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The Story Of God And Man?

One day I happen to visit one of the Sufi center in San Francisco,
After a session of meditation, a guest who was with us that
afternoon, and was waiting to meet the sheikh, finally got to meet
him and ask a few question. Among others, the basic question
regarding the history the method of initiation and so forth. After a
while , the guy started blabbering about of "how much he loves god
and why after this so many years he has been searching for God,
trying all possible means. Mediation, asking and praying.

To most of us , his quest seem genuine, most of us there went thru

the same process before, the yearning to meet God and to ask all kind
of question.

But that afternoon was the greatest afternoon among other, because,
suddenly, the sheikh ask "why do you want to meet God" The
question seem trivial, The man mention" because i love God"
It seem this man has an emotion toward God, and wanted to meet

The sheikh reply" which God"?. The man answered "there is only one

At this moment " i started to laugh deep inside my heart, not wanting
to show" the question of "which God suddenly gave me the answer".
And till now it is still fresh in my mind and to this day i thank God
for granting me the grace to be there during the question.
Let go back to the story. The sheikh ask again " which God?" the same
answered but with a lengthy explanation. At this point started seeing
more smile across the room, it seem the emotion and feeling has
began to unfold across the sufi presence there.

Finally after the man has ended his explanation, the sheikh reply
"You are in Love with the God in Your Head! Not the real God"

So it seem he is a disciple of his own imaginary mind God- the veil

is about to be broken

Some of us may take Gods word literally, but the truth of the matter
is that, most of his word may or may not be understood literally, it
may be hidden behind a veil, full of meaning and interpretation. This
must be understood by al who claim to love god in it essence.
This world that we live in has been set according to certain law,
which some he may not interfere,

Lets detached ourself for a moment , and imagine we are above this
earth an looking at all this commotion that is going on , the debate,
the punches, the War, violences between all of this so call people
fighting under the religious banner.

Doesnt it look funny ? up from above. for each of this indvidual or

group in actuality is fighting for their own God, their mind God!
Allah, Jesus, Jehowah or Yahweh and many more names of God. This
is the name handed down by our history. but the name remain a
name, it is the God that we carry within our mind that actually
control our behavior. We are actually trying to convince our self and
the rest of the world that we, (i) our ego that there is only one true
God , the one that we carry and thru him we are unique and are seen
by the rest of creation. This is the God tht we push forth, and this is
our biggest self delusion.
We are like a small kid showing to the whole wide world that we are
a superhuman, our God is great but in a sense we never knew that
what we say or what we do tarnish the purity and beauty of God

Lately we have witness quite a dramatic argument and uproar

between Islam and the West, or Christianity dominated world
against Islam. Muslim are potrayed as violence and tend to justify the
calling of jihad. Jihad in essence the legalization of shedding blood
over non believer.
This is quite stupid in reality as both side actually are professing the
same god. The one god that would like to see its people live in
harmony and be part of the balance with nature and its creation.
One God One Love One Truth. But in reality the anger and the
believe that each is above the other is quite disgusting in truth.
Christian have started the move to evangelize the muslim world and
started issuing argument and logic against the truth of Islam. Vice
versa Muslim have also countered with staggering detailed and
truth. And Sooooo... the debate continues.
In the middle is the peace loving members of each religious group,
here are the real follower of each religious order. Thru them the real
image of the religion shine forth and only thru their example and
loving kindness the people around them can accept the beauty and
the joy of living in this world!
I am attracted to one of the story handed down from ages ago
lets ponder a while in the truth and beauty of this story.
A muslim saint on a way to Mecca encountered a Christian Priest (or
may i say saint) who is also on the way to Jeruselem, both agreed to
be partner in this journey, so the story goes on the first night the
muslim saint say , tonight you are my guest so i shall treat you. so the
Muslim Saint prayed to God and behold a dinner was served for both
of them. On the second night it is the Priest turn, so he too prayed to
God and behold a dinner was also served. At this point i would like
to end the story for you to ponder and think.
Under the same sky, the world is under one god the ruler over all
creation, as such each heart can and may experience the devine
accordingly such as a child who submitted his or her plea to the
father. Amin