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Telecommunications Engineering and Systems Architecture Professional with a trac
k record of advanced technology development work in wireless and wireline commun
ication systems and standards. Background includes innovative technology develop
ment, prototyping proof-of-concept solutions, project management and role of lea
d systems architect for converged wireless/wireline networks, heterogeneous cell
ular networks, and enterprise networks. Strong analysis and problem solving skil
ls, technical documentation abilities and organizational skills. Known for being
thorough in all areas of technical work.
MOTOROLA, INC., Schaumburg, IL
A global leader in the design and manufacture of high technology communication p
roducts for industrial, commercial, public safety and consumer markets.
Project Director and Lead Systems Architect Enterprise Communication Network Pr
oject (2009 2010)
Developed an enterprise network test bed deploying UMTS femtocells and distribut
ed edge gateways to provide SIP-based call services, data/video services and pre
sence based Email delivery to a dual-mode cellular handset. Resolved various dep
loyment issues and then demonstrated this technology to a cellular operator and
global retail customer.
* Designed and implemented an enterprise test bed deploying UMTS femtocells and
distributed edge gateways for experimental use that spanned multiple buildings a
nd facility locations using Motorolas Intranet, while also providing external co
nnectivity to the PSTN and Internet.
* Proactively identified and solved deployment issues including femtocell provis
ioning and synchronization to NTP timing servers, programming of custom USIM car
ds for handsets, interference mitigation, and network management while conductin
g a technical trial.
* Demonstrated key applications/services to both internal business customers and
external business customers including a cellular operator and a global retail c
ustomer. The retail use case demonstration included presence based Email deliver
y directed to an employee or customer handset, short code dialing to reach a cus
tomer service or supplier representative, and streaming videos for marketing or
training delivered to a handset.
Project Director and Lead Systems Architect Inter-System IP Packet Mobility Pro
ject (2006 2008)
Developed detailed technical specifications for inter-system IP packet mobility
solutions with low latency handover between 1xEV-DO and WiFi, as well as between
1xEV-DO and WiMAX. Directed a cross-organizational team of 30 in a project to d
evelop a test bed to validate and demonstrate these inter-system IP packet mobil
ity solutions.
* Designed the inter-system IP packet mobility solution taking into account the
different access network system requirements and their interdependencies. Worked
with leaders in Motorolas business groups to include business requirements and
competitive analysis findings in the final functional specifications.
* Provided outstanding project leadership and strategic technical guidance to te
st bed implementation team consisting of software development engineers from Chi
na and India and technology experts from Motorolas Mobile Devices and Networks b
usiness groups. The project remained on schedule and within budget until budget
cuts and changes to the handset product plans ended the project prior to full co
* Demonstrated excellent written communication skills by writing the statement o
f work, system architecture, use cases, flow diagrams, integration test plan, bu
dget plan and project timeline documents.
* Implemented initial test bed to perform low latency handover between two WiFi
access points attached to separate access routers. Demonstrated low latency (<10
0 mS) handover using both streaming video and VoIP.
Standards Participant Inter-System Mobility Solutions (2004 2008)
Co-authored 8 strategic standards contributions addressing inter-system mobility
solutions. Demonstrated strong technical expertise in GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE and
WiFi wireless access technologies and standards, as well as IMS and SIP session
* Designed a low cost solution for mobility between GSM and LTE networks known a
s single-radio voice call continuity that was submitted and approved as a standa
rds contribution to 3GPP TR 23.882. Utilized this approach to also design a sing
le radio voice call continuity solution for mobility between GSM and WiMAX.
* Co-architected proposed enhancements to the 3GPP IMS standards to enable IMS s
ession continuity across different network domains. Drafted 3 standards contribu
tions and 4 patent filings based on this work. One filing became an issued paten
t (United States Patent 7,746,836) on June 29, 2010.
* Authored an IETF Internet Draft to enable SIP subscription continuity for mobi
le devices moving between network domains by introducing a Replaces header optio
n for the SIP SUBSCRIBE method.
* Collaborated on 2 standards contributions to the ITU NGN Focus Group describin
g a layered protocol architecture that provided a means to resolve difficult mob
ility scenarios in heterogeneous networks.
Principal Investigator Converged Networks and Services Project (2003 2004)
Organized a research project under the guidance of the Motorola Networks busines
s strategy team with a goal of developing prototype Converged Networks and Servi
ces systems for trade shows and customer field trials. Research efforts focused
on the issues with providing telecommunication services in a converged wireless/
wireline network.
* Wrote initial requirements document and project plan for review by Networks ma
nagement. The project plan resulted in a business decision to reallocate enginee
ring resources from the Networks Advanced Technology team to support prototype d
evelopment efforts and project management efforts for this project.
* Developed a Converged Networks and Services roadmap used as an input for staff
ing plans and strategic business decisions.
* Assisted with the systems architecture and high-level design of the converged
wireless/wireline prototype.
* Invented mechanisms and procedures to provide network selection and handover o
f voice services between a CDMA 1x cellular network and a WiFi residential netwo
rk in the context of a converged wireless/wireline network.
Additional Roles in Motorola Research and Advanced Development
* Member of the engineering team that designed the highly novel and state of the
art custom Tx and Rx ICs used in the basestations and handsets of the iDEN syst
em which launched Nextels commercial success. These ICs were also used in Motoro
las ASTRO/APCO radio products. Served as project manager for one of the ICs.
* Principal systems architect for advanced development work supporting iDEN serv
ice enhancements including a cost saving desktop computer dispatch console as we
ll as subscriber location technology and services.
* Conducted joint research with Los Alamos National Lab into large scale cellula
r system simulations.
MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisco
BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisco
2G/3G/4G cellular systems and standards, WiFi and femtocell AP systems and stand
ards, IP protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, MIP, IPsec, Diffserv), IMS networks and protoco
ls, SIM card programming, RF performance issues, SIP networks and protocols, MS
Office tools