vision of Hagar. Sarai has made herself
small that she may increase. The nature of spirit does not boast
of itself ever. It is willing to reside conceal ed for its development

and expansion. This is the nature of YHWH, who rules with his
might concealed (Tehillah / Psalm 66:7). As Rav Shaul expounds:
the weakness of ALhhim is stronger than men even though
not recog nized (I Cor 1:25, I Cor 15:42-43; 2 Cor 12:9; Hebrews 11:34).
Strength is made complete through weakness. Our strength
is released and disperse until it appears weak, but through the
dispersion, we become strong, fully activated unto the revelation
and resurrection of our name in full strength. Has not YHWH
also done the same in dispers-ing his sparks in all the vessels of
Does the physical forms comprehend this process of
spiritual dispersion? Not initially as the Torah is re-minding us.
Hence it is not for us to despair during the concealing process of
spirit but to take consolation know ing that our concealment is the
path for our full revela- tion. Sarai, in her wisdom, reduced
herself by position ing Hagar, in order that she may increase
through the expansion of spiritual principles within the physical
con structs.
This principle of Torah study may also be applied in states
of conflict, frustrations, habits, or illness. What ever the state of
weakness, look for the antidote within your spirit name. Give
thanks for the state of weakness that the full glory and strength of
your name may become evident.
Chapter 16 Verse 5

And Sarai says/meditates unto Abram — AL Abram
My shaking/oppression is unto you/for your ascent
I give/appoint my handmaid
in your lap/bosom/inside;
and she perceives
that she is conceiving;
and I am reduced in her eyes/understanding.
YHWH is judging
amidst/between me and between you.

In the state of humility and consciousness of being
submitted to the weaker, Sarai’s focus is fixed on the ex pansions
of inherent principles. Thus she meditates on the Principle Force
of Increasing the presence of the Aleph Bet/The term to shake is
like shaking the fruit off a tree. What has matured in Sarai’s
understanding is re-leased or shaken from the Tree of Shem to
fall unto the nature of Hagar. This fall is for the benefit of the
ascent of one’s name. Having fallen to be swallowed up, spirit
shall emerge in greater strength and glory. This is what is
considered to be “the fall” of Adam and Eve as well. The
accounts of Adam, Noah, and Abram are the same story of
creation told at three levels of expansion. I ap-point my
handmaid within your bosom, and she percei- ves. The elements
of our manifestation behold/are en-abled to see via union with
the spiritual principles ap-pointed unto them. Each element of
matter beholds according to the principle bonded to it.
The Torah is instructing us that in order for our
members to see and to bear the spiritual principles of our Name,

the principles must be appointed unto them. Your collective mass
of members is bonded to the Ab-ram nature—the expansion of
spirit. These principles of Name are the origin of the
manifestation. It is our spirit-ual right of authority to confirm
that the body members are appointed unto the founding
principles of spirit. The givings of spirit culminate in a
perception and then a conception. Student of BHM, Magen, once
shared the
Baruch Sh’mo recording with a radio studio. The gentle men
listening to the songs remarked: “The words of the songs enter
your mind and then explode.” This is the na ture of spiritual
givings. Sarai gives; the giving is per-ceived and then conception
or the explosion of the giving occurs. The seasons of light are
appointed to generate perceptions and conceptions.
The breeding of animals and fertilization of flowers
correspond to the multiplication of the letters of the aleph bet
within us. When the goats breed, it is the season of multiplying
the nature of the letter waw; when the wheat is being formed, it
is the season of multiplying the nature of the zayin, etc. The
regulation of light is for multiplica tion of the aleph bet within
the life energy centers. The judging between me and between
you is the acknowled-gement that what goes out by the
hand/activity of appoi- ntment/giving of Sarai is
evaluated/judged according to the
activity/productivity/branching of principles in Ab-ram. Between

the two is the judgment of Unity which regulates the giving and
expansion of a name. This act-ion of giving and management of
spiritual attributes is also the basis of cellular division and

Secondly, according to the Tov/the Goodness of Manifesta-tion,
Sarai than illuminates/Hagar with the assignments of the elements
bestowed by the ruchah/spirit. The final ha / on the root word/ conveys
the extension and unfoldment of life com mitted to the feminine nature
of spirit. The body is not only a servant to the spirit, but also a friend

and companion, being one that serves hand-in-hand with the radiance
shared. If the spirit does not inform or take hold of the reins, the
elements wander and lack comprehension of the goal. As a result of
Sarai’s appointment, the body of Hagar is fastened/joined in service to
the spirit to mirror the expressions of the spirit. Thus the Torah reads:

And Sarai bestows labor upon her with radiance, and Hagar
makes haste to fulfill her faces / expressions.
Chapter 16

Verse 7

And a Malak/Messenger of YHWH overtakes/reveals her
according to/ascending the Eye/fountain of the Waters/ The Ayin of The Mem
in the wilderness/through the flowing of words
according to/ascending the Eye/fountain
in the Way/path of Shur/observation/an ox/to struggle.

In the place of our appointment, we are ministered unto by
angels. With each commissioning we proceed in the wilderness
attended to by angels. That is, we must undergo a flowing words
for understanding to assist in fulfilling the commission received.
To be receptive of this flow of words is the same to be in the
wilderness. Having the assignment of Sarai upon her, Hagar is
acco mpanied with a messenger that reveals to her what the spirit
has transmitted to her. Hagar has been ordained by Sarai; the
messenger will reveal to her the impact of the adornment placed
upon her by spirit/ruchah. The messe nger is an interpreter for
the spirit to the form. With the interpretation, the messenger
reveals her.

We may see The Ayin Maiyin/16-13 The Eye of the Waters
to mean the collective consciousness the peoples of all that is
gathering within us. As we hold in earthly vessels the treasures
of spirit, know that the messages within are arising, both to
reveal our treasures held with in the manifestation and also to
direct the manifestation to comprehend the unity of spirit and
form—the unity of the heavens/names and earth/transformation
processes. The messages arise from within showering and
the cells with the understanding and joy of our name. Thus, as
the messages arise, they speak according to the Eye over the
Waters—of all gathered within our manifes tation. The messages
are insightful waves of glory resid-ent within spirit. Whereas
initially, the perception of Sarai was small, now via the
messages, the perception of Sarai increases.
The Eye/of the Waters/are two letters of the aleph-bet
denoting the composite body being opened to behold the
wonders and goals of ruchah. The ayin/in the third level of
letters casts its glance over that water/in the second level of
letters. The same is as the moon/ affecting the bodies of our
planetary waters/. The perception of the message affects the
waters, and according to the percep tion amongst the waters so
are a people born and main tained. As we have learned before,
the wilderness per-tains to communication levels. It is through
the flowing words of the messenger that the inner fountain arises.

The messenger speaks to us concerning what we are observ- ing
or struggling to understand—in the Way of Shur. In observing
there are wrestlings with what we see appear ing. The Way of
Shur is a pathway opened up to Hagar to behold the
concepts/oxen of Sarai’s commission. This Path is for the forms
of light; stop-in for a chat to dis-cover yourself.
Chapter 16 Verse 8
And he considers/says:
Hagar, handmaiden of Sarai,
of isles, from this you are coming/appearing,
and lamenting will you proceed/go?
And she considers/says:
from/mirroring the faces of Sarai my mistress/might
I make haste/heel to fulfill.

