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Redmond, WA 98052
Home: 425-956-3171 Cell: 425-749-1073

Highly versatile technology executive and operations manager. Proven success i

n defining and deploying strategic business and organization systems that implem
ent operation strategies. A competitive entrepreneurial spirit combining manage
ment and business development skills with a track record of delivering results.
Innovative in the design and execution of strategies that support revenue oppor
tunities, building programs to exploit them.
a Innovative leader with over 20 years experience leading cohesive, motivated re
venue generating pre-post sales technical support teams.
a Proven track record of developing Sales Support utilization metrics and polici
es that resulted in increased revenue and decreased expenses.
a Uncanny reputation for recruiting, training and retaining only the best team p
a Received Presidents Award for outstanding Leadership in 2008 at Captaris.
Team Building:
a Known for skills in successfully integrating disparate groups.
a Successfully built three outstanding technical/solution teams at 3 different c
a Proven track record of building and leading effective teams with excellent man
agement skills and the ability to motivate a world class Sales Support organizat
a Recognized by Senior Leadership for employee performance techniques and extrem
ely high retention rates.
a Persuasive communicator with well-developed, genuine presentation and negotiat
ion skills.
a Trusted advisor in all C level executive managementas short/long term organiza
tional goals and objectives.
a Exceptional leadership, organizational, oral/written communication, interperso
nal, analytical and problem resolutions skills.
a Pioneered critical, innovative communication lines between the Field and Corpo
Customer Focus:
a Orchestrated numerous Customer Focus/Satisfaction programs that resulted in a
substantial increase in customer retention.
a aGo To Guya for all critical customer satisfaction issues.
a Un-matched passion for Customer advocacy and service.
ASL envisions itself to develop into a fully cost-effective, reliable and integr
ated International Freight Forwarding services to its valued clientele through a
high level of professionalism and excellence of service provided by highly trai
ned and motivated people and guided by the companyas corporate values.
Operations & Program Director
Collaborates with the Board to define and articulate the organizationas vision a
nd to develop strategies for achieving that vision. Creates annual operating pl
ans that support ASL Logisticsa strategic direction. Develops and monitors stra
tegies for ensuring the long-term financial viability of ASL Logistics USA, LLC.
Exceptional leadership ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new l
evels of success in integrated Air, Land and Sea Freight-related Services
MAR 2005 a" NOV 2009
Captaris, Inc. was a leading provider of software products that automate busines
s processes, manage documents electronically and provide efficient information d
Director of Sales Engineering and Services
Directed a team of Sales Support Engineers to assist the Enterprise Sales team i
n analyzing customer problems, consulting, and designing a fitting set of Captar
is products, models and solutions to meet the needs of existing and potential cu
stomers. This position generally requires the ability to interact with end user
s and clients and work with a wide base of platforms and technologies. Also res
ponsible for directing a team of Professional Services Engagement Managers respo
nsible for driving and managing Professional Services Engagements throughout Nor
th America. This entails the responsibility for the recruiting, management and
career development of the engagement management staff. Developed and maintaine
d time/activity tracking tool called the SE Activity Portal, to gather the activ
ities of the Sales Engineers which helped Captaris measure and evaluate the acti
vity from a number of different vantage points and also resulted in a 20% decrea
se in expenses. Also developed an RFP/RFQ response template and product informa
tion database which in turn cut the RFP/RFQ response time in half.
Mar 2001 a" Feb 2005
Casabyte, Inc is a provider of Quality of Service Solutions that optimize monito
ring and auditing of wireless networks, supporting a wide range of wireless stan
dards such as TDMA, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, 1xRTT and EDGE.
Director of Professional Services & Customer Support
Administered all Customer Support functions with major customers such as AT&T Wi
reless, Verizon, Lucent, Western Wireless, T-Mobile and Cingular. Responsible f
or consulting practices in the areas of customized auditing, scripting, software
development and OSS optimization plan, implementing and managing wireless netwo
rkas end-to-end quality of service. Professional Services is responsible for pr
actices such as Revenue Assurance a" Optimizing wireless networks to ensure real
ization of full revenue potential; Network Operations a" Optimizing customer sat
isfaction by proactively managing and auditing wireless networks; Network Engine
ering a" Optimizing the delivery of cost-effective, centralized monitoring and a
uditing of wireless networks.
Attachmate CORPORATION, Bellevue, WA
Attachmate is a leader in client-server communication products for IBM, HP, and
DEC legacy systems, with worldwide distribution, sales and technical support ope
Vice President, Sales/Systems Engineering
Jan 1994 a" Jan 2001
Responsible for the leadership, training, and performance of over 80 Sales Suppo
rt Engineers. Planned and implemented a $10 million annual budget. Coordinated
all pre-sales support resources including product development, engineering, and
technical support.
a Successfully built the systems engineering organization from 10 engineers in 1
994 to 80 in 1996, which contributed significantly in growing revenues from $50
million in 1994 to $350 million in 1996.
a Defined a career development system and objectives that kept the organization
trained and proficient in leading edge, and competitive technologies. Resulted i
n a highly motivated field organization and a turnover rate of less than 4% duri
ng times of low unemployment, numerous competitive opportunities and inflated sa
a Developed a results-oriented method of communication to quickly identify and r
esolve field related sales or customer issues, resulting in increased customer s
atisfaction, maximized revenue, and improved product feature sets for future sof
tware releases.
a Created critical third party technical relationships with counterparts from ot
her industry leading corporations, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Siebel and BEA. Th
ese relationships were critical to the corporate partnership strategy and result
ed in a better utilization of the organizationas engineering resources.
a Guided corporate transition from a product-focused sale to a solutions orienta
tion, with increased emphasis on e-business solutions by developing the strategi
c sales model for The Worldwide Sales Engineering organization. This initiative
helped change the companyas image from an emulation company to an e-Business le
a Orchestrated the merger of two disparate Sales/Systems Engineering Organizatio
ns into one cohesive team during key acquisition of DCA by Attachmate. Reduced
the annual expense budget for the two organizations by $3 million.
a Spearheaded Attachmateas venture into the Enterprise Application Integration (
EAI) marketplace.

United States Air Force

a Excellent understanding of Document Management, including scanning, imaging, f
axing and printing solutions.
a Solid understanding of the evolving technologies associated with the Web, Inte
rnet, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Application Integrat
a Solid understanding of the wireless standards such as CDMA, TDMA, GSM, 1xRTT,
a Extensive knowledge in the SNA to TCP/IP convergence arena (DLSw, PPP/SLIP, IS
DN, MPTN, etc)
a Firm knowledge of the new Intranet/Internet technologies such as ActiveX, JAVA
, XML, Browsers, FTP/NFS, Host Publishing, Sharepoint, MS/SQL, Web Servers, and
application servers.
a Experienced in bridge and router technologies, multi-protocol based systems an
d Client/Server strategies.