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Resume of:
2100 Colonial Lake Dr. Apt. 2126
Madison, AL. 35758-4011

Tel : (310) 722 - 0063 - Cell

Senior level position in Materials Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Missi
on Assurance, Project Engineering, Quality Assurance Engineering
M.S. Chemical Engineering, Wayne State University
M.S. Chemistry, University of Kansas
B.S. Chemistry, Punjab University
Aerospace Corporation, TQM/Concurrent Engineering Implementation Program (60 Hrs
Aerospace Corporation, Design of Experiment - Workshop (40 Hrs)
Aerospace Corporation, Total Process Management/Integrated Product Development (
40 Hrs)
Aerospace Corporation, Systems Engineering Certificate Program Course (80 Hrs)
Green Belt a" Lean Six Sigma, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
ISO 9000 Auditor Training, Jacobs ESTS NASA Support Contractor
Have over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry in the area of materi
als, processing, manufacturing, producibility and quality engineering. Have been
involved in design, development, manufacturing and testing of high performance
medium to heavy lift launch vehicle components, space and aircraft structures. H
ave directed and managed Composite IRAD programs. Familiar with the latest deve
lopments in fabricating high performance launch vehicle, spacecraft and aircraft
components. Familiar with various Statistical Tools including SPC, Six Sigma an
d Variability Reduction to improve Product Quality, reduce Reject Rate and Progr
am Costs. Have given a number of briefings at The Aerospace corporation and UCLA
Manufacturing Engineering class on application of Six Sigma Approach to improv
e Product Quality and Reduce Total Quality Costs.

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Familiar with various commercial and military specifications, Quality Standards

and practices including ISO 9000 Series, MIL-Q-9858A, MIL-I-45208, MIL-STD-45662
, MIL-STD-1520, MIL-STD-1535, MIL-STD-1540 and MIL-STD-1586. Familiar with appli
cations of TQM, Concurrent Engineering, Design of Experiments, Statistical Proce
ss Control, Process Capability, Total Process Management and Integrated Product
Development techniques.
Failure Analysis, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Engineering, Statistical Pr
ocess Control, Six Sigma Quality, Variability Reduction, Quality Cost Reduction,
ISO 9000,
Continuous Quality Improvement, Process Capability Improvement, MRB Reduction,
Zero Defect Production / Minimizing Manufacturing Defects, Accept Reject Criteri
Process Proofing, Process Optimization, Flightworthiness Evaluation, Hardware Ce
rtification, Non-Conformance Disposition and Corrective Action, Hardware Accepta
nce Reviews, Mission Assurance Reviews, Independent Readiness Reviews, Critical
Design Reviews, Manufacturing Readiness Reviews, Functional Configuration Audit,
Physical Configuration Audit, Material Characterization, Composite Joint Design
Optimization, Adhesive Bonding, NDE, Damage Assessment and Repair, Damage Toler
ance Improvement, Welding, Process / Product Specification Development, Test Met
hod and Test Fixture Development, Long Term Durability Improvement
09 / 08 To 10 / 10 NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Jacobs ESTS / Qualis,
EM60 Materials Selection, Control and Project Engineering Branch, Sr. Material
s Engineer
Worked on NASA Ares 1 program. Interpfaced with different engineering discipline
s as a member of various Integrated Product Teams (IPTs). Also supported prelimi
nary Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLLV) meetings on developing approaches for prod
ucing low cost but highly reliable vehicles. Participated and provided Materia
ls and Processes (M&P) support to the following Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)
(1) M&P Working Group, (2) Upper Stage (US) Reaction Control System, (3) First
Stage Roll Control System, (4) Main Propulsion System (MPS), (5) Composite Inter
stage Producibility, M&P Drawing Review, (6) Purge and Hazard Gas Detection Syst
em, (7) Design Data Allowable Working Group and (8) Manufacturing and Assembly (
M&A) Weekly Status IPT Meeting. Supported various customer reviews including Sys
tem, PDR, CDR, Flight Hardware Acceptance, Reviewed Trade Studies, Test Plans an
d Specifications. Helped develop Design Allowables and address critical M&P rela
ted issues. Supported Engineering Review Configuration Control Board (ERCCB) and
Engineering Review Board (ERB) representing M&P IPT Lead as needed. Received
M&P Group Achievement Awards for both 2009 and 2010. Also received 2009 Qualis P
ride Award.

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10 / 06 To 09 / 08 US Army, Aviation Engineering Directorate / Morgan Resea

rch, Task Lead Materials Engineering, Structures and Materials Division
Worked with US Army / DoD contractors in the area of Materials. Involved in rev
iewing / evaluating various contractor documents and Test Plans including: Quali
ty Deficiency Reports, Source Approval Requests (SAR), Part Drawings, Test Plans
for Material Characterization, Design Allowables Methodology, Manufacturing, Fi
rst Article Inspection Plan, Airworthiness Qualification Plan, Risk Reduction, S
tatic Testing, Fatigue Testing, Ballistic (Armor) Testing, Environmental Testing
Requirements, Accept / Reject Criteria, Disposition and Corrective Actions for
various Non-Conformances and Failure Analyses for various Aircraft Components et
c. Participate in various contractor reviews including System, PDR, CDR, MRR et
8 / 89 To 2/06 THE AEROSPACE CORPORATION, Engineering Specialist / Project
Engineer, Space Launch Operations
Involved in monitoring contractor design, manufacturing, testing, and failure an
alysis of components for launch vehicles and spacecraft for various programs. Ha
ve been involved in a number of launch vehicle and spacecraft programs including
EELV, Titan IV SRM, Titan IV SRMU, Atlas Centaur and Delta II/GEM. Participated
in design, manufacturing, testing, hardware acceptance, independent readiness a
nd mission assurance reviews. Reviewed contractor corrective actions for non-con
formances and evaluated launch vehicle and spacecraft hardware for flightworthin
ess. Was involved in failure analysis for various programs

9 / 87 To 8 / 89 KAMAN AEROSPACE CORPORATION, Program Manager - Senior Eng

ineering Specialist, Composite Development Programs .
Involved in planning and directing Composite IRAD programs including: Space Stat
ion Truss Struts, Composite Torque Tube for C- 17 Main Landing Gear, Advanced Co
mposite Materials Characterization for Allowables, Braiding Process Optimization
, RTM Resin Trade Studies, Damage Tolerance Improvement for Aircraft and Space A
pplications. Responsible for developing in-house materials data-base for various
programs using filament winding, tape/fabric lay-up and braiding. Provided tech
nical support in marketing presentations and helped in writing and preparation o
f proposals.
Have presented and published numerous technical papers in the field of Advanced
at SAMPE, ASTM, SME, ASM, SPE, AHS, ACS and JANNAF conferences. The papers
address Material Characterization, Design Allowables, Manufacturing / Processing
, Process
Optimization, Minimizing Manufacturing Defects, Damage Tolerance Improvement Ap
proaches, Damage Assessment and Repair, Low and Hyper-velocity Impact Damage, Pr
oduct Acceptance Testing, Accept / Reject Criteria, Bonded / Bolted Joints & Att