Before the Messenger speaks, he observes and medi-tates on
the direction that the words will take. He consid ers the position
of Hagar and the sequence of the mess-ages. Note the four
sequential messages presented.
Primary is the utterance as to the purpose of the arrow shaft of
light. The perception of Hagar is presented as be ing the handmaiden/of Sarai—the flaming expression to raise up one’s
totality. This is the reference point of be-ing able to hear the
angel. We will otherwise be not in tuned with the frequencies of
the messengers.
Of the isles is a reference to the collection of waters out of

which the form of spirit arises such as a child arising out of the
embryonic waters. The messenger speaks of the origin of Hagar.
You have come from this / h z m —from being an arrow/shaft of
light. Having this great ori gin and purpose of spirit, will you
proceed downcast and continue with lamentations? Will you
proceed forward or continue as a shadow of the spirit or as a
lamp trans- lating and radiating the will of spirit through your
expr-essions? In response, Hagar states that she will indeed
mirror the faces of her might/mistress, to whom she is bonded,
and make haste to follow the direction of the spirit. In this
statement is the joy of the heavens/names and
earth/embodiments united.
Chapter 16 Verse 9
And the Messenger of YHWH says to her:
Return/Be Transformed according to your might/mistress
and keep yourself submitted
under her hands/management.

The second message relates to the developments of the form of
light. Will the form of our garments remain as they are now or
may they be transformed from mortality to immortality? First,
keep perceiving your members as shafts of light, appointed by
the spirit for expressing and bringing forth the nature of spirit’s
manifestation. Follow up your meditation that the garments are
under going transformation according to the might of your spirit.

Why does the messenger say to return when the physi-cal is
bolted/fastened to the spirit/breath/ruchah? Where as the
elements are set in place according to the ruchah, due to the
smallness of vision, the elements waiver. This is the
interpretation level when the waywardness of ex-pression—the
flesh is seen separate from the spirit. How ever; the message of
the white text translates the verb: be transformed.
You are being changed/elevated according to confirm-ing the
elements united to ruchah. The translation then reads: Be
Transformed/be refreshed/ by the arising foun tain of
understanding. For in that your members are in-deed fastened to
the appointment of ruchah, they are be ing transformed through
service and fulfillment of the faces of Sarai.
It is understood that Rav Shaul/Paul wrote the book of
Romans as a commentary on this Torah section. To sum up
the saying, walking according to the will of the spirit and fulfill
not the lusts of the flesh. Keep your mem bers in perspective of
their calling/appointment as wis-dom’s has chosen them to
express and raise up all with in, being a handmaiden. Keep your
members aligned with the Sarai ruchah and under her fiery
hands of love. The position of being under/conveys being in
support of know ing that the composing force of the feminine
spirit/ruchah elevates the changes and renewal of the members.

As your members are in support of ruchah, so is ruchah able to
elevate and bring forth the transformations of the members. Apart
from this devotion, the members are un able to be touched by the
wand of Sarai and the exten- sion of her hands. In other words,
keep your members in touch with the activities and progressions
of Sarai.
Chapter 16 Verse 10
And the malak/messenger of YHWH says/meditates to her:
To make an increase/multiply/to cause to expand, I will multiply/expand
the totality of your seed/fruitfulness;
with instruction in concepts he shall be numbered/there shall be no
without limitation
from/as a result of the expansion.

Joining with the first statement, the messenger continues to bring
forth the words of unity to her. As a messenger of YHWH he
speaks the inward messages of YHWH / Unity. Accordingly, we
discern the voice of YHWH with in speaking and the voice of
those who are speaking the words of YHWH—their words
correspond to and touch our inward parts and lead us not to
follow “here say” or
to chase after external shadows.
In these lines, you may understand that the malak, often
translated as messenger, pertains to any messages that are
released or transmitted to you, either via an assigned agent or by

an opening of the vast center of knowledge within you. For as
you unfold concept upon concept,the principles will form
messages and arise within as a mes senger of light. The purpose
of the messages corresponds to the expanding nature of light—I
will multiply/expand the totality of your seed/fruitfulness. Are
the messages
forming within you leading you to multiply, expand, be fruitful?
What shall expand? The totality of your seed name. Every
attribute of your being shall be unfolded and accordingly you
shall know the total value of your name within the Bet HaShem.
To say that there shall be no border is an idiomatic expression
that states that your expansion shall be without limitation.
No, nothing, shall impede or limit the nature of light within
you to expand unto its fullness. Regardless of the miles of
concrete laid, the seeds will still break through and flower
according to their nature of light. So shall you.
Having appointed the forms Hagar, to bear the Seed Name
messages of understanding the appointment / creation form and
arise within that nothing will be lost or left un done. Why does
the angel speak now; didn’t we know this before? While the
promise of expansion/ fulfillment is with us from the beginning,
having already been spok- en to Abram, the promises are now
spoken again in the context of the projection/form of light. Each
of our stages of development/evolution are to comprehend the

of our being. Upon the light projecting itself into form, the
messages of understanding, guidance, and assurance arises from
within the form.
Basically, we are aware of the greatness of
information within and also that there must be an es-tablished
develo- pmental stage in order for the messages to emerge. Other
wise, the messages, should they emerge prematurely, would be not
understood and would seem as casting pearls before swine. Thus
the messages arise in conjunction with our initiations and
established develop-ment whereby they are formulated to be heard.
The great joy in studying the Torah 'Is Knowing' that the Torah
is THE SCHOOL MASTER that prompts us unto the full
discovery of all in our Seed Name. It is not the hearing of the
Torah but the doing of the Torah; (Number's 28) that releases
the compound statements of our Name in accordance with our
doing / fulfillment of that which is discern/heard.
Chapter 16 Verse 11
And the malak/messenger of YHWH says/meditates to her:
define yourself/your awareness of extension has been conceived—behold
yourself pregnant,
and you will bear/bring forth a child/a form/manifestation of potentiality
and you shall call/read/proclaim his name, Yishmael
for/being an extended hand of hearing/understanding YHWH
according to your assignment/humility.

The fourth statement is the level of Hagar’s renewal and

transformation: to be the extension of the seed. It is in
understanding this statement that our larva nature ex-tends into
the serif fiery form. In sequence to the above three statements,
the message arise within concerning the role of our manifestation.
Each of us affirm ourselves via manifestations. As our formative
feminine nature com-prehends, being aware of the radiance
within our nuclei (mother cell), we affirm the Seed Name
residence with in us—we accept the nature of our Seed Name,
and in so accepting we are pregnant. The Eye of the Waters has
opened to receive the immortal Seed Name for manifes- tation.
In receiving the Seed of Abram, we define our- selves. Our
manifestation is shaped by this holy union of name and earth, and
we behold ourselves not as just a body, but as a house filled with
all the traits of light.
We see ourselves not just as flesh, but as holding with in us
the man-child of light. Our bodies are holy, being designated by
the fire name to hold the attributes of wis-dom and to ultimately
bring forth the promised heir of our Name, which is the same as
the extended arm or the fulfillment of Name attributes in
manifestation. The word indicates that we are aware of the
extension within and its branching nature. Our body perceives
itself in unity with our Name and is designated to bear for the
mind’s radiance.
You will bring forth a son. Yes, each and every man and woman

shall bring out of their inner chambers the Heir of their name.
This child is a son—a manifested form of unity fully extending
the nature of your name. Even so now, we are developing the
unity of earth and name in-dividually, and collectively the unity of
earth and the hea- vens. In our development each cell is
designated to be long to the holy fire of our Name. Each cell is
to receive the brilliance of our Name extended, to be pregnant
with the life giving immortal nature, to hold it and cherish it, to
never dishonor it, until our Name is fully extended with in our
assignment amongst the stars and we bear in the likeness of
YHWH the mashiyach. For the mashiyach is your Name fully
communicated, being arrayed with the garments of light
projected in wisdom, understand-ing and knowledge; thus being
adorned with garments of gold, silver and brass which perish
Genesis, chapter 16 interprets the ancient scripture's as:
You shall study to proclaim the name of the child of your mother
earth cell / Hagar and your father Name Abram. This name or
position you shall call YismaAL for it shall be according to your
hearing or understanding of the Name within you.

Yes, in every generation you shall call your form {human
body} status, YismaAL, for it is a proclamation of the
understanding of the Name YahúWah The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud within you and it shall be

according to your assignment which you shall perform in
humility. For it is in humility or in submission to the Heavens, all collective Names that we un derstand
and both fulfill our assignments.
Now what does it mean to call his name? In everything that you
do you are proclaiming your form status accor-ding to how you
understand the name of YHWH. How do you hear the order of
lights within, then accordingly, so is the name of your vessel
called. How do you act/up on seeing and understanding/the
divine order/of the fire/ in the waters, then in so understanding
are you called / proclaimed/amongst men and angels. You are
known by your developmental status of the harmony and
devotion of earth and Name, and its proclamation is yourself; announcing to the world yourself-- in the summed name of
YishmaAL. You proclaim your status according to the as signed
awareness of your earth body in unity with your name and
according to the assignment of your name within
the earth.
Chapter 16 Verse 12
And breathing/he is a compound nature of illumination/ YAHYAH
to yield/to bring forth the fruit of man/Adam
his hand/activity is with/distinguishes all
and a hand of totality/completion/unifying all parts is within him.
With the ascensions of the faces of all/the wholeness of his brothers
he shall dwell/abide.

The nature of the projection is breathing/pulsating, be-ing a
compound nature of light. It is a compound formu- lation of all
the characters of light resulting from the unity of a Name into many
distinct parts. Hence does the body undergo cellular division and
the formation of compati-ble organs which is a process of
decomposing our light characteristics; having been released out
of the Name of
each ruach/spirit. As the Name Seed emanates it's light so it
decomposes from its holdings into a glorious array of many
parts. The offspring is therefore a decomposing structure in that
the characteristics of light are separated into constituent parts or
elements, undergoing a chemical breakdown of light, similar to a
mathematical number grouping into subgroups.
This is the wonderment and complexity of our
projection. Why is this called a yield of Adam/ verses a
branching of Abram? Because the Adam/ level of being is the
stage of a seed nature/ diversifying/ into waters of
reflection/verses the Abram level being the stage of our seed
nature expanding the mind/spiritual intellect unto
fullness. Therefore, the Abram level is called the friend/
companion of ALhhim for it enters into fellowship with ALhhim
via the expansion of spiritual intellect.
The term/ar p is also rendered as wild or untamed. True.
For the projection must learn of the reins of the spirit and to be

harnessed unto the will of the spirit. This is the taming
responsibility of each Name, to bring into harmony with the
tribes the wild savages of the nations. Whatever its activity level
is shall distinguish him, yet know that the hand of fire to unify
and to make whole is always within. And with ascensions of the
faces/expres- sions of the wholeness of his brothers he shall
YishmaAL is the initial medium of our manifestation as we come
to the earth. Being a medium it provides us a means to
comprehend the source of the manifestation—our own name that
begat it and the Master Name from which we are derived and have
our being. YishmaAL is an extension of your name. The extension

/ child is to come 'To Know' it's father. The condition of the
extension is determined by the ascension process of the brothers
The nature of the projection is a compound illumination of all
the traits of light. It is a fruit of Adam, being a re-flection of the
diversity of the aleph/emanation. It also must be tamed and
harnessed in love with the spirit. His hand or activity level will
assist to distinguish one’s in-ner wholeness, and the hand of fire
will be within/mana- ging over.
On behalf of all his brothers/comrades of light their ex- pressive
nature of light to be whole, he shall reside. The occupation of the
body is for the brothers, and yet, accor ding to the wholeness of

the brothers / members of a Name's mind, so shall the projection
be a dwelling.
Chapter 16 Verse 13
And she proclaims/reads/studies the name of YHWH/YAHÚWAH
of the illuminated Word/Leader/speaking/message unto her:
You are AL of my seeing,
extending her hand/for she says/meditates:
breaking open a gem/peeling back bark, I am seeing
to follow after my vision/seeing.

'She reads/studies' may be understood that the mother to
formulate the light patterns-Hagar-has consciousness and
cognitive abilities to read the incoming signals. The body
formations, being a construct or arrow of light, is comprised of
the mind’s unfoldment; and hence, has cog nitive abilities to read
or study the incoming light signals being summed as YHWH. As
the mother [Hagar] she reads the incoming patterns within her
womb, comprising the child YismaAL. She studies the
magnitude of the Name within the emerging construct of herself,
of Abram whose seed she has received, and YishmaAL, the form
of the Name developing within.
She affirms with recognition that she is the WAH of the Name,
housing the seed of Abram, the YAH of the Name emanating
light. She proclaims with joyful understand- ing: YAHÚWAH;
for so is YishmaAL, the unity of YAH and WAH. The proclamation
and inquiry of the child is the study of Bet HaShem Midrash,

meaning an inquiry into the Name.

We proclaim the Name not only with our voice but with our
expressive structure of light and organization/use of energies. We
recite the Name as we inquire and proclaim each attribute of the
Name within, including the kings, the fathers and mothers, the
elders and tribal names de-tailed in the Torah, which are specific
attributes of Ha-Shem. We read the Name as we discern the
living letters that dance within. These letters of HaShem are
all around us comprising all living things and forms.
The 22 Hebrew Fire Letters

Call out with jubilation the Name of YahúWah The
Most High HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud as you behold
this wonderful Name within and discerned in all things. The
emanation of light/YH is continually join ed with the
maintenance of light/WH so that nothing is ever lost. Hagar
meditates on the words of the angel. In response she declares the
Name YahúWah of the Word
being spoken to her. ‘You are the Concept Directive of my
seeing.’ Through your messages I have sight.
YismaAL, the structure to unite Shem and Cham pro-vides
comprehension between the Name/Abram and the manifestation

channel/Cham. YishmaAL/ is the activity of
hearing/comprehending the Divine Order, which is the
formative results of the Ayin/ taking residence with in the earth
thereby providing insight/illumination/of a
name/Comprehension/hearing results--shema. Via the union of
Shem and Cham, there is a bridge of commu-nications from the
name to the manifestation whereby the divine order is perceived
fully and understood/As O the ayin is received in the
mem/waters, a well is establi- shed. These are wells of salvation
within each of the tribal energy centers that provide
understanding unto full acknowledgement/reclamation of being.
The statement of Hagar declares YHWH: You are the AL of my
sight/to be the composing concepts radiating light You—the
composing concepts radiating light governs my seeing. Our eyes
were closed until a visitation by the messenger who directed the
alaph bet to expand inward-ly, who positioned the ayin in the
midst of the waters whereby our eyes are opened. Thanks be to
In summary, the messenger discusses with Hagar four
messages: 1) proceeding in harmony with our origin, 2)
discipline/submission/transformation, 3) the intent and promise
of expansion without limitations, and 4) rede-fining oneself
according to the resident seed within via drawing out of the
wells where the ayin/O has taken residence.

The messages have given her an ayin to see the concep-tion
process and the origin of our manifestation; the dis- cipline of
our manifestation, the expansion of light with in the
manifestation unto full stature, and the wholeness of all parts
within being achieved.
As a result of receiving the messages, Hagar will
bear/bring forth YismaAL—an extension of the ayin in the midst
of the waters. She yields/ wisdom/ being drawn out/unto full
comprehension/an understanding of a name/Via YishmaAL, all
of the Names is understood / within the
existing/developing/changing construct of be-ing. YishmaAL is a
compound illumination / YAHYAH joining all of Shem and
Cham together. The compound
may also be seen as the level of ayin overseeing the level of the
mem within the foundation of the divine order’s intent level.
The key to transfiguration of the form and the brothers pertain
to turning the faces/expressions of the form / YishmaAL as a
snake sheds its skins or as a larva spins the cocoon to emerge
according to the inner developing attributes. Of all that upholds
YishmaAL as brothers, so shall the turnings occur. The brothers
pursuit of whole ness shall determine the occupation/abiding
state of YishmaAL. As the tribes receive the blessing of Aharon,
YishmaA: dwells in accordance with the radiance they receive

and the ascensions activated. The ascensions res onate within
YishmaAL as the Ayin/O bubbles up in the earth, forming springs
of water in the land.
Hagar’s exclaims: Atah El Rawee—You are the Con-cept
Directive of my seeing. The result of the messages
gives sight to the blind. Hagar, who could only see dim-ly now
has her eyes opened. The ayin was already pres- ent within her;
the four messages have brought forward the operative dynamics
of the ayin enabling her to see.
For/in extending the hand/she further says/meditates. Like wise, as
we branch forth with activities, so our medita-tions are extended.
Whatever we extend our hand to do is an extension of our name,
and the consequences fol-low according to the actions. As a
result of extending her hand, as with any action based on
understanding, what was once masked now becomes unveiled. Her
actions of ayin strip the masks of pretense to behold her inner
rock filled with gems. The ayin within the waters/the mem has
now forced open the structure of Hagar to perceive her inner
jewels as a spring or volcano within the earth caus es the rocks
to open.
Her meditation opens her eyes to see the gems present within
HaShem/YHWH which she is reading. It is like one has peeled

back the bark to allow a vision of the in-terior wonder. In so
beholding the inner gems, Hagar is determined to follow after

the vision un to full compre-hension. Having even a glimpse of
understanding pro-pels one to follow through on what is seen.
Thus she says, I have seen to follow through my seeing. In so
meditating, she realizes that her status is in transition. Now she
beholds the right of passage or the right to follow through.
She will carry through the quest of the Name with manifestation-the state of Shem and Cham to come unto whole ness of
parts. As the angel has provided illumination to Hagar so do we
comprehend that the body/form must be enlightened. This is the
priest’s role in the outer sanctu-ary to assist all nations into the
Bet HaShem built for all peoples.
Chapter 16 Verse 14
Therefore affirmingly, he studies/reads the instruction / direction of the well
a well for the life of my seeing/conceptualizing
Behold/observe it in the midst of Kadesh
coupled with in the midst of Bared

With affirmations, he proclaims the instruction with-in the
ayin or within the well. He is in reference to the messenger
speaking and pertains to anyone who beholds the inner resident
ayin. There is an inner well amidst your body waters; it is a well
for the life of my sight. Henay / Behold it is in the midst of
Kadesh—the path from the crown to the fire and in the midst of
Bared, meaning to
hail/imprint. In the midst of communications between the Fire
and the Crowning mind, the mind becomes im-printed with

thought patterns in the shape of crystals. This well of life maintains
our vision with the ascending ac-tivities of light/life/18. We use

the Well to view ourselves and relationships, for studies, prayers,
and the daily allo cations of wisdom.
Our shout is 'Baer laChai roi'—[One of the 15 Father's]. There is
a well for the life of my seeing! To often a per-son sees
themselves and their relationships based on ex ternal
circumstances verses internal commitments. When the external
circumstances change so that a relationship is significantly
altered, fragmentation of the relationship
results. If you have undergone broken relationships look into the
well and wash you eyes of focusing on the pieces of the breakup.
Put your eyes deep into the well that has within it a fire burning
thereby creating crystals of illu-mination. Stop looking at the
dead or the corpse of a relationship or event and open your
eyes to the ascend ing actions of light that are within you and in
all things.
Chapter 16 Verse 15
And Hagar bears/brings forth for Abram/the expansion of the aleph bet:
a son/a form of being extended/a house of the future.
Coupled with/and Abram reads
his name
to confirm Hagar’s bearing

And Hagar bears for Abram a son. Can you bear the
seed within without understanding?
Without a well being opened within you, we cannot bring forth
our seed nature. Hagar, at the well is in the comme ncement of
labor pains. The well opening is another way to look at birth. The
inner spring of life bulges under- neath the surface and then
breaks open. From this spring or geyser springs forth a child,
yes, the child springs forth having been coiled up. He springs out
of the womb with a cry of confirmation:
'I have been brought forth.' Thanks be to ALhhim.
This opening of the inner well is in the midst of Kadesh—in the
midst of inquiry regarding the appointments of wisdom and in
the midst of Bared—in the midst of im-printing the mind
regarding the appointment that causes the inner well of Baer
laChai Roi to open. And the open ing is for Abram—expansion
of the aleph bet. This ex-pansion is for the total nature of life and
the purpose of your transformation processes. When the
expansion of the aleph bet is complete within you, you will
this level and enter into the rest/the following through and
abiding in the House of Perfect Unity.
Though you are in the house of unity now, the process of
expansion is necessary to enter into the perfected/com pleted

house of unity. To say that Hagar bears is to bring forth out of
herself the nature of the aleph bet expanding She brings the light
of Abram’s seed and gives of herself an order/ through the dalet.
It is one level to come to the door, another to enter, and yet
another to pass through the door. Birth, inbringing forth the seed
of Abram, includes all passageways of the light. As we enter into
transfor-mation stages—the lands we approach or come into what
we 'Did Not Know' that is, a stranger/Hagar. The wonder is that
all we give unto this realm becomes a manifesta- tion and results
in revelations! We enter realms of unkno- wing not with fear but
as receiving a gift, even though the gift is veiled or wrapped
thereby not knowing all that the package contains. We then
reside with the stranger unto the breaking open of the well and
the opening of a door for us to emerge or to change
lands/transformational levels
How is the door opened for birth or for changing
locations? In the midst of Kadesh coupled with being in the
midst of Bared, that is, being in the midst of discern- ing the
holy fires present and their appointments within the strange
(Kadesh) coupled with a hailing or forming of crystals that shine
with the radiance of wisdom, im-printing and shaping the mind
with illumination (Bared). (The crystal formations are according to
the appointments of fire.) Then a door opens. Out emerges what
has devel oped within our inner womb. As YishmaAL
emerges, so shall everyone of us bring out of our bodies the child-

ren of our name to be read.
What does it mean to read the name? It is to read the
nature of wisdom within the manifestation, to read the level of
expression, to read with comprehension the attributes of our
name unfolding. Being in the midst of Kadesh and Bared is to be
in the midst of wisdom’s ap- pointments (Kadesh) and the
radiance of wisdom accor- ding to the appointment (Bared).
Being in the midst is a principle of transformation that pertains
to every level of development. Hagar brings forth/an order/of
insights through the door, out of the nesting place unto full revel
ation. We all have the Words of Torah within us; the com plete
imprinting has been received from Moshe/Moses to
Aharon/Aaron—from spirit unto the committed mind to hear
wisdom speak.
As we recall the words they are released within us where by we
become pregnant with Light Concepts. Wisdom then lodges
within, taking hold of our mind and cells to form itself a house
of expression for light demonstra-tion. It is not the study of the
Torah alone but the per formance, the bringing it forward into
an expression of life, that is justification whereby you are placed
in an up right/perpendicular stance and dance of light. To be justi
fied/is to be in accordance with the principles of light, to carry
forth the illumination/of the appointment/ (ref. Yaa cov/James
1:21-25; 2:21-23).

Hagar bears for Abram. Is this process of bearing occur ring
within you? Are your feminine helpmates of light bearing for the
glorification/expansion/of Father/within you? Hagar carries the
seed all the way through the door and brings forward a son/a
house of potential display of all that is within. This is our high
calling to bring forth the son/the mashiyach/the anointed light
manifestation of wisdom whereby we can enter into the realm of
the WISE and abide in the state of wisdom governing over all
The adversaries to wisdom have been put under our feet as
we walk in wisdom and in nothing less. We leave behind all
states adverse to Wisdom to embrace our full light capabilities!
The desire of the feminine is to receive and to bear in which
there is the joy of the spirit. To say that ChauWah Eve desires
Adam/man is to express the feminine nature of each of us
desiring to receive and bring forth the man ifestation of life of
our Father of whom we have been be gotten. The full
manifestation of the Father within us is the fulfillment of the
creation; what has been sown is now reaped. And Abram
calls/studies/reads the Name of his son. This is precisely how a
name is received; it is read in light characters. As Abram beholds
the Name—the fire nature flowing as molten gold, the nature of
wis- dom reflected as the sun upon the waters/so he reads the
wisdom within his son, his future, his extension, that per tains to
the unified form of life brought forth.

We are to read the fires reflected in each other and in each
part of our being, even within each cell to com-prehend fully the
divine nature of light and thereby func tion in the dynam ics of
light. Abram reads to confirm the bearing of Hagar, who brings
forth the Order of Insights
Though once a stranger, she now serves as an illuminat ed
channel of the mind, and likewise should you see your own
bodies. To read even one name is a reading of the Torah. We read
the fire of wisdom until every word of the Torah is read to
verify/confirm/make blessed/to satis fy the expansion of wisdom
in the mind. The name he reads is YishmaAL. It is the
appointment of a name com prehending the Divine Order (see
verse 14). YishmaAL is the establishment of the ayin/fixed to the
name/whereby the name is given expanded vision to behold the
Divine Order within itself through the extension of oneself with
in the earth’s embodiment.
Chapter 16 Verse 16
And Abram becomes
a son/a unifed extension of eighty year
coupled with six years
through/within the bearing of Hagar, the totality of Yishmael
for Abram.

Eighty year is a period of studying/learning within a man
ifestation/expression instrument. As his seed attribute is now

dwelling in a new occupied state, so is he eighty year within an

expression of change/learning. We see oursel-ves at various
ages. When we are looking at the Divine Order
projected/YishmaAL and learning within this man ifestation; we
are eighty year. This age is a transition period of our existence to
which we come and go. Initial ly, it is an awkward and perhaps
difficult stage to adjust to. I trust this lesson will assist you to lay
back and start using the Ayin/O/16 within, that is
affixed/bonded to your divine name of light, that you may learn
of your di-vine nature. The well of Baer laChai Roi is there and
flows to all who believe/put confidence in the name and walk
according to it.
Coupled with learning of Divine Order (being an expression/80) is becoming a son of 6 years. Eighty is not enough;
for as you learn within your manifestation you unify the form
and the divine order thereby adding six years. The harmony of
the from with the inner divine or-der dresses the name in white
linen—the value of six. The quests of unity within continue until
the totality of YishmaAL is born; for he is not born in one day
except that day enact a complete work of light’s unification.
Our name learns through the bearing of Hagar/unto the
totality of YishmaAL. Once the process of bearing Abrams seed
is set in motion, it will continue unto the Totality of the opening
of the eye/well of every name of Divine Order/The totality of
YishmaAL, will continue to be read until the well is drunk dry

and the name stands transformed in the likeness of our Father
who reads us and calls us unto perfection. The six years—being
robed in linen garments--are fulfilled with rejoicing for Abram
—the glorification of Father.
The Appointments of a Name
End Chapter 16
Beraysheet/Genesis 17

Chapter 17
Verse One
Coupled with/and Yah gives/extends Abram
to be a son of ninety year
coupled with nine years.
And YHWH show regards/apprehends unto Abram
and he says/meditates unto him
I (the singular composite Force extended via the hands)
(supplying all things of Divine Order) AL Shaddai
proceed yourself according to my faces/expressions
and you will become perfect/complete.

It is understood, that the coupling/of YAH, being extend ed,
comes with the reading of YishmaAL. We age/mature through the
reading of children and by bringing forth the traits of our name.

The activity of light released in the bearing of YishmaAL
extends the value of a name to be 90 year a value of
transformation. The term ninety/means to compose the gaze of
wisdom to manage all contained collected. The root/of the
number ninety, means to ob-serve, gaze, show regard. Wisdom
recognizes the radia-nce/light/illumination we are emitting and
provides for us an observation accordingly. That is, as we are
display ing the nature of the Divine Order at the age of eighty +
plus six; so we mature to ninety, being given the right of
observation into the nature and works of wisdom. For
Rabbi Yahushúo to behold his father working he must of first
understood the nature of divine order within.
And Abram is extended to be a son, a formulation of
unfolding light. He is composing a transformation of his own
seed in beholding YishmaAL. YismaAL is the placement/of a
Name/with understanding/being accord- ing to the Divine Order,
which is activated in the waters through reflectivity/(the
masculine principle). The mascu-linity principles regulates and
organizes the waters. As the masculine principle i.e. sperm enters
into the womb, the waters are distinguished into seas, etc. as in
the (SMB 1:10). The waters of the mother and the child are managed according to the presence of the masculine principle. In the
reading of YishmaAL, Abram beholds the Ayin/O within his son.
Through the ayin, Abram reads the fire na ture and the masculine
principle managing the waters.

The same is the activity of YAH. Through beholding
YishmaAL, the spirit of Abram is composed into the va-lue of 90
year--the learning value that occurs via behold ing he
spirit/fire/wisdom. Such a gaze culminates in 90 transformation.
Discern to know the difference between the gazes of our
spirit/fire nature and the gazes of the eye vessel. What an eye
sees may cause the beholder to say, “awe”. But without an intent
to read what is seen, the mind of the beholder is pauses or
freezes. What the spirit beholds goes beyond the awe statement to
read and to compose what is seen into learnings of
transformation As the learning occurs with the observation, then
the va-lue of 90/arises; for there is a composition/a bringing together of views regarding the spirit’s observations/to man age our
contained fullness/reflection.
The final yod mem suffix denotes the management of the
waters which is the masculine ending/force of the
Name to regulate the waters. An example of the mascu-line to
manage the waters is seen in the masculine pres- ence of
implanting a seed, whereby the waters of the womb are managed
unto fruitfulness.
Coupled with ninety year is nine years. The years (plural)
are an accumulated sum verses a year (singular) be ing a
graduation mark or level of learning/practice. The value of nine
means to respond, to answer, to discuss. Coupled with the

observation of wisdom/being 90 is 9—a response/dialogue
concerning the observation. The observation is linked with a
verbal dialogue at the seat of Wisdom. The wonderful result of
wisdom’s gaze is to be invited to a seat where Wisdom speaks!
The very foundation Stone of our name beholds the level of
communications that we are arriving unto even as a father
addresses his children according to their vo-cabulary
development (stages of the midbar / wilderne- sses). As YHWH
beholds the development of Abram, re gard is given. Hence
YHWH, our inner rock releases a meditation to the child of his
name—unto him. To say that the meditation is unto him pertains
to the divine or-der arranging connections. The ability of the
Divine Order to extend a connection is the position of being
'him' The message of YHWH is unto his capacity to hold/to manage/to be just and to be merciful. It is these traits of the waw/that
are reflected in the faces of HaShem.
These traits are include in the address unto him by the Master
Name YHWH. The message is unto the position of divine order
being extended unto its capacity. The mess -age commences with
Anee AL Shaddai. The term 'I' de-notes the realization of inner
concepts extended through the hands. Any idea extended into an
action is the first person position—I. Hence, I AL Shaddai
expresses the inner nature of YAH projected as AL Shaddai—the
abun dant supply of Light. This supply is now uttered into the

consciousness of the name/Abram through which he will draw out
every characteristic of light unto his perfection. The reading of

YismaAL opens up the libraries of Ha-Shem in AL
Shaddai/through which there is full access to the Fire of Wisdom
If some one is not going to read there is no sense in giving
a key to the library; however, as Abram reads the activity of
wisdom being formulated in the creation, the Master Name
gives him a key to the abundant re-sources in AL Shaddai.
Note: We seek and learn by studying the Ancient Paleo Hebrew
Torah Light/Life Principle's of YahúWah, The Most High
HhaOLiyun h w h y Ha Waw Ha Yud < L.<
for we are searching for the keys to the doors to the gate to the
world's beyond. Star Field's Above and Beyond.
What has developed unto this stage of creation,
including all the lessons of Wisdom, may be transmitted unto
THE READING NAME that it may be brought forth in perfect
stance and unity with the Father. Through the covenant to follow,
all the oracles/sayings of ALhhim are released (Romans 3:1-2).
Chapter 17 Verse 2
I appoint/set into place
an agreement/the foundation/formulation of mind to manage-rule-administer all

in my midst and in your midst
and I am expanding/increasing/multiplying your signs
through extractions of vapor/firebrand from a fire brand.

The appointment of the agreement/b’rit now becomes an
utterance of revelation of the common bonds present within the
name of Abram and HaSham. The covenant has been present,
but as it is spoken, it is brought into conscious recognition and
therefore into a state of honor Both YHWH and Abram operate
with a berit, via the ex pansion of mind to administer all things.
YHWH operates via the covenant in his name, and Abram
operates accord ing to the covenant within his name. Each man /
ish/fire nature operates according to the comprehension and devel
opment of the covenant amidst all names of light where by our
names are eternally bonded to HaSham and to all names of light
which have been derived from HaSham. Our name is linked
perpetually to HaSham. The covenant formulation of mind to
administer all things--is ongoing in my midst and in your midst
as our name affirms its
unity with the Master Name.
What do we mean that is in your midst? It is within your hands
extended. What is in your midst is in your hands activity. The
interior management process is being extend ed into the tribal
centers. As we think of Chamishim Yom—The Fiftieth Day,
following the seven shabbat of the wave sheaf after

Pesach/Passover, we identify this in terior development process
and make our new offerings of grain (compiled concepts) from
this level. The expan sion of thoughts is visible within the hands
extended in to the offerings. What is expanding in the mind of
Ha-Sham is coupled with the expansion process occurring within
our minds. The covenant is in both of our midst. Based upon the
covenant there is an expansion and mul- tiplication of our signsour composite letter's of light to branch forth. The signs are the
twenty-two letter's of Fire.
The 22 Hebrew Fire Letter's

Lets also consider the work of multiplication or increase Lit. the
mind is developing; thoughts are increasing per-taining to our
divine nature. The Singular Force of Ha-Shem is affecting the
mind’s development in light. We are not speaking of the
development of just any thoughts; we are referring to the mind
being conscious of the ac-tivites of light and the dynamics of the
divine nature!
It is the mind state of being focused on the unity of all parts as
a master mind that participates in the universe.
What is multiplied are the signs—the composite nature of one’s
totality. We are to be engaged in increasing the signs of light
from concepts into full operational proces-ses that we operate in

our full light nature. This increase pertains to every sign of light
now visible to us, being dis played or mirrored in our bodies.
There is also the power ful activity of multiplying the affects of
one letter unto another as set forth in the names of the tribes and
in every name of our totality.
The expansion or increase of signs occurs via from one
firebrand unto another is from HaShem to each shem name. As
we extract out of HaShem, the fiery operation in His Name are
transferred unto our name. The concept of steam/conveys the
results of the fiery name’s presence
and activity in the waters/organs. Steam or strength is a result of
the fiery name’s development within the tribal centers according
to the fueling and enlightenment of our name united with
HaShem—from one firebrand un to another—from one name
unto another. Hence, the in crease of HaShem occurs within our
name even as a father/mother expands and spreads forth through
his children.
Chapter 17 Verse 3
And Abram is prostrate pertaining to His Faces
And He of Elohim speaks/reveals with him
for sayings/meditations.

The falling of Abram to become prostrate, conveys the regard
of Abram for the Foundational Name YHWH. Un to His
faces/expressions Abram descends that he may as cend
according to the likeness of He of the Covenant. Through this

process of descending, there is a mirroring of the Faces of the
Rock in the name of Abram. As we fall in the prostrate position
we seek to reflect and to draw out of our Foundation insights and
characteristics for full development. The falling of a seed or the
of name carries with it the promise of the covenant to be
expanded. 'And I will expand/increase/multiply your signs.' Our
initial fall was to become clothed in the like ness of our Fatherthe Master Name, He who addresses us with mercy and full
compassion (SMB 3:9-10).
Having an access opened to the Master’s Throne via the
utterance of AL Shaddai, we now seek/inquire into realms of
revelation regarding the expressions of wis-dom in HaShem. The
covenant bond between us provi-des the path of access to our
Father, the Foundational Name, from which flows the abundance
of light—AL Shaddai.
The result of Abram being prostrate; 'And He of
ALhhim speaks/reveals with him to order his medita- tions.' Via
the covenant arrangement between names, every word of YHWH
is given to his children of the Name Thus great is the covenant
between names for through it all the oracles of ALhhim are
received. The meditations of Abram focus on the Wisdom/Fire
from which arises a divine sequential order of revelation.

Chapter 17 Verse 4
An extension of hands/I
acknowledges my covenant with you/the branching of your signs;
and you are becoming
for a father of a resounding/roar/multitude of processes/nations.

When YHWH writes the covenant words with Moshe, it is a
writing of fire. His hands extend to inscribe even as they extend
to inscribe into Abram’s stones/energy centers the words of the
covenant and how to perform them These mark two of the many
periods of develop- ment in which the Master Name inscribes
within our stones the words of wisdom. We may see these
inscrip- tions being “a match made in heaven” whereby passages in the libraries in the heavens are inscribed within the
names in the earth.
The writing is an acknowledgement—an inscription of
gladness/pertaining to the branching of one’s signs or to tality.
The signs are the letters which comprise our name which holds
the twenty-two letters detailing our totality. With the inscription
of YAH’s hands, our name becomes for a father, one endowed
with expansion ability tobring forth the host of processes of light!
A multitude of nations is a roaring with full consciousness to
develop the inter-ior structures/nations.
Chapter 17 Verse 5

And you will not read to duplicate/or to remain the same
your composite name Abram.
Coupled with your name, you are becoming Abraham
for a father of resounding processes
I have appointed/set you.

Your will no longer read only the composite form of your
name, Abram; rather, you will read the expanding traits of your
name. It is necessary to read the aleph-taw configurations of
each name; however the key of Wis-dom has opened up the
library to read the expanding na-ture of our name. It is said that
we shall increase (vs 2), but how? It is not by duplicating
ourselves or making clones of ourselves.
Our increase comes by the interior expansion of our name
and the bringing forth of processes/nations. Coupl- ed with your
name, you are becoming Abraham, for a father of resounding
The letter ha/within the name of YAH / is now activated within
your own name, expanding the name Abram to be Abraham. Your
name base expands internally with the light/of YAH. Within your
name the activation of illum- ination is expanding your name
into a host of light pro-cesses and activities. Your name is
changed by the ex-pansion occurring within it. These activities
of light and resounding processes will be reading material or the
call ings from within. The within your name is now position ed
to bring forth and mind over/ the expanding/ multi- tude. To say

that “I have appointed” you indicates that the expansion unto
fatherhood is already positioned within your name. Your name
has been set and now ac-tivated to bring forth the multitudinous
processes of wis dom and become nothing less than one with the
Father’s full traits.
Chapter 17 Verse 6
Coupled with, I am causing growth/fruitfulness of your signs
through extractions of vapour/a firebrand from a firebrand.
And I will appoint/position you regarding/for nations,
coupled with, Kings shall go forth from you.

In accordance with the multiplication of the signs/letters (vs 2)
the foundational Rock causes productivity/fruitful ness of your
signs. The expressions and traits of the letters are breaking forth on
the branches of your name as it mul tiplies. As your name
increases, so does it generate flow ers and fruit according to the
dynamics of your name. Note, the means of growth is via
extracting the vapor or firebrands from HaShem to ignite our
own name. Again, this comes via being prostrate to The Name.
During the making of the daily olah one may focus on igniting
the firebrands. What is the point of access to the firebrands
within HaShem? The goal must be stated and the intent verified.
Your name is appointed for nations/for the expanding
processes of wisdom, and as you develop the processes of
wisdom so shall kings appear from your name. If no processes,

then there is no need for the kings of the pro-cesses to appear or
emerge. For a king is one drawn out of the peoples to
order/direct the branchings. As a King, so does he order the
pruning of the vines and the distri-bution of the fruit. As the
kings emerge, you shall behold yourself being transformed from the
pauper to the prince, and your kingly line of being a descendant
of HaShem will be visible.
Chapter 17 Verse 7
And I establish/cause to stand firm the totality of my covenant/agreement
in my midst and in your midst
and in the midst of your seed following after you
for generations/sojourning/dwelling states
for a covenant concealed,
for the becoming of your branching is for elohim/principles of light
and for your seed following after you.

Via the kings that order the processes, the covenant/for- mu
lation of mind to manage all things becomes estab-lished.
Interior governing forces of light cause one to stand firm against
the wiles and distortions of satan. There is a standing firm within
my midst, within my interior hands extended on behalf of your
name, and within your midst, within the interior hands extended
into branches--from one midst unto another midst; from one
extension unto another extension. As you develop the processes
of wisdom so is their a response of YAH, from within His Name
of Fire, his hands are extended toward you, bless ing the
processes with the full capacity of Ten, all affects of the fingers to

designate the processes unto their full operative service. And

coupled with his blessing, so shall the covenant/formulation of
mind managing the all things be established within your midst.
Your hands shall be extended to b less others.
The full nature of your fingers are extended unto admin istering
the branching of your name. Coupled with, the
standing/establishment of the covenant shall be in the in terior
hands extended within the seed that comes forth after you—in
accordance with your processes. Not all seed that come forth are
after our name and the process-es of wisdom. Some come forth
as the tares and not the wheat. Those seed coming after our
name, being born out of the fruit, have within it the extended
covenant and also the hands of fire. They shall be for generations
—for their dwelling states and sojournings. Where ever the seed
lodges so shall the affects of the covenant be felt. The covenant
is concealed within, but according to fruitfulness of one’s Name,
so shall the ALhhim emerge. For until fruit is born the
developing seed cannot appear and hence ALhhim remain
concealed within.
But as the name bears the fruit/traits of wisdom in
processes and develops the seed that follows after within in the
fruit of those processes, so are you filled with ALhhim—
principle's of light to be released in accord-ance with your
branchings. Thus is this manner are you filled with the fullness

of ALhhim bodily. Thanks be
to YAH.
Chapter 17 Verse 8
Coupled with, I appoint/set in place for you
and for the seed following after you
the totality of the state from your journeys/residings,
the totality of wholeness of the land of Canaan
for an estate concealed
coupled with, I am being for them to be ALhhim.

These are the appointments of our Name! Whatever your
goals are in your sojournings, keep focused on the appointments
that HaShem has set for you to achieve. Nothing can compare
with the position that you are call-ed to share. Our society, as a
whole, has yet to consider the grandeur of its inner nature
beyond the fascinations of the external nature. The appointments
are for our name and pertain to the concepts that are developing
—that follow after our name-being according to our name.
This appointment includes the State of occupation in our
Nothing is ever lost that you bear or bring forth out of your
name. All that your name establishes is set in place in light. In
comparison, what we establish in the external nature with
possessions largely decay over generations. Your name’s
fruitfulness remain within the letters and construct of your name.
It is the residing positions of your name and the seed that issues

from you that occupy the wholeness of the land of Canaan. This
state compris- es ten lands that expresses the complete traits of
The totality of the Kenites/Kayni
State of opening, grasping, acquiring, learning, treasuring, the focus of
Activation and maintenance of the fire centers within your members
Management of Essence, discernment of inner light
Ability to grasp and transfer meanings within a form according to
The metal workers and refiners of Gold

coupled with the totality of the Kenizzites/Kenizi
State of harnessing energies and releasing them unto actions, goals,
To speak with precise aim, master of understanding, refiners of siver

coupled with the totality of the
Management of energies and regulation of the gates
Ability to extend an emanation unto full brilliance

coupled with the totality of the Hittites/Chiti
Trait to seal and secure, Master of Authority
Management of confirmations, to verify or annul

coupled with the totality of the Perizzites/Perizi
Trait of Defense, Operations of Governments

Management of Nations/Processes
Facilitates expansion

coupled with the totality of the Rephaim/healings/curings
Trait of Healing, to make great and manifest principles
The Master of Medicine/Remedies; Master of Stars
Enlightenment unto Wholeness and Wellness

coupled with the totality of the Amorites/Amori
Masters of Sayings, The Spokesmen
Utterances of a Unified State
Being able to code and decode a Saying

coupled with the totality of the Canaanites/Kena’ani
Master of Flourishing the Full Branches of a Name
Master of Humility and Submission to the Whole

coupled with the totality of the Girgashites/Gir’gashi
Masters of Journeys, Residence, Dwellings
Group/Social Organizations

coupled with the totality of the Jebusites/Yevusi
Ability to Structure the extrations from the Harvest
Master of Armies, Ability to Put Underfoot all opponets/enemies
Seat of the Temple Operations

Indeed, what is the result of your fruit bearing and seed
population? It will be summed up to be the State of all Canaan—

a full display of your Divine Order. Moreover, it is an estate
concealed—not obvious to the carnal mind for which the State
does not exist nor is evident. It is con cealed to be the
Government of Light.
Who is concerned with the Government of Light being
weighted with concerns pertaining to the Government of
Darkness? Yet those who confirm the works of the Father within
them and endeavor to bring forth the Seed of Ab-ram—the
Mashiyach—he says: coupled with all of your stages of
expansion, I am joined with you and your seed and multiply my
hand within your name that all seed extended become
ALhhim. The very seed that you bear are becoming the
ALhhim/the principles of light through which you progress in your
journeys and come to oper-ate in your States of Occupation.
As a Name of YHWH you bring forth the host of
ALhhim out of your Name as the Master Name has brought forth
The ALhhim to create whereby he is known as He of the ALhhim.
With the Covenant of Fire , He of ALhhim for mulates the
heavens and the earth—the to-tality of all names and the
totalities of territories places of occupation . The heavens/the
totality of Names are the positions of Wisdom coupled with the
earth/the total ity of territories/occupations. With a vision, the
Mind of Principles formulates the Names—wisdom extracting to
manage/administer fullness. We are positioned to bring forth

every trait of light.
Chapter 17 Verse 9
And He of ALhhim says unto Abraham/gives
the Concept Directive to Abraham:
And you/your complete illumination,
the totality of my covenant you shall keep,
you and your seed following after you
for their generations/dwelling states/levels of illumination.

The Concept Directive for the illumination expands the
Aleph Bet... within each Name. The seed that comes forth
follows after matures according from the trees we have
established. What comes after each study, after each planting, is
the seed accordingly. As the Torah light teach ings are planted in
our names, so they bear the seed/con-cepts/ALhhim accordingly.
Who shall keep the covenant? We, all who are of Abraham, who
abide within the radiance of our expansion shall maintain the
agreement between our name and YHWH. As you move in the
light of your name, the agreement will be honored and
maintained. & what does it mean that you will keep the
covenant? You will prevail in your stages with the scepter of the
coven-ant; the development of mind will enable you to administer/manage the summation of your expansion.
As He of ALhhim, he considers the paths yet ahead for each
name, for he has already traveled the same whereby he is called

the Shepherd. Blessed be the One of ALhhim, for all principles
of light have been brought forth in His Name, and as a Shepherd,
he leads the flock to discover all within their name. As He, so will
you uni- fy the ALhhim being born from you that you also be
known as One of ALhhim. And knowing His Name you will
bless it—expand His Name with every breath of your being
and with every study of His Torah. For as His Holy Name
expands within you so the firebrands touch your corresponding
parts and light you up as a burn ing bush.
Note: No guy by the Name of Moses ever climbed some
mountain and saw a physical burning bush.
As a result of proceeding in our expansion we will
keep/maintain/honor the covenant. To keep/shamar is wisdom
anointing the mind whereby the covenant is preserved. How can
two walk together unless they agree? The path of our name goes
hand-in-hand with YHWH. If we walk with a different
name/position unto which we are not called or if we serve
another Master who has not loved us, than we walk according to
some other name and the cord of the covenant is severed in
terms of
strength and revelations.
Chapter 17

Verse 10

This is my covenant;/The target of all things is toexpand the mind to

manage/fulfill the sum activated;
to confirm/verify, he will keep it,
in my midst and in your midst,
and in the midst/interior of your seed/offspring following after you
to be circumcised for you/for all your branching components,
a wholeness of recall/every male.

Do we see the pattern of HaSham in our name and in the
seed that we are bringing forth? The pattern of agreement, the
pattern of likeness, our becoming into the likeness of our Father
—this is the Covenant. If you will verify or confirm the divine
image within you, than you will keep the covenant; however, if
you deny or show little attention to the divine pattern within, than
you will break the covenant. The word, this, pertains to the goal
and the completion of the aleph-taw construction of our Name.
How we begin is answered in the alphah, and how we finish is
answered in the taw/x. This is the goal of our emergence of light
unto the totality of our unfoldments.
What is within HaSham is within your name and within the seed
that your name is bearing as you walk in the covenant. Let us
look within HaSham, and we will see the structure of the spider
web, such being a structure of light threads, concentric, like the
circles within a tree stabilized with the lines ever emanating
from the center. The lines support the circles and also enable the
circles to expand. In likewise does the creation proceed and with
it the galaxies of light in which we tabernacle.

Within HaSham are these patterns of light, being
structures/of the alephim/ (ref: the sameck is the third
progression of the alphah)
alephim-----The rods of alephim are as stated. The rod of Alphah,
singular, the rods of alephim, plural, could also be alphim, as
both renderings are 4:4 formulas to convert the Paleo to English
letters. The covenant is not only with our Seed now. The
covenant extends to all Seed, all ALephim that come forth
following or through our Seed Name; commonly reads, between
your seed after thee., all that follows from the initial opening of
our Seed and that which continues to flow through us as the
Light con tinues to generate Seed within us.
The term ALephim conveys the multiple seeds that
issue forth from our loins which are brought forth to convey